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You Don"t Have What It Takes

The Verdict / John Munro
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January 28, 2019 8:36 am

You Don"t Have What It Takes

The Verdict / John Munro

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January 28, 2019 8:36 am

Pastor Rodney Navey January 27, 2019 Hebrews 4:11-16

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Today's message is you don't have what it takes to find one of the sermon notetaking gods in your looking up. And if you have a child that's in that ages five and below. I hope you'll work alongside them to help them take notes today is matter fact, I usually encourage parents. If your child will fill out one of those notetaking gods and turn them in that their parents will give them a Frosty sometime this week.

It's a pretty good trade-off. Would you pray with me. Father, we thank you for the privilege of coming in gathering with your people today. What a blessing it is that you have called your bride the church together to worship you that we get to be a part of that because the sinless Savior died for us. My sinful soul is counted free.

Thank you for that great work on the cross and the power of the resurrection that changes us that allows us to be adopted into your family. I pray for those who are not free yet those who have an individual rest that today would be that day.

I pray for those who are already free you know you are in your family that we will grow. We will make more progress in following Christ.

Bless this service today for your glory in Jesus name we pray. Amen church were bin Laden to start the first time.

It won't be the only time the culture has a message for us that is contradictory to the word of God. It's part of living in this world. The system of the world is different from the word of God and assess people we know on a daily basis. We are living counter cultural.

The message of the culture today is you can do anything you put your mind to do you are capable of anything we've been told in a humorous way you can do it. We've been told to wait just do it and yet all the while knowing that that's not exactly what the Bible communicates.

I can give you. Maybe I could if I was going to give you a motivational speech. I like to own those mantras, but then I would be unfaithful to Scripture.

I would not be doing what God called me to do and communicating his word.

You are not God, and you cannot do anything you put your mind to do more appropriate is the message you you can't do it anymore to up to our point today you you don't have what it takes to do what God has put you here on earth to do was reading through the story of Joseph and if any of you are following through the Calvary reading plan you recently read through that as well. But Pharaoh came to Joseph had a couple of dreams. What do these dreams mean he asked Joseph his response. It is not in me is the answer. I don't have the answers to life struggles in and of myself I'm not wise enough I'm not smart enough. I think that's where we have to rest today ourselves and it is not in me, that the message of the culture as it is in you, you can do it in the message of Scripture is.

It is not in you and you can't do it on your own. I was talking to someone recently and we were talking about marriage and he said you know what I first got married, I thought I was going to be good this thing of marriage and we both commit serrated say you know I think we all in the marriage thinking we were going to be good at it, then only realize how selfless we are. How self-centered we are, and realize it's not in us. Either God uses things like marriage in our lives to bring us to the end of ourselves so that we can really then become what God intends for us to be in your Bibles to Hebrews chapter 4 verse 11. The writer of Hebrews has a clear message which is countercultural.

It's different than the message of culture.

The message of Hebrews is Jesus is superior to all and he is our only hope he is the only one who can help us analyze any significant kind of way. Hebrews is intended to put on display the glory in the majesty of Christ. It shows us what he's done on the cross for us and shows us his power in the resurrection. It shows us his glory is God himself is superior. After reading through Hebrews.

There's a sense of who else would I serve. Who else.

What about the need to and surrendering call my Lord.

He is the great Shepherd, the one who laid down his life for the sheep class and even through the most difficult circumstances which the people are. This letter was written to her. The sermon was preached to. They were going through very difficult times, but even the most difficult of times we turn this great Shepherd who loves us, who is sovereign, who is powerful. It will lead us where we need to go. Follow along as we read Hebrews 4 beginning in verse 11. Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience for the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart, and no creature is hidden from his site, but all her naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

Since then we have a great high priest who is passed through the heavens, Jesus the son of God, let us hold fast our confession, for we do not have a high priest was unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need for Starburst 11 with the word rest we are giving that admonition or that conditional call. Since then, skews me verse 11. Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, that's the subject of chapter 4 what that rest is its peace with God. It's rest and what God has already done for us is confidence in the work that he has done to secure a right standing with God for us.

