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Milwaukee Bucks 2024 Playoff Preview with Ti Windisch, hoping for the best while expecting the worst

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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April 15, 2024 12:21 pm

Milwaukee Bucks 2024 Playoff Preview with Ti Windisch, hoping for the best while expecting the worst

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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April 15, 2024 12:21 pm

Ti Windisch of the Gyro Step Podcast joins Bart to preview the Bucks path to another NBA Title

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Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment, and before undertaking a new healthcare regimen, including EE System. Good morning, everybody. Welcome into the Winklerverse. My name is Bart Winkler. On today's episode, we'll be talking with Ty Windish of the Eurostep podcast, part of the GSPN network. There is a moment behind me captured. If you are on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream, you see it all the time.

There's my reflection. Yanis hoisting the championship along with Diakate, Jordan Ora, Cash Money. The Bucks have won a championship before. They have. It was a crazy time, but it's a joyous time. And I'm not sure if we really remember that they did that.

I'm not sure if we appreciate that they did that because we act like it's never happened. Well, it's got a chance to happen again this year. They are the three seed heading into a first round series starting on Sunday against the Indiana Pacers. I'm as nervous as you are for the whole prospect. As I talk with Ty Windish here, I will explain that my, oh, don't worry about the playoffs way of thinking about this isn't, it isn't some confidence I have in the Bucks.

I do not. In fact, I've got the opposite, but what it is is me just choosing not to worry until it's time to worry. And then when it's time to worry, I think in the long run I may deal with a Bucks playoff exit a lot worse than the people that I've been scolding. We'll see what happens. We'll try to get a more positive look from Ty Windish.

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Ty Windish, Bart Winkler, back together as the good Lord intended. Where I am at with the bucks is it's a place of just, I did not care. That was the smarter. You got a lot of crap for it.

I saw that was the smarter place to be. I care about these last month and it wasn't fun. I think I had to like for my own sanity, I had to not care, but I really like there's so much that has happened and I think, um, the sentiment is the right one where I thought this regular season was going to be so boring where it was going to be, let's just get back to the playoffs and then whatever. Then they trade for Dame and it's like, Oh, well now the regular season is going to be really fun. Uh, because they might end up with the same record, but it will be a different viewing experience. Uh, it did become a different viewing experience. Um, a really like awful one where they would show you flashes of this is what we thought, but then there was so much like them getting in their own way.

Oh, and by the way, they fired a coach to hire the almost too comically perfect for the situation, doc rivers. So I don't, I didn't watch a lot of the season with the, with the frame in mind, like I'm judging something. So you did, you're, you're, you're, you're breaking down, you're analyzing. Um, and, and for that reason, I do understand if you were someone who did that, why a series with the Pacers where you don't really know the full extent of Giannis's availability, why you think we might be done before, uh, May 1st, uh, why you or anyone, I, I, I totally like, if you're going to look at results, cause I keep saying, Oh, they can flip a switch. They can flip.

I'm not flipping switch out like that phrase. I just feel like this is a different landscape. It's a different terrain, but if the problems were so strong, then I can understand people being nervous. It's the, it's the million dollar or however much value question, whatever Dame's contract is, it's that, that, that's how much the question is worth. Um, I think I, you look at it closer than ever. I did because, you know, I, I, I think if, if it was the situation that we kind of, even if we, even with the new coach and let's just say Griffin had made it through if they didn't do the Dame trade, which who knows, I think it's probably more likely, frankly, like I think the situation is less volatile. I mean, maybe it's just bad enough that it doesn't matter, but you know, I think the, the drew version of the bucks is probably, there's probably just less people care, right? Like about the regular season in general, about the bucks where people wouldn't before. I mean, the expectations are different.

They're still high. I mean, it's still Giannis team and everything else, but whatever. I don't need to go way down that road. Um, but it was like, okay, they need to figure out how to play together. And I thought it was going to be pretty easy. I didn't think it was going to be like, you know, day one, their, their gods. But I mean, you know, okay.

