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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

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April 24, 2024 6:08 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 4

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 24, 2024 6:08 am

Mike Tomlin admits he enjoys messing with reporters pre-draft | A whip-around the night of Stanley Cup Playoff action | These are not your father's Minnesota Timberwolves.

Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence

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Get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. Good morning to you. It is our home show middle show of the work week. Jay just had a revelation. I don't want to steal your thunder Jay. I was the one who brought up the very scintillating topic of Roger Goodell's unique middle name, which I'd never heard or seen before last hour. So you have another revelation to continue the mind-blowing nature of this addition of after hours. Yes, today is 4-24-24, which I just realized is the same forward and backwards.

4-24-24, 4-24. Wow. See, mind blowing.

Also mind numbing. There are people out there who hate us right now. They want us to be talking about the NBA and the NHL, the hoops and hockey playoffs, which we've done, but they're ticked that we have the goal, the nerve to talk about Roger Goodell's middle name and also to do Ask Amy Anything and then to talk about numerology. We don't always agree.

We don't always agree, but here's the thing is I get final say. The idea, the nerve that we have to build this as a sports show and not talk about sports 24-7, that's what people are thinking right now. A few of you, I'm going to get emails or well not emails, strongly worded texts and tweets and Facebook posts any second now.

It's coming. Some guy got mad earlier because we were using the first segment to kind of treetop and I told a story about my students and I don't know what else we were talking about in the first segment. We're kind of a soft open, if you will, and some guy writes on our Facebook page, can you just get to sports? I've got to get to work already. Oh, okay. Well, maybe pull out that handy dandy phone that you're using to post on Facebook and check out the sports yourself, squirt. I didn't want to hear about grumpy dolphins.

I don't know. Oh, that's right. I was a little worried about grumpy dolphins.

I was trying to warn people that I'll be playing with grumpy dolphins next week and I won't be here and he was not having it. I mean, when you find revelations like Roger Goodell's middle name and then it's 42424, you can't just hide these names. Never seen that name before ever, but I feel confident, even though we don't have confirmation from the commissioner himself, I feel confident that it's a family name. That was my first stab at it was this has got to be a family name. You nailed it.

Still, it's very unique. Check out my Twitter. If you've never seen Roger Goodell's middle name, and I'm telling you, you could guess 100 times and you wouldn't come up with it without googling it, so don't cheat. But yeah, go to my Twitter, A Law Radio.

Check it out. It's a neat tradition. It's a family tradition and I think it's awesome.

I respect him even more now. I think Detroit should refrain from booing Roger Goodell on Thursday night. I don't think that'll happen. The world might stop if they do. The fans are, I think they're pledged to uphold the tradition. You know, when you hear about these stories every now and now and then, when you've got a group of graduates leaving a sorority or fraternity and they pass something down to the next group or the next class of seniors or the incoming freshman, whatever, this is a tradition that has been passed down from one draft city to the next. You now have the honor and the distinct responsibility of booing the commissioner of the NFL when he walks across the stage. The thing is Detroit Lions fans are happier now than they've been in decades, so I don't know that they have it in them.

I could be wrong, but I think they could find it. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It is the middle show of the work week. It's our hump show.

If you missed Ask Amy Anything, you can get it. Hour three of our podcast. We are now just roughly 36 hours, a little over 36 hours away from the NFL draft and Roger Goodell's night to shine, and so there's that. We will blanket you with the coverage following Thursday's first round, so you don't want to miss our show after we see the first 32 picks.

It's always, it's now become, it wasn't always, but it's always these days an event and they take plenty of time and there are special guests and there are bells and whistles and pomp and circumstance, so the draft will take until midnight eastern time, midnight Detroit time, and I remember in 2019 I was part of our draft night coverage, so I was here on the air and our show was scheduled and our show was scheduled to go from eight to midnight eastern, so five to nine pacific, and we wondered would we have any time to analyze kind of in the wake of the draft would we be able to do an overview and hey this is where we were right, this is where we were wrong, this is what stands out. That was actually, what year was it that Daniel Jones got, no not Daniel Jones, it wasn't Jones, it was, shoot, it was the Saquon Barkley draft I think, what year was that? Was that 19? 18 or 19, I can look it up. Okay yeah, so I think it was the Saquon Barkley draft where the Giants went number two with Saquon, I believe that was the one.

