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Summit Life
J.D. Greear
November 22, 2023
The world seems darker and more confusing by the day but now is not a time to shrink back in fear It's a moment for us to renew our commitment [... more]
Focus on the Family
Jim Daly
November 07, 2023
Pastor and researcher John Burke offers a better glimpse of the God of heaven the Creator of the universe and the Lover of our souls He shares some amazing stories of near-death experiences that highlight an understanding of who God is and His unconditional love for all people Part of Receive the book Imagine the God of Heaven and a free audio download of Finding Heaven Knowing God and His Love for your donation of any amount Right now you can DOUBLE YOUR DOLLARS to GIVE FAMILIES HOPE through our YEAR-END MATCH provided by generous friends of the ministry Get [... more]
Renewing Your Mind
R.C. Sproul
September 18, 2023
We cannot look over the past two millennia without seeing Jesus' faithfulness to His promise I will build my church Matt Today Stephen Nichols exhorts us to stand firm for our faith with the saints of all ages Get the Single-Volume Edition of 'Truths We Confess' by R C Sproul https gift renewingyourmind org truths-we-confess Don't forget to make RenewingYourMind org your home for daily in-depth Bible study and Christian resources [... more]
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
August 06, 2023
Longtime friend Dr Dan Scott Pastor Counselor - and caregiver called the program to discuss his new book Faith In The Age of AI - Christianity through the Looking Glass of Artificial Intelligence [... more]
Lighting Your Way
Lighthouse Baptist
June 09, 2023
June Message from special guest speaker Tim Lee Main Scripture Passage John Topic Salvation [... more]
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
October 27, 2022
The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for [... more]
Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
July 09, 2022
Jose a seventy-seven-year-old substitute teacher had been living out of his car for eight years Every night the elderly man bunked down in his Ford Thunderbird LX carefully monitoring the car battery as it powered his computer for his evening rsquo s work Jose used the money earmarked for rent and instead sent it to numerous family members in Mexico who needed it more Early every morning one of the teacher rsquo s former students saw Jose rummaging through his trunk ldquo I just felt I needed to do something about it rdquo the man said So he launched a [... more]
Building Relationships
Dr. Gary Chapman
June 11, 2022
There has to be more to life than I'm experiencing If you feel that way don't miss this edition of Building Relationshipswith Dr Gary Chapman Author and speaker Chip Ingram says a fulfilled and satisfying life is one lived on the edge But what does that mean Could there be a purpose and plan for you that's bigger than you can imagine Learn more about your holy ambition on today's podcast Featured Resource Holy Ambition Turning God-Spahed Dreams into Reality See omnystudio com listener for privacy information [... more]
Cross the Bridge
David McGee
February 06, 2022
Cross the Bridge -A [... more]
In Touch
Charles Stanley
December 07, 2021
Dr Stanley discusses how our speech is to be pleasing and acceptable to God [... more]
Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
August 08, 2021
There are some images so powerful they can never be forgotten That was my experience of a famous photograph of the late Princess Diana of Wales At first glance the captured scene looks mundane smiling warmly the princess is shaking the hand of an unidentified man But it s the photograph s story that makes it remarkable On April when Princess Diana visited London Middlesex Hospital the United Kingdom was engulfed in a wave of panic as it confronted the AIDS epidemic Not knowing how the disease mdash which often killed with terrifying speed mdash was spread the public at [... more]
Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
March 23, 2021
Episode Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions Show Notes CoreChristianity com Do Christians have to get married through the state How do I know if God is sending me a sign I am a new Christian and I am having a hard time hanging out with my old friends who are not believers I am not sure if I should stop seeing them or try to minister to them If we will be transformed and glorified at the resurrection does that mean we won't recognize our loved ones in heaven How do we rightly divide the word of [... more]
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
October 07, 2020
Becoming a People of Grace An Exposition of Ephesians [... more]
So What?
Lon Solomon
July 04, 2020
July th MessageSupport the show https www lonsolomonministries com give [... more]
The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton
October 10, 2019
Do you ever watch the cultural and moral battles of our day and think Is what is taking place actually for real For example boys and girls are encouraged to choose their gender as if that were possible and given drugs to do so People demand to be called by their preferred pronouns such as they ze and hir and those who refuse to play along with their self-deception are punished Men dressed as women are invited by public libraries to read stories to little children about the LGBTQ movement People dressed head to toe in black with their faces [... more]
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