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Focus on the Family
Jim Daly
September 07, 2023
Dr Tony Evans will challenge you to be disciplined in your daily walk and grow as a kingdom citizen to reach a lost culture with the ultimate hope He'll caution you about the world's enticing traps of money possessions and cultural acceptance as he encourages a much better alternative - abiding in Christ Part of Receive Kingdom Focus Rethinking Today in Light of Eternity and an audio download of Having a Kingdom Mindset In Our Walk With God for your donation of any amount Get More Episode Resources We'd love to hear from you Visit our Homepage to leave us [... more]
Chosen Generation
Pastor Greg Young
July 18, 2022
David Sumrall discusses his personal experience on J and his film crews The lies of the Commission and the media narrative against the Proud Boys Oath Keepers and the families being persecuted and destroyed by lies Bloody Hill the free film that shows what really happened Pastor Greg shares the India outreach and the delivering of Sewing machines to the widows Also the real giver of life and how that shapes Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness [... more]
The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton
June 11, 2021
Critical Race Theory or Critical Theory more broadly beyond race is now the de facto worldview of the political left academia mainstream media corporations and even the military This worldview sees everything through the Marxist prism of oppression with white male Christians being the source of injustice and inequality in society CRT rears its ugly divisive racist head every day in school board meetings corporate board rooms and from the White House And now a slightly less obvious version of CRT is being ushered into Evangelical churches and organizations The conversion of Zaccheus in Luke where the tax collector tells [... more]
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