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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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May 15, 2024 9:16 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 15, 2024 9:16 pm

Top 6 QBs that have the most to prove l No. 1 reveal l Calls on the QBs left off the list


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Kick off your summer and shop in-store or online at Whole Foods Market today. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. I hope you're good. I hope you're safe. I hope you're well.

I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next two hours. This is a four-hour show. It gets started at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific every single weekday. That means Monday through Friday.

What a day this is. The NFL schedule for the year 2024 is about to drop, okay? You will be able to make your plans.

You can make your decisions. You can say I'm going to tailgate. I'm going to sell my tickets. I'm going to skip church on this day.

I'm going to go to Vegas and gamble. You could say this is the day you tell your family to kick rocks. Hey honey, I can't clean the gutters today. Hey honey, I'm not going to the supermarket at 4 o'clock. You could tell your husband you better do the chores on Saturday. You could do whatever the hell you want. The NFL is here to run your life.

You're going to be dropping things off. We already know the kickoff game is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Ravens on September 5th. We got Christmas games as well. The Chiefs are just, they might as well play every day. Chiefs versus Steelers on Christmas. Ravens versus Texans on Christmas. We even got the Jaguars playing back-to-back games in London in the middle of October. The Bears are going to London to take on the Jags. And then the Patriots, I don't know if it's going to be Jacoby Brissett or Drake May at that point, but the Patriots, they're going to be in Jacksonville, or excuse me, they will be in London playing the Jacksonville Jaguars. Hickey, do I call them the London Jaguars yet?

How long do I gotta wait? I mean, it feels like, I know they're talking about stadium financing. It feels like it's somewhat sooner rather than later. The people in Jacksonville got robbed, man. I think the, what is this thing called? The stadium renovation is like more than a billion dollars, I think. I think the county is contributing 700 mil, 300 mil, and the Jaguars are tossing in 600.

Like what type of world is this? Hickey, what do I need to do to get public financing? Do I need to build a football?

I get it, I don't have an NFL team. I guess here's a better question. How can I rob the government?

How can I do that? That's a great question. Well, owning a sports team and asking for a new stadium is definitely one. Okay. I mean, you want to go down the fraud route? Oh, probably rob the government that way. No, I don't have done that. Now they want to put, you see, if you're a professional sports team, you can rob your local government and say, well, this is good for the economy.

This is great for everybody who lives here, right? I can't do that. If I, if I robbed the government, they put me in handcuffs in there.

They put me next to a big baby. I don't need that. It's funny that restaurant owners don't get that same treatment, huh? Oh, small businesses. Oh, look at that. Oh, come on. Hickey, go preach.

Tell them, tell them. You know, actually boosting the economy. Oh, nice little bar in the neighborhood. I'd love to build that up. Well, fortunately, you can't pay for, can't pay for that with government funds. I got a better one. What about, what about our teachers? Is this not, is that not better?

That's true. Can, can we not take, I don't know, can we, can we take $50 million and take people off of the street or does it need to go to a football team? I think you know the answer to that one. Come on now. Hickey, you got me rolling. Okay, let's go preach. No, no, we, I'm gonna, I'm gonna save it. I'm gonna save it because the NFL schedule is coming out. And then I have to, I have to give people the top six list in a few minutes, unless there's something that we absolutely have to do. And I know NFL, NBA player, we, we have to do this tomorrow, but we have to get into the public financing of stadiums. Okay.

We have to do it because it, it, it strikes even more of a nerve now. You know, when you think about how much money gets allocated to billionaires who, yes, they can be economic drivers, but not for the money that's put in. You mean to tell me that $700 million, you mean to tell me that $600 million and I get it. Oh, this is only $600 million for the next 30 years. That can't be better spent on roads and infrastructure and teachers and sanitation and first responders and clean water and drug treatment and safety and security.

You mean to tell me $700 million can't be used. They got to build a football stadium for you know what Hickey, I'm going to calm down. Hickey, calm down. We're going to, if we can, let's do this tomorrow. Okay. I like it.

I like it. Bring that same energy. I know you will. Oh yeah, I will. I will. We might have to, we may have to look into someone that we can also talk to about these, these publicly financed stadiums because it's ridiculous when you think about, okay, anyway, NFL schedules getting ready to come out. We'll talk about this tomorrow.

Yeah. Tomorrow we'll get to it. And then in a few seconds now, let's just get to the top six list.

