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TTL with Todd Starnes

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May 24, 2024 10:28 am

TTL with Todd Starnes

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 24, 2024 10:28 am

On this episode of Truth Talk Live, Stu has an interview with Todd Starnes.

The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes
The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes

Hi, this is Ashley T. Lee Podcast.

Join me to hear the Bible read line by line and explained. Listen weekly to Ashley T. Lee Podcast. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Welcome to Truth Talk Live. All right, let's talk. A daily program powered by the Truth Network. This is kind of a great thing and I'll tell you what. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together.

Speak your mind. And now here's today's Truth Talk Live host. We got a big hitter in the house and he is a titan when it comes to talk radio. He's emerged as a real star and he's got star in his name. I mean, you put the star in Starnes, Todd Starnes.

How about that? Come on in there, Mike. Good to have you in Winston-Salem. Hey Stu, man, it's great to be here. And finally, my first time in Winston-Salem and hanging out at the Truth Network. And you guys have, it's an amazing setup you all have here.

Well, we're glad to have you here. We're, you know, we're based in Winston-Salem. We cover, you know, all over the country. And so people will hear you from coast to coast. People listen on our apps. A lot of folks have the smartphone app and we are, you're busy.

Your schedule here in North Carolina is breakneck. Crazy. So we are pre-recording this. So folks, don't worry about calling in, but listen, be encouraged because you're going to connect up close because we get the, to the real stuff here. You know, you know how it is.

You've been on Truth Talk before. Yes. Yeah. And you get to the heart of it quickly.

That's exactly right. Like, like Adrian Rogers always says, the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. And this guy has a whole lot of heart. He's touched a whole lot of people. He's got a brand new book.

It's an exciting time with Memorial Day, Weekend Upon Us, Todd Starnes, The Twilight's Last Gleaming. What a story. What a book. Talk about what led you to write this book.

But I want to get into your testimony some too, but let's just kind of give some folks some opening teaser for this book he's written. Stu, I have been hearing from so many of our listeners on The National Show, including folks from calling in on WSJS, our great affiliate here in the Winston-Salem area. And people are really concerned about the future of the country. People have asked me, is it too late? Have we gone? Is it over? Have we gone past that point of no return?

And I try to encourage folks a lot on the radio program. No matter what happens, God is still in control. God is still on the throne. And we're going to get through this. This country has been through difficult days before. And so I thought, you know, maybe I've been talking to my publisher. They've been asking me to write a new book.

And I thought maybe this is the book I need to write. And I read a speech that Ronald Reagan delivered and it was a somewhat obscure speech. And he made a passing reference about the national anthem. He said, you know, it's interesting. Our national anthem, it does not start with a declaration that we are the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

It doesn't do that. It starts with a question. Do you still see the flag flying?

Is it still there? And that is a question that I think every generation of Americans has to address for itself. Reagan went on to say that freedom isn't passed along in the bloodstream. Every generation has to fight for freedom. I think the challenge here that we faced is we've had some generations that have not taken that stand.

They have not stood and defended freedom. And now we're dealing with the consequences of that. And so I take people through this in the book and the answer to the question is absolutely America can be saved.

The question is what are we going to do to save America? Yeah, and it's interesting to talk to you, Todd, because you are a man of faith. I mean, you're a big C Christian.

Yeah. But you are very well known for your time on Fox News. You know, you've been anchoring shows. You've hosted shows. You've got a podcast that's off the charts.

And then you host a national radio show for three hours every day. So it's amazing. But you love Jesus? Yes. How do you reconcile that with all the talk radio stuff?

Because you get into it. Oh, yeah. And it's true. Fortunately, I'm a Baptist. So, you know, once saved, always saved. Oh, man. He popped that one out right out of the gate here, didn't he? How about that?

So that covers a lot of issues on the national show. No, no, no. You know, I would not be where I'm at today had it not been for my relationship with Christ. And, you know, I go back to Memphis, Tennessee, growing up in the shadow of Bellevue Baptist Church, the teachings of Adrian Rogers. And my dad got invited to a revival meeting at a Baptist church. And he went.

