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Is Christianity A Hate Crime

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 20, 2024 7:00 am

Is Christianity A Hate Crime

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 20, 2024 7:00 am

Stu talks with Judge Phil Ginn about the future threat of being Christian.


Hello, this is Matt Slick from the Matt Slick Live Podcast, where I defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundations of the truth of God's Word. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

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It's just bad for you. Use promo code TRUTH for extra savings, and thank these folks for thanking us, for standing with us, for keeping this, the outlet open, and you're thinking, well, why is that important, Stu? Well, I'll tell you why that's important, because imagine walking into the bank, and you've got to pay a bill, and you've got to get a check, and you've got to get that financial transaction done. You walk in the bank, and your account's frozen. What?

My account's frozen? Well, yeah, you're associated with this ministry, and this ministry just posted on Facebook that marriage is between a man and a woman, and the government has frozen your account, and like, you've got to pay a bill, and suddenly you find yourself in debtor's jail, and it gets kind of bleak. Now, Stu, is this conspiracy?

Are you just kind of throwing stuff out there? Well, I'm going to read the title of the article, and I'm going to bring on the judge. He's on the air with us right now. He's the president of one of the top apologetics schools in the world, Southern Evangelical Seminary out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Matthews specifically.

Here's the title of his article. The Persecution of True Christianity is No Longer a Future Threat. It is Alive and Well in America Right Now. Judge Phil Ginn, sir, are you just hypothesizing, or do you really stand by those words?

Are you saying that the government, the IRS, is actually weaponizing, are banking against Christians for standing for biblical value? Sir, welcome to Truth Talk Live! Well, Stu, it's always a pleasure to be with you, and I'm going to order me a case of this vine-tastic just listening to you. You convinced me, first of all. I'm ready to go. Well, I'm glad. I'll try to. We had lunch today in Charlotte, which was a privilege, and you blew us away. I wish I had a pen to write all the stuff down you said, and I should have brought you some of it with me, but next time I'll bring some.

That sounds great. But, I mean, President Ginn, the president of this fine institution, you write this thing. I mean, are you gaslighting? Are you saying people's bank accounts have been truly shut down? They can't write checks because of their Christian views? It is right on us, Stu.

I'm sorry to tell you that. And it has been sneaking under the radar for a couple of years now, but it is apparent that both, you know, first of all, I would say that we're seeing the weaponization of various governmental entities already. We've seen the FBI. We've seen the Department of the Treasury through the IRS, and that's part of this that we'll speak about today. But we've also seen state welfare departments taking children out of homes simply because the parents are not complying with gender equity and all of that sort of thing. So we're seeing government empowered to negatively impact the lives of biblical worldview parents and people. And in this article that's yet to be published, by the way, that I've written and that I've given you and your readers now a little bit of an advanced notice of it, there is clear evidence that both the Department of Education and the Treasury Department are, in fact, attacking faith-based organizations and some conservative organizations as well by labeling them as hate groups and identifying them as, particularly in some instances to banks, identifying them directly in emails to banks, telling banks that they better be careful in dealing with these people because they're terrorist organizations.

Wow. Okay, if you have a question for Dr. Ginn, he's on the air with us right now. He's a judge. He's been the head of the court.

He's a graduate of the institution that he is now the president of. It's a remarkable story, and we're so glad he's with us. Dr. Phil Ginn, Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina. We had lunch today—almost choked on my salad, sir—when you told this horror story about this Ugandan missionary trying to serve the Lord and just needs some fun to feed the poor over there, and it didn't go so well for him.

Now, tell that story. Let me give the number. Nick, Saint Nick, our awesome producers, ready to take your calls and put you on the air with Dr. Ginn on Truth Talk Live. If you want to phone in, the number is 866-344-TRUTH.

866-348-7884. Should Christianity be a hate crime? And what does America look like if this becomes law as the Biden administration and the Obama administration, by the way, prior to them, they put some things in motion to weaponize the IRS against believers? So you can all say, well, it's bad, you know, they're gonna come after Christians. We can all say that and theorize that, but when you gotta pay your rent, Dr. Ginn, it's a whole other thing. You can't pay the people you owe money to who could shut you down.

