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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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April 16, 2024 5:43 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 16, 2024 5:43 am

Amy is BACK! And hosting again from Syracuse University! | Caitlin Clark officially selected #1 overall by the Indiana Fever | The impact of a head coach on a great player.


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Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. Wait, do you still remember me? It's been a while. I'm still here, I swear. I didn't get fired. I didn't move. I didn't quit radio. I am still here. But man, I missed you guys because it's been, shoot, four or five days since we were together at this same time. Man, so much has changed.

We're not CBS Sports Radio anymore. If you would like to, we could do an over under on the number of times that I get it wrong on this edition of the show. I will try.

I will try my very best to not slip up. But sometimes old habits die hard. The show is still the same. It's still me. I'm not AI generated. This is still me.

Amy Lawrence, After Hours, that does not change. Some of our social media has changed, but you can still go to the old address and just notice that the title is maybe a little bit different or the handle is a little bit different. Maybe by now you're getting used to it or you're trying it on for size because it's been almost a full day. Well, I guess over the weekend too, right? There were shows over the weekend that had to get adjusted.

I bet that was comical. We are now the Infinity Sports Network. Infinity Sports Network. And on social, there's about 18 different ways you can find us.

So you're just going to have to stick to my social and branch out from there. But it's been a few days. We have a lot to catch up on.

I'm really excited about it. First of all, I've never in my entire career, and the WNBA predates me in sports radio. So I've never in my entire career done a show in which I started with the WNBA draft. But today is a new day. And Monday is not just the WNBA draft. It's the day that Kaitlin Clark started over, became a rookie and started at the bottom and had to work her way back up. So you're going to hear from Kaitlin really interesting comments from her about what the last couple of weeks have been like. And then I've talked to you about how I felt like she's going to hit a wall at some point because of everything that's been on her plate over the last couple months and the weight she's been carrying. The heavy load, as Dawn Staley called it, the heavy load on her shoulders from the last couple weeks and she talked about that and also what people can expect of her in the WNBA now that she's a pro basketball player. I know that Angel Reese and Camila Cardoso end up on the same team. Interesting. So we'll talk about the fever and the Chicago sky.

And one of my students brought up this idea in class of watching the WNBA draft for the first time but how much of the draft would people watch past that first pick? I am at Syracuse University again. Let's hope there is no flame out by our piece of equipment. I think we have fixed it. The little Comrex that could. It's sitting right next to me and the engineers tell me that it is good to go and that it's actually not dead. It's risen again. So we've got the Comrex. We're not going to use the cell phone on this edition of the show. That is not happening.

I'm not speaking that. Instead, we're going to have an opportunity to go through all of what we missed over the past couple, well not probably all of it, what I've missed and what we've missed together over the last few days. I have a couple of fun stories to tell you. I did find Buffalo Wings in Buffalo for the Hubs.

His first time ever having authentic Buffalo Wings. About 12 hours ago we were just leaving Niagara Falls, also his first tour of Niagara Falls and my first time in probably 20 years. It was really cool to be there. A gorgeous day and I had a chance to ask a lot of people in the area what it was like a week ago with the solar eclipse on tap. So it was a really neat experience to talk to a lot of people in the area. Buffalo and Niagara Falls and I know for some of you on your social media you were blown away that I was in your city. I might move to Buffalo. That's how much I enjoyed the weekend.

It was great. Except the problem is that Bob does not like snow and I made the mistake of telling him about lake effect snow and now he is putting his foot down that we're never moving to Buffalo. So I'm sorry I tried. You Buffalo people I tried.

I did not see the stadium while I was there but next time I go through I'll see the stadium. We got the NBA playoffs that tip off Tuesday and Wednesday with this gimmicky play-in tournament that drives me insane. I don't know whether or not you all enjoy it but it's here to stay like it or not. It's a little bit like the runner on second base in Major League Baseball when they get to extra innings.

