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Encouraging Words from Australia

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 20, 2016 4:10 pm

Encouraging Words from Australia

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Got some great news to share with you all the way from Australia. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown well.

Blessings to you my friends back in the states and around the world. I am here in Australia having a great time got in Friday morning that had the rest during the day, then spoke Friday night then spoke twice Saturday morning early afternoon. Then spoke Sunday morning, Sunday night and then we got a conference for four days. Gathering of Jewish believers different leaders involved in Jewish ministry, a four day conference and fly from Sydney to Melbourne and then have a two day Jewish conference there and then preaching the church in Melbourne. I think three times on Sunday and they head back a week from today, so please keep me in prayer. If you think of it, I really appreciate about them at the highest type when I'm administering folks come up to me and also please keep me in prayer. If I kept everyone in prayer that have been asked to keep in prayer over the years I it would be more than you could pray for it in a month straight. So what I do is I immediately pray for them and then I just tell the Lord if you want me to pray for them at any point. If there's need lay them on my heart so same with me. I'm not expecting the troll pray for me all the time. But as you listen to the broadcasters.

Just ask God for strength for grace and for anointing and got some great things to share with you from Australia that I think will really encourage you as well due to the time differences to in the afternoon in the states is 4 AM and Australia and then because of lack of the proper Internet connection for for my setup. I can't take calls while on the air, but this is me from Australia and whatever is happening in the news will be commenting on whatever's going on around the world will be commenting on as well.

My latest article deals with something that's very disturbing increasingly a.m. the folks in Australia to shake their heads when they hear this increasingly we who are followers of Jesus are being blamed by the media by different leaders by gay activists and others. We are being blamed for the murderous acts of radical Muslim in Orlando. It's bad enough that the tragedy took place.

It's bad enough that the people's lives are torn apart it's it's bad enough that that we have to deal with this national tragedy. Now it's being miserably politicized courses. The gun control debate all of that but but not only will we be in place of what how the world are being blamed yet that the alleged toxic atmosphere that we have created with our hate speech and hateful attitudes of weight speak in a fight. It's exactly but that doesn't matter because were not dealing with logical rational argumentation, but we are now being told that it's time for us to abandon our beliefs, as if we pick and choose as if we decide what in the Bible written a follow-up memo follow-up as if it's up to us to tell God well okay God, you said this, but I prefer this book, you said this, but that's not really trending will you said this but but that's not popular these days. What you said this, but we have a better idea of what's right and you do who in the world gives right human beings to tell God what's right and wrong and since when do we sit around and make decisions about what we believe based on what society says oh if we have wrongly interpreted Scripture that we reevaluate if someone can give us a valid reason why 2000 years of understanding of the same tax by the followers of Jesus has been wrong. That's really pretty striking but fine. But if you're tells that the Bible itself is wrong that that we must discard parts of it that is socially unacceptable that that is absolute insanity and that's what I deal with in my latest article at and I will come back to that a little later in the broadcast book, we come back a got some real words of encouragement. Some neat things that the Lord has done here in endnote when the Holy Spirit moves that's all we need is the moving of the Holy Spirit, touch, change people's lives really see that happening are super encouraged no we are with the Lord and that he is working on our behalf. Like I will be right back. Live simply, Australia hey this is Michael Brown I would invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity.

I get to interact with you are radio listening audience are ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer. We've got a great price on the trip. And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Space is limited. Accepting applications on first-come first-served basis.

For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to mass. Dr. Click on the Israel manner or call our office at 704-782-3760. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire Michael Brown here in Sydney. Failure as you heard the ad for our Israel score February 25 to March 6 next year.