Dominant pick and roll finisher, big dominant point guard, ball handler, outside shooter, like outside of Steph, one of the best three point shooting point guards we've ever seen in the league on, on high volume. It's like, okay, it can't be that hard. And they've made it look hard.

And honestly, that's the frustrating part. Like even if they had the 49 wins, they didn't get to 50 wins or on a 50 win pace with some of the shortened seasons for the first time since before bud, they had always won 50 or I've been on pace too since bud arrived. They didn't do that.

I could be sitting here at 49 and 33 saying, fine, you know, that's fine. They, they figured their stuff out. They did not be honest for a day. And for how many games and of course, Christmas time and injuries and coaching change, whatever. I think my biggest issue with them is I don't know if they have the, the gear I expected to see occasionally of like, all right, Giannis and Dame are just going to do their pick and roll and it's totally unguardable. It's, it's, that happens here and there, but it's not as regular as I want it to be. And I saw Marcus Johnson who does a phenomenal job breaking down the bucks whenever he's on the broadcast on Twitter when he's not. And now as the pod with the bucks shared that the Giannis and Dame minutes, the bucks had lost them dating back to like, I think it was sometime in late March, like when they were on court together. And that's the kind of stuff where it's like, all right, I don't care if everything goes to hell in a hand basket when they're not out there together.

Fine. The fact that it feels like they don't have a great rhythm right now, offensively when they're together is one of the things that worries me the most. And then there's just the whole Dame thing of like, Oh, he just sucks sometimes that I didn't have that as part of my bingo card one for 11 or ends to what two for 14 against Orlando in a game where you can lock up the two seed.

Now maybe it worked out. I mean, I forget how it would have changed if the bucks had won, but I mean, Indiana is not the scariest first round opponent, certainly in the East, when you look at the rest of them, but clearly they were trying to win that game and didn't go well. And now I think it's, it's a very interesting moment for Dame for the bucks on our pod yesterday, Rohan said, it's a legacy playoff series here for Dave. I mean, not just with the box, but overall, I mean, this is like, cause everyone thinks he sucks now. Yeah.

Well, yeah. I mean, the level of play didn't help. He's been, I mean, he's been bad by, you know, we expected a superstar. I would say he has been like a, he has been like a struggling star. Well, yeah, he still made the all star game and won the MVP. Like he's still good, but I think we did have such high expectations because Damian Lillard being a Milwaukee buck is something we never thought would be possible. Now it feels like he's been here for six years somehow in some way.

And that's where like, when I talk about this to a national audience, I feel like it's, it's a different view. Like everything people look at what the bucks did looks like an obvious mistake at the time they did it. Like they traded for Dame.

That was so exciting. And then when Drew got to Boston, everyone's like, Oh, well now they lost. I mean, immediately people are saying they lost and I'm trying to like, I was going through this the other day when Drew signed his big contract, like, yeah, we love Drew and defensively way better in the playoffs. He was shooting like 10% less from the field from three. And so they were looking for someone that could come in and not do that, not disappear as a point guard offensively, knowing that have to give up some defensive skill on that side. Okay.

And then they have Adrian Griffin and he's got a 31 and 13 record or whatever, and then they fire him. And like I've said, there's so many things that I've heard about what it was like in the building and what the coaching was like that. I don't know. I don't know what I've read like from name. I don't know what has been told to me off the record from other people. I don't know. Like it's just a big mess. Yeah, it was a mess though. And so I can understand.

All right. You know, there's a bigger goal here, but then the higher doc and then they have this like weird period with him. So I don't know that you can, cause I don't know that you can make any grand decision yet and grand proclamation yet about the bugs until we see the playoffs. But also I think if we, if we just had the team we had last year healthy, I think we'd feel better about it. Like bud and drew and healthy.

I think we, especially if that means that Boston just still has like Malcolm Brogdon. I mean maybe they could have picked someone else. I mean, but yeah, I mean I do think that drew being their, their sixth guy, which he is, which is I'm not trying to shade drew here.

