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Help From a Distance

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May 23, 2020 3:00 pm

Help From a Distance

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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May 23, 2020 3:00 pm

Wren and her close friend, Tori, discuss the Marine Corps, their friendship, and how Tori watches over the team from back home.

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Welcome to lantern risk ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about arrestees we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the well we are still having a tree today online and rescuers. We have the team from S. You're in the studio again and today how many oriented let you share and what it will serve a unique team that's here this morning with us. It's ran inventory out red and Tory ran give you further several times on the show before she's certainly a tactical person you know big when it comes to understanding some of the ways that we can help out with human trafficking. That kind of thing that you don't know the story behind the story. Sargon I know there the day and what you don't know is it written was in the Marine Corps and she was in the Marine Corps with her good friend Tori who is actually on the show with us today so I I'm sure like me when you think of the Marine Corps to women. The only thing I can picture in my mind is private. Benjamin so I'm guessing that yeah there looking at me like RNs a little bit younger and she is.

She never thought even though maybe you know anything about that, but nonetheless to women in the Marine Corps brings up all sorts of pictures and if you were to see these two young ladies are absolutely beautiful and so they just don't look like what I picture Marines let you know what you what you think and here so but ran what was I like you in the ring all yeah it is great is is a great experience you now my dad is also Marine Corps and we have a lot of military and tactical in my background salad seven lamp path. I knew I'd go down eventually.

I took quite a different path than my dad did. It's funny because that I remember I got out of it. I get out of college to have my bachelors and I call my dad when excited.

Know what I want to do with my life and my dad went and is like you and I think the military and he's like okay well this is how I want to talk to him. I want to talk to the Air Force first and then the Navy and then the Army and then your very last choice is the Marine Corps and no matter what you do, make sure you're an officer and a set okay okay cool, but a week later, I go I enlisted in the Marine Corps and no psychology as a joke and you know you know he came to my graduation. He got all nostalgic and he loved it lies in the Marine Corps, but funny how I ended up in an and I think might my career choice was kind of an interesting one. In the Marine Corps as well.

You know I signed is an open contract because I am and I was in requires a no, not the brightest grant and size that nothing contract because my recruiter needed that female contract right and I trusted him him. My dad was a real tell about that is, it neither sees like I promise I'll get you good job. I promise. I promise.

My dad was a private venture into this film that yeah and you know my recruiters.

They make all kinds of promises right so I get Darren and becoming a Russian linguist so I got one of the best contracting get in the military. It came with a top-secret clearance and amazing school up in Monterey, California and one is the one with the findings ever done. I got to learn the Russian language got to go overseas a lot and I got to meet my my best friend Tori who is also a linguist. Yes I am I sorry little bit different than runs over there. I don't have any family in the military actually at all, but I did know since time is in eighth grade that I was enjoying Marine Corps and really I just always wanted to be different than everyone around me I don't I was just that kid you know whatever everyone else is doing out you want chocolate I want vanilla for no other reason than I just want to do it. Whatever, you know no one else is doing. So that's what I decided my dad at one point, I think I was in 11th grade and he knows about that time that to get really serious about it and that he was like, you know, have you thought about the Coast Guard and I was like I know I have not actually I wanted to do whatever was hardest night. That's like I wanted to prove something. So then the dam really happy that I joined the Marine Corps and not another branch, but I also didn't sign is open contract. I I asked for the hardest thing that you know I went to the recruiting station. I said no it's not what's the hardest thing you can give me – I when I took this test to see how well you can learn another language and I passed. I don't know how but I did – so I went to the same school as Rand that's that's where we met and I learned nationally to Pakistan which is Urdu a very similar to Hindi so I learned that language and we just ended up at the same we end up at camp fountain together so yeah our friendships continued, you know, I want to say someone else because I think this really speaks to Tory's heart and she's humble about it, and it's also just funny so when Tori enlisted in the Marine Corps. She thought she was signing a volunteer contract for five years and did not realize you get paid in the military.

Sharon did get an education after where I didn't know how to pay my bills know so when I graduated boot camp and then combat training. I set up to the school in Monterey and you know people have been asking me are you gonna go home for Christmas and I said why do know how many get there. I'm in California and not my parents are in Pennsylvania you know I don't have a car I don't I don't have any money. They said yeah dude, did you get that red card after boot camp and I said yeah yeah you know it was to be honest about my sea bag so there like yes you you look online you you have some money on their list. He spent it on. I was like I didn't even know that I got any money. I got I got paid for that I had no idea.

