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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
May 01, 2024
Tucker Carlson just went viral on Joe Rogan for arguing that Charles Darwin has been debunked Did human beings and the animals and plants of the earth evolve randomly into being or does the evidence point toward a different origin Charlie talks to Dr Randy Guliuzza of the Institute for Creation Research about evolution vs adaptation the age of Earth and more Become a member at members charliekirk com Support the show http www charliekirk com supportSee omnystudio com listener for privacy information [... more]
The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton
July 29, 2023
GUEST DARRELL HARRISON co-host Just Thinking Podcast Environmentalism then global warming now climate change or creation care to some Christians is one of the most useful means to achieve humanistic ends of global control Energy is a fundamental aspect of life Our bodies need energy to survive and therefore we eat animals and plants which require energy to farm and harvest which require energy to transport to markets which require energy to build and cool and heat which need power plants to produce which need people to operate who need energy to live and well you get the circular cycle [... more]
Focus on the Family
Jim Daly
June 21, 2023
Eryn Lynum shares the value of appreciating God's creation as a spiritual practice encouraging you to take your kids into the great outdoors She combines her experience in the study of nature with her knowledge of the Bible to teach people about the countless ways the wonders of the natural world point back to the Creator Eryn shares about the benefits of slowing down to observe creation around us and discover lessons about God's power absolute truth and perspective on grief Receive a copy of Rooted in Wonder and an audio download of Helping Kid's See God's Glory in Nature [... more]
Renewing Your Mind
R.C. Sproul
November 13, 2021
How much time elapsed between Genesis and Genesis Was there a gap between God's creation of the heavens and the earth and the six days of creation Today R C Sproul addresses the difficulties associated with the gap theory of creation Get R C Sproul's 'The Hard Sayings of the Bible' as a Digital Download for Your Gift of Any Amount https gift renewingyourmind org hard-sayings-bible Don't forget to make RenewingYourMind org your home for daily in-depth Bible study and Christian resources [... more]
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
June 15, 2021
Robby Sermon Series - Ephesians - CHOSEN Being adopted before the foundation of the world [... more]
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