I mean that's just look at the team and how they operate. He is very much safe in line there, but it just speaks to like how crazy of a team that they, cause they don't need, we needed drew and I'm a, we guy, everybody, we don't want to know that, but we needed drew to shoot 38% from three weeks. The Celtics don't need that.

No, they're just like, sure. If you want to go ahead and he's shooting a great on corners like he always does. And I actually do worry and I think it's going to drive bucks fans crazy. I think he might shoot a pretty decent percentage in the playoffs too, just because it's like, he's always the fourth guy on offense. I mean, it's like he had to take a bigger role obviously in Milwaukee and you know, I'm not, not trying to justify the way he shot with the bucks. I mean, he also made some very poor decisions and I'm curious to see like how often is he just able to do that, but they can just, they can just say that we actually never need you to handle the wall drew.

So you're not going to be able to pull up from three with 18 seconds left while there's a six, six guy guarding or they don't have Giannis, but Porzingis in this scenario. Yeah, I agree with you. I mean, I said, and it's funny cause like once a fortnight now when Dame looks like an all NBA guy again, I get killed for it every like nine, 10 days. But I was like, yeah, I wouldn't, I wouldn't redo the trade right now when they had just lost six of seven and people are like, are you crazy? And I'm saying, listen, to be clear, you know, I recorded a video from New England on my honeymoon excited about the move showing thigh in shorts, drinking a beer. Like I'm not trying to retcon that I wasn't all for it.

Thought it was a slam dunk. And I'm not even saying I'm firm in that forever going forward. I think, I mean the play, this is, we're going to find out right now if I stand on that this summer or not.

I mean this playoff series, I mean not right now, but in five days, six days when the bucks start against the Pacers. But it's just, the season has just stunk. I mean the, the, the disappointment of it. And it's like you said, the excitement.

It was like, Oh yeah, this is it. This is the missing piece. This is the player they've always needed and we've all known it.

It's not like, you know, we've made that up. I mean, Oh, a point guard who can outside shoot. I mean that opens up everything with the honest and like Chris could approximate it, but you know, not the best at dribbling.

And that kind of helps with being a point guard and perimeter player. We all love Chris, but that's just true. And of course the injuries are factoring in on him and it just has not worked out well.

It hasn't felt good. The whole, the coaching thing compounded it. Like it's not all because of Dame by any means, but yeah, I agree.

I think we'd feel better right now if, if everything was just stayed the same as, which is hilarious now. Cause I mean, I thought it was the right decision to fire bud too. It felt like he lost the locker room, but now I'm like, okay, if like four straight coaches, if you want to talk about Prunty lose the locker room, is that not just on the locker room? And I'm not saying doc has lost, they lost them or whatever, but it's like, you know, there's these games where they just like look apathetic way too often. It's like, okay, did they just pick four, three bad coaches or is this group just need to like be more consistent themselves and maybe stop blaming coaches? Well, I mean, people nationally will look at Yanis and call him a coach killer, which I don't think he is. But if I was somebody that was looking at it, only the prospects of Nick nurse, that's all, that's the only coach killing move he made. I mean, I, if I was trying to like get under a bucks fan skin, I would, I would say that I'd go look at you guys coach killer.

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Need to hire you need indeed. I'm Bart Winkler. Ty Windish is here. We are together.

We are united in our. Like, I would say a couple of weeks ago, I said, if you got a million dollars, if you are right. So you're not betting this is not your money. Yeah, just you win. You win a million dollars if you can accurately predict what's going to happen with the Bucks this postseason.

About four weeks ago, I said they will lose to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference championship. I think getting there at this point, it's going to be like, I don't know, but that's the that's the part like they. OK, I'm trying to reconcile all of my feelings.

It's so hard. That's the thing about this team. I've been saying this.

It's a boomer bus team, I think, because I'm trying to say, like, they could easily go into this series of the bases and sweep them. But then before that sentence gets to my tongue, I'm thinking, well, I can't suck. Like there there is. So I do understand. I do understand the regular season part and people being worried. I'm just what I'm saying is maybe that's what I'm doing. I am also with everyone.

