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WED HR 2 042424

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 25, 2024 12:00 am

WED HR 2 042424

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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With the GOA's final report clears the DHS of breaking the law, it confirmed that DHS used congressionally appropriated funds meant for the wall to pay for environmental planning and efforts to remediate or mitigate the environmental damage from past border wall construction. Well, you know, what do we expect, right? I mean, it's not like we don't have millions, literally millions and millions of illegals pouring into our country, you know, bringing with them terrorists, bringing with them rapists, murderers. These are Joe Obama's people. These are the people that Joe wants to bring in and bringing in military troops, Chinese nationalists to take your country away from you folks. That's their job. So I guess there's nothing new on that front. What do you think, Joe?

Is he there? As we watch this stuff happen, just sometimes I cannot believe how the Republican Party isn't rising up just having fits and screaming. It's just like they're apathetic. They just, OK, another attack here, another loss here. You know, they just like their dog has been beaten and just lies down at the foot of the master and doesn't even whimper anymore, you know. Well, approximately half the Republicans are voting like Democrats. Yeah, those are rhinos.

Yeah. And like what happened today, well, out there in Arizona, you had treasonous. I mean, again, we've told people and told people and told people how the the new stream for the Democrats is to run as Republicans. They change their affiliation. They run as Republicans. They get elected as Republicans and they vote with the Democrats. And so because there's so many Republicans doing it, they can hide.

Nobody calls them out on it because there's enough of them. Yeah. Here in Ohio, they're called the Rhino 2. The Rhino 22.

Blue 22. That's what they're called here in Ohio. Earlier you mentioned that there was that illegal alien. His name was Miguel Hernandez Ruiz. Broke into a home there in Sturgis, South Dakota. Sexually assaulted two little sisters under 13 years old. And of course he threatened to kill them if they would, you know, say anything. And now he's been caught. He traveled all the way to Fort Wayne, Indiana, before they arrested him. Praise God they arrested him.

First degree criminal sexual conduct involving a child and a home invasion. And as I look at this, it's just like their story after story after story. So many of these illegal aliens or criminals are said they were emptying their prisons.

Some of the mental sounds. Well, you know, if he had gone to New York and turned himself in to Bragg, you know, Bragg would have put him up in a luxury hotel and he wouldn't have to worry about facing charges, huh? Well, $5,000 debit cards. Even in New York they have to put a stop to that, but anything else close to it. No, didn't they just let that guy who killed Lake and Riley go because the jails are too full? Is that correct? Yeah, I don't know what they let him. I mean, he killed others before, so yeah.

I think the excuse was because there's not enough space in the jail. Yeah. That's our federal government. That's your blue cities run by the Democrats. Yeah, that's your Democrat control.

Okay. Let me look at the difference. You know, you can tell where the Democrat party runs the cities. You see the corruption. You see the crime. You see the lawlessness. You see the the filth, the trash. You see the homeless. You see all the problems of civilization and then you go to a well-run Republican city.

Yeah, I was, Joe, I was listening today. I was listening today to the hearings on the Supreme Court on that Idaho law where they overturned, where they banned abortion and listening to the the opposite, the pro-death. These women are wicked to the core. I mean, they're pure, you know, just purely wicked. They, you know, it's just unbelievable. They just love killing innocent. I mean, it's just like in Jeremiah, chapter 2, verse 34, talks about their skirts are filled with the blood of innocent.

These people are, again, I, you know, they're just totally, completely wicked. You have an article there. Yes, this is national suit.

It's a WND article by Joe Kovacs. National suicide XAG Bill Barr sounds alarm on Biden reelection. Former US Attorney General Bill Barr says the reelection of Joe Biden to the presidency this year would be national suicide. Barr was appearing Wednesday morning on America's newsroom on the Fox News Channel when asked by host Bill Hemmer whom he would support in the 2024 presidential contest between Donald Trump and Biden. Barr indicated, well, I've said all along, given two bad choices, I think it's my duty to pick the person I think would do the least harm to the country and in my mind that's I will vote the Republican ticket.

