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FRI 041924 HR 2

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 20, 2024 12:00 am

FRI 041924 HR 2

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 20, 2024 12:00 am

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I got Pastor Joe Larson down in Missouri, and I got big John McTernan. He's hanging around somewhere in the universe, and we've got him live on the air. John, what do you got for us to kick off the top of the hour? Well, very interesting. There's a lead article all over the news.

Here's what it says. FBI director warns Chinese hackers are preparing to physically wreak havoc on the U.S. That sounds like a red flag to me. What do you think?

Yes. How do they know? If they know, why don't they stop it?

You know what I mean? They're like preparing us for it, so they can inflict it and say, see, we warned you, we warned you. Now you've got to give us more power to stop this. You have to give us more authority. You have to trust us more, whatever it will be. And the other thing, just connected with this, that ship there that took out the Francis Key Bridge in Baltimore, do you notice how, I would say, no more than a half hour after it happened, the FBI was out there saying, this isn't terrorism, this isn't terrorism?

Did you pick that up? Yeah, when they say that, it's the opposite way. What, Joe?

What'd you say, Joe? In a half an hour, there's no way they could have told without some investigating. Good point, guys. They were worried about it. They were terrified about it. In fact, they probably figured it was. So what's the first thing they do?

Deny it. And what's the first thing Biden said? Oh, the government's going to pay for it. Wait a minute, lights in London ensures all those ships. The port has insurance. Why did Biden all of a sudden say the federal government's going to pay to have it fixed? See, that's pretty fishy, right, John?

Absolutely. And you've got to figure, those ships are going, I mean, like five knots. They're going really slow.

They're huge. And it went out of control. And they didn't put like an SOS out or try and bring it. It was like a minute before it hit the bridge. Yeah, right.

Data control. Yeah, right. Come on. And now the reason I'm saying this is just yesterday, the day before, very, very quietly, the FBI says it's opening a criminal investigation over the ship hitting the bridge. I saw that. You're absolutely right. Nothing suspicious here, folks, right? What was funny though, John, I had the same article about Chris Ray Warren, you know, I was going to, if you didn't start it, I was going to bring it up because like pastor and he said, if you're forewarned, the people seem to accept it. See, they're setting the stage for the people to accept something.

And coach had just said, wait a minute, maybe something's going to happen to stop this election. And I'm saying to me, Chris Ray is warning about, we've got the 50, 60,000 Chinese young men of military age, all looking fairly fit. You didn't see, you know, the 400 pound Chinese men come across the border. They look like military size, shape, athletic. They were dressed well.

They were well built. And I'm thinking they're setting this up for something that's going to happen because they know Biden can't win. So, oh, we all of a sudden have some attacks inside America and we have to postpone the election or something else, right? Hold that thought for a minute. Christopher from California pledged a hundred dollars. Thank you. God bless you.

Paulette from Pittsburgh, $45. Thank you so much. And God bless you.

April from the Bronx, New York, $50. Ah, thank you. God bless you. Pick up them phones. Keep it going, folks.

888-677-9673. Joe, John, you guys are onto something. I am a firm believer. They're going to try something because here's a question for you. What if they allowed something to go down, a terrorist attack?

Could they call martial law and stop the election? Yes. Yes. They could say this is spread throughout the country. It's Venezuelan gang members that have committed these mass murders and all of that. Yeah. They're creating the problem.

And then when it happens, then they'll use that as the excuse. Oh, we need more power. We need more authority. We need censorship. Oh, sure.

Absolutely. Well, Ray already said it. He talked about the other last week. He was on somewhere and he said the Chinese have about 50, 60 hackers to every hacker that we have in our intelligence networks. He was saying the plan, the Chinese have the ability to physically wreak havoc on our critical infrastructure at a time of its choosing. Its plan is to land low blows against civilian infrastructure to what? Induce panic. Panicked people, afraid people are quick to give power to the government because those in fear, save me, save me, help me.

You know, this is the this is the old, old story. Well, it's just like they did in Covid. You're in control.

You're 100 percent. Look at the fear that they did in Covid. You were putting plastic barriers up.