18. Okay so it was that year when Saquon was drafted number two overall as opposed to the Giants taking a quarterback. Remember there was a big debate, so anyway it was that draft and I remember the final pick was the Patriots, so yeah that makes sense, it was coming off a Super Bowl win, so they had the last pick. They were choosing at 11 50 p.m eastern time, so we get off the air at 54 minutes before the hour, just so you know our our clock, it cuts us off at 54 42 right, that's the exact time, 54 42.

Right. At the end of every hour, 54 minutes 42 seconds and I remember we just barely got in the Patriots pick and that was it, we were done. No time to analyze, no time to say good night, just Patriots choose 32nd in the draft and see I wouldn't want to be. You got to announce the pick. Yeah that was it, so I've assumed now that this draft will take until midnight, which means of course that it puts kind of a crimp in our routine because I'm usually in the building right around that time or a little after, Jay is too, and so I don't want to listen to the last few picks on the radio, but I guess that's what I'm going to have to do, so jerks. Is it on? Is it covered on the radio?

Oh yes, the Sirius XM NFL radio will have it live as will other networks I'm sure, so we'll be doing that come tomorrow night, but for now we're doing fun things like Roger Goodell's middle name just because I saw it on the screen and thought, wait a minute, is that a misprint? I've never seen that before and what else do we talk about? Oh grumpy dolphins, of course. We've just had a good old time here on the show, on the hump show, getting you through the night. In honor of the NFL draft, before you get to some hoops in hockey, Mike Tomlin wants you to know he screws with you during this run up to the draft. Sometimes at pro days I'm looking at people that I'm not interested in because I know everyone's watching and so that's to be to be bluntly honest there's not a lot of my peers that work on the pro day circuit the way that I work and so I understand my movement, what I pay attention to, who I conversate with all becomes media fodder and so sometimes I have fun with you guys. Fodder. And so sometimes I have fun with you guys.

How did Mike Tomlin know that fodder is one of my favorite quirky words to drop in now and then? Fantastic. I love it. So he decides that he's going to pretend to scout, to look at, to watch, to observe guys that he's not even remotely interested in just to screw with us. It's awesome.

I love that. We got to keep a lid on it. It's devious. It is but it's also fun and it's so I think keeping in line with Mike Tomlin's personality just because the media gets to screw with him throughout the course of the entire season while training camp, preseason, all this stuff. He's required to do media availability and no doubt gets tired of it in 2.3 seconds later in the year right but this is the one time that he can just stir the pot. Must stink though if you're that high school or college kid and you're like, oh Mike Tomlin's coming here to see me.

No, no he's not even looking at you. Right, that's awesome. So thank you Mike Tomlin for admitting that all is not as it seems and this is why we tell you do not believe most of what you read and hear this time of the year but finally our questions will be answered and coming up later this hour just a quick snippet with our draft analyst who joined us from LA roughly two hours ago asked him what's the number one question about this NFL draft. I think there's probably a variety of answers depending upon who you ask but he gives us a unique one and then also how we believe or he believes the quarterbacks will be selected in that first round outside of Caleb Williams because Ryan Pauls, well he's decided he's done playing his cards close to the vest. We know what we're gonna do but everyone's gonna have to wait until Thursday. We know what we're gonna do but everyone's gonna have to wait until Thursday.

Yeah I don't think anyone's waiting with bated breath. It is no longer a secret. Yes, the Ryan Pauls card, well not card, but they have to submit it. Ryan Pauls as the GM will be submitting his pick and the Bears pick to Roger Goodell, number one overall. So technically the Bears have been on the clock for months now and yeah we get to finally clear up any misconceptions about one Caleb Williams. The Bears are not, not that they know exactly how it's going to play out, but they are not thrown off track by what people are saying about Caleb. They've done their own homework, they've done their interviews, they've watched the pro day, they've done the medicals, all that jazz and yeah this is not a secret. They could let us know beforehand but Ryan is saying you'll have to wait until Thursday.