He's done everything necessary for you to be forgiven, adopted and secured in the family of God, striving which almost sounds contradictory when you read verse 11. Let us therefore strive to enter that rest is basically making sure doing everything necessary, considering all the truth. Looking at like looking at the truth of God and not really in right standing with God. Have I really that rest of peace and security and really entered into the family of God and become a child of God. We are all born in sin NCN David said my mother conceived me were separated from God. We have our citizenship in the place. The Bible calls Carol as opposed to heaven.

We were born on a trajectory because of the original sin of Adam, that is passed upon all of us were separated from God. Have you placed your faith in Christ finished work of salvation because if you not have not been you're still on that same trajectory. The ideas that requires everything from you to receive everything from God. That's what repentance is turning from myself. I'm turning from the world I'm turning from my sin.

I'm dying to self and I'm turning to God.

I cannot save myself only God can and I'm willing to totally surrender all the white flag and say Jesus now is or you do, how to yourself to receive the free gift of salvation in Christ. It's faith in Christ, not himself.

The world says you can do it. The world says you're smart enough you can figure this out. The world says that your good enough God's word says no you're not, you don't have what it takes. It's only in Christ strive to enter that rest striving is being diligent in examining the authenticity of your faith. Have you confessed Jesus as Lord. If you have you will surrender everything total whole hearted commitment and that's our first point today calm wholeheartedly to the family of God can't save yourself.

It's not you, and no one can do it for you. God graciously accepts you by grace free gift, through faith you trust in him. I would say to you, there's 1/2 heartedness that is very deceptive.

It leads us astray. There's a profession but yet there's no change there's no dying to self.

There is a profession.

There is a saying I am a follower of Christ, and there is no following. There should be a change.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ is a new creation the old is gone, the new has come to important to think through this examine yourself. Paul says in another text in second Corinthians 13 five examine yourselves to see if you're in the faith.

This is not just a long text. This is the message that is consistent in Scripture. Just don't take it for granted that you're in the family of God. It may mean that you need to get godly counsel over this area. This is what's most important bank on the fact that some point in your life.

You prayed a prayer I believe everyone calls him the name of the Lord will be saved, but not everyone who calls on the name of the Lord is genuinely coming before Christ and repenting and placing their faith in Christ. Someone is living a very ungodly life and the fruit is that of the world and of sin and of the flash. I would be examine myself doesn't add up.

That doesn't that isn't consistent with Scripture. Someone who is banking on their baptism as a ticket and happen. Be careful because baptism can't say baptism is what we do because we are say. Baptism is picturing what's already happened inwardly in your heart that you do yourself. You're living a new life and you want to share that with the whole world and so you come before the world and the church in your baptized baptism doesn't get you in the habit.

It's what you do because you're headed to heaven. You can't save yourself you know what you deserve. Even with your best effort. I know what I deserve.

Even with my best effort. It's not enough. I cannot favor with God deserve the wrath of God, not acceptance with God. I deserve separation.

I deserve punishment the context of Hebrews 411 is the Israelites they had heard the message of truth, but they did not believe God had called them to go to Canaan but they they came right up to it and decided that God's promises were not good enough for them.

They had a better way.

They thought they could figure it out. They did not trust God. And they were willing to settle for so much less and it cost them everything they wanted in the wilderness for 40 years. Most of them died they called themselves the chosen people. The people of God that even seen God do great things and no doubt they regularly met to discuss the wall of God, by all appearances, they would've been some of the most about religious people who would've occupied the earth. So what was the evidence of being far from God. What was their failure what what went wrong. Well, it was the disobedience look again at verse 11. Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience. Obedience is the mark of an authentic follower of Christ, obedience, a follower of Christ to someone who has wholeheartedly thrown himself or herself at the mercy of God. Obedience that comes from and all of the greatness of God and the gratitude of the goodness of God in a person's life, a willingness because you see God for who he is, as he's revealed himself through his word a a willingness to die to self and to follow Christ, the fate that produces peace with God arrest a right relationship with God is made evident by obedience because you see God for who he is and you perceive the graciousness of his hand of salvation.