People, senior citizens would freak out when you walk down an aisle that had an arrow going the wrong way. People were so afraid to go out, leave their homes. They were running around with masks in their cars. You are 100 percent. They got to use fear because fear is dangerous. Yeah. And it turns out now, four years later, three years later, it turns out now that we were 100 percent correct. Amen. It was a lie.

It's manmade. And none of those booster shots were any good. They were dead shot.

Amen. And this study at the study showing the more of those boosters you took, they're calling like turbo cancers. Well, did you did you see something? Did you see some of the videos on YouTube of people just they're on a basketball court and they just fall like a pancake.

They're playing soccer. They fell like a pancake. I showed the video that I got from Infowars where they were interviewed like about 15 ladies and they're shaking uncontrollably since they got the shot and they can't do nothing for him. Yeah. Yeah. So this was this is to I think it's like the opening salvo in depopulating the United States in the world. Really. This is the opening salvo with it.

I wanted to I wanted to just add a couple more things here. After that, when did we ever hear really of these ships getting out of control and taking a bridge down? You know, maybe once in the last 30 years or 40 years where a captain was drunk. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, not long ago, one of those ships went crazy again, whatever. And it was in the Verrazano Narrows there in New York in Manhattan. And they had to send like six or eight tugboats out to try and bring it under control. And it was right. They stopped it right before the bridge.

I don't think was going to hit the bridge. But there's two of them now in like a very short period of time. And then in Pittsburgh, when is the last time you ever heard of 23 barges breaking loose and heading downstream? Wasn't that amazing? Yeah. Hadn't we didn't get that on the air. I wanted to.

We didn't get to it. Yeah. There was another large that hit a bridge to about the same time that same week. Right in Arkansas. Arkansas out in front of it, of the bridge itself.

So it got hung up on the protecting blocks. Yes, that was in Arkansas. And we remember the train that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio.

What was it? Palestine, Ohio. Yeah.

East, East Palestine, Ohio. Yeah. Okay.

Try and think of how many derailments you had after that. They were all over the place. Yeah.

There were about almost eight or nine, weren't there? With chemical carriers. Chemicals. Yeah. Yeah.

Imagine that. That was kind of like a couple of years ago. I remember all these food plants were great point, Joe and farm and burning and things that had to do with food production. We had a rash of those.

It seemed like everything came in a group, didn't it? Here's something to think about real quick, guys, what you're all talking about and what a way to cause fear. You let some of these illegal aliens.

Now you bring your super cells in here. You train them to get on the train, cause derailment, hit a bridge, turn around and burn factories all at one time within a matter of a couple of weeks. Like you had the summer of 2020 where you had the 20 major cities burning. How about you turn these lunatics to go against like Barack Obama said he wanted a twenty five thousand army at the ages of 19 to 25. And you turn mass chaos just before the election with everything that you guys are talking about.

Tell me that wouldn't cause panic and fear. Yeah. Well, look how coordinated it was to steal the 2020 election. That had to be coordinated among many states and cities to do that. And how many people were involved in that. Exactly right.

And still know it. Yeah. What Biden has done is in Venezuela, they have like gangs there, you know, gangster gangs. And they've taken them out and brought them like the whole gang. They've taken the whole gang out of the prison and sent them here.

And I know they're in New York City and they're set up in Chicago. It's like the whole, all they need is a couple, you know, a little bit of time to get the time to get the feel for things. Yeah.

So you mean that that is done by accident? New plan and plan. Hey, real quick, real quick, guys, hold that thought, because this is a great man.

You guys are really hitting it tonight. Karen in Illinois pledged thirty dollars. Thank you so much. God bless you, Karen.

Linda, California. God bless you and thank you. Two thousand dollars. Boy, we need to hear from you. Keep these phones ringing.

Eight, eight, eight, six, seven, seven, nine, six, seven, three. Come on, pick up the phone. Maybe somebody will match that wonderful donation. There are some people out there that, Coach, God has left with business acumen. People have a business or professional practice.

Yep. A lot of people have donated a lot of money come election time. We reach an awful lot of people with the message and keeping us on the air is also very good if you want to help get Trump elected and put more conservative Christians in office to try and get this shit back on the right track. So you might just consider if you're used to making political donations, keep this ministry on the air. We're not necessarily a political organization, but we are going to tell you who is doing the good things and who's doing the bad things, who is helping America. And we know that God is going to bless those that bless him. And he's in charge. And when he sees us doing righteous, the right things, they're going to be rewarded, correct?