Also gimmicky. It's like something we would put up in Little League. But it's here to stay. Oh you know what else is here to stay in the NBA? The in-season tournament. If we're not getting rid of the in-season tournament we're probably not getting rid of the play-in tournament either. So we've got a lot to get you in the world of basketball in football as well because the NFL never goes away.

Never goes away. It's now the rounds of voluntary workouts with teams. So we're getting D'Amico Ryans and various members of the NFL who are speaking. Daniel Jones, an update on his injury and how close he is to getting back. Devante Adams about his time with the Raiders. It's another round of coaches and players stepping up to the microphone and give us an update about where they are now and what's happening in this offseason. But these are voluntary workouts so let's not freak out.

Can we make an agreement? We will not freak out over veterans that are not in voluntary workouts because they're voluntary. So it doesn't matter. They're not holding out. Justin Jefferson not being with the Minnesota Vikings over voluntary workouts is not a big story. It's not a big story. So we're not going to be nervous about that. He's not holding out.

We're not to that point yet. So a little bit of football sprinkled in. A little bit of hockey too as we get closer to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Did you see what Connor McDavid did? The man continues raising the bar in his young NHL career. Although I suppose now he might be considered a veteran.

He's got a few years under his belt. So there's a lot to get to. I don't even know how many stories I'll get to but I'll try because we had fun over the last couple days and also hosting the show on Friday afternoon. I enjoyed hearing from a different audience when I was filling in for Zach Gelb on that.

I guess it would be drive time east coast but noon on the west coast. So without further ado let's see if we can practice this. I've got it written down on a card in front of me. Not my name.

I know that part now. Not the name of the show but the name of the network. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on the Infinity Sports Network.

And yes every single time I say it I can hear Buzz Lightyear in my brain. So we might have to use that as a drop producer Jay. Jay how'd it go last night with I don't know who was filling in. Whoever was sitting in the chair.

How did it go with the transition to the Inff Sports Network? It was rich and he did a good job. So I guess he did a show over the weekend so he had a little experience before into yesterday. I on the other hand maybe on the phones was saying the other name so I got to work on that one. The other name. The other name. So funny story going back to Friday since I was the first host to do it. There was an interesting reaction on social media as you can imagine. What's happening? What network am I listening to? Well I managed to go the first two and a half hours. Did not breathe the three letters that we shall never use on the show again.

They're banned apparently. But we get a guest up. Our friend Michael Duarte of NBC LA. We're talking about the latest in this Shohei Ohtani soap opera.

And what does he do but talk about the transition and how we're changing and how he wishes us great success. And then he starts dropping the three letters all over the show and I'm thinking are you kidding. We just went through the entire two and a half hours. No one mentioned CBS. See there he did it.

But he did. So it's kind of funny because we were trying to be really careful not to breathe those three letters in succession and then he comes on the air and blabs it all over the show. I just got a job at CBS. Not CVS.

We're allowed to say those words or those letters together. I just got a job at CVS. Yes it does sound very similar. Well have you heard any of the other shows to know how hosts are struggling or maybe soaring with the new name. I have not really but I imagine that everyone's faring okay.

You think? It took me over a year to not use the name of my previous network when I started with our network. It's definitely it's a tough transition. It's very different.

Because there's nothing similar about them. No, it's not even radio. We're not even using radio anymore. It's now Infinity Sports Network.

So as I say best bet is just to know that our social is all the same and you can find us there. So on Twitter at a law radio that's not changing on our Facebook page. Oh actually Jay our Facebook page same the same but our show Twitter changed. What did we change it to at Amy after hours now? Okay, that's right at Amy. And here's why do you know I had to add our name to it because after hours was already taken. So I when we drop the three letters on the end I had that was already taken by someone else. And so I had to add something to after hours. So yes, thank you for reminding me at Amy after hours, which is awkward.

I don't even like it, but I didn't know what else to call it. So it's at Amy after hours Facebook page is the same. Although I know we're going to have to change our our profile photo or our header photo at some point. We're still working on it. YouTube channel is the same after hours with Amy Lawrence.

