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Planning Matters Radio
Peter Richon
December 23, 2023
For the first time since investors are putting a lot of their money in S P index funds or in mutual funds that use the S P as a benchmark Most investors probably don't know that about of the gains we've seen this year are due to the performance of only companies In other words you may have a lot of money tied up in just a few stocks which could mean you're taking on more risk than you know In this video Peter with Richon Planning and Erin Kennedy talk through the reasons behind this new trend and how [... more]
Planning Matters Radio
Peter Richon
December 20, 2023
It's been a long time since we've seen inflation-adjusted interest rates above zero Since the Fed began hiking interest rates investors can once again earn attractive returns on cash But as Peter with Richon Planning explains to Erin Kennedy you may be earning less money than you think after accounting for inflation and taxes Instead of socking your money away in CDs treasuries or Money Market accounts Peter suggests you consider Buffered ETFs which can offer full principal protection Also unlike cash and cash alternatives Buffered ETFs don't generate taxable interest Instead you get much more favorable capital gains treatment [... more]
Planning Matters Radio
Peter Richon
October 21, 2023
Investors who are concerned about a recession are putting their money in safe havens As Peter Richon with Richon Planning explains to Erin Kennedy gold is usually seen as a safe haven when markets and economies are facing headwinds And during periods of high inflation gold is often seen as a hedge Investing in gold makes sense if you're looking to diversify your portfolio or if you're interested in insuring against the devaluation or collapse of the dollar However if you're looking to maximize the growth of your investments investing in gold is probably not the best vehicle In this [... more]
Planning Matters Radio
Peter Richon
June 18, 2022
You should never invest in something you don't understand which is why Peter with richonplanning and erinkennedy are breaking down the similarities and differences between Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs and mutual funds ETFs have become very popular recently and experts predict global ETF assets will total more than trillion by the end of But before investing in this growing trend Peter recommends you weigh the pros and cons of each by walking through these questions -How are they managed -How are they traded -What are the costs -What about Tax Efficiency If you'd like Peter's help determining which investment [... more]
Rob West and Steve Moore
May 25, 2021
The SECURE Act that went into effect in made it easier for Americans to save for retirement And now Congress is preparing to upgrade that legislation On the next MoneyWise Live host Rob West shares some details about what lawmakers are calling the SECURE Act and how it might help the American family be better prepared for retirement Then he rsquo ll answer your calls and questions on various financial topics That rsquo s MoneyWise Live mdash where biblical wisdom meets today rsquo s finances weekdays at pm Eastern pm Central on Moody Radio [... more]
Financial Symphony
John Stillman
August 16, 2016
John Stillman is joined by Mark Silverman who explains his disdain for mutual funds [... more]
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