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Delight in Grace
Grace Bible Church / Rich Powell
April 17, 2024
Author Kay Warren recalls her visit to Rwanda not long after the horrific genocide that left million dead She expected to find monsters there- men and women with leering menacing faces Instead she found people smiling chatting caring for their children living life Upon her return she wrote There were no monsters in Rwanda just people like you and me She writes You might as well face the shameful truth You and I put in the right situation will do absolutely anything Given the right circumstances I am capable of any sin All of mankind is broken- the beautiful image [... more]
Running to Win
Erwin Lutzer
March 06, 2024
God set apart the nation of Israel to bring Him glory among the nations But the Old Testament recounts how many lost sight of God's grand purpose In this message Pastor Lutzer shares three reasons why our lives should be changed by Israel's story What can we learn from the history surrounding the Temple Mount This month's special offer is available for a donation of any amount Get yours at rtwoffer com or call us at - - - [... more]
Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
October 30, 2020
After praying about what God was calling them to do in the next phase of their lives Mark and Nina determined that moving to the urban core of the city was what they needed to do They purchased a vacant house and renovation was well underway mdash then came the storm Mark wrote in a text message to me ldquo We had a surprise this morning The tornado that came through Jeff erson City took out our renovation mdash down to sticks and bricks God is up to something rdquo Uncontrollable storms are not the only things that surprise us [... more]
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