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Planning Matters Radio
Peter Richon
August 26, 2023
Scams targeting older adults are on the rise In there were almost thousand older victims scammed out of billion In a recent report from the BBB romance scams continued to be the riskiest scams for people - other common scams include government impersonation scams sweepstake scams and robocall scams In this video Peter Richon with Richon Planning walks through several scams with Erin Kennedy and offers this advice -Watch out for phone fraud -Research before making an investment -Be on guard for sweetheart swindles -Reach out to someone you trust -Guard your personal information Older adults are often targeted because [... more]
Running to Win
Erwin Lutzer
February 14, 2022
Some think ghosts are merely ectoplasmic energy Other's fear ghosts constantly Let's learn the facts about haunted houses ghosts familiar spirits and other forms of demonic influence and why Christians must shun them all like the plague In this message we'll clarify the three stages of demonic control or enslavement When we begin to identify the doors that Satan uses to get a foothold into our lives we can boldly stand in Christ Click here to listen Duration [... more]
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