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Wisdom for the Heart
Dr. Stephen Davey
July 03, 2023
The First Sermon ever given in the Church age illustrates the Gospel so clearly and reminds us that becoming a Christian is a transaction Sanctification takes a lifetime conversion takes a moment Listen to the full-length version or read the manuscript of this message here https www wisdomonline org teachings acts-lesson- [... more]
The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
May 20, 2022
Last time Pastor Don Green showed us why the person of Christ is absolutely unique Only He is both God and man thus able to bridge the gap between humankind and our Creator On today's program Don will consider the work of Christ and you'll be reminded of how His sacrifice on the cross took place once and for all So have your Bible open and ready --TheTruthPulpit comClick the icon below to listen Related StoriesSolus Christus Sola Fide Sola Fide [... more]
Renewing Your Mind
R.C. Sproul
April 03, 2021
The prophet Elijah's purpose was to call the people of Israel back to the original terms of their covenant with God reminding them of their origin and heritage at Sinai Today R C Sproul recounts the story of how the Lord raised up Elijah to remind His people that they had been chosen and redeemed by Him alone Get the 'Dust to Glory' Special Edition DVD Series with R C Sproul for Your Gift of Any Amount https gift renewingyourmind org dust-to-glory Don't forget to make RenewingYourMind org your home for daily in-depth Bible study and Christian resources [... more]
The Narrow Path
Steve Gregg
October 08, 2020
Enjoy this program from Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path Radio [... more]
The Christian Worldview
David Wheaton
November 23, 2018
We hope you are having a meaningful Thanksgiving weekend remembering and expressing gratitude to God for his many and undeserved blessings in your life and our country You may remember our interview last year with Dr Stephen Nichols president of Reformation Bible College chief academic officer for Ligonier Ministries and professor of historical theology about How The Reformation Changed Western Civilization Dr Nichols is going to join us this Thanksgiving weekend to discuss how the Reformation influenced the early American Pilgrims and Puritans and how these two groups were similar and different He will also talk about how the Puritans' [... more]
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