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Friday Hour 1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 16, 2024 11:14 am

Friday Hour 1

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 16, 2024 11:14 am

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Water content based on the leaving bargain liquid detergent. Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news media don't pick up the news items like he does. And bringing to light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left.

The voice of the Christian resistance on this 15th day of March 2024. And tonight we have as our producer is Seth. Hey Seth. Hello sir. Hello. How are you doing tonight? Fantastic.

How are you? Okay. And then we have way out yonder. Well, I'm going to do ladies before gentlemen. We have Miss Wendy Wilson. Hey Wendy. Good evening Pastor. How are you? Oh, I'm doing good Wendy. How are you tonight? I am splendid.

Thank you. And we have the legendary, that legendary fellow from Texas. None other than Big John McTernan. Hey John. Hello Pastor Ernie. God bless you and all our listeners and may we have a great show tonight as usual. All right.

Thank you. Say hello to Wendy. Hello Wendy.

Sister Wendy. Hi John. How are you?

I'm very, very good. Blessed of the Lord. Amen. All right. Well, we're going to get right into it.

But first things we have to do is this. We have a situation, John, and this one's for you. Sheila, or not Sheila, Shelly. Shelly had surgery and they had to stop the surgery in the middle of it and things did not go good. She had tubes in both her back and in her front. And so the tubes came out and she was bleeding all over the place. Things didn't do good. And then when they finally got that all stopped and everything, when the chaplain came in to see her and her condition, she thought the chaplain was coming to give her the last rites and you know.

And so that was worse. Poor woman, I'm telling you. So she definitely needs a prayer. She needs a healing. She needs a peace that passes all understanding. Things have not gone good for her.

So would you say a prayer for Shelly? Yeah, and what was she operating on about this, Ernie? Do you know? No, I don't really know.

I'm not sure, but I think it might be a woman's thing. But all I do is I know it was a serious operation. Okay. Lord, we bring Shelly before you in the name of Jesus. And Lord, she had a serious operation that involved a tremendous loss of blood. And they had to stop the operation, Lord.

And then emotional things happened to her. So we're asking the peace that passes all understanding through knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, of having an assurance of eternal life in Heaven, that there's peace that passes all understanding with a sure heart and mind through Christ Jesus. And Lord, our body needs us to be in peace to heal, Lord. Peace is really an important part of our healing. So we're asking that your peace on her will be part of her healing now. In Jesus' name we ask. Amen.

Thank you, John. Now we have Isaac. He's seven years old.

He's not doing real good tonight. And so Isaac attends our church with his parents, Matt and Susie. And Matt is usually with us on Friday nights here, but he's home with Isaac tonight. In case he has to rush him to the hospital for anything, he's not eating and that. So let's pray for Isaac.

Heavenly Father, Lord God, I don't know the whole situation, and I don't know, but I know there were some things going around through the school. And so I know my own grandson has been out with stomach problems, too. So, Lord, we just want to hold Isaac and Jacob both up, Lord, to you tonight and ask Father God that you might touch these two seven-year-olds and they might receive complete and total healing. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Amen. And then I have one more most sincere condolences for the family and their friends of Aquilas Single. She went home to be with the Lord this week, and the Single family has been a long, long time attenders of Doers of the Word Baptist Church. Faithful, faithful attenders, faithful parishioners of Doers of the Word. And Aquila's services will be held tomorrow at 1-3-1-1-5. Lorraine Avenue, 1-3-1-1-5, Lorraine Avenue, from 10 to 2 p.m., from 10 to 2 p.m. And so, and you know what, shame on me, I gave this earlier, but I forgot the name of the funeral home.

But again, the address is 1-3-1-1-5 Lorraine Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, from 10 to 2 p.m. for the friends and family of Aquila Single. And so, let's get into our scripture. You guys ready to go? Okay, we're going to finish this message this week. The title of this message was Who, What, Why, When, and Where. The five W's. And who knows what those five W's mean? What, when, where, who, what, when, where, who, what, who, what, why, when, and where. Why, when, where, why.

Those are the five W's when you study scripture. First, you need to know who you're talking to. Second thing, you need to know what you're talking about. The third thing is you've got to know why you're talking about. When and where, a lot of people don't realize, but at different times and at different places, words had different meanings.