He was lost. He walked that aisle during the revival meeting and got saved. And then the entire family started going to church. And I accepted Christ as a young kid. All of the values, the things we talk about on the radio program are things that I learned growing up in the southern states. And that really sort of flavors, you know, what I do, you know, on Fox, Bill O'Reilly was his world view was Long Island, you know, Irish Catholic. I'm Tennessee Southern Baptist.

There you go. And you wrote another book about biscuits. I like how you tied in that southern charm in that.

Well, yeah. So that was a lot of fun and actually co-wrote it with a North Carolinian, my dear friend, Michelle Cox. She is a great writer. And she and I wrote a devotional book based on a play off of the Methodist, Our Daily Bread. Ours is called Our Daily Biscuit Devotions with a Drawl. And it's just a lot of fun talking about, you know, growing up in the southern states and going to church.

It's a lot of fun. Wow. That's Todd Starnes. And he is the host of the Todd Starnes Show.

He put the star in Starnes. He's with me right now on Truth Talk and Truth Talk Live. What a blessing to have him in the house. Todd, this book, The Twilight's Last Cleaning, really your passion about our country. You love this country. And of course, you know, we often mistakenly conflate being a Christian with being an American. There's definitely a difference, right? And that's that's part of your heart, too.

There is. And there's also a disturbing thing happening in the culture now where I call them woke evangelicals. You have liberal evangelicals and they're really wanting to neutralize Christians in the political square. And, you know, this phrase Christian nationalism has has come up. I don't believe there's anything wrong with being a Christian and loving your country. I don't have a problem with that.

And I see nothing in scripture that would consider that philosophy, that concept to be to be sinful. As a matter of fact, it was John Adams, our second president, who said this, our constitution is wholly inadequate for anyone other than a moral and religious people. So I think the argument could be made that maybe the country's in the position it's in because Christians have in fact disengaged from the culture. Right. And we have stepped aside.

Yeah. And I think a lot of the liberal left to their in their defense, because some folks, you know, wrap the Bible in the flag because some folks go too far down that religious, you know, conflating America with Christianity. They react by saying, well, then, you know, I'm not going to have anything to do with that. But they go so far the other way to the point where we've got to engage these issues of marriage and gender and abortion. Like this is life and death. And even the immorality of lawlessness at our border where you got, you know, fentanyl deaths all over the place, you got cartel controlling our border, you have our government recruiting people to come illegally.

That's not conspiracy. That's really happening. It really is. And I write about all of these issues in the book.

We try to do it with a lot of fun, a little humor. Jack and Jill went up the hill, came down gender neutral as a chapter on transgenderism. Wow. And yeah, so and I start out the book by telling a story. My uncle called me.

I was still living in New York City working at Fox. My uncle called me. It was the start of the pandemic. He said, you got to get down here. We got a national emergency in Memphis, Tennessee. I'm like, yeah, we got one here in New York as well, Uncle Jerry.

He says, no, you don't understand. I just got back from the barbecue joint. He says, Todd, they've got barbecue tofu and unsweet tea on the menu.

I was on the next flight flight out of it. I hope so. We are called the Joint Chiefs in for that. That's big. Todd Starnes is his name and talk radio is his game. He's with me right now. I'm Stu Everson, Truth Talk Live. We're going to take a quick break and come back. Visit more with Todd Starnes, his amazing new book, The Twilight's Last Cleaning.

Stand by. More coming up right here on Truth Talk. In jungles and hillsides, in oceans and deserts, in foxholes and cockpits, they fought bravely and they sacrificed selflessly for our freedoms. Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay. Yes, enjoy the fun and games this Memorial Day weekend, but don't forget to honor those who gave their all for us. Well, we can't just say that we're here.

We're here to honor their sacrifice and we must. Remembering those who made it possible, from the Truth Network. What a treat to have in our home base HQ, the Truth Network World Headquarters, Todd Starnes, the author of a brand new book, The Twilight's Last Cleaning. We're going to talk about that book. We're going to tell you too much about what's in that book because he is doing book signings and he wants you to get a copy of his book, The Twilight's Last Cleaning.

We're going to talk about that book because he is doing book signings and he wants you to get a copy because if someone gets a copy of this book, Todd Starnes, what will happen in their life? What will they learn? They're going to be encouraged and they're going to know that there is a path forward to saving the country and stopping the Marxists from taking over America. You know, we talk on the National Radio Show about puzzle pieces and when you put all the puzzle pieces together, you understand what's really going on in this country and where the attacks are coming from.

