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Living on the Edge
Chip Ingram
December 15, 2023
There are manger scenes all around town right now - at churches in front of homes in stores and public places Each one has a little baby Jesus carefully placed in it Have you thought about why Jesus left the glory of heaven and all He enjoyed there to come and be with us here - beginning as a baby Chip considers the Christmas story from a different perspective that just might change the way you choose to celebrate the season this year [... more]
A New Beginning
Greg Laurie
December 11, 2022
Here's something surprising the story of Christmas relates to a time before Christ's birth Pastor Greg Laurie explains just how and leaves us with a stronger appreciation for the holiday Listen in Notes This story of redemption the Christmas story started a long time ago in a garden and it began with a tree The tree of the Knowledge of God and Evil The woman was convinced The fruit looked so fresh and delicious and it would make her so wise So she ate some of the fruit Genesis The Lord gives the first Christmas verse not Isaiah or Micah [... more]
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