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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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April 23, 2024 9:07 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 23, 2024 9:07 pm

Caitlin Clark Nike contract revealed l Ty Lue says Kawhi Leonard is playing in Game 2 l Andy Reid gets massive extension


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That's 855-212-4227. You can find me online everywhere at JR Sport Brief. Thank you to everybody locked in on the free Odyssey app. People tuned in on their local Infinity Sports Network affiliate. People on Sirius X at 158.

You can always ask a smart speaker to play the Infinity Sports Network. We're going to be rolling for the next two hours. Consider this halftime of the show. The show gets started every single weekday at 6 p.m Eastern, 3 Pacific. Coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Super producer and host Ryan Hickey. He is holding it down for us on the boards in New York City.

And thank you to you. There is no show without you. We've had a busy show so far. A lot of basketball going on. Of course, the NBA playoffs underway. Speaking of this, Minnesota currently leads the Phoenix Suns 11-5.

Just underway in the first quarter. We heard from the upset Sixers. The NBA says they have reason to be upset.

Our referees missed some of the calls. And then also, right before we went to break, we actually did talk about the Nuggets going over the Lakers. And yeah, LeBron James was upset after the game.

And it's not just because of the referees sticking a joint up. We also talked about the game because the Jokic brothers, well at least one of them, punched a Lakers fan in the face after the game last night. And you would think after the game that you'd be happy as a Nuggets fan. That you'd be happy being Jokic's brother.

You'd just be walking on air. Everything should be perfect in your world. But no, they punched a fan in the face. And so the NBA is investigating.

I think the police might also be looking into this. And I don't know. Hickey, if this was somebody else in the NBA, if this was anybody else's siblings, I think there'd be more attention. But I think because Jokic is so low key, there's really no personality. Everything is so quiet. Everything is pushed to the side. This isn't like blowing up the way if this were like, let's say, pick somebody.

Hickey, help me out. LeBron's brother is fighting fans? If LeBron, does he, I don't think he has a brother, does he? No, but if he did in this imaginary situation.

Oh yeah. If LeBron's brother punched a fan in the face, it'd be national news. Without a shot of a doubt. Let's see.

What would it be? Who else could we think of? What about Kevin Durant?

He knows that he's on the rise. Well, yeah. Well, how about this? Russell Westbrook has a brother. Russell Westbrook's brother is like 5'7". So I don't know if the best example, but imagine if somebody yelled out Westbrook in a game and Russell Westbrook's brother went and punched him.

It'd be news all over the place. With Jokic, this is just, it's quiet. It's business as usual, it feels like to me.

Maybe people are afraid. Of the Jokic brothers? I would be. Oh, well, I mean, and you know what? It doesn't even matter. Like, you can't even get these guys for assault now either, could you? Oh, yeah, maybe you're right. I don't know.

I mean, it's on video. Well, you think they're going to get hit with assault? You think he's going to get hit with an assault charge? No, I don't think so. When push comes to shove, I guess could you do it? Maybe. Could you try to sue? Possibly.

Yeah. Try to get as much money as you can out of the Jokic family. That might be a good strategy there.

That might've been the strategy from the get-go. Taunt the brother until he punches you in the face and then sue the family after the fact. I mean, everybody knows Jokic is, God, I gotta be making 50 mil plus a year, so might as well go after the money. Which maybe let's put that 50 mil to good use.

Put your brothers in a box going forward. How about that? Yeah, I think that that might be one of the solutions if the NBA has anything to say about it. But we do know this. The Jokic family, they got enough money.

They ain't necessarily worried about anything. And speaking of money, earlier today, and what we're going to get into some of the NFL draftees, especially the quarterback prospects later on in the show. I want to tell you this. Last week, there was a big to do about Kaitlyn Clark and the fact that Kaitlyn Clark was in the midst of potentially signing a big old deal with Nike. We didn't know the number.

We didn't know the sum. It looked like she was on her way to getting a signature shoe and it blew up online. A lot of people were upset. How can Kaitlyn Clark get a shoe before Asia Wilson? How come Kaitlyn Clark is getting the deal instead of Asia, who is a New York Times bestseller and an MVP?

And a lot of people really, I guess, don't understand that it all boils down to dollars and cents, its marketability. And when you take a look at Kaitlyn Clark, I mean, they're moving a lot of her games from 10,000, 8,000 seat arenas to 20,000 seat arenas. They're taking Kaitlyn Clark and they are selling out arenas, not stadiums yet.

