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The Carolina Hurricanes vs NY Islanders coming soon and the Duke Bule Devils are keeping THESE guys for next year

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April 16, 2024 3:35 pm

The Carolina Hurricanes vs NY Islanders coming soon and the Duke Bule Devils are keeping THESE guys for next year

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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April 16, 2024 3:35 pm

The great philosopher Yogi Berra once said about something he felt had happened before…”it was deja vu all over again”

-No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

-When you come to the fork in the road, take it.

-It gets late early out there.

-Half of baseball is 90% mental…


Well, embrace your inner Yogi because the Carolina Hurricanes will be squaring off with the New York Islanders in the opening round of the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

-The Isles won at New Jersey last night and the Rangers shut out Ottawa so…the fishermen clinched 3rd and the blue shirts won the presidents trophy…

-Carolina went 2-1-1 against the Islanders.

-Each team won both games on road ice.

-Canes scored 16 goals, Islanders 14…

-Frederik Andersen has not faced NYI this year.

-Tonight the season finale in Columbus with it appears a skeleton crew for the Hurricanes…

-Protect your top players from freak injury or let them roll out there because you’re looking at at least 3 off days, maybe as many as 5 before the playoffs begin…

-Then again….the regret IF something were to happen….but who?


We are 9 days away from the NFL draft….

-ESPN and others have produced more mock drafts over the last few days and there is a common theme…

-Panthers TRADING the 1st pick of Day 2…

-Can you get enough value?

-What is the area you HAVE to address first?

-ESPN has a mock draft simulator….


Duke basketball still waiting on a Jeremy Roach decision…

-I have a source who says he’s coming back…but I also have a source who says he’s going to play his final season somewhere else (probably for less money than he could at Duke)

-Brendan Marks has a great write up on the Duke roster and thinks either could happen but he expects JR3 to portal out of Durham.  Proctor and Foster returning and a scholarship crunch with at least a couple of vets transferring in.



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Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. Oh, who's got the juices flowing? Who's ready for the playoffs? Me.

I know you are. Which will begin sometime this weekend. Eventually. Yeah, I don't know. Anytime between Saturday at noon and Monday at eight.

Somewhere in there. The Hurricanes playoffs will begin. The schedule will not be released in full. I am told until after Thursday because the Western Conference still has games being played. I think Edmonton's got like three games left to play or something. That's crazy.

They have two. They played last night. I think McDavid's back in the lineup too. He had his 100th assist of the season last night. Nice.

What? I know. 100th assist. Yeah. And they had issues and he missed some time with injuries.

Yeah. 100 assists. I mean, guys like Sebastian Ahu has 89 points.

And we'll talk about the Canes in a second here. He must look at that and go, 100 assists. I've never had 100 points. Exactly.

I've never come close to 100 points. McDavid's a freak. So, he is.

He is an absolute freak. We've had some incredible performances this year. Not that we're all that focused on it because I'm not.

And I don't have a vote. But there are some incredible players who will not get MVP consideration this year. Unfortunately.

It's going to come down to Kucherov, McKinnon, and McDavid. Austin Matthews has how many goals? A lot. A billion?

Yeah. Not going to win MVP. Like a billion goals.

He's trying to drag those leaves. Artemi Panarin is like a point and a half a game. Oh, yeah. Probably not going to be in the conversation for MVP. It is crazy the performances that we have seen in the NHL this year.

Sam Reinhardt scored 50 some odd goals this year. Forget it. Oh, yeah. You'd be lucky to be top 10.

All guys who are great to place any time goal scorers on, but not getting MVP. I like the fact that you were in that mindset already. I know.

You're in that mindset already. All right. Let's get cracking. All right.

Let's do it. The great philosophy. I'm sorry. I'm going to start that over. The great philosopher. When you put when you post this part of the show, you can't just take that part out.

Start it right here. I can do that in three, two, one. The great philosopher Yogi Berra once said about something he felt that it happened before. It was deja vu all over again. Yes. Yeah.