The Holy Spirit is the one who was at work in our lives, pointing out that Nietzsche shows you your sin. He convicts you of sin. When you do something wrong. That's the Holy Spirit convicting you of sin and of righteousness and of judgment enables us to take off all the masking the fašades in the best foot forward that we put out there in front of everybody else. He shows us what were like on the inside.

When you come wholeheartedly to the family of God. You don't, someone who's deserving you, someone who is poor in spirit broken without hope.

Without please and you place your faith in Christ in us by grace that he grant you this new life out on the God is and what he expects will the text goes on and tells us that after we first become horrible heart wholeheartedly to the family of God. We can see is removing the verse 12 come expectantly to the word of God.

Notice again verse 12 for the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any two-edged sword, but the word examine you. What is the word of God say God has revealed years and what is why I love my father in heaven. And that's what a relationship is is a relationship that's based on what he's loved me perfectly. He has offered me this free gift of salvation. And now I respond by loving him and it's a lifetime of learning how to love God how I love my father in heaven with the Scriptures tell me how I live this new life. The Bible tells me as God has revealed it.

So he's communicated what we need to know about being in his family and for life itself. We keep coming back to this theme.

I don't have what it takes to see life in this world and myself rightly. My vision is distorted by CNN in the world I live my life in this world.

I believe being shaped by different ideas and people and voices. But where I have to come back to is the word of God and let it shake my thinking. My life God is a God who speaks and reveals any tells us what is liking what he expects of his children, we can see the nature of God's word here in verse 12 he says the word of God is living and the Bible is a written record from God about God inspired these words, he led him to write down through their personalities and their backgrounds through their capillaries. The very words that he intended is it's his possessive. It's the word of God. It's his word. These are not just the words of the underworld say how can you believe this book was written by me and no God inspired these men to write down the very words that he intended, just like Peter talks about in second Peter chapter 1 as a boat is carried along by the wind.

So the people who wrote Scripture were carried along by the holy spirit. He was guiding them to reveal himself to reveal God and what God wants for us in this life it's it's his word, we can expect it to be always right because it is his words when you come to the word of God come expectantly to hear the truth.

I want to hear what's right and everything else I've ever heard. That contradicts it. It's wrong, even if it's plausible, even if it's logical because ultimately when all is said and done, to find all real logic all real signs all real history all real life comes back in this book is consistent true and right in every one of those areas. There some question as to whether or not the right teams are to be in the Super Bowl next week right especially sinks venture fully aware of that there would one play can make a big difference in the game at 11 play a a cornerback from the LA Rams Roby Coleman clearly had a wide receiver. While the ball was coming to the received before arrived to Tommy Lee Lewis, the Saints wide receiver cornerback most cases that build a yellow flag all in a penalty in the drive would've continued.

Instead, it stalled and kicked a field goal to win over time and the Saints lost that with all the experience all the human wisdom that those referees have their mess up and they messed up on that plane. It's very clear and because the rules were such that it was knock it was a non-reviewable call, they couldn't go back and fix it.

So now they're going back and thinking okay maybe we need to change that rule but not the truth in any season of any sport are always going back. How can we make the rules better.

We see God never asked that. There's never any review, not one owner not want to settle. Not not any part of God's word is ever under review is bars.

Could this be right to be wrong when you're a child of God you understand the word of God and you receive it is the very word of God is true. He never gets it wrong. Look at how the text continues describing the word of God is not only his possessive, possessive, but it's live in get me this alive. It's always true. It's eternally true.

It was true and it was being written and inspired. It was true in the first century as they were as they were collecting it.

That was true for the early church as they were devoting themselves to the apostles doctrine on through the centuries all the way up to the year 2019 is true because it is living God breathed life. God breathed just like God breathed and gave him why he became a living creature can't believe these words in their living there accurate are always true. The word active we get our energy from active. Not only is it living eternally true, it is or works and accomplishes his purpose is like Isaiah 55 talks about the rains come and they they affect the world just so the word of God. It is preached, it is talk. It is red is memorized that is starting and it has an impact in the hearts of men and women in Boys and Girls Club.

