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The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
November 09, 2021
The phrase life is short doesn't carry much meaning until we're confronted with the loss of someone close to us Dr Tony Evans' family has known more than their share of that kind of pain in the last couple of years In this lesson Tony and his adult children will talk about how to hold on to faith and hope when it feels like waves of grief are about to wash you away [... more]
Outer Brightness
August 30, 2021
In this episode we welcome a Latter-day Saint guest to Outer Brightness Tarik D LaCour is a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Texas A M University The topic of free-will or moral agency is deeply intertwined with LDS theology Philosophically Tarik holds to the position of soft determinism That position is often called Compatibilism and is the view that human free-will is compatible with God's omniscience Compatibilism is the position often taken by Calvinists Latter-day Saints are typically Libertarian when it comes to the concept of free-will and some even adopt the Open Theist view which holds that God does [... more]
Wisdom for the Heart
Dr. Stephen Davey
June 17, 2021
Sometimes when we make heroes out of the human characters in biblical stories we forget who the real hero of the Bible is So before we even get past the introduction of this study of Esther Stephen makes sure we have our eyes focused laterally rather than horizontally As we'll discover in today's message the real King of Persia isn't seated in the palace He's seated just above the royal throne [... more]
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
May 13, 2021
To some that poses a huge roadblock to faith in a good God In the message quot The Dos and Don ts of Suffering quot Skip addresses how a loving God can let such unlovely things happen all around the globe This teaching is from the series Rock Solid Links Website https connectwithskip comDonate https connnectwithskip com donateThis week's DevoMail https connnectwithskip com devomail [... more]
The Daily Platform
Bob Jones University
November 18, 2020
BJU Science Professor Dr Bill Lovegrove teaches in chapel about a Christian perspective of COVID- The post God and COVID- appeared first on THE DAILY PLATFORM [... more]
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
October 23, 2020
If God is so good why is His world so messy Where is the evidence of His power and love in a suffering world Skip answers those questions for you as he shares the message quot The Dark Side of God quot This teaching is from the series The Biography of God Links Website https connectwithskip comDonate https connnectwithskip com donateThis week's DevoMail https connnectwithskip com devomail [... more]
Grace To You
John MacArthur
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
April 21, 2020
Children often ask the best questions When only -years-old our oldest son asked me How can I trust God to care about my hurts when I see what He allows Mom to go through For a lifetime Paul Young wrestled with that kind of question and more That journey led him to write the hugely popular book THE SHACK The question is God Good serves as the centerpiece for nearly everything he does in his writing and speaking That's why I invited him to call the show and talk about this as the world tries to wrap it's collective mind [... more]
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