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Bring Back The King

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon
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January 9, 2022 1:13 pm

Bring Back The King

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon

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January 9, 2022 1:13 pm

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Carter Conlon from the historic Times Square Church in New York City.

Davis is no let them do what they do there only allowed to do it because God is appointing them to do it and when God's trying to get a hold of us again he will allow us to be driven into the wilderness. I want to remind you, is the mercy of God that is governing this moment Church in New York City with an insight into today's message taken from Psalm three. Here we discover David is on the run because of David's laziness. The people of Israel had turned against him were now turning to Absalom for their leadership like in our world today. The real cry that is needed is bring back tears Carter with today's message.

Psalm three the song that David, the king of Israel wrote when he was fleeing from a rebellion that rose against him from Absalom, his son Absalom who should have been the error of his kingdom is now pursuing him and trying to kill and David Robison, Lord, how they have increased or troubled me. Many are they who rise up against me.

Many are they who save me. There is no help for him. Then God but you oh Lord our shield for me, my glory and the one who lifts up my head.

I cried to the Lord with my voice, and he heard me from his holy hill. I laid down and slept.

I woke for the Lord sustained me.

I will not be afraid of 10,000s of people who have set themselves against me all around Araiza Lord save me. Oh my God for your struggle my enemies on the cheekbone you, you have broken the teeth of the ungodly salvation belongs to the Lord, your blessing is upon your people know David wrote this song about a time of deep personal sorrow in his life. It was a time when many were turning against the testimony of God's power and provision. Hope in order that had previously been established through his life. What a contrast to the sweet psalmist of Israel who walks into the camp and is used, the camp of Israel was there fighting against the Philistines and with faith in a song. It is hard faces and giant and brings an incredible victory, king of Israel danced in days. Not too much earlier before the ark of God is the presence of God was accomplished in the purposes of God were being fulfilled through his life and people saw through his life, power, the God was willing to give to humanity.

They saw the provision they saw everything that God could do would and now David's at a time when is being pushed into the wilderness and being pursued by his own air and there were many at this time. David says were saying of me. There is no help for him and God. People were looking and they were saying us to see and whoever was left following him. Many people abandon him even some long-standing warriors abandoned him. Even sadly one of the priests who really did have a living word from God, but had an un-surrendered area of his heart that caused them to move into rebellion in the last days, with those that were rebelling against the order of God, and there were many who were saying that he gone beyond the point of God helping them one more time in many say that about America today about this generation were were living in their many voices that would try to tell you and tell me that we passed the tipping point, a rebellion against the order of God, no.

It's a lot easier to declare doing than to speak faith doesn't take any strength of character doesn't envision to see things the way they are in the natural and in the natural. It was all over in the natural. David's being driven out Absalom's is David is getting old. Absalom is young, tall and strong than is got seemingly the multitudes behind him there shouting Long live King Absalom and even with with all of this people stood and will say to us that we've passed the tipping point in this nation of rebellion against God's order, but I want to tell you this morning that you never pass the tipping point until you pass the tipping point of mercy and want you to remember the God when his glory came down into Solomon's temple that was established through David's life. The song that was song that brought the glory of God is that God is good and his mercy endures forever.

Even in judgment.

God's mercy can triumph it doesn't mean the judgment goes away necessarily but he can come down and mercy and sweep a multitude of people into his loving arms and into his eternal kingdom. There were many that were saying David is into weakened condition to make a difference now. All of his best days are in the past it's all over. There's a new order now there's a new society been formed as new leadership in their many in America today who say the church is to weakened to make a difference were now living in a post-Christian society and the Bible tells us about this particular moment in history images read to second Samuel chapter 15 verse 23 axes in all the country, wept with a loud voice and all the people crossed over the king himself also crossed over the brook Kidron, and all the people crossed over toward the way of the wilderness. There is such a sense of defeat coming into so many people's hearts. Now, an awareness that we are being driven into the wilderness. We lost her voice looked upon as bigots intolerant out of step with the new order unneeded unwanted unheated unnecessary society itself. Just like in the days of David is risen up. They've established in great measure allowed for this new order and their pushing the testimony of God as we see it into the wilderness as a weeping beginning sorrow people are beginning to understand old God, what have we done God Almighty.

What have we forsaken Lord Jesus Christ probably let go the blessing of your life and presence that was once part of our nation gave us gifting's and abilities and prosperity, perhaps beyond measure in the history of the world, life, liberty, work hours, what happened to us. Why did we let it slip through our fingers and then even worse in second Samuel 16 verses 5 to 8. There was a man called Sumi I cannot on the hillside is David is being driven with his entourage into the wilderness and says now when King David verse five, second Samuel 1619. David came to before them. There was a man from the family of the house and Saul's name was Sumi. I the son of Dara. He came out, cursing continuously as he came in he threw stones at David and it all as servants of King David and all the people in all the mighty men want his right hand and on his left Sumi.

