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A Guilty Verdict

The Verdict / John Munro
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December 4, 2017 11:39 am

A Guilty Verdict

The Verdict / John Munro

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December 4, 2017 11:39 am

Dr. John H. Munro December 3, 2017 Romans 3:9-20 Some people believe that we are basically good people, but this is neither true to Scripture nor to human experience. Each of us is under the control and power of sin. We cannot save ourselves, but through God"s grace we have a way of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Measurement nature to blame others for all the problems we may attribute her personal problems to society throughout environment to our family, a tort upbringing to some traumatic experience of the past and we think it would be just change these inequalities. These inequities most of the problems of life would disappear. Some psychologists and therapists say we have internalized our problems and need to verbalize them with too many hangups too many inhibitions. They say we got rid of these inner conflicts in these neurosis would we would be able to deal with life so much better now. I suppose there is some truth to these viewpoints, but the deepest problem in the world is a political one order educational one or a societal one or a psychological problem. The biggest problem that you have is the same problem that I have of the problem is the heart of the human heart.

The fault is not in our stars not in a family not in society, not when we were born, not some difficulties of the past. Although some of you for difficult upbringings. That is true. A deepest problem is our own heart Seneca.

The Roman philosopher said, we have all send some more and some less. There is I'm told an old Chinese program which says there were two good men at one his dad and the other is yet to be born, I had of the preacher who was preaching on the subject and asked his congregation is anyone here perfect and there was a deadly silence, but a little man sitting at the front row next to very large women are put up his hands and preacher said are you saying you're perfect. He said no but I would like to put in the word for my wife's first husband so that may be the case when buying toys for two or more children in the same family you know what happens. The tall you give to one child is exactly the time that the other child wants to know that sometimes as I have when you're out for meal with people there certain individuals that irrespective of what they ordered and they could order anything without it's made dark artificial plaster or chicken that whenever they are going to attend the play comes in front of them always look at yours as if to say, oh why can't I have that. What do you eating I was feeling sick mind and you just take mine you know and let's get on with it.

Does it really matter whether something within us is neither which longs for what other people have follows is coming through a wonderful conclusion here in Romans chapter 3 and if you have your Bible and I invite you to open it to Romans chapter 3 were going to be looking at Romans three verses nine through 20 which is really the dramatic climax of a sanction which began way back in chapter 1 verse 18 where Paul as he begins to prepare us for the good news the gospel says that the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness, and is about to concludes in this passage before he expounds the gospel in chapter 3 21. He's no summarizing his case and the verdict I think is about to be pronounced. He begins in Romans three verse nine with the question, what then I think in these verses we have a court saying we have the charge in verse nine we have the proof in verses eight and verses 10 through 18 and we have the verdict in verses 19 and 21st the charge in verse nine Paul's rights. Romans three verse nine. Well then, are we Jews any better off.

No, not at all, for we have already charged what to charge. We've already charge that all, both Jews and Greeks, are under sin, both Jews and Gentiles are under sin. The sinners Paul is not saying that the Jew, the Gentile is not different in some ways. Clearly they are what he is saying that when it comes to this question of attaining the righteousness of God.

There is no difference between the Jew and the Gentile, both Jew and Gentile under sin. That's the charge that are no exceptions. Everyone you know is under sin.

Everyone you don't know is under sin singles when you go on that date. Remember the person who's going to be to the restaurant is under sin.

When you begin the new job remembered that the Boston fellow employees are under sin. Remember, when you get married to the past year.

Marriott is under sin. We used to use in a premarital counseling here at Calvary a book with a wonderful title when sinners say I do. We Wondering why there are so many divorces that maybe is the booklet were giving when sinners say I do this true we wants young men and young women were getting married are older men and older women are getting money that they are marrying a sinner there mounting someone is under sin.

Remember that when you meet your in-laws, your mother-in-law is under sin.

Remember that when you get frustrated with your friends there under sin. Remember that when you interact with your pastors. We are under sin. Remember that when you think of that politician you voted for, whether Democrat Republicans and independents realize that all politicians are under sin is not difficult for us to agree with. Visit but Paul is saying all of us, including you, is under sin. Some people believe that would basically good people, but this is neither true to Scripture, not to human reason and human experience notice hi Paul explains it at the end of S9. He says both Jews and Greeks, are under sin.

He doesn't say they're sinners, that's true, is making an even stronger statement.

He's got under said noncitizens, but under sin. That is, Paul is saying something very very important that we must understand that each one of us is under the control under the power under the dominion of sin, which acts as a tyrant in our lives. We are under sin. Sin dominates our sin controls us and crushes us Chuck Colson writes this myth that mankind is basically good dilutes people into thinking that they are always victims never balance always deprived never depraved and they miss his responsibility as the teaching of a dock at age it can excuse any crime because it can always blame something else. A sickness of our society on a sickness of the mind.