I will support the Republican ticket. Barr then sound the alarm and about the most serious threat to the United States is a second Biden term, national suicide. I think the real danger to the country, the real danger to democracy, as I say, is the progressive agenda and I said Trump may be playing Russian roulette but continuation of the Biden administration is national suicide in my opinion. So do you think Barr realizes that, look, I have to live in this country too when it's destroyed. How many of the Democrats do you think out there that realize once they've totally destroyed the country they still have to live here too? Well, I think they're doing it on purpose. I don't think they see that far ahead. I don't think they realize what they're doing to themselves. Somehow they think it's not going to affect them. They're going to be part of the leadership. They're going to be, they don't look at history and realize what happened to all the useful idiots with Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, all the people that helped the, you know, the like the Nazis, all the useless idiots got taken care of, didn't they?

Well, you know, you see these people out there today. They stormed Chucky Schumer's place because Chucky didn't do do what they want. You know, if AOC tells you what to do, remember what Joe Obama Biden said, Joe Obama Biden out there, he said, I've been listening to this lady and I understand, he called her a lady, called her a lady, said that that when she tells you something you should do that, right? So what did she just come out and say?

Eliminate Israel, right? So here's Joe Obama standing right there next to her after she made those, you know, from the river to the sea or whatever. And then here's Joe Obama, commander, well, I don't really call him commander in chief, more like pedophile in chief, saying you ought to listen to her when she's talking about it. I mean, and this guy, what he wants to do is he wants to force employers, force employers to pay for their employees abortions.

Again, what do you think about this, pastors? It's more nefarious than that, that they're all committed to the end of the United States of America, global government. So it's the controlled demolition of our country. Absolutely. You can't have global government with the constitutional republic. Absolutely.

And remember, so they're all getting rich. Joe Obama couldn't do those taxpayers. He couldn't do this by himself. He couldn't do this by everything. He couldn't do this by himself.

Well, he needed the help of every one of those democrats that voted for him. And they keep saying this word democracy. We're not a democracy. Well, you see, that's again, they, you know, the bottom of others are on both sides. Well, see, you don't have to understand they've changed all the history. Right.

Okay. And we have what you call revisionist history today. We don't have. And so it's a cultural Marxist revolution. We gotta fight it. That's exactly, it is a, we are in a war.

This is at this point called a cold war, but we're heading towards a hot war. And just like what they did, they indicted all of Trump's people there in Arizona. This is the third time they've done that with a phony grand jury.

Okay. Now, you see, an actual grand jury is called a citizen. The constitution gives us a citizen's grand jury. That means you don't have a corrupt prosecutor telling the people on the grand jury, here's what you must do.

No, that means that the people tell the prosecutor, here's what you must do. Okay. But guess what? People don't know that because they've been so dumbed down and so indoctrinated. Yes.

Well, here's how I may have got another one of these. We've been telling this for years now. Cross dresser makes children chant free Palestine during a session at a Massachusetts art center.

Okay. This drag queen, her name is little miss hot mess. And we talked about her several years ago with some very adult activity, words, conversations, things we can't really say in the radio she was doing on her performance. But she was there for queer story time for Palestine.

They had this at the Northampton Center for the Arts there in Massachusetts. It was organized by Valley Families for Palestine intended for preschool through upper elementary school-aged children. So she's up there in her sparkly dress and her boas and her, never mind, if you're a drag queen and you know it, she said shout free Palestine. Free Palestine. Can I hear you say that? If you're a drag queen and you know it and you really want to show it, if you're a drag queen and you know it, shout free Palestine. This is what they're doing to our children. They're being indoctrinated from preschool and grade school.

They're already starting. And here is a lady that if she ever went over to Palestine or any of the Islam countries and walked in dressed like she's dressed to... You keep saying she, Joe, but... Well, that's what they're calling us. I know, but you see, Joe... The he, yes. I mean, you know it, so no, don't do that. Call it it.