Those things are easy and you can find them with no trouble for tonight. I want to know how many of you watch the WNBA draft easy. Maybe we can put up a poll question on Twitter. How many of you watch the WNBA draft or J if you want to put it out there. Did you will do easy peasy? Yes. No. Did you watch the WNBA draft? Did you watch Kaitlyn Clark get drafted? Maybe that's the question. Or did you watch anything else past Kaitlyn Clark getting drafted? Because that is definitely the line of demarcation between casual fans and hey, hardcore WNBA fans. Did you watch Kaitlyn Clark?

I would say that the answer is probably yes for a lot of people who are cash. But what did you watch after that? Right. It was neat to see her on stage. It was neat to see her out of uniform in a different setting where she's dressed up and she knows the moment is coming. Really happy for her too because of how hard she's worked. I think there are a lot of fans around the country that are invested in Kaitlyn Clark now. And that's evidenced by not only the ticket sales that are soaring for the Indiana Fever, but all over the country wherever the fever might play. One of my students, Niko, just came in and said that the jersey sales are going through the roof for Kaitlyn Clark jerseys now. That it's official. And so there's this groundswell before she even plays a game in the WNBA. We were having a discussion.

I've got three students here in studio with me at Syracuse. We were talking about why Kaitlyn Clark and why now. And even though we don't necessarily have the answer, we know the time is now for Kaitlyn.

With the first pick in the 2024 WNBA draft, the Indiana Fever select Kaitlyn Clark, University of Iowa. I got a little anxious there before the pick, but I think more than anything just grateful and lucky to have my family here, my friends over there, coaches up here. So I think just enjoying the moment. I've dreamed of this moment since I was in second grade and it's taken a lot of hard work, a lot of ups and downs.

But more than anything, just trying to soak it in. Kaitlyn Clark, congratulations to her as she is the number one pick overall in the WNBA draft 2024 and the fans. Now, that was a small theater, a relatively small theater in Brooklyn. Could you imagine if they'd had the foresight or they had any idea that it would be this big, they likely would have moved it to a larger venue and sold more tickets because the NBA and the WNBA, like every other pro league, is all about their ticket sales. And so if they could have made more money on it, they likely would have.

Probably too late to change it because of whether it be a contract or whether it be a commitment, couldn't back out of that. But the noise, the excitement, the people who showed up there just to see Kaitlyn get drafted, even though it was a foregone conclusion, it was a coronation. Now she goes from being the queen of college basketball to a rookie in the WNBA.

And just like we talked about with high profile rookie quarterbacks who enter the NFL, there are plenty of defensive linemen, hungry linebackers that are just waiting to say welcome to the NFL rookie. And it's going to be the same for her because she was essentially crowned as the queen of college basketball. And because there are a lot of players who came before her who now want to say, hey, you may have been able to do the flash and dash at the college level.

It's not going to be that easy here in the pros. So welcome to the WNBA rookie. It's going to be interesting to hear and see and and kind of be invested in her transition. She's going to hit a wall at some point. I know she's going to hit a wall at some point because of the schedule she has kept over the last couple of weeks. And we were kind of speculating about it last week on the show. She goes from this. I mean, the schedule they kept regular season of Iowa basketball into a Big Ten tournament, into the NCAA tournament in the Final Four and not just the basketball, the nationally televised games, the attention that has been on her, the demand for interviews, even though Lisa Bluder told us on the show that she tried to protect the players, tried to make sure they weren't inundated with media requests.

But once they got through the Final Four in the national championship game, there's really not a whole lot that Iowa can do about it after that. And so it was interesting to hear Caitlin herself describe the last couple of weeks and what they've been like for her as she makes the transition from Iowa to now Indiana Fever basketball. Went home for a couple of days. I got off the plane when we landed in Iowa City.