One writer called the modern age.

The Golden age of exoneration when guilt is dismissed as the illusion of narrow minds that no one is accountable, even to his own conscience. GK Chesterton once said, the doctrine of original sin is the only philosophy empirically validated by centuries of recorded human history well stated, we are under sin. This word sin that Paul uses is a great one. Hamartia and is really interesting work. I thought of it a couple of weeks ago, but the Bears were playing the lion's and it was coming right down to the ends and the lines were ahead by 27 points to 24 and the Bears were about where awarded a field goal that it is the caucus taking out and the corner bar was the kicker for the Bears. Now he is paid I don't know how much a lot of money to put a little ball between two pieces of woods. That's his job in life to kick a ball. That's all he has to do and if he had hit the goal the target he would've sent the game into overtime. 46 yards out. Not really that difficult. You would think that a professional picker you missed next day he was released.

That's what they say when you're fired and NFL he released he lost his job. We could say that Connor Barth sin is the point. He missed the goal here is the target you put that ball between these two states 46 yards I've done it before were depending on you. He blows it is sin is what Paul is saying God has given us the target God has given us the goal, his glory to live and to obey him, and each one of us has sin. We've missed the target we have sin. Now I realize our society doesn't like this word sin wants to redefine sin. We call it having an affair. We call it an addiction. We call it inappropriate at conduit. We want to even deny sin.

We want to marginalize sin. We want to remove sin, even preachers. Many don't even mention sin from the pulpit because people don't like to be told they have sins, but this is the charge is what God is saying all of us have sinned you under sin. That's the charge now. The proof in verses 10 through 18. The proof is the universality and the depravity of sin and Paul here quotes extensively from the Old Testament Scripture he's holding up the word of God before everyone to establish that sin is universal and sin is depravity, Daniel Patrick Monahan once said, you're entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts like that, you're entitled to your own opinion but you're not entitled to your own facts. Here are the facts as to who stated them. God and Titus one verse to the God never lies. This is what God is saying to you and to me today. First of all, sin is universal versus 10 through 12 as it is written, none is righteous, no not one. No one understands, no one seeks for God. All have turned aside, together they become worthless. No one does good, not even one. Paul summarizes the Old Testament Scripture under the heading, as it is written, nor the occurrences of all know that Cummins is up not one that is none righteous, not one that is not one person, whether Jew or Gentile.

For the pig in the villages that is not one person that conforms to the standard of God. Not one person in the whole universe and all of the history of the world attains to the righteousness of God that are absolutely no exceptions. Furthermore, verse 11. There is no one who understands left to ourselves. We don't have a spiritual understanding. If we did, we wouldn't seek sin, says Paul, and perhaps the surprises recording from the Old Testament. No one seeks for God. God sinks us, but we don't see God. When Adam sinned in the garden. Once he sin did he see God prior to sending. He walked with God, had fellowship, perfect communion with God.

What happened after he sins did he say what I got to get this right before God. No, you know what happened. He hit himself. He covered up easy, but they blame the woman you gave us this woman was fine until she can God that will be due when we sin, we don't seek God as a wee boy putting his hand in the cookie jar.

See because mom we boys I know not the big boys I know when we sin we hide from God, we try to cover up. We point a finger and we blame other people.

Paul says here in verse 12.

All have turned aside like sheep would garner all our own way, says the Old Testament prophet. We know what is right, but we simply don't do it.

We preferred, don't wait.

Business true. We prefer to live by her own rules rather than any one else's rules. You don't like being told what to do a few months ago I read a fascinating book by bed. Ben McIntyre is called a spy among friends over the Christmas season. If you want to be the good book. If you like books about spying in an intelligence is a great book and is abiding the betrayal of a fellow spy and Nicholas Elliott's closest friend, who was Kim Filby.

Both Englishmen both working for MI six Britain secret intelligence service and Nicholas Elliott's and Kim Filby supposedly were the best of friends, but Nicholas Elliott find out during the friendship.

Kim Filby was selling or trading secrets with Russia. British intelligence secrets. He got friendly with the CIA before it was the CIA and was given the Russians all kinds of information of real trader, well educated English cultured gentleman, supposedly. But in the book Nicholas Elliott is as of this. He said that he would never go into the military because when told to do something he tended. Call it, to obey not they are done which had actually been given by a superior but rather the order in which that superior would have given if he had known what he was talking about. We feel it. Don't wait you work with someone like that we think we know better in the spines.

