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Canes with Game 2 win in Round 1 last night, at PNC Arena!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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April 23, 2024 5:17 pm

Canes with Game 2 win in Round 1 last night, at PNC Arena!

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 23, 2024 5:17 pm

Sean Hill, Former Carolina Hurricane #22, on the sensational win last night for the Canes at PNC Arena.

Could Sean feel the momentum shift for the Canes last night after the first goal? Who does Sean say has been giving a 110% every day, even if he’s not at his peak just yet? Who would Sean consider an ultimate teammate on this team? Would Sean agree with Adam’s 3 stars, even with all of the candidates? How does Sean feel about Jordan Staal as their captain?


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Visit us at Number 22, Brett Pesci. Looks like, I mean, they haven't released anything, but Rod Brind'Amour last night did not seem all that optimistic that it was going to be good news on the health of Brett Pesci. Pesci was on the ice for the third goal for the power play goal that made it three nothing. He got twisted up there. He took a couple of more shifts.

So I don't know if the injury happened then and he just realized after a couple more shifts that he couldn't go or if something happened in either of those two shifts, but we'll see. But Dimitri Orloff, now's your time. He's been playing great. Dimitri has been playing great hockey the last three months for Carolina.

Like the kind of hockey you pay a guy 7.75 million dollars to play, to be honest. And I've been a huge critic of that signing. But boy has he been good and Jalen Chatfield keeps getting better. So Carolina's core five really good and then Tony D'Angelo, this is my guess, will draw in. Sean Hill also wore number 22.

I don't believe has any issues that would keep him out of the lineup, but he joins us on the Adam Gold show. He's taking a break from making number nines up at the Jersey Mikes in Youngsville. Lewisburg, I'm sorry. Mike got that wrong.

They're very different. I'm up in that area. OK, I apologize. Do we have beef, so to speak, with between Lewisburg and Youngsville? Is there like, oh, no, no, we don't have any issues. Yeah, good. I apologize. There's a store open in Youngsville yet, to be honest with you.

There's not. Well, you should get on that, Sean. Thank you. I'd love to. Unfortunately, we don't have that trade area, but we'd love to get it. All right. Well, maybe we can we can make a trade. Hey, we can work together. Sean, deadline, deadline, deadline, day cutter. Yeah, exactly.

All right. Let's when as you're watching last night and you've been on the ice and the reason I thought about you was you were on the ice with a miracle at Molson and you can feel momentum shift. Could you feel that last night?

I could. I could when when we got the first one, I was, you know, kind of still a little bit guarded. But then the way we started and kept playing after that, I was like, it's got to you know, it's going to happen. And then, you know, Jarvey's goal was electric.

Yeah. And then I'll tell you what, after when we got the second one, I said I said to my son, I said, we're winning, we're winning this thing. And then I didn't I didn't say it out loud after we tied it. But I thought to myself, these guys are going to win this in regulation.

Crazy as it is, they did. And I was not one bit surprised. But I mean, I don't know if I've ever been so much wrapped up in being a fan as I was in that game.

It was it was amazing. And, you know, people, you know, here and there will stop me and say, I'm so sorry. You know, I'm just a fan.

Listen, you don't have to apologize. That's exactly what I am. And we're exactly the same. And, you know, I'm I'm a huge, huge family team. And it's a fun time of year.

It is it is the best time of the year. Now, it's I have some, you know, friends who are Islanders fans. And like we blew it, we blew it, we blew it. I mean, is that a case of when Carolina's playing their game? Maybe the Islanders just don't have enough. I don't know.

Is it foot speed on the back end? I think they have a good defense. It's not what it used to be. It's not it's not the same defense as they had a couple of years ago, you know, maybe three, four years ago when Devin Taves was there or Nick Leddy was there. Guys are a little bit older.

I just I don't know adoption. Clearly not healthy because I thought he got big boy, especially on the Martin of gold that put him ahead. Right.