I drove directly back home, had my mom cook me a meal, and then I drove back to Iowa City the next day. We had our celebration and then I flew to L.A., flew to New York, and now I'm here sitting at the stage. But I think the biggest thing is, like, I'm just very lucky to be in this moment. And all these opportunities and these things, they're once in a lifetime. And when things might get tiring or, you know, you have to do stuff, I think the biggest thing is look at it as just like an opportunity. This isn't something everybody gets to do. It's once in a lifetime. And just trying to soak in every single experience because I know how quick of a turnaround it is and I have a lot of people helping me.

Good stuff. She's so honest and open and authentic. You can tell she's not fake. And the way that she carries herself, the way that she remains humble and gracious, I think so much of that has to do with why people really like her. Obviously, it's the basketball.

The basketball is what attracts people. But when you hear her speak, the stage is not too big for her. But also, it's not all about her. It's not all about Kaitlyn Clark. She very much includes her teammates, her coach.

Wait until you hear what she had to say about Lisa Bluder and how coach believed in her. And that's one of the reasons why she got to this point. She is really big on being part of a sorority that is women's college basketball, or now women's basketball as a whole. And for that reason, people like her even more. You get dazzled and you get hooked by the game, by the basketball, by what she can do with that ball in her hands.

But then when you get to know her a little bit more, you like her. And that's, I think, another reason why people will follow her to the WNBA, which is definitely a question. So we'll hear more from Kaitlyn Clark. As I say, we'll start to talk about the NBA playoffs.

They were kind enough to wait for me until I got through this Monday night show and got reintegrated. And so we'll get to the West play-in games. How nutso is it that for the second straight year, or is it the third straight year, one of the Warriors, they love this play-in game.

They've decided that it's their thing. But now we've got Warriors and Lakers again in that play-in tournament. And the Kings have fallen backward into it.

So we get a rematch of sorts of last year's Game 7 between Golden State and Sacramento. There's a lot of cool stuff to talk about as we head into what is, well, it feels like the longest playoff run on planet Earth, the NBA. They go for two months to settle in. It is not a sprint. It is definitely a marathon.

And it can get, it gets dragged out by the way they schedule it, but it can get overbearing at times. So we're going to start in like a house on fire, and then we're going to settle in. It's going to be much more of an investment, a long-term investment, until we get to June. June is when the champions are crowned in both hoops and hockey.

We're just on the cusp of those playoffs beginning. So there's a lot to talk about. I missed you too. I know, I know. I should never leave you. But also the number of you that every single time I do not host my show, assume I've been fired or that I'm changing time slots, it's a little alarming.

Can you please stop doing that? On Twitter, at ALawRadio, also on our Facebook page, those have remained the same. Pictures may be changing a little bit. We're going to fix that.

I can do this. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence from the campus of Syracuse University. I love this place.

On the Infinity Sports Network. Call from Mom. Answer it.

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Visit slash wealth investment minimum supply Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC member NYSE as IPC. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. Our games being nationally televised. I mean, we've played on Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN. I mean, you just go down the list and we've been on every national television, you know, channel. And I think that's been one of the biggest things that has helped us. And I think no matter what sport it is, given them give them the same opportunities, believe in them the same, invest in them the same.

And things are really going to thrive. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The voice of Kaitlyn Clark, one of the most recognizable voices in sports right now. And it feels like it had been, oh, I don't know, a couple of days since we'd heard from Kaitlyn.

But she is back and she is now officially a rookie in the WNBA for the Indiana Fever. And interestingly enough, they will now have not just this incredible profile. So they go from second worst attendance in the WNBA last year. They are averaging just over 4,000 fans per home game. 4,000 fans.

There are high school games. Friday night lights that attract more than 4,000 fans on a weekly basis. 4,000 fans to having nearly all of the single game tickets they put on sale kind of early just to test the waters, I think. But also to generate some traffic to their website but not make it crazy and crash the Indiana Fever ticket office. They have seen this incredible and voracious demand for tickets both home and away. So they go from being almost irrelevant in pro sports to being one of the most talked about franchises in any sport in the country right now.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence from the campus of Syracuse University. Infinity Sports Network. And you can find us on our network Twitter at INF Sports Network.