Unfortunately, they did their own thing you come in today and one of the ushers graciously tried to show you to particular seat and you cannot sit in their house and where I want to say okay that's fine. Welcome.

Thank you for being so gracious we don't like being told what to do and we don't like God telling us what to do each one of us has turned aside, you are not the exception. And it gets worse. As Paul verse 12. Together they have become worthless, worthless, no one does good, not even want the picture here is of rotten fruits or sour smelly milk you the picture. This is who we are and what we are before God. Paul is presenting in verses 10 through 12.

The universality of sin. Now in verses 13 through 17 says that said not only is universal.

Sin is depravity and how does Paul begin to begins like a good physician by looking at our throats. I had my med annual medical exam a few weeks ago and that my physician. I don't know about yours. He checks my heart and then he always wants me to open my mouth. I have no idea what he's looking for. I was think I'm glad I brush my teeth and he's looking in my throat because apparently to a train physician. Your throat reveals a lot about the kind of person you are physically and Paul begins with her speech. In verses 13 through 14 speech is depraved.

Verse 13 there throats is an open grave.

They use their tongues to deceive the venom of asps is under their lips. Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness.

Oh, when we speak was the manifestation of an evil heart to enter is rotten is deception's place in this curses its anger and bitterness is the true that under pressure we reveal our true self or about your speech, you harsh person, vulgar curses, you lose your temper home and then your start swearing you even swearing from their children. July you deceive Walter Scott said all what a tangled, tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

Nicholas Elliott was by far too added to that, he says. And when you practice quite a bit. You really got quite good at it, and as a spy.

They were good at deception of speech is depraved, they use their tongues to deceive. Our actions are depraved. Verses 15 through 17. Their feet are swift to shed blood in the paths of ruin and misery, and the way of peace they have not known actions are depraved, humanities violent doesn't is the true murderer's assaults, genocides think of human history. People like Hitler, like Stalin in our own generation, saliva side of the city will guide me just fortunately resigning in Zimbabwe, evil man, think of what we've devised a nuclear weapons which can kill millions and split seconds. Human history is one of water of misery and violence of terrorism of crime of child abuse. Yes, in our own country in our own city and the violence continues until it is true that some people in some societies are worse than others, but that is not one perfect society. There is not one perfect person you know anything about history. You can pick the best of societies. The best of civilizations, and you will see exactly what Paul is saying, under the inspiration of the Scriptures Scriptures as he quotes the Old Testament is true. Here is humanity without God.

Verse 17 and the way of peace they have not known to about what what is Paul doing here, Paul is making it clear that sin is not just having an attitude is not just having a certain flaw or propensity or acting inappropriately. Occasionally, no sin impacts and words or actions or attitudes of thoughts. We are totally depraved total lien depraved.

My mother believed in total depravity.

She would tell us she believed her six sons were totally depraved. She told us that repeatedly, and she was true.

Is it with this total depravity main will total depravity doesn't mean that when a sinful or as depraved as we could possibly be indulging in every sin, no it doesn't also mean that we can do good things in the eyes of people. Yes, even the most evil person sometimes does something which is good from our standards. They may be kind to their child in the same time butcher thousands of people. As these dictators do know what this total depravity main means that every aspect of our lives is affected by sin. There is no aspect of your attitudes of your personality that is not impacted by sin. Your words, your mind, your thoughts, your actions, your throats your mouth wherever we look your feet your hands is impacted by sin. JI Packer writes no one is as bad as he or she might be.

While on the other hand, no action of ours is as good as it should be in AP that no one is as bad as he or she might be. While on the other hand, no action of ours is as good as it should be sin expensed every part of a product or an personality here is beautiful glass of water. I'm going to drink some on here is my beautiful assistance. Good day. She's been wanting to come up here for a long time and she is going to put a little bit of this red substance into this class Monica that she just for a little into the glass and notice what is happening. This glass was pure water and she just puts in a drop of a red dye and you knew this, that the whole glass is no. The color of wine we tasted the best vintage but it's okay this is an illustration of what sin does to you think and I think you can take a little bit of sin and controller.

The insidious thing. The deceitful thing about sin is this that it spreads and it spreads and it affects every single part of your personality. Every single part of your life. The devil tells your young man young woman. All I know this is wrong, but no one will know about it and you can keep it over here you can keep sin in a little compartment of your life. Absolutely not. The very nature of sin is that it spreads, it affects all of us because we got this terrible sinful nature that we have inherited from our parents right back to Adam.

No, it extends to every part of our character and over personality and Paul wants us to understand that I know you think is laborious here, but this is so important that sin impacts every single part of us and our basic problem basic problem of America is not a political problem. Basic problem is not North Korea.

