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Jesus Always Gets The Last Word

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon
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October 17, 2021 1:00 am

Jesus Always Gets The Last Word

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon

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Carter Conlon from the historic Times Square Church in New York City. The only thing in creation that has the power to resist the voice of God because he created you in his image and allowed you to me an independent thinker. Thank you for joining us for this week's edition of a call to the nation order, surrounded with sadness and hopelessness. Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead and out. It was great near Jericho linebacker called out to Jesus for help, and Jesus gave insight for 30 years, a man lay near the pool of Bethesda longing for help to be placed in the healing water.

No one would help the man but Jesus told him to get up and walk, and he was instantly let's join Carter with today's message from John chapter 1 title. Jesus always gets the last I like to take the next few moments and just share some thoughts on faith and prayer, and I've given the title to these thoughts from John chapter 1 gospel John chapter 1 Jesus always gets the last word he always gets the last father, I thank you Lord for the power that's in your word God. It's not by the exuberance of my presentation. It's by the power of your word and the capability of your word to find out the deepest darkest places of our hopelessness and despair and to bring life and life. There is a God asked for an anointing on this, sharing that will set the captives free. Give sight to the blind, healed, bruised and hard God and everything that you have promised us that you are to us will be made manifest in those that are willing to hear these words. Jesus Christ, son of God.

We have everything to gain by coming to you and nothing to lose but our sorrows are captivity's in our despairs, so give us the grace to hear your word. I thank you for father in Jesus name John chapter 1 profound words the gospel John writes in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word was God. He speaking of the word now as a person was in the beginning with God all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made in him was life and the life was the light of men.

And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. In other words, the light came this light that was the son of God. This light that was in the beginning with God is like that was the word of God. This light that made everything out of nothing.

This light that was there in the beginning before anything was this like that spoken caused things to exist out of nothing that existed before them the same light came and shone in our darkness but the darkness did not comprehend or understand or appreciate what really they were dealing with, and who they were dealing with an incredible power of this word of God. Today we know, was a person whose name was Jesus Christ want you to think with me for just a moment Jesus Christ as described in the Scriptures in the book of Revelation at the end talks about himself. I am the Alpha and the Omega, and others. I am the beginning of all things, and I am the end of all things.

I was there before things that we see in this world, this universe began, and I will be there when they're all over is eternally existent and always has been, never had to be graded always existed and always will be. Genesis chapter 1 it says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void was empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep.

In other words, darkness was having its day the earth was created, but there was no divine purpose as a get to it that was visible, and there was darkness covering. There was a hopelessness in a sense can imagine if you had been there at that time, a darkness, probably so thick that nobody can fully comprehend.

In the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, let there be light and there was light.

Is that amazing God doesn't have to say much what he says though has to be obeyed, no matter how deep, no matter how long-lasting, no matter how all-encompassing the darkness was God said, let there be light, and light was Revelation chapter 21 verse one John said I saw a new heaven and a new earth is a day coming when God's son is going to say one more time. This is the end of this world, this universe, as we have known it. Now I command to be created and re-created a new heavens and a new earth, wherein as the Scripture says well his righteousness once again.

John said I saw this I saw the new heavens the new earth. I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven as a bride adorned for her husband's is everything. It was there in the beginning it be there at the end. Also, time all through history as we have known it.

Jesus is there, and his word has ultimate power now in between those two times humankind that's people like you and I and our fallen condition, decided that we are going to be as God is.

That was the original sin of the garden of Eden. We can be as God, and speech. We can make things happen as well as all talk radio because it's all this talk can do a thing dad seems to think all of the words that have been spoken from this moment were Christ commanded there to be light in the world, to the point where God re-creates the heavens and the earth.

All of the words that have been spoken. Jesus insulted said every person is going to give an account for all the words they've spoken in this life. Can you imagine going to give an account there are some people I really hope I'm not standing behind in that line of judgment. Some people hope not standing behind me because it might take a while to get through all of this stuff every word that we spoken were going to give an account for that's important speech is it so important it is that we use our speech. Accordingly, we walk humbly before God and before our filament is why we need to know what God says about things because offer opinions totally matter in the long run they can't see anything they can't make one bad situation.

Good they can't change things can only be changed by God himself. A lot of talk, a lot of must be hard for the Angels to endure it just so much talk hard for me to do what I can listen radio anymore.

I just can't resist so much talk about nothing and was talk I think about the news people you must be so depressed at the end of the day with a goal. How do you do all day and not be depressed cursing everybody like yourself and talk about our wrong. These people are as if they are right in all things must be very very depressing. A lot of talk about a lot of things.

John chapter 11 there was an mantle Lazarus and he died and there was just a lot of talk on about it.