And here's the thing. They're still figuring out the branding. They're still figuring out the continuity from all the various social platforms. So if you either search for it online, if you go to our YouTube channel, you can easily search for it. Or if you just check out our social media, likely there's going to be a link there.

I think I did link it on my own Twitter at ALawRadio. So a lot of people excited about seeing Caitlin get that moment where she's drafted number one overall. It's something that she's been looking forward to since second grade is what she said, which is pretty incredible. I'm trying to remember what I was most looking forward to in second grade. I think that my big dream in second grade was to start at second base on my little league team. That was about as far as my dreams went.

And from the time I was in second grade until the time I was 16, I think I changed my career goals a few thousand times, which is what most young people do, most kiddos do. But for her, if you haven't seen it, it's gone public now. She put together this paper of all her big dreams. She wrote them all out. She diagrammed them. It was really cute.

It kind of is like something you would see from an elementary school kiddo with all her big dreams. And I'll be darned if she hasn't achieved at this point most of them or is getting closer to achieving most of them. So the Indiana Fever are in this neat space where they're about to become really the centerpiece of the WNBA, though they haven't earned it. They haven't gotten to the point where they're a championship contender, but they've got this player that people want to see. And so for that reason, it's time. It's time for them to do it right. It's time for them to capitalize on what they've got in Kaitlyn Clark and Aliyah Boston now as well, who's there. And it's neat that Kaitlyn and Aliyah will be playing together.

And I know for Kaitlyn, she was talking about that after the fact, right? Is that now moving forward, it's your frenemies. They're frenemies. No, they're going to be teammates. They're on the same page. They're on the same court. And that's what happens in the pros, right? When you have to change your focus. It's not about the rivalries from college anymore.

It's a much smaller, in this case, sorority. And you're not only going to cross paths with people that you played against, but you're going to have teammates that you battled against. There's so much you can say about her rookie of the year. In my eyes, one of the best players in the league. And like I said, as a point guard, my biggest job is I'm just feeding Aliyah the ball every single game. That's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to go in there and be like, hey, go make a layup. She's going to make my life easy. But she's incredible. But the thing I love about her is she's just a great person. She loves the game. She knows the game. She supports the game. And she has a smile that affects a lot of people and brings a lot of joy to people when they watch her. So I can't wait to be her teammate again. Again, how much people hear from Kaitlyn Clark, and yet she never seems to come across as selfish, irritable.

She never comes across as a person who wants to be the center of attention. She's knowledgeable about the others in the game. And she's gracious. And she's classy.

And she already sounds like a professional, for heaven's sakes. So it's really neat to hear her talk about Aliyah Boston, who, by the way, if you watch the Final Four, Aliyah was there as a guest sideline reporter. And it was really neat to see her interactions with her former college coach, Dawn Staley.

Now, in between the Final Four of the National Semis and the championship, there was an interview with Coach Staley that went viral from Aliyah to coach and just the interaction, how much they really have a relationship that translated over TV. And so we've seen Aliyah Boston, even though she's not gotten the same headlines as one of Kaitlyn Clark will, we've seen her acclimate very quickly to the WNBA. So could the Fever end up with two rookies of the year in a row, which is funny, right?

If you can do maybe something like what the Houston Astros did, where they were so bad for so many years that they kept adding these top picks and they put them together and it was lightning in a bottle. Can the Fever use this core of Aliyah Boston, these two young players, Aliyah Boston and Kaitlyn Clark, and can they now become relevant to the WNBA? Maybe people at this point don't care about that, haven't thought about it that far down the road, but that's how the Fever are going to capitalize. That's how they're going to keep the fans. The fans are showing up now because of Kaitlyn. The fans are showing up because the Fever drafted her.