Our basic problem is that we have sinful hearts and before a holy God.

We are sinners we are on righteous and because of that. Paul said we deserve the wrath and the judgment of God. Typo continues that sin is sourced in the fear of God. Verse 18, there is no fear of God before their eyes.

This is the basic cause of her sin, no fear of God before our eyes. If it's true that sin has these grievous consequences on us.

Why do we continue to do it. See, it's true that you are sin has a terrible negative impact on you is true that you are sin has drastic consequences on those around you. But the worst thing the most serious thing about sin is not what it does to you, not what it does to those around you, but what it does to God. There is no fear of God before arise.

Can we write that in North America could rewrite that over Europe. There is no fear of God before our eyes.

Usually when we compare ourselves with others. We don't get off too badly. But before a holy God as father says we are ungodly we are unrighteous. We dethrone God and we put ourselves on the throne of her life because you and I don't live in the fear of God, you commit sin proverb says, the fear of God's hatred of evil use between the states. Trooper is binder. I don't, I immediately checked my speed you gossip and spread rumors about your friends were there standing right next to the students that you cheats at school when the teacher is looking over your shoulder. Of course you don't mind we sin we forgotten God were not living in the fear of God will rebel against God. We do it on things we sin, we often live as practical atheists. God is left out about decision-making.

God is left out of our own agenda. God is not a priority in our life. We don't want God directing us in life that is as long as things go well in our life but as soon as there's some problem in our lives, then we start crying out to God will help us but when when when on the mountaintop. We congratulate ourselves and who needs God by Jonah.

We sometimes foolishly try to run away from God. We find God to restrictive to demanding God interferes with our pleasures, God interferes with our good times in our success.

Once God around us on a Saturday night when you're going to party. Once God around when you're negotiating that dubious business deal, who once God outlines when you're looking at that garbage on your iPhone. There is no fear of God before their eyes. Paul is establishing the universality and the depravity of sin. The charge, the proof.

Finally, the verdict verses 19 and 20. Here it is. Now we know. Paula stopped his Old Testament quotation.

19 now we know that whatever the law says it speaks to those who are under the law, do so that every mouth may be stopped, and the whole world may be held accountable to God for by works of the law no human being will be justified in his sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin. Paul is saying all guilty before God and all therefore liable to the judgment of God. Paul has proved using the Old Testament Scriptures. The universality and the depravity of sin.

The Jews don't get the exception because of God's chosen people because of the law because the been circumcised. The Gentiles also just as guilty as a Jew because the evidence for God is evident to them and they have a lot written on their hearts know every mouth closed the seventh 19 every mouth is closed.

Every mouth is stopped. Everyone is without excuse, no exceptions, no arguments, no please, and mitigation, says Paul here the whole world may be held accountable to God. The guilt is established.

Notice the personal accountant ability we don't like to do is cite and we don't like it is not what Chuck Colson was saying as euro that several years ago know we like to evade that accountability by pointing the finger at someone else. Well, it was my parents fault. It was society's fault.

It was the boss.

It was my friends. It was my wife.

It was my husband.

It was my my kids. It was my past that it was the church always blaming others and so is Paul known everybody. It's your standing before God. These excuses don't work before God have just established that you yes you, wherever you are, to Gentile pagan religious wherever you are, you are guilty before God. You are without excuse imagery from the courtroom is in the new before the judge.

The verdict is guilty. Paul here makes it clear doesn't hate that our justification before God is not and by obedience to the requirements of the law. Why is he taking such a long time to establish this because he wants us to understand that no one, no one, not even the most pious Jew like Abraham himself is is going to say in chapter 4, no one gets into the presence of God based on their achievements. No one can boast in the presence of God. It is entirely entirely of the grace of God which you don't deserve because your sins repeatedly over and over again. Yes, the role the law.

He says here reveals our sin through the law comes the knowledge of sin. The law content value what is right and what is wrong, but you can't establish a righteousness before God. Based on the law because you can keep it falling short sins, you've missed the target. It is here in verse 24 by works of the law no human being will be justified in his sight. Today's philosophy of course is the opposite. Today's philosophy, the spirit of the H is you you are a wonderful individual would you just believed in yourself. If you do is dream journal and dream you could do everything is all about self is that self actualization self-discovery that I can't really find out who I am. Through therapy and once I know that I really then I can achieve everything anything I want. I just need to believe in John Monroe and I can dream my own dream and everything is fine. What nonsense I will be clapped is that you are agreeing with what I'm saying and not with the false philosophy no sense. We blown it.