Yeah. I like it. It's a great Yogi ism.

I have other favorite Yogi isms. I'm just going to throw them in here because I can. No one goes there anymore. It's too crowded. Yeah. Think about it.

You can be talking about a lot of different things, too. No one goes there anymore. It's too crowded. When you come to the fork in the road, grab a spoon. Take it. Yeah. Take it. Yeah. Like, again, think about it. It's great.

It gets late early out there. And half of baseball is 90 percent mental. Great at math. Yes. Yogi. I love it. Yogi. Sneaky brilliant. Yes.

Yogi Berra. Cam Newton. Very similar. Oh, yeah. Very similar.

We could make a lot of t-shirts with their isms. Cam. Hindsight is 50-50. I mean, what's the difference between 50-50 vision and 20-20 vision? It's the same. It's the same.

Just different numbers. Exactly. So, yeah. Forget it.

We could go on forever on that. So embrace your inner Yogi because the Carolina Hurricanes will be squaring off with the New York Islanders in the opening round of the playoffs for the second consecutive year. Last year, we remember. Remember what happened last year? Hurricanes won it in six games. Right.

It's going to be a physical series. We expected there to be no goals. And it's like all there were were goals. Yeah, goals everywhere. You get a goal and you get a goal.

Like, what's going on here? Like, we expected it to be, like, however many games on 2-1. And we had goals galore.

Yep. Kind of similar this regular season, by the way, against the Islanders. So, last night, the Islanders won in New Jersey. The Rangers shut out the Senators, which means the Islanders clinched the third seed. Rangers clinched the President's Trophy. Congratulations to the Rangers who lost the first round of the playoffs last year to the Devils and then bounced back this year.

Had a great season. And look, I look forward to hopefully meeting them in the second round. I do.

I do. Again, if you are a Hurricanes fan, do not fear any team. Gonna have to beat all good teams to win it. Do not fear any team.

They're fearing the Hurricanes as much as Carolina should be fearing anybody else. Well, and maybe if you believe in the President's Cup superstition, they'll take care of it itself. That's true.

You know what it does do? It guarantees, though, that you'll, I think, either play four or win the Stanley Cup within three years. Oh, okay. So, by all means, take it if you can get it. Sure. All right. So, if you weren't wondering, season series, Carolina went 2-1-1 against the Islanders this year.

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Investment advisory services offered by Capital Financial Advisory Group, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. Against the Hurricanes this year. Each team won both games on road ice.

Interesting. Hurricanes won up there. The first one was a 4-3 overtime game, which Carolina trailed 3-0. Nothing. And Sebastian, I was scored in overtime.

Here. Hurricanes rallied with two goals in the third period to tie and then won it in overtime. Then the next two games were played in Raleigh. The Islanders won a 5-4 overtime game on a Matthew Barzil goal after Ajo tied it with three seconds left.

Yep. In a game with bad goaltending by Carolina. And then the next time the Islanders were here, Carolina played pretty well.

Did not. And we, the Hurricanes lost 5-4 in that game too. The last game played up in Long Island and the Hurricanes dominated the game.

Won it, I believe 4-1 was the final. They jumped out to a 3-0 lead and coasted from there. I think they scored three times in the first period to really put that game away. That was when the Islanders were in their troubles. Where we thought the Islanders were not going to make the playoffs. They subsequently turned it around.

Played very well down the stretch. So you're going to get the best of the Islanders when you get to the playoffs. And it's a difficult team to play.

They play a big, heavy, physical game. And that's what the Hurricanes should be prepared for. But you'd get that with the Rangers too.

You would absolutely get that with the Rangers too. In the season series, the Hurricanes scored 16 goals. The Islanders scored 14. Again, four games.

Your average score is four to three and a half. That is not typical. Yeah. The Islanders were not the same defensive team that they have been in the past. It's not the old Barry Trotz choke the life and fun out of hockey.

