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Will Iran vs. Israel Spark World War 3?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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April 16, 2024 5:00 am

Will Iran vs. Israel Spark World War 3?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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April 16, 2024 5:00 am

The news over the weekend was consumed with the explosive confrontation between Israel and the Islamic republic of Iran. What's the root of the conflict, how does it relate to the 10/7 terror attacks, and how did Joe Biden's ineptitude allow this all to happen? Caroline Glick joins to explain, and then two Republican secretaries of state warn to explain how Joe Biden's weaponization of the federal government will become the 2024 replacement of the infamous "Zuckerbucks."

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Hey, everybody. It's time for The Charlie Kirk Show. Update from Israel with Caroline Glick and then two secretaries of state warn us about Biden-Bucks, a serious operation to try and involve the federal government in the 2024 election. It's a really remarkable story.

The federal Leviathan becomes a get-out-the-vote effort for Democrats. Email us, as always, freedom at Subscribe to our podcast.

Open up your podcast application and type in charliekirkshow. Email me, as always, freedom at and get involved with Turning Point USA at That is Start a high school or college chapter today at Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Really glad to have Caroline Glick with us. She's terrific. Caroline, welcome back to the program, senior contributing editor from the Jewish News Syndicate and host of The Caroline Glick Show. Caroline, I assume you and your family were safe this weekend, but walk us through what occurred and praise God that the missile defense system was able to intercept this act of aggression from Iranian soil. It was historic and not in a good way.

Caroline, please explain. So yes, Saturday Iran launched the largest combined missile and drone attack in history against Israel. 300 ballistic and cruise missiles as well as drones were shot at Israel. Another 300 actually were either duds or exploded over Iran.

So that would have made it twice the size if those had gone through as well. So that was 300 missiles and drones that were shot at Israel from Iran, and Israel intercepted the vast majority of those missiles and drones. The United States assisted with around a dozen or so that it intercepted with its military forces. Jordan was also providing information, as was Saudi Arabia.

The British and the French, I understand, also participated. But it was a defensive operation and it succeeded in intercepting 99 percent of the incoming projectiles from Iran. This was a massive move by Iran. It's the first time that it's directly attacked Israel. Israel has been at war against Iran. Iran has been waging war against Israel really since 1979, and in particular in the past two decades. But all of its assaults against Israel have been carried out through terror armies that it's raised throughout the neighboring countries. Lebanon, of course, is controlled by Hezbollah, which is an Iranian unit, and Hamas is an Iranian proxy, as is the Islamic Jihad, which operates under Hamas. Houthis are controlled by Iran. Then you have proxy militias, which are also armies in Iraq and in Syria that Iran controls.

So it uses those armies that it's built up around, surrounding Israel, largely to attack Israel. This is the first time that Iran has done it directly. So this is a major, major move by Iran. And Israel right now is gearing up to prepare an attack against Iran to counter the move. Yeah, that is some breaking news.

We figure that. What do you think we can anticipate from the Israeli government in response? And is there a fear that this will potentially escalate into a wider regional conflict? So this is a regional conflict.

I think it's sort of a misnomer to say, oh, this is going to escalate into a regional conflict. Israel has been under attack from seven fronts since October 7. From Hamas, obviously, in Gaza, from the Houthis, from Hezbollah in Lebanon, and from Syria and Iraq, and across the Jordan River from Jordan by Iraqi and Syrian militias controlled by Iran, and now also by Iran. So that's seven different fronts that Israel's been under attack from. And that is a region, that's the entire region. The Saudis have also been attacked by the Houthis. And Egypt has lost billions of dollars in revenues because of the chokehold that the Houthis have exerted on the Bab al-Manda that feeds into the Suez Canal and blocks maritime shipping to the Red Sea. So this is very much a regional war. It has been really since Iran ordered its Palestinian proxy to invade Israel on October 7.

So I think that's very important to note. Is it going to get bigger? Is the front and the north going to heat up even more than it already has? We've already absorbed 4,000 missiles and rockets from Lebanon since October 7 being shot by Hezbollah.