So it's very important that you go back and you understand that too. For example, when I was a young fella, back in the 50's of the last century, if you were to say, boy it's cool man, you know what that meant? That meant it was not warm.

That meant it was cold, right? And we used to have a book on our shelves. I remember seeing that all the time. Nobody ever picked it up or read it, but it was How to Throw a Gay Party. Now, both that word cool today has a different meaning. And believe me, how to throw a gay party doesn't mean today what it meant back then.

And in different places too. Now I remember there was a time back during the, I would say back in the 80's when you had these, I don't know what they call them, the California girls, and I can't remember the name of them, but they had these sayings. And for a while they would say, that is so George. That is so George.

And do you guys, do you remember that at all? Wendy or? No, Pastor Ernie, I never heard that. But right now they have the word Karen. Karen, yeah. Now Karen, we had, Karen Pike, God bless her soul, she went on to be with the Lord. And we have a very, very nice Karen at our church. And I was at the bank talking to my banker and her name was Karen. And I says, is that true that you Karens are really so mean? And she just looked at me and she said, I'd like to know what idiot came up with that.

But I don't know. Pastor Ernie, it's probably Biden. Well, Pastor, don't you know that the original definition of subsidy is bribe?

That's what the subsidy was called, a bribe. Yeah, that's what it is, yep. So yeah, so anyhow, there's so many words now today. We're going to take a look at some of this stuff as we go through here. So let's pick it up. Where did Isaiah chapter 5? We left it off in verse 18.

And we go through here. And so, John, would you want to pick it up and read verse 18, 19, and 20? Woe to them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity and sin as it were with a cart rope. That say, let him make speed and haste his work that we may see it. And let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel go and lie and come that we may know it. Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light and put light for darkness and put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Alrighty. So, woe unto them, going back to verse 18, that draw iniquity. That word actually there in the Hebrew is to drag, to drag iniquity. Iniquity is what? Iniquity is really the strongest sin test, Ernie. When we look at it in Leviticus 18, it's adultery, child sacrifice, homosexuality, and bestiality. That's how the Bible defines iniquity.

Alright, you're absolutely right. With cords of vanity. So, they're pulling their sin with cords of vanity for everybody to see it.

And it's like sitting in a cart. They're pulling it through the streets so everybody can see their sin. That word vanity means a falsehood. It means something that's not for real. So, something that people imagine.

So, it's a falsehood. So, here now they're dragging it as it, and sin as it were, with a cart rope. So, in other words, the next verse says, what they're doing is they're dragging their sin and putting it out in front. Yeah. And try to... So, it can be seen. It can be seen, Pastor. Right.

At the parade is what it is. Yeah. They want to tempt God. Now, I just had Randall Terry on the radio program here. And what Randall's doing is he's running for president and an independent. Now, he can't get elected. He knows he's not going to get elected. But he's running for president because if he gets on the ballot and that's a federal office, as long as he's got the money to pay for it, they have to run the ads.

I'm helping him in this. Now, he has ads that the Democratic Communist Party are running on the main issue of child killing. These wicked, wicked, extremely unclean, wicked women in that Democratic Party. You know, and he tells you over in Jeremiah 2, 34, that their skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent. Anyhow, so the idea is to make them look at their sins, show them what abortion is, show them aborted babies. And check this out. They're going to run ads on Oprah.

They're paying the money to run ads, not on Oprah, on The View. The View. And think about this. Think about Whoopi Cushion and what's her name there?

What's the other one? Joyless Blowhard. Just think about these two women when they have to look at their own sin. Whoopi has bragged about how many babies she killed, okay? But make them look at their sin, right? So here now, what these people are saying in verse 18, you go to verse 19, they're saying, let's make God look at our sin and see what God will do about it, okay? Hey, John, can God be tempted?

No. No, he can't be tempted. And so now here, when Herod the Magnificent was in his birthday suit of silver, standing in the sunlight, giving a waxing elegant with his oratory, and people said to him, you're not a man. You're a god as the sun shined off his silver suit.

What should he have done? He should have denied that and said, no, only the Lord is God. So because he didn't, now he had done some wicked things, do you think God knew that this was going to be a special day for him on his birthday?