I am expecting disaster, too. I have just chosen not to feel it until it's time to feel it. So you guys are all feeling it in the regular season, going crazy. I'm just like I basically like, yeah. But then then come the playoff time, if they do lose to Indiana or do get to the next, like if they don't, I probably I'll probably be taking it the hardest of all because I've got all this pre-grieve.

You didn't pre-grieve like the rest of us. Yeah, I didn't agree. I think they're the most and I hate saying this because it's like this is what we said about like the KD Nets. And I guess now the KD Suns, I guess is what we say about KD teams. But I feel like they could lose any series or win any series. But I do think more than those teams for this Bucks team, it either feels like they figure it out the first round and it's like, no, maybe that series still goes a little long just because the honest of it all. I mean, Shoms reported today of the athletic that it's unlikely he plays in game one. I mean, I kind of figured, you know, this is the last time he'll be able to have any extended rest until the end of this postseason run. So I mean, can you split the first two games and then bring them back in an even series even without home court like that? That feels fine if that's what happens. And, you know, again, you're either going to win or lose regardless. It's a Pacers team that really hasn't been great since the IST.

But I feel like the Bucks either figure it out and it's complicated with the honest. I love it. The good old IST in season tournament for anyone that's not locked in. Remember that? That feels like six years ago.

The big time Lakers over Pacers IST win and then both teams very weird since then. I guess that was a fun night though. I was like super into that game. It was a great game. I mean, I think it's going to be a fun tournament going forward.

The Bucks one wasn't as fun. But I think and then I think I think if they beat the Pacers, I think they win the second round. I think the Knicks are good. I think the Cavs exist. But but that we wouldn't see the Cavs anyway.

I think the Knicks it could be Sixers or Heat too. Like it could be a tough second round. But I think if the Bucks can get there, they'll probably have something figured out pending another, you know, unfortunate injury or whatever. And then it's like, all right, I expect them to then have a long series with Boston. I don't know if they win, beat Boston and that Boston team is truly awesome. But I think they'll go there and really match up with them or maybe they lose in like five or six to Indiana like they did last year. And it's it's a scare.

It's an eerily similar situation. Right. Of like we should win. We're the favorite.

Not as much. I mean, they're not a one seed to an eight. But still, like, I think people agree that healthy Bucks should beat that team.

But we're not going to be honest for all the games and we're going to have hampered Giannis. So can the rest of the team step up? And they did it in twenty one and they got to the finals and won. And in twenty three they folded. I mean, they were bad.

They looked lifeless. Giannis tried to come back, but it just didn't matter at that point. Same situation.

It's the same test for the non Giannis Bucks. But you got them. This is the point. Right. Got a superstar.

Second one. I think it's a huge test on him and we'll see how it goes. Yeah. Even more so like this is Giannis's team.

Right. But if they don't get far, this is going to be we're going to depending on how he plays. But yeah, Damian Lillard has been. You know, we I had a buddy telling me it's like, oh, well, all this time we just assumed Damian Lillard was this all star because we just saw his highlights and the Blazers are never good and they're never on TV.

And now we see him every day and we're like, oh, man, this guy's got worse shooting streaks than anybody. And now they're at this point where everything is up in the air. It's hard to say what's going to happen. I think that, you know, anything. I don't know, but I don't I guess either way, like this is not going to be their team next year. Right. I mean, but I don't know.

I'd be surprised. But unless it goes really well, unless it goes really well. So, Brooke, Chris, we're not trading dame. Maybe we're trading dame.

I mean, what's out on the table? I mean, we're not paying a fourth head coach. No, I think that I think that's I think I think Doc is going to be back regardless. I think, Doc, we know Doc is way too good at explaining why things are other people's faults. And he has I mean, a lot of easy ones here.

I mean, it's just not it's not a difficult one to be like, hey, man, I didn't shoot 40 percent in the series or whatever. And we'll hear from him right after the games. We'll know exactly what the what the storyline is going to be. But no, I think the least likely piece to move is probably Doc, which is maybe unfortunate for people. We're calling him Mr. Rivers on our show. We took his we took his doctorate away. Although I like the starting Pat Bev.