And so we lay all of Twilight's Last Cleaning and I really hope that people are going to be encouraged and that they're going to be inspired to get out there and engage the culture again. You have a girl, a gal who's an Olympic caliber swimmer and she goes to Berkeley and she does a women's rights basically seminar or event to say, hey women's rights, let's stand up for our women. And a man wearing a dress punches her in the face, multiple times. And so this is going on in America. No criminal charges, no noise from the media. In fact, no one even talked about it. But you talked about this Riley Gaines story on your show. This is what's going on and people sitting back are, it's time maybe we wake up and kind of get off of our blessed assurance and get going. And that's a great way to phrase it. When you look at what's happening in the culture, I tell a story.

Just a couple of days ago this happened. A young man, 13 years old, he was running for some sort of a student government position at his school. He wanted to be the commissioner of patriotism.

And the culture, and anyway, he wanted to be the commissioner of patriotism. So he gets up and gives a speech and he tells the kids, his classmates, they say hey you should understand what the Pledge of Allegiance is all about. And when we're singing the national anthem, stop eating nachos.

Stop eating nachos. I'm like, I'll vote for that. So they refused to let this kid deliver his speech because they said his speech about patriotism was not inclusive. Those are the kinds of stories that I write about. Those are the kinds of stories we talk about on the national radio show because we want to facilitate change and we want to nudge those schools to doing the right thing and stop the silencing of good, conservative, Christian, patriotic kids. And ultimately change happens from the heart, Todd.

That's the real thing. The Truth Network, we're really pushing hard for people because you can go as right as you can go, get your ideal candidate in there, get all your laws passed. But if you don't have Christ, it's eternal darkness. And so what's your message about how to prioritize the faith about people of faith getting involved and voting their faith, but recognizing that what's really important, you know, that Jesus, at the end of the day, all politicians, weak, powerful, wherever, whatever offices will bow to him.

That's right. And that is ultimately the message of this book. I tell the story about the creation of the Washington Monument. And Robert Mills was a man of deep faith in God. He was one of the renowned architects of the time. He designed many of the buildings in Washington. He also designed the First Baptist Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

So this guy was very well known. And so when he built the Washington Monument, at the very pinnacle are four campstones. And the campstone that is facing east towards the Atlantic Ocean had these words on there, praise be to God. And he said the reason why he wanted those words on the campstone, because as the highest, the tallest point in our nation's capital, when the morning rays of light first just flooded over Washington, D.C., he wanted that message illuminated. That's our history as Christians in America.

And that's, I think, a history that we need to be telling our sons and daughters and grandchildren. I love it. Todd, what is the best way folks can connect with you? We're pre-recording this show, but you are here.

We're looking at each other in our studio because your schedules break deck. You're signing books. You're speaking at this big national homeschool convention in North Carolina in Winston-Salem at the Benton Convention Center. Steve Noble is going to be there, a bunch of great friends. I hope folks will come out here. You speak. You're going to be there all Memorial Day weekend. And then on Sunday, you're speaking to the big Republican Party thing.

That's right. They're doing a big prayer breakfast on Sunday, and I'm excited to be a part of that incredible event as well. Folks can go to That's sort of our landing page. You can get our free newsletter, free podcast.

And of course, if you can't make any of our book signings, you can also get a signed copy of Twilight Slash Leaning at the website. Okay. And I'm going to do something special for you. We're going to get up, we're going to take a break, and we're going to go get you a biscuit. You got to have a North Carolina biscuit.

I'm about to speak in tongues. And that might have pimento cheese on it. It might have, you know, it might have a little apple butter on it.

We're not sure yet. It might have an over-easy egg. Would you like scramble or over-easy on your biscuit? What do you take?

However you guys take them here in the Carolinas. I tell you right now. Well, we're going to talk about that, but we got to get going. This is our second segment with Todd Starnes, and he is in the house. He's got his coffee.

He's gearing up to do his national show from our WSGS studios, our sister station down the hall, which is a news talk support station based in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, North Carolina. You can also find that on our app. So download your app, friends. Your smartphone is about to get smarter, and you're going to meet Todd Starnes there, too.

