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Mark Kaboly: Is there a QB competition in Pittsburgh?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 15, 2024 2:30 pm

Mark Kaboly: Is there a QB competition in Pittsburgh?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 15, 2024 2:30 pm

Chris Brockman breaks out his Powerless Rankings and tells guest host Kirk Morrison his top 10 worst NFL Free Agency moves.

The Athletic’s Mark Kaboly and Kirk discuss Russell Wilson’s signing with the Steelers and if he will be Pittsburgh’s starting QB come Week 1, what impact new LB Patrick Queen will have on the team, Mike Tomlin’s future in Pittsburgh, and more.

Kirk and the guys debate if the Minnesota Vikings should move up in the NFL Draft to select a quarterback, and discuss what Kirk Cousins signing with the Atlanta Falcons means for NFC playoff landscape, and more. 

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See terms at slash credit card. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Here's the other surprising part. With guest host Kirk Morrison. Buckle up, he's gonna put on a show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What steals the show is when Del Tuco just left. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Bill's offensive tackle Deon Dawkins. Coming up, senior Steelers writer for the athletic Mark Cavalli plus senior NBA writer for the ringer Howard Beck. And now filling in for Rich, it's Kirk Morrison.

The Rich Eisen Show. Kirk Morrison here filling in for Rich having a ball here on a Friday. We come in and it's like yes Saturday Sunday now it's like Aaron Donald retirement day right you know it's like it's unreal you know I came in I'm like I'm ready to go I'm prepared and then all of a sudden we've got a first hour and Brockman comes over hey hey we got breaking news and you know what the hard part about it is is like you know something's big is going on I'm over here watching and staring at these cameras you know trying to see the room and I can see that something big is happening and you're like to me and I was like I don't know he's like we got some big and then you break the news Aaron Donald to me I break it Aaron Donald is retiring from the National Football League and now you know I'm still trying to get back into the routine of what the show was about but you just you can't because that's yeah you can this is one of the NFL's greatest players ever ever like I'm just putting him in ever like you have to yeah at some point when we talk about Aaron Donald when it comes to when he gets to the Hall of Fame I can't talk about defensive lineman without mentioning his name I mean that was one of the criteria I remember having this conversation with buddies of mine that you think about the contribution to the game of that player and when you say man I can't talk about the position without this player that to me is a criteria for a Hall of Famer if I say defensive tackle Aaron Donald may better be the one that comes to mind first right you throw some other guys I was you know it depends on like we were saying the age of the person you know because some of the baddest men of all time that played in the NFL played that position right so so yeah I mean I think it is about errors but for a guy in that era from his his 10-year like you mentioned he made the Pro Bowl every ten for ten single as a rookie who didn't start the season his first 13 of his work so that's what week five four five I had a buddy of mine I won't put him out here but I remember where he made you know first two years made back-to-back Pro Bowl I want to say he made Pro Bowls three years in a row in his first three years in a league and he was like baby I'm better than McDonald's I'm three four three I'm not two four two I'm three four three I'm three four three baby I'm better than McDonald's but Aaron Donald was ten for ten man for ten yeah and it's great man you know and shout out to Deon Dawkins by the way left tackle for the Buffalo Bills he had just joined us and to get perspective of a current player that Deon was talking about is saying look when we play against Aaron Donald like that's game breaker that's the guy who we eat we got to block this guy no matter what we do in order for us to block for our quarterback or keep our quarterback upright we got a block number 99 for the Los Angeles Rams because he's a game changer he's a game wrecker so shout out to Deon Dawkins by the way he's all I forgot to mention that Deon has his a 2024 ACL series I'm not talking about the knee I'm talking about cornhole baby. You all love my cornhole that's right big new I am the co-commission for the 2024 ACL super hole series kicking in the door to get the shine outside our helmets we need we have 32 of my football boys paired up with 32 ACL pros so the 2024 ACL series cornhole for Deon Dawkins man two-time representative for the Buffalo Bills Walter Payton man of the year and great to get his perspective