Now you're out, now you're homeless and on the street because you believe in the Bible. Well, a lot of this was uncovered lately by the congressional committee that was put together by the Republicans when they came in. And it is the United States House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary and Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. But it had its origins all the way back in the Obama administration. They put together a thing called Operation Choke Point, which was put in to theoretically deter fraud at the time, but it had far-reaching consequences.

Now, when Mr. Trump became president, he tried to do away with it, but there were some vestiges of it left over. And sometime in early 2023, probably March or April of 2023, the Bank of America actually used it to close off the account of an entity known as indigenous advance. Indigenous advance actually was serving the country of Uganda with relief. Now, Uganda is a Christian country, and they have kind of stonewalled the Biden administration's use of the alphabet sex mentality to put out their aid.

In other words, if they don't go along with the woke concept of the Biden administration or other entities, then Uganda doesn't get all the aid that the other countries do that really buy into it. Well, what happened was that the Bank of America actually took a technicality out of their protocol and shut off the account of this Christian organization, and actually they couldn't get to their donations, they couldn't write checks, and the folks that needed it most who were in starvation that they're serving can't get the products and the materials that they need to survive. The missionary actually had to leave Uganda, come all the way back to the States, and spent about a month trying to unfreeze all of his accounts that the Bank of America closed down. The same thing happened in Canada with Mr. Trudeau. Some of your listeners may remember the COVID-19 trucker.

Yes, the truck drivers. Yes, and he used this methodology to shut them down, and then the same thing occurred with through the J.P. Morgan, Chase did the same thing for the National Committee for Religious Freedom, which is a faith-based non-profit organization led by Sam Bramback, who was former governor, I think, of Kansas, and also former U.S. ambassador-at-large for religious freedom. So this all occurred before all of this rest of the story came out under the congressional committee that started looking into the weaponization of the federal government, and your listeners probably will also remember, it rose out of the January 6th, a lot of this did, where the IRS, Treasury Departments, was looking for words like Trump and MAGA, and Patriot, and Kamala, and Biden to determine, you know, where you're sending your money and who you're contributing to and things.

Well, they could freeze your bank account, and they've done it. I mean, you're over there, you're not gunning people down ordering weapons, you're giving poor people food who are going to die, and the government shuts your account down. You're in the middle of Uganda serving Christ. Wow.

86634 Truth. The judge is on the air. Let's go to be in Ohio, and you can call in at 866-348-7884. Jump in here, sir, real quick. We got about 20 seconds before the break, but I want to get you in with your comment. Vote Bernie Marino today, paper ballot.

Ask for a paper ballot before you scan your ID. Judge, thank you for coming on this. The lemon test, does that play any precedence on these cases that you're seeing? The coach that won the that won the Supreme Court here a couple months ago, it's called the lemon test.

Go ahead, Stu. Okay, the lemon test. Wow, a good question. Hey, Judge Phil Ginn will be back with us to answer that question.

President of Southern Evangelical Seminary. Go vote Ohio, today's voting day. Oh yeah, go vote Ohio. Good call.

We'll talk about that more. And could you go to jail or have your account frozen for being a Christian in America? Hang on. You're listening to The Truth Network and

What would you do if your bank account was frozen? You're just trying to pay your bills. You're just trying to give a gift to the Lord, give a donation. You're trying to buy some vine-tastic, like I just had a conversation with one of our studio audience who brings a sugar drink into the studio. Like, why aren't you drinking this? It tastes great. It's got no sugar, no calories, no carbs.

It's loaded with all these good things. And so he's on his phone now ordering vine-tastic, going to, entering promo code truth. But he can't do it. What happened? Because someone found out he was a Christian at the government at the Southern Center for Law and Poverty. You know, that sounds like such a wholesome group. No, that group wants to put you in jail if you believe what the Bible says. And so Dr. Phil Ginn, who's the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, he's a judge. He knows the law of the land, and he knows the law of the Lord, and he teaches and he leads Bible studies, and he's trying to tell us today—and by the way, I want to hear what you would do if you want to call in. The government shuts your account down because of your beliefs.