We had four men wounded today by an IED that Hezbollah put down. So this is already a regional war. So the response from Israel is imminent. Is there any attempt to de-escalate or should there be any attempt to de-escalate? Because a launch from Iran on their own soil is a new chapter, right?

It's no longer proxies. They can no longer hide behind their front groups. And so do you think it seems that Biden is trying to de-escalate this, but should that be the approach of the Israeli government? Israel can't stand by and not respond after we've been attacked on our soil bomb from Iran because doing so just invites further attacks.

Again, this was an unprecedented move. Even though 99% of the missiles were intercepted and did not reach their targets and minimal damage was caused to the targets that were reached, the Iranians are presenting this to their people as a win. Their media is lying as it does routinely and saying that they caused strategic damage to Israel, that it was a massive victory, etc. And the only way to install deterrence—we don't have deterrence now. If we did, then they wouldn't have attacked us to begin with—is to hit it where it hurts, is to hit the regime where it hurts, it's to hit key installations belonging to the regime, both the oil and gas installations that are giving them a lifeline to the regime that's hated by 90% of the Iranian people, ensuring that it has the means to continue to oppress and kill them and to wage war against Israel and its other enemies in the region, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and they're even threatening to overthrow the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. So Carolyn, two things I want to talk to you about, the first of which is the Joe Biden administration enabling the enriching of Iran. What did the American government do recently that likely gave Iran the resources and the confidence to launch such an unprecedented attack? Well, since October 7th, the United States has enabled the transfer of $20 billion to Iran, and Iran has hundreds of billions of dollars now in reserves. It was down to about five or ten, I think, when Biden came into office due to the sanctions that the Trump administration had implemented against Iran and the oil sanctions that it had implemented against Iran's oil exports and its gas exports. So Iran was not able to carry out major wars through its proxies while Trump was in power because Trump impoverished the regime. And Biden immediately stopped enforcing U.S. economic sanctions against Iran when he came into office.

He withdrew the sanction of the Houthis, which was designated by the Trump administration as a foreign terrorist organization, allowing them as well to operate in the international markets and to operate with impunity because it was no longer labeled a terrorist organization. So these were among the first things that Biden did upon entering office, and they've had repercussions that we now all see in the form of the regional war that's being waged by Iran and its proxies against Israel. Secondly, there's some people that are wondering in the media, not wondering, but they're saying, what was the reason that Israel bombed the embassy in Syria? I believe there was an architect of October 7th there.

Caroline, help us understand that. Israel didn't bomb any embassy in Damascus. Israel bombed a building not far from the Iranian embassy that housed senior terrorists from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, including IRGC General Mohammad Zahidi, who was responsible for all of Iran's terrorist operations in Syria and Lebanon, and was reportedly also the mastermind of the October 7th invasion of Israel. And what's important about that, I think among many other things, is that it exposes, it's untrue, the administration's contention that Iran didn't have any direct knowledge of Hamas's intent to invade Israel and carry out the atrocities it carried out, including the murder of 1,200 Israelis and the seizing of 246 Israelis as hostages in Gaza. And so, Iran obviously was behind the invasion, it was responsible for the invasion, it paid for the invasion, it trained the forces, many of them that participated in the invasion of Israel.

So, that's very important. Israel attacked a military target. Now, it's true that if you have terror forces operating in a diplomatic location in an embassy or consulate under the rules of war, that is a legitimate military target, but all that said, Israel did not attack an embassy in Damascus. It attacked a building that was not a diplomatic installation. Well, thank you for clarifying that, because Reuters comes out and they say, and I mean, I should have clarified it earlier, says, Israel on Friday braced for an attack after the bombing of Iran's embassy in Damascus. So, that's the Western media for you. Thank you very much.

Thank you. So, the issue that I think Joe Biden has, Carolyn, is that he's an unreliable ally. He says one thing, does another, releases a lot of money to the Iranian regime. And so, the American people stand with Israel, I certainly do, but Joe Biden is facing a lot of domestic political pressure from Muslim voters, especially in Michigan. Is this factoring into how you guys are analyzing the situation, understanding that Joe Biden has a domestic political problem where he's trying to play cute to both sides?

