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Light Into Pornography

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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May 15, 2020 2:19 pm

Light Into Pornography

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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Welcome to lantern risk. A ministry program dedicated to bringing white into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about arrestees and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they need or we are bringing the light today lantern rescuer light into a very dark place. The place of pornography and mark you guys got some stories, a good morning and right were happy to be here. The other topic that this morning I really will want to start off by bringing our listeners began on particular K and rescue operation that we were part of and I believe you understand a little bit of the effect of pornography and the role they played in this case, and so if I could if I could just begin by that we are in a country and where it early in the morning. This operation started about 4584 30 in the morning and I were meeting with with the agency and if I could just reach out to the and maybe you walk it up that moment, I remember standing there knowing the dark with all the people and will operation before. Really. At that point. What brought that moment, I do remember some interesting as we got there early. Arrived there reminded me of other times when doing the work that I used to do work a bunch of people who are serious about work getting together a very putting time and effort Intel on the ability to go all the equipment and no we convoy up and actually across several town could get to this place to affect you know and arrest them in mind that the good people working hard in a lot of places as much of that type of situation you brought that up about those individuals there that I wanted at Gallant and I know all the support with no act that in America and then outside of America so many times in particular that morning. It was such a strong group of people are going from the country doing work in. I wanted at Gallant. You know what you feel about that. The men and women that were standing there that morning showed up very first arrived time to write the very book as we all gathered around to see the camaraderie amongst all the various agencies were there knowing don't have a grasp of their language sometime you translator that was there with. People started to get motivated to actually facilitate this operation would amaze me know the different aspects that were there. You had everything law enforcement. The computer tech people that initiated it, and they all but all the resource together and that you know countries that background all that we all were there for the same purpose, camaraderie. I got the biggest thing that I do is right that time writing unique out may not know someone you may not speak their language, but only because you dared to write a wrong. You have that monetary and not right about that Alan I know what it's unusual because for us, that operation is little bit different because the only comment. Normally we we are the catalyst and driving force behind an operation evenly deleted it out in this particular case, there was there was different in you, describe how this situation was different from our other five arrested the answer in this particular tours of Wisconsin. This particular attorney general in this country and received information on about some activity was going on so there were actually driving. The impetus was driving this mission was the information received from the Atty. Gen.

There was actually quite aggressive and excited to pursue this and so it was actually following up on information it was actually three countries involved three different countries are involved in this particular our rescue and so we notice this man and coordinated with other governments to go and actually move this Reagan through in a positive outcome for the yes of what they'll mention this point in which our listeners because of the document later with Robbie and that is that you know what was occurring was that very young children were being exploited for child pornography, which was ultimately soldsomewhere and three where it was actually sold to someone in America and then no plant of these were being made so let's go now. It should Alan if I could reach out to you. You just remember the moment we finally get to the location image. We went through multiple goodies that it was without quite a bit of travel, but we got there maybe described that wedding. I don't know you know the a lot of places a lot of countries added this. How would name of what you're used to and impeccable) arrived there so early morning people of this town were yet inactive.

So would like to be able to get there early enough to set up for the Apple Corporation perimeter around the area that was done pretty quickly. The initial entry into the building fairly smooth as it was a knock type I service and answer the door and allowed as it progressed from there.

Though the counselor to come alive.

The group became obvious, but the security perimeter cooperation needed to be enhanced and expanded so sorry point there were really good. No, who actually was involved other than as we were at.

It was adjacent building which came into play as well was involved in one other thing took away the number of the establishment of the quicker you expanded down. You bring up something that maybe our listeners don't like so part early on relationship with this particular country that were operating in an early on we often argues, we offer you know our training resources are capability.

Some of you know our life in another country work that we can comment. They look out his autograph and part of our role that morning.

What just do this but with all evaluate the whole process to calibrate out notes some points that in the country there good many women and some of them are trying to do the right thing just don't know how. And you know PCMag you, and I know you had a long discussion with their TL leader of their their swap work on the discussion. There you comment on our ability to train them and what you know or think one of the things I was cooking was done repeatedly in other countries as well as on the amount of experience that we have in training, but tactics team movement leadership, things like that so usually when we get to country, were able to come literally work with the team and will be rolling work on the rescues will go over scenarios you know I'm talk about actual I'm scenarios or buildings that will be approaching call routine responsibilities and so usually were able to bring that and actually be embedded with the rescue team from the foreign country in this particular case, we were invited were able to go and evaluate ghettos. As Alan Miller some things that we were unable to go with and it was clear that know there's an area there will be able to work with him and have been invited to do so in the future.