Sometimes that impact is heartening because people won't believe what they want to believe instead of what God has revealed to sometimes as a softening because there's a submission there's a surrender is the spirit softens your heart. You want that word of God in your life through the word of God does not make sense that when God speaks it means something that is not displaying around. There were times of my kids were small that I might say something that they might perceive us playing around and I really didn't mean it to be playing around and I might have to get a little firmer with it.

God is never just playing around.

He's given us truth that we can take to the bank. Living means alive, active means were at work.

God's doing something through his word and he says notice, and sharper than any two-edged sword, the word of God is referred to as the sword of the Spirit in the armor of God in Ephesians chapter 6 just as a soldier uses this sword to do his work. God uses his word to do his work and the impact of God sword in the hearts of men and women in Boys and Girls Club much greater than any sort that a soldier can use in battle. The one is able to only kill the body but fear the one who is able to kill both body and soul into hell and when God does is work is not always painless. It's usually painful because cats against what were already doing and I don't like saying them myself. I like certain things.

My wife had me on a diet lately. Some some of you know you can google whatever you want to do their know she loves me she wants me to live a little bit longer but you know I don't like like a lot of junk food, you may not like it to say no is painful as I will you know you can do whatever you want to do what I can get just a one barbecue potato chip all American and I can eat some chocolate ice cream and I just can't take one scoop the box is painful to say no and there are a lot more serious sinful things that we struggle with.

I can't do it myself but I know that the word of God.

It does is supernatural work, sometimes through our wives will. It was a powerful display of his speaking when he created the world.

Just imagine that there be, why didn't I mean it came out of nowhere out of nothing.

God created everything out of nothing. The power of his spoken word he spoke judgment all nations like Sodom and Gomorrah, we see the power on display of his speech, we see that when Jesus said, your sins are forgiven will rise and walk or Lazarus, come out the written word is no less powerful when we read the Bible, God is speaking right wonderful heart work happens when we open up the word of God and let it search our hearts and in kindness to our very core. See the nature of the Bible notice with me the power of the word of God. He he says again in verse 12, the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any two-edged sword, it's able to work when no man can work in the very soul, soul, heart, spirit, those words are used interchangeably to describe the inter-inter-man, and so we have a list of words in this text that all points to two greater work that no man can do a sort of physical soldier sword can cut to the bone in the marrow, but it can't cut to the spirit or the soul that's God's work. Only he can change a person's heart. Second Timothy 315 talks about how the word of God is able to make us wise unto salvation. The word of God is able to make us wise unto salvation.

It brings us to God and part when verse 12 starts for say this is all connected. This is not just one verse but this is connected to the larger story like verse 11 says therefore were learning from the Israelites, but for this is how we know we entered into that rest if we are right with God. This is how we know where we are in standing before God is the word of God and the word of God is able to bring us to salvation. It's also able to equip us and how to live out our salvation.

316, 17, all Scripture is inspired by God in his profitable useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, that the men of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. What's watching capable of doing well. The text also says piercing piercing into your inmost being the point is God's work does what no other tool can you Operate on yourself and your soul and in your in your spirit. You can't even let someone else operate all your soul, but God's word cuts us up in a very surgical way. Sometimes we call it even.

Service like this.

Stepping on toes. He was the bully church say to ever spoken that that you really stepped on my toes today. Maybe we would say the sword of the spirit has cut my heart today.

Maybe have been by the sword of the Spirit is even more accurate description of when we hear the word of God preached and we put ourselves before on a daily basis reading so somebody might say, which I read the Bible every day depends on how much you want God working in your life do you really want the God of the universe leaving you speaking to you working on your everyday if you don't I would say examine yourself to see if you're in faith. But if you do God at work in your life leading you, helping you, and I would say you need to come to the word of God because it's living it's active and sharper than any two-edged sword, Whichever Way, God cuts you is the right way and we all need to be cut to be conformed to the image of Christ.

Isn't it amazing what God does through his word.