Join us. It's can be an amazing time and will keep getting word out to six months and months in advance of the be here before you know it. And if you're able to come it will be awesome. Listen let me let me just say straight out. There's a great discount for torchbearers for monthly supporters and if you become a torch relay become monthly support today suffer the torch argue you get the benefits of the discount you get the benefit of sharing our ministry and helping us in this work around the globe and let me tell you it's around the globe. It's the table it come to that in second, but go to the website asked Dr. Brown the Lord ask a year and right on the homepage will see Israel to work. Check it out if you can join us do so. It's going to be an amazing time. I'm not able to cause all of here in Australia and right up to date sharing what's going on but I just can't take your phone calls today, but let me just encourage you with some of what I've seen over here in Australia. The legacy was last last night Nono yesterday morning after I spoke to young men came up to me. They are originally from Armenia but they lived in Syria for years and they escaped Syria and are now in Australia.

These are refugees from Syria and they they wanted me to know that many of their friends, longtime friends, many other family members have been killed many, many, and I said you know there's no way that that we can relate to what you suffered what you've gone through and that these guys they want to talk about that they wanted to thank me and and one from 5M to hear this over and over it.

It's humbling.

It brings tears to my eyes. One of them looked at me and speaking for both. He said thank you for being our voice know that means to me friends every day when I'm introduced on the radio was your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution and folks come up to me and they look at me here Syrian refugees who seeing family members and friends slaughter and they said we thank you for being our voice and then I rented to others who say out of this and you show every day. Listen to the radio show. So thank you all of you stand with us and pray for us and support us. Thank you so let me share something that happened in the Sunday morning service I'm here for a couple of major Israel Jewish related conferences. I'm here to do some Jewish outreach as well enter preaching churches and some of the churches have a real heart for Israel and would love for me to speak on a theme like that and I knew the church row speaking Sunday morning had a heart for Israel and the love the Jewish roots of the faith as the pastor said to me, decided some years back he needed to study of what did Jesus believe is a Jew. What was the faith of Jesus the son of God.

He wanted to find out. Learn more about that so I knew a message usually message would be warmly welcomed.

Yes, I prayed in the morning I felt to start in Exodus chapter 19 and to talk about Israel's calling to be a priestly nation and how, through the nation of Israel, the world would find out about God through the nation of Israel, the world would find out who God was, they would learn the ways of God. They would see the laws of God and the goodness of God and the power of God and the holiness of God. That was the intent. Well of course Israel as a nation fails. Israel is not a priestly nation so God raises up the Levites to to function in that way within the nation. But then there is the overall failure of Israel to fulfill its mission of the Messiah comes as the Redeemer of all mankind becomes as the ultimate representative Israel and now tells his followers. You are the light of the world.

In other words, this was always Israel's calling to be a light to the nations, and now he saying to his disciples. You are the life of the world. You are the salt of the earth and and II wrote out or a copy into my email so just have it on my phone quote from from Dr. Martin Luther King. A famous quote where where heat he said these words and I've often quoted them. But I want to read it to that to the congregation. He said the church must be reminded that it is not the master of the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state must be the guy in the critic of the state and never its tool.

If the church does not recapture its prophetic seal it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority well I was going to talk to the people briefly about the separation of church and state. Explain why that such an issue in America, but I knew it's not an issue.

In Australia you don't have the same governmental structure and histories you have in America so we can have to explain that briefly and explain the Kinko but I want to use art so during the service. There is a gentleman sitting next to me and it turns out that he is a parliamentary leader.

He's running for reelection their elections in about two weeks. He's very close with the prime minister.

He's a conservative Catholic and he gets up and he is now going to address everyone and in just speak briefly about his heart and what is he bring up. He begins to bring up same-sex marriage in the so-called safe schools program that would introduce a radical gay activist curriculum into the schools. In fact, one gay activist and Australia is is quoted. Watch the video.

Is this there about safety. This is about our agenda and the schools he was candid enough to admit that while he's addressing all the issues that of course God called me to address three years now and he's addressing them as a parliamentary member and and talk about this and I'm a Christian and this is what I believe and this is what I hold to.

So I every decision I make is based on my faith in Jesus and therefore that's got color every decision I make, then the pastor gets up and what is he begin to talk about but separation of church and state. I I said to my American friend Jews for Jesus leader's house to be over in Australia but is been there about 20 years.