Fine, we will wait a little while longer. Chicago number one overall and then the commanders where there's a ton of intrigue. What will they do? There's been a little bit of brouhaha over one of the quarterbacks that they're interested in in Jayden Daniels, the LSU Heisman Trophy winner. So yeah, who knows? Maybe the mystery starts there, maybe not, but I think that we're talking about an audience of at least 50 million people that's going to tune in for the first round of the NFL Draft. I'm going to go with that despite the fact that there are both NBA and NHL playoff games and Jay just for fun, I thought who are the sad saps who are going to have very few people watching their games on Thursday because they're up against the NFL Draft. Would you like to know?

I'd love to know. Thursday in the NBA, it's a triple header, Cleveland at Orlando and the way that series has started, I'm not sure there's a whole lot of drama, juice, sex appeal, a whole lot of buzz. We like to play the game buzz or no buzz every now and then. Does this have buzz?

No. Okay, well so then maybe you're not missing much there, but New York, Philadelphia, need we remind you how game two between the Knicks and the Sixers ended on Monday night. So here's where there might be some conflict producer, Jay, especially in light of what the NBA has told us in the last two minute report, but yeah, Knicks have a 2-0 lead in this series, but it's shifting to Philadelphia and I'm pretty sure we heard Joel Embiid very clearly when he said we're going to win this series. We're the better team, we're going to win this series. We're going to win this series. Despite being in an 0-2 hole, but if since we're on the topic producer Jay, would you care to bring back the very, I mean this was crazy, the very dramatic audio, this is the opposite of Cleveland Orlando, the last 30 seconds of Knicks and Sixers from Monday night. Loose ball picked up by DiVincenzo circling at the top of the arc into the corner Brunson pumping three-pointer left side front rim gets the roll three-pointer is good it's a two-point game Knicks down two with 27 seconds to go inbound is knocked away by Maxey gets the ball back falls to the floor stolen by Hart DiVincenzo three-pointer no good Hartenstein the offensive rebound he kicks it out to Adanobi DiVincenzo again knocks it down six lead 13 seconds to go time out Philadelphia. Man alive that wasn't even the entire 30 seconds but that was the the swing from being down five to then being up three which was the final score they had the last eight points we talked about it ad nauseam on our Monday night show into Tuesday morning one of the craziest comebacks that you'll see in a long time and they get the Jalen Brunson bouncer off the rim that goes through then it's a Philadelphia turnover now this was Tyrese Maxey who takes the inbound but the NBA the powers that be a lot of good this does after the fact but in the interest of transparency I guess the NBA wants you to know that yes Tyrese Maxey was fouled multiple times during that sequence you just heard on Nick's radio and are you ready that Nick Nurse called for a timeout the way that he's supposed to but the referees did not see it now I don't know if it changes the outcome however because of the tight confines of the final 30 seconds and being down five even if Jalen Brunson makes that three which again it was a bouncer it goes straight up and comes right down through the rim if Tyrese Maxey does not get fouled on the inbounds and according to the NBA not only did Brunson grab his jersey before the ball ever came inbound but he was then bumped by Josh Hart and I told you on our last show I was stunned that there was no whistle it Maxey hit the ground and and I'm all for letting guys play but it was really clear that he got knocked over and so I in that moment I thought oh shoot did the Sixers stop playing because I thought he got fouled and I was waiting for a whistle and then wondered if I just didn't hear it as I'm watching the game so he got grabbed by Brunson before the ball came inbounds and then he got knocked over by Josh Hart and so the the league is saying that either one of those should have been a foul because he did end up sprawled out on the ground and then dropped the ball and then of course the offensive rebound Dante DiVincenzo hits the go-ahead three so it's six points in the span of gosh 15 seconds and then you have the whole issue of the timeout after the Jalen Brunson three before they ever inbounded the ball and Maxey was fouled Nick Nurse wanted a timeout and he was furious after the game so was Joel Embiid who said Maxey did his job this is not on him you know we played our you know we played to win for 47 minutes and 20 something seconds and and then it you know essentially it was taken from us so the NBA is admitting that there were multiple mistakes made see I wish the NBA would go back and do the full 48 minute report because it bothers me that they only focus on the last two minutes and again what good does it do now it does zero good although I suppose if you want to admit that they were wrong great but there were other mistakes made and generally these mistakes even out in the wash so it's it's a little bit like offensive linemen in football whenever there's a snap there's holding it happens on every single play there is contact because it's a contact sport or it used to be there is contact on every single play you could call a foul on every single play and it would drive us berserk we don't want that but I also don't love the idea that it's more important in the final two minutes that bothers me people have theories oh you can't call that foul in the final two minutes well hell yeah you can if you would call it the first minute you could