Why? Because now that everybody's going to be talking about the schedule, I just want to talk about some of the players that we need to see. I want to talk about must watch, must see players who got their backs up against the wall. Players who have something to prove, and not just any player, the most important players on the football field, the quarterbacks. Because if you don't have a quarterback, then you ain't got nothing. This ain't no trick. This ain't no Trent Dilfer world. This is no Brad Johnson world.

This is 2024. You need somebody to go out there and sling the rock. And so what I'm going to do right now, as the schedule is about to be released, the Cleveland Browns have their schedule out. Go ahead and look at it. I need to tell you about the top six NFL quarterbacks with the most to prove.

And here's the funky music to get us started. It's time to get JR's latest top six list only on the JR sport brief. It is the JR sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network. We have known who each NFL team is going to play for a long time now. But the schedules have dropped. And while the schedules have dropped, I'm dropping a top six list.

It doesn't matter who they play. These quarterbacks, they have to show up. They need contracts. They need their jobs. They need security. They need championships. They need it all.

Otherwise they might just fall off. This might be the beginning of the end. This might be the end of the line.

This might be the beginning of something special. Top six NFL quarterbacks with the most to prove. It's a countdown. It's a top six. So what number are we at? Number six. Let's start off with the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

Which one? Let's start off with the guy that they decided to give a contract to in the amount of 180 million dollars. He's going to be 36 years old in August. He's coming off of a torn Achilles that he is not even at full strength with. His name is Kirk Cousins. And why does Kirk Cousins have a lot to prove? It's not just because they gave him all this money and he's coming off of injury. It's because they shocked Kirk Cousins. The Falcons did. It's because the Falcons shocked everybody. But it's starting to bring in Michael Pennix Junior.

Come on now. They drafted this man at number eight overall. And when you draft a guy that high, when you draft a quarterback that high, you want him to play. This is the modern NFL. Everybody can talk about, well, Aaron Rodgers sat and Jordan Love sat.

Well, think about the disaster that that was. How long is it going to be before Kirk Cousins has his back up against the wall? How long is it going to be before the fans in Atlanta go, man, put Pennix out there.

That day might come sooner than later. But Kirk Cousins, I'm going to give him credit for being a great teammate. Kirk Cousins sat down on a podcast, busting it with the boys and Kirk Cousins, a great teammate, said, Hey, the Falcons got to do what they got to do. And I'm going to do what I can can do what I can control. Listen to this. Yeah, I think you you're reminded again that you there are things you control and there's a lot of things you don't control. And so let's deal in reality, you know, and recognize that fact and then be a steward, not an owner. So I just believe that I got a steward. What comes my way and control what I can control, which what a steward does.

But a steward doesn't worry about that, which they can't control. Yeah. So it's fair to say Kirk Cousins, the Falcons, there's no there's no beef involved. No, I don't think there can be.

I don't think it's helpful. Like we're trying to win a Super Bowl and it's hard enough. Like, you know what I mean?

Like, it's hard enough. So let's let's all be on the same page and let's try to go into Super Bowl. Kirk Cousins is at Hickey. I don't want to call him like Russell Wilson. He's he's likable. Like he's very straightforward. He's very vanilla. There's nothing high.

There's nothing low. I don't even want to say cliche, but he's he's he's likable. Very much so, because unlike Russell Wilson, that's authentic.

It may be speak and cliche, but he means everything he says. The bottom line, Kirk Cousins, he ain't no phony. He's not. He has a lot to prove. Kirk Cousins is going to have something to prove. His entire tenure with the Falcons, however long it might be. Is he going to see all four years of this deal?

I'm I'm not so sure. I got him at number six on my list. Top six NFL QBs with the most approved Kirk Cousins six. What is next?

Number five. We talked about him in the last break. He's in Miami. Odell Beckham Jr. just signed with the team. This man is in the last year of his contract, the last year of his deal. It's Tua Tonga Veloa. It's Tua Tonga Veloa has a lot to prove. Why?

Look at all the money that's being bandied about. Joe Burrow. He was taken in the same draft class. Number one overall has gone to a Super Bowl. He's the highest paid QB in the game at $55 million. This week, somebody who went to a Super Bowl, he's going to a Super Bowl. He's going to a Super Bowl. This week, somebody who went to a Super Bowl and lost. This guy also went to an NFC championship game and just lost.