Absolutely. And so God decides, God's not tempted, he decides the time and the place, and it was not a good day for Herod, was it? No, Pastor, the way he died was, the way the Bible described it was incredible. Yeah, he got a really bad case of worms, right? And when you're being eaten alive in front of everybody by worms, you're not having a good day at all, okay?

No. Now, I remember one time some years ago, this punkied boy on this college campus, he was standing up, he went and found himself in a platform, and he stood up and he's shaking his fist out, and he's saying, God, if you're out there, strike me dead. What's wrong, God?

Are you sleeping? Hey, God, where are you? He was mocking God.

Like, in fact, just recently here, you had Ronald Reagan Jr., Ronald Reagan Jr. came out, and he's the National Antheist Society, and he was mocking God, too. And he said, oh, by the way, I will not burn in hell. And he was laughing.

He thought it was funny, okay? But God picks the time and the place, and the vengeance belongs to him, and he's long suffering, but he's not slacked. When it comes to judgment time, are they going to get the full extent? They're mocking Pastor Ernie, and mockers really have a special place in hell. God, the end of the line is when people start mocking. Like in Isaiah 5, pulling their sin on cords of vanity, that's mocking God.

Yeah, well, that's the whole point, what they're doing there. They're saying, let's see what the Holy One of Israel is going to do about it when we do that, okay? Well, anyhow, now it says, woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

Now, anyhow, let's take a look at what some of the things that God's Word, the Bible, calls evil, and what the Democratic Communist Party, and that's what the Communist Party, I mean, they have gone all the way over to pure anti-Christ, what they call good. And so we start with abortion. God's Word, the Bible calls it murder, murder.

They call it a woman's reproductive rights. What about sodomy? God's Word, the Bible calls sodomy what? Sin. An abomination, yeah, okay.

They called it today a preferred lifestyle. What about evolution? God's Word, the Bible calls it falsely, or science falsely so-called. And they call it what?

Science. Pedophilia. God's Word, the Bible calls it an abomination.

They call it a minor attraction, minor attraction. That's their new definition for it today, for a pedophile. What about lying? God's Word, the Bible says all liars will have their place in the lake of fire. What do they say about lying, John? Pastor Ernie, lying is like no big deal to them. I don't know exactly what they call it, but lying to them is like the way we breathe air, they lie like that.

Some say it's necessary. A narrative, they call it a narrative. They call it just their narrative to lie. Remember what Karl Marx said, say one thing, then say another.

Go this way, go that way. In other words, there is no truth, there is no lie. What is the truth for today is a lie for tomorrow. What is one man's truth is another man's lie.

So they make no distinction between telling the truth and lying. What about hypocrisy? The Bible, Jesus said, woe unto you hypocrites, woe unto you hypocrites.

They got three woes. What do they say about hypocrisy? It's something to embrace.

They say it's something to embrace. Adultery, adultery. Today, the Bible calls adultery, what, an abomination.

Yes, it's a greediest sin. They call it what, today they're saying it's an open marriage. The words they're given for it is an open marriage. Okay, it's sexual liberation, sexual liberation. What about prostitution? Oh, they're sex workers.

They're called sex workers today, yep, you're right. What about election fraud? Do anything to win. Ballot harvesting, what they call ballot harvesting, you're right.

Anything to win. So he goes on to say, Lord to them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink, which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteousness from him. Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust, because they have cast away the law of the Lord of the host, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel. So what happens when the root becomes rottenness, and the blossom becomes dust? Well, it dies.

They no longer reproduce out of their seed. Therefore, it's the anger of the Lord kindled against his people. Now, here you're seeing America today, Israel, America and Israel going down the very same path. They're like on a parallel path.

They're going down that together. Just as in this passage, if you read the very first 17 verses, we see that this is exactly what was happening to Israel and Judah. And today America and Israel are going down the same path, and boy, I'm going to tell you, it doesn't end well for them. The only remedy for this is repentance, but it don't look like it does it, John. Well, the only hope, Pastor Ernie, is to keep in prayer and pleading with the Lord to send an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, because politically we are, I think, done, Pastor Ernie. We need a move from the Lord.

Absolutely. All right, Seth, it's that time. We'll be back right after this. 🎶 Saving babies, teaching sinners. Hell's for losers, heaven's for winners.

