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God Will Move Heaven and Earth to Answer You

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon
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July 25, 2021 12:01 am

God Will Move Heaven and Earth to Answer You

A Call to the Nation / Carter Conlon

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July 25, 2021 12:01 am

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Carter Conlon from the historic Times Square Church in New York City. And God says do you know Glenn you know who it is you're talking doing. Are you aware that I am willing to move heaven and earth and see were so glad you've joined us for a call to the nation, the weekly message from God's word from Carter Conlon according to Carter, many of us have prayed this three-step prayer sometime in our lives. I want to live. I want to finish the fight. God please help me to make it to the other side you know God is not left us here on this earth to fight our battles alone. The Bible tells us he is in the battle with us.

He hears our prayer. Let's join Carter now chapter 20 of second Kings God will move heaven and earth to answer you in those days.

Hezekiah was sick and near death as the car was the leader ruler in Israel and Isaiah the prophet, the son of Hamas went to him and said, thus says the Lord. Set your house in order for you shall die and not live then he turned his face towards the wall and he prayed to the Lord, saying, remember now, Lord, I pray how I have walked before even truth and with a loyal heart. In other words, Hezekiah was obviously not perfect but he said God of absurdity was best as I know how in the dented and honesty and of done what was good in your sight.

And Hezekiah wept bitterly and it happened before Isaiah had gone out into the middle court that the word of the Lord came to him saying return until Hezekiah the leader of my people. Thus says the Lord God, the Lord, the God of David your father I've heard your prayer and of senior tears, surely I will heal you on the third day you should go up to the house of the Lord, and I will add your days, 15 years, and I will deliver you in the city from the hand of the king of Assyria and I will defend this city for my own sake and for the sake of my servant David, then Isaiah said, take a lump of fig so they took and laid it upon the boiling he recovered and Hezekiah said to Isaiah what is the sign that the Lord will heal me and that I will go up to the house of the Lord on the third day, then Isaiah said this is the signed you from the Lord that the Lord will do the thing which is spoken shall the shadow go forward 10 or go backward 10 and Hezekiah answered it's an easy thing for the Saturday to go down 10 no let the shadow go backwards 10 so Isaiah the prophet cried out to the Lord, and he brought the shadow 10 backwards by which it is gone down on the sundial of a house. This is an absolutely incredible story or God that gives a word to this man and he says you're going to be healed on the third day and you go to the back into the house of the Lord and you're going to worship very going to sacrifice their and then Hezekiah says to Isaiah the prophet. Well, what is the sign that this is going to happen if Ira got a little about you that are here. I would just say your sign will be in three days you be healed.

You be in the temple that's good enough for you don't need anything beyond that. But in the absolute graciousness of God, not just for Hezekiah's sake.

But probably Foster was well for learning from our study of the Scriptures. Something about the very heart of God.

He says so which do you want God to do to actually move the sun forward move time forward or move the sundial backwards, and Hezekiah's as well. It it just more or less naturally goes down 10 as as the day progresses, but the sundial never reverses itself. So if God's going to do this thing in my life and let them reverse the son, and so that the Scripture tells us that God brought the shadow 10, backwards to Richard and already gone down the sundial of a house.

Now I've I've done some study on this and it's just a fascinating study because you get opinions from theologians and skeptics, physicists, people astronomers people to study the stars. They understand the workings of the universe and there are some astounding theories on what actually happened here what one of the ones that stood out.

I just share with you three that really stood out and and one of the person suggested that the God actually turned time backwards 20 minutes, because turning the sundial. This is an agreed-upon thing, at least of those.

