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Delight in Grace
Grace Bible Church / Rich Powell
October 10, 2023
Jesus Christ intercedes for me in the presence of the Father to guarantee the promise based on his redemptive sacrifice As Charitie Bancroft penned in a poem that is now a well-known Hymn Before the throne of God above I have a strong and perfect plea A great High Priest whose name is Love Who ever lives and pleads for me Because the sinless Savior died my sinful soul is counted free For God the Just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me [... more]
Running to Win
Erwin Lutzer
January 05, 2023
As we compare Buddhism Islam and New Age Spirituality with Jesus what sets Him apart Some admire Jesus but have never accepted Him In this message Pastor Lutzer invites us on a journey to find a sinless Savior Finding out the truth about our spiritual condition and its remedy must be our number one priority This month's special offer is available for a donation of any amount Get yours at rtwoffer com or call us at - - - [... more]
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
November 03, 2021
The King's Commission A Study of Matthew [... more]
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