It's about to get smarter and starter with Todd Starnes. Download the free truth app. Listen to us on the truth stations.

And never divorce. I just want to say this, Todd. What I like about you is you don't divorce your faith from policy, from politics. You know, and it's a very fine line because we don't want to also conflate. You know, you don't vote for my candidate. You're not a Christian, and we get mean, and we get angry, but it's important that our faith in Christ impacts how we vote. How would you speak that quickly before we take this break?

Yeah, it's all about worldview, and, you know, are you being influenced by the culture, or is the culture influencing you? We're called to be salt and light. Unfortunately, a lot of Christians, we're on a sodium-free diet these days, so we got to fix that. Yeah, fix that. We're going to fix that right now because we're going to go get a biscuit, and when we pick back up after the next segment, we will be eating a biscuit, and I will be with Todd Starnes, and they do have sweet tea there. You like that? Is that southern delicacy?

If it doesn't pucker my lips, you know, we've got to have the pucker factor there. There's sweet tea, and then there's grandma's sweet tea, and Todd Starnes has got the gift of discernment when it comes to that stuff. Hey, God bless you, Todd. More coming up on Truth Talk Live with Todd Starnes. Hang on.

Don't touch that dial. The Truth Network would like to thank you, our loyal listeners, for helping us stay on the air and allowing us to continue spreading the Gospel. I'm at one of my favorite biscuit joints, and I'm sitting across the table from a biscuit maestro, Todd Starnes.

This is Truth Talk Live. Folks, I told you I was going to bring him here, and I did. Todd, there's the flower.

There's the biscuit window. What do you think, man? I feel like I'm in the holy of holies. I really do.

This is quite remarkable, and I haven't seen any gluten-free people around, so not that there's anything wrong with that. We're buffing our body, but we recorded the first couple segments. Then we came over here, and you know, it's earlier in the day, and that's why sometimes I like to pre-record the show.

Of course, you've got a breakneck schedule. You're signing books at the homeschool convention. We're going to be together later at Goliens Christian Supply in King, North Carolina. We have listeners all over the country, and they love Todd Starnes, and because you're a conservative talk show host, but even before the C in conservative, you're a big C Christian. You have a love for the Lord, too, Todd. Talk about how your faith has kind of guided your whole career. Well, it really has, and you know, I grew up in a Baptist church. I went through the I went through the Awana program, so memorized a lot of scripture as a kid, and then went on to Christian school, Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, to continue my studies as a journalist. You know, one of the things that really impacted me back in 2005, I thought I had bronchitis.

Turned out I was in the final stages of heart failure, had to have emergency open heart surgery, and to replace an aortic heart valve that had had it since birth. Nobody ever caught it, and it was fascinating because during that time of the surgery and the recuperation, a lot of those Bible verses, the things I just tucked away in my heart as a child, really came back to encourage me, to inspire me, to sometimes kick me in the hindquarters, or the blessed assurance, and it really was an amazing journey for me, and then to be able to share that with our national radio audience was just extra special. That is something, so you know that whole verse that we learned is, we lads, thy word have I hid in my heart. When you're on the table and they're opening up your heart for surgery, it has a little bit better, a higher level of gravity, huh? It really does. I think some people, God has to just do a gentle nudge of the heart, and other people, he has to crack open their chest and whack it around to get their attention.

That was me, I was that guy. But you know, one of the other passages of scripture that really came to help me understand, I think the scripture a little bit better, how the body has many parts, and every part has a purpose. And you know, we understand what the hands do, and the ears, and the eyes, but you know, right now there's a device about the size of a Susan B. Anthony dollar that is literally keeping me alive. You don't see it, but it's there, and it is just as important. And I think in the body of Christ, and really in our workplaces, in our families, every person has a role, every person has a responsibility.

And that really brought that, I think the biggest takeaway from that entire experience was that passage of scripture. Wow, a real wake-up call for you. And so your goal, you get on the airwaves, what is your modus operandi? I mean, you're about to do, I've caught you, we're recording this before your national show, which you're doing in our Truth Network studios, because our sister station carries all three hours, or a bunch of your hours, of the Todd Starnes show.