She may be on her way to that. Well, was she, well, Hickey, didn't she do that in college already? Didn't they put her in a stadium in Iowa? I believe it's the largest ever women's basketball game like attendance.

Yeah, outside in Kinnick Stadium. They've sold out of her jersey on draft night. I mean, Kaitlyn Clark is everywhere. Kaitlyn Clark hosted, oh no she wasn't host, excuse me, but she was a guest on Weekend Update on SNL. Who knew that Kaitlyn Clark had a funny bone?

I mean, you listen to this and you tell me whether or not she's funny. I think you're a great great basketball player. I mean, I can't play like you do. Yeah, we know. And obviously I can't tell jokes like you do.

Thank you for that. But I did write some jokes and it would mean a lot to me if you read some of them. This year Kaitlyn Clark broke the record for three pointers in a single season and I have three pointers for Michael Che.

1B, 2 funnier, 3 dumbass. Come on now, like that's a different level of celebrity when you are called to host Saturday Night Live. I mean, we can think about somebody like Travis Kelce who got the call to host Saturday Night Live. Kaitlyn Clark has moved into a different space and so anybody who wants to complain about Kaitlyn Clark and her shoe deal, look at what she's accomplished on the court.

It don't matter if it's the pros or in college. Look at the amount of attention she gets and it's real simple. All the shoe companies thought that they would be getting this money back and so we actually got some numbers today. You know, I guess somebody leaked the numbers, okay. Kaitlyn Clark reportedly has in front of her an eight-year deal with Nike. 28 million dollars, okay.

That is eight years. 28 million dollars over the eight years. That amounts to about three and a half million dollars per year. Kaitlyn Clark just reportedly made about three million dollars in endorsements, NIL money, name, image and likeness money from her time in college this past season.

And so everybody can complain about what she's making as a rookie, 76,000 bucks. What about the three and a half that's coming from Nike? What about the other, I don't know, four to ten million dollars that you'll probably also make in endorsements. Kaitlyn Clark is not going broke and to make that much from Nike, think about this. Three and a half million dollars a year over eight years sounds like a deal to me.

If you're Nike, like Nike, and I'm not no mathematician, okay. I'm going to think that over the breadth of this deal to pay Kaitlyn Clark 28 million bucks, Nike is going to make much, much more than 28 mil. It's like they got a big old discount out of Kaitlyn Clark and yet nobody can predict the future.

We don't know if she's going to go into the WNBA and just be a regular all-star, a star, a starter, or whether or not she's going to be the biggest thing in women's professional basketball. We don't know that, but they got a deal out of her. I hope whatever parameters are put in that contract that she can make a whole lot more than that. And not only did we get the deal or get the numbers on her Nike deal, we found out what other teams, other shoe companies offered. Under Armour said here's 16 million dollars over four years. Adidas said here's six million dollars over four years.

Adidas can get the hell up on out of here. And Kaitlyn Clark, well it appears that she's going to be with Nike. And Kaitlyn Clark, you think about the contract? I just hope that she blows it up at the next level. I mean she deserves it. SNL, stadiums, arenas, 36 out of her 40 games with the Indiana Fever will be nationally televised, available for anybody to take a look at.

And so Kaitlyn Clark elevating her game just to another level. Think about it this way, for everybody who wants to whine and complain about why Asia Wilson or somebody else didn't get a lucrative shoe contract, a signature shoe, hey how about the man we talked about last hour, just a few minutes ago? Nikola Jokic is about to be a three-time NBA MVP. Hickey, do you know what Jokic wears on his feet? Zero idea.

I have none either. He could be out there with the Fred Flintstone 12s for all I know. Nikola Jokic, what's his marketability? I see him on the commercial, what else is he selling? Nothing. I can look at Nikola Jokic and I can, what is exciting about him?

I mean you can be accomplished, you could be one of the best of the best, but if there's not an attraction, why do people care? Like Kaitlyn Clark is from the Midwest. Kaitlyn Clark shoots like nobody we've ever seen before. And I believe I said this last week, Hickey, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know if we had this conversation on air, if we had it privately, if I had it with somebody else, but Kaitlyn Clark has an opportunity to change women's basketball the way that Michael Jordan helped change and impact the NBA. Did I say that on air last week?