call it the final two minutes but also I don't have any issues with them allowing guys to play it's supposed to be tough and physical as long as you're calling it the same way at both ends that's the only thing I ask but I did think Maxie was fouled and so that that to me was a little bit drastic I didn't see Nick Nurse calling for the time out though so I can't blame the ref for that all right we've got that game on Thursday night game three in Philadelphia and yeah Jay and I are we're gonna have to be going back and forth with the DVR we're a little bit um a little bit bummed but it does start 30 minutes before the draft before Roger Goodell gets booed so you'll get at least the first part of it um and then you've got commercials plenty of commercials you can flip over the last game on Thursday night in hoops is Denver and LA this one goes back to LA Lakers blew a 20-point lead we got the Jamal Murray buzzer beater but here's the thing the defending champions have the Lakers number they have beaten them 10 consecutive times so who's to say that it will change uh in game number three though probably the end of that game will go later than the first round of the NFL draft that makes sense in hockey let's see if they're any smarter and they cleared the deck on Thursday uh no but there's only two games so the panthers who now are up two nothing on the Tampa Bay lightning that in-state battle thanks to sudden thanks to sudden death overtime you'll you'll hear that before the hour is up so that's the first game and then 30 minutes later it's the hurricanes who had a very dramatic comeback Monday against the Islanders on Long Island all right so there is something for everyone but I'm telling you the NFL draft will dwarf any of the numbers for hoops in hockey sorry when the NFL flexes its muscles there's really not a whole lot anybody can do about it I think it'll be particularly close not even Kaitlyn Clark as much as I think she's terrific but speaking of Kaitlyn did you hear the latest endorsement deal she signed wow we'll get to that it's just a lot to cram in between now and the top of the hour it's because we fell down the well I did and I dragged Jay with me fell down the Roger Goodell's middle name rabbit hole who knew who knew is that where is roger well there's the first ever where is roger shant oh I missed sunny night football like that okay it's after hours with Amy Lawrence good morning to you here on the infinity sports network you are listening to the after hours podcast turn back up the wall got the clear meekola wrists it back into the panthers that rims around the end wall near side willa bird trying to poke it away from the chuck loose out front that can't try and they score Carter Verhage upstairs and this one's over the panthers winning it over time three to the final Carter Verhage the game winner money time we're a pretty loose team and when we go into situations whether it's do or die and I think kind of we just kind of leave it all out there and like like I said it's just one play one play someone's got to make a play like chuckie made an awesome play Lundy made an awesome play and obviously I just finished it but it's kind of how it goes in those situations where you're just trying to make a play go out there lose have fun and I mean they go in sometimes I guess getting you to the good half of your week it's the Hump Show on after hours it can be that random in Sudden Death you've got two teams that are tired two teams that are putting it all out there and every now and then it doesn't matter if one team dominates the other team can have that that single stroke of genius in Sudden Death and the game is done kaput Finay now in this case the panthers they're used to this with Carter Verhage and on the panthers radio network he's the one who I guess it just went in was a backhand right and it went kind of top shellfish was pretty sweet I do love Sudden Death it's probably my favorite element of any playoff in any sport though I do believe March Madness has the perfect setup that's the perfect tournament and I prefer the NFL just because of all of the attention and the buzz around it but yeah Sudden Death playoff hockey is well it gives me heart palpitations you can feel it in your gut especially if it's a game seven oh I better not miss any of those while I'm in Hawaii okay let's just agree there'll be none of those until I get back Paul Maurice on on the bench is able to get a front row seat to Verhage's ability to do this time and again in the clutch I can't explain it I can't 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lately good things happen it's after hours with amy lawrence and producer jay here on the infinity sports network we had a chance to catch up with draft analyst joe daleone in la earlier on the show and just a couple of quick questions that a lot of people are asking in advance of thursday's first round what is the number one question about this 2024 nfl draft i think my number one question right now is what is going to happen at the second overall pick and i very important to say here i don't even know if the commanders are going to be making selection and i'm referring to the fact of what broke on friday the drama that has been unfolding with the commanders and the jane daniel situation where they had a group visit with some of the quarterbacks and it seems like that visit didn't go over very well as it was reported by adam shefner i had heard also from somebody close to the situation who confirmed that assumption that things are a bit rocky between the commanders and jane daniel so i'm curious on what happens there because ultimately that is going to be the biggest catalyst for what happens the rest of the draft if the commanders decide to say you