I think that the reasons why Joe Biden is acting the way he is are important in and of themselves, but they're not important for Israel and we're trying to figure out what to do, because I think that the imperative here is to defeat our enemies. We're fighting a war for our survival. On October 7th, we were defeated.

I mean, we saw what the end looks like on October 7th. They carried out an attack that we weren't prepared for, that we didn't anticipate, and they just annihilated everyone who came in their way and did it with a sadism that nobody could have imagined. And even when you look at what they did, it's hard to believe that it actually happened because it was so barbaric. And they'll do it again and again. They already promised to. And Iran backs us because this is exactly what Iran wants. This is what Hezbollah wants. And so from the very outset of this war, which began with the greatest defeat Israel suffered in our history, everybody in this country on the right, on the left, in the center, religious, secular, everybody understands that this is a war for our national survival. And Iran's attack against us on Saturday night just makes it all the clearer how it will look. Iran is on the verge of nuclear capabilities, thanks to the Biden administration's non-enforcement of the constraints on Iran, even under the nuclear deal that they so want to join again. And so we're in a situation where we simply have to win.

And that has little to do with Biden's calculations for his personal, political interests or for anything else. It means that Israel has to defeat Hamas, completely go through with our plan to take over the city of Rafah and seize the international border between Gaza and Egypt and remain there. And that we have to take action against Iran in order to make them pay a price that everybody will see and nobody will ever forget for thinking, even for a second, that it was okay to attack Israel with ballistic and cruise missiles and with killer drones. This simply cannot happen again either. So the fact that it happened again means that what we've done in Gaza is clearly not enough. It's insufficient to build up, restore the deterrence that was completely obliterated on October 7, or maybe before since they attacked. And to do that, we have to defeat our enemies. So I hope that the Biden administration will come around and see that American Jews and Christians also vote, not just Muslims in Michigan.

And by the way, United Auto Workers also vote and they don't like him for a completely different reason. So, you know, I hope that that happens. Yeah, and for the stability of the region and the world and for Israel. Last question, Carolyn, I was encouraged by seeing Jordan and other partners step up and defend Israel. This was a good sign.

It always seemed as if they would lean in that direction. When the rubber hit the road, there were more people that were willing to stand up to the Iranian regime. Can you comment on that? I think it's very important to understand that the Iranians are threatening the existence of the Hashemite kingdom in Jordan. And what Prime Minister Netanyahu said from the outset, and he's repeated since, you know, the future peace in the region, whether with Israel's partners already or with future partners like Saudi Arabia, it's all contingent on us winning the war. If we don't win the war, all the peace agreements that we have will be destroyed. And if we do, not only will they be secured for the future, but we'll see the normalization of our relations with the remaining Arab states that have been holding out first and foremost against Saudi Arabia.

So, you know, everything is contingent. Regional peace is contingent on Israel's victory here. Carolyn, we stand with Israel. Stay safe and God bless you. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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That is 888-596-0155 or visit forward slash Charlie. Joining us now, two very, very important guests. We have the Secretary of State of Mississippi, Michael Watson, joining us by phone.

And then we have Mac Warner, the Secretary of State of West Virginia. Easiest to call you, Mac and Michael. Welcome to the program, both of you. All right. Let's let's start with you, Michael.

Thank you for calling in. I want to walk through the details here. So this is basically, effectively, zucker bucks on steroids. How the Joe Biden has mobilized the entire force of the federal government as a get out the vote operation. The scale of this is hard to even grasp. I'll start with you, Michael. Please explain. It is, Charlie.

And thanks again for having us on. And this started back in March, 21, when the president issued his executive order 14019. And basically what it does is it turns every federal agency into voter registration and get out the vote arms of the Democratic Party. So no matter if it's the railroad retirement board or the DOJ or you name it, every federal agency now is equipped and weaponized to register voters.

And you've got to understand, if you look at Zuckerberg's 1.0, how they really did this back in 2020, they put the money where they could turn out votes for a certain party. Obviously, the folks that they wanted to go vote. This is exactly what they're going to be doing here because they're hiring third party groups to go out, do these voter registration drives. And you can only imagine the list of individuals that's been invited to the White House to do these things. Demos, you name it, NAACP, folks that aren't friends of Republicans and conservatives.