I think you did. That sounds familiar. It's true. Like there's a buzz and an excitement factor. And yeah, she's going to get knocked around by the vets, those old angry WNBA veterans who want to show her the ropes. Michael Jordan got knocked around, right? Michael Jordan came into the league and he's like, yeah, I'll get you 35 points and I'll shoot and I'll shoot and I'll shoot some more. And he got smacked around by everybody. This young athletic dude trying to show us up, let's drive him into the ground. Go ask the Pistons, go ask Isaiah Thomas, go ask everybody, everybody about MJ.

He got beat down so much, Michael Jordan said, I got to go into the gym and get better and get bigger and get stronger just to deal with the abuse. It's a hard knock life out here. Everybody's always trying to take your spot. And now that we got the numbers from Kaitlyn Clark's deal, Hickey, you know what I've heard today in regards to these numbers? You know what I've heard today?

Let's hear it. Nothing. Nothing.

Because what are people going to do? You're going to complain now about the money that she's making? It's one thing to go, well, how come she got a signature shoe deal? Well, somebody else should have got a signature shoe deal.

Is anybody going to say I deserve that amount of money? And by the way, like I said, Hickey, three and a half for her. That's that's like a steal, don't you think? Oh, from Nike, 100 percent. You are so right. Again, just the jersey sales alone show you getting sold out in night number one of the draft.

Her shoes, whenever they do come out and on the market, are going to fly off the shelves. Yeah. In an eight year deal, I would think that there's like an opt out in there. Right. This not for eight years.

Think about this as well. Kaitlyn Clark, over the next eight years with this Nike deal, she very well might compete in like the next two or three Olympics. Like just they're getting a whole lot of bang for their buck, not just domestically here in the States. They have an opportunity to make a global impact with Kaitlyn Clark. I mean, I am not going to go this far.

I'm not that delusional. Michael Jordan, and granted, totally different game, but we know Michael Jordan in his peak at his peak was a global figure, was a global icon, became a billionaire off of the Jordan brand. I am not going to sit here and tell you at any stretch that Kaitlyn Clark is going to grow in the United States. I will tell you at any stretch that Kaitlyn Clark is going to grow and be that for women's basketball. But she can be the biggest star.

She already is the most marketable star. And not to say that she's going to go out there and generate billions and billions of dollars with the Kaitlyn Clark brand. But I will tell you this, Nike is going to make a whole hell of a lot more $28 million that they're going to pay her. And so, you know, a couple of months ago when Ice Cube said, here's $5 million, please come and play for the big three. Does Kaitlyn Clark look like she needs Ice Cube's $5 million?

The answer is no. It's been reported that Nike and all of these shoe companies were already negotiating with Kaitlyn Clark before she even finished that final season in Iowa. Before she even went on that run towards a championship, which we know, unfortunately for her, she wasn't successful at. Kaitlyn Clark continues to make bank. She's making all the money. $28 million over eight years from Nike. That's $3.5 million a year.

And to me, that seems like one big old discount. Congratulations, Kaitlyn Clark. I can't wait to see who complains next. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Speaking of next, we're going to take a break. When we come back, I told you that, you know, there's always people looking for an edge. I said the Jokic brothers, they got too much of an edge. They punched a fan in the face and well, it looks like the Falcons and the Eagles, they look for too much of a competitive edge, especially when it came down to signing Kirk Cousins and Saquon Barkley. I want to tell you what happened with these two teams on the other side of the break. We'll take a look at the Pacers and the Bucks. It looks like they're going to get ready to play in a few minutes. And then the Chiefs, speaking of money, the Kansas City Chiefs, their management, looks like they got some, some nice raises.

I'll fill you in on it all. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on the Infinity Sports Network. T-Mobile has invested billions to light up America's largest 5G network from big cities to small towns, including right here in yours. And great coverage is just the beginning. Right now, families and small businesses can save up to 20% versus AT&T and Verizon when they switch.

Visit your local T-Mobile store today. All right football fans, the NFL Draft is almost here and the free Odyssey app brings you the latest coverage from the biggest sports radio stations across the country. Which players will help your team the most? Who will make a draft day trade?

Will they be ready for week one? The local conversations about the team you love. All streaming free right here on the Odyssey app. AUD ACY.

Download it today. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. 855-212-4227. Much loved all the truck drivers out there.

Everybody making the country, making the economy go and flow. You reach out to me as well at JR Sport Brief. We're going to get into, I told you about the Falcons and also the Eagles might be in a little bit of trouble.