Absolutely. You'll never lose your reward. You're storing it up in heaven. They can't lower your stocks up in heaven. They can't lower your retirement plan up in heaven.

They can't steal anything. God says you couldn't give a glass of cold water to somebody in my name and lose a reward. What a better way to store up treasures in heaven.

So when you get there, God writes everything that you've done since you were saved in order to have what reward you're going to have for all of eternity. So pick up that phone 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673. Gentlemen, you guys are right on the money with what they want to plan to do. That's what's so important to let other people know that we are leaders telling you what's coming down the road. Well, that was called the voice of the Christian resistance. We talk about being the watchman on the wall. We're not here to scare you, but when you know what was it Patrick Henry said, regardless of what it is, I want to know the truth, because if I know the truth, then I can make a decision. I know what the right decision. So I wish I could better get it in my mind, but it was like, no matter how bad it is, I want to know the truth, because then I can deal with it.

And here's one other thing too, folks. When we're telling you all these things are going to happen, if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and you pray to him, he'll communicate with you, he'll give you a peace that in the middle of a storm, you know, when all things are going bad, left and right, you'll have a peace about you. You'll have a solid foundation. You'll be like that foundation that when the waters beat upon that house, it didn't move. You'll be able to have courage and stand in the time when everything goes wrong.

God will direct you in the right way to go. Rosemary in Pennsylvania pledged a hundred dollars. Thank you so much. God bless you, Tony in Massachusetts pledged a hundred dollars. Thank you so much. God bless you. Hey, you guys are wonderful tonight. Keep those phones lit. Yes, we need that.

Here it is, Patrick Henry. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth. For my part, whatever anguish of the spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst and to prepare for it. Now there is a righteous man, there's a man who knows, you know, this is how you have to live, folks. This is the world we're in and one of the things that, oh, I told our pastor and he wanted us to also talk about what they are doing to Donald Trump.

Very well, yep. They, well, we all probably saw the news today that some of this crazy man decided to light himself on fire in front of the courthouse there and unfortunately a mentally ill person and I saw one of the news flashes. He had been just finished about 180 days of probation over a bunch of troubling incidents and this is the kind of thing the world is, well, we're falling away from the Lord and what did it say?

You know, when the God of this world blinded the eyes of the men so they can't see the glorious light of the God. Did we lose Joe? He'll be calling back. Hey, pick up the phones. The number is 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673. John, you see what's going on, how you've got this judge, what is his name? Are you there, John? I can't pronounce it. Is it Meacham?

I think it's Meacham. Look at how he put gag orders on Trump where President Trump isn't allowed to say one thing but yet everybody else can go out in a bandwagon and they can do blogs, they can do YouTube, they can speak out against Trump, make all these false narratives but Donald Trump, that's unconstitutional. He's not allowed to defend himself, John? Right, it's rigged. It's rigged and before I answer that though, it's very important that we, because we present the world the way it really is but we have to present hope through Christ.

Right. You know, otherwise people can get overwhelmed so it's very important what you did there that we, that there is hope. We can still pray.

God can send a mighty revival but if we don't pray, it's a downward spiral. Now here's what I picked up on this case. The charges charges against Trump are basically bookkeeping, business bookkeeping and they're out of the statute of limitations. They were misdemeanors. So what the district attorney of Manhattan did is he brought in a federal statute of finance fraud for election, election fraud which has a longer statute of limitations and is a felony. It's a federal charge. The state charges are out of the statute of limitations and they're misdemeanors. So all of a sudden, he's prosecuting a federal charge. Which is total bogus. I've never heard of such a thing.

In a state court. Look how they're reaching out to anything to get him. Now here's the interesting thing. Do you notice or do you remember about the judge saying that Trump is a gag order and he can't speak about any family members there like the judge's family and the DA's family and all.

Do you know why he did that? His daughter. Yes. She's making millions off of this court case.

Yes. His daughter is a Democrat operative and I don't know what organization she's working with. She's a fundraiser. Now is the New York attorney general, is the New York attorney general, is that Allen Bragg? No, he's the district attorney.

