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Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
February 05, 2023
On July Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped out of their lunar landing module and became the first humans to walk on the surface of the moon But we don rsquo t often think about the third person on their team Michael Collins who was flying the command module for Apollo After his teammates clambered down the ladder to test the lunar surface Collins waited alone on the far side of the moon He was out of touch with Neil Buzz and everyone on earth NASA rsquo s mission control commented ldquo Not since Adam has any human known such [... more]
The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton
December 03, 2022
GUEST CHRIS ANDERSON pastor and author Theology That Sticks Houston we have a problem That's a slight misquote version of what an Apollo astronaut said to NASA Mission Control in Houston after an explosion harmed their spacecraft back in That was a physical life-threatening problem But there are even bigger God-dishonoring problems in the Evangelical church today The preaching of weak or unsound doctrine is one Another is the message and methodology of music in the church While music in sound churches over the centuries was mainly congregational singing of Psalms and hymns with or without musical instruments that all [... more]
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