This work is not for big kids. I am blessed by you. I'm coming home someday. Heaven's my way.

I'm blessed by you. Where the saints all stay and little children play, I'm blessed by you. Where the saints of old walk on streets of gold, I know that I will see that heavenly prize. It's no surprise how happy I'll be. Gonna see my family again.

Gonna be with long lost friends. Maybe soon I don't know if I'm blessed by you. Saving babies, teaching sinners. Hell's for losers, heaven's for winners.

This work is not for big kids. I am blessed by you. I'm coming home someday. Heaven's my way.

I'm blessed by you. Where the saints all stay and little children play, I'm blessed by you. Where the saints of old walk on streets of gold, I know that I will see my mansion on high through glorified eyes. I'll have me I'll be. Where his glory shines, there I'll abide on those golden shoulders. I'll be satisfied. Oh, some bright day gonna fly away. It's there I'll stay. I'll be there with you cause your words are diverse. I'm blessed by you.

Absolutely blessed by you. Hey, guess what's coming up? The 2024 Day of Action. Folks, you are invited to create an equal. That's my golden friend Mark Harrington. Create an Equal Day of Action.

Now in four cities across Ohio, the Day of Action is one of the only programs in the country where you can get top-tier pro-life training reinforced by hands-on activism. Listen, Mark takes his people out. He's got those arbitrons.

John, you've seen the arbitrons, the great big screens out there. They're mounted on those trucks and that. They come out and they make them look at their sin. They go to these college campuses and they make them look at their sin.

And so what happens is they take volunteers and they train them out there and they have a lot of people, a lot of these college kids, they're indoctrinated by the Communist Party. When they have to look at their sin, a lot of them have to repent of it. And a number of those girls that were considering, you know, no problem killing your baby, when they had to look at their sin, they changed their mind in a hurry. And so anyhow... Mr. Ernie, another way to look at that is that a lot of the abortion centers now, they have those vans that come in with a sonogram. Yeah. And it's for free. You know, the woman can come over and they show them the baby as it's developing in them.

And apparently that has significantly had an impact on the abortion rate. Absolutely. All right, folks, you can... It's going to be in Columbus. They're coming to Columbus March 28th and March 29th. March 28th and March 29th at Columbus. They're going to be in Cleveland in April and in Cincinnati. And we'll keep giving these addresses.

This time's out. And then in Toledo, for more information, you can call. Sign up.

614-269-7808. For more information, you really... This really works. It really saves babies, folks, believe me. I've been out there with them when they've done this.

It's really, really powerful. Again, it's created equal. And the number to call to get involved. Maybe you might want to just donate some funds to them, help them, but to get involved and go out.

Go out for a day. Listen, what are you going to do in your life more important than leading people to the Lord and saving babies, saving souls and saving babies? You won't do anything that matters more than that than receiving your own salvation, right?

But here. 614-269-7808. Definitely give them a call.

Go out and spend one day with them. And again, like I said, they're going to be in Columbus, Ohio, March 28th and March 29th. Alrighty. Miss Wendy Wilson, you always have a very interesting topic, young lady. What do you got for us tonight?

When you succeed. Well, thank you. Did you decide which topic you wanted to hear? Whichever one you want to hear. Both of them sound good to me. I'm going to go with you because you're pretty smart.

Let's ask Mr. McTernan over there. Hey, do you want to hear the topic inside gene edits or AI in healthcare? I want to look at gene editing because that has the ability to alter our human DNA. So yeah, let's hear your knowledge about that.

Thank you. Okay, well let's talk about it because recent reports are stating that physicians can edit a person's genes from within the body and there seems to be really no limits regarding the research areas of science. So experimentation today is happening and with I would say little or no oversight and definitely no legal ramifications. So all the policy organizations come up with, well they try to control gene editing with their policies but those policies don't have any legal bite to them. Therefore you're going to see rogue clinics and offshore research. The researchers kind of do what they want. Now ethically it's wrong and I believe dangerous for the future of humanity but ethics and the conscience is really not that important to many sectors of society today. So additionally gene editing is a Nobel Prize technology.