Some of you sat under the weekly teaching of God's word while his spirit was drawn you to himself. Some of you have testimonies that week after week you sat under the teaching ministry here in this very building and God drew you to use to himself. That was the work of God. God was bringing you to himself through the teaching of his word. It's it's not magical it's not mythical is an actual supernatural work of God is the most real thing that can happen in your life. I spent time each week encouraging people to be in the word Mott my famous question if you been around me very long if any days in the last 72 release one chapter in the Bible through book at a time and I know I know it's like changing when people bring them selves to the surgical scalpel of God. The very word of God is always going to get there is going to. Troy is going to pierce their hearts and the husband that they want to be in the they should be God's word will shape the father. The mother that that God wants them to be.

They will be if they put themselves under God's knife under the sword of the Spirit.

I remember as a middle school are beginning to realize how important it was to be in the word of God just just by God's grace to me.I look back I think God you are so gracious that I would remember starting we just little passages at a time for what school God was at work in my life and I have no reason to explain it other than that he was at work I did know the background of probably any of the books I didn't know the ethereal intent. I didn't know this Oracle chronology. No grammatical structure. I didn't know the etymology of any of the words was the word of God and I wanted to have it in my life I knew I needed to learn in God's been doing that work in my life. Sometimes, as I've been scratched and fall is the work of God now would say to you if there's not been a time when you begin to hungering dig deep and want the word of God's sake. Have you come wholeheartedly to the family of God. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Can you see how important it is that you be teaching your children the word of God even even when they're conceived and I believe life begins at conception. Even when there can see that you begin to read the word of God to them while they're in the very well so that when they come outside of the one that already have the comfort of a voice reading the word of God to them outside the womb and then when their preschoolers and toddlers and so hard I know to have them calm down and sit for a couple of minutes and try to read the word of God, but keep reading, keep teaching going sequentially through the word of God, whether early on as a Bible story book we are better able to transition by grade wanted to just a regular translation of the word of God, like the ESP your reading with them your reading the word of God, to them and then with mailbox grade one you're helping them to read them by grade 3 Mrs. this is not a text in Scripture Mountain View by grade 3 parents.

You should be expecting your kids to start reading portions of God's word on a daily basis.

They can do it with God's help that they're old enough and they began to read and you help them to begin to read by grade.

It's a part of what's expected so that their middle schoolers.

I know that's why they can't live without the word of God.

They want the word of God for high school date there hungering for the word of God through all the difficulties in the messages that are hearing from the world they keep coming back because you taught them how to hear the voice of God just like Eli told Samuel how to listen to God.

What great joy his parents that we get to instruct our kids and their children and their teenagers that are in this very Vardy learned that lesson in their reading reading to put a lot of adults to shame repairs.

I'm telling you if your child is not doing that you encourage them help will make it a part of their daily life is more important than her homework is more important than the sports practice is more important so much else, it's even more important than brushing their teeth know please do brush her teeth especially on Sunday morning before you come to church but I would tell you the word of God reading it, letting it do its work in your in your life is more important than brushing his teeth this morning for breakfast is more important than the game that they're about to go play is more important than playing on the travertine is more important that instruments one part dance class started to go to the same list with you is more important than TV is more important than your job is more important than the very food that you is like Job said the word of God of guy need the word of God is more important than my necessary food that water is good. I'm off about you. You don't have what it takes, without the Bible your lost even as a believer you're lying on your own direction and help at Calvary.

We have many given themselves to the study of God's word to your teachers now open, searching the truth of God's word for years and they know the word encourage you don't ever get discouraged in your studying in your teaching because you're doing exactly what God's call to teach them to observe everything that I have commanded you. And he also said entrust the faithful man what's been entrusted to you. You're doing a great eternal word and teaching the word of God thankful for senior pastor document road he just preaches that verse by verse that need blessing we have at Calvary to center the teaching of God's word just verse by verse hearing what God has to say your college student or maybe if you were headed to college. Maybe your senior in high school and you're moving out of the area during college, you have a measurement to find a church is a church that teaches the word of God. Verse by verse is an expository preaching church family. If not, then look elsewhere. I would say to you that some people have been in a church family like this for years and have never really hungered after God's word never really studied it in their unprepared to teach the word of God know what the writer of Hebrews says about that group. Look over one chapter here in chapter 5 in verse 11 about this.

