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Living on the Edge
Chip Ingram
February 28, 2024
Ask any couple and they'll tell you - marriage is hard - especially when disagreements arise and personalities clash So how can couples endure In this program we'll learn some helpful 'how-tos' through the final part of Chip and Theresa Ingram's conversation Hear how they worked through challenges in their marriage over the last years by remaining close to God and holding tight to His promises Main PointsCelebrating Marriage Annie joins her parents to celebrate their th wedding anniversary and discuss the ups and downs of their marriage Common Marital Struggles They acknowledge that all marriages face common issues like [... more]
The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton
July 09, 2021
GUEST JUSTIN PETERS founder and preacher Justin Peters Ministries Just days after our recent program on the Southern Baptist Convention SBC Annual Meeting which in part focused on the election of new president pastor Ed Litton and where he stands on various issues it was revealed that Litton had for many years been plagiarizing sermons nearly word for word from immediate past SBC president pastor JD Greear and that Litton's church had removed over sermons from their website The story is receiving widespread coverage even in mainstream outlets such as the New York Times The dictionary definition of plagiarism is [... more]
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