I always like to say you put the star in Starnes. So Star Powers right here, we're at a biscuit joint in North Carolina. Now there's a bunch of good biscuit joints here. You know, we've got Biscuit King, they're one of our Truth Network partners. I was there last week. Now we're in Biscuitville. And places like this do really exist, and it's near and dear to your heart, right?

Well it is. As a matter of fact, several years ago I wrote a chapter about growing up in Memphis, and we are, you know, we're the pulled pork capital, we're the barbecue capital of the world in Memphis. And I was talking, writing in the book about how I love to, you know, on the weekends smoke a pork butt. And my editor from New York, she called me and she's like, is that a euphemism for something? And I said yes, for good eating. I'm like, I don't understand that. You've got the great, no, got the great barbecue, the Corky's and that Memphis, that delicious Memphis barbecue sauce.

I love it. And you and I, we've made a pledge before this interview that I'm going to come your way, and we're going to get some of that barbecue together soon. But Todd Starnes, what goes in your mind, what do you think about as you open the mic to do three hours of radio every day? Take us into the mind, a Christian man who's also a conservative talk show host. Well the most important thing is we've got to have a lot of fun, and that's a big component of what we do on the show. And really paying homage to the late great Rush Limbaugh, you know, we occupied that time slot now. And that's important. As a matter of fact, Rush's old parody guy, Paul Shanklin, actually works for me now.

So the parody bits that folks here come from, come from Shanklin. So he does a great job. But also to talk about the big issues of the day, and especially when religious liberty comes under attack. And that's the moment that we really, I think, do our finest work is standing up alongside people of faith who are coming under attack and letting them know they're not in the battle by themselves.

Yeah, and there's a whole warfare going on. And at the heart of it are systems, our world views. And this is what I like about your perspective. You've got a world view of freedom, liberty that our country was found upon. But then you've got a world view of socialism, Marxism that makes government God.

And that's really what's at work, Todd. Talk about that and how we're seeing that manifest in all this education nonsense, all this transgenderism, all this stuff that if you don't agree, you're going to be charged with a felony. Yeah, and I write about this in my book as well. And it goes all the way back to the 1940s and 50s and 60s. When you had the communists and the rise of communism in Hollywood, as well as in the halls of Congress, you also had the rise of people like William F. Buckley Jr. and Ronald Reagan, who were writing about these issues. You know, we talk about how our education system was overrun. That happened at the turn of the last century. And William F. Buckley Jr. wrote a book about how the Ivy Leagues had become godless universities, God and man at Yale. Ronald Reagan knew that the fight against communism was not a political fight.

It was a spiritual fight. And so that's the issue. We're using the wrong tools to fight communism, modern day communism. We need to be fighting it through the church house and through our faith. This is a moral issue, not a political issue.

And that's why we have not been successful so far in stopping the Marxist scourge here in America. Now, my mammy said never come between a man and his biscuit. And when you talk about biscuits with Todd Starnes and fighting words, they just brought you a biscuit out, Todd.

You're already looking at me cross with this. I took a big bite of my turkey sausage biscuit with over easy egg and pimento cheese. And I got my grits and gravy right here.

And you're ready to jump in. I'm gonna let you do that. But say one word, if you would, about the importance of Memorial Day. We're here recording this at Memorial Day weekend. Of course, we'll play this back. When I have Todd Starnes on, we play this back as the best of all over the place.

So folks, we could play this at Christmas time as one of our most popular shows of the year. But Todd Starnes, so many men and women died. Blood was shed. They are buried 20,000 miles away from here because they love this country. They fought for our freedom.

So you and I can enjoy a biscuit right here and do this radio show. Talk about the importance of Memorial Day and how that hits your heart, especially with your new book, Twilight Slash Cleaning. Well, Memorial Day is huge. Without Memorial Day, we would not be able to own radio stations.

We would not have the freedoms that we enjoy. A few days ago on the national show, I told the story about the Knights of Columbus. They were coming under attack in Virginia. They've been holding, since the 1960s, they've been holding a service at their national cemetery. And they were told by the Biden administration they would no longer be allowed to hold that service this year. Well, we did the story.

