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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
June 21, 2023
The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is produced by The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM org- During the show Matt answers questions on the air and offers insight on topics like The Bible Apologetics Theology World Religions Atheism and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network Monday through Friday - PM EST - - PM PST--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Topics include---- - John - Romans Must we be born again to be saved---- - The antichrist Oneness -- - How does the Imputation of sin make it [... more]
Running to Win
Erwin Lutzer
November 06, 2020
The drama of redemption began in Eden and ends with the new heavens and new earth Here the redeemed find themselves on streets of gold in the New Jerusalem Here is the finale to the grand plan God set in motion before the world began nbsp Click here to listen Duration [... more]
Running to Win
Erwin Lutzer
August 31, 2020
Farmers know it rsquo s pretty simple no seeds no plants No plants no vegetables No vegetables no harvest They know all about the laws of sowing and reaping laws God set in motion a long time ago In this message we rsquo ll explore what Paul wrote about this to the church at Corinth nbsp Click here to listen Duration [... more]
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