on Aaron Donald because again this is man I'm still trying to because I don't I'm trying to put it in in words that we have to understand how great of a player this is who walks away from the National Football League and he walks away on top right there's certain players who walk away because of injury they walk away because of contract restructures they walk away because you know they just don't want to do it anymore and I think for Aaron Donald it's just it was time he's talked about this two years ago remember he wanted to retire two years ago they won a Super Bowl he thought about it yeah when he was eight for eight and now he's ten for ten ten years ten Pro Bowls he's all pro this year you continue to see him I've also seen Aaron Donald not make a play in the game but still was the most dominant player in the game well say it again did not make a play in the game no stats no stats but still was like the most dominant player on the field you watch this film you're like oh 99 he's the best player yeah it's because four people were watching 99 so that yeah I put up the poll best defensive player drafted after 2000 yes so Aaron Donald's kind of running away with it 61 percent okay 20 percent for Ed Reed 13 percent JJ Watt 6 percent for Darryl Rivas some other options Troy Polamalu some guy said he's light years ahead Ed Reed actually Ed has more all pros and twice as many career interceptions mm-hmm Ed has seven touchdowns different players though Troy's got three different different different type of players different player this is that's a thing getting a few TJ Watts Brian Urlacher Luke Kuechly Von Miller Chris Jones all great players to some of the other players and you know what else like a lot of times with social media like when people don't understand something that happens in the sport they'll be like explain this in NBA terms or explain this in the filter so I'm sitting here thinking how do I explain this in NBA terms as someone who doesn't get it and I come up with you just find out you honest retired 11 years wow and that's kind of like the closest thing I could come up to right now at the top of the head just imagine that like you're on the same tenta kupo retired that yeah that's pretty solid now cuz that's that's what that's how we I guess analyze things now right we are three especially when we talk about like the NFL I was like oh who does he remind you of yeah there's oh he reminds me of a young Montana yeah he's a young Montana with better feet you know what I mean like okay what does that mean but I like this comparison that his Aaron Donald NBA comparison is Giannis because a guy who came in and just worked from the time he was in there obviously changed his body and what he looks like in his body it's kind of a feature for like wow this is this is a specimen yeah yeah this wasn't rookie of the year though was he no no okay we're done it when Giannis was like a stick again all of a sudden he learned about weights and smoothies this dude got some massive shoulders but uh man you know what time it is BPR time yeah Brockman's powerless rankings I've been waiting for this man guess what the floor is yours have your attention for a moment this is shame okay Kirk rundown since you've never been here for one of these before right we've got a couple of these kind of break these out everyone so also rich has his power rankings and obviously the best of things yes powerless this is the bottom ten this is the ten worst DJ you know you do not want to be on the powerless ranking no I'm kind of nervous you're not want to be in the bottom two this is shame free agency powerless rankings moves edition okay these are the 10 10 kind of worst moves so far during NFL free agency all right reverse order because that's how we do it number 10 Aaron Rodgers just everything that he's currently doing right now totally stupid and a bad idea stick to football all right number nine Geno Smith's job security let's go what's going on there okay Seattle acquires Sam Howell yeah from Washington okay also you know I saw Lewis Riddick and others point out Seattle not a bad spot for Justin Fields to be honest to go in there Geno's only on a cheap deal 12 million bucks this year is it really his job great season two years ago last year back down to earth you know Smith's job security it's competition that's what you do you hired Mike McDonald as your head coach now Ryan Grubb is the offensive coordinator they want to preach competition so you get Sam Howell Geno Smith you battle it out maybe bringing a rookie in maybe a guy who's not necessarily ready to play right away but can morph into that position this is one of those second third round pick quarterbacks incoming in the draft but there is no job security for Geno Smith like you got to compete again new head coach yep I played for six coaches in eight years of my NFL career every year was competition here we go again but you can't rest on your laurels sorry no more Pete