I said that ever talk about separation of church and state, Australia's know it is not the same issue here that the same issue. So here I got this call runner be addressing this very thing and talk about the church is called to be the light of the world to be the salt of the earth to be the more conscious of the society we talk about divine set and I guarantee if if I thought about a thousand possible things. The pastor would comment on during the service, not a one of them would've been separation of church and state. How remarkable. So I got up absolutely knowing God had given me this word and afterwards that speaking with a parliamentary member who who is involved in the multicultural office in in in the government.

He was thrilled and he said that the absolutely needed the shot. The Army were to stay in touch. I said look, let me be a resource for you and a help in the midst of this talk about God orchestrating something I I love when the Holy Spirit does that and then I'm talking to it to another pastor at night his daughters in the room. She's maybe that 18 years old and they begin to bring up the game Christian issue to the big issue in the nation out of same-sex marriage, is the big issue and if that the labor of party gets in the Liberal party they guarantee within 100 days, they will introduce same-sex marriage across the nation, etc. at eight it. So here we are addressing these issues for years and addressing them with compassion address them with grace address it with truth and these are now issues that the nations around the world are dealing with an unavoidable way and then one young man came up to me. His dad's an atheist rejects him in the faith, but he wanted me to know the 10 years ago.

He cannot of homosexuality. And just so thrilled to be enjoying new life in the Lord. The pastor said all the other good number of folks like that in his church all the different stages of growth and in healing and restoration. The Holy Spirit doing his amazing amazing work and all of you listening right now all over America. Please, please continue to pray for our nation continue to pray for our nation. We've got to remember the influence that we have on the world. Yes Australia is its own nation England its own nation and rush its own nation China Sunday if that's all true, but we have an extraordinary influence around the world that the message that we put out the example that we set our media.

It literally goes around the world for better or for worse.

So it's not just America itself that's important to the Lord. But it's the role that we play in the world.

We can bring great life and great help and great blessing to many.

Or we can degrade and we can harm we've done so much to help and do good around the world and and in even in the military and we we have done so much to help and do good around the world also explored a lot of trash God have mercy on America and help us to be as the founders desired a city set on a hill that would make a difference, worldwide right, lot more to share with you from Australia. I'll be right back in themselves. Spell line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown walking back the line of fire Michael Brown as always delighted to be with you coming your way from Sydney Australia. It's been great to meet some of our line of our listeners here in Australia and those who connected with us on social media as well.

If you listening now. It's been a delight to be with you got off the plane after website 24 hours of travel to get here and the fight about 15 hours that the second flight from LA to Sydney and going through passport control and the gal versus low mate.

I said well that's what I came for a camel loyal reader to be called. Make but II can take your calls. As I mentioned earlier, just the time and Internet connection constraints that I had here in Australia unable to take your calls. But of course can come your way with this broadcast from Australia.

I put out a video renouncing the comments of a pastor who has some other fanatical views as he was rejoicing over the Orlando massacre. I did it on the air. I did it on a video we got lots of responses that video. It's been played in different places and here and there, I'll hear from other fringe pastors. I call them pastors.

God knows who they are.

God knows if they are his children and not God knows if they are pastors or not, but I call them pastors, cassettes, their title and just like in the Old Testament, false prophets were called prophets. You know, the prophet had a knife example is a false prophet, so I'll call someone that in all the more. Do they have accountability if they have that title all the more they have accountability for and there is another pastor.

Apparently, an associate of this one that I denounced for his comments, rejoicing that that the gays and lesbians were killed and labeling the more pedophiles insignia that should been murdered. They should put to death by the government, but that should all be dead. We should be glad for well overwhelmingly.

Of course our people say amen to that overwhelmingly people thanked me for putting that out but I just want you to know that there some real dangerous views out there there some professing Christians with some really dangerous views, so I just want to read to you a few comments that have been posted on YouTube so we pull because of that the content, but some can't comments that were posted on YouTube in response to my renouncing of this. This pastor who rejoiced in the Orlando massacre and by the way we have always denounced hate speech.