know what despite things not going well we're still going to take him that is going to set us up for what the patriots do at three do they stay put do they take a quarterback when do the vikings trade up there's just so many things that can happen depending on what the commanders do in that second spot how likely are trades for other teams say in the second 10 who would like to get a quarterback and are interested in moving up yeah i think it's really likely that for a team like the raiders bronco is maybe a little less aggressive now that they went and got zack wilson which doesn't seem like that will dissuade them from trying to figure out their quarterback situation but the raiders the vikings and the broncos seem to be the most likely to make that move to trade up and go get somebody because all of their quarterback situations are way more unsettled than some of the teams that are picking inside the top 10 i still think that the most likely and easiest one is going to be the minnesota vikings whether they trade up to three with the new with the new patriots or if they move up to four with the arizona cardinals or maybe even five with the los angeles chargers they have the most on the table because their picks having 23 and also 11 in the first round are far more valuable than what is going to be available next year there's certainty what what those picks are going to be and this year's draft seemingly is more talented than next year so they seem to have the most and best chance of moving up and is it going to be drake mayor j.j mccarthy is still a big question we won't have answered till thursday how do you think these top five quarterbacks come off the board yeah i think as of right now i still obviously kato williams going number one to the chicago bears and the number two despite the drama i feel like jane daniels could still end up being a washington commander three i think if the patriots stay put that they're going to end up taking drake may uh and then at number four i really think that what will happen is the minnesota vikings that kind of led in there would end up moving up into that fourth spot where the cardinals are and go and take j.j mccarthy the fifth for me though is wide open and i i would pay the closest attention to what happened at the 12th spot with the denver broncos bow nicks makes the most sense that they can be the best fit for that team we saw how successful drew breeze obviously was playing for sean payton and how long his career was and not a direct comparison but you can see some similarities where both were very consistently accurate in short to intermediate areas and i think the bonus would be great for the bronco scheme a lot more with joe daleone of the believe network he's got the first team nfl draft podcast and they'll be doing a live show coming up during the first round but i also ask him about the great debate of this draft and the value in this draft we even talk defense though most people want to talk about wide receivers and quarterbacks so good stuff i appreciate that we have developed over the course of the last 11 plus years such a great network of analysts and insiders and reporters play-by-play and color announcers who are willing to hop on the show and to that end we're really excited about our guests for wednesday night show it will be available on our podcast of course if you don't hear it when it airs but val ackerman who is the commissioner of the big east so she's not just a big east women's basketball or big east basketball she's the commissioner of the entire conference and all of their various teams big he's getting a lot of attention of course because of uConn's back-to-back titles but also women's college basketball in general and i love the fact that the uConn women have got maybe the best player on their team now with a lot of other players going to the draft or graduating page beckers is back in the center of the spotlight for the uConn huskies and then she was the first ever commissioner of the wnba so not anymore in that role but she was there almost 30 years ago when the league launched i cannot wait to talk to her i've run across her and we've worked together in you know various years when i was doing play-by-play for the big east or when i was just traveling around doing play-by-play in women's basketball so i do know her we're familiar with one another we've had conversations before but this will be the first time for her joining our show here after hours so really psyched to talk to her and to hear how she describes the women's college basketball season that was with caitlin clark who is apparently going to sign a 28 million dollar deal with nike good for her that is awesome she's blazing a new trail she's setting records left and right but this one comes off the court as a reward for what she did on the court wall street journal and the athletic both reporting that she will get a signature shoe that the contract covers the next eight years so she think they think she is worth the eight years that she has staying power that will translate to the wnba 28 million dollars her agency is about to get a whole lot of pub for this one excel sports management good for her so she actually did have an nil deal but it expired when she graduated and so this new deal with nike would be the richest contract for a women's basketball player in the history of sponsorships i mean she's already sold more jerseys than what is it every player on the dallas cowboys combined or something like that that's crazy i know so she also had under armor and adidas who were interested although we don't know the numbers as well know the numbers that they were offering other than kind of ballpark but nike blew them out of the water what i'd heard is that it's actually 