They're a little bit more open. But their defense has improved over the last three weeks as they have gotten into the playoffs. Frederick Anderson did not face the Islanders at all this year. Ah, that's right. He wasn't back yet. Auntie Ronta played the first game.

Pyotr Kachetkov the next three. And yes, Freddie, he missed all of it. Because the first game against the Islanders happened after Frederick's diagnosis. And he was back in time. He just missed the Islander game. It was a Kachetkov where they were just rotating. And it was Kachetkov. All right.

Tonight's the season finale. Yes, it is. Right.

And before we get to the reality, let me ask you this question, Victoria, as a Hurricanes fan. Yes. You've got two options. There's zero.

We call this a dead rubber game. Okay. You cannot improve your position.

Nope. You cannot have your position in the playoffs lessened. You are stuck where you are. You can't even lose home ice advantage over Boston. Right. Carolina has the only team they will not have home ice advantage over are the Rangers and potentially Dallas in the West if you beat Dallas in the Stanley Cup Finals. Right.

That's where they are right now. So what would you do? Would you protect your players? Sit as many guys as you can? Or knowing that you're not going to play till at least Saturday, but maybe Monday, would you let them go out there and play?

What would you do? It'd be nice if they could get a little ice time, but not enough to get hurt or get too tired. But I don't know if that's it. Tired? Just a little bit to keep the rust off. Tired. But I would either, if it has to be one or the other, either none or all, I would say none because I don't want to risk them. Okay. So that's the decision that Rod has to make.

The ultimate decision is, yeah, I don't like rust. I don't like sitting around and doing nothing for three, four, five days. But how will I feel if one of my key guys sustains an injury that doesn't even have to be a major injury, right?

Something that would keep him out a week. Because these are short series. And again, there's risk that comes with not playing two. Keep that in mind.

They're just bigger if they're on the ice. So we have the answer. Yes. Oh, boy. We should talk to Rod. Just make sure it's... Well, I will later. We will talk to Tripp in 20 minutes.

Yes. Tripp Tracy will join us from Columbus in 20 minutes. Aho out. Jarvis out. Genzel out. Stahl out. Slavin out. Pesci out. Smachnikov out. Anderson, his turn, not playing.

Spencer Martin looks like he will get the start against his former club, the Columbus Blue Jackets. Even better. So the Hurricanes going with a skeleton crew. This would be a great day to play some bits. Oh, absolutely.

Or terrible. Brent Burns will play because he's got this streak going. And I'm not saying it's more important than anything, but it's important. Yeah. It's an important streak to keep going.

He's on the honor roll. Right. And so, right. Perfect attendance.

Yeah. Let's not mess it up now. So you'll see Brendan Morrow draw in for his second NHL game. You'll see Tony D'Angelo play again.

I think third straight game for Tony. But you will also see the NHL debuts of Scott. Well, he's already been on Bradley Nadeau. Yeah, the first round pick from a year ago.

Also, like a fifth round pick a few years ago, Jackson Blake, who was third or finalist for the Hobie Baker award this year. Best player in college hockey. He's going to draw in. So, yeah, there are a whole bunch of really weird combinations tonight, including the Hurricanes called up Dylan Coghlan. He should play tonight. He wasn't at the skate because he hadn't arrived in time, but he should play tonight. And Max Comtois, who is a veteran forward, plays a little bit of an edge. He's going to play as well.

He was on the ice. We're not going to recognize anything. I won't recognize numbers. But it is a hurricane skeleton crew tonight with the beard. Yeah, right. So well, we'll see what what it looks like. But the game, the outcome of the game does not now matter. It does.

It is about the regret. All right. We are nine days away from the NFL draft. Right. Wow. Next Thursday.

Fast. Now, Panthers fans don't have to, like, pay any attention to next Thursday because they're not involved. We're not in it. But, you know, we're interested in what happens with Drake May. Sure.

Right. I don't think there's going to be any other. Graham Barton from Duke is probably going to be a first round pick. So those are like two local interests of ours in round one on Thursday night. Of course, it'll probably be a playoff game. Hurricanes playoff game.