I give you the update there. We actually just got word because we got three additional NBA games that are going on tonight. Right now Phoenix and Minnesota in the second quarter. Phoenix leads Minnesota 26 to 24. And then in a few minutes from now we're going to have the Pacers taking on the Bucks. We know that there will be no Giannis Atetokounmpo tonight still dealing with that calf strain. And then the late game that's going to get started in about an hour of 45 minutes. We got Dallas and the Clippers.

Alright. In game one Dallas lost to the Clippers 109 to 97. But it looks like they're going to get a major reinforcement. Kawhi Leonard expected to play basketball tonight. Hasn't played the entire month of April with knee inflammation. And head coach of the Clippers Ty Lue. He just finished chatting it up with the media.

And listen to what Ty Lue had to say about Kawhi. Available for tonight? Yeah he's playing. Is he playing with no has he not gone through contact at this point? Yeah he's done all the necessary things he has to do you know to get on the floor. And so he's checked every box and the medical's doing a great job just making sure he checks those boxes. And would never put a guy on the floor that's not ready to go.

And so he's ready to go. The man last played basketball on March 31st. And Kawhi Leonard. Yeah this is the same Kawhi Leonard who has a history of leg issues.

Knee injuries and torn meniscus and ligaments and thigh. It just. Kawhi Leonard can you count on this man to stay healthy?

The answer is is no. And so the Clippers I mean good on them they take it on a Dallas Mavericks team that basically has two stars and then a bunch of garbage men behind them. No offense to PJ Washington and and Tim Hardaway Jr.

But we know that this team is it's top heavy. And the Clippers yeah the stars might be aging they might be a little bit busted up. Westbrook off the bench. James Harden. Kawhi. Paul George. The Clippers have more depth than the Dallas Mavericks.

And so yeah this can be an interesting series. If Luka Doncic or Kyrie is going to just carry the Dallas Mavericks. But let's see what Kawhi does. Hickey how many minutes tonight for Kawhi? 25 or 30 minutes. 30 minutes or more I should say. Over under on 30. Oh trying to predict Kawhi's minutes.

This is gonna be fun. I'm gonna take the over just because it's Kawhi Leonard. Logic would tell you if this was any other player who hasn't played in a month. I know it's the playoffs but you would still try to ease them in.

It doesn't even sound like he was doing a lot of contact work and practice even up to this point. But you never know Kawhi. If he's out there I'm going to trust that he's feeling good and that means he's going to play a lot. So over under 30 I'll take the over.

Wow I hope so. To be honest between him and Joel Embiid I couldn't tell you who who's more reliable. I guess Kawhi at this stage would be more reliable than Embiid right? Yes and he's gone through the playoffs we've seen before right uninjured and won a title. We've never I think Embiid the only time he actually truly had no ailment was in the bubble swept by the Celtics in four games. Otherwise I mean knee foot face hand thumb.

It's always something. It's bad it's bad when you can have these conversations and these are supposed to be the stars right? These are supposed to be the superstars. These well Kawhi Leonard is going into the Hall of Fame without a shadow of if Kawhi Leonard quit playing basketball tomorrow he's going into the Hall of Fame.

He's going into Springfield. Can I say the same about Joel Embiid? If Joel Embiid never played basketball again is he a Hall of Famer? I guess the answer is yes right? I would say so. In part because the bar is so low for the NBA or I'm sure I'm sorry the Basketball Hall of Fame I would probably say yes.

Yeah it's just crazy that you can have this conversation about two dudes who can never ever stay healthy. So yeah let's see what Kawhi Leonard does tonight as the the Clippers are trying to go up 2-0 against the Dallas Mavericks with a little bit of help. Now there's another star he is not returning tonight that would happen to be Giannis Atetokounmpo. I don't know if the Milwaukee Bucks are going to have the same success. On Sunday night they beat the Indiana Pacers.

The final score was 109 to 94. Damian Lillard came out of the game came out of the gates like a man on fire. Dropped 35 points did it in the first half and then after the game made sure that yeah just reminded somebody like Tyrese Edwards somebody like Tyrese Halliburton. Man when you actually win you got to be humble about it and so this was a little bit of payback for Damian Lillard who also let the crowd know this is why you brought me here to Milwaukee. Unfortunately there is no Giannis he's going to have to duplicate the feat. Is it going to have to be the 35 points? If we could only wish or hope so but we have to see what they do. Doc Rivers he knows that even though he went out there and dropped 35 the entire team we got to step up and do better.