A district attorney. Yeah. Real quick here. Real hold your thought. Loretta James is the attorney general.

Okay. Hold your thought. Hold your thought a minute. Trump telling the world that this judge's daughter is making millions off this.

Look how corrupt they are. My goodness. Hold on a second. Rosemary from Pennsylvania pledged $100. Thank you so much and God bless you. Josephine, New York, $30. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you. And Vivian in New York, $100. Thank you and God bless you.

Boy, yous are wonderful tonight. Keep those phones going. 888-677-9673. Come on, you can do it. Pick up that phone.

888-677-9673. Listen to what these men got to say about the corruption on Donald Trump. This is nothing but pure communist right between the eyes.

Yep. And you know, the idea, look what this is going to take six to eight weeks. So that means the judge, you have to be there every day, no matter what, even jury selection. What's he trying to do? If Trump has to be there, sit through this phony trial, they're keeping him almost two months off the campaign trail. He can't go out and campaign. He can't go to these big rallies. He can't go have fundraisers. And they're basically, I think they're realizing this will get, even if they convict him, it'll get overturned on appeal. But that's okay because the damage will have been done. He will have lost money or he can't go to the fundraisers. He will lost valuable time going out and talking to people. And then they're going to try and bring up one of the other court and get it started. And the idea is to what keep him from being able to run for president.

Right. And why they're doing this. Have you noticed that his poll numbers go up? And if here's what I want to say real quick, go on YouTube and type in black voters for Donald Trump.

It's going to blow your mind, ladies and gentlemen, of all the small different YouTube that they're coming out where they're interviewing the blacks, the Hispanic, the African American community. And they say we're no longer putting up with Biden's work. We're going to Donald Trump. It's amazing how the blacks and Hispanics are rallying for President Trump. But the media is telling you, oh, no, no. Biden's catching up on all the polls. Baloney.

Yeah. What happened is the male black voters kind of early on have turned in significant numbers for President Trump with really no no response by the female blacks. However, lately now the female blacks are starting to turn to him. And I think it's up to 20 percent. 20 percent.

Now, the black voters are showing great favor and they say they're going to vote for Trump. Good point. That's right now. Yeah.

That could have to be 25, 30. And then the same thing with the Spanish voters. So the Democrats are in trouble.

Yeah. And they'll do anything. They'll do anything. These are ruthless reprobates. They will they will destroy the country rather than have Trump become president.

You guys are 100 percent. Look at what Klaus Schwab's doing. Him, George Soros and all that. They're pumping in money left and right. And if you notice on all the TV stations out because I got to monitor a little bit of stuff from my fire in the fire report, what they're doing, they're all saying, oh, Biden's catching up. Biden's catching up. Oh, Biden's policies are working.

And people are looking. What do you mean they're working? My food went up 40 percent. Gas is up three, four bucks a gallon. Everything is skyrocketing.

What do you mean? Biden is working. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but when it hits their pocketbook, brother, that's a whole different story.

Yeah, definitely. We covered a lot of this stuff the other night with the homeowners insurance has gone up and, you know, and then the Biden's going to the Trump taxes are going to expire. So everybody's taxes are going to go up because Biden will not re issue that tax cut. He's going to let the Trump taxes, the tax cuts go away. So you're going to get an increase in taxes and everything they're doing. I just saw something if the every family in America put up a thousand dollars a month to pay off the national debt. OK, think about this all across from sea to shining sea.

Every family in America donated a thousand dollars a month. It would take nearly 25 years to pay down the national debt. Wow. Was that a frightening thought? Chew on that. How many of our families could pay a thousand dollars a month?

Now, you could you think about it. You've got a lot of these people living paycheck to paycheck and every couple of weeks stuff is rising and rising. So if you're on Social Security, you're on welfare.

You could thank every Democrat that voted for Biden in office and destroying our country. Your money is running out. This is all Klaus Schwab's doing.

They want a one world system. They want you to stand in food lights. Klaus Schwab made that remark and I seen him out of his own lips on YouTube.