And as a result of that, the Biden administration has backed off. And now they're going to be able to hold that ceremony in their cemetery. But I think it's important for all of us to remember, enjoy the burgers and the hot dogs and the family, but understand ultimately what this is really all about. Maybe before you go and have that picnic, go down to your national cemetery. Go down and be a part of the ceremonies and the services and bring your kids and grandkids with you because they need to learn. And as I write in Twilight's Last Gleaning, it's imperative for moms and dads to take personal responsibility for teaching their kids about American history.

And we can't rely on the schools to do that. So we've got to do it for them. That's Todd Starnes, the website to learn more about your book, Twilight's Last Gleaning.

I'm Adam Holtz and you're listening to Plugged In on the Truth Network. I have this patient from India, a very brave girl. Hello, Kajan. In the new Christian movie site now in theaters, we meet Ming Wang. He's facing the biggest challenge of his professional career, using his renowned skill as the best eye doctor in the United States to restore sight to a poor Indian girl named Kajal. The movie also explores Ming Wang's backstory as he grows up during China's violent cultural revolution. And those two threads are interwoven with a bigger theme, the idea of receiving spiritual sight, not just the physical kind. Sight is based on a remarkable true story. It earns its PG-13 rating for depictions of violence in China and India that may make it a bit too intense for younger viewers. So we're giving it a three and a half out of five for family friendliness.

Read the full review at slash radio. I'm Adam Holtz for Focus on the Family's Plugged In movie review. Circumstances are like a mattress. British evangelist Jay John offers this advice for dealing with difficult circumstances. If you lie on top, it's nice and comfortable. If you lie underneath, you suffocate. So you say to somebody, how are you?

And they say, well, I'm all right under the mattress. I can't breathe, but I'm all right. But stop being negative.

Be positive. When David saw Goliath, there were two possible reactions. The first reaction was, he's really big. Oh no, I better run away.

The second reaction, the second reaction, he's really big. How can I miss? A positive attitude really can change your perspective. Hear more from Jay John at The book is The Twilight's Last Fleming. Can America Be Saved is the little subtitle of this book. The author is Todd Starnes. I'm standing next to Todd pre-recording this segment from Goliens Christian Supply has got these books stocked. Todd's going to sign a few of them. Todd, can you sign a few of them for folks that don't get by where we're here live, they can come by because we are pre-recording this and we got a bunch of listeners.

A guy drove like 300 miles to get to get a signed book just a second ago. But talk about the importance of this and make sure there'll be plenty available for other listeners. Yes, there are going to be plenty of books available and we are going to sign some.

So if folks can't make the signing today, they can swing on by and they'll be able to get a signed copy of the book. You know, this is an important one. We've got a major election coming up. I think this is really an inflection point in American history.

We have a very clear choice as people of faith and I lay out the evidence that I think demands the verdict in Twilight's Last Gleaning. Yeah, and the book, you know, it's just so well put together and there's all kinds of, Paul Chappell, Pastor Jack Hibbs, all kinds of, Congressman Jim Jordan, all kinds of Christian folks that are, you know, true patriots that have promoted this, endorsed this book, and really the answer, Todd, is getting back to God, getting back to the gospel, getting back to the roots. And we're not saying necessarily America is a Christian nation, like how can a nation be Christian, but we are saying there were these strong influential ties to the Judeo-Christian faith that has led to a capitalism opportunity for everyone to have freedom, to go decide how much money you want to make, how generous you want to be with your money. But when you bring in this staticism or this socialism, Marxism, which is what the current regime of our country is pushing, when you bring that in, the government's smarter than you and you need to give them more money and the government becomes God. So there's really a, there's this real conflicting of worldviews here, huh?

Yeah, I think so. And I think President Trump said it best and he was kind enough to write an endorsement for the book. And he said not too terribly long ago that if we really want to make America great, we've got to start going back to church. We've got to start reading our Bible and we've got to pray. And I think he's absolutely right. Those are important things for us to do.

The solutions and the answers to the problems that are causing us issues can all be found in the church house. And that's really what we have to do. And that's really the call of action to the book. You know, the late Adrian Rogers once said that we are to be civil lambs, but not silent lambs. We have to roar like lions.