We have always denounced anything that could in any way, shape, size or form lead to violence against others categorically and clearly what about violence against others are not talking about say war efforts to to wipe out an ISA stronghold or something like that. I'm talking about violent acts against fellow citizens, fellow Americans, or, or those who are not engaged in war, it's it's that's what I'm talking about.

Okay so once will oppose this wish you had more true man of God. Such the likes of Pastor Anderson. Ice truly salute my brother and fellow servant in Christ. God bless you sir how how utterly perverted that that this is this is a true servant of God who celebrates the death of the murder of these people then this month. Dr. Brown is a false prophet and by the way, I don't read the signal poorly. This comes with the turf we get this 24 seven from every quarter brought you to know that there there is a dangerous extreme care how small it is a character represents 1/10 of one percentage dangerous and it's ugly and it needs to be renounced. It is nothing to do with the spirit of Jesus. So for renouncing someone who celebrated the Orlando massacre. Dr. Brown is a false prophet doesn't believe in Jesus Christ. God help this guy. He believes in people's money and calls God a liar because he doesn't believe the record that God gave us on you think what in the world these people talking about is not Michael Brown is a hypocrite of the first order soft onset. All you yet. That's me, soft on sin always been soft on sin. Never preach repentance never preached holiness. Forgive the sarcasm worldly and copper was also plagued and heretic all gaskets among Calvinists there US is awash in sin.

God punish those in Orlando. God is sovereign's will and. Coddling the wicked in their sin. The Bible is two thirds on God's wrath and hatred stop perverting the Bible. Mr. geoscientist all could that be the problem. I'm a Jew. Could that be the problem. I believe in the restoration of Israel in the same pastor who was rejoicing in the Orlando massacre also has miserably anti-Semitic teachings on YouTube. Instead of trying to appear moderate to your haters by bashing good binoculars God abortion issue hypocrite.

You you Jesus came to the sword about this verse has not evil come to the city of God is not done it, French Pete students French. Student to and challenge you are to debate phony reprobate.

This is the male or female. This individual needs a whole lot of help. May God bring that person's repentance and the knowledge of his son all that see your a false prophet June 1. This is remarkable.

Pastor Ennis is a true man of God, he preaches the ugly truth is that wrong and what he said he preaches the whole Bobby Bible when, how about this one despite your tone not being sick quite so obnoxious that eventually I find just as ignorant in your comments about gays just as toxic and backward oversight have to say that sadly there is no shortage of injury ignorance when it comes to gullibility and religion than another one. Dr. Brown is equally complicit. Tell me Dr. Joe also denounced your buddy Kevin Swanson that celebrated death of gaze first thing never met Kevin Swanson.

Second thing is that my body third thing I heard of a conference where he put out some of you saying there should be a death penalty for gaze and I renounced it in writing so before you attack. Find out what's really going on. All let's see about this one by your own words.

Dr. Brown just said to God, to all the people that you are is one of them hating God by living in wickedness. So when I say we should lay down our lives to save gays and lesbians from violence that now. I am also hating righteousness and loving wickedness. You know it's like I understand you get bad apples out there. I understand you have people with twisted views is just very very sad to see the people can think these thoughts.

The good news is the good news is not just about the large majority were the vast majority of the almost exclusive majority doesn't feel like this and knows better, why because they know the Lord and is no possible way you could walk in intimacy with God and really have his word in your heart and mind and and celebrate something like this you might believe that all types of tragedies or some type of divine judgment which case you have to say the Sandy Hook massacre of the schoolchildren elementary school was some type of divine judgment.