It, because it's confusing. If it were over in Palestine, it would be murdered, jailed, beaten to death, or, you know, thrown off a building. We talked about that happening in Iran where they found some of the sodomites and they just threw them off a tall building. Here's a verse out of Deuteronomy chapter 22 verse 5.

You ready? The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment, for all that do are an abomination unto the Lord thy God. That's Deuteronomy what? Chapter... Deuteronomy 22 chapter verse 5. Deuteronomy 22 verse 5.

22, all right. And so there you go. It's, uh, no stuttering there, right? No, that was pretty clear. But, oh... We gotta restore a bit of morality to America. That's the bottom line. That's Old Testament. That's not New Testament. That doesn't pertain to us anymore.

Okay. Isn't that what the world's saying out there? Well, yeah, yeah, it's, uh, really, huh? Well, I think it was the Old Testament which we heard about creation, right? Yeah, and, uh, wasn't the Old Testament what Jesus used when he preached?

Yeah. I guess if it's good enough for Jesus, it probably is good enough for the two of us? Well, you know what? The New Testament really is just a fulfillment of the Old Testament. All the prophecies you go through there. Think about all that.

The Lord Jesus didn't come to change the law but to what? Fulfill it. Yep, absolutely. And so now little Lisa has got an article.

Go for it, Lisa. Well, Joe Bama, he says, vote for me if you want more babies killed in abortions. He's hoping that his campaign's focus on abortion will overshadow concerns about his advanced age and his handling of the illegal immigration crisis, according to a new report. The Washington Post last week wrote that Biden campaign organizers, quote, see a potential silver bullet that they hope supersedes all the president's challenges in his rematch against former President Donald Trump abortion rights. The outlet reported, quote, the Biden campaign plans to spend every day until November the 5th reminding voters of Trump's record on abortion, hoping the issue will mobilize their core voters, but disaffected voters bring disaffected voters back into the fold and make inroads with voters whom Democrats has often struggled to win. General Mallie Dillon, chairwoman of Biden's reelection campaign, said, quote, there's no doubt that this issue is central to the contrast between us and Trump.

There's no way he can wiggle out of his ownership of this issue. According to the Post, O'Malley Dillon added that voters, quote, are being reminded more and more of things they hope to forget, the chaos and pain that have come in the wake of Trump's leadership. Abortion is central to that, unquote, so the Biden team has already begun this pro-abortion campaign in Arizona in the wake of a state supreme court ruling upholding a pro-life law. Last week, Biden's campaign launched a series of ads in which the president blames his immediate predecessor for the ruling, referring to Trump's U.S. Supreme Court appointees who ultimately undid Roe v. Wade in 2022. Okay, very good.

Here you go. Now listen, Senator John Kennedy, uh, he says that Biden is more comfortable debating men's ability to breastfeed than fighting the enemies, right? Republican Louisiana Senator John Kennedy criticized the Obama-Biden administration for its comfort with debating gender and sexuality in legacy media platforms in comparison to confronting prominent foreign adversaries like the 50,000 Chinese national troops on American soil. Iran on Saturday launched an attack on drones and missiles on Israel, which the U.S. helped to shoot down, but the Biden regime has said it does not want to escalate the situation. Kennedy on Fox News accused the administration of being weak in terms of confronting America and Israel's enemies.

Well, I got one big one here. The Dems have never liked the electoral college, as you're well aware of, past Ernie. Hillary wanted to get rid of it. You go down the list of, because often they win the popular vote, but they don't win at the electoral college.

But they don't win it upright, Joe. Right, I know that, but their concept is the founding fathers put in the electoral college to make sure that smaller states got equal proportionate when it came to voting with the big states, because the electoral college went with the representatives and they tried to make it fair. Well, Maine is the latest newest state to adopt a new scheme that would give the presidency to the winner of each election's national popular vote.

Now, this started a report from ABC News. Governor Janet Mills allowed this plan to become law without the governor's signature. So, Maine now is joining Maine through this idea that would give all its electoral college votes to the winner of the national vote, and thus overturning the presidential election. That would actually give the power of who's going to be elected president to 12 states.