I mean, it's like, again, though, what kind of desperate situation are you in? We have to start 35 year old Pat Bev. I know he's real excited about it, but I think he also has been very boom or bust. Like he's either got 20 and 10 and looks great or, you know, it's like just two points, which is, you know, fine. I think he can and is playing that P.J. Tucker role.

Like, I think that's a good a good parallel. We've seen the Bucks win with just leading into defense before. But no, you don't have the Drew next to him for the perimeter. And Brooke is not the same that he was three years ago, which I mean, should be obvious.

Thirty five years old, I think now and that big. He's still good, but I don't think the same level of impact. But it's just hard. I just feel like they're kind of between identities. And I think they were offense.

They didn't like it. And then the Griffin thing wore out. And then Doc leaned into what Giannis wants to do. And Brooke and these guys and defense. And that's great. That's some great defensive games.

But I don't know. Can they be a defensive first team through four playoff rounds? And will they win that way? It hasn't looked great the last couple of weeks. They haven't been whole at all.

I mean, that's the other. They're just old and injured all the time. But it's going to be interesting to see, like, what's their identity in the playoffs now? Because it was always defense. Their offense was ugly. And now it's like they want to be defense and they are sometimes. But now the offense is somehow still ugly with them, which really just is like only the Bucks could do this. Well, the injury, like. We look at all these changes they made.

Yeah. Bud and coaches and Damon. But if you look at when they won that, they won the title. And they overcame injury to do that. But then they won the next year.

What was it? Middleton was hurt. Yeah. The next year, Giannis was hurt. Here we are now.

Giannis is hurt. We're we're like making these we're moving mountains in these offseasons. Like we fired a coach with who was going to number one coach in the All-Star game. And we traded Drew Holliday and let him go to the team that he shouldn't. We absolutely couldn't. But but you can look at and just be like, we should have done anything.

We should. We should have just not done it. They got hurt. There's a built in excuse. And they're still they're still moving all these mountains. So I don't know. I mean, it's you can't do anything about it now. But if they were this, if they if they were just a healthy version of the team they've had the last few years, I think everybody would look at them as the favorite. There's been all these injuries.

They didn't they didn't they didn't change because I don't know. It's just. And so then you think, well, is John Horst maybe doing too much?

I know Horst's God is the man. But can he can he can he take a day off? I mean, he's trading for day on his G.D. vacation.

Like enjoy your vacation. I do wonder. I mean, I you know, we have a new owner in town who seems relatively active. And in Jimmy and he has some new owners, I guess, co-owners.

And I think certainly like it was in the story. Governors, governors. Yeah. Excuse me. Don't offend anyone.

Privileged class, protected class. I mean, they've been through a lot as billionaires. But, you know, I think it was like very pointed out in the articles like the the last draw for Griffin was the Cleveland game where they got blown out in front of the Haslam's, which I think I don't know if that's always noted in the stories. I'll tell you, I do know it's almost certainly not a coincidence.

I think there's just a level of activity there. And I'm not absolving Horace. Like I do think it's a tough one because I would have done pretty like all the moves he has made or almost all of them. I've been like, yeah, that's a good I agree with that. Oh, yeah. But your seats probably still warm just because everything's gone poorly. And it's like, you know, there's a reason that I don't make the calls for the bucks.

I call into a microphone, whatever. And it's tough though, because I think, yeah, the guy goes and gets dame and it's now is the seat warm. I do think the worst thing is they're too old and they're obviously too old. And it's it's glaring sometimes. And like in the games, when Giannis is out, like your best driver is I mean, Dame has not been great at it outside of him. Pat Bev or Pat Codden, are you guys who you're putting in there to get to the rim?

Like, that's not good. I mean, they just they look old. Even when Giannis is in, they look old.

They're always lower in transition points than they should be. But then again, Marjan Bochamp, Andre Jackson Jr., AJ Greener on the roster. These young guys, they don't play. And how much of that is roster construction?