That's my view, that's absolutely not my view, the I do believe in the divine judgment. I do believe in divine judgment in this age and I do believe that judgment starts with the house of God, absolutely an ex-wife and a pointer finger to put a finger towards us in a pointer finger towards us and and and call us to repent and us to get a house in order so we can speak with moral authority to a dying and lost world. Let's continue to pray that God would give us the ability in the midst of the pain in the midst of the anger that God would give us the ability to bring the message of Jesus to those who are hurting, and those who need a friend we've got great responses to the modern English version, I personally involved in the tree of life version messianic Jewish version that we highly recommend for those who love the King James though we really recommend the modern English version. It's a brand-new edition we got a beautiful slimline addition in order to get a free copy of my testimony from LSD to PhD so check that out to pay the postage as well order as many copies as you want go to ask Dr. Brown AES Kd are just click resource off.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends to the line of fire Michael Brown coming away from Australia not taking your calls today but thank you so much for your prayer support was a great trip so far.

So got in again. Friday morning spoke Friday night. Twice Saturday twice Sunday and a later today. Later, this Monday here in Australia will start a Jewish evangelism conference and I'll be speaking of to Jewish ministry leaders and those involved in Jewish evangelism from different ministries are becoming together for a special conference up to share some things with you about that. Not in the next segment, but the one after that I want to address something of great importance, we are exposed to more bad news than any other generation in history.

I don't mean it's the worst of times in history.

I mean, that were exposed to more bad news. One IT specialist said technology expert was pointing out how in previous generations, you would know what happened from one village to the next rain. It might be a while before news even reached you of of a relative dying or something like that. There should be a war taking place in one part of the world and the other part of the world didn't know what.

So we have instant access to all kinds of bad news, every murder every rape of the minute we know that every one of them, but were hearing about one after another after another. In this threat not threaten, and we can watch our cell phones. Within moments of the terrorist attack taking place were watching the results from our cell phones. That means it's very very easy to get anxious.

That means it's very very easy to get fearful. That means it's very very easy to feel unsettled and I want to encourage you to be people of faith and people who take refuge in God. God's promises are true during times of war during times of calamity during times of hardship as much as their true during times of ease.

In fact, we need his promises more during times of upheaval and pain and ease the end and excuse me at and and hardship and often we can fall asleep and become complacent when we are all at ease around this so I want to encourage you, God's favor Israel, God's promises were real God's protection is real and and we know that no matter what happens to us in this world that that God is our father forever and that to be absent from the body is to be present from the Lord and that when the world is anxious and fearful and desperate. We the people of God are not that even though the whole world will be shaken. The righteous will never be shaken. Someone encourage you to to not focus so much on the bad news to recognize what's happening to pray accordingly to act accordingly.

But to focus on the Lord to worship and pray to seek his face to give him thanks to remind yourself of his promises and the fear is striking to me for no reason at all.

You're laying in bed at home and fear strike is of something could happen. That's when you really need to go to the Lord and to renew your mind with his thoughts and his word and his truths and end to to ask them to relieve your anxiety and sometimes you have to say no to fear itself until fear. It has no place until demonic strongholds.

They have no place in and rest in the goodness of God, so that whatever happens in this world.

We know that God is with us.

We know that God is for us. We know that we are safe in his hands. We know that when I just subject to fate or chance or some bizarre thing happened when God was looking the other way. Not if we put our trust in the living God, and committed our lives to him. He's faithful to keep us through this life and faithfully keep us in the life to come. Hate be sure to check out my latest videos and articles we've got new material posted if you haven't read my latest article about the outrageous attacks on conservative Christians after the Orlando massacre, including the call for us to abandon our beliefs and no longer hold to hold to check out my latest article. This videos are relevant so many things going on in this world as well. That's it. Ask Dr. Brown AES Kd are Brown the comeback will talk about profiling Muslims in America and plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for Julian today on the fire Michael Brown here in Australia would see today's Monday, so Monday through Sunday ministering every day gobbling here in Australia that flying back a week from today. Later in the week.

My special guest host will be Dr. Frank Couric will be filling in for me today so you don't want to miss Dr. Turk when he saw a great apologist so much great content on his broadcast. I want to change subjects and discuss the question of profiling of profiling Muslims or others in our country. I did a poll on Twitter after Donald Trump had said on the news on Sunday that he hates the idea of of profiling, but we may have to do it with Muslims. I'd say that's consistent with the things that he said in the past. He made out of specified that policy be consistent with his position out when I did the poll on this on Twitter overwhelmingly overwhelming response was yes to my question.