10 million dollars more than what the other companies were willing to offer her steph curry was involved in under armors pitch to her nice how do you turn down steph curry do you know who else is under armor tom brady is under armor or was i don't know if he is anymore but he was under armor too they've got some just uh jordan spieth is under armor too at least he was so they've got some pretty high profile athletes how do you turn that down like under armor personally i do too but i suppose if the money is so much higher with nike yeah so good for her excited she already made three million dollars in nil money when she was at iowa uh so it kind of cracks me up when people say she should take the money from the big three because she's making so little in terms of her salary in the wnba but it doesn't matter because she's making buku bucks and infinitely more with endorsements she does not have to make any more decisions based on money she's she's good as long as she manages it well and i'm happy for her nike believes she has staying power so i hope that answers a lot of the questions about her all right coming up from the wnba to the actual i don't know why i said that from the wnba to the nba it's just a different league strike strike the actual from the record uh we got a couple of theories that are even now which is good and also a career night for a different timber wolf timber wolf a different wolf a career night for a different wolf not named cat or ant all right that should do it so an ant no a wolf not named cat or ant no it's a wolf it's a different wolf not an ant not an ant no bugs ew no bugs it's after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after worried about letting someone else pick out the perfect avocado for your perfect impress them on the third date guacamole well good thing instacart shoppers are as picky as you are they find ripe avocados like it's their guac on the line they are milk expiration date detectives they bag eggs like the 12 precious 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the mark of a fight trick responsibly beer imported by crown import chicago illinois now bounce pass birthing to luka in the lane left corner washington for three got it how about that from pj washington second three in the corner 16 in the game maverick's again by eight 84 76 on the drive george tried to strip him luka got it back to the right the cleaver open for three got it maxi cleaver in game two against utah remember two years ago he had eight three pointers tonight his second one monstrous 87 to 81 seven to shoot six five four try to drive it step back for three hit it and luka let the crowd know in a timeout by tyron lou this is after hours with amy lawrence the voice of a crazed chuck cooperstein a friend of mine on the maverick's radio network and why not this was a tight game between the mavs and the clippers taking place in la and one in which neither team led by more than 10 and right there makes it a game worth watching considering that we often have blowout city within the confines of a seven game series too many blowouts so i'm good with a game in which neither one goes up by 10 and actually neither team scores 100 points both teams were under 100 it was 90s basketball at its best that's the assessment of jason kidd it's after hours with amy lawrence a 14-nothing run by the mavericks in the fourth quarter is what made the difference so they go from down a handful a handful to up and luka doncic kyrie irving they hit some magnificent shots though luka he's the one right doesn't matter how you guard him when he is on he's nearly automatic and they were seeing this game as a must win as you can imagine we had to make noise in the second game you know first game wasn't our best game so we had to come out here and prove that we can play with them now the clippers did get kawaii leonard back on the court he played 35 minutes it was a slower burn to start the game though only four points in the first half he was over five from beyond the arc he did finish with 15 and seven rebounds uh and i'm sure they're glad to have him back but i'm excited about him finding that flow again also paul george was in foul trouble which didn't help just been rehabbing trying to get on the floor um but you know um we still got more games to play um more time to get better and uh you know that's what i'm focused on i thought he did a good job you know i thought he didn't try to force anything in that first half i thought he just let the game come to him and then in the third quarter i think we got down nine and he kind of just took over the game as far as scoring the basketball offensive rebound steals and things like that and so um if we play that hard like i said we're in great shape and so um you know they came in and won a game which we didn't play our best and so we'll be ready to go to dallas we'll be ready on friday yeah he's still a great two-way player and so i should mention he also had four steals and a block as well so kawhi leonard just by virtue of his athleticism and his size he's got reach good better than good defensive player and maybe he's lost the step he used to be the best two-way player in the nba so maybe he's not quite that anymore with all the injuries but you're better with kawhi leonard on the court so it's good to see him but both teams played pretty strong defense clippers only shot 37 percent in this one and it was a lot of fun as i say to see this tug of war between these two teams in the west it's after hours on cbs sports radio in the other series that was taking place in the west i don't know what's going on with the suns but they have zero answers whether it's anthony edwards who went off in game number one they limit him i wouldn't say they