So I won't be paying any attention to it, which is fine. But ESPN and many others have produced more mock drafts over the last several days. And there is a common theme that I have noticed because this is the time of the mock draft season where everybody is getting bored with mock drafts because I still don't get how they change so frequently without the draft order changing. They're all over the place.

But they do. And here's where we get bored. We start mocking trades. And there are a number of mock drafts that have the Panthers trading out of number of the first overall pick in the second round, number 33, to get more draft picks later in the either day two or even into next year.

Or later in the draft. At least we're not trading up. Yes.

At least they're not trading. Yes, I agree. Please. Please don't know.

So I don't know. We'll talk to Will Brinson about this in about an hour. Like, I would want to keep the first pick in the second round. Yeah, now they have the sixth pick in the second round as well. I'd be more apt to trade that.

I really do. It would have to be about value. And I would want out of the out of any trade. I would want multiple picks on day two from any trade. So if I was going to trade number 33, you know, I would like maybe I would like two thirds for number 33.

Because I want to have as many kicks at it on day two as I can. So that's just that's where my headspace is at with regards to the Panthers. I'd be more apt to keep 33 and 39.

At least it feels like you're in the game. If you keep that one. If you keep both of them, there is some value, some, you know, when Thursday night's over, you're on the clock.

So you can feel you get a lot of time to field a lot of calls if you want. But what is the area that they have to address first out of this draft? If you're here's the way I look at it. I think when you have the first pick, you're not taking a quarterback. But I think you have you'll have your pick of the best wide receiver.

We need it right bad. So ESPN has a pretty cool little tool on their website right now. It's a mock draft simulator. That's a very cool where it gives you the opportunity. You plug in the team you want and that it runs through a mock draft and you can do all seven rounds if you want.

But I did I had apparently had a lot of extra time before the show. So I plugged in the Panthers number 33 and it goes through a first round and then it's your pick. And then it gives you a list of players that they would likely. You know, have on their draft board at that point.

Interesting. So I took Xavier LeGette wide receiver from South Carolina at number 33. I took braided Fisk or Fiski the defensive tackle from Florida State who is just like a monster.

Well, that's always good. He's an absolute monster. Every time I saw him, he impacted the game and I took him at number 30. I guess 39 quarterback from Iowa State. TJ Tampa in the third round Panthers definitely need a quarterback. They want another defensive tackle. Somebody to pair with imagine having if you remember what Braden Fisk was like during Florida State season.

I think number 54, either 54 or 55 in the middle of their defensive line. Just an absolute mountain of a human and fast and athletic. It's good combo. If you had him and Derek Brown together, I think you have the makings of a really good interior defensive line. You need a big wide receiver.

I don't think LeGette is a super speed burner, but he's a big target who you can work over the middle of the field. You remember you've got Deontay Johnson, who probably is more slot receiver ish big play guy. You still need some speed, but maybe you can address that in free agency.

But those are the first three picks. I also got Cedric Gray linebacker from Carolina. They're going to need an inside linebacker as well. You have to replace Frankie Luvo. I'm not saying that Cedric Gray is the replacement for Frankie Luvo, but he's an inside linebacker. And Peyton Wilson was not available when the Panthers drafted.

If he was, he would have been my my selection. Absolutely. It's it's a it's a pretty fun exercise.

If you want to become completely unproductive at work by all means have at it. All right, let's move on to we talked with Nana yesterday. Kanata Edwards, our friend from CBS Sports about, among other things, the return of Tyrese Proctor to Duke. Caleb Foster's decision to come back to Duke and the pending decision of Jeremy Roach. Now, I have multiple sources telling me multiple different things.

So I am not reporting anything here other than I'm reporting everything here. So I was told by one source that Roach was going to come back because there was somebody who's going to pay him a million dollars to play at Duke, play at Duke for one more year. I was told yesterday that he's definitely entering the transfer portal. And I was told yesterday that I don't know the decision, but it's coming tonight. That was yesterday. We've heard nothing. My sources suck. And we'll just leave it at that.