Those states would be California, Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia. So, none of the other states, folks, if you live in a state like I do in Missouri, your vote wouldn't matter, because that would cover all the popular votes. You see, a candidate has to get 270 electoral votes as the winner.

Well, these 12 states, their electoral votes total 281. So, what they're trying to do is get rid of the electoral college. Now, this can't be taken to the Supreme Court because nothing's happened yet.

There's no damage done. So, now, other states are thinking about joining this, and what would happen now if they try and pull this in the election, Donald Trump wins the electoral college, but they say, no, the people's vote, we aren't going to give him the electoral votes, they're going to go to the national winner of the popular vote, and now we have what they call a constitutional crisis, because, well, who then is the proper president? It would have to go to the court, and we would have probably one of the biggest messes that I've heard of since back in the Civil War, Pat Ernie, and they're pushing this and pushing this. Remember our old friend, the late Phyllis Laughlin, they were trying to work some of this stuff way back then, and she was telling about how this was so dishonest about the national public vote proposal, it would be legitimizing vote stealing, you know, and for example, she said Texas or Louisiana could be forced to cast votes for a candidate who won more votes in other states like New York, and she was absolutely right, like a state like Missouri, we'd have to go along with whatever New York or California decided, and our votes would be cast to those main big states, those 12, and she called it back then and was fighting it clear back when she was alive, we're talking back in the, what, 70s, 80s?

I remember, yeah. Yeah, even into the 90s when she was still going strong, but this is not getting the attention it deserves, this is kind of going under the radar, most of the news medias are not covering it, I haven't heard them talking about this on Fox News or anywhere else in a major outlet, and yet this, do you think it's a legitimate threat? The total chaos, this would be worse, whether they talk about one of those things, you know, big surprises before the election, this could be the biggest surprise in America that we've ever had. Well, we're not going to let it be a surprise, we're going to keep talking about it. We're going to have to keep bringing this up over and over and over because nobody else is doing it, and I think most of America has no idea what is going on, how dangerous this is, and what a real constitutional crisis would happen. Here, here, Joe, here's what America does, don't realize, like what is taking place with this, with this law affair against President Trump, they're charging him with committing crimes for doing things, for doing things that are not illegal. Right, exactly, so making things he did, what they did is they found the man, they say, okay, we'll make up the crime to get him, instead of saying, here's, this is the way the law works, here's a crime, let's find out who's responsible for committing it.

Right. They're doing everything backwards, they're finding this person, we want to, we want to make guilty and manufacturing the crimes against him. Pastor, do you think there's a legitimate chance of losing the electoral college? They're gonna, they're working at, look, we're, I believe there's a big chance, yeah, we're struggling against cultural Marxism, this is actual, you know, there is no longer a democratic party, there has not been for a while. These people are communists to the bone, okay, in fact, here's a little article, hand me that article there, I'm going to show you where you start. We've been telling people that we're in the middle of a communist revolution, they're watching it take place daily, we're living it, and we still have people who don't understand we are living through a communist revolution, a communist takeover of America, and half the country has no idea what I'm talking about, it's never heard of.