But if they're a terrible team, if they do not play well, if they don't win, eventually that passion will wane. Eventually maybe Kaitlyn's a big draw on the road where she goes into other cities with the Fever, but if they're not winning, the fans are going to lose interest pretty quickly. So can the Fever use this, this momentum to put together a really good team? Can they not only give the fans what they want, which is as much of Kaitlyn Clark as possible, but can they also start to win?

Can they put together a roster that can compete? Because otherwise, as I say, they'll become only about Kaitlyn Clark, which is not what they want. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on Infinity Sports Network. Kaitlyn was asked post-draft.

Now the draft was on ESPN, she did the interview with Holly Rowe there on stage, but then after that had to do another press conference. What can we expect from her in the pros? You've got to buy your tickets now.

I know it'll be a hot ticket, but I think the biggest thing is just do me, have fun, smile. I've loved playing basketball since I was a young girl and that's not going to change. I like that. Basketball is really the thing there with Holly Rowe on ESPN. And then a couple of other names that you may remember from this, gosh, what, 19 million people tuning into the national championship and the big numbers, the big viewership numbers for the semis as well. So people know Angel Reese because of LSU.

People know Camila Cardoso of the now defending national champ, South Carolina. It turns out that the two of them are going to end up playing together. So Camila gets drafted number three overall by the Chicago Sky and then the Sky move up via trade and they take Angel Reese, which is pretty incredible, right? So those two who I wouldn't say they were rivals or they had any type of any type of, you know, like a situation where they butted heads or there's one thing there's no history there because, of course, there is some history just as high profile players.

But they were almost like two ships passing in the night, kind of doing their own thing on different teams. Well, now they're on the same teams together and it's kind of neat to think about the possibilities. And so they both obviously were excited about playing with each other once they found out that was going to be the case.

I think it's going to be great. She's a great player. I'm a great player. So two great players together. Nobody's going to get no rebounds on us. I had a great conversation with Chicago, so I kind of knew if it wasn't the Mystics, I knew it was going to be Chicago that was going to be calling me home. Angel Reese and Camila Cardoso now teammates for the Chicago Sky. And I like how Angel says that nobody else is going to get any rebounds.

Yeah, that'll be tough. And really the WNBA still has a lot of players. Well, teams that are inside out as much as there is three point shooting. It's not quite as drastic as the NBA. So they do have players who can dominate on the glass, dominate on the boards and incredible athletes.

And Caitlin's going to start to run with all pros, right? We're not talking about a handful of players on each team. And that's probably not even the case. One or two players on each team or in each game that might have a shot at the pros. Or we're talking about over the course of a Big Ten season, maybe running into a handful of players that are going to play at the next level. This is why I scoff and laugh when people tell me that a great college team could be a pro team.

Because that's not the case. And they're not going to take it easy on her. No, they're going to want to be on the highlight reel because they stuff Caitlin Clark. Or because they guarded her so tightly that she went over ten from beyond the arc.

Or because they stole a pass that she tried to thread into the lane. They're going to want to use that as a personal challenge. Can I either be on the highlight reel or get a little name recognition because I was able to take away what Caitlin Clark is good at? I mean, that's the mentality.

If it were me, that's how I would be approaching it. I'm going to hitch my wagon to your star and we'll see who comes out on top in this particular one-on-one battle. So that's neat. We'll hear more from Caitlin. The NBA playoffs and the play-in games that begin Tuesday and Wednesday. And then we'll get to the full brackets coming up next weekend. Gosh, it's all happening.

This is when April gets crazy. Haven't even really mentioned that Scottie Scheffler won another green jacket at the Masters. And a point that I made on the show Friday when I was hosting is he's not even, well not him specifically, the Masters.

It's almost sacrilegious to say. Wasn't even a top three story over the weekend. There's some other soap opera, high profile stories and athletes who are attracting a lot of attention. And as much as Scottie Scheffler is damn good at what he does, there's not a whole lot of drama there. The personality, he's great at golf.