Does the Islamic terror threat justify America profiling Muslims in our country. The overwhelming response was yes and some were adding comments like, yeah, of course, and others were adding comments like what in the world you doing this is America we don't do that here. Now let's think back to World War II. I wasn't alive then most of you listening and alive than some of you were, but we gathered up the Japanese internment camps and were ashamed of what we did but suddenly all Japanese became potential threats to us here in America. Did you react wrongly has to be overreact. Yes. Is it understandable that we overreact. Yes. Is it justifiable that we overreact. No how similar is that to the current situation in America today with Muslims well nominal Muslims are not going to be involved in terrorist acts. That's pretty self-evident. They're not involved in terrorist acts and other countries that I can be involved in terrorist acts. Here they might get involved in crime or supply cows like anybody else with but they're not to be blown themselves up in suicide bombs and things like that. All right, how do you distinguish nominal Muslims from fanatical Muslims, radical Muslims, extremist Muslims is that profiling I think what we need to do what we need to do is go back to better intelligence and better law enforcement are sadly a lot of that has been removed under the Obama administration there look like there there are there are known terrorists as I understand it, according to whatever it known terrorists that we let in the country and the whole idea was we would track them and by tracking them, we would see with their affiliations were, we would we would monitor their conversations and by doing so, then we would be able to uncover terrorism throughout the country.

Well, at a certain point that was dropped so that the people that relate into the country are no longer being followed in that particular way so there there are things that we have done as I understand it, various Muslim groups went to intelligence agencies in America and complain feeling that they were all being painted with the same broad brush and wanted certain terms and concepts removed from our intelligence and from a law enforcement in of these words. These these concepts can be used as triggers that were onto something here.

And as I understand it.

Again, a pretty and all these qualifiers because I read these things. I've read reports that I believe are accurate, but because I don't have access to the folks at the high level with an FBI or CIA or something like that II can't say I know this to be true of red enough saying it that that I believe it's truth. I've even read criticism from within intelligence and law enforcement that their hands have been tied but this is the problem. If you know a mosque is preaching radical Islam, then it should be monitored.

If you know they are speaking things that are potentially destructive that could lead to acts of violence and terror that could put forth an ideology that could produce violence and and and actions against Americans or others that should be monitored.

I don't have any problem with that.

From what I understand, again we were monitoring different mosques and were not anymore.

We were monitoring the mosque that that the the murder in Orlando went to so and then we start monitoring it would that help us with intelligence like I can't see how it wouldn't help us is that racial profiling or or ideological, religious profiling, no, no, it's not saying okay if you're Muslim. Just because your Muslim will put you under greater scrutiny. But if you are a Muslim that is involved in any way with the terrorist group was involved in any way with extremist group or is doing things that get our attention. Whether a white supremacist with your Muslim with your religious Jew with your fanatical Christian, whoever you are worrying to be following you will you be checking you out really checking your group out. That to me seems totally reasonable.

In other words, we don't need to go as far as profiling, although hearing their there will be Muslims remain uncomfortable as were rechecking. Look what we've talked about some of the injustices in American terms of race is as a white American. I pointed out that I've never been racially profile and and many of my African-American listeners have told me that they have been racially profile upstanding citizens, pastors, pastors, kids, and they said, look at it just happens because we we meet a certain description.

Is it right now know is not right in and it ought not to be done.

However however, if I know for example that there is a crime spree with with white supremacists who all have shaved heads and you have neo-Nazi tattoos and if I happen to have a shaved head white man with a shaved head and neo-Nazi tattoos and I'm driving through an area and there's just been a robbery at I might be stopped.

Okay, that's it, I might be stopped.

So I know I'm I'm not downplaying when when innocent people are stopped her profile at all. I'm saying that hearing their hearing there. If we crackdown more on radical Islam in America, here and there. There will be some Muslims remain uncomfortable. But if they realize a this is for their safety to that, then it's fine listen when I'm what I fly all the times I go through security checks all the time and you know I'm wearing the same clothes. Notice I'm not wearing.