But we still, Joe, we still have some, some heroes, now there's a guy named Bill who does printing, in fact, he does our printing for our newsletter and that, and his office is right next door on the other side of the wall, the communist party, the communist party headquarters out in Geauga County, Ohio, out there right at the corners of Route 87 and Route 44, and so here's what one of the communists said, who was, this article, and by the way, I wondered why the people there from the Geauga Times courier never called me to have, you know, a commentary or Bill who was written about in this article, but here's what she said, Miss Carr, this is the communist, Miss Carson said the party stopped allowing anyone to be alone with the headquarters with, uh, that inhibits the activities and volunteer base, this is, I think it's pretty safe as long as you are not here, now they're talking about being safe, you see, we're not the ones that are out burning buildings, we're not the ones that are hitting old people with bricks, okay, that's their side, that's the Democratic Communist Collective that's doing that, she said as long as you're not there by yourself and the cameras are on, which are always on, she said I have to say the Sheriff's Department responds very, very quickly if we call them because they know we have issues, you have mental issues, you have some really, and you have sin issues, Miss Carson, you have some very extreme sin issues, now this is a wicked old woman, she was out there with a camera, uh, and I'll tell you why in a minute, but here, see, I have to say that, uh, she goes on to say in the past she said the worst issue that we faced was the printer next door, now that's, uh, our Bill and he is a patriot Christian, I mean, and this guy, you know, here, when they put a pro-death up in their window sign, pro-death, he puts pro-life signs, you know, he's right on the other side of the wall of the the Communist Party out there in John County, and so he goes on to say, uh, in the past she said the worst thing to face the printer next door, uh, inviting members of the doers of the word Baptist Church to stand on the sidewalk in front of his building, and harass the people coming into our office, well I'll tell you what the truth is, we go out there and, uh, Bill offered to to open up his shop so we could use the the bathroom, you know, we had a number of women with us out there, and so, uh, then we go on to say, because Bill is a patriot and a Christian, and she said and harass the people coming into our office handing them pamphlets or calling them baby killers, they are, all the Democrats are baby killers, you're worse than baby killers, okay, the Bible calls you an abomination, not only that, uh, Ms. Carson, the Bible says you're unclean, you people are unclean, okay, uh, not only that, okay, it says you're simple-minded, okay, she needs to read the First Amendment of our Constitution, she needs to read the Bible, yes, she does, absolutely, that more importantly, but also the First Amendment, okay, and so we assemble there, anyhow, there you go, so I, so we still have some heroes left out here, all right, you have an article there, Aaron, I do, this is Biden's health and human services secretary defends killing babies and abortions up to birth, during a Tuesday hearing, Biden administration secretary of health and human services Xavier Becerra refused to give a direct answer to Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, when the lawmaker repeatedly asked him if he supports full-term full-term abortions, Mr. Secretary, if the mother is healthy and the baby is healthy, do you really support abortion of the baby up to the moment of birth, Kennedy asked Becerra on the Senate floor, Senator, let me make sure, Becerra said in reply, up to the moment of birth, you're saying after gestation, the 40 weeks, Kennedy cut him off, you know what I'm saying, Mr. Secretary, the Senator continued, let's suppose it's the day before the due date and the baby is fully formed and the baby is healthy and the mother is healthy, do you support the right to abort the baby then, Kennedy asked Becerra again, all right, he responded, I have no one say that, I think everyone has said those who support reproductive rights support Roe versus Wade, all right, very good, Alan Dershowitz, uh and here Greg Jarrett made it very clear, Alan Dershowitz, Judge Merkon's gag order and refusal to allow Donald Trump to leave the courtroom is clearly unconstitutional, uh and again it should be immediately challenged, tomorrow uh Trump's case is heard before the U.S. Supreme Court on uh whether he not whether he as the President of the United States, Joe, whether or not he has immunity against all of these things that they're bringing, now let me ask you a question, see, because here's something that the people never think about, on January 6, 2021, was Donald Trump still the President of the United States? Yes. As President of the United States, did he not swear an oath to defend the Constitution and to defend the country against all enemies, foreign and democrats? Yes, definitely, he did. So as as President of the United States, knowing that that election was fraudulent, that the election was stolen as President, was he not doing his duty, was he not doing his duty as President of the United States to protect the office, the Constitution, and the people? He definitely, definitely was, he was instead of listening to Paul, he was defending the people and the Constitution. Absolutely, he was doing his job, so yeah, let's see what happens and and uh I would ask all the folks out there tonight to pray. You really need to pray, in fact we're going to a break when we come back, we'll do that, be right back. Oh leave your fears behind you'll be living there oh knock and his door will open