So we're naive to think that they're not going to use that. Now science holds this position that laws would hinder the development aspects of science and in addition the new push to abolish informed consent is an alarming development within science and medicine so keep your eyes on that. Here's a few quotes. This is from the World Health Organization on gene editing. They say there is a need to develop inclusive genome editing innovations that take note of the diversity of the human population and human experience, end of quote. And this appeared June 2021 in the National Library of Medicine Center for Biotechnology. They said gene therapy is one of the most revolutionary medical technologies developed and gene editing is a biomedical treatment method based on changing human genetic material.

So the WHO has some input on this. The World Health Organization is kind of at the forefront of your gene edits. They boast that editing genes will assist mankind in resolving some of the most difficult medical diseases. So editing is done and may be passed on to future generations and that's still a big hot debate by health officials but eventually I see this ethical matter falling by the wayside.

I think they're not going to win that dispute. So the WHO says genome editing is a method for making specific changes to DNA of a cell or an organism and it can be used to add, remove or alter DNA in the genome. Human genome editing technologies can be used on somatic cells which are your non-inheritable cells they say, germline cells which really are not for reproduction.

So they're saying don't worry about those areas. They go on to say heritable human genome editing refers to editing of nuclei DNA in a way that may be inheritable across generations. Heritable human genome editing is the subject of intense debate over the possible consequences of offspring and for society in general. They may pose greater safety and ethical issues than other forms of genome editing. And we're going to get into these edits because a lot of people don't know how they're making the edits.

How is it actually happening and what are they using to do the edits? So we're going to jump into some research. Baylor College of Medicine reported in January 2024. Now Baylor is in Houston, Texas, and they were talking about gene switches where doctors can turn genes on or off with a protein in the gene therapy.

Now I've been on your show before, Pastor, and I've said that the protein switches can change the way your body and your metabolism function. And the challenge is for science to get the protein switch just right because too much protein is too toxic and too little has no effect. So they're reporting this new technology is going to help with this regulation process, and this research did get published in the January 2024 Journal of Nature Biotechnology.

So this is what Baylor said. We are using technology to regulate gene expression, offering a solution to fill in the gaps in gene therapy applications. Scientific research has provided several gene regulating systems, but the FDA really hasn't approved any of them for clinical use. So testing gene expression editing on lab animals is one thing, but testing it on humans in a clinic is another. So the previous attempts used for the gene edit were foreign proteins, and the human body's immune system was triggered, and this attacked the protein itself. So in their research they instead were using small drug molecules that would interact in a way that they wanted with the cell RNA and not trigger the immune system, and they needed to stay within the FDA's approved drug dose. So this allows the researchers to control protein production and control the RNA within the gene edits. So you're probably wondering how it all works.

I'm going to tell you. You remember the function of your RNA really is to create proteins through transmission RNA, which carries genetic information that is translated necessary for cellular processes. So they're using these drugs in the gene editing and the gene cellular processes, and they use these drugs. Mainly they include plasma DNA, these drugs, which can be a drug made from either a bacteria or a virus. So most of the gene editing drugs are viruses, and some other viruses they are using.

I want you to hold on to your seats. Here's the viruses they're using. They're using retroviruses, which aids viruses in that family, as well as STDs.

Okay? They're also using adendoviruses known to cause your respiratory illnesses, like COPD and pink eye. And your enteroviruses, they're your immune deficiency virus, also known as AIDS. So they engineer into the RNA a poly-A signal, and the genes see it as a stop sign. So when the cell detects this poly-A signal in the RNA, the mechanism in the cells acts like a cut or an edit point, ending the DNA. Therefore, no protein is made, and it's therefore switched off. Now, if they want to switch the protein production back on, they use a different drug. They use tetracycline to switch it back on. And through these drug gene therapies, they can edit in this way.

Baylor says this. Imagine a situation where a physician can control the production of the therapeutic protein. Proteins are huge with regard to your metabolism and how your DNA app operates. So what could go wrong with this process, Pastor?

What could go right with it? Right. So using these drugs to edit your genes have produced some challenges.

So here's a list. They're struggling with delivering the drugs to the exact working site to avoid what they call poor tissue targets. Also, the drugs can quickly degrade, and it causes a problem for them. Also, making sure the immune system doesn't get triggered, as well as the gene-editing drugs interacting with other ingredients in the drug serum, which can be a problem, as well as efficiency issues. So National Library of Medicine Biotechnology Center says this. There is the possibility of generating what they call escape mutants in the significant consideration when you use the gene-editing viruses.