A study of turning the sundial back 10 means actually reversing time, but by 20 minutes on other words, if it was 320 in the afternoon. Now it becomes 3 o'clock timewise. I minutes of phenomenal thought. This in itself that is essentially what it means is that everybody just reversed 20 minutes more and even aware of it you not your your 20 minutes younger than your 20 minutes, put it that way, and God did that sovereignly which which shows me and shows you that he is the God. Over time, there is no time with God. God dwells in eternity. He always was. He always will be with, we are bound by time because our lives are determined by time we have an appointed time when we commend the world. We have a time that we live and we have the time that we die, but when we die. Time will be no more living no more concept of time it will be in place for God is where day is like a thousand years in the thousand years is like a day time is no more. And if in fact the repeated turn time backwards, God is actually showing us I'm in charge of all things. I control the heavens even time is in my hand is not amazing when you begin to realize that others have suggested, is simply turn the earth itself backwards it just he just took the earth and kind move that backwards 20 minutes. Realistically, if you do that physicists with safe you do that you have to literally stop the rest of the universe, at least the solar system anyway because everything moves like a Swiss watch. And if one part of the watch is out of gear. The whole thing will stop everything. Everything rotates around the sun. It's it all is a divine order soda to stop the earth itself and turn it back in 20 minutes you have to literally suspend at least the solar system and also you have to suspend the laws of gravity, because to stop the earth. The earth is rotating to stop at the moment it stops everything physicists say, everything would fly off the surface of the earth you me some international scope of the of the district. We would all be in space.

In a moment of time, the earth would literally fling us off of its surface. If the world stops or God not only stops or turns the world back, but these EA stops the very laws of nature, the laws of gravity, everything stops as it is 1/3 category of skeptics and liberal theologians who say well, God just created a shadow illusion kind of moved one of them was funny to read.

So, in his opinion, God just kinda move the cloud here and shifted the building over there and kinda created the illusion.

The time was going backwards for 20 minutes if if that were true then explained to me Joshua or Joshua is sent to protect the Gibeonites and Gibeonites have made a league with the children of Israel and five kings came together and said let's let's go conquer the Gibeonites. They send message to Joshua and say please come and help us where there's five kings against us were not going to be able to the stand. So Joshua takes the armies of Israel into this battle and any routes. The five kings but there's just so many of this opposing enemy that's coming against that which was put into his hand to protect that he can't defeat them totally. There's not enough time so the Scripture says, Joshua spoke to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the site." This is a prayer he said to the Lord, son standstill over Gibeon and moon in the Valley of age, along so the sun stood still and the moon stopped to look people had revenge upon their enemies. So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten the good down for about a whole day and there's been no day like that before it or after that the Lord heeded the voice of a man for the Lord fought for Israel. Another was it. Here's a man he's just think God give me time to fight against the enemies of your people. Give me time to to finish the battle that you've set before me.

I don't want to go home with the battle half done. These people are trusting in me, give me enough time to fight this battle and and the reality is that God literally for a whole day not just for 20 minutes this time before an actual day stop the universe for the prayer of one man say this is, here's the point in trying to make today.

All of this happened, the suspending of heaven and earth, literally the impossible apart from God. It all happens. Firstly because a man says. What was his prayer. I want to live that amazing images prayer.

I want to live. God I want to live in selects all of a sudden the whole universe stops for God to answer that, not just answer you get answer with her doing this, but he wanted. He wanted to show Hezekiah and you and I is absolute willingness and his power to answer our prayers and amazing. Joshua says don't do some good down. I've got the enemy on the run and let the sun go down until I win this battle. There in-flight in the sense and it's like the mother that spring. It's it is the father the spring out.

I feel like I'm winning this battle to to reclaim my my family or my marriage or my son there. My whatever the situation is that Scott just give me time.

So that's the second prayer give me the first one was let me live. The second one is give me time to finish what you have set before me and all heaven stops again.

You see, God does this in the Scripture to show us his heart. He does it to help us understand that he's not reluctantly up in the heavens, leaving us here to fight these battles and hoping we can win them that he is in the battle with us and he has all power when Jesus said that he wasn't kidding.

It's it's it's not just a little bit of power, he has all power now in Luke chapter 8 that just follow me with this now on a certain day got into about beginning verse 22 to go with the disciples and said let us cross over to the other side, and they launched out, but as they sailed he fell asleep in a windstorm came down on the lake and they were filling with water and were in jeopardy. And they came to him and awoke him saying master master.

We are perishing.

