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Moody Church Hour
Pastor Phillip Miller
October 01, 2023
Life on earth is not limited to what our five senses can detect There are complex realities in the realm of the spirit even though we can't perceive them In this message from Corinthians Pastor Lutzer observes three contrasts between the invisible and the visible world Let's keep our focus on eternity where battles are lost and won This month's special offer is available for a donation of any amount Get yours at moodyoffer com or call us at - - - [... more]
Delight in Grace
Grace Bible Church / Rich Powell
July 26, 2023
What if you could have deep satisfaction in your heart even in the hardest circumstances What if our joy did not hinge on having what we want and being rid of what we don't want in our lives Peter - reminds us of the truths that when we fully embrace them will bring that kind of joy and satisfaction The kind that we find only in the person of Jesus [... more]
Truth Talk
Stu Epperson
September 02, 2022
Stu interviews Dr Shah who has an amazing God-driven story [... more]
Our Daily Bread Ministries
Various Hosts
February 09, 2022
The sheriff marveled at the prayers estimating ldquo hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of prayers rdquo were lifted to God for help as the East Troublesome Fire raged through the mountains of Colorado in the fall of Living up to its name the blaze consumed acres in twelve hours roaring through tinder-dry forests burning three hundred homes to the ground and threatening entire towns in its path Then came ldquo the Godsend rdquo as one meteorologist called it No not rain A timely snowfall It fell across the fire zone arriving early for that time of year mdash dropping [... more]
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
July 19, 2021
http christiancarguy com https www amazon com What-Are-Stakes-Markers-Land dp ref pd bxgy img - - pd rd w NWRF pf rd p c fa-c c- e- d- e f b pf rd r R XVQKB YXQ XKYGS pd rd r cfe b-cc - b - dd - f a b pd rd wg I t pd rd i psc Steve's journey learning about spiritual warfare got serious when a non-Christian man came to him with a problem he said he had demons on his property Steve didn't know how to respond so he silently prayed as the man talked After [... more]
Wisdom for the Heart
Dr. Stephen Davey
February 19, 2021
Paul tells us in Romans that we were lost helpless and hopeless apart from Christ but now through Christ we have been found No wonder they call the Gospel the Good News Let's join Stephen again in this study to discover anew just how amazing God's grace really is [... more]
Family Life Today
Dave & Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine
December 22, 2020
Christian singer and songwriter Laura Story talks about the song Indescribable that launched her career and tells how she's found joy in her circumstances Laura's husband Martin whom she's been married to since was diagnosed with a brain tumor and lives with memory deficit Show Notes and Resources Download FamilyLife's new app https www familylife com app Find resources from this podcast at https shop familylife com Products aspx categoryid Check out all that's available on the FamilyLife Podcast Network https www familylife com familylife-podcast-network [... more]
Worship & The Word
Pastor Robert Morris
June 02, 2019
Pastor Robert explains how grace is unmerited undeserved and unearned favor from God [... more]
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