What do you think of escape mutants? I don't think that sounds good, do you? No, it doesn't. Again, it sounds like the end times.

It sounds like hell's coming to Earth here. It's really... Well, and some research by Roberto, he's an MD, Roberto Chari, he is a lead researcher at Boston Children's Hospital. He said this July 2022. He said they found that gene-editing increased the chance of large rearrangements of DNA. So while this was uncommon, he said, comparing up to five or six percent of the time in their study, on their experimental model, he says such rearrangements can theoretically trigger cancer. So when there are breaks created in your DNA and aren't repaired, mismatched ends of DNA can join together, leading to rearrangements and possibly cancer. And also the Biotechnology Center also added, given our incomplete knowledge about the long-term effects of gene-editing on health, equality, and the human body, researchers and investors must carefully consider the ethical and real-world implication of allowing these technologies to be implemented at scale in public health and medicine.

Well, there's a shot across the bow. So, you know, we have come a long way since the 1940s. Now, prior to the 1940s, our medical physicians graduated from natural healing schools where they studied nutrition and medicinal plants. After 1940, we left the natural healing sector, and then we had the AMA that took over the medical practices. With your petrochemical therapies, they were promoted and used instead of nutrition and natural therapies. So the world essentially adopted a form of man's medicine as opposed to what the people for thousands of years used for wellness. So now medicine is editing the very makeup of a person and not without risk.

So I personally, I wouldn't accept those risks, banking on science offering full disclosure. Medical science offers no refund to any of their therapies. They don't offer refunds, do they?

No, they don't. And remember what happened back in Genesis 6 with approximately 8 billion people on the Earth at that time. What did they do? They altered the DNA, and how did that end? It didn't end well for them, did it?

No, it ended with a flood. Yeah, and with 8 people out of 8 billion surviving. And so our population in the world today, once again, is approaching 8 billion, and guess what they're doing? They're doing the same thing. They're altering the DNA. They may be doing it a little differently, but that's what they're doing.

So here's another example. During George Washington's time, if they wanted to lower blood pressure, they would cut you and put leeches on you to remove some of your blood, okay? I did that to McTernan one time. Well, I mean, so that was called bloodletting. Do you remember that? Bloodletting.

Well, I didn't know George that well, but no. I remember that, that they did that. They bled them, and they killed him. They killed him by doing that. Right. George Washington died from too much blood loss.

Yeah, exactly. So the cold didn't kill him. It was the physician, yeah. So that was called bloodletting.

It was messy, and it was pretty gross. But today, they still do bloodletting, but they do it with a pill. It's called a diuretic. You're taking fluid out of the blood system. You're taking fluid out of the blood system. It lowers the blood pressure. Wait a minute, like diuretics, like... Water pills.

Yeah, water pills, yeah. That's what they are. Yeah, so that's just the modern form of bloodletting. That's what it is. Well, it seems like a little better than leeches, I guess.

What do you think? Well, it's just messy. That's right. But it's a little, I guess, more sophisticated, but it's still the same principle. Same thing with heavy metals in your vaccines and stuff. That was what they did in the ancient times called alchemy.

They used heavy metals. That's right. It is, isn't it? Exactly, yeah. Yeah. So it's the same thing, but just packaged differently. Yeah, well, like Solomon said, there's nothing new under the sun, right?

What is, has been, and what has been will be again. So, yeah. Right. Yeah, yes, yes. Inventions get lost and then reinvented again, you know?

Yeah, exactly. Like, I think the Egyptians made glass, you know? And history said glass was invented far later than what the Egyptians had.

Well, the Egyptians had all that sand, so they found out how to make glass. Yeah, they did. So now let's find out what McArnaud thinks about what you just said.

Hey, John, are you there? Well, Pastor Ernie, I was confused about what was the medical benefits of tampering with our DNA. Well, yeah, well, they think they've isolated some genes that, like for women with breast cancer, it's the BRCA gene. So they would go in and they would try to identify where the BRCA gene is, let's say, and they would edit that out of your DNA so hopefully you wouldn't get breast cancer.