Anyway, I was able to go home for Christmas so red. I'm curious, did you sense God this somewhere along the line that this was going to try new up in the that he would use later in World War II was there and I guess what did your relationship with God as you enter the Marine Corps yeah yeah I did. I was raised in a very devout family. Our family is essentially I think were like 65% of the population at our church. Now that I grew up in that world. So yeah, I definitely and them the military to penny on which side you and it can really foster you know relationship with God. There really yeah that's yeah I'm interested in that what what how does being in the Marine Corps. Foster Frost, how did it but so far I mean relationship by night. There is a famous saying that there is no atheists in foxholes so you know, you kind of in the military are you really you develop really great relations of people and you have to trust the people next to you be also have to have this piece knowing that any day could be your last. And you know that really helps to strengthen your relationship and open the lines of communication with with God. Our true spectacle.

Tori yeah I was raised in a nondenominational Christian family. My parents are big part of the church and no I went twice a week every week until I was about 17 left for boot camp. I was 18 and I just always felt this calling to do something better and something bigger for the world. And like I said I always wanted to do some. It was different than everyone else around me and I just felt like even though no one around me was being called to know to go into the military or to do something bigger. I just felt like that was my calling to do something bigger and better in the world so and I followed that and I wasted did you feel the same way this is written that the Marine Corps actually fostered your relationship with God, for your faith a little bit yeah especially because I was no longer at home with my family anymore and you know being taken to church that was more of a guided relationship where as now I was kind of just turn out to the world on my own, so it really you know it.

I had to call upon myself you know I had. I had to go out there and grow my faith on my own instead of with his parents on your own so one day you get this call from room right yeah guess and and she says yes.

What actually is no call with the run ever. She is the most humble friend that I have and she does big things all the time and I'm never surprised anymore. At first I was surprised I was like no runs doing this she's doing that you know before this was even started. You know, I just other things that she was doing in her life and then not for the 10th big thing that she did in her life as a 20 something-year-old.

I was like I'm just not surprised anymore. So you know when she sounded this nonprofit organization. I was like, of course, she did and did I get a call know it's just happening because she goes out there and she just makes it happen all the time and it is so humbling and she is just that person that just proves to the world and to me that you can always do more. There's always more to be done and the time will be made no now's the time. It's not gonna happen in five years or in 10 years sword you know if it's something that you want to do and it's truly something that you are called upon to do. You. You have to make it happen and she doesn't ever feel the need to have that be a phone call, you know just really have time for that. She just she's just doing well, so, so, from your perspective, what works that like communication between you and your friend yeah so I been involved in antihuman trafficking efforts for a long time and an educated my friends on it and and stuff like that and when I really found a lantern we were looking for people that were able to help us from a distance it she's not able to come with and you know there is that he's very small. You see there's four of us, but we still need the help icon we going to these places their very dangerous or very dark and we don't want to be there without anyone knowing what's going on so from our background in the military and the work that we did in the intelligence field. She had some experience that she was able to connect kind of assist us with and help us.

So when were overseas and kind of all and told her, but I knew I did that.

It sounds harsh from the fall and told both yeah told his RR military listeners will definitely know what that means but yeah I was like I do this right, yeah. And I do this so I knew she wouldn't say no initiate she always had a passion every every adventure. I went on she was always want to know how she could help. Could she need outcome with whatever it was, and so when we started lantern. We were overseas and we want someone to be watching over us from back home so we have software where she's able to track me personally and she can track the rest the team as well. So when we go on raids at night, a letter now like hey were leaving and she has a plan. She's got an idea of where were going to be heading and shall track us and after the rate all y'all messenger them and tell her how many victims are rescued at which location she dropped the coordinates and she watches us but I know that's a lot to ask from somebody because she is my best friends and it is. I know it's it's emotionally draining and I have to make sure that she has the emotional space available for this because she can tell you firsthand.

Sometimes she doesn't hear from me and that's she always asked how long do I not hear from you before I start calling people to find out. Are you guys alive.

How long do I wait and and I really put that on her shoulders. I can't thank her enough for doing that for us. Well, yes, that's phenomenal. So right. We have you where we want you where your hearts be improved.

Like, what would that be like to be called at 3 o'clock.

The more your best friend tells you, you know, if you don't hear from you all that you were just describe what is that feel like what is it for like what would you be praying. Would you be saying roof that were touring a week but the main target of this. This is an experience that God's taking us all through and also many different ways, and I like this word again fallen on told Paul and told that I think dogs don't let me put a shrub and falling told so got going told international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending you a special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized combat on terrorism is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is the second largest collective reaching an estimated $50 billion lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates were trained in a national network of women and children six and facilitates gearing up for operations right now and see how you can support welcome back to lantern rescue were you have a whole specialized. We did not know the that was also for the number of language in the syntactical part of the team. You know I think about how many churches are out there that have that person in the background.

That spring for the pastor or playing for somebody when they're going out to witness to somebody or somebody that that you got a best friend that's out there that knows your heart understand your heart and is playing along these lines, so I'm very curious to worry.