Carroll Geno Smith you got to compete again brother alright number eight the Arizona Cardinals empty wide receiver room now look I know that they're probably gonna take a wide receiver at number four unless someone comes up with a nice offer to trade down but Rondell Moore got shipped to Atlanta yep Marquise Brown he's down in Kansas City hmm who who's there right now to catch passes from the very happy Kyler Murray that Aaron Donald has retired Greg George George and he and he might I mean he's like five six I'll do your back to Greg George so look I'm sure they'll take someone in the draft but as of right now yeah wide receiver room for Kyle Murray's kind of empty number seven Wow all these loser giant fans hating on Saquon Barkley get over yourself all right yeah look no loyalty Tiki Barbara you're dead to me come on get out he said it jokingly I don't care the fact that he said it at all I'm like what are we doing Tiki you fumbled the football so much like okay so I'm gonna pause here on the BPR because this was a topic of conversation in the group chat yesterday because you have this whole little feud going between Ryan Clark and Tiki Barbara Ryan Clark on his pivot podcast was saying how Tiki Barbara treated him when he was his early years in the in his career with the Giants and that nobody really messes fools with Tiki Tiki you're not like that so you have to have a relationship right with the player to actually joke around like that like if I walked off the set right now and I said TJ Brockman deal to four y'all dead to me but for Saquon to take it the way that he did that just told me Tiki you didn't have that relationship with him to even gently say that yeah so yes I get I just want to bring that up because Tiki was joking joke with a guy who you didn't actually not that tight with like I don't even know if they can call each other on the phone it doesn't sound like they have each other's number how about that but when you say it with a big smile and I'll let you keep going Chris I'm like yeah you're dead to me you're dead to me that I think if people watched it before they reacted they'd feel differently about it but I don't like the Giants or the Eagles so whatever they're okay I'm Paul's all right I'm Paul's all right Giants fans get over yourself all right number six every year in the NFL there's teams the playoff turnover is like 50% right right it's always who's the team that goes from last to first I'm kind of circling this team is they were in last year they're out next the Dolphins mass mass exodus they lose Gerald well they come on Christian Wilkins they lost a lot of good players been gone in free agency van ganko was a beast for that I don't care here we go the line losses are you ready here we go losses manual odd bah Xavier and Howard Jerome Baker Brandon Jones Christian Wilkins Andrew van ginkgle Robert Hunt Rayquan Davis and Deshaun Elliott wow that's that's a mass exodus you might be on something yeah that's a lot that's a lot of good players who are no longer there for Miami so just just circling that right now okay that's a good one top top five top five of the power less rankings as a lot father do not want to be on this list okay please don't find me on this list the Chargers depleted pass catchers and I'm talking about Keenan Allen traded to the Bears Mike Williams cut Gerald Everett he gone he gone Austin Eckler he go I mean Justin Herbert's like yes I finally have a great offensive head coach wait well who am I getting the ball to oh don't forget Austin Eckler yeah that's right yeah is he is he Will Smith and in the well he does have Will Disley and Hayden Hurst a lot of pressure now on Justin Herbert a lot of pressure now what you say Kirk a lot of pressure on that front office Chris no no no no no get him to play Josh Palmer's left is Josh Palmer Clinton Johnson yeah dropped a lot of crucial pass they're gonna draft Roma dunes a five do they trade down that's gonna be the question somebody else one of those it's a Roma dunes I just brought my league neighbors those are those are the big names that I'm here get one of those guys but a lot of pressure I mean I did see the meme today of Justin Herbert actually throwing the ball in the air to himself number four Titans over paying for Calvin Ridley oh boy 29 year old Calvin Titans fans so upset that I just pointed out facts on Twitter the other day I want to pay 26 year old AJ proud the 29 year old Calvin Ridley gets 90 mil oh baby I got I got a feeling we may revisit a viral moment this week a viral tweet I went out by one Brock but we may revisit that number later say number three the Panthers absolutely fleeced for Brian burns absolutely fleeced a second and a fifth for Brian burns yeah when you had an offer two years ago two number ones and a number two what are we doing number two Justin fields starting options for 2024 those have dried up fast I don't think Justin Fields is gonna be a starting quarterback oh this fall and number