I also said that's what occurs come out come out to bloodthirsty men. He rolled the Lord is brought upon you.

All the blood of the house of Saul in his place. Your brain and the Lord is deliver the kingdom into the hand of Absalom, your son, so now you are caught in your own evil because you are a bloodthirsty man nurse was an unrestrained voice of cursing had risen against them in the land unthinkable, unimaginable only several years before that this could be allowed to even exist that cursing could rise up against the anointing of God. The presence of God. The order of God. Suddenly this man shortly eyes standing there and those that were left that had strength and might still find them said to David, let us go and take his head off. Why should he be allowed to curse the king, but David said no, leave them alone because in verse 11, he says the Lord ordered God appointed him to do what he's doing and unite to realize that all things are working together for good to those who love God and are the called according to his purpose. Nothing happens without the permission of God and if it does happen where wise to see God why have you allowed this to happen and what are you trying to teach us what is the lesson in this one society rises up and begins to openly curse us as the people of God openly openly unashamedly cast us out is worthless and evil.

Is there something in this we need to know David said leave him alone. God appointed him to do this. David knew in his heart that he had been the cause of the difficulty in division that had begun to plague his society. David knew it he was a man after God's heart even in his failure. It was still a man after God's heart and he knew I bear the responsibility for this. It all began years before when a spiritual laziness got into his life and into his practice.

Chapter 11 second Samuel verse one.

It's as it happened in the spring of the year. At the time when kings go out to battle the Davidson Joab and his servants with them and all Israel, and they destroyed the people of Ammon to besiege Rabbi, but David remained in Jerusalem.

See this dissolving of godly order began when a spiritual laziness entered his life and his practice. I think David thought the Dean fought a long and often he won enough victories.

Maybe just want to smell the roses for a while. He was tired of fighting.

I do not want to know. I do know that I have been there a been there and the place my life thinking God the father long enough.

How long do I have to carry this weight. How long do do I get to enjoy things for season. I understand the common struggle that all of us have. I think he began to send others an estate home. I think about the Christian church. How we vacated the prayer meeting. We vacated the personal work of God, personal evangelism, personal holiness week, stayed home and supported a few missionaries and that became sort of our spiritual walk in our spiritual warfare we could come to church in the middle board in the side of the church and would be for five families and we send out.

We give our tender $20 a month to support them in and that course became we didn't go to prayer anymore. We chose an easy way was a God who blessed us in one marvelous victories. We live in a safe society.

Your name is still honored. There are still some voices speaking to. So I'm just going to stay home and I was gonna rest because I work hard all day, why should I go out and pray, but he forgot that though we may rest. We have an adversary as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour. He doesn't stop if we do we let the prayer meeting are diminishing began, we suppose that others somewhere would carry the battle forward pastor friend of mine and wanted another state in this country.

Only one time is it in my in my vicinity. There are 100 churches is that I know of only two prayer meetings in 100 churches. We assume that somebody else was going to carry the battle and we went home and then courses laziness turned to lust and self-indulgence. This is then it happened. One evening David arose from his bed and walked in the roof of the king's house from the roof.

Might I say from the Internet is all woman bathing.

The woman was very beautiful to behold. I just am reading a book right now and some of the moral state of the nation in the ministry and the statistics are shocking of the numbers of God's people are trapped in pornography. I would venture a guess and I think I'm safe in about 1/3 of the people listening to me now are dabbling in some form of pornography, perhaps even higher. And it came because of laziness when you're lazy will turn to lust because that's where your body is for your natural body will want to go your natural mind will want to go there. You get bored you start looking for things to pacify you and you will end up looking where you shouldn't look in in this country in the United States of America. The theologies of self got a hold of us began the weakening process.

We left the prayer meeting and when we left the prayer meeting. We lost the focus of God and when we lost the focus of God.

We lost the focus of the cross and the commission of the charts to win the lost to disciple them so they can stand in God and teach them how to win others and disciple them. That is the whole mission of the church of Jesus Christ is no other mission but when we vacated the prayer meeting. We lost the mission of God. We turned inward last began to be able to get a hold of the people's hearts and everything became about me myself and not coming to the house of God.

What is new in this for me today will out bridges to be raised up over the testimony of God in this nation that said that lost in the people telling people anything they want to hear as long as they make us feel good about ourselves. Miller ministries fill our coffers give us all the glory that we desire. That's a kind of a ministry, we allowed to be raised in this nation and self-indulgence in David's life turned to sin turned to dishonesty and even the murder of someone who's honest testimony expose the bankruptcy of his own spiritual condition in America and in Canada.

In particular, we vilified those who tried to warn us of the dangers spiritual cores will target.