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Call or just stop by. Grainger, for the ones who get it done. Logically speaking, what do you think it out? Proctor back, Foster back.

Yeah, how many? Foster's coming back to play. Proctor's coming back to play. Duke's recruiting class is such where they're probably not going to play three guards like they played last year. Like the third guard who plays this year will probably be named Isaiah Evans, who is really a wing. Or another incoming recruit, maybe out of the transfer portal, who plays more of a wing. They also have a couple of garnish wingish players in this incredible recruiting class and guys who can shoot.

Was it Khan? Nipple has is a great shooter and he is definitely a wig. So there's not a lot of available playing time for a third returning guard. So logic would say that Jeremy Roach will likely play somewhere else in his senior year. And that somewhere else will likely be for less money than he could make a Duke.

Well, so we'll see what happens. I mean, I love Jeremy Roach, everything about it. I wish he had finished the season a little bit better.

But Jeremy Roach has been great for the Blue Devils. All right, Tyrese Proctor, because I guess Duke had one of their Duke podcasts or something last night that Proctor and Caleb Foster were both on. Here's Proctor on the decision to return.

I mean, mine was sort of similar to last year, just meeting with my circle, my family, agents, coaches and just talking about, you know, what's best for my future. And I mean, it always I mean, it really just comes out to me what I feel comfortable with. And I felt that decision for me and what I'm most comfortable is coming back for another year and and, you know, going further than we did last year.

And I think it's the right decision and I'm happy I made it. Look, he can be an exceptional player. He is smart. He's a great passer. His three-point shot continues to improve. He had a terrible start two years ago and then was a 40% shooter the last half of the season. This year, slow start again, got better as the season wore on.

He disappeared in some big games. And that was the unfortunate part, including Duke's loss to NC State in the regional final. It's not only about Tyrese Proctor.

It's also about NC State. State did a good job defensively, you know, in the in that game and the game in Washington at the ACC tournament. Now, Caleb Foster. A lot of people thought, well, Foster's probably going to transfer. Remember, he was hurt missed the last nine games of the season.

Caleb Foster went all Lee Corso and went not so fast, my friends. Personally, like I'm not really in that, you know, I chose the school that chose Duke and, you know, I'm a thousand percent committed to Duke. And I mean, yeah, I can't really I can't really speak for the others.

So I can't really see myself playing anywhere else. A thousand percent is a lot. That seems excessive. It is it's pretty good. It seems excessive to me.

I could be I could be wrong. One more thing back to Tyrese Proctor. They went further member his freshman year. He was probably their best player in the loss in Tennessee in the second round. They advanced to further rounds and Proctor on the experience this year. No, it was a lot different. I feel like this year was I mean, I thought you could say the same. I feel like it was it was a different vibe this year. Then last year, I feel like last year, everyone, because it was our first year coaches, first year as a head coach, like it was a lot of new things that we were learning and stuff like. But I feel like this year, especially in the regular season, like the set, the Friday, the Saturday, Monday games, we had, what, four of them in the regular season?

I think so. I think those those helped a lot. And then we were all just like we've all been there before. So we sort of understood what it what it took, how different it is compared to the regular season. Well, I hope they bring that experience back and take at least two more steps further next year. They've got an incredible recruiting class coming in. Cooper Flag is one of those guys who's going to be the first pick overall in the next draft. So we'll see how John Shire constructs the roster.

One more, I guess, transfer portal ish. It's not even news because nothing has happened. Former North Carolina forward who transferred to Georgetown. Dontrez Stiles is apparently very interested in continuing his playing career at NC State. I just read that off of our friend Corey Smith from Pack Pride off his Twitter feed. So, you know, get get get on the Internet super sleuths and find out find out what's happening. For even more resources and information. Best of all, the go carry app is absolutely free to download on the Apple and Google Play stores. Go carry where getting there is just a tap away.
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