You wouldn't say he's incredibly charismatic, though people like him when they hear from him. But the Masters? Yeah, I don't know that the Masters brought a whole lot of attention back to golf. Where the interest has waned and has started to dissipate a lot over the last couple of months for a lot of different reasons. We're still trying to figure that out.

So a lot to catch up on. So glad to have you. We've got a question up on our social that I retweeted at A Law Radio and our new show Twitter handle. This is so weird to say at Amy after hours, not because I needed my name in it, but because at after hours was already taken and we had to change things.

Did you watch any of the WNBA draft past Kaitlyn Clark getting selected number one overall? So I'm here on the campus of Syracuse University, second of my two classes. And there were three students that started the show.

Now we're down to one. Paul is a trooper. He's still here, but he doesn't have to wake up until two fifteen Eastern Time. He's got a class at two o'clock where the other two guys had class at seven and eight o'clock.

So they bowed out, which I just appreciate them coming over as I extend that option to all of my students. But it is weird, though, because generally I'm looking at Jay through the double pane glass. I don't know why it's so different that now I'm looking at Paul.

It's just it's different. But we're going to have no Comrex issues tonight. None whatsoever. It's going to work perfectly. So check out our poll on social media and we'll continue on. I've got stories to tell. Phone numbers the same eight five five two one two four two two seven eight one five two one two four two two seven.

I'm Amy Lawrence. It's after hours on the Infinity Sports Network. Here's our latest sports. Now, see, I don't know if I'm supposed to say update or flash.

Marco, what is it? I don't think that mattered. I don't think it does. Well, but have you heard the new production? You have. Oh, yes. But I don't I don't think it matters.

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Talk to your pediatrician or visit why vaccines dot com brought to you by Merck Sports Flash. Where was the last time you called it a sports flash? I'm telling you, that's in the 1980s. I don't know. I guess I'm used to it because I feel like a lot of places that they may have me going to and bouncing all over the place. And sometimes they say flash, sometimes they say update. So I'm kind of I'm kind of used to it. This is what happens when you wind up being a chameleon.

You go all over the place. Sports flash. All right.

If that's what it is, I might still go with update, though, just so we can use a different word that that works. As long as it's not like, you know, score phone, because then then I feel like we're a little concerned. I'm not even sure the majority of our audience knows what sport phone or score phone is. Yeah, I don't remember.

I think I worked there for a day. I think my student is shaking his head at me. Paul has no clue what that is. Of course, I'm not sure if Paul knows what a phone booth is.

Do you know what a phone booth is, Paul? Oh, big smile. All right. Let's try it again.

Three, two, one. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. You know, when she came in as a freshman and she said, we're going to the Final Four and a lot of people laughed at her and maybe even laughed at her for coming to Iowa, quite honestly. But she believed we believed and she got everybody else in that locker room to believe.

And that is not an easy thing to do. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. We know that voice, the voice of Iowa head basketball coach Lisa Bluder. She, too, has become a household name. And what a cool relationship she and Caitlin have. And as much as you can point to that relationship as being a catalyst for Iowa hoops and for the run, they had to back to back national championship games, back to back national runners up. You can look around sports and see those types of relationships with the most successful teams. How about the relationship between Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid?

It's huge, right? The relationship between Steph Curry and Steve Kerr, the relationships that develop between the leaders of a team or the stars of a team. And sometimes it's just because that coach believed in them or because that coach allows them to be who they are and puts them in a position to succeed with their unique skill set, talents and abilities. And they shared a vision. And I love the fact that Lisa did not. She didn't say to Caitlin that I think that's a great idea.

Let's go do that. But then not really believe it. The two of them clearly had a vision and together built it. They believed it. They could see it. They knew that they could do it.

If they could work together and if they could put that team on the court that had the same vision and was bought in. And it absolutely worked. And I love that. I love that they both have the same story.

They both had the same vision and they were able to walk the road together. And the fact that they're both Iowa ladies. That's what Lisa Bluder loves. She is Iowa and Caitlin could have gone somewhere else to play basketball, but she wanted to stay home as well. It was really important to her.

