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Renewing Your Mind
R.C. Sproul
September 09, 2023
Why does the church gather together each week It's more than fellowship and education Ultimately we gather for the worship of our holy God Today R C Sproul encourages us to offer worship to the Lord that is worthy of His name Get the 'Foundations An Overview of Systematic Theology' DVD Series for Your Gift of Any Amount https gift renewingyourmind org foundations Don't forget to make RenewingYourMind org your home for daily in-depth Bible study and Christian resources [... more]
A New Beginning
Greg Laurie
February 13, 2022
If you're suffering today as a Christian you're not alone But here's the good news God uses suffering to reinforce some big truths In this Sunday episode Pastor Greg Laurie reveals the profound reasons God allows His people to experience trials Listen in Notes The Christian life is about persevering Job said We're all adrift in the same boat too few days too many troubles There is a loving God who despite the worst tragedy can bring good out of bad Christians are not exempt from suffering Suffering and adversity keep us humble God whispers to us in our pleasures [... more]
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