Jared Goff just got $53 million. If you're Tua Tonga Veloa and you are playing on your fifth year option and you're negotiating with the Dolphins, are you going to come to an agreement before the season? During the season? If I'm Tua, I'm trying to get something done now because if they have to go through another season and then potentially tag Tua Tonga Veloa, I don't know if we're going to get a better result than we did last year. Whereas Hickey pointed out, they had a chance to have a home game in the postseason and blew it against the Bills. And then when they finally had to go into the postseason and take on the Kansas City Chiefs, they froze.

Literally. Tua Tonga Veloa, he might as well sign on the dotted line today because I don't know if it's going to get better. I don't expect the Dolphins season to get better. I don't expect them to have a better result than they did last year. And even if they went around, I don't expect anything outside of that. Tua, no contract for next season.

This is risky. He has a lot to prove. I mean, damn it, he had a lot to prove throughout this season, even if just as to whether or not he could stay healthy. Because remember this, two seasons ago, the last offseason, Tua Tonga Veloa was coming out of that year, having been knocked the hell out multiple times. We saw Tua laid out unconscious. We saw him in a fencing position. We didn't know if he was going to continue on.

Tua Tonga Veloa, last offseason. This is a guy who was contemplating retirement. I considered it, you know, for a time, having sat down with my family, having sat down with my wife and having those kind of conversations. But really, it would be hard for me to walk away from this game. Why? Well, you love the game. And I think I know another reason.

It's called money. This is Tua from earlier this year saying, yeah, I think I'm gonna get a new contract soon. That's a reason to stick around. I believe that will happen. But I'm gonna let, you know, my agents, gonna let, you know, Chris, Mike, let those guys talk about that and let them move forward accordingly. As we all know, there's some changes, you know, to our coaching staff. I think there's gonna continue to be, you know, changes all over. But throughout the offseason, I think, as we look at it, it's gonna be a new team, new outlook. You know, hopefully we can keep a lot of guys as well. I think the main thing is getting together as much as we can throughout this offseason with the guys that are gonna be here and get that working with them. Yeah, now he can throw the ball to Odell.

Whoop-de-doo. And they can all go out clubbing and partying and running races and then losing the playoffs. Tua Tonga Veloa, he got a lot to prove this upcoming season. Top six NFL QBs who got approved the most. Two of five. Where we at now? Number four. I just want this guy to stay healthy.

That's it. This man was a super super destroyer in Gainesville. This man was a super destroyer for the Gators. He was selected number four overall last year in the draft.

I was a little shocked that the Colts took him. It's Anthony Richardson. Hickey, this guy is built like Derrick Henry but moves like Lamar Jackson.

Great combo. Right? But does he have to plow through everybody? Do his shoulders work, Hickey? No. Get down, slide.

I'm begging you, please. What about his knee? That helps with the slide. Then he was concussed last year too. Knee injury, concussion, shoulder separation. Not a great rap sheet for the rookie year. He played four games. When he looked like he was hot, he was either hot or not.

And when he wasn't, he was knocked out cold. You don't select the guy at number four overall to just see him get blown to oblivion. Cam Turner is the quarterbacks coach for the Indianapolis Colts. He says Anthony Richardson, this offseason? He's growing. He's learning. I mean, the first time I saw him throw, I was shocked that there was no hesitation. You know, he was just out there cutting it loose and some guys would come back and ease into it and you kind of have to hold Anthony back like, no, you don't have any more throws today. That's it.

You're not making any more. There was no hesitation and you could tell he trusted his shoulder and his strength and everything he's done up to this point. In the meeting room, he's taking that step as far as the knowledge and just the maturity of the questions he's asking now are the next level questions as opposed to the questions he was asking a year ago.

You know, we're more basic, so he's definitely grown in our scheme and then identifying defenses as well. Aight, aight. You heard what Hakey said. Get out the way, okay?

It's one thing to sit in a classroom or walk through on a field. What are you going to do when I don't know who somebody would knock the living hell out? What are you going to do when Antoine Winfield is standing in front of you going to move out the way?

Please do it. Somebody with a lot to prove, Anthony Richardson. If he can't stay healthy, people are just going to go, oh my God, we got to get another quarterback? Maybe they can call Andrew Luck.

I heard he's almost done with school. Anyway, Anthony Richardson, I got him a number four on my list. Who's another quarterback with more to prove?