lock him down but they really limit him in game two instead it's jaden mcdaniels that burns them 25 points a career high for jaden eight rebounds and so he ends up with nearly as many points as carl anthony towns and anthony edwards combined and yet that's still enough for the minnesota timberwolves to take a two-nothing lead on the suns it's a great feeling i mean not playing last year i was like kind of antsy to play this like the first game in this game so just being in this environment and being in the playoffs i mean it's like a dream come true for me playing with a lot of force um you know finishing strong around the basket and being confident shot and you know and the job he's doing on the other end of the floor is you know fighting through every single screen getting hit a bunch um you know i just thought he had a special performance tonight really special do you guys remember why he didn't participate in the playoffs last year jay do you remember the story he he was angry and punched a wall and broke his hand classic yeah so he because of that uh he was unable to play last year with the wolves in the postseason i don't know if it would have changed things um but yeah i like how he just kind of says being unable to play last year um you can imagine that's the type of lesson you do not soon forget so good for him and and as for the suns i mean this is rough because kevin durant uh devin booker bradley beal this is supposed to be the big three that's what they're called sort of they go 18 of 45 against that minnesota defense so really don't play well but frank vogel is sure that this is not the end of the suns we got a great team all right we got a great team devin booker says the same thing though this team has really kind of fizzled in the second half only 42 points uh which is about the same as what they had the second half of the opener don't count us out you know it's a series for a reason you know i don't think any road teams won so far you know i know that doesn't have anything to do with us but you know it's just situation that it is all right back to the drawing board i heard producer jay in the newsroom earlier talking with a fellow nets fan in which they were giggling over the fact that kd lost again that's all we got unfortunately you can't say the same thing about kyrie though no unfortunately not one of them had to win and of course i'm being i'm being tongue-in-cheek i don't care but james harden true to form again goes two for ten from beyond the arc and actually none of the clippers shot well from deep on uh tuesday night but i'm not a system player i am a system just ew just ew all around come on bruh yeah bruh it's after hours here on cbs sports radio uh while we're talking west it's you've got the eight seed and the one seed the pelicans and the thunder who will tip off again tonight and this was a really good game it was a close game in the opener uh still no Zion Williamson though and actually he was having a hard time watching game one on the bench man i i love hooping i really love hooping so you know it was uh bittersweet for me if i'm being honest it was really bittersweet because the whole time i just kept like envisioning myself out there my impact on the game um but at the same time i had to put aside my personal feelings and be there for my teammates but the energy was the energy was great uh okc's fans really came out um and it was a playoff environment so for Zion this is tough it reminds me of well really any athlete would probably tell you the same thing it was highly competitive but how clay thompson was when he missed the better part of two and a half years with the warriors and how hard it was for him to sit in the arena and watch the team as much as he wanted to be out there now Zion did say he's definitely uh hopeful that he can return this series though right now with that hamstring they don't have any timetable or any definitive he's still working on passing all the tests still nothing on yanis other than he's there on the bench and the the kind of roller coaster ride for the bucks it has returned because even though they get another i think it was 35 points from damian lillard uh last night or no 34 excuse me they can't match up with the pacers who found that stroke again how about Pascal Siakam he already has 73 points in the first two games for the pacers and and maybe that's uh what will be the difference because he was traded to the pacers back in january so good stuff tonight you'll finally hear from brock birdie i teased it i teased it i didn't get to it i'm sorry i will make it up to you have a great wednesday it's after hours with avi lawrence boom this episode is brought to you by progressive insurance whether you love true crime or comedy celebrity interviews or news you call the shots on what's in your podcast queue and guess what now you can call them on your auto insurance too with the name your price tool from progressive it works just the way it sounds you tell progressive how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget get your quote today at to join the over 28 million drivers who trust progressive progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law listen as selenia tells us why she chose to vaccinate her daughter i definitely felt like the pros far outweighed the cons the diseases that i am protecting my child against they're still here and at the end of the day it's my job as a mother to keep my child safe talk to your child's doctor and learn more at brought to you by merck you could spend the weekend doing the same old whatever or you could conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit hunday for more details hunday there's joy in every journey
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