Those are the people going to be out registering voters and making sure that they go vote. So that's why this is such a big issue. And why I appreciate Mac and other secretaries that are really waking up to this to make sure that Americans understand what's going on. Yeah.

So, Mac, what are your thoughts on this? And then also, can you just talk about how does this manifest in practice? Six hundred federal agencies.

It's hard to even wrap our head around that. I always like to start with the Constitution. Article 1, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution says the time, manner, and place of elections shall be left to state legislators, not to the federal government.

There's nothing in the U.S. Constitution that gives the federal government the right to nationalize our elections. And so what has happened with this initial order, we waited for about a year. We pushed back right away and said, what are you doing? What's the basis for this? What's the legal basis?

And then what is the implementation or implementation of this going to actually look like in the states? And when they didn't respond for a year, we pushed back with the letter. There were about 15 or 16 secretaries of state who said, whoa, you need to rescind this order because it's unconstitutional. Two more years passed.

Absolutely nothing. And it wasn't until a week ago that they then came out. Here we are in the middle of the election year, and now they've come out with this program. And we find out that they have been acting behind closed doors, no transparency, working with these third-party liberal, Democrat, progressive NGOs coming up with this plan. And it's going to, like Michael said, 600 federal agencies are going to come register and get out the vote for the Democrats.

And it's just simply unconstitutional. Like you said, it's like Zuckerberg's on steroids using our federal tax dollars and our federal institutions to work for the Democrat party, just not. It's election interference at its worst.

Mac, I want to just follow up with you. Is somebody suing about this or challenging it? I imagine their response is, oh, no, this is just public welfare, nonpartisan, underrepresented community stuff.

But we know exactly what it is. Is somebody currently suing to try to stop this? There is a case coming out of Pennsylvania. We plan to do an amicus that's going to join in on that. But there isn't time for this to work through the courts. The Biden administration is trying to do it right now during the primary season and certainly for the general election in November.

You know how slow the courts are. This is a call to action. Everybody across the United States to get to your secretary of state and let them know they need to join in on this pushback, one calling to rescind. Of course, we don't expect the Biden administration to rescind this, although that would be the right thing to do. We simply want to put public pressure on the White House to say enough is enough, be transparent. Michael himself has asked on the phone call from the White House a week ago and said, who did you coordinate with? They certainly didn't coordinate with secretaries of state.

And that's what irritated us. We're the chief elections officers for the states and no coordination from the White House. They're hiding from us and they're using these third parties because you can't FOIA those. If something happens with the secretary of state, a citizen can ask for those communications and we would have to turn it over. We want to. We want to be transparent. But these NGOs are not transparent.

So, Michael, I want to go to you. So let's just use Mississippi as an example and then I'll go back to Mac. How are you defying this in the state of Mississippi? How can you, as the secretary of state, say that the Department of Interior, the V.A., is not able to do voter registration?

How does it look like in practice, the defying of this? There's two parts there. Number one, you look at the NVRA from 1993 and if states reach out to certain federal agencies, they can partner. The problem is that happens on the state end, not the federal government. And that's where they're overreaching.

They have no authority whatsoever to do this. And, Charlie, I think it's really important to point out something that Mac alluded to there. We were on a phone call, I was, a week and a half or so ago, and several other secretaries. And so I asked the White House directly, listen, we understand that you've told these federal agencies to come up with plans. We want to see these plans to make sure we understand what they're doing and how they're acting in our state.

I was told, and this is basically a quote, number one, that information is not public, and number two, it never was intended to be public. So this is a federal agency, the White House, that should be transparent in everything that it does, is telling an elected secretary of state who's in charge of running elections, number one, you're not getting that information, and number two, we don't intend for it to be public. That should be a wake-up call to every secretary of state in this country, every American in this country, to make sure we understand what's going on right under our eyes. And if we're paying attention and really watching what's happening, I think we've got the best chance to push back. So Mac, in West Virginia, the state that you administer elections there, this kind of GOTV of federal money, I mean, what, is the EPA going to go be doing voter registration drives now in West Virginia? If this isn't thwarted?