Number three, this guy is being tortured. This man is a Carolina Panther. They took him number one overall. They didn't have a pick this year. It went to the Browns. Excuse me. It went to the Bears. My apologies. Bryce Young.

Yuck. 11 touchdowns, 10 interceptions. They got a new GM in the building. Do they have enough talent though? These Carolina Panthers are expected to win another five, another five, six games. That'd be an improvement, right?

I don't know. The owner, David Tupper, comes across as an angry nut job, except for he happens to be a billionaire. Bryce Young with a new head coach, Dave Canales is his first year running a gig. Hopefully he can turn things around.

He was on Up and Adams just a couple of months ago and he was talking about Bryce Young and he said, nah folks, I know the team suck, but this dude got ice in his veins. He's got a lot of experience, a lot of big stage wins, the Heisman, a lot of pressure, things that he's had to deal with. I'm going to lean on that experience. I'm going to lean on his poise. One of the first things I mentioned about Bryce is when you watch him play in college football and you saw him in those big games on TV, whether it was early in the season or whether it was later in the season against really good opponents, if you look behind the face mask, the eyes are the same. His countenance is the same.

He's just cold blooded. And so those things were what really encouraged me to say, this is going to be the top guy coming out because he's the guy. I hope his team helps him, right? Deontay Johnson, I guess that's an upgrade. Xavier Leggette, that has to be an upgrade.

He's from the Carolinas, right? Everybody looks at CJ Stroud and they're jealous. If Bryce Young doesn't show improvement, regardless of what talent they have around him, people are going to look at CJ Stroud and go, he should have been number one. And they're going to say, Bryce Young, you the best. Bryce Young, number three on my list. You talk about quarterbacks with the most approved. He's number three. Who is number two? Oh, it's the phony. It's Russell Wilson. I'm sorry. I know about Russell Wilson and the Super Bowl and captain.

I say the right thing all the damn time. And how many more chances does he get now here at the end? Russell Wilson is going to be 36 years old in November. The Broncos paid him $38 million to disappear.

He's now going to be a stealer. He's playing in a much more competitive division in the AFC North with the Bengals and then also the Browns and then also, well, who else? The Ravens.

They all hit hard, man. This ain't going to be easy for Russell Wilson. I mean, you got Justin Fields behind you. Both of these dudes are on one year contracts. Russell Wilson is on a one year deal.

He's never been here before. The Broncos signed him for almost seven years and then they quit on him after two. Russell Wilson might end up being a backup if this does not work out.

And of course, in the most cringey way possible, because he says all the right things all the time. Russell Wilson said, I always wanted to be a stealer. Got to go around the city and just see the energy of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the fans and just go by the stadium and just all of that was a big part of it for me. And I was fortunate to have several teams call and all that.

But this is the place that I wanted to be. To be a Pittsburgh Steeler and to wear the black and gold. It's a true honor. It's tradition.

It's history. There's six trophies in there. We got to go get a seventh. OK, Russell. Mike Tomlin, who's got his trophy as a stealer. Mike Tomlin said, man, I don't care what happened with Russell and Denver.

Denver was a different environment than Seattle. You know, I care less about what transpired, to be quite honest with you. I'm excited about what awaits us. We're not going to spend a whole lot of time looking in our rear view mirror. We're going to look through our windshield and keep it moving. Hey, that's what the coach is supposed to say. Let's see.

Feels that way at the end of the year. Russell Wilson still has a job. Russell Wilson, number two on my list. Quarterback with the most approved. We're going to take a break when we come back on the other side. I'm going to tell you what quarterback has the most to prove here in twenty twenty four is the J.R. sport.

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The all new season of the Kardashians premieres May 23rd streaming on Hulu. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. Oh yeah. Pressure get, we know what pressure does. It's going to burst those pipes.

It's going to make a diamond. NFL schedule is out for 2024. We know we got coaches feeling pressure. We know we got GMs feeling pressure.

Hello to Joe Douglas and New York Jets. Yeah, everybody feels pressure. Pressure can be most valuable for a quarterback. You win, you make all the money. $50 million a year, $55 million a year if you're a quarterback. And if you suck, they just give you the boot. We got quarterbacks in the NFL right now who are trying to get the big bucks. We got quarterbacks in the NFL right now who are trying to get the next contract. We got quarterbacks in the NFL. They're feeling pressure to deliver championships. They're feeling pressure to just stay healthy and show up for work. That's what they say, right? The first thing you got to do to be successful is actually show up the work.