And together they were able to catch lightning in a bottle. I vividly remember Coach Bluder coming and doing my home visit in my house during my recruiting. It was at the end of my junior year, I believe, or maybe the beginning of my junior year. Around sometime in my junior year.

End of my junior year. And I think the biggest thing is we talked about this moment. We dreamed of this moment. But she also believed I would be here. And she coached me really hard to get to this moment.

There was a lot of ups and downs. And something I really appreciate about Coach Bluder is no matter what awards or success or wins we ever had or I had, she never stopped coaching me. She never stopped holding me accountable. She always thought there were ways for me to get better. And she still thinks that. And I still think that.

And that's one of the things I just love about her. You know, as she was talking about how Coach Bluder still worked with her. Didn't decide that with all that star power and all the attention that she was too big to be coached. How often do we know or we see a different set of rules for superstars. And that's probably the case when you're talking about guys who are veterans who've earned a little extra leeway.

Who've earned the chance to skip a workout or not practice every day of the week. That's one thing. But as she's talking about how she still coaches me. She still pours into me.

She's still working with me. I thought of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. And I know Brady balked at that toward the end of his career because Bill doesn't change.

Because he can be fairly abrasive. But what you'll hear from Tom Brady now is that I appreciate the fact that he didn't treat me differently. I appreciate the fact that he was willing to coach me. That he continued to invest in me and he just wanted me to be a better player. He wanted us to be a better team.

Now, there's a fine line, right? And I would say comparing that with maybe LeBron James. I mean, how do you coach LeBron James? How do you talk to LeBron James about basketball?

It's a fine line. Do you have a relationship like that where your superstars are willing to be coached? Where your superstars are willing to be called out? Where your superstars are willing to hear that there's a different way to do what they want to do?

Are they willing to collaborate? Will they rely on their teammates? But also, will they take direction from coaches? And it doesn't necessarily mean they get chewed out.

But sometimes that's what it means. And I love the fact that their relationship is one in which Kaitlyn did not decide she was bigger than the team. And Lisa Bluder wasn't intimidated by Kaitlyn. No, their relationship is at the core of the success of that team the last, well, four years now. But the two years that they've really been in the spotlight where the nation's been captivated by Kaitlyn and by her fellow Hawkeyes.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on Infinity Sports Network. Yes, it's new to me too. I'm getting used to it.

But if I can do it, so can you. I kind of get the sense that within a couple of months, maybe you'll forget all about it. Or it will be a nice footnote to history, the network's old name, and we'll move forward together. I had to make myself a sign, though, because I knew that there was likely I would forget it and old habits die hard. But if you're wondering how to follow it, I just did retweet on my account.

So my account's not changing at ALawRadio. I did just retweet the not a link, but the initial post that came out that shows you where you can find Infinity Sports Network. And here's the funny part. It's called, well, I'll spell it, INF Sports Net. And when I was doing the show on Friday afternoon, I kept getting caught saying the INF Sports Network, which sounds just ridiculous. Let's be fair.

It sounds completely ridiculous. And so I stopped a couple of times and laughed at myself. And I had a few colleagues, fellow employees who were kind of listening and listening to what we call the soft launch. I was the guinea pig and they were sending me text messages with LOLOL or ha ha ha ha ha or laughing so hard they're crying emojis. Great.

I appreciate that you're enjoying this at my expense. So, yes, at the INF Sports Network is how we're supposed to say it. I recommend just going to my Twitter and finding it so you can see how to then transfer your loyalties from the old name to the new name on social media. Phone number stays the same. 855-212-4227. I'm in control room three on the campus of Syracuse University.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on Infiniti Sports Network. OK, picture this. It's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you. I can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever, or I can hop into my all new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road. With available H-Track all wheel drive and three row seating, my whole family can head deep into the wild, conquer the weekend in the all new Hyundai Santa Fe. Visit or call 562-314-4603 for more details. Hyundai.

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