Listen to Doc. Indiana is good and you know they're going to be better and we're going to have to be better. That's the other message today is everybody every team in the playoffs grows and by the end someone's really good. Our job is to all right that's over with now let's get better for the next game and then let's keep getting better.

That's the key for us. I know we talked about a lot of like upset people earlier on in the show some of them justifiably saw Aaron Boone not happy got thrown out of a game for no reason yesterday. LeBron James not happy with the NBA and it's it's you know replay what do they call that stupid facility replay center is that what they call it Hickey?

The replay center in Circaucus New Jersey. Yeah LeBron not happy with that stupid place. Nick Nurse not happy. Couldn't get a time out.

We heard from a lot of unhappy people. Doc Rivers just is he ever happy? He's destroying James Harden.

He's destroying well maybe he has good reason to destroy these people. Killed James Harden. Destroyed Ben Simmons. Made Ben Simmons cry and wind his way out of Philly. Ben Simmons well Doc Rivers gets the job in Milwaukee. Complains about the job and now Doc Rivers just wants his team to play better.

What else is new? Miles Turner well his team was on the losing end and he says that we definitely got to do better otherwise we gonna be in an 0-2 hole. It didn't need to happen.

It did need to be like a little you know you got punched first little smack across the face like all right come on we're here now we're in this moment now as opposed to you know waiting a week for the moment to get here so you know I think that that experience we know was good but now like I said it is no excuses you know this time of the year you can't you know hang your hat on you know stuff like that. Yeah the bucks and the paces are scheduled to get underway any minute now and so we don't got to wait for that and speaking of waiting when we come back on the other side of the break I want to talk about two teams that allegedly did not wait. That's the Atlanta Falcons and signing Kirk Cousins. It's the Philadelphia Eagles and signing Saquon Barkley. They did not wait and it looks like there might be a punishment coming on down the line.

It's just a matter of when. 855-212-4227 before we do any of that I want to let you know about the player of the week sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed forces DoD veterans and their families their members are the mission you can learn more at Jared Allen yeah the main place for the Cavs. This man grabbed every rebound imaginable 20 rebounds scoring 16 points the Cavs beat the Magic 96-86 to go up 2-0 in their series last night. Jared Allen he's grabbed 38 rebounds in the first two games as Orlando looks to save their series at home trying to avoid an 0-3 hole on Thursday. Yeah that's the other NBA matchup in the playoffs that a lot of people aren't talking about. They're two young teams that nobody expects much out of.

What can you do? It's the JR Sport Reshow here on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm going to tell you about the Falcons.

We're going to get into the Eagles and then we'll tell you the positive news for the team that just won a championship the Kansas City Chiefs. Don't go anywhere it's the JR Sport Reshow. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief.

Oh no problem no problem and some folks it takes a little bit longer for them to get their opinions out but I appreciate you nonetheless. 855-212-4227 is the number if you want to share your opinion it's 855-212-4227. You can find me online I am at JR Sport Brief. We gave you an update on everything going on in the NBA. You also just heard the update from Rich Ackerman on the other side and there's a there's a lot of football updates and I feel like this is the quiet before the storm because we know the NFL draft is going to take place this Thursday in Detroit. As I mentioned to you here on the Infinity Sports Network we got you covered.

Okay we have coverage both myself and Bart Winkler. We're going to break down all of the picks. We're going to share the picks with you live here on the Infinity Sports Network. We're going to give you the insight and so you don't have to go anywhere we got you covered and at the top of the hour I want to spend some time talking about some of the the draft picks because I want everybody to come down to reality. You think about the NFL draft and you really take a look at the prospects and you look at the individuals that will hopefully turn your franchise around but the reality is a lot of the players that will be drafted this upcoming Thursday especially the quarterbacks it is more likely that they fail than it is that they go out there and succeed.