You feel on nothing and you feel like it like it. Yeah. Well, remember, Cloward Piven, do you remember that big John? Your socialist, the buried couple that came out with how we foment the revolution in America, you overload the system. Gee, all these illegal immigrants coming in that need health care, education, food, money. And we're already in a bad situation. So we overload the system until it what collapses.

And then you can have your revolution, right? Yeah. Yes.

Yeah. Big Tony and Parma pledge $50. God bless you. Thank you, Big Tony and Anthony all the way down in Texas.

They say everything's big in Texas. Thank you, Anthony. God bless for $100 pledge. Hey, pick up that phone. 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673. Get some matches going there from Texas. We haven't heard too many from Texas, but I wanted to ask you guys, when was the last time you heard somebody talking about Cloward Piven and what their theory on how to foment the coming revolution? How often have you heard that anywhere? I haven't. No. It would be this ministry, it would be Pastor Joe and Pastor Ernie. Yeah, that's it.

I don't think I've heard it anywhere for years, other than when he and I keep reminding people about it. And yet it's exactly what they're doing to us, isn't it? 100%.

100% right between the eyes. Overload the system. The cities are all in debt. The pension plans are not being able to keep up with the demand, the budgeting. You look at all our major cities that are run by the Democrats, they're all in debt, they're all in trouble. We've got almost $35 trillion now in debt. Take a look, folks, if you want to go look, just type in National Debt Clock.

Oh my God, yeah. And go look at it and watch the numbers swirl in front of your eyes if you want to see something frightening. We're, what, every three months we're going to go in the hole about a trillion dollars right now, the way we're going with Biden spending. It's on purpose.

This is not accidental. This is being done to us by the people on the left. Real quick, because if we get to the bottom of the hour for a song, another thing that's planned, and you guys all see this, this lawlessness, running into stores by mobs, grabbing the shelves, destroying, stealing everything, riots, gangs, this is all done in every Democratic city with Democratic sheriffs, Democratic governors, Democrat attorney generals, and they're letting this looting and lawlessness goes. That's why another reason they fear Donald Trump, because if Donald Trump gets in office, this stuff is really going to come to an end. Well, I want to hear you all say, why do you think they're allowing the violence and the crime to continue? That's the question. What are they getting out of it? Fear, fear they want to control you. Yeah, they want to, uh, lawless, they want, they want lawlessness, and then they'll bring in, like, martial law, and that'll be the end of it.

Right. And that's one, and what's the other one? What's it doing to small businesses? Destroying them, wiping them out. That's the middle class, isn't it? Mostly the middle class that runs the small businesses in America. Great point, Joe. You get a buck, Eiley, if you nailed it.

Destroy the middle class, and then you have the elites, and then you have the proletariat, and when you're poor and government dependent, then you pretty much have to go along with what the government says, or you're taken out. Yeah. Well, with that being said, we got a great song.

Now, folks, we've been a powerful show all night long, but here's one of my favorite singers of all time for Christian radio is Steve Ragsdale. So let's all just sit down, relax, and say, Lord, you're in control. You're in control.

You're in control. Ain't got no hope. The road is long. Till journeys end on Jordan's best. One day I will stand.

The sun is hot, rain is cold. On the mountain I'll rest my soul. Plant my feet in the promised land. On Jordan's best, one day I stand. Holy river washes clean from this troubled world I've seen.

I've seen and lived the saints of Abraham. On Jordan's best, one day I stand. Oh, Jesus, lead me home. Walk me down Jerusalem's road. Till we see sweet view of the land. On Jordan's best, one day I'll stand. Holy river washes clean from this troubled world I've seen. I've seen and lived the saints of Abraham. On Jordan's best, one day I stand.

And will the saints of Abraham. On Jordan's best, one day I stand. Holy river, take me home. On Jordan's banks, Steve Ragsdale.

I love Steve Ragsdale. We needed something to calm us down. My name is Duane Riscoe, known as Coach Duane sitting in for Pastor Ernie Sanders as he's out ill. And I have Pastor Richard Lewis across from me, and I got Pastor Joe Larson down in Missouri.

And like I said, I got Big John McTernie. He's wondering somewhere in the universe coming through the airways. And isn't it wonderful, you know, John, you mentioned something, and all the stuff that we talked about, we get people riled up and we can expose what's going on. But we need Jesus Christ more than anything, don't we?

