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Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
April 25, 2024
nbsp Rescue workers cooperated to help two men stranded on an island in Micronesia Teamwork was necessary because a widespread health crisis required them to limit their exposure to each other The pilot who first spotted the castaways radioed a nearby Australian Navy ship The ship sent two helicopters which provided food water and medical care Later the US Coast Guard arrived to check on the men and deliver a radio Finally a Micronesian patrol boat taxied them to their destination We can accomplish a lot when we work together to achieve a common goal The Philippian believers pooled their [... more]
Beacon Baptist
Gregory N. Barkman
August 14, 2022
In these verses from Philippians we find three necessities to maintain a healthy church Pastor Greg Barkman continues his expositional preaching series in Philippians [... more]
Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
October 06, 2021
When you plug in your toaster you benefit from the results of a bitter feud from the late nineteenth century Back then inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla battled over which was the best kind of electricity for development direct current DC like the current that goes from a battery to a flashlight or alternating current AC which we get from an electrical outlet Eventually Tesla rsquo s AC ideas powered through and have been used to provide electricity for homes businesses and communities around the world AC is much more efficient at sending electricity across great distances and proved [... more]
Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
March 09, 2021
As I helped my son with his math homework it began apparent he was less then enthusiastic about doing multiple problems related to the same concept ldquo I rsquo ve got it Dad rdquo he insisted hoping I would let him out doing all the problems I then gently explained to him that a concept is just a concept until we learn how to work it out in practice At the end of Paul rsquo s letter to his friends in Philippi he wrote about practice ldquo Practice these things whatever you learned received heard or saw in us rdquo [... more]
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