You know the time that you recall the most like you got this and like you're going where you're going to do what does it come to my yeah so like I said before, didn't really surprise me. You no matter where she's doing. It wasn't a surprise, but like you to talk about how as well and told to do some work I mean I had been asking or not really asking for work, but I had told her all along you know what every I can do for you. I'm not sure what that is that if you ever think of something that I can do please just let me know and I will know I'll be there for you and your team. And so when she did reach out to me. She was already over there and she said you know this is what we need to do Dufresne need you to to watch over us. You know, and I said okay what I need and she's not always able to communicate with me right when I needed her to wear when I when I wanted her to to get everything set up so that was a little bit stressful but it was never something that I was young I was so happy to be doing it so I just said you know what what I need to have downloaded on my computer which I need to have my phone what's up I'm using and I kinda just learned is best like a little amount of time that I had and just hope that I was doing it the way that I was supposed to.

So for a couple nights I was watching over them and they're deftly on emotions that went through my mind, but I never brought them up to read because I think that that would be a selfish thing to do because she's the one over there with her team, and even more than her and the emotions that she has to carry around the victims that she's rescuing you know the emotions that that they're carrying so who am I to be over here in the states safe. You know, in my apartment in California, and to say you know I'm really sad and I'm scared for you, you know, so of course I am.

But I don't think it was right.

It's a scary thing to have know my best friend over there.

Yes, there was obviously something she was telling you along lines amount you sure anything that you should. But there was something that should I say it was it was what. I'm not being told because like I said before, she doesn't know she keeps a lot to herself and she just does what she has to do, and I know that she's that person that just she does what needs to be done every single time and it think it's that alone then not knowing more than the knowing, the more that I know. I think that that the better that I feel and I put it this way. Maybe Chris knowing written just a little bit like you can tell by what she's not saying how serious exactly and that is for the victims and I know that we talked about before you know she can't always get to them. She can't know it's it's not possible to reach every victim, every single time and that breaks my heart as well and I know that it breaks her heart to everyone on the team so it's just a lot younger so that there's a lot of weight to it and then there'd be times where the tools were working properly so as I was tracking them. You know I'm not really in contact with her too much he or she contact me when she can, but I can't just call her on the phone and say hey how are you doing so I'm watching this and the first night I had seen that she was not aware everyone else was. According to my screen even though she when I I found out later that she really was with everyone else so my heart is over here pounding because you know I'm just trusting that she's okay and you're hoping that she's okay. Really trying not to let these thoughts consume me to go into that scenario, there with your military background. Obviously you're aware of things when you're looking at a trucking situation that we would be aware of. I would probably wouldn't have a clue so you're looking at the screen when you see this that she's being isolated. What's what's going through your mind a lot of things going through my mind. I mean there's me hoping that that's what she supposed to be doing and hoping that I'm not supposed be making a phone call because I didn't even know at this point because it was so last-minute.

What I'm supposed to do if something were to happen and she is taken away so you know that was a thought that I was like oh no, I didn't even ask that question. You know, if you were to become I cited from everyone else know what do I do in that situation because it was so last-minute, so I'm just sitting there like waiting to hear from her next and I did every time and I me.

I did find out the next day that they happen to be altogether and so there is a cyclist and assist them.

I guess and mean it was emotional. Every time that they would stop somewhere in I would get texts from her and they would say no. We got this many victims or you know we recovered this many weapons and it's just it was this crazy feeling because I already knew that these things are happening right now is in the Marine Corps, II know that this happens and I know what Brent has told me in the past, you know, I know the line of work that she's in. But to actually be a part of it.

Even I wasn't even over there but to watch her move on a screen, and then when she stop somewhere to say you know that we got this many victims.

It just can't explain the feeling that that moment on guessing with your faith you're playing yeah what is that person all I think it was mentioned before on a different episode of the show, but it's just it's more like a constant thought.

So it's just at all times. You know when she stopping is like a god. Please let her know be safe or when she was isolated like please again let her be safe or when the team is heading back home. When she said you know were done for that I am like, please let them get there safe and it's just it's not just one time because there's counseling to for things happening. And even when they would get back and she would say no were where were staying for the rest the night were back safe and often times I talked to her about this black. I will leave my computer open I would just like staring at hoping like that they're gonna be there and stay there the whole time because they rescue they need is to rescue that doesn't really mean that they're out of harms way that some days not come after them for you know what they didn't like talked about before you know you're taking money from these people. Technically, you know that you're putting people out of business so yeah it's a scary thing. It's emotional for sure, but I also know that what she's doing. It needs to be done. Somebody has to do it and you can't let fear get in the way of that room.

I'm curious I have a sense of Marine Corps instilled some part of this and you obviously have instilled in your dad. But now it is instilled in you because I was Marine Corps when you feel like foundation only.