All right. I don't know what he's got going on, but Jarvie let him feel the thunder in Game one. And, you know, that's because I was so fired up over that. But, yeah, I think it's a case where, you know, we get the first goal and the way we're just all over him. You know, I feel like they're trying to plug holes of bubblegum and they keep popping up, keep popping up. And, you know, I think in the backs of their minds, they're like, this clock has got to speed up. And, you know, we have got to find a way to get them out of our zone for, you know, the length of time they're in there. And, you know, we just kept wearing them down, wearing them down zone time shots. You know, it was, you know, it's one of those things where you're just thinking it's it's going to happen.

And when it does happen, the whole dam is going to go first. And then it's going to be, you know, a crazy, crazy episode. Sean Hill, former Carolina Hurricane here on 99.9, the fam with me on the Adam Gold show. Let me ask you about Seth Jarvis. Jarvis, to me, I was I was texting with Eric Cole earlier today.

To me, Jarvis is the small dog who thinks he's a big dog because he acts like a big dog. He plays a bigger game. When you watch him, what do you what are you seeing?

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Investment advisory services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. I mean, I think he is I think he is a guy that is getting, you know, near everything out of his game. I think I definitely think he's still going to get better, but I think he's improved a ton. And that's saying something, you know, you have guys that aren't very good at the start and then improve a ton. But I mean, he's always been really solid and now he's just getting exceptional. And, you know, I think he I think he's got the feeling that he knows he's, you know, kind of one of the guys who I don't feel like we have one guy who's the face of the franchise. But I think there's, you know, whether there's three or four of them or whatever, but he's definitely he's definitely one of those guys. And just with the energy he plays with and, you know, the hits he makes here and there and the goals he scores and just his reactions. I mean, last night when he scored that goal and he goes to the ear and and glides into the corner and lets the glass have it.

I mean, could there be any better celebration on that at that time? You know, telling the crowd, I need you. I need to hear you. Oh, and right.

I get chills talking about right now. He's just a special, special player. And, you know, he just keeps getting better and better. And and he knows, you know, he knows he's important. And but he goes about it the right way every day.

Grab his watch failing. He goes out there and block shots and hits and, you know, gives one hundred and ten percent every time out. It doesn't matter if he scored or not. He's effective and and a huge leader on the team. The interesting thing for me about Jarvis is that when Rod changed the lines a couple of months ago and he put Jesper Fost, he dropped Jesper Fost down to play on a fourth line to give them some more, just a little bit more grit below. And he put Jarvis there with Stahl and Martinuk and just watching it. It just seemed to me like Jarvis just enjoyed playing that way.

You know, very north south, you know, try to be physical, all about just being a pest. And I thought he had a great time with it. Clearly, he can play on a top line because he, Ajo and Genzel, you know, just worked incredible magic together for about, you know, three and a half, four weeks. But when they flip Svechnikov to go back up top and put Jarvis back there again, I think he digs it. And I think he loves playing that way. And as long as they have the puck, he's going to get a chance to score. That happened last night, right?

Yeah, I think that he is the ultimate teammate, just the way he handles that. I mean, there's so many guys that would talk about that and look at that as a demotion. And I don't know how he looked at it. But from the outside, it looks like you said, I'm going to go down there and I'm going to bust my butt every second I'm out there. And I'm going to try and add something to this line that they haven't necessarily had.

And, you know, I'm going to give it my all. And you would think the kid was in a tryout and, you know, they just throw them out there and show us what you can do. I mean, he is buzzing and lifting people up. And I mean, I just, I can't say enough about him, the way he reacts to certain situations like that. And, you know, what a player for Roddy to have to know that, oh, I can plug this guy in here and he's not going to solve keys and make them better. And I turn that, you know, add an offensive flare to that line.

And I mean, what a great luxury to have. And the other guy I really want to ask you about was Jordan Martinuk, who is one of those players that like is not, he helps you win, right? He's just the foot soldier type player.