Yes, we do. We need the peace that passes all understanding, shall assure your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus our Lord. You know, there's a verse that might, living here on earth, I go by, and it's from 1 John chapter 2.

The world passeth away in the lust thereof, but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever. Amen. Amen, amen. Hey, I want to bring up one little bit of history right now, and then have you guys comment. I think everybody's heard about the mass protests there in Columbia University. The riots, police in here, and they're at it again, marching through the streets to the university. They're chanting, you know, NYPD, KKK, NYPD, we know you're Israel trained too. And they're out there screaming about what, from the river to the sea, Palestine must be free. And they're saying, by any means necessary, calling for Israel's destruction.

We see our young people with this hatred, Jew hatred. But, do you remember, do you remember one of the most famous presidents of Columbia University, anybody? Yes, President Eisenhower. You're right, Dwight D. Eisenhower, he served for five years as president.

You get a gold star, John. No, he was an attaboy, an attaboy. 1948 to 1953. Yep, exactly, and he was so appalled by what he saw when he was president. He said, the principal purpose of education, to prepare the student for effective personal and social life in a free society.

From the school at the crossroads to a university as great as Columbia, general education for citizenship must be the common and first purpose of them all. And he recalled what happened at a Nazi concentration camp. And he talked about what he saw, the starvation, cruelty, bestiality, he said it made him sick.

I'm paraphrasing, made him sick. And this was a soldier who'd seen horrors of war. And he talked about what happened to the Jews, the bodies were piled like wood, living skeletons struggling to survive. And he said it, the atrocities defied belief and had to be proven to the world. Because he said, we have to have first-hand knowledge because they're going to say this was all just, no, it didn't happen. He warned people they would forget it, claim it didn't happen.

And so what did he do? He urged Congress to come and look. He urged the journalists to come to this, I'm trying to remember how you pronounce it, Odruff and dozens of others at death camps there. And he told the German citizens they had to come and see this so they would never forget. And now Eisenhower basically saw the day when all the horrors of the Holocaust would be denied. He warned it would come.

And now what are they doing right there on Columbia University calling for Israel's destruction by any means necessary? Boy, you talk about somebody who saw ahead of time what would happen, he hit that nail on the head. It's frightening to me, it's frightening the reality coming true. Let's have some comments on this. This is one of the biggest stories.

Well, and of course the news isn't talking about Eisenhower and his warning, are they? No, no, no, but here's the interesting thing on this. Do you notice the hard left colleges the rioting is taking place in and they're going after like the chancellor of the school and all? So it's like these schools made these monsters and now these Frankensteins are turning on them. Yeah, the monsters coming going back after the Creator, right? Yeah, yeah, Frankensteins, they created them, oh yeah.

Richard? I was just thinking of that saying, history repeats itself because of a failure to read the minutes of the last meeting. And that's what ends up happening, we don't know our history or we soon forget the history.

And then it comes right around and hits us in the face again and again. Well, you've seen this going on a few years back to where you had these liberals Marxist saying, well, the Holocaust really didn't take place. So they were educating the youth that this really didn't happen.

This is all part of the slavery propaganda from the colonists. So don't buy into this. So what happened? People like getting into our age now, they've been dying off. They left the business world.

They left the professorships and the CEOs. So now all the generation for the past 30 years has been building propagandas in their head. They don't believe in the Holocaust. They hate the Jews. They're hating white people. All this stuff is coming out to play.

The spawning has took place a few years ago. And now the little ones are hitting the streets, setting up Marxist communist society. And we see it one last thing. Jesus was a Jew.

The devil hates the nation of Israel and the Jews. Exactly. Just that we've been in our own and I and I'm sure John, sometimes you were talking about to just. The liberals took over the colleges and universities and the churches really didn't say much. I bring things back to the pulpit.

I remember Ernie and I were so frustrated when we were doing the shake the nation tour. We're out there trying to wake up the church, tell these pastors they had to get involved in this cultural war because it was Satan attacking. This was a spiritual warfare. The devil was brainwashing our children, taking over the education. We were sending our children to Satan to be educated, and the pulpits were quiet.