That's what the Biden administration wants. What I'm doing is I'm working with my county clerks who run elections in the counties and saying, don't accept registrations that come in illegally. It's never been easier to register than it is right now.

You can do it on your cell phone. There's so many ways to register. We don't need the federal government overstepping its bounds, becoming voter registration drives, conducting voter registration drives. So I'm telling my county clerks not to accept registrations that come in illegally. So to both of you, the call to action is for all of the secretary of states across the country, specifically Republicans, to defy this order. And I mean, this very well could tilt the election in certain states like Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, if this is not thwarted.

Michael, your final reaction? Yeah, really quickly, I think it's important. One of the things that we're doing, we're sending letters to every federal agency that has an office in our state as well as every prison, because under Section 9, it basically tells the U.S. Marshals Service to not only go out and help felons register to vote, but also the illegal immigrants who may be in their custody.

That's illegal. So, again, it's making sure we understand who's doing what in our state. And the problem is the White House isn't telling us. So we're having to track that information down by ourselves.

Mac, final thoughts here. Call to action for the national audience here. I think what Michael's doing is exactly what we need to do, and that's to contact the federal agencies in our state and say, shouldn't be doing this, we're not going to accept those applications. What we saw with Zuckerberg and the money that was allegedly going out for PPE, personal protective equipment, actually went to get out the vote drafts for the Democrats in key swing counties, swing states. We saw in Wisconsin, I think the margin of victory was about 20,000. It's pretty clear that the Zuckerberg's that were used to get out the vote for the Democrats may have been the difference in that election. We don't want these elections to be swung because of Zuckerberg's or because the federal government are reaching.

We want free, fair, clean elections. Thank you guys so much for your leadership and for shining a light on this. Appreciate it, guys. Thank you so much.

Thank you, Charlie. Just everyone understands the Biden bucks is going to be bigger than Zuckerberg's ever was. I want to read this from the Federalist. Biden Bucks stink emanates from leftist groups voter drive in Milwaukee schools. The Milwaukee Initiative has all the markings of Biden Bucks, an executive order that threatens to transform federal agencies into a get out the vote machine for Democrats. Just 16 percent of Milwaukee public school students can even read or write.

Only 12 percent are proficient in math in the swing state of Wisconsin's largest school district. So why on earth is the Milwaukee public school prioritizing with a Democrat aligned activist organization aimed at turning out the polls of 18 year old students in Milwaukee public schools? Why is the anti voter ID vote a group vote writers working with MPS faculty designated as voter champions? Naked politics, the Federalist writes, and familiar politics at that, according to Dave Craig, a senior legal fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Man, let me just pause. These guys are so serious about winning elections. We are not. They are mobilizing the federal government as a GOTV arm for quote unquote underrepresented communities. They're indicting Donald Trump. This doesn't even count the billions of dollars that are coming from oligarchs. Billions of dollars. Milwaukee's left led young voter drive may arguably be more nefarious than the buckets of money Facebook founder and conservative silencer Mark Zuckerberg dumped into the 2020 election ministration. So let me just make this straight.

Let me get this straight. Why can't the states then say that federal government money cannot be used in the administration of these elections the same way that they banned Zucker boxes? Why can't they ban Biden boxes?

But the defying thing doesn't quite make sense to me because they're muddling. The thing is that they're used they're doing voter registration via government agencies. That's going to be very, very hard to block in courts. Very hard. That'll be very difficult for agency for us to block in the courts.

Very difficult. It's like the V.A. is registering voters.

You're like, OK. I don't see a federal judge overturning that. And they're going to say, oh, it's underrepresented communities, which you know that is code for future Democrat voters. Democrats are playing to win. The Democrats play to win. Elections should be run by states. The federal government should not be there to administer elections and or help increase the likelihood of Joe Biden winning again.