one I'm sorry TJ Jerry Jones and the Cowboys sleep at the wheel during a free agency what is going on in Dallas and those are the powerless rankings all right fell free agency yeah I see that Trent see though that's a huge signing for the Cowboys that long snapper thank you a guy who gets it they were trying to disrespect them all week you know what appreciate the BPR Bria Brockman's powerless rankings I appreciate the first nine it's time we got to talk about my new favorite team and none other who can help us out my guy Mark Cabali senior Steelers writer for the athletic talk 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one place and it makes it so easy leveraging over 140 million qualifications and preferences each day indeed's matching engine is constantly learning from your preferences the more you use indeed the better it gets join the more than 3.5 million businesses worldwide that use indeed to hire great talent fast and listeners of this show will get a $75 sponsored job credit to get your jobs more visibility and slash podcast just go to slash podcast right now and support our show by saying you heard about indeed on this podcast terms and conditions apply slash podcast need to hire you need indeed what was going through your head when David Baker appeared all of a sudden Bill you know it's a I had absolutely no idea and an ironic part of it was that I sat down that morning with my wife Veronica you know I talked about I said I don't think I'm gonna get in and I'm okay with it I almost put some closure on it and I was okay you know when I came in no one really said anything weren't discussing I thought well that's being pretty professional I appreciated them kind of like giving me my space from it all and I was getting ready to do an iVision with with Phil Stens and talking about Lamar Jackson and next thing I turn around I see David Baker we all know what he stands for and and it just was a lot of things to try to process at the time it's kind of why I thought this isn't this is the way I I thought this was going to be I thought I was gonna get a call says hey you know you were close but you didn't get in and we'd all find out on Tuesday night or something because it's gonna air on Wednesday and yeah it was almost surreal and it's so funny I sit back and watch Jimmy Johnson the same thing happened to him on the halftime of the second game on Sunday at home and I know exactly what he was feeling that matter of fact I had to put out a tweet night the first thing I thought about is you know did Adam Stanley really know that he had two future Hall of Fame's players watching Bobby Boucher in the water and Jimmy Johnson and I were down there and I remember Jimmy and I think this is like 1997 98 whatever was and actually I think it's that since then retweeted I said but we're talking about Booby Boos Bobby Boucher and he said he sings like Zach Taylor I don't know he's like Greg Lloyd he goes whatever so it's gonna be really really kind of fun to kind of be united with Jimmy over that little one that's fantastic Bill I mean that is just great. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show the Rich Eisen Show radio network and I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call or just stop by we turn our attention to Pittsburgh I've said it before my new favorite team in the NFL that's right the Pittsburgh Steelers and on to talk about the Steelers he's my guy Mark Caboli senior Steelers writer for the athletic Mark thank you for joining me I see the background what's going on here because it's been a big day in the NFL we are saying goodbye to Aaron Donald in terms of announcing his retirement and it seems like you're in a place where Aaron Donald frequented I should say well currently frequents too I mean there's a number of times I walk in this facility behind me here which has about nine ten pictures of Aaron Donald on the wall here and he's working out right on the side over here so I'm a little bit shocked I haven't seen him yet and it is the Aaron Donald weight room right across the street right here so I like to say this is the house that Aaron Donald built here that's where we're at there it is the house that Aaron Donald do is where Mark Caboli is talking to us here for right now but I mentioned it before my new favorite team the Pittsburgh Steelers they pulled off I would say the biggest move in free agency so far in signing quarterback Russell Wilson a 1.2 million dollar deal very much a bargain for the Pittsburgh Steelers I don't think a lot of people had the Steelers and Russell Wilson on their bingo card but yet the number was pulled what happened in that meeting that visit with Russell Wilson and Mike Tomlin oh you know first of all it's a lot of players if not all the players really respect Mike Tomlin right that's number one that's that's what got him in in the door and talking here and once you get him in the door and you start talking to Mike Tomlin I mean it's