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Living on the Edge
Chip Ingram
March 12, 2024
Ladies do you feel pulled in a million directions Family career marriage relationships - all competing for your time If you're longing to bring some sanity to your world join Chip for some insights and encouragement from God's Word about the role of women inside and outside the home Main PointsHow to quot step in quot and support to lead your family in righteousnessA wife s first priority is to support affirm and empower her husband to fulfill his God-given calling both within and outside the home A wife s second priority is to create an environment in the home [... more]
Breaking Barriers
Andrew Hopper | Mercy Hill Church
August 12, 2023
If we're going to be salt and light and engage in the mission of God we need to be ready to give the reasons for our faith when people ask for them Are we living lives that provoke questions from the world [... more]
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