You got to be available. And so every single Wednesday, I bring you a new top six list. And tonight we're talking about quarterbacks, the top six quarterbacks with the most to prove. And number six, I'm about to share with you number one.

We're about to have the big review. And number six, I gave you Kirk Cousins. And number five, I gave you Tua Tonga Valoa. And number four, I gave you Anthony Richardson of the Indianapolis Colts.

Please stay healthy. Play four games in this rookie season. Stop trying to run through brick walls.

And number three, I gave you Bryce Young. Man, if this guy tried to run through a brick wall, it'd be the end of his career. He just needs to stay healthy. Do half of what CJ Stroud does. Show some life. And by the way, they're friends.

I know those conversations have to be a little awkward, right? Bryce Young hoping to burst through with the Panthers. And number two, a quarterback with a lot of proof. Russell Wilson.

Of course, it's Russell Wilson. This man got the boot from Seattle, even though he wanted to leave. They didn't want him. He got the boot from Denver.

Nathaniel Hackett. And then you bring on another jerk of a head coach. He wanted to take away Russell Wilson's locker room. They wanted to take away Russell Wilson's office.

Sean Payton wanted nothing to do with Russell Wilson. Now he's a stealer on a one year contract. He can be given the boot at any minute. And so if I got Russell Wilson at number two on my list, the quarterback with the most to prove that leaves us with this number right here.

Number one. This quarterback is looking for his next contract. Like to a tongue of a lower is looking for his next contract. This quarterback is also looking for some playoff victories. This quarterback plays for America's team.

This quarterback plays for Jerry's team. It's Dak Prescott. How could how could Dak Prescott not be the quarterback with the most to prove? Isn't that what it is every year?

Like, let's be real. I think the majority of the world doesn't look at Dak Prescott and go, Oh, man, Dak is going to help take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. Nobody thinks that. Everybody wakes up and go, when is he going to get them over the hump? Dak Prescott led the NFL in touchdown passes last year. You have 36 of them. Dak Prescott was third in yardage.

Forty five. This man had pro bowl, all pro MVP caliber numbers. But when it matters the most in the postseason, Dak Prescott has a record of two and five.

If I have to think about the last couple of years, the past couple of seasons, dammit, if I have to think about a few months ago, the Cowboys got beat by the Packers 48 to 32. And I get it, Dak Prescott, he can't play defense. He can't. But can you drive home a victory more often than not? He's had enough playoff games where it's just, hey, I got a touchdown and an interception. Be consistent. Be a winner.

Drive home a victory. And unfortunately for him and the Cowboys, did he get help? Or is this going to be his final season as a Cowboy? Knowing Jerry Jones, he's going to have another mediocre season. The team will.

And Dak Prescott will end up with like a $50 million contract. Jerry Jones, back in April, before they added Ezekiel Elliott back to the team, Jerry Jones said, I like my roster. We're very proud of our personnel, very proud of this roster. Very much thank this roster without knowing right now how much the rookies are going to contribute.

We're very, very feel good about the promise of the team that we're going to have this year with this roster. Come on. Jerry Jones is delusional. What about his son? What about Stephen Jones? What do you want to do with Dak? I mean, you didn't help out the roster, so what you going to do with Dak?

You going to pay him? Dak's been willing to work with us. We've had great discussions about him and his contract. He's all in on working with us. And we've had personal discussions with Dak as well. So, you know, other than that, that's about all we'll say about our negotiations with him. We want to keep those private and, you know, we'll get in timelines or anything like that, but certainly a priority.

It's a priority. Well, he didn't get no new contract yet. We know Jerry Jones likes to make people sweat.

Mike McCarthy, after that elimination to the Packers, Mike McCarthy is on a one year deal. He wouldn't make Dak Prescott do the same thing. And what does Dak feel about this? Well, a couple months ago, Dak is just like, yeah, I think we'll get it done with the Cowboys. Definitely confident. Obviously, it helps the team.

It's important for the numbers. So I think it's Jerry. I heard Jerry said that. He told me that part, right, that that is a process.