Sunday was that he stinks of this, as well as his been dead too long to do anything about the resist other was weeping, awful what a tragedy. This is a student have to be innocent people probably feel that way about some people that are here and so many things have been spoken so many words of been spoken over you in your situation and how hopeless you are. You're losing to failure and you're just like your mother your father your aunt your uncle or maybe worse than all of them put together in you just so far gone. There's no hope for you and suddenly in the midst of all this hopeless endless talk the one who was there in the beginning, the one who will be there when it's all over shows up the word of God light shined in the darkness with the darkness couldn't comprehend it. I think they were just too busy talking to comprehend who was in their midst too busy sharing their woes too busy with their opinions to even be aware of who had come into their midst.

All these things if you if you took all these words, I don't think there probably be a vehicle strong enough to carry them all if they had any amount of weight to them and yet Jesus stands the one who said, let there be light stands on a hilltop and with a loud voices. Lazarus, come forth, and he was dead in the grave for four days.

He who people had an opinion is already starting to decay smells. Why call amount people had opinions about the hopelessness of the situation watched the son of God with three words. Bring a dead man out of the grave.

Luke chapter 18 there was a man who was blind. We don't know how long he was blind but possibly from birth sitting on the side of the road and here's the Jesus is coming by. There's there's a crowd and there's just all kinds of talk going on. He starts calling out son of David, have mercy on me, and people around him are telling the quiet your blind men just get used to blindness. What's not eating enough point in your cup today. Your disturbing the procession we we've all got opinions about who this Jesus is were all kinda corralling them into our agenda. So just want to just be quiet just just learn to be blind, but he wouldn't be quiet and called out, and Jesus took note of his voice spoke three words to him receive your site and the man who was blind, perhaps from his birth saw.

I believe he was, according to the story. His eyes came back and he saw all I thank God for the power of Jesus power of his speech, John chapter 5 there was a man laying beside the pool where the waters would be stirred once in a while people would be healed and and Jesus walks up to him and says, would you be made whole and immediately says III just have nobody that when the water gets stirred to put me in the pool. He been there so long people give up on and really that's the bottom line they might have tried in the beginning years, but probably told little Frank and used your lameness is usually always been drunk produced get used to this could use to depression could use to living this way can you still laying on this place were people do to get help and I did hope we got other things to do this, other people to worry about you been this way for so long, why do you ever think you're going to change.

Alcoholism's been in your family for so many generations.

What makes you think you're going to be able to stop drinking divorce is been rampant in your home abuse, verbal abuse and other kinds of abuse and what makes you think you're going to break the chain of this and even laying this way so long you been this way so long as hopeless, just give it up. My friend then Jesus speaks to this Madisons rise, take up your bed and walk.

See always gets the last word this.

My point. Jesus always gets the last word.

See John said light shined in the darkness the darkness didn't comprehend it. Darkness had no idea who was speaking to it and sometimes we just get so used to the darkness we get so used to the the lameness we get so used to the death around as we get so used to the inability to see our way forward. We get so you still laying there in depression and discouragement. We have no why Yahoo is speaking to us. We have no idea anymore that his words have the power to create a universe is words of the power to speak to the deepest darkness and commanded to be light is words of the power to. This whole universe as it is known today and re-create the heavens and the earth in a place where dwells righteousness. We have no idea what was speaking to us. When God's part.

Speaking to our heart and says will you be made.

All will you see again Lazarus come forth when you come out of that place and that we just moved to the sound of my voice when you're just not who I am, and taught your situation and revive you and raise you give your vision and give you a future and give you hope give you new life you power. You never had before give you a testimony that only can come from God himself see the irony of the whole thing is the only thing in creation that has the power to resist God as you know, the only thing in creation that has the power to resist the voice of God because he created you in his image and allowed you to be an independent thinker. These don't think when God says lies out the goes out. The seas don't reason with God when he says this far and no much farther. The universe didn't disagree with God when he said, let there be light nothing good resisted the only thing in creation that can resist God as you and me because he gave us a free will he give us the power to say no to the power in his voice to create give life give site give health give hope give healing if we are going to know an awakening in our generation. We are going to get up and believe in God again were going to take God at his word and his promises.

You said you came to open my prison door. You said you came to give site to my blinded eyes. You said you came to heal my wounded heart. You said you came to unlock the treasure of heaven to this poor man for this poor woman God. This is what you said you said this day it is fulfilled in your heirs. And so I'm getting up and I'm getting out.

I'm leaving that grave. I'm leaving that place and begging on the road side I'm getting up from that place where all the Lehman partners. People are flying and I'm coming towards the sound of your voice and I am going to be a testimony of who you are in my generation hallelujah to the Lamb of God. That's called awakening revive that's called the church of Jesus Christ. And let's not deceive ourselves to think that some sprinklers don't come from heaven will go to call it revival was going to come when you get up out of the place and believe God for your victory. Revival is going to come when you say to be blind to not seeing the way forward to seeing all my family in the future in this place a bit dense living a life that brings no glory to God and I'm getting out by the plan are the one who's calling me in the freedom.

Similarly, God didn't create a university can re-create me. Surely God can bring Lazarus out of the grave. You can give me life shortly to begin give sight to the blind morning, a man born blind.

