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Running With Horses
Shirley Weaver Ministries
September 07, 2023
If you enjoyed this episode please rate and leave a review We appreciate your support Learn more at acleartrumpet org podcast Buy our book Running With Horses at https acleartrumpet org book And don't forget to follow us on social media Facebook https www facebook com shirleyweaverministries Twitter https twitter com shirleyweaver Instagram https www instagram com shirleyweaverministries YouTube https www youtube com acleartrumpetwithshirleywe Rumble https rumble com c c- Let us hear from you questions or comments Email us at info acleartrumpet org and in the subject line write Podcast Question [... more]
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
June 19, 2022
When the first disciples encountered Jesus they chose to follow Him--only to discover that they had already been chosen by Him Without getting drowned in that theological tide pool let's consider and marvel at how both of these realities work together The Bible teaches that God sovereignly elects people for salvation while at the same time teaches our responsibility to believe in Christ Let's see how both Philip and Nathanael encountered Jesus for the first time [... more]
Family Life Today
Dave & Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine
March 23, 2022
How do you help a lost or angry child who battles against the family Ron Deal speaks with psychologist Danny Huerta on troubled kids in a stepfamily Show Notes and Resources Find resources from this podcast at shop familylife com Find more content and resources on the FamilyLife's app Help others find Familylife Leave a review on Apple Podcast or Spotify Check out all the Familylife's on the FamilyLife Podcast Network [... more]
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