So all this that you reported to us was done for that? Well, no, not just for that, but they're trying to isolate and identify genes that would make people more at risk of getting Parkinson's disease, ALS, and some of these neurological problems. So they think they can go in with these drugs and just instigate a little clip or an edit, but they're having issues because if you're bumping up some weird DNA together, then you're going to have mutations and then you can get cancer. So they're working out the bugs with their therapy, but at some point they're going to want to experiment on humans to test it out. So they have the possibility through, we'll say chemicals, you were talking about proteins, to maybe radically alter our DNA so we would be no longer human.

I would say so. Yeah, that could happen. So right now when you get an inoculation, those serums can also alter protein switches and suppress immune system and interfere with all kinds of metabolic functions. So they somewhat have sophisticatedly mastered some of these protein switches to do whatever it is they want to do. Well, and we know the human heart is wicked above all things and so there's no doubt that they will use this for evil. They end up evil, just like in the days of Noah. Well, it's all a part of the depopulation program, isn't it?

Yeah, it's best there. They're diabolically wicked. Well, you know, our highest authority, that's God, He promises that herbs are here for the service of man and the healing of the nations and God can't lie.

So no man-made slogan there, no ad can really top that. So there's this divine promise with the medicinal plants to help our body regenerate and heal. I'm going with that.

That's what I'm going with. So if people want to learn how to tap into that medicinal world and be empowered, they can give us a call at Apothecary Herbs Pastor and we'll send them a free catalog. At 866-229-3663, that's 866-229-3663, or they can go to, huh?

Right. We're having a spring sale, so, you know, it's allergy season, so we have some things there that they might want to look at. So it's 20% off, orders are $65 or more, and the sale runs through the 24th of March. You can, well, there's details on our homepage, there's a banner with a code, you can use a coupon code or you can use it over the phone. All right.

This catalog is a dynamite catalog. When we think of what they've already done with COVID-19, and we don't have to go any further than that within manipulating our DNA, for example, and tampering, they've already proven that they'll do it. Not only that, John, but they said since the big pharma, big Pfizer, since they own the patent on the vaccine, once a person that your genes have been changed, your DNA, that you're no longer human, and since they own the patent, they own you.

This is what they've actually said. Well, and the other thing to consider is just how long they've been kind of experimenting. Like I said, they've been experimenting without informed consent, pretty much. So let me just give you an example. When you look at cases of autism, okay, a lot of doctors said before the 90s there weren't any cases of autism to speak of. It's not that we got better to identify it, it's just that we didn't have them. And a lot of virologists and doctors have said that it was after they combined viral vaccines like your DPT and your MMR together, this is when we got a lot of these neurological conditions like autism, Tourette syndrome, and stuff.

But if you look at your autism cases, they're mostly males. Now, why would that be? Well, you tell us. Well, I mean, it's a protein switch.

It's probably coded to testosterone. Oh, very good. I told you she was really smart, John, didn't I? Alrighty. Alright, very good.

And again, every time they pull something like this, if there's a chance of anything coming good from it, always the side effects of these things are always many, many times worse than the positive aspect of designing. Alright, very good. We're coming up to the end of the program or the end of the hour. I know, Wendy, you're going to take off and leave John and I alone, right? Oh, I have a big day tomorrow. I got to get up early, hitting the ground running kind of thing. But I've enjoyed every minute with you guys.

Well, we enjoy having you with us. I want to give your phone number out again. It's 866-229-3663. Or you can go up on their website, This catalog is absolutely dynamite. And one of my goals before I leave this earth is to get my picture in this catalog. That's one of the last things I want to do. So, anyhow, there you go.

Because it's a dynamite, dynamite catalog. And there you go. Well, thank you, Pastor. And I hope you have a great weekend.

And we'll talk real soon. God bless you. We love you, Wendy. You always do such a great job. Thank you so much.

Well, thank you. You and Pastor Mcternan have a great night, okay? We will. Good night now.

God bless you. Well, we're coming up to that break, John. When we come back, it's going to be lightning rounds.

We have a lot of stuff. So get ready. I'm going to let you do the first one. So get ready. We'll be back right after this. Don't go away. We have a whole lot more to come. Thank you.
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