You can give me the eyes I need to see my way forward Charlie begin raising men about the 38 years laying there hopeless can raise me up out of my hopelessness and give me a testimony to see everyone of these people became a testimony of who God is, were not a testimony just by presenting an argument not a testimony just by having all the right theology to begin fraud people were testimony when we allow the supernatural power of God to touch our lives and make us what we could never be in our own strength and take us where we could never go give us what we could never hope to possess. That's called a testimony of who God is. That's why 3030 on the day of Pentecost when hundred and 20 failures come out of an upper room empowered by the Spirit of God to speak to cultures that they formerly couldn't communicate with empowered to be people.

He never could hope to have been in their own strength when the crowd saw it one more time. The disinterest of the Lord is God. Our religion is left is empty and inventor need a holy God.

They vent their need to the light that shines in the dark is why Jesus said you are the light of the world wasn't talking about us generating something out of ourselves at that we allow the light to work in us and we are raised up to be a testimony to this dark and generation that's how we become the light of Christ and as Paul said, the hope of glory.

I can't do it for you.

I wish I could if I could I would. I can't make you believe I can come into your house and do what only God can do.

The only thing I can hope is that somebody somewhere will hear God speaking to their heart. Read his promises. In this book and say that so I'm going to be and stand up and start walking towards the voice of God and start believing God to make you into something you could never drink you could be in your own strength.

I've lived it up, tasted traveled all over the world are much of the world.

Not all everyplace with much of it I seen God do the miraculous. I want this life that I'm speaking to you about, but there was a point where I had to get up just like you do.

As I believe you Lord, I believe you can you can take the boys lunch and you can feed 5000 with it you can walk on water. You can call Peter and he can walk on water, and we focus on the fact that he is sunk. After a few steps, but IP is only human being I've ever heard of. In my lifetime that ever did walk on water. The points and resisted. If you don't get up and go. You'll never know we always learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth, I challenge I challenge all my heart to believe him for the miraculous where you need a miracle in nothing but a miracle will make the difference now.

Your dad, you need a miracle you can't see. You need a miracle you don't know how to go forward. You need a miracle you can't get up.

You can't stop doing what you been doing, you can't stop at your father's this father did. You need a miracle it's been years in this place, feeling hopeless, despairing, suddenly somebody calls you and says receive your side. Take up your bed walk. The light shines in the darkness but the darkness didn't understand had no idea the power of that voice. So I challenge it with all my heart folks. An argument is not going to win this day, but a testimony. What kind of intestinal uses God to give me house this summer. I was dead, but not below. I was blind but now I see I was laying but now I want it. We get all caught up in how deep our theology is going to be them were relegated to try to win an argument instead of presenting grace to our generation. The argument was one on Calvary resolve. Now you and are called to be a demonstration of that the sun would ask you to stand were going to pray together within a believe for miracles were going to believe for incredible victory. Just let me read you couple of the request before we pray somebody in Illinois Lord touch my families open only you can do were so very broken. I can't stand it anymore been married 40 years and Sunday are not even speaking. My children are prodigal's help. The somebody needs a miracle to believe God for that.

From Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Please pray for my wife. She can't eat all the food was out medicine to she's been dead five weeks is lost 8 pounds times were church. Please pray friends were going to join with you believe for miracle from Sandy and Australia. Please pray Carly is at swine flu and a severe brain damage due to a lack of oxygen.

She's only 34 years old, has a three-year-old son.

She needs a miracle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Please pray for me that God delivers me from heroin opiate addiction. I have no strength left even to cry out to him anymore. Tony Fairweather's which I believe you are working.

To pray futilely with you just get Tony just get up and start moving towards her victory. Linda from the orcs is pray for me. I failed in my RN nursing my landlord is a victim of my job is not giving me a schedule and of no money and falling apart.

Linda you're not going to fall apart little believe God for you, get up and move towards the provision the promises you from Ithaca, New York. Please got in the years of severe pain and suffering in my ankles and feet and shrink the inoperable bunion causing pain. I am desperate for miracle trust to pray with you and stand with you. Believe, for miracles, this is going to have to be the year of miracles, folks, let's not be sold short, but not history right of us, the light came with the darkness couldn't comprehend. Somehow the people of God, believe that their situations were too deep for the one who created the universe with the word of his mouth too deep for the one of pride. It is finished on the cross after he defeated the powers of darkness they couldn't comprehend who they were dealing with, and couldn't believe that he could bring the vision healing in life, notably for miracle within a standard, notably with all of our heart. This is not going to be taken away from us. This could be here miracles because nothing else is going to work now.

So you lift your voice and let your voice not only for others online but lift your voice intuition and declare life agree with God agree with God.

I'm not going to live here. I'm not going to be held there. I'm not going to lay I'm not going to be given to this darkness any longer. I'm going to live for God and God's will to live through me. You make the declaration that you stand up and fight for the testimony of Christ within your life you been listening to Carter, and from Times Square Church in New York City. For more information and resources to help you in your walk in Christ.

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That's TSC, not NYC. Be sure to be with us next week for a call to the nation with Hunter,

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