I can speak from personal experience was called once years ago before coming here to speak at a conference, a huge conference in Canada on God's Holy Spirit came on me and I warned that particular group you're about to make a calf and you're going to greatly harm the body of Jesus Christ with this thing that you're doing because you lost your focus.

I spoke at not arrogantly but with a broken heart. The end result was to be vilified by member David Wilkerson speaking at a missions conference one time quite a few years ago warning the ministers there that if you will not judge this self-seeking theology that's coming into the house of God.

There's going to be in darkness that staggers the mind come on the nation member. The report I wasn't there been a member, the report of droves of ministers getting up and walking out vilifying the voice and the only thing they can say about him as well.

The shrill will profits generally are because they stated problems with broken hearts. They stand as a parent would behind a chain-link fence warning children that are about to try to cross a 6 Lane Hwy. They see the danger in the speak something from the heart of God.

So we did what nations are backsliding always do. We vilified and will continue to vilify those who speak for God.

And so now David finds himself pursued by the very son who should've been his error and that's the point I want to make Absalom was supposed to be the legitimate heir, but because of David's lack a wrong spirit got a hold of Absalom. He starts pursuing to drive out the anointing that should've been his is pursuing it directly drive it out of the nation and the people assuming the inheritors of the blessing of God that had once flowed through his life. Also joining with him just as we now find ourselves pursued by a generation that would be in the prayer room.

If we had led them there. I'm not speaking this to condemn you on that speaking is to condemn myself nor to condemn the church in America but for the sake of God.

We have to have the courage to have an honest look at ourselves. We are being pursued by a generation that should be in the prayer meeting, but we vacated it.

So how do we expect them to be there today is another doing exactly what Absalom did when David vacated the calling of God that was on his life and the path we should've taken when he walked away from it and let lust become his guiding principle and it turned him into a man other than the man God called him to be.

When this happened. In his episode by that which he should've led as he had been into the presence of God if he had gone to prayer and had gone to battle. I have little doubt that Absalom would've been with him because he had a promise of God. It was given to him, there would not fail a man of his lineage to be on the throne corset is fulfilled in Christ, but had a physical promise as well. Even though Absalom had become an enemy of the ways of God.

Yet David prayed for mercy and don't you forget that I took time yesterday and I walked up to Central Park and I walked down to 60th and I walked all way down Park Avenue is going around looking. I was stunned us to go God got how dark the society is no. The darkness if you have the eyes to see it.

The darkness is getting a hold of people is terrifying. If you didn't get it in the natural we realize this is just waiting its opportunity to break out. But instead of judging it instead of walking by people that are yellow-eyed because it is so full of drugs and tattooed from head to toe in an angry and violent sink. God have mercy. They shouldn't be like that don't have to be that way we will go back to your throne. We will try again. There is mercy with you to judge our politicians that are saying were in a post-Christian society and Christians are a nuisance to the new order is so easy to get angry like the mighty men that were still with David saying so would take their heads off.

How dare they say this thing Davis is no let them do what they do there only allowed to do it because God has appointed them to do it and when charges backslidden and when God's trying to get a hold of us again he will allow us to be driven into the wilderness. I want to remind you it is the mercy of God that is governing this moment the situation we're in today. Didn't just happen. We played a large part in letting it get to where it is. And yet, just like David, we lift our heads from our shame. David says the remaining was 70. There's no help for him and God what you oh Lord our shield for me, my glory and the one who lifts up my head.

I think God with all my heart. I can look at the failure in my life and not be condemned by will not to be condemned. We ought to say Lord Thomas Blom seen the face like Daniel Craig but do you will. God belongs mercy and so for you.

Great namesake for our sakes, we fail do and what we were called to do, but for your great and holy namesake of God Almighty move one more time in this generation move one more time in the society spread your arms out like a swimmer pushed aside the refuge of lies and welcome into your bosom.

The thousands if not millions will turn to you in a moment of history you order a seal for me in my glory and the one who lives of my head, David, so I laid down and slept. I woke for the Lord sustained me and others. I will not be overcome. We will not be triumphed over the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ. The crime is that the program go to Italy and let it all be gone, but the glory bring home the King bring home the King that he feels thinking that delivers side. Thinking opens prison movements in every heart, a new song, no incomes on the dancing when the kingdoms on the sobs of victory when the king comes only started sounding symbols when thinking people start this because in all this is the glory of God.

Bring on the gang to be dry prayer time now. You bring the Guignol home in America, you know, bring back the knowledge of Jesus Christ in our society. Bring home the King has to be the cry of every heart bring back the King you been listening to Carter Conlon from Times Square Church in New York City. For more information and resources to help you in your walk in Christ. Log on to TSC, not NYC TSC not NYC. Be sure to be with us next week for a call to the nation with 100,

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