Amen. And now we see this where these turning, you know, the same thing. I'll bet none of those students know anything about what really happened to that cow and some of those other horrible camps. And I'll bet most of those students all think that's a big story. It didn't happen because all the Islamic nations are saying that didn't happen to the Jews.

It was just a fake story, you know, in a legend. You're right. And the church has a huge responsibility here, doesn't it? Hold that thought. Lewis from New York pledged $25. Thank you and God bless you so much. Christopher, California, you pledged $100. Thank you.

God bless you. Hey, why, we're running the show down. Come on, we get a few more calls. 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673. Last night of pledge week, let's go out with a bang.

Pick up that phone, give us a call, help keep the radio as it is broadcast on your area, wherever you're listening from. Gentlemen, you guys are right. We're seeing this hatred for Jews, the Marxist, socialist, communist. It's playing out everywhere. They've changed our history books. They've indoctrinated our churches. You've got the Jesuits who's infiltrated all of the community politics and whatnot, and it's all adding up.

Well, what's the first thing they always do? They always create hate. Remember, they were pitting men against women, they were pitting the rich against poor, they pitted the black against white. Everything is always divide and conquer, pit against, make people hate or fear their fellow man. This is the story of history repeating over and over and over, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, create fear, create doubt, create hatred.

Get the people, and how many times do we have to tell the story? How many times do we have to tell people that Satan, the great deceiver, is out there and these are his minions, his apostles, his followers, deceiving, creating hatred, creating division. Christ came to bring us together. Again, when there is no fear of God preached in the pulpit, there's no power. When the power of the Holy Spirit leaves, that's what changes lives. If there's no preaching on sin and no warning, no one's saying, hey, gambling's wrong, getting drunk's wrong, smoking dope, doing crack is wrong, having sex outside of marriage is wrong, committing adultery is wrong, walking around three-quarter nude is wrong, cussing is wrong, violence and anger. When this stuff isn't preached in the pulpit, the Holy Spirit's not there.

Look at the harvest that we've reached. There's no fear of God anymore. There's no preaching on sin. There's no preaching on hell. There's no preaching on judgment. Look at what we've got because we've turned our back on God and said, get the hell out of our lives.

We want to party. They also have gone around and made a new translation to take out all of these sins so that you can find a Bible, so-called Bible, that will tell you whatever sin you're doing is okay. You mean a fake book that says Bible on the front but there's no Bible inside?

Yeah, that's for sure. That happens so much. I remember one figure years ago was over 200 different translations in English, and I guess there's a lot more than that anymore, but it's unbelievable. A lot of people don't know. I was in a bookstore not too long ago, and some lady's looking for a Bible. I says, you want this one? I handed her a King James, and she says, oh, is that right?

I says, you don't want to get into these others, and she took it. So it was wonderful, but people don't even know. Oh, that's a Bible. Oh, that's wonderful.

That looks nice. Richard, think about this. Think about all the churches out there. You've got Lutherans, Pentecostals, Church of God, Church of Christ, yada, yada, go on down, Catholic, Greek, Orthodox. Think about all those guys who stood in those pulpit with all them generation after generation after generation, mom and dad, grandma, grandpa, brothers and sisters that went into those places and never heard, you're a sinner, you need a savior, only the blood of Jesus washed your sins away, you're going to die one day and go to hell. Think about all those people that those pastors and priests got to stand before God and say, you never warned my people.

Yes. Yeah, and the biggest warning is for pastors. When you look up the definition of pastors, it's woe to pastors more than any other group in the Bible as far as people being involved, because that's a very, very heavy responsibility.

As we run this show down, John, I want to hear from you and Joe. What do you got to say about all these pastors now, since we're in this situation, you look across the landscape, there's no fear of God. What's your message to these pastors? Well, I'd like to wake the dead, and the Harleins are there, they're not really pastors, they're Harleins. And rather than talk to them, I tell the people, find a real New Testament church that preaches from the King James Bible, the fundamentalist New Testament church, and get away from the Harleins.

John, what do you say? Yeah, I mean, it's really as I was kind of shouting out there, it's repentance, and to operate in the fear of God, and seek God's power. I mean, this is not a country club, it's not like, well, what it is, it's become CEOs, and we need to be pastors of the living God in these churches, otherwise we become worldly, and that's what's happened.