866-34-TRUTH. We will boldly say on this program, Dr. Ginn, that we are for marriage between a man and a woman. Does that mean we hate people that want to marry their mom or their sister, or if a man went, no!

Marry whoever you want! It's a free country! But what we believe is what the Bible believes. It doesn't mean we hate anybody.

We love everyone, and we want them to come know the Lord. But the government says because we believe Jesus is the only way, therefore we hate all religions, or therefore that's hate speech. And it's one thing for them to theorize that or say that, Dr. Phil Ginn, but it's another thing for them to infiltrate the education, the National Education Association, and all these organizations that our government is sponsoring, including the IRS, to go after people and shut their bank accounts down. That's becoming censorious, and you're saying that's actually happening in this country right now.

Well, it is. In response to what your caller said a while ago, there is no lemon test to apply to this. Lemon test is what a court does. There's not been any court action over this, and basically they just got caught, the government just got caught red handed doing this. And so there's not been any court action. Lemon test doesn't apply, but coincidentally, Coach Kennedy that he referred to has become a dear friend of mine, and I'm proud to say that he's now a student at Southern evangelical seminary.

So I'm so glad to do that. Now, let me tie you back into something here. Alliance Defense Fund, which is one of our partners here at SES and in the defense of religious freedom, happened to get onto this hate list that the Southern Poverty Law Center put out, and banks are being warned about doing business with them because of that. Let me just give you a list that, you know, you've got some standard groups that really deserve to be there, you know, holocaust deniers and different things like that, but let me read you a few of the Christian groups that are on this hate list that has been promulgated by the Southern Poverty Law Center and apparently adopted by the federal government.

Well, the law center is under the government, so the Biden administration turns them loose to then go to the IRS and say, these people are haters, which includes everyone on this call and probably a lot of people listening right now. So give us the list. Well, this is just a partial list. The Alliance Defense Fund, the Liberty Council, you know, that heinous group known as the Family Research Council.

Wow. You know, the Ruth Institute, I'm not very familiar with them, but they help survivors of the so-called sexual revolution. Those are the ones who are managing to get out of the alphabet sex gang and they're trying to rehabilitate them. The American College of Pediatricians is on the list. This is the conservative counterpart to the American Academy of Pediatricians that has just gone hog wild into the transgender business, but not to be outdone. There's been a meeting between the Department of Education and including Vice President Harris, uh, who apparently was, uh, fresh off of, uh, uh, taking a victory lap for solving the border crisis as those are when she attended the meeting. Um, but at any rate, uh, the Department of Education now has had this meeting and within a short period of time, they had the meeting with the Southern Poverty Law Center and all of a sudden folks like moms for Liberty started showing up on it. Um, parents defending education, no left turn in education, courage is a habit and there are others that are showing up on this, um, uh, terrorist list. Now let me, let me tell you who these terrorists are.

These terrorists are moms of five-year-olds who go to the, to the town hall meeting or to the, to the, to the teachers meeting at the school and they say, we don't want our children, they read the pornography they're reading to the five-year-olds and we don't want our children hearing this and we don't want our children seeing these graphic pornographic images, please stop. That's all they do peacefully and now they're called hate crimes offenders and they're, you're telling me their bank account is their, their organizations are appearing on these lists that our government is putting out as haters that could potentially go to jail or lose their bank accounts. That's correct and, and we also have found out from the, uh, uh, congressional committee that was looking into it, that white house officials have met at least 11 times since January of 2021 when Mr. Biden took over. They, they've met with the S leaders of the Southern poverty law center at least 11 times. Mr. Biden has appointed one of the lead attorneys from that group to the, um, appeals court. Um, it, it just raises a lot of concern about how much influence this, uh, this particular, I call them a hate group, uh, has in the current and, and past Democrat, uh, administrations.

Wow. And that's a, that's a common, uh, Marxist, uh, tactic, brilliant Karl Marx, atheist and, and hater of all things good, basically said, hey, call your enemies racist. If you're racist, call your enemies everything that you are in order to, you know, so he's saying he called the Christians evil and haters and hate mongers and bigots.