It's going to come down to just a couple of votes and a couple of states, everybody. Debt, it keeps you tossing and turning at night. You can't get away from it. But the truth is, the system is designed to trap you in debt. Insanely high interest rate credit cards and loans make it nearly impossible to pay off your debt. There's a new way out of the debt trap, pivotal debt solutions. Pivotal debt solutions isn't like the old school debt relief companies that string your debt out for years. They have new aggressive strategies that can end your debt faster and easier than you thought possible. With pivotal debt solutions, you can cut or even eliminate interest. Find programs to write off your balances so you owe less. Stop these threatening phone calls and without bankruptcy and without a loan. Bottom line is they find every solution possible to end your debt permanently. Before you do anything, contact pivotal debt solutions first to talk to them for free.

Find out how fast they can get you out of debt. Visit That is, As we're doing this, the Palestinian protesters are blocking the ability to get to O'Hare International Airport. They are blocking Golden Gate Bridge. And the police are just taking their time. Police are just kind of going, they don't know how to deal with these people. Here's a good way to retaliate. In red states, you should pass laws that say if you do this, it's an attack on society and it's going to be 10 years in prison.

This is a collective punishment on ordinary people because a group of fringe psychopaths are more worried about a foreign war than disturbing people's lives. What if an ambulance is on that bridge and they're blocking an ambulance? That's an interesting moral question. If an ambulance was carrying somebody, do they have a moral right to run over the protesters that are blocking the bridge after many warnings? That's an interesting question. They are blocking Golden Gate Bridge.

I want you to just ask a question. What if there was somebody waiting on Golden Gate Bridge and their wife is in labor? What if there's a fire truck and these lunatics are blocking the entire street?

Why? Because they're financed by some sort of Arab money organization. By the way, red states, what a great opportunity. If this happens in a red state, you guys should open a RICO case and find out who's funding all of these shutdowns of highways. But these people are just anti-civilization.

They like to hurt people and cause mayhem every time, every place. So I want to go back to that question. If you're driving an ambulance and you're right now on the Golden Gate Bridge and it's totally shut down because of these protesters, and they refuse to move, and they refuse to move, and they refuse to move, and you say, move, I have somebody dying in the back of my ambulance.

I have somebody dying in the back of my ambulance. Do you have the right to just plow through them? Hopefully yes. I think the answer is yes.

I think it is. I have no patience. This is a collective punishment on all of society. That we're just going to shut down streets because we want something our way. And by the way, I'm not saying that everyone should run them over. I'm saying if you're driving an ambulance and you have a life-threatening emergency, and these people shut it, they just shut it down. If you warn them time and time again, and then they are blocking somebody from having life-saving treatment, forget it. Full speed ahead. After multiple warnings, they still are going to shut down a highway.

I want you to imagine, I don't like doing this, but it is helpful. What if MAGA started to shut down highways because Donald Trump is in court? What if we started to shut down highways and we just linked arms? A, they would run us over and they would not ever pay a penalty.

B, we would go to jail for like ten years. By the way, what if you miss a flight that cost you $1,000? It's basically somebody robbing you of $1,000.

No different from any sort of robbery. Which reminds me of my Final Four story that I want to tell you. And I couldn't even win over Ryan on this one. Makes me very suspicious. I paid up for some very, very good Final Four tickets. Love the Final Four. And the way the Final Four works is there's four teams, two games, and then usually a lot of fans leave.

So I have these really nice tickets paid up for them. And you know who's sitting around you, then all of a sudden these new people arrive. And they stole the seats that they did not pay for. And they were like snickering and taking pictures. Then eventually the people came back. They actually didn't leave. They just went to the concessions.

And these are like grown 55-year-old men. And they weren't like sitting a couple rows back. They were in a completely different section.

We're talking about thousands of dollars of difference in ticket price. I think that's theft. I think those guys should go to jail.

I do. I think that if you go into an event and you steal somebody's ticket, and you go see somebody, I think they should be criminalized, penalized for that. I'm not even talking like five or six rows.

I'm talking about they were in the cheap seats. How is that any different than going into a store and stealing a product? Because it makes me feel like a sucker.

I paid for it full price. I guess I'm a sucker. Anyway, if you block a highway, you should go to federal prison. That was my little final four. Do you guys agree with me on that? I want you guys, freedom at

Do you think that there should be a penalty for seat stealing at games, especially when the price difference, when it's a huge game like that? Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening, and God bless.
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