Then he arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water in the season, there was a calm but he said to them, where is your faith know in the light of Hezekiah and Joshua, I want to suggest to you that stopping the wind and the waves was just a small miracle want to think about it just for moment mass at this way with just a small cheese miracle because he is the capability of stopping the universe is the capability of stopping the solar system of ceasing the laws of gravity so to stand up in the boat and to stop the wind and the waves was no really big deal for God when he said to his disciples, where is your faith I see it this way he saying to them, have you not been reading the Scriptures do you not yet understand who I am. Do you not recognize me as the God whose whose literally suspended the heavens turn back time for Hezekiah's prayer.

The sun and stop the moon and the places for a whole day so the Joshua could finish the battle do you do not yet know who I am closing the boat with you. Why would you be afraid, knowing I was in the boat with you are you are you still blinded you still not see you still not understand that when I say were going somewhere were going somewhere I have all power. You have a history. You are the people of God who who saw it when I delivered you out of Egypt that I have power over all the elements I power over nature. I have I power of the lightning and thunder and hail and wind and am a knife. I have all power, all power is in my head. When Jesus said all power given to me wasn't kidding.

It's all power do not know who I am and so that the reality is tonight.

How many people out there online in your ears think I want to live.

I wanted finish the fight that set before me.

I want to make it to the other side through my storm and God says do you know who I am.

You know who it is you're talking doing. Are you aware yet that I am willing to move heaven and earth to answer you which is why God sent his son into this world not to condemn you, but that through his son.

You might be saved. He did in a sense, move heaven and earth when Jesus Christ came into this world and died on the cross to destroy the power of sin that was against you and the penalty of sin that was determining the course of your future, and brought you into a place where you and I begin to now move in unison with God and as we move in unison with God recognizing his heart moving in power, then miracles begin to happen in and through each one of our lives. This is the reason I believe that when Jesus went into the temple in the New Testament. He made this a scourge of cords and it's it's really the only time you see the tangible anger of the son of God in the New Testament when he went into the temple, and he said it is written, my house shall be called a house of prayer, but you made it a den of thieves by ceasing to pray in my house. You have stolen the power of God from his people. That's the thievery was in the changing of money in the outer court and the goats on the Dobbs and the rest the thievery was stealing the presence of God and the power of God and the understanding of who God is from his people.

It's time now for you and I to rise up and understand who it is that's calling us to pray and what he is able to do when we respond to him in our prayers don't have to be 15 miles long. They don't have to be filled with the King James English. What were the prayers that stopped the heavens let I want to live.

I don't want to die want to live that is your prayer.

I will reason I don't want to be addicted anymore.

I want to be depressed anymore. I want to be staring at the law in my room anymore, but then tomorrow I want to live and I'm telling you that God still goes heaven and earth to answer you. Everything that's against you for everything that was set in motion when the enemy got a hold of your life. In his usual place you don't want to go. He will stop all of it and so you once more, please tell them know that I am God will put it this way know that I'm still God, nothing is changed with him there's others out there is a God. I want to finish the fight. Oh God, give me the give me the time. Give me the strength. I'm praying that for my own life. I want to I want to spend my life fighting for this generation fighting fraud children for young people from marriages from home for ultimately the testimony of God among his people in his house. Give me the time to let the daylight stay in my life like give me the vision to see and give me the ability to pursuant God Almighty let me finish the fighter one more time. The universe stops. Oh God, would you give us a bigger vision of who you are. We live in such a little place in our understanding of God was squeak out little we prayers and we expect little we answers how it must break the heart of God when when his own people. He said to his disciples, where's your faith. You have the history you got the Scriptures is not written, that all these things are are are written for your admonition for your instruction in righteousness, so that you might be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Are you learning anything about me from what you study. Where's your faith.

How long will it be before you know my heart towards you, and we spend so much time just so I God help me to make it to the other side.

It's almost like he wakes up. As is okay if you insist you still don't believe, but if you insist on one more time to show you why am when the still waves stop. I don't believe it was a gradual calming of the waves. I think it just stopped because he says they said who is this man leaving the wind and the waves obey him. Well, if they had been reading the Bible, he would've known we was there with known what he can do.

Nobody came to the conclusion at that time, at least, that this is the God who stopped the sun. This is the God who gave his son. This is the God who loves us so much that is engraved us on the palms of his hands. These are the same hands that can calm our storm the same hands that can calm ours. Our season are Wednesdays at the same hands that can stop everything that's been set in motion against us these in Hansa can turn back time who you hallelujah I wouldn't want a whole lot of that but maybe a little bit might help now and then when I get up in the morning. I'm really creaky.