The churches, instead of looking for Christ coming and preaching the gospel, we become worldly, and that stops the power right out of the church. You know, it stopped me from sending the fear of the Lord, knowing that, hey, I was preaching as a little kid, my mom and dad, Johnny and Johnny Risco, Johnny and John Risco, there's a hell. Boy, if you go to hell, you know what, you're going to burn and burn and burn, and your body's never going to grow up, you're going to be weeping and wailing, gnashing your teeth like the Bible said, you get no water, you get no sleep, you get no rest, there's a clock with no hands on there, day after day after day, week after week, month after month, you're burning, you're burning, but you're never burning up, and then after that one day, son, you're going to come out and stand before a white throne judgment, every thought, every sin you ever committed, every cuss word, every filthy thought's going to be told right to you, and then from there you lose your soul to go lake of fire. Hey, man, that's the kind of preaching that made this boy stop and think! Well, it said some of you can approach gently, and some that that doesn't work, those are the ones you preach fire to. Apparently you were hard-headed like some of us.

Yeah, I was. How many minutes do we have left there, Jonathan? We got five minutes left. Who would like to do the invitation? Pastor Lewis, would you like to do the invitation tonight? I could, certainly. We'd love to have you.

We haven't had you on the air for a long time, so you've got five minutes, why don't you? One of the most important parts of the program, the last thing we want to leave people with, was an invitation to call upon the Lord, right? The most important thing they can do.

Absolutely. And the thing is, it's a real simple thing to do, it's a belief structure. It's believing who Jesus is, and what he did, and why he came to earth. He came to earth, he is God's son, so a virgin was impregnated. He came to earth and walked a perfect life. Then he shed his blood on the cross for our sins. He didn't have to go to the cross for him, he went to the cross for us, and he shed his blood on the cross for our sins.

He died, three days later he rose from the dead, he became victorious over sin and death, and now he sits at the right hand of God. And now we can ask just for the free gift that he offers to anyone that will come to him and confess with the mouth the Lord Jesus Christ, and take him as the Lord of your life. And that will give you salvation, and if you believe that, if you understand what Jesus did and who Jesus was, all you have to do is believe that and ask him to come into your heart. He'll give you a new heart and a new spirit. And then you can walk with him, and then find a church that is teaching a word, or get into your Bible and study your word, and learn how to walk that way. But salvation is a very, very simple act.

It's just obeying that way. So let's just pray. It's all that you can do, nobody can save you, right?

Pardon me? Nobody else can save you, it's a decision only you can make yourself, right? That's exactly right.

That's exactly right. And as much as parents want to drag their... they'd love to just drag their children into the saving knowledge, that that child has to make that decision themselves. So you can just... Every one of us do. It's the most important decision you will ever make, but when you make it, you become that new child of the kingdom, you become a son or daughter of the living God, you become a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life. And we were earlier, like Big John was talking about that peace, right, John? That what kind of peace?

Peace passes all understanding. Amen. A minute and twenty seconds to go. I've got one minute to go, one minute. Do you have a final thought? Just ask Jesus into your heart. Ask him to give you a new heart and tell him to take away your sins with his blood. That's all you need to do, folks.

One minute. And remember, folks, God doesn't want any of you to go to hell. I don't care how bad you think you are, how good you are. He don't want you to burn in hell forever. That's why he paid your sins for you.

He went to the cross so you didn't have to go. So get alone and say, Lord, I'm a sinner. I'm sorry I sinned against the Holy God. Jesus, I'm going to put all my trust in you, everything you did. I'm trusting your death, burial, resurrection, and your shed blood.

And if you do that, you don't have to burn. You can spend eternity with all of us. I want to thank Richard for being here. I want to thank you, John. I want to thank you, Joe, and the wonderful people, Lisa, and everybody back there taking the phones, and for all of you who called in. God bless you so much. Thank you so much. Keep Pastor Sanders in prayers, and hopefully he'll be back real quick and be back on the air. My name is Duane Riscoe, sitting in for Pastor Ernie Sanders. Jesus loves you. I love you. Last but not least, always, always, always, keep fighting the fight.

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