The Marine Corps was doing for you and that way God was trying and in the way when I'm overseas with the victims.

I mean as far as running in the harms. What yeah yeah okay so yeah I mean it's not like obedience to orders mindset and it's it's funny now because I used to have a boss you nice have Marine and charge me but now I'm I'm the boss.

So I just have to give myself the orders and you can't be afraid. You have to do it and you is cannot you go for one of the things is maybe a little off topic but it is kind of into what she's saying and that's just been a peaceful or over there is when we do leave on these missions when we leave from Elise and from my perspective, the goodbyes, we say or never for us it's ever to make me feel better. It's a goodbye. When I think about it you know Tori and I got on the plane is a goodbye for her because if someone happens here then and my life is ended, I'm not the one that can be a pain that's her so I want the last moments to be for her for my my husband my family when I say bye to them.

Goodbyes never for us it's for the families we want that last moment.

If that is less, there is so us going over there with at peace knowing we set everything we wanted to say if this is the last one. This is last one. And that's kind of a mindset that a lot of people in the military have as well as you just happy peace at that every day in your goodbyes never for you there for someone else and so can't help but be curious that this she's describing you know her tracking you are watching this. Technically, what were you hoping for her to do with that information so is what we do with that information is we use it to help with the warrants for the rest and for the complete shutdown of the clubs and of that establishment that were going into as to what she does. Another part of it is only stop she has a mind time that were in in that building doing that raid to drop coordinates and then we maintain this court, in its initial track County victims are pulled out of certain locations and if there are weapons how many weapons and stuff like that so if we end up needing to regrade that location or if we need to use that in our evidence for the warrants we get for the rest of these nightclub owners were able to pull from her information and say Orsino working to go back into this building and last time there weapons now working to carry their weapons were gonna prepare for that so and we know what areas therein walk to this. A lot of us would never even think about organizing that untruths in your case, Tori joined the Marine Corps similar what would you say the Marine Corps added to your way.

God trained you for this for such a timelessness. I maybe can speak to that a little more for Tori, so Tori's humble about her Marine Corps experience but one thing always say about her is she was. She thought herself in a good way in the military. She was a problem solver and she would solve problems even even know where there she finds the most effective way to do anything. She really went above and beyond is as I'm Marine and she never brag about herself so I have to, but she is a thinker and her expanse Marine Corps and working with her side-by-side. There is why I trusted her for this position so you can expand on that. But I know you won't brag about yourself and I will yeah I guess the way that I was trained to be able to help run out when she's over there is just, I mean it kind of just touches on what I said before about taking the emotion out of it and just doing what you have to do and that you mean that's that's really it is that you know there's a job to be done and it's going to get done and for me to be emotional about it isn't going to help anyone.

So these those emotions are there but I don't know. I think that that's the best the best that I can say is really cool thing is I'm certain about your situation going is interesting to me that there's only two women involved in what you know what it is that were doing and so you know from your perspective, no room what why do you think God called women into the you know, because it's very obviously a lot of times you're dealing with women and you obviously bring your perspective as a young woman that there's no way that I can yet so I definitely think being a female is is really beneficial to this and it's kind of funny because we gone the raids and we we where facemasks will be on the raids so the girls don't know until we get back that I'm a girl like we take off our gear and they see me and they realize what is happening and it's it's better for them to connect with me and they're more willing to come over and hug me and tell me their stories and talked me through an interpreter and having her as well.

That's why she feels so passionate about this. I know Tori feels that way for the victims as well. So she's I know she's always watching.

I know she's not let us down to she's got the heart as well about you Tori from a female's perspective. What do you see what I think is unique about rooms position will know they say will women are nurturing by nature and end the day after you is watching over them. I got a text message from Ren and it was a picture of her hugging one of the victims from the night before and I think that was the emotion sunset on previously. They they really hit me hard then, but the men on the team and they're over there. You know they're not really able to nurture the female victims and others. There's both male and female victims.

But the female victims as much as Ren is able to do that to step in and to be able to hug them and take care of them a little bit more than you know than the men can on the team.

So I think that that definitely is a role that she can play as a female on the team but just like the males she's able to do all of the other stuff as well so it's it's really cool to see that she's she's able to do both of those things you know like she said she's wearing a mask when she goes in there and they don't know that that she's a woman, but she rescued them all the same. I think that that also you know gives them hope to see you know you're a woman and you just rescued me and you know you take your mask off and it's like II feel like if I were a victim and I saw that I would be like, I can do anything, almost 90 mean I felt that that gives them little bit of hope as are being rescued and that they don't need to live their life like that absolutely serves your list on today will come under your heart sure way to tell these people taken that dog leaving them important for you walking with God about that. What we're trying to change the lantern rest are not financially delivered

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