see and he will find ask and you'll be given eternal life sublime he'll be waiting there his arms open wide waiting there for you you are why he died why he died he'll be waiting there he'll be waiting there his arms open wide his arms open wide waiting there for you waiting there for you it was for you and I that he was crucified well you know joe can't sing like that oh the mic is live all right all right go ahead joe oh did you hear biden today he was out there and uh he's giving a speech and uh the audience kind of really laughed he said i don't know why we're surprised by trump uh he said how many times does he have to prove we can't be trusted take about it yeah i know did he i want to repeat that he's given a speech i don't know why we're surprised by trump how many times does he have to prove we can't be trusted and the audience laughed and biden just went right on like he didn't even notice i don't think he noticed he made such a gaffe i don't think he's cognitive well he went on to say because he was he was reading he got confused uh and so he was reading off the the notes there and uh what he what he says uh then he went on to say biden 24 biden 24 or applause or something yeah and then all of the people got you know they they they people knew what he was doing today uh i don't know it's an amazing thing did you see the picture of him when he was speaking to the unions in michigan those union workers standing beside them they look like they were prisoners the looks on their face like they were captured and uh it was just unbelievable that they'd rather be any place else than than right there with joe biden well i'll tell you what they did not look like trump supporters hanging around donald trump that is for sure absolutely but then again you know we're are the unions backing biden some of them others some of the unions especially the leadership because remember the leadership of the unions are uh very wealthy powerful uh corrupt they're not real what you call anymore they've left the working class shall we say you know they're not really part of that culture anymore they're taking advantage of the union members but oh i've got one story i've been dying to get out there um a lot of parts of the country there are a lot of reservations where the native americans are and the headlines again world uh the london daily mail you know world papers not the american news the native american chiefs reveal thousands of drug cartel gangsters have infiltrated reservations are using them as basis to traffic fentanyl as they reveal the shocking number of tribal cops they have to try and fight these they're putting out an urgent plea for help as thousands of these gangsters flood these isolated lands rape and murder their people you know because they're taking advantage the cartels of this you know sparsely populated reservations we uh they they're out there saying we're fighting the losing battle the cartels are winning the drug dealers are winning now these indigenous people always had a problem the native americans too many of them are alcoholics too many of them are on drugs uh anybody's ever been around reservations uh the poverty the drug use the alcohol this abuse uh it's not a pretty thing folks the government did not do well the way they've handled the situation but it's now even worse because these uh the democrat policies in the invasion they're short staffed underfunded under trained out gunned out manned and they're saying they came up to congress and they're saying hey you're funding billions in federal aid to foreign countries to protect their borders you know and the indian country needs the funding to protect our borders to save our lives they're testifying in congress and uh several different chiefs and different groups i'm trying to shorten it we're fighting a losing battle and we need help i mean that's the basic thing their overdose death rates are twice any other state any other place and he said these fentanyl pills can be made for 25 cents but the cartels are selling them for up to a hundred dollars a pill and the situation just keeps getting worse folks because we're paying attention to the wrong things uh we let these cartels run the border let them bring the drugs in let them spread out all through the nation with their gangs and there's going to be pardon expression but there's going to be hell to pay and you your children and grandchildren are going to be partial payers is that a fair statement pastor yeah i would say that's a fair statement uh justice neil gorshik blows up department of injustice's case against the j6 protesters while dunking on biden's solicitor general during questioning in other words i'm wondering when they're going to render the verdict on that case because justice uh clearance thomas also he grills the department of injustice and and when i say that completely the doj is completely it is completely it is completely corrupt uh you know and here's people we were talking before about why why are just the democrats uh bringing all these indictments against the republicans why why aren't the republicans bringing indictments against the democrats because the republicans don't have a department of justice the department of justice is not independent it's simply a branch of the democratic communist party yeah that in our side plays fair we have to find a crime and then go after a criminal they they're the democrats just make up things and go after people and find something they can charge them with i mean it's like good decent honest people can't fight the way the democrat party we can't lie cheat steal uh scripture tells us we're not supposed to do that right right well they it's it's not that simple because first of all that what they go and do is they they go to the what they call the mainstream media and say look we got