Both sides understand that everything's great. I don't think Dak Prescott's going to get any better. I get any better. I think he is what he is. I expect him to throw 25 to 30, maybe plus touchdowns this upcoming season. I expect the Dallas Cowboys to go into the postseason as a wild card, and I expect them to get punched in the mouth by, I don't know, the 49ers or maybe the Packers again. Dak Prescott, if you want that big money at one point in time, he was the second highest paid quarterback in the entire NFL behind Patrick Mahomes. Patrick was making 45. Dak made 40. Well, now the number is 55. If Dak Prescott wants to get the big money, if he wants the big bucks, if he wants to still be the superstar quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, win something.

Do it. Dak Prescott playing for America's team. Oh, he got a lot of pressure, as he does every year. At least this time they brought back his buddy, Ezekiel Elliott. Whoop-de-doo. Did Ezekiel bring the time machine with him?

It's the JR Sportbrief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I just gave you my top six list of quarterbacks who have the most to prove this upcoming season. At number six, I gave you Kirk Cousins. At number five, I gave you Tua Tongaveloa. At number four, I gave you Anthony Richardson. At number three, I gave you Bryce Young. At number two, I gave you Russell Wilson. At number one, I gave you Dak Prescott.

Oh, there's more quarterbacks. The phone lines are open. That's 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. Which quarterbacks have the most to prove? We're going to get Hickey's thoughts on the other side of the break.

The phone lines are open if you want to give us a holler. And then you know what? It's not just, it's not just quarterbacks with things to prove. There's a wide receiver with something to prove. Well, not really, but I know he wants to get paid.

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Download June's Journey now on your Android or iOS device or play on PC through Facebook games. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. It's the JR Sport Brief show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27.

That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27. I just gave you a top six list. NFL quarterbacks who have the most to prove this upcoming season. The NFL schedule is out. You can pretty much decide how you want to spend all of September to January, February.

Go ahead and do it. Figure out your travel plans. Figure out what day you want to skip church. You figure out what day you want to leave your wife. Maybe have your wife leave you. Go ahead look at your favorite team schedule.

Do it and figure out your life from there. Anyway, top six quarterbacks with the most to prove this season. Yeah, you can hit rewind on the free Odyssey app and get all the information. And number six, I gave you Kirk Cousins, latest Falcon. And number five, I gave you Tuatanga Veloa entering into a contract year with the Miami Dolphins. They're talking. They gonna get something done before the first game?

I think so. And number four, I gave you Anthony Richardson selected number four overall last season by the Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, selected a number four overall. He only played in four games. And number three, Bryce Young. Oh, he played last year for a team that won two games. Bryce Young has a new head coach in Dave Canales coming over from the Bucks.

Has some new weapons like get bringing him in from the game. Cox, look, I hope he can turn things around. Eleven touchdowns, ten interceptions. He can't get better, right? Is he gonna be better than Stroud?

That's what people are gonna ask. And number two, I gave you Russell Wilson on a one-year contract with the Steelers. If it doesn't work out here, Russell Wilson will be playing elsewhere again.

And then number one, I gave you Dak Prescott. Doesn't he have something to prove every season? I mean, he's part of a dysfunctional franchise with Jerry Jones as the owner. And he is also in a contract here. Now, look, there are more quarterbacks with more to prove. I had to think about all of them. I'm gonna let you spit some names out and then we will hear from our super producer and host Ryan Hickey. And then there's somebody else who has something to prove.

Well, not really. I think he just wants money and I don't blame him. I'll tell you who that is maybe in this break or the next one. But let's get to the phones. 855-212-4227. Sean is calling from New York. You're on the JR Sportbreeze show. What's going on, Sean?

How you doing tonight, JR? Excellent. So I just, I love your top six.

I just got to add one. You know, I don't know how Aaron Rodgers is on that list because for me, not only is this season kind of a legacy defining moment for Rodgers, but it just, in terms of overall legacy, right? As of now, I would say he's a top, you know, maybe a fringe top 10 quarterback. But, you know, he really wants, which is why he went to the Jets, he really wants to pull a bridge. He wants to bring in his guys. He wants to make his own new team and he wants to have success with that team just to show that what he did with the Packers is more him than the organization and the personnel, the GM, the coach. So I feel like this season is not only a season for Rodgers, just to see if he can come up and kill him.

Yeah, well, Sean, your phone is breaking up. I agree with you and Aaron Rodgers actually had Aaron Rodgers here on the list. I took him off because there's only but so many crazy jokes I can make about Aaron Rodgers every single day. He's a nut job. And so I said, let me give him a break for once.

