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Living on the Edge
Chip Ingram
April 18, 2024
Heaven it's not some mystical fantasy place where we float on clouds all day every day So what can we expect when we get there someday What does the Bible actually say about what Heaven will really be like In this program Chip unpacks that complex answer as he teaches in Revelation chapter Discover more about the infinitely wonderful and marvelous place God is preparing for you and me Main PointsWhat will heaven be like on the new earth It will be a lot like the new me - Corinthians - Isaiah Peter - It will be a lot like [... more]
Living on the Edge
Chip Ingram
March 21, 2022
Jesus told us that He was going to prepare a place for us - those who are His followers Ever wonder what that place is going to look like Chip takes us on a tour of the place Jesus is preparing for us and it just might blow your mind [... more]
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
April 04, 2021
From our radio broadcast a special message and bonus song for family caregivers [... more]
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