The orality, the one though. After the door with no the door breached and the team entered. Can you describe that scenario that situation and maybe even your thoughts when you first laid eyes on the victim to the entrance of the primary objective the payment entry through the main entrance to the building I was actually with them in close proximity to the entry point was able to see what was going on inside the international will clear and started bringing people out of the back rooms of the building.

There were several people live there. Most of the women there was one young man in the building is probably 17 years old that there was a mother and grandmother and mother of the victim so they initiated the care of the children and their one group of the team. They are kind of the child services portion of it and they were facilitating the child's care was the checking out various electronic devices within the residence and then there was another group interviewing the mother of the victim.

During the interview process. Of the 17-year-old was very afraid. So we had to pull him aside and questioning the Atty. Gen. that that that he has more information in regards to going across the street, but that allowed the interviewer's mother of the victims to question her about the relationship you have. She had a gentleman because the street and the during the questioning of the will prompted to start up a perimeter around that resident which was a good thing because once you verify that he was the initial point of contact for the settler patient and to get up again with the chronology of pictures of the children that lived through through the interview process, but further evidence against him. But once she confirmed he was the recipient of the pornography and the conduit through which the money was coming in to the country through him to her. They were able to get a warrant on the spot to facilitate another operation on his house so that operation went down shortly after the due process of the mother.

The information was confirmed. So we went over some of us went over with you to make entry of their be actually able to get the guy he was not hostile without incident. So they got them out, and the question came and I have everything on the preliminary search of his residence that identifies the house to jump in and stop right there to see if we break I know this because of time to find out what happened in the situation how this would help us to understand the connection between how grammar is entrapped lantern specializes in sending you a special operation law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism and is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge summations. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated billion dollars in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat Brennan operates with train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic missiles are gearing up for operations right now and you can lantern see how you can support welcome back to lantern rescue will bring ideas on sonography very dark place. Some things that no one is actually leaving Mark, can you help us make the connection to what what the result of some of the stuff was in this incident. Finalize group to you know the operation of it out just theory is important that everybody understand what was the age of the victim. The can you recall the victim of the victims were extremely young, I've only been one country when they were younger on restriction under, and both of them and were committed to the picture my mind with them being in a really surrounded by well-meaning people, but going around home and being rescued, but was overwhelming overwhelming programmable but extremely young, too young to even comprehend the recommendation order rescue at that point I thought you brought it six-year-old and eight-month-old child being exploited for child pornography to another country ultimately to your everyday American.your businessman in America who had no been able to view these images was making request a particular image is an abuse to be done to the children and that was being paid or in number know that that would shock you. How much was being paid to an individual who is been paying another individual who all play. The family was doing for about $200 so you know it is what was driving that and also because the country were there's a lot of tourism. The plan was for this individual to come to that country and then to continue the abuse, not just through pornography, but actually like the physical and on the children. At one point it out. We actually had to leave operation bite to go look or a home how that would possibly funded by the individual and the other there's there's more to the story on that, but all of it is started by Bernard and the exploitation of children through the Internet and you know ran out, I wanted to reach out to you now and have you just inform our list or just book the role that Bernard is playing a trafficking yeah felt pornography and how people felt unfeeling not actually going out you think someone a lot of time when all art game, ethnography, and they arty have tenant be there for barely legal or older LOI. In other terms that people if they pornography that are the ball… The kind of snowball into a lot younger and younger videos and how they start getting looking at Neither fan and 39 out, though, when they look pretty younger and younger people. In another is not making the video and we like to believe that parent would do that and I said I'm parent do a lot of times that of the traffic. I found one that [the child or kidnapped by automatic country and I'll be making a video file online and that you are in their walk today as and they want younger and younger crowd eventually that the video is not not doubt parent do you think someone within our own country to find effect on nearby Bellevue or a lot of them will go in a and read them and all travel thing at a country that you I'll when they think that the repercussion won't be there for their actions that they can do it and not a country that can act Not be really your bath and drive that demand for Child sex trafficking in the way that they will make money off of the video tape it up online and also when that creditor and better country to make money not doubt about so out to see I'm wondering from your perspective, cottage, juicy Jesus, or perhaps your faith in this situation, how to how was that part of the rescue process so we talked last week about being being singled out in our socialist victimization and so with addiction which Bernard clearly is comes shame and isolation. The Internet allows men and women to do things in secret and one in all of those too close to those who want to turn these things out alone on and so I was just thinking in Hebrews 416 Jesus said, you know very clearly that he knows about us. Everything we do for him yet he represents us before the father but is a very present help for us but he is that he is advocating course before the crown combat help. I just want people to know that nobody can run alone successfully zero people, and that if we allow show these things to keep us from help from the father of friends were not going to succeed should not be disputed that when I think we need. We all need somebody to come alongside and help us. Beautiful TC.