How much that is coaching? They played more under Griffin for sure. But those days are over with Mr. Rivers. It's interesting. But I think to the horse thing, I think everyone's seat is hot right now. And if it goes badly, it's going to stay that way. I mean, I think nobody is I mean, obviously Giannis isn't, you know, going to get booted out.

It would be his decision. But I mean, like no one in the org feels great right now. And it's all it sucks that it's like this in the NBA, but it is it's all playoffs. And we've known it. And that's why we had all the changes they lost in the first round last year. And you really can't do that twice in a row.

No. And with it being the Pacers like. This this should this should be it's not it's not a bye week by any means. But if you're going to if you're going to if you're going to need time to get a guy healthy, like I don't think much of the Pacers. I think I think it was it was the second best team. I think only Orlando was better.

You know, they just beat the hell out of the box, which doesn't make me look good here. But I think I think Orlando was the best case first round. I think Pacers were second best. I think Miami or Philly are real teams. Yeah. With real coaches that are and playoff superstars.

Well, and bead regular season. But the Pacers think because they took silver in the I.S.T. like they think they are something.

Yeah. Tyrese Halliburton all of a sudden. He's like he's just like step to the front. He's like, I'm the face of the league now. And then everyone's like, no, you're not.

He goes, Yeah, I am. And then they're like, all right, we'll play well. And then he didn't. Yeah, it's like, OK, such a weird second half for them.

He faded away. So that's why, like, coming into this playoff, I think there's a lot of anxiety, but I think a lot of people have got like, who knows? I mean, but if you lose to the Pacers, it would it would be the worst of any of these playoff exits in the Yanis era. It would be worse because they're not going to the finals. I mean, let's you know, every other team they lost to went to the finals since since Bud showed up. Every other team in the East would probably beat them. Yeah, at least including the Bulls and Hawks.

Wow. You're just you're way lower on the Pacers than I am. I mean, they haven't figured it out. They did just score one hundred and fifty seven points, which the Bucks have been struggling to do in two games recently. But it was against the Hawks. So that doesn't shouldn't really count, probably.

Yeah, that's probably too harsh. Plus, the Bulls are like the most if you had to construct a team that looked like they could win 50 games but would never win more than thirty nine. Yeah, they have the perfect concoction for that. They fascinate me because they're just like weirdly really good in crunch time. I think it's just I don't know what it is, but I I admitted recently that like I've been watching their late games just like feel some more joy and just fun of watching. I watched more NCAA tournament than I've ever watched both men's and women's because I was just like, I need non Bucks basketball in my life.

I don't want to be like this. I would love to just watch Bucks. I would love to rewatch the games. I'm not rewatching Bucks magic. I can't do it. I need I need better play, Bart.

Yeah, I was on an airplane on Sunday, so I didn't watch the call. Unfortunately, I don't I don't have any of the any of the game in my brain, so I can kind of get past that one. I do think of memories of when they played the Pacers back in like 99 and 2000. Oh, and I was like, like, so what would I have been 15? It was just so weird that the Bucks because, you know, they're good in the 80s, but then in the 90s they weren't. And it was so it was so weird that the Bucks were in the playoffs. And now we're talking about this team and other problems, but they still were the three seed. I mean, yeah, but, you know, things have been raised, obviously, but I do. I do think that there's this is my constant fight against the youth.

I do. I do think that there's like I'm the 70s and 80s Packer guy about the Bucks like that. There was a time when being in the playoffs and the games like one game was played on like a Thursday at 130, I think for some reason. It's really weird.

I remember watching my friend's house like after like we skipped school. I don't know. Weird memory, but it's just I know 25 years ago we got to play this version. Yeah, I'm pulling up this. They played him two years in a row. One year they got swept. Yep. Yep. Reggie Miller didn't didn't give him much joy that year. And those are best of fives back then.