I have never had this new studded belt and I when I go through security.

It goes off because it's got metal on it. I did realize I'm not wearing the same kind outfits and only wear and yet sometimes I get stopped okay.

We got Apache down over here. This left arm okay and that that the right leg over here is nice and I thank you for doing their job having their they're doing their best to stop someone that might be trying to smuggle something through or do harm or stuff like that. So you live with that look flying constantly. We used to have all these things take your shoes off or take your belt offer have to get x-ray this way or that way, but because of terrorism.

We've had to do it. It's unfortunate, but that's different than racial profile, but that's different than ideological profile we have to do is be careful not to over react. That's the key thing we just need to talk.

The things through soberly and clearly and not react emotionally. I know it's difficult we were taught about life-and-death issues. I know it's difficult when we hear that the radicalism of ISIS and things like that but we just need to think soberly and not go the way of gutting what we do because we want to be so politically correct. That's one extreme or the other extreme is racial profiling profiling ideological profile.

Okay, one more more comment on radical Islam our government is saying that with that we don't know that there's a definite connection between the murderer and ISIS will is a definite connection that he was operating under their orders.

It is, is that really what were looking for isn't it enough if he identifies with Isis and if Isis is urging its followers around the world to commit acts of terror, isn't that enough does it have to be that Isis scoped out the joint that Isis provided the weaponry that Isis called for an attack on a certain day is not enough if Isis through social media and through its other means through sleeper cells and things like that is encouraging people to engage in acts of terror and acts of violence and then people who believe in their ideology were influenced by them go and and do these very things, isn't that enough is an if if it works out that the transcripts that are released of the 911 call expunged references to radical Islam and ISIS is as we were lynched into this a be happening all the more that we have said what what is the government what what are we trying to hide if if a guy says affiliate with Isis I'm doing this they were vices he knows who they are. He knows what their ideology is and he wants to be associated with the SOI scares they don't have to be the ones pulling the trigger.

There have to be the ones calling the shots.

All they have to do is incite the terrorist act and when the person acts that is an active terror from Isis. It's that simple and in that's is that a lone wolf to someone operating totally on their own, even if there is not a sleeper cell.

A terrorist group. They were part of locally they're part of a worldwide terrorist group called Isis and that's what needs to be identified as such and combated as such and for whatever reason, ministration is not taken advantage of all of our resources to best do that to best protect American citizens. The Disney profile is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I leave got one last segment on the broadcast here from Australia. I want to turn my attention away from the issue of Islam. The way away from the question of national security and onto the subject of eternity. I I came to Australia first and foremost to participate as the main speaker at a Jewish evangelism conference at the meets every couple of years brings together key leaders involved in Jewish outreach out for a few days of meetings and interactions. And that's Robbie later today, speaking for the first time that I guess 123456 times total before flying on to Melbourne for some Jewish outreach services. They are then for some church preaching and it it all. This reminds me that ultimately all the questions were talking about the questions of social justice.

The questions of security all these questions are important to the ultimate question is where will we spend eternity. The ultimate question is are we right with God or not. The ultimate question is when we die. Are we ready to meet him stand before him and Anna want to remind you that the greatest spiritual weapon that we have, along with prayer is winning the lost that the greatest thing that any of us can do the thing that will be the most lasting. The thing that will bring the most joy eternally is to win people to Jesus but let's let's say you come from a family were the only child, and they got married and you you after everyone child unable have more children.

So in that sense, your immediate family is small you compare that to someone else.

Maybe they came from a big family. 1012 kids and those kids have had lots of kids and before you know it you've got several hundred people in that clan of a few generations will that's how we can be spiritually we can all be fishers of men and women we can all be winners of souls, we can all through our testimony. Throw witness lead other people to Jesus and remember most of us did not look like the most likely candidates. Most of us she would walk past rather than share the gospel. If you share the gospel with us at our earliest stages. We would've mocked you in and resisted the message and look at what God's generalized look at the mercy that he shown look at the power of the gospel to transform so II want to encourage you we have something special and wonderful and glorious that we can engage in. We have the great commission you say I find it hard to to witness what you have a testimony.