We have much to say and it's hard to explain. Since since you have become dull of hearing, for though by this term ought to be teachers Nathaniel Dyer name in.

You need someone to teach you again the basic principles of the oracles of God. You need milk, not solid food, and you can just keep reading that some of you been doing this way too long. Not that step out begin to communicate it. What you been entrusted with what someone else see the nature of God were the power of God. The judgment of God's word back in chapter 4 verse 13 and no creature and no creature is hidden from his site, but all her naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

Being from the South. I try to be very intentional, not to read that naked naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account. I think document road be pleased with that. This is what the text is actually getting to about the word of God. You are accountable you are accountable to the words in this book because they are the words of God. They don't just contain the word of God. This book is the word of God. This Bible I believe with other books, particularly the book of life will be opened. I believe you look sometime.

Revelation 20 verse 12 says the books will be open.

We stand before God. I just believe this is one of those books because not one word to pass away.

It's going to be held accountable for the truth is in God's word and the bombs in your house.

Many Bibles do you have downloaded on your devices, and yet we reading them away hungry for the word of God. Don't neglect what smokes me. What's most needed man can only see so much you can only see so much the word of God the penetrator so to cut you to your heart to discern your thoughts and intentions that come from your heart.

Just like referees don't always get it right.

Healthcare providers don't always get it right either. Even with all the latest, greatest technology, and all those all that information can be put out there for people to see and yet somehow we still turn a blind when it comes this whole abortion miss seeing godlessness's right in front of her face. The Bible already tells us that God God says there's life in the womb. He calls them babies if it's not a secret that God even from the time of conception. All that is necessary is their first few weeks we get to see the heartbeat but think about even the trimesters of development in a baby in the womb I think we have a slide that I want you to see there three trimesters of pregnancy right in these three trimesters there's life.

One son of a child is growing. A child is is developing by week 12 coming, the heart started beating good development. There's growth there. By the end of the second trimester. This this child already filed was much as a child can be viable when we talk about Bible there's no child is viable, even when he comes out of Lenny's mama needs that each parents there taking care of you, but that already meet even the doctors will say box by about week 24 week 23. This child is viable and all we can see is just a human development meet again look 12 weeks as the end of the first trimester is is the baby the end of the second trimester.

I mean all beautiful what God does some 139 and my mother's womb.

I was I was being way weave together. God was forming my frame God's that were growing. Why anybody in the third trimester. I'm holding one of my old babies at that point we have a state like New York voting 3824 all the way up to 40 weeks. You can kill this baby, have mercy on us as a nation. You see, God has given us the ability even to be able to look now inside the world and in greater description city.

This is not even the 4D literal rendering this is this is just what they think we can observe and what is been drawn up.

What's really happening inside the womb. Gov. Andrew Cuomo say his name out loud, sounded in the wall from the time of conception.

God's word affirms that a woman is with child. She's pregnant with the baby.

God is always know what's going on inside the womb and now he's allowed us the technology to be able to see inside the world have any doubts, they would be cleared out, but my point this morning is that God knows and uses his word to point out our sin is vision is better than our best attempts at ultrasound. He sees so much deeper than just the physical. He sees the heart. He sees the soul. You don't have what it takes to get into the kingdom of God is by grace through faith in Christ, come wholeheartedly to the family of God. You don't have what it takes to see life rightly come expectantly to the word of God every day.

And lastly, you don't have what it takes to whip day-to-day third point can confidently to the throne of God. Notice again. Verse 14. Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the son of God, let us hold fast our confession we we would give up or give out on our own strength, but he allows us to hold onto our confession.

Jesus is Lord he is the is the son of God. He's traveled through the heavens to earth and he's traveled from Earth through the heavens back to heaven he knows always.

He's walked this earth in these seated at the right hand of God right now. You have been had one who speaks on your behalf so you are able to hold fast your confession because of Jesus. If he was not holding fast as you. You would not be able to hold fast to him. It's what he's done for you is exactly what you need is the only one who can deliver a spouse can't deliver your deepest needs a job or possessing a degree. Whatever it is it cannot deliver, Jesus felt the stresses and struggles of life in the way we do accept more severe he was. He was even a teenager for a while when his life were not capable of being tested at the level of severity. He was, but he knows what were going through that in turn a blind eye to us. He has capacity knows what were going through now and he loves he's given you a way to get help.