And I think that's really the call to action. Well, now mama and I, mama, can we get like five of these to get them to sign them to give to our graduates? Wouldn't this be a great little graduate? Oh, and Father's Day. Mom, would this be like a Father's Day gift we give to people? It's a tough Father's Day. Well, Big Stu's in heaven. Our first Father's Day without Big Stu, right, mom? But he would want dads to have Todd Starnes' book, especially if Todd's going to autograph it, right, Todd?

Absolutely. Mom, you're here. You came down with me to this special occasion. We got a guy walking in and getting a book signed, which is going to get clamorous in here.

Dwight Gollion, owner of Gollion Street Supply. But, mom, isn't it neat to see a good, solid Christian man who's a big talk show host, Todd Starnes, in her own hometown, signing his book at Gollion? Yes, we are very privileged and honored to have you.

Thank you so much. And I love the title, love the title of this book. Very, it just, it speaks volumes, doesn't it?

I just love it. So, Todd, if you'll sign a few for our family, I'm going to hand that to you. And then what do you, what's it like to, now, they say that if you sign a book, a book's autographed, that you can fetch 25 cents instead of a dime at a yard sale. Is that true? It does immediately go down in value, but. Only driving the car off the lot, right? It just goes right down in value.

That's true. But a special gift, and we're in a bookstore, Gollion Street Supply. Dwight's talking to all his customers out there. They just gift wrap for me a bunch of other gifts. A little cub's graduation. It's graduation weekend. So, like my buddy, Robbie Dilmore, says, it's grads and dads, right?

That's it. And this is a great book. You know, we have a couple of chapters that are for men and talking about it's time for men of America, especially Christian men of America, to stand up and really take their place as leaders in their homes. And also to let people know that there's nothing wrong. You know, we had one of the Kansas City Chiefs kicker, Harrison Butker, just getting in all sorts of trouble for talking about basic truths, fundamental truths about the family. And ultimately, you know, Ronald Reagan said this, American greatness doesn't start in Washington, D.C. American greatness starts around the kitchen table, you know, sharing those meals together as a family. So, yeah, absolutely. Well, mom, you were married to a Golly man for 60 years. So what do you think about someone getting a gift for the dad in their life? I think it'd be wonderful.

What a great, great book for fathers and for the men of this country. Big Stu could could not be here with us because he's real busy right now, hanging out with St. Peter, probably running a 5K this evening with maybe Caleb and maybe Nehemiah, like a wall run or something. Who knows? He's feasting. He's not on his mess.

He loves he's in the presence of Jehovah. Right, mom. But, you know, my father in law is in town. He's a pastor. I'm going to get a book for him signed by Todd Starnes.

You know, the dad in your life. What a great way to to continue that legacy. Absolutely. Absolutely. That would be wonderful. Yeah. Give something meaningful that can impact a life rather than a trinket that will just, you know, be here today, gone tomorrow.

But this is something that will have some real lasting value. And this is, mom, this has been a long day because I had Todd Starnes in the studio for the first half of the show. And then I had Todd Starnes getting a biscuit at Biscuitville. He had to get something in this, you know, he had to get some southern cooking. And now we're at a Christian bookstore. Todd, I mean, we're we're I don't know how this gets any better unless we take a trip to space and interview up there. I mean, what are we what are we doing here, man? I feel like I need to run a marathon after eating that biscuit with the pimento cheese earlier today.

You guys eat well here in the Carolinas. Todd's multi Todd's multitasking. Dwight Golan, come over real quick. Todd's multitasking. He's signing books.

And make sure you get an autographed book from Todd Starnes, international superstar, best selling author. Dwight Golan, Golan's Christian Supply, whether it's, you know, we have listeners all over the country. What's the website for folks that can't physically get to North Carolina, King, North Carolina?

In particular, we are right now. What's the what's the website? It's

G-U-L-L-I-O-N-S dot com. Yeah, come on and check that out. And give us a call. We'd be happy to help you there.

But just check us out online for sure. Yeah, I really like that. I really love the fact that you have a Christian bookstore here. You have a kingdom bookstore and where you're trying to get people to buy valuable, important.

And there's cousin Brian just walked in. Very important. These are great, meaningful gifts, right? That's going to impact the soul. Eternal value.