pretty hard to get out the door right there because both of them are very smooth talkers as in Mike Tomlin and Russell Wilson who just finished up a news conference here a little bit ago Russell was speaking glowingly of the organization and you know what I found kind of interesting of what he said Kirk was he's looking to have a good five to seven years left five to seven years up that's in there's early 40s yeah if you can get that out of him that's great right there so I don't think this was on anybody's radar until he showed up here maybe if it was a you know a goodwill gesture of bringing him in here because he has some ties with some of the minority owners however he got in here once he got here it was pretty known quickly that he wasn't leaving but but mark my thing is this the Steelers won 10 games last year they went 10 and 7 they make the playoffs adding Russell Wilson to a quarterback room that will be without Mitch Mitch Trubisky be without Mason Rudolph Kenny Pickett is still there but I thought it was something to be said that last year when Kenny Pickett was healthy that Mike Tomlin still went with Mason Rudolph as his quarterback I think that Russell Wilson is an upgrade a team that went 10 and 7 now has Russell Wilson does this make the Pittsburgh Steelers a now contender not just for the division but for maybe an AFC title well they have a couple more things to go after area to clean up a little bit you know they got rid of Deontay Johnson so they're wide receiver rooms a little bit light right now but I'm sure general manager Omar Khan has something up his sleeve here relatively soon to address that and they got to add a couple more pieces on defense as well they did add Patrick Queen as well which is a substantial get on defense for a team that was lacking an inside linebacker but you know I was a little bit skeptical myself of Russell Wilson I mean he hasn't had the best two or three years right now but just to see him talking and presenting himself to the media and in some of the stories he was telling the guy is an absolute 100% leader and if he can only play partly as well as he shows that he can lead this team's going to be extremely difficult I mean they got a decent offensive line they got two really really good running backs right now and Jaylen Ward and Najee Harris like I said they had to add a couple more pieces Russell still gonna have to play well moving forward better than he has in the past couple years but my goodness he really won people over I think today with just how he brings a different type of leadership to this room we've seen Roethlisberger here for 18 years he led in a different way the past three years they've been you know looking for guys when they had picket and they had Trubisky and those guys weren't in that same position but Russell Wilson showed he's a pros pro and like I said if he's only a fraction of what he showed here about an hour ago on the field this team will be a very difficult team to beat. Senior Steelers writer for the athletic Mark Kibale joining the Rich Eisen show Kirk Morrison here filling in for Rich and and Mark I know that Mike Tomlin is going to tell us he's there's a competition at quarterback is there really a competition at quarterback between Russell Wilson and Kenny Pickett does Kenny Pickett have a legitimate shot at winning this quarterback job or is it just Russell Wilson by by nature it's going to be him and we just don't even have to wait for week one just give it to Russell. Yeah you know I like Kenny Pickett I think he'll eventually figure things out right here but you're not bringing in Russell I mean who we kidding you we're not bringing in Russell Wilson to be able he's going to have to fail miserably in the preseason and training camp and even then he's probably going to get the benefit of the doubt during the season right here so I mean Russell was very very careful of how he laid out that question that was asked him if he's a starter or if he's coming in to compete he knows darn well he doesn't want to ruffle any feathers right now that's not the time nor the place to do it right now but Russell Wilson is the starting quarterback of your Pittsburgh Steelers barring injury barring him I mean there's nothing else I can see that him not starting the season as the star than an injury I mean other of that he's your starter. You know Mark one of the things that I did here throughout the season made me it was more of the exit interviews and it was from Najee Harris and I remember him saying the word we need more leadership leadership within leadership and everybody was pointing to Mike Tomlin and he's saying no no they wanted more players to take owner of leadership I did think the Pittsburgh Steelers grabbed two leaders you've already mentioned one Russell Wilson becomes a leader of the football team not just of the offense but then you also bring in Patrick Queen who was a leader on that defense for the Baltimore Ravens he now