There's a bigotry list on here you mentioned in your article. So it's, it's upside down. And, uh, what do believers do, Dr. Ginn? What do we do as believers? I mean, less than 10% of Christians are even sharing their faith, uh, sharing the gospel actively, uh, less than, I believe less than 60% of believers actually voted in the last election. And a bunch of those voted for the, for the, uh, the, the nice grandfatherly man who wants to kill our young and who's imposing these laws because they hated the mean guy who was actually standing for religious freedom.

So give us some advice here. We're kind of, there's, it seems to abound a bunch of confusion among the ranks of Christians. The vaporization of the church, um, we, we're just molding into the walls.

We're becoming wallflowers and, and, and that's, uh, that's a shame. Um, you know, one of the things that we talk about here at Southern Evangelical Seminary, um, Stu is when Paul calls us to put on the armor of God, uh, he, he lists all of the armor and, and, and your listeners are probably familiar with that. Uh, then he calls us to stand in that armor. And I think that's what Christians need to be doing. And, and if you are too weak to stand for some reason, then at least support those who are standing. Um, and, and it's not just standing for the gospel.

We've got to do that. We've got to proclaim the gospel, but we as American citizens need to be standing and saying, you know, we love this nation enough not to let it go to hell and a hand basket around us. Um, because if we're going to be given the privilege of sharing the gospel freely, then America must remain free, particularly as it applies to this First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. The very First Amendment that was required by North Carolina and Rhode Island, um, incidentally, um, before they would, uh, sign off on the Constitution, the very first, um, um, point of the Bill of Rights is the freedom to worship, not only to worship, but to serve God as we see fit.

Wow. And, and that, and by the way, that's for everyone. Anyone can come in this country. We talked about this at lunch. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims worship freely in this country, but just don't, don't put us in jail because we worship the true God. We, we have a discussion about it. We have you on the radio, we talk about it, and it's interesting that those that are most interested in freedom, a la the believers, are the ones that are going to be silenced, and that they want to go after and call haters and, and put, you know, attack our bank accounts, which is really fascinating. Thank you for writing this article, Judge Phil Ginn, the president of Southern evangelical seminary.

What's the website for the school? How can people themselves read this article or get on your list to learn more? You do these great little clips. You have, uh, this, uh, this podcast called Truth That Matters. You've got great apologetics courses, too, for equipping the next generation in the Word of God and proclaiming the gospel to a lost world. What's the, how do they find out more about you, sir?

Well, the website for the school is That is the academic side of us, but we also have, I believe it is, that will, uh, deals with the training side of it. We're trying to take the training and put it into the hands of mothers and fathers and pastors and church leaders that will allow them to have at least some ammunition to go into the war that is affecting our culture right now. And, you know, I tell people that the line for the defense of religious freedom and our way of life and for the kingdom of God is forming behind Southern evangelical seminary. We just decided at our place that we are going to freely choose to stand and live in the mercy of the cross and the power of Christ's resurrection until we attain that glorious hope that will come in the clouds of the eastern sky someday soon, I hope. And, you know, Stu, after all, it is the gospel that is the only truth that matters. Yes, sir.

I love that. It's going to prevail, although all hell would come against it. So we're on the winning side.

We just need to stand up and be counted. And the answer is not in politics or in one candidate. Most of these candidates, a lot of these candidates, are vulgar unbelievers. But the question is, who's more aligned with truth and who's more aligned with saving lives, babies, and, you know, human life dignity? And who's more aligned with religious freedom to allow these conversations? I'm not sure how long we'll be on the air talking about truth, but as long as the Lord allows us, we want to do it. But the answer is ultimately in the King of Kings. Judge Phil Ginn, Southern Evangelical Seminary, but Christians must be active, right? We need to be engaged in our culture in a Christ-like way, correct? Need to be standing steadfast in the truth, my friend. Love it.

Thanks for being on. God bless you, sir. Check him out at his website,, egu. God bless you, sir. Thank you. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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