The problem isn't solved by looking within your heart. You look within your and I encourage you to do that all you're going to find is how depraved your heart is and how far away you are from God. Know the answers and found by looking within the unsatisfying by looking within and realizing that within us, that is this depraved heart and that we need help from outside of ourselves, because God is saying to send your guilty and you will never ever save yourself coming this very personal.

Every single one of us and myself. You are a sinner before God, you say well that that's that's tough to hear. I know it's tough to hear, but it's true. You will you are in the way of the top sitting of the second from row whoever you are going to teach Sunday school just sing in the choir wherever you are, no exceptions.

You are sinful. This summer, and of doing good and I packed her bags are good you pack them and the we went to Charlotte airport.

We were flying to Scotland the JFK or somewhere, and that I had checked with American Airlines and I had checked that we were entitled to 50 pounds of carry-on luggage 50 pounds each two weeks you think people would be able to get 100 times with however we are a we arrived at the airport and I am checking in and you know with the self-service thing and all of that and the very nice man working for American Airlines came in and said can I help you and the he said no. He said do you do realize that you can only take 50 pounds because there were two men doing which is really embarrassing gone through it myself.

Open your case and take something out to me that anything kind of unsightly is someone's sweats and someone's case particularly for coming back from vacation I mean is nasty stuff in that case, and there they were, and I said they'll wait yes I checked the regulations and I said that we are one was two ponds under one was 48 and is that the other one is right on 50 so I said, I'm not worried about the thing. Trying to choke him a little bit. He wasn't in a joking mood and he said yes sir he said did you use the scales in your own bathroom. I thought you know of course image of the guy come at the airport ahead of time and use your scale. But he said something very interesting and which made a lot of sense. He said the important things are is what our scales say, and I hope others back in our bathroom. Good knee rights and I said well I said you know where to buy ditties. I said that the most to be 51 he said doesn't make any difference.

He said we are required by American Airlines to make sure it's 15. He said the gentleman putting on the belt he puts it, more than 50.

You might even lose his job. I don't know whether that's true or not, that's what he said he put it on and in the grace of God. It was 50 pounds, here we are. God is putting us on the wing is not your skills so because your good person in Charlotte. Some because you're one of the most respectable people in Charlotte. I understand that I appreciate your kindness and your generosity, humanly speaking, you're very good person, but the question is the standard of God.

In this I can say very very clearly that whoever you are, and whoever kind and generous you are. You're not gonna make it. God scales are perfect and you're going to come short and what you need is not your self effort and not an extra dose of religion you are totally dependent, as I am on the grace of God. So stop your arguments stop arguing with God something. It's not fair we humble yourself, you realize before God that you have blown it and then look to the cross of Christ.

As Paul is wonderfully going to portray is going to tell us about the grace of God which flows from the cross by the Savior, whose come to rescue us that God is on a rescue mission.

The garden is this the message of Christmas that God comes to ask where we are.

Emmanuelle God with us. Entering into our dark world, not just entering into time and space. Yes, that is phenomenal but enters into a world of darkness and of sin and takes our sin.

Your sin and mine on himself and then exchange offers us the beauty and the perfection and the righteousness of God son so that when we stand before God we are accepted in the beloved.

As Paul says elsewhere that we are accepted because Christ has saved us in Christ as my Savior and Christ as my Lord, yes, and I have sinned, and I have blown it, but that sin has been borne by my wonderful Savior on the cross and no I'm free unjustified.

I have the righteousness of Christ that you can have that as well and then having that righteousness God calls us, we who are saved by his grace to live a life of holiness. This is the message of Christmas and that his name is Jesus, for he saves his people from their sins. So you saved this if your sins be living for him. Do you have this holy distaste of sin and of evil that God has delivered you from and you're not living for Christ.

We about as we pray.

When asked if to do a little hard thinking in the presence of God.

What are you on this. You saved by his grace. Have you received Christ you trust the Savior we look to Christ is there to save you to forgive you guys for your sin rises again, we trust him. Some of you here many of you here are following Christ. But send this come into your life and you try to contain a don't do that. Repent of it flee from it to live in the fear of the Lord is to hate evil is to depart from evil will you consciously repent of that sin and pursue a life of holiness fatherhood, but each one of us stands condemned convicted by your word this morning. It's difficult for us to hear this, but I would need full. It is in a world of compromise of sleaze and sin but impacts all of us. May the spirit father convicted of sin, righteousness and of judgment to come open our eyes to our sin, then open our eyes to our spotless magnificent Savior and the Lord of glory came to seek and to save the lost. We thank you for a Savior, who rescues, we thank you for your grace, help us to live for you and to shine with the beauty of Jesus Christ in his name we pray

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