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A New Beginning
Greg Laurie
March 10, 2024
As Christians should we be impacting culture The answer's yes Pastor Greg Laurie encourages us to do so and shows us how to go about it Notes Matthew Point The world needs salt and light Point We should prepare ourselves and children to live in the real world as followers of Christ Point As Christians we need to invade not evade the culture Point We need to bring people the gospel message Point Before we can tell them we must first live it we must practice what we preach --- Learn more about Greg Laurie and Harvest Ministries at harvest [... more]
Delight in Grace
Grace Bible Church / Rich Powell
October 05, 2023
Today Pastor Rich interviews Chris Wittlinger the director of Grace Counseling Ministry Grace Bible Church s counseling ministry provides biblical counseling and support for those who are struggling with common yet burdensome life challenges Listen in as Christ shares about the soul care that is happening in the Grace Counseling Ministry and about how you can find help in your own walk through life s hardships [... more]
Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
March 21, 2022
Episode Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions Show Notes CoreChristianity com Questions in this Episode Is all sin equal in God's eyes For example is a white lie the same as a murder I am trying to decide which church I should start tithing to We don't really have an established Christian church here Things have not gone back to in person here yet it is still virtual Then I thought of Core Christianity I love the show But I am not sure if it is a church Do you consider Core Christianity to be a church Would [... more]
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