That's right. That's what I learned from my dad is to make an eternal impact and do all things with eternity's values in view. And that's what we try to do here is provide people with a need to put some wall decor with scripture on it, up on the wall, inspirational saying so that you're constantly reminded of eternity and of the Lord. I'm doing all my Father's Day shopping here.

I'm doing all my graduate shopping here. I got a box right there. I have to have my strong, young, sprout son-in-law help me carry all this to the car.

But Dwight going, cousin Brian's here now, a muscle just walking. I mean, he's the guy right there. A Marine loves the Lord. He's out here looking for good stuff, you know, to give people for his graduates and all that. Hey, Aiden just graduated this morning, right? So take him a little gift. My daughter, a little cub, she's faithless, is graduating.

Dwight, go in real quick. This Father's Day, our dads are hanging out together. They're in heaven and we're here. What's that like?

I mean, how about that reality? And what do you say to everyone about the importance of this really celebrating what's important on Father's Day? That's right. If your father is still with us, be sure and honor them this Father's Day coming up.

And if your father has gone on, you can still honor him and remember him and take his principles that if he was a godly man and put them into play. But yes, come by and we've got plenty of nice gifts and Bibles and journals and all kinds of manly type of gifts, some knives with an engraving, inspirational engraving on them. Like that. Sword of the Spirit, right?

That's right. But sure, come on and see us. And they've got muscadines used, all kinds of health products, great bumper stickers. Thank you, Jesus Science, for your front yard.

You can order online at And Dwight, you've got this book here and we're going to leave a bunch of signed copies for folks to purchase. The Twilight's Last Gleaming, Can America Be Saved by Todd Starnes. The hushed tones behind me are Todd Starnes and a listener, another fan that came by to get a book signed.

And he's signed several for our family. But this guy really loves the Lord, but he's also doing a show to kind of wake America up to how to get involved and make a difference before we lose these great freedoms in America. Well, what I liked, I looked through this book myself and read most of it. Now I'm going to finish it off. But what I really enjoyed was even though the subject matter is very serious, brother Todd has a very entertaining and humorous way of presenting things and keeps your heart light. And it's mainly because we know that the Lord is in control of everything.

And but he does challenge us to go ahead and try to pursue the righteousness in this nation. Well, Todd, you're here in Winston-Salem. Break next schedule. You've been signing books. You're doing your show from all your affiliates. You were at WSJS this morning, going to Statesville tomorrow. Great station there hosting, you know, WSIC. You've got a national audience.

People call you from all over the world. You love our military. You love Memorial Day. You're just you're a true patriot.

And you've written this book. What's the final takeaway as we as we say goodbye to everyone after a long show of great time together? What's the final challenge to everyone about can America be saved?

What would you say? Well, I think we have to have hope and courage. And the reason I have hope is a song we used to sing back in our small Baptist church.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. It's not based in what is happening in Washington, D.C. or what's happening in the news. I think we really have to stay focused on that. You know, that doesn't mean that we can just sit by and do nothing. We still have to engage the culture. We got to get out and vote on Election Day.

And if we do that, I think that we are going to make America great again. OK. All right. I like that. And Todd Starnes, your Web site, folks, and learn more about you. Listen to your show, your podcast, all the good stuff you got going on.

Yeah, Todd Starnes dot com. OK. And you do like Southern cooking and biscuits and stuff like that, right? Stu, this body was sculpted by years of pulled pork.

So, yes, the answer to that question is spoken as a true Memphian. Thank you, Goliens. Download our app, by the way, and subscribe to this podcast. Listen, if you just caught the tail end of the show today, listen to the entire show. I talked to Todd about his faith.

I talked to Todd about his other books. I talked to Todd about his radio show about how the answer isn't politics. The answer is spiritual. The answer is the Lord. But how as believers, as citizens, we're called to be involved and we're called to vote according to how the Lord dictates from the Bible, not devote our own little sentiments or not necessarily vote for the nice candidate, but vote for the one that's going to hold true to the policies closest to the scripture.

You won't find the perfect candidate. Believe me on that. Thank you, Todd.

Truth Network dot com. God bless you, man. And for those of you listening around the Memorial Day time, happy Memorial Day weekend. Happy Memorial Day weekend. Thanks a lot, Stu. It's been a lot of fun. This is the Truth Network.
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