Yeah. So they got they lost in three and then they lost in five in 2000. Now if the Bucks were playing in the best of five now, I'd be crapping my pants. Yeah, thank God we got the extra games for you honest have some more time here. They the Pacers were dominant against us, but they didn't we even played them since what January. Yeah, so no Pat Bev and no no see outcome games and like I don't know how much of it this is the big combo with them right now. How much of Halliburton's play is him dealing through that injury that he clearly rushed his way back from I think he picked up a little bit but also I've seen some pretty convincing like on off numbers that buddy healed was super important to them offensively because they don't really have like their shooting is a little suspect outside of him especially the non Halliburton players and it seems like the lack of spacing has hurt Halliburton allowed to so it's it's big it's a constant a big moment for him to kind of you know prove that he is the guy that he looked like in the ISD and obviously for the Bucks you know just to to not be I mean just the laughingstock of the league if they go out in the first round two years in a row and I get for Dame I mean he said he was you know going to get the lick back and the Bucks Pacers after the IST or after the championship or whatever and they lost to him again so there's definitely I think kind of a personal rivalry going as well Robert trailer played four minutes in that 2000 series r.i.p. So give me your million dollar answer no man because now I want to say they're gonna win it all yeah but I'm not you know people keep like I don't know if it's like hey that was the thing you did or they're like cocking off about put the chairs out no the chairs thing is never gonna go away I did not do that like I want to be very clear I didn't I didn't when I put the chairs out oh two I didn't put them out as like oh I hope this works I I knew every fiber of me knew they were gonna win that series I knew it now why didn't I put money on it I just bet my reputation instead so I should have done that but I don't so I don't have that I certainly don't have that feeling this year no you got to respect the chairs you got a way to put the chairs until you know it again I when they're down o2 on Boston you put the chairs and that I think could be the right depending if you feel it but I think that's I don't think you can put the chairs out before Boston this year I just I here's here's what I will say what I feel I don't feel like we've got another two months of Bucks basketball no I don't think I don't feel like I don't feel like like just that's what I don't that's what I feel I don't we're gonna be talking about them in June we're gonna we're gonna be we're gonna be talking about the 27 and 15 Brewers and 20 any camp 40 and two Brewers so they lost three already the 40 and three I think I think they're up to four losses I've been I've been talking Brewers on so many pods just to talk less bucks as percentage of time start out with the Brewers all the time or Brewers Jersey on our pod yesterday had no Brewers talk except for just what the game was going on they lost that game I got to stop the Lucroix is not working for me anymore I got to pick up a cheerio or or something but anyway I'll stop I'll answer the question I am legitimately worried and I think it's like very close a few different percentage wise but I'm gonna say lose to the Pacers for now and I'm hoping it's a reverse but I'm really am I don't feel good about this team I don't feel good about the place there and I don't feel good about the honest injury and I'm begging for them to make me look stupid that's all I want I want them to make me look like the biggest idiot in the state of Wisconsin I'm praying for it make a diss track about me but back it up on the court that's what I really want I don't care about the song yeah I feel like we're all with the honest the injury it's like oh you might miss game one I think I'm worried about that I'm worried about oh so he's gonna miss game two okay so then and then he's like not gonna play and we basically got the Blazers yeah which has not gone well historically yeah we ain't winning anything with if we just have the Blazers no one conference finals run where they did not I think he's like never won a game against Steph in his playoff career so I mean it's hard to beat the Warriors regardless but yeah so I'm prepared for less than two months and you're prepared for the season to be over in nine days yeah prepared for I don't want it people are gonna say hey that's the funny thing is whatever you say do you think it's gonna happen people think it's what you're rooting for is when people say you hate Dame you hate the Bucks blah blah blah go back three weeks when did it play the Thunder I was ready to say yeah they're gonna win the playoffs they're gonna might lose two games the whole playoff run they look amazing and then they just completely lost the rope so I don't know man this team is this is the most befuddling I said it's the most disappointing team it's also the hardest to like just keep up with team I've ever covered since I've been doing the Bucks stuff because even even in talking about this is a little bit of pessimistic nature right now but then I'm thinking to myself oh what dames is gonna go nuts yeah it's gonna come back but then when I'm like I just can't because they