one whopper of a lie coming up here i mean we're really hitting some deep deep corruption so wrap up smear we know that you're there to back us up on this right and they will it's just amazing but that's all right these here are should have mercy it's any of this that's happening today not something that we we told we talked about 30 years ago i mean we all of this stuff was we told you it's coming and everything we see happening is right there in god's word the bible it's nothing new under the sun it's all being uh it's it's being open fulfilled like he tells you in daniel okay uh to seal up the book we're watching the unsealing of the book he tells you into the end times we're seeing it unsealed uh every day little by little by little uh and so the corruption is is complete isn't it very much complete if it's not it's uh 99.5 complete all right aaron's got an article i'll bet go ahead aaron all right this is by the gateway pundit israel's strikes more than 40 hezbollah sites defense minister claims south lebanon command is decimated after half of hezbollah's commanders killed on wednesday today israel's defense forces carried out a large wave of strikes against 40 plus sites belonging to the terror group israeli defense minister yoav galat claimed that the military has killed half of hezbollah's commanders in south in southern lebanon the other half are hiding or abandoning southern lebanon said galat he said there would be further action months to come the coming period will be decisive as israel is facing a number of alternatives to bring security to the north half of girls went to the leadership sounds a brilliant military strategy to me well praise god for less uh jihadist terrorists yeah half of the hezbollah commanders in southern lebanon have been eliminated and the other half hide and abandon south lebanon to idf operations and he says israel's main goal in the north was to return tens of thousands of israel israelis displaced by hezbollah's daily attacks to their homes we are dealing with a number of alternatives in order to establish this matter and the coming period will be decisive in this regard as the defense minister toured the northern command the idf said some 40 hezbollah targets in the town of ata ash shab were hit with just several minutes by fighter jets and artillery shelling the strikes follow the terror group firing anti-tank missiles at northern israel oh pastor remember we were talking about that israel strike when they struck at iran all of a sudden iran quit talking big and bad and we're gonna you know wipe israel off the face of the earth all of a sudden after israel made that little strike that they shut up so there's more info out there it was just beautifully they faked out the entire defense system of iran they got underneath came in they hit a couple specific targets totally destroyed them got out without any problems and it made iran we we guessed it the iranians were just horrified of how well israel was able to attack them how much damage they could do and it was right next to other facilities and that they just totally realized they were totally the technology wasn't even close their technology wasn't even close to israel so what we told the people we thought was going on is being verified in two or three different foreign news sites now and they're talking about it and it's interesting but the united states no we're keeping mum our country isn't mentioning and our news isn't mentioning it but it's other places all across the world in foreign press so it's interesting what the american citizens don't get to know well it is but here's here's something too that people don't realize the iranian people are as anti their government as we are ours okay uh in fact even more so they they are it wouldn't take much and they know that they're in iran uh but the the iranian people have wanted to get out from under that corrupt corrupt government for such a long time our what's what we have here is is they're going into very very hardcore third world communism uh i mean they're the corruption here is just again it's it's complete corruption it's appalling the entire democratic communist party now we are in a cold war the federal government has has been uh weaponized against we the people i mean that's that's you know uh and and we the people now there's some things that are happening out there now more than a cold war isn't it i mean because they're using law fair they're using different weapons and are normally used in history and cold they're they've exceeded that area i believe well they they want to try to burn the country down this summer this is what all of these uh these hamas marchers are at all these universities you know here's some things that the bible tells you that you hardly ever hear preached okay one the bible makes it very clear over in isaiah chapter three that god gives a people women and incompetent men they called children leaders uh as a punishment as a punishment god gives them you know all of these university presidents were all women my wife said to me what is going on here with these and i said is that isaiah chapter three that's what's going on here people don't realize it it's it's uh amazing now here's the other thing okay you have uh i counted and i mentioned that earlier that uh these protesters out there that were marching mostly they're 80 percent or more are are these young girls why are that why is that well uh i think the fox news that woman on there that woman psychologist hit the nail on the head she said that they are the most impressionable the most gullible and nowadays the most indoctrinated people uh because they have a tendency to want to obey authorities and their authorities are these college professors these these marxist communist college professors and so these these young girls these