brings his leadership in a role at linebacker where I was waiting for the Steelers to call me last year because they had nobody at middle linebacker but I thought even in this offseason they've got two quality leadership role players that I thought that they didn't have in the last couple years to say. Actually Kirk you may have been too expensive for them last year. You're right you're right Mark let them know. They were going a little bit lower than that trying to figure out with all these injuries here but the good thing about Patrick Queen is he's still a really young guy absolutely 24 and he doesn't need to be a leader on this team on this defense you got Cam Hayward you got Mika Fitzpatrick you got TJ Watt you got Alex Highsmith so he can worry right now it's just about doing his job at a position that they really really were lacking the past couple of seasons I mean they do have a Landon Roberts who's a veteran and then he's a very good player still to this day and I think he's in his 30s but the leadership on the flip side and I think you're you hit that on now on the head right there is on that offense was a bunch of young guys it just seemed like they were just looking for somebody to lead I mean Deontay Johnson tried to but he did it in a weird way that really didn't resonate but now with the Russell Wilson that too is something you just cannot just forget about a reason why they brought Russell Wilson in I think more than anything he is a leader and he's going to be showing up a lot Patrick Green like I said a 24 year old inside linebacker where they've been searching for a guy yeah since the Ryan Shazier tragic injury of what seven eight years ago they've went down every path possible to try to find one and they haven't been able to find one this guy seems like the player and the player that they've been looking for a young guy they could just help this defense out tremendously I mean so yeah leadership on that offense and that's what they needed nausea is right I mean who do you turn to there's only so much the head coach can do it at times somebody has to step up on that offensive side of the ball and say this is how things are and I think they got that with Russell you know mark Mike Tomlin tries to deflect this question but it is a real question he goes into the final year of his contract as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers a deal seems to be imminent he says he's not worried about it he's in a good place with the Rooney family and they'll get something done but until it gets done he enters his final year of a contract and yes we all know Mike Tomlin has not had a losing season as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers but if no contract gets done is it at least obviously 500 season or better but does this team have to win a playoff game which they haven't done in what almost ten years yeah it's been a while I think it's been oh seven years since they've won a play seven years for me right they lost like three three times in a row they lost in the first round of the playoffs yeah but you know that deals pretty much rubber stamp done I mean the Rooney's obviously like to have cohesion on their organization and nobody loves a guy more than Mike Tomlin and you know what the Sean Elliott was talking today to the safety they got from Miami and he just said hey there's not a guy in this league that does not want to play for Mike Tomlin and just watching Mike Tomlin next to these guys talking these free agents and the smile he was having was like he was watching one of his sons grow up he still loves the game yeah he loves the game more than anything you see him out on the practice field he hasn't step he's 52 years old today birthday today happy birthday Mike you're watching you know he he hasn't slowed down one bit so I think it's just a matter of putting pen to paper they like to do it in their own terms a lot of times that's not until right before the training camp starts so art Rooney came out and already said it's going to happen it's just a matter of when so I wouldn't worry too much about that of him resigning like I said I would assume historically that's done two days before training camp so to look for it in July he's not gonna be a lame duck guy I got you a last question for you mark if I get you out of here I'm looking at all the guys the losses in terms of the Pittsburgh City is Trubisky Harvin Okafor cold Neil Robinson Patrick Peterson the trade for Deontay Johnson no more Rudolph and Armand Watts as well so with all those losses what do you think will be the next edition for this team so far after Deshaun Elliott Dante Jackson they've got a couple of guy what would be the next edition you think this team goes after and I know as it sits right now it's March 15th but they're at pick number 20 where do you think this kind of leans next for an addition to this Pittsburgh Steelers football team well they have to address the wide receiver position they only