haven't they haven't given us a good it's the consistency the high you guys are right all you guys that are you're gonna you know I'm just again I'm not when I'm saying oh they're gonna be fine they're I'm not saying that I'm not I'm just saying I'm not ready to worry yet which I think in the long run will make it worse I don't know I mean I that's the thing I'm not I'm not one of these people who it's like if they if they lose in six to the Pacers I'm not gonna be like yeah I told you guys so and be like dude this sucks I don't want this there are people who will who will do both I mean this you know after Griffin got canned there was a whole round and like listen I mean I it feels good to know what's going on but it doesn't feel good ultimately when like you were right about that it's like the I keep seeing big short clips on my tiktok have you seen the big short when Pitt when Pitt is like you know you guys are betting against the US economy and like thousands of people are gonna die if we're right and everything that's that's and it's just as serious to me too that's how I feel about this Bucks take well everyone what I've noticed is the Bucks are they are the expectations on them is it's weird like now I'm telling you nationally and we all see it even like we put a lot of you know I'm always yelling at Bucks Twitter yeah but nationally it's like what do we win as many this this whole thing all the Knicks like oh what a joy it's everybody like found reasons to enjoy every other team oh the Knicks are doing this is so fun oh look at the Timberwolves and this is so fun oh even the Suns like that there is just a big of a mess but no one cares but it's the it's like the Bucks have disappointed everyone even if you don't care about them everyone's lining up that's that's the that we don't have to win to feel joy we just need God this sucks I'm not even excited I know I don't you think I'm excited I mean again though that's the funny thing about it a great 12 minutes to start game one and I'm like completely I've never flip-flopped this much of my life this buck Steve is no you had a great day I saw what was going on on Sunday and everyone's just like this is the box this is ready we're going into the playoffs and then they suck the rest of the game yep first 12 minutes I'm like damn playoff basketball they gave up like 20 22 points in the first quarter and a couple of them were lucky shots and then second quarter starts they just can't score at all they couldn't get a single bucket and they couldn't stop the Orlando transition because they're just so slow and and that was that well let's have fun commiserating yeah it's probably gonna suck and be very painful but this is our team I hope not man yeah I just want people to remember we did win one we won we won okay it's really really hard to do in Milwaukee the Bucks have a title we keep acting like they've never won well they got two of them yeah we saw one though yeah I think we forget that I think we I mean again I am so ready to be like no damn it they figured it out they did flip the switch I hate the flip the switch combo but I mean dame is almost basically verbatim said like playoffs are different intensity like we're gonna be ready for the playoffs which is pretty much like saying yeah we're gonna flip it maybe that they just did not try most of the season most of the second half of the season yeah especially when there were guys out I think for sure that's weird it's bad I don't think it's good I think it's bad I think like I think it works if you have LeBron and they don't have LeBron yeah shit that's all right Ty Windish Euro step podcast I'm Bart Winkler into the Winkler verse yeah I appreciate talking to you go Brewers go Brewers baby yes I'm gonna lead every show guess what happened with the Brewers guess I'm sad Andrew Monasterio got option this is what I know no I went through the freaking records of the West teams see who would have home court in the finals I can't quit these bucks like I'm always gonna be locked in watching I've had people say why don't you turn off the game they're down late in the fourth to the Raptors I go someone's got a someone's got to see what's going on here it's me so we'll be covering it post game pods every playoffs we're gonna do a bunch of Pacers previews we as much as the Pacers team annoys me some of their media is great so we'll be doing some opposition Intel and stuff over on our show and obviously you're doing Milwaukee sports all the time on into the Winkler verse so everyone from our side if you've not already go subscribe wherever you listen to the Euro step or watch it we're both on YouTube as well and is where you can find all of our other links for anyone looking for more Bucks content and Brewers that's Packers draft next week that's that's a ball too yeah you got it all good stuff all right thanks buddy thank you talk soon Bart hopefully we're a lot happier next time we won't be for the ones who work hard to ensure their crew can always go the extra mile and the ones who get in early so everyone can go home on time there's Granger offering professional grade supplies backed by product experts so you can quickly and easily find what you need plus you can count on access to a committed team ready to go the extra mile for you call click Granger com or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done.
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