are simple-minded they are very simple-minded you know i hate to say it they're dingbats okay and what's happening is that they're they're given extra credit to go out and become more violent now i was counting over to almost 20 20 something almost 30 people out of those that were marching by there were only four males in there not not men males they were you know they were the kind of you that not the kind of well it's not the kind you'd want to draft into the military i can tell you that but here and those guys are there for one reason joe what do you think that one reason would be joe so i didn't quite catch that question i would said these women that are coming out there these young girls that are marching these hamas protesters that are anti-israel there i would i counted i was almost 30 but out of that only four males men right um weaknesses discernment right well all the way back to e the problem with the women's weaknesses discernment a man is his pride but you were talking about they listen their professors and i'm just looking a huge chunk of gen z uh in a new poll say that one in three says israel does not have a right to exist as a nation in the middle east yeah you know where they're getting that totally brainwashing if what if i said i don't think iran has a right to exist i don't think a arab nation has a right to exist uh the whole world would be condemning us like crazy but here the uh 33 of these gen zers those are between 18 and 24 are uh you know israel does not think about that have a right to even exist as a nation so when they're chanting from the river to the sea palestine must be free they mean to eliminate the state of israel it's not just a useful they understand it means that the jews have to be eliminated and uh am i looking at this there was um you know who that um what's his name lawrence jones he's a young black man working with fox news now he went out was talking to these uh pro-palestinian women and he was trying to uh have a debate really have it not a debate but talk and exchange views and get them to think and he said you know that there's no common ground there's no arguing with these people he said if we can't even meet at a common ground that women were raped and children were put in ovens on october 7th then we can't have any real conversation and all these women they said he said they're denying that october 7th happened they're saying it's propaganda and he said everywhere i've gone different campuses it's the same thing all of the students are under this impression that october 7th didn't happen people were not kidnapped women weren't raped and the reason for that is because of the propaganda put out and that's what you're hearing at nbc pms nbc cnn you're hearing all that but now uh folks there's only one remedy for all of the what has taken place there's only one answer folks and that's um the lord jesus christ that's the king of kings the lord of lords and the king of kings and uh this is this is reality everything that you're hearing about today again god's word the bible told you it was going to happen it's happening exactly it's exactly the way it said it would be now everything that is in the past was there because exactly the way god's word the bible said it would be everything that's happening today is here because just exactly the way god's word the bible says it would be and everything that is going to happen in the future it's already been played out just exactly the way god's word the bible says it will be so now here's here's the main thing and all of this right here uh folks that's that's the end when when everything else is done uh when the lord has come after the millennial kingdom the white throne judgment when we go into all of eternity uh folks there's not going to be every kneel bow anything left but those that are in glory and those that are in the burning lake of fire that's that's what it all boils down to that's what it all boils down to so now you are going to be in one of those two places everybody out there listening to me out now will be and everyone that's ever lived and everyone that's ever died will be in one of those two places you know you i mean you can believe whatever you want some people say why choose not to believe that that's all right you're going to end up there anyhow right um there's absolutely no chance the sun is going to shine tomorrow but god said it will yeah so there's absolutely no chance that it won't happen so here's what do you do that what's the remedy there's only one remedy folks to all of this the wages of sin is what death and death is what eternal death eternal it's separation from god forever huh yeah forever and so you've got an option okay you've got heaven and glory or you've got hell and torment okay now listen god gives you a choice he doesn't send anyone there okay they they end up sending themselves there he gives them he gives them an option he gives them an out right all they have to do is acknowledge the truth the truth is that you're a sinner and the truth is that you deserve hellfire but god gives you a way out the lord jesus well he took your sin upon himself he took your place upon that cross he died a substitutionary death he didn't have to do that so what you need to do is call upon the name of the lord do it tonight go to john the gospel of john chapter three read it and do it and so we're coming to that time where we come to every night at this time where we say god bless always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content the three-star general michael j flinn head of the pentagon intelligence agency knew all the government's dirty secrets he was one of the most respected generals in the military flinn knew what the intel world had been up to he understood its funding 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