And certainly, Jesus is there to do that, but you gotta turn to you got to realize that this is something that is drastic as repercussions. I had no idea Alan what what were you think I agree with you see the things that I look at is how sin is so filled with about one of those things was discussed. Ashley is very people and placing discussing the report.

What happens though as written. Chapter 3 it tells us of one… I was like no, the opposite of honoring a life is what really lusting after things honoring that life and of itself is a sin that with others, then turned and was then turns to pornography would lusting after women, sexual pleasure aspect of it honoring those women and oaks, all those women are mothers, wives, daughters you know that if you think of it, most terms of the proposed terms that blustering to other posts so that, where I come from and hope you don't start down that path, consuming if you are that recognize the job with the board really a reflection of each other that they are not in daughters as well.

Alan I mean, I can certainly think that you know Mark unfortunately so many men got trapped into this and get another going after kids with the pornography because that's where the habit starts at an end in its own way. It's kind of trafficking people that did you know innocent schoolchildren do a little bit of a search, and the next thing you know they're looking at something that there are no way ready for an answer, just horribly prolific and and and the next thing you know they're taken part in something that I have no idea the repercussions of what it's doing to people around the world. But you guys see the effects and not everything in light you know, the rescue did you know there are so many children picked up boys and girls were being exploited on the Internet the pleasure simple man and the cart because it out looking at again.

Looking back those two young those two young children and realizing what happened to them how I'll never forget how they look and how that situation was, but it is hard to know that there are those children are something that right now we have this show every minute of the day and no one coming to the rescue. There were so thankful that when you the way it did to Jonah rescue the there were multiple arrests made the day they are doing very well. Like the blood safety and not have a future in front of them, but definitely you know we need to be concerned not just for ran along these lines, you're always so helpful in giving us some guidelines of things that that we could be transformed. You know in this whole pornography issue of ways to stop the consumption.

Obviously you guys are working at the actual production of yeah now I mean I really need you and you that and understand that what they're doing is wrong and being in OLA five FNB paper IT may not amazing and we love that. I also consider paying for the creditors in the trafficker because they need. I think there are been a really need to be polite and that what they're doing. It is wrong in any they need to be aware that no it is a difficult thing at the dark thing and it's hard to consider having mercy for the people back. We got about 12 in Mark, what would be some ways that you feel like a listers could you know engage with you guys to help along these lines know why we try to provide information not just about felt the following statement they're working at. Well there is just this week we sent out an email newsletter that listed several programs that offer options for parents to help monitor their children interactivity on learning to keep them straight and then you also tap into our Instagram peppermint dry website landing and then of course you know don't don't hesitate to communicate to clear. We are not know where were not in a bubble don't have traction with people we want our listeners.

We want our volunteers to reach out to us with their ideas with the question because collectively, that the something we need your help and support relevant while we're at work malt, even if that is the big world that we feel the impact of those behind it, not the upright portion talk to communicate with her manager encourage us to keep going on last week for some that didn't hear it.

You guys gave out a way that you could sign a petition that would bring down these campsites, which is clearly huge pornography ran. Could you share with our listeners again, it's on your Instagram page. I have and you can also Google trafficking how to not write that down for not. It's just absolutely awesome. Again, we would remind you that with an opportunity we have, to actually pray for the team is landing rescue by name.

It's TC and Alan and Mark and ran again. That's TC Alan Mark and Rand, you could be praying for them. And again, if the Lord leads it puts it on your heart.

Obviously, the team is is set not to go on some more. These operations and the funds for no airfare and logistics and all that goes is that I can't even imagine. So, as the Lord leads go to their website explaining rescue the OR she were so grateful that you listen today that we can all be aware and part of the solution to human guys

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