So we'll talk about some I want to give you some test cases and some studies on some players of the past and in recent history that haven't been up to snuff. They were expected to turn things around and well and more realistically they probably got turned turned into crap and then sent out of town but we'll get to that at the top of the hour. Let's Hickey should we do some good news or some bad news first what do you think? Oh there's been a lot of maybe not bad news but anger today let's do some good news first. This news dropped yesterday this is good news for everybody who's a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs it looks like the Chiefs yeah they might have to go to another city like I don't know maybe Kansas City Kansas but the good news is they have continuity when it comes to management. I want you to take a listen to this breaking news that popped yesterday courtesy of CBS Sports HQ. Stan from the NFL where Andy Reid isn't going anywhere people the Chiefs announced the contract extension for the 66 year old head coach as well as GM Fred Veitch and the team president Mark Donovan. Reid's deal is going to run through 2029 and NFL network reports that it's going to make him the highest paid head coach in the league and remember Kansas City coming off their third Super Bowl title in the Reid era.

They've also won eight straight AFC West titles and have made six straight appearances in the AFC title game. Oh congratulations to the Chiefs come on now I mean before we even got to the postseason or when we got to the postseason there were questions about Andy Reid. Was he going to retire in his Hawaiian shirts? Was Andy Reid going to end up in Florida somewhere sitting on a beach?

Is he going to just eat hamburgers and cheeseburgers? Was Andy Reid going to just retire off into the sunset? And now we know the answer is no and we don't know coach's salaries per se. It's been reported that as of last year and even this year that Bill Belichick is making about I don't know 25 million dollars or so a year as a head coach and so if Andy Reid is now the highest paid I'm going to make an assumption that Andy Reid is making somewhere between I don't know 25 to 30 ish million dollars a season to coach and this is a deal that's going to take him to 2029? It's like the Kansas City Chiefs got enough money to do every and anything except for actually fix the locker rooms right?

They can build a suite. They can give Andy Reid a giant contract. They can give the GM Brett Veitch a deal. He's been the GM since 2017. Mark Donovan has been with the squad as president since 2011.

I think he's been with the team since 2009. Everybody can get paid. Andy Reid 30 mil a year but they can't renovate the locker room and they also can't pay for money for their own stadium.

They want the taxpayers to go out there and do it and so it's good to know that the Kansas City Chiefs have money and that at least Andy Reid is going to be around for a long time unless he just wants to quit. I mean Hickey how many championships do you wake up and just go I've had enough? The answer is zero right? I guess so.

I mean yeah I guess so. I don't think there's a number right now for Andy Reid. Andy Reid has three Super Bowls. He's going to be here since 2009. I guess if there is any type of goal for the Kansas City Chiefs none of this is ever guaranteed.

You just got to roll with it. They got to be in the back of their minds chasing the New England Patriots right? Patrick Mahomes just did his interview with Time magazine the Time 100. He's one of the most influential human beings on Time's list and he's just like you can't consider me to be one of the greatest players of all time. One of the greatest quarterbacks I haven't done it long enough. Well in the case of Andy Reid when you think about his accomplishments in both the AFC and the NFC and going to Super Bowls and the playoff wins he's really in a lot of cases second to Belichick. I mean when it comes to playoff wins Andy Reid has 26. Belichick has 31. I mean this could really be two more playoff seasons and Andy Reid could jump Belichick in that case. Bill Belichick has a total of eight Super Bowl rings. You count in his time as a defensive coordinator, as a head coach. Bill Belichick has six. You want to tell me that Andy Reid doesn't say man if I can only tack on three more and then when you think about regular season wins Andy Reid is only behind Don Shuler, George Hollis and then Bill Belichick. Realistically there is no guarantee that Bill Belichick is going to be back in the NFL leading a team to try to you know keep Andy Reid at bay. If you want to look at the Kansas City Chiefs and say oh yeah well every season if they average 10 wins just by happenstance and you think about and you think about his contract that takes him to 2029 well we got the 24 season 25 26 27 28 29 that would be 60 more wins and if you think about 60 more wins for a man who currently has 258 that would give him 318 victories it would tie him with George Hollis.