You can deploy him anywhere you want. Sometimes Rod uses him to get other lines going. But the way Martinuk approached that play, nine seconds after Aho makes it 3-3. The way he just threw Noah Dobson away and grabbed the puck. Martinuk makes plays like that. Is there a player that you played with that reminds you of Jordan Martinuk or that Martinuk reminds you of?

You know, again, he's very similar to Jarvie in that it doesn't matter where he is. He's going to give you a million percent and he's going to score those goals. You know, Jarvie's obviously got more offense, but, you know, Martinuk's going to throw those goals in here and there. I don't know if it's like a Dallas Drake who was more physical than Marty, but Marty's physical. And you need to know when he's out there and that type of thing. Maybe a Mike Dean. The way I played with him in Montreal is, you know, just a gritty son of a gun. He just scores some big goals. But I think Marty's one of those guys who when you're sitting in the locker room before the game and you start looking around like, what am I going to get from this guy?

What's this guy bringing? You just look at him and you go, hell yeah, this guy. I know he's going to be there and he's going to be on the tip of his toe is ready to run through a wall for all these guys in this room and the coach and that type of thing. So those guys are those guys are great to have, you know, the guys that you know, are going to elevate in the playoffs or they're going to do everything the right way. And we got a bunch of those guys. And that's why, you know, we're a great team.

And, you know, that's why they have success. And and we just want to keep seeing more and more of it. Sean Hill is joining us. Couple more minutes with him. Rod says this about Martinuk all the time. I know what I'm going to get like I know what I'm I know what I put Martinuk on the ice.

I know exactly what I'm going to get. Same thing he says about the captain Jordan stall for me. I do three stars.

I don't I ignore what happens in the building. I give my own three stars after every game. I put all three of those guys.

I had Jarvis as my first star stall as my second star last night. I just think that his his physical presence all over the ice. He won 13 of 17 faceoffs. I know we only had the one point. Martinuk had the goal, but stall makes the pass on the Jarvis goal. I thought those three of the best players on the ice for Carolina.

There were a lot of candidates because they were obviously dominant. But then the cap, he Jordan has grown into a great captain, right? Yeah, I think he's a game in the playoffs, too. You know, sometimes the regular season, you're just like, gosh, I wish he'd hit more. You know, I wish he'd hit more and you can tell now that he's you don't have to ask that now. You don't have to wish for that now because he's he's laying laying guys out and he's bringing the heat. And the nice thing it is a nice thing about that is that, you know, you see that today and you see that yesterday and in game one.

But, you know, when we get to game four and if there's a game five and six, whatever, hopefully not. But if there is, you know, they're going to be feeling those those hits that Giordo and Marty and all the guys were laying on him early in the series. And, you know, that's that's big stuff. But, you know, I think Jordan's one of those guys who's, you know, you know, exactly what you're getting with him, too. And he's he's so dependable and such a big body and he he can get points and and, you know, obviously he's one of the best face off guys there is. I mean, I know that, you know, those type of stats and you're going out there to try and win a draw against the guy is probably a little bit deflating. But, yeah, just a just a big body who really knows how to get the guys in order. And and it's not like he's just a raw guy. He does it himself every shift. So great leaders, great leadership group that the team has. And, you know, a lot of guys that don't have letters on their jersey, but, you know, their leaders, whether they have it or not, there's no question about that.

They are loaded in that department. Sean Hill, I appreciate your time. Thank you very much. Go make a sandwich and we will we will talk to you very soon.

Sounds great. Thanks, Adam. You guys.

I'm sorry. I got was it? Youngsville and Lewisburg. They're close.

Lewisburg is where his jersey mics is. Yes. OK, I want to get that right. Yes.

Yes. There's a lot of traffic in Youngsville, but no jersey. I did not realize that there was clearly bad blood between the two towns. I didn't realize. I'm not aware of any bad blood. Maybe I don't have Sean. It's not like a diss track somewhere. Yeah, good.
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