You know people surely you can pray for divine opportunities to share the gospel with the surely can pray for open doors to share the gospel with the and and there is more you can pray. You can pray for those that are out on the field. You can pray for the evangelist for the missionaries.

You can pray for your fellow believers to bear fruit. You can pray for your local congregation to be a soul winning congregation and you can give.

You can support those that are doing the work of missions around the world. You can support those that are involved in local outreach you can you can do given at your local car geisha do it giving to other ministries as well. Every one of us one way or another can be involved in the great commission and sometimes because of the urgent issues facing us because of real issues of national security because of real life and death issues like abortion because of critical issues like the presidential elections because of error and things like that because of social justice issues that come up. It's very easy to take our eyes off the greatest prize of all, which is souls which is human lives that will either be with God forever separated from God forever and we have the message of eternal life, and the message of forgiveness and ultimately the greatest way to impact and change society is the great commission sharing the gospel winning people to Jesus and making them into disciples know I'm I'm reminded of a testimony that I heard her home congregation. A friend of ours was in town. Speaking of former lesbian, we reduce a ministry together in a conference she was available to speak educator home congregation to share her testimony and she's just of a lovely woman of God, full of grace full of graciousness really radiating the Lord and so so many ways and she shared her testimony that I've not only known her as a believer and out when when she put put up on the screen a picture of her before she was saved. I mean she was a different person. The look on her face that everything about her was different and and it was very offputting. You know what I mean it when it was one of those things and don't be don't you come to me with your Christian message and she would have been the kind of person. A lot of us with a bit intimidated to witness to just think so. I can tell she's not open she would want to hear a message and it she and her partner ended up going to a traditional church for a while with the people just receive them as this this female couple. I just love that I'm older folks in traditional church and little by little message of the gospel of God, the truth of God penetrated her heart.

She was wonderfully saved and of course began a brand-new lifestyle and when I was speaking Sunday night in Cindy when I was speaking Sunday night I was talking about my testimony from LSD. The PhD in know my long-haired hippie days before I was saved in and II mentioned it when Nancy saw a picture of me before was safety. She only knew me once it was believed, we both met at the age of 19, she saw a picture of me from before was safety started laughing unless you're laughing because it look like a woman.

She said nonlife because you look like an ugly woman site share that with the folks they're all laughing so the pastor wanted me to share with us folks a bit about my testimony and who I am and what I do for those who didn't know me and I talked about as a Jewish believer challenged what I believe and how ended up studying Hebrew get a doctrine Semitic languages so I can answer the rabbis and I teach at seminaries and others.

The academic part of my calling this past just want me to share some of this and as I'm talking about the seminary dollars. Everybody bursts out laughing and they put the picture of me from the front with a gift of the screen. Yeah, from LSD the PhD right, but you've got a look at everyone as a potential saint, you've got a look at everyone that the most fearsome ravel is as a as a potential Jesus revolutionary.

You gotta think of what God could do through that person's life hassle, our great great focus must be on the great commission and we've got to remember that people are lost without Jesus, they really are not just lost in this world in a depressed, discouraged, hopeless, fear for or maybe living a celebratory life. You know, full of activity but empty.

Ultimately, no there there lost in this world and the world to come. Sometimes a bird.

The scary sometimes you want to run for rep we have to say Lord break our hearts with the things that break your heart shattering difference.

Give us a heart for this lost and dying world difference will remind you to check out our special resource offer. I've asked Dr. AES Kd are check it out.

The modern English version, which is I think the best father you can get today if you love the King James style and feel and Texan manuscripts. The modern English version with my testimony on DVD for free with Dakota asked Dr. to find out more. My bottom line today. Let us give ourselves to the greatest asset task of winning men and women to the knowledge of Jesus, that they may receive

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