Now Hickey am I doing too much by doing all this math? You think so? No no I think this is I mean this is I'm with you in the sense that you look now right it's been Belichick Belichick Belichick in terms of I mean Super Bowls he has obviously but like wins record. Reid I would bet my money right now that he'd be the one that to get the record over Belichick right now with his longevity with how well the Chiefs are playing and like you said who even knows if Bill is back on a team ever again coaching? Yeah we don't know if Belichick is going to come back and then we don't know in all honesty if Andy Reid is going to see out the rest of this this contract. Yeah he's 66 and it's one thing to tackle in six more years and go hey you're going to push it to 72 it's pretty much where Belichick is at just about right now but things change. I say enjoy the ride this much I know for sure Andy Reid is already a Hall of Famer he's going to go into the Hall of Fame that's been cemented and right now it's just really trying to see you know how much you can tack on I think for both Andy Reid and then also you take a look at Patrick Mahomes they are quote unquote chasing the ghosts of the Patriots they are a dynasty and it's going to be fun to see you know what what these next several years look like and how they continue to retool the team. Brett Veitch, President Mark Donovan and Andy Reid all getting extensions that will take them to 2029 that's the good news now Hickey now I got to share the bad news right? Unfortunately let's go there. My apologies in advance to all my Falcons fans there are plenty and they will be messaging me and all this other stuff the Falcons are being investigated for talking to Kirk Cousins too damn soon yeah the Falcons are being investigated by the NFL for tampering we know Kirk Cousins got himself a four-year contract 180 million dollars but here's the deal the Falcons signed him on the first day of the legal tampering period let's also keep in mind we got a lot of rumors days before this period even started that that we we got you know where there's smoke there's fire that Kirk Cousins his wife is from Atlanta and then Kirk Cousins told all of these stories at his introductory press conference it was like Kirk Cousins was on ice it was like surprising the kids for a birthday party it's like hey let's stash them in the backyard and then I don't know you know when when everybody says go we just bring him inside like that's how this went with Kirk Cousins and the Falcons it's like he was hanging out in the backyard to surprise the family and the minute that the clock struck 12 boom here's Kirk Cousins and the contract was basically done and so the NFL is investigating whether or not they actually abided by the rules in the legal tampering period so the deal you're really only supposed to talk to the agent the agent is supposed to communicate with the team not necessarily have the team communicate with the player and so that deal happens so damn fast the NFL is investigating and I'm going to tell you about the potential ramifications in a bit they're not the only team that could be in trouble the Philadelphia Eagles could potentially be in trouble as well for signing Saquon Barkley they gave him that three-year 37 million dollar contract 26 million dollars is guaranteed and this is great for Jalen Hurts he has a running back that he can actually hand the ball off to and they will probably spell each other some hits some abuse and just everything else that would come throughout the course of a season punishment Saquon Barkley's old coach opened up his mouth about Saquon Barkley being in contact with the team that Saquon Barkley had to walk the comments back and pretty much tell everybody no I didn't I didn't communicate with the team before I was supposed to my coach my old coach he doesn't know what the hell he was talking about and that oh my agent did all the communication and I didn't and that oh my agent did all the communicating I had nothing to do with it now now here's where the punishment could come in if you want to look at what has happened to teams that have been punished in the past for tampering you don't got to look any further than the recent team the Miami Dolphins last year they lost their first round pick and a third round pick this year for trying to bring in Tom Brady and Sean Payton now is there a difference between trying to bring in a coach and a player uh yeah absolutely correct but how about this back in 2016 the Kansas City Chiefs they lost their 2016 third round pick and a 2017 sixth rounder for trying to bring in Jeremy Macklin from the Eagles and so if I gotta look at the scale of where does the punishment lie is this a Tom Brady and Sean Payton level of tampering probably not so I would think based on the compensation and status maybe the Falcons lose two picks maybe they at maximum lose I don't know a second rounder and another one for two years the NFL has said though we're not going to complete our investigation this week and so if the Falcons are going to be punished if the Eagles are going to be punished you don't have to worry about it for this year to come next season Hickey what do you think the Eagles well not the Eagles what do you think the Falcons would get like a second rounder taken away from them that fits the bill and if so I mean if Kirk wins worth it right it yeah if Kirk Cousins wins it's I guess it certainly would be worth it and Saquon and Saquon Barkley if the Eagles are going to be punished the running backs have been devalued so much you can't slap them that damn much but like you said is it worth it if you win a championship I think the answer that everybody knows is it's pretty much it's yes the answer is yes and I guess for the Dolphins it ain't got to a Tonga Veloa his name is not Tom Brady but hey no no harm no foul sometimes you gotta go for it and I think the saying is if you ain't cheating you ain't trying yeah well yeah I was told that I don't know via experience it's the jr sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network it's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 it's 8 5 5 2 1 2 42 27 when it comes down to the draft nothing's guaranteed though I mean you could have a draft selection and still flub it matter of fact we're going to talk about some of these busts on the other side of the break it's the jr sport re-show on the infinity sports network we really need new phones t-mobile will cover the cost of four amazing new iphone 15s and each line is 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