He never filled in this temptation.

And he will fill you in yours come to the throne of grace.

Great description throne of grace. I'm glad I'm not coming to a throne with a father who doesn't care what the Bob Russo disconnected or who is so removed, but these immediately involved in my life, and he cares about what's happening we find favor we find acceptance even though we don't deserve it. You are able to pray because of Jesus. God owes you nothing your prayers or make no difference if Jesus hasn't made a difference in your life.

Sometimes it's good to start our prayers in Jesus name as a reminderů Me anything only come because of what Jesus is done for me.

That's all we close our prayer Jesus's name, though I don't deserve anything that I ask about her talked about the day I know I'm coming in Jesus name. What he's done for me.

You are able to receive help, because Jesus you can find mercy. That's compassion, understanding, comfort, salvation from laughter and what you deserve, you can receive mercy from the throne of grace, and you can find grace. He is the water of life. He is the bread of life is like himself and all that you need for life is in Christ, Yukon, you can come to his throne in receive prayer so much more than asking, but it is also asking. It's okay to ask if you heard that quote from John Newton before thou art coming to a king. Large petitions with the brain for his power and grace our sides. None could ever ask too much.

So, throne of grace, the applicant, the great high priest to offer himself is giving you access to very throne room of God. He will never leave you. He will never forsake you. He will always be there for you. Whatever his answer is always for his glory, and for good weather. She asked whether snow whether it's weight confidently come confidently to the throne of God, should you pray every day. Well it depends on how much you want more of God in him. What you recognize your need for his help I can tell you don't have what it takes. You need to pray every day just like you to come to the word of God every day you need to come to the throne of God every day. So why don't we put all this together.

So what am I trying to convey. At this today specially for believers, what would come to his word to his throne more consistently more persistently. Well, I think one because pride we might not set out loud, but we act like we don't need God like I can figure it out. Yes, your thinking too highly of yourself according to Romans 12 32 battle you can't win on your own.

You will never be the man God want you to be. You'll never be the woman that God want you to be. If you're not in the word of God and coming to the throne of God.

Maybe it's pride maybe it's laziness where you don't have the discipline to come to God every day you're thinking too little of yourself you not giving yourself the very best that God has the offer through his word and through the throng you're pursuing so many other worthless and meaningless things in this world.

Why sell yourself some short moisture life. Maybe it's because of idolatry just don't have time I got to many other important things to do. Is there anything more critical for you to be growing in your relationship with God. I can't think of anything is more important than you being in the word and being on your knees, there's absolutely nothing thing else. I think you can do some other things and do that yes but if you're doing it at the altar of anything else.

If you're missing it at the altar of anything else. Dollar Tree some is because their untrained maybe you say I don't not come before God every day.

Are you putting yourself in a position to learn are you taking advantages of the pastors and the staff and the elders and the deacons say would you help me learn how to be in the word, for the throne of God. Every day I will be that man you ladies pulling aside an older lady and say would you teach me, would you walk with me because I will be a more mature follower of Christ yourself in a position to go to men's Bible study women's Bob LG so you can wear. I would add one more.

That's not going to show up on the slides but it could be because you lost. Maybe you're not in the family of God.

If you're not hungry for the word of God. If you're never coming to the throne of God.

How to examine yourself if your bod, me and my words abide in you, whatever you ask me given to Uganda desire God to want to know God to enjoy God to be with God you can't be with God, and separate yourself from his word 04 from his throne. Are you really saved, how have you come wholeheartedly into the family of God. Are you letting God work in you through his word to come expectantly to the word of God.

Are you asking God for help you concoct only to the throne of God. You don't have what it takes but God does come to him come to his family come to his word come to his throne would you pray with me. Father, we thank you for your word today.

It's is living. It is active. Would you even now keep cutting with the sword of your spirit into our hearts into our souls, and may we humbly humbly submit and follow Christ.

We need you. We want you were desperate for you for our lives, our families, for our church for nation without you. We know there's no in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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