Sometimes I think nice to be 10 years younger. Maybe not a whole lot more. Not God can do that if he wants to like she could just come to give us health and stretches out just a little bit more so that we can win this battle. That's before us to hear the prayers of the prayers that suspended the universe. The present stop the moon and the sun hear the prayers that caused the wind to cease and the waves to subside here the prayers.

As you wanted to hear them again in succession. I want to live. I want to finish the fight help me make it to the other side. Hallelujah.

I bet you've all in this Bible school prayed all three of those. Just even the last week you prayed all God, I want to live. I want to finish the fight and I want to just make it to graduation are negative the other side of this present experience. So God chose you and God chose me that he will move heaven and earth to answer all of my prayer for you would like the blind men and the side of the road saying I want to see what can I do for you and the privates that I want to see God. I want to see God. You gotta take me out of my my limited view of who you are and bring me into a much larger place so that I can pray with faith and I can pray with thanksgiving. Isaiah said, not after. After God gives him a word he says I'm going to deliver you, you're going to be healed on I'm going to raise you up the third day on the defend the city so is giving him a whole bunch of promises and then he says take a lump of figs and lay it on the boil and he recovered. It's amazing the God who stopped the universe in a sense chooses something additional to heal him. It was a great verse for people to say I got faith that only doctors I do think it through.

Couldn't got facilitator. He'll get up to Corsica to consult the universal. I couldn't say that, but instead the somebody comes in with a lump of things I don't even understand the medicinal property behind, but they did it and they put it on the festering sore that was on his body that was killing him, and he was healed solely the issue is really God does things his way, not our way. We don't dictate to him to even dare think we can dictate to the one who can stop the universe is suspend the laws of gravity of it. I would sit dump a truckload of figs on the insist like it's amazing i.e. there's so much about him. In these passages of Scripture, and what you just go home and meditate on that today that you know you're praying for healing. Maybe you need to see Dr. Mabe units and figs weight on that place in your body. Were you sick. God chooses that the issue is the healing it's is not about the methodology. It's about how he chooses to heal. Hallelujah. So, my prayer for you, you would call out and say God I want to live. I want to fight. I want to finish in this gotta be something in you that God can speak to and causes you to rise up in the Lord's is a Cal answer your prayer but I'll do it my way. Not your way. Not the way you think it should be done, I will answer you my way could Eve raise them up on the spot.

Yes, why three days is lot of typology.

In this I can't go into all but why did he wait three days to heal and we could heal them right there.

Why not just speak the word why a lump of figs is just a lot of questions in there, but it just tells me that God will be God and the one I'm not going to question the one who stops the universe, spoken word, he can do it. Whatever way he chooses to do it. His ways are not our ways.

His thoughts are not our thoughts. He is God. We are not in the thing form cannot say to the one formed it, why did you make me thus get up. It's really that simple. Get up you callouts in order want to live but then get up stand up and let that life coming to you God's way.

Those that are losing their marriage is you losing your families you losing your children get up like judgment and say I want to fight. I want to finish the fight. I want to vanquish the five kings of the company against those who were given to into my hand, to protect. I'm not going to let them go, and I'm not going let the devil defeat them. Give me that to be the fight that I need to stand up in faith and to believe that you can do what only you can do to deliver them into my hand.

And for those are in a crisis moment in your life right now and your prayers just all God I'm alive and I live I want to fight but God I just got to get out of where I am now and make it to the other side just letting them to stand up and just speak to your wind and speak to the ways that are coming against you, and believe me, that's just a small miracle in the context of what God is able to do exceedingly above and beyond all we can even ask or think that's who God is. Don't leave this meeting tonight with a little you of God. Let God expand your understanding.

Let them expand your mind. Let them bring into that place where your faith is like that of a child when you tell a child something to just believe you just absent you been listening to Carter Conlon from Times Square Church in New York City. For more information and resources to help you in your walk in Christ. Log on to TSC and on NYC TSC.NYC, be sure to be with us next week for a call to the nation with Hunter,

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