And even in mentioning him, I just called him a nut job. So yeah, absolutely Aaron Rodgers has something to prove. But at the same time, another reason why I removed him is because when I think about Aaron Rodgers, he's on his own planet. Like, does Aaron Rodgers, does he wake up and feel pressure?

I said this, what, yesterday? This man was sitting, he's a nut. At the end of the season, he's like, oh, we need to eliminate distractions with the Jets. And then Aaron Rodgers, what does he do? He sits down with Tucker Carlson to talk about vaccines. Who the hell is still talking about vaccines and conspiracies? This is what he's doing. He's saying, Robert Kennedy, the guy got a brain-eating parasite, he said.

Does he feel anything? He's going to show up to work and throw the football and leave and then go back to sit on podcasts for two hours. 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227. We're talking about quarterbacks with the most approved. I got Dak Prescott at number one. Sean is here from Michigan.

You're on the JR sport reshow. Go ahead, Sean. I would, I would say straight up that, um, yeah, Aaron Rodgers is, uh, he's lost, you know, he's in the money. He's not too worried about anything in life. I don't know if he even cares anymore, but I think the one most approved and nobody is saying is Jared Goff. I think he wants to take the Detroit Lions to a dynasty and I think he has the ability to do it.

Everything that they put around him. I think you're gonna watch and this is my prediction. Just my prediction. This is my prediction. I would love to see the Lions go all the way, just like the 72 dolphins.

Oh, my God, we went from we went from dynasty to undefeated. All right, well, Sean, thank you, man. Yeah, I would. I would love to listen to every single game. I don't watch T. D. I listen on the radio and it's more exciting that way.

I would love to see them go right through everybody and do undefeated and win the Super Bowl. Okay, well, thank you, Sean, for calling from Michigan. Damn. Wow.

Huh? I mean, of course, isn't that what you want? I mean, if you're a sports fan, you want your football team to win every game.

But to say, Well, I want to know I want the Lions. He started off. Hey, Jared Goff. He needs a dynasty.

Whoa. I think Jared Goff is happy with the four year $212 million contract that they just gave him. I think he's good on that. I don't think he's thinking about no dynasty. Can he get one? Leave the dynasty. Talk to the people who won already. Leave that to the Kansas City Chiefs 855 212 42 27.

That's 855 212 42 27. Sean is calling from Baltimore. Go ahead, Sean. Hey, I wanted to add Lamar Jackson to your list. I feel like we're pretty quick to forget some of the gripe that he was catching after the AFC Championship on how everybody was talking about it being a legacy game. But he did come off the second M. D. P. So it still kind of feels like there's a lot to prove there about the amount of jewelry has gotten on his hand. Okay, reasonable, Sean. And thank you so much for calling from Baltimore.

That's that's reasonable. But when I think about Lamar Jackson, it's just just won a Super Bowl. Like, I don't know what Lamar Jackson has to prove, but just getting over the hump. I think Josh Allen is in the same space. We know who Josh Allen is. We know who Lamar Jackson is, and I get it.

I would even put him in this category. I can look at at Herbert with the Chargers. And yes, he has a brand new head coach in Harbaugh, but I think we know what he is. And so there's some quarterbacks and players.

We know who they are. They just they have to get over the hump. I don't think Lamar Jackson has anything to prove outside of is he gonna be healthy?

That's always the biggest question. And with Derrick Henry with him in the backfield, I think they stand a chance. Josh Allen. I know who he is. He's gonna have amazing games and then you have games where he turns the ball over at a ridiculous pace.

I know who he is. Does he have anything to prove? No. Good enough to go to the playoffs.

But one day you gotta strike it rich, right? We think about the past, I don't know, 25 years of quarterbacks. Oh, it's tough. Peyton Manning. Two. Drew Brees one. He's a Hall of Famers. Okay, Tom Brady.

Yeah, he's special. He got seven, but eventually one of these other quarterbacks gots to catch up, right? And these dudes in this Patrick Mahomes era, somebody has to win. Is Trevor Lawrence gonna win one? Is Lamar gonna win? Somebody else has to win. Is it gonna be Joe Burrow? Somebody eventually is gonna win one. Somebody has to step up. I just don't know if they have all of this, these things to prove right now. They got paid.

Winning is tough. 855212 42 27. It's 855212 42 27. Think O'Reilly Auto Parts for all of your car care needs. It guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. I'm gonna get some more of your calls on the other side of the break. It's the JR Sport Reshow on the Infinity Sports Network.
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