have George Pickens who's a tremendous athlete but other than that you got Calvin Austin who played sparingly sparingly but he's good I mean he's fast guy you can he's but one of the faster guys around so they'll address the wide receiver position in some point people are clamoring for Tyler Boyd I know they have had pulling their preliminary talks I'm not quite sure where that's going to go but Tyler Boyd could be an addition here of wide receiver if not I mean you got guys like Hunter Renfro so a receiver position going to be happening here in free agency before you know it as for the draft I mean they want to build the trenches and to build the trenches new that's how Andy White all the assistant GM learned to do it in Philly that's how they want to do it here in Pittsburgh you could take you see them taking powers Jackson from Oregon the center they're pretty light at center you get taken Mims from Georgia a tackle in the first round 20th overall then they would probably address the wide receiver position in the second round but I fully anticipate a big nasty ugly offensive lineman at first 20 picks sounds about right when you talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers man Mark Cavalli I appreciate the time brother live from the house that Aaron Donald built man thank you again for the time mark all right guys okay I appreciate it man that's Mark Cavalli the senior sealers writer for the athletic covering my 2024 favorite team your Pittsburgh Steelers here we go Steelers here we go a little bit lot to digest there and more some of the news is still coming in from the NFL world so more to get to right here on the Rich Eisen show can't wait to get back here Kirk Morrison here filling in for rich named one of the best personal finance podcasts the stacking Benjamin show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun I got an email today from the Len Penzo comm HR department I find really interesting I'm an employee of one at this company so but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise I just opened the attachment I could see how much my raise was make sure you click on the links that are in there too oh absolutely I can't wait this is I'm excited find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast wherever you listen welcome to talk about all the ultimate small to rewatch podcast title transference aired October 27 2004 director James Marshall writers Todd Slapkin Darren swimmer I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general when you say things are good and I check them out they are jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen where could you do like what's the move that you could actually oh man you know what I can kick a guy in the nuts without actually kicking him in the nuts yeah I'm gonna pass on that hold on a minute no it's my party trick I guarantee I won't hurt you so is this a business I'll take my stickers up could this be sanctioned can she try to get okay let's see who would who would volunteer for this work come on because it spread your legs I wish for the best Mike del tufo I mean what were you about to attempt to do right here kick him in the nuts without actually hurting him yeah do you will make contact I'll make 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it out it's like oh I get it I understand it boom now when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings I see I don't know the plan and look I have a so last year my favorite team was the Minnesota Vikings every year I pick a favorite team I was about to say okay yeah last year was the Minnesota Vikings and one of the reasons why because my college quarterback is their head coach Kevin O'Connell so love the dude's my guy you know I sent him a shoot him a text you know when they win and they go get him next time if they lose but you know obviously haven't shot him a text since he lost Kirk Cousins this week uh-huh but the Minnesota Vikings made it a trade this morning when I thought the news would slow down right when I thought that the Keenan Allen being traded from the Chargers to the Bears was enough last night that would get me through the weekend no on my drive on the 405 down here to the luxurious rich eyes and studios here the trade the Vikings decided to send they wanted a first-round pick they wanted that Texans first-round pick that is pick 23 so they were able to get the Texans 23 overall pick and they got a seventh round pick but in exchange they gave the Texans two number twos and one six runner that number there's a number two this year and the sixth round pick this year and in 2025 they'll also give that Texans their second round pick everybody's saying that guess what now the Minnesota Vikings they've got picks they've got 11 they've got 23 they have an opportunity to trade up in the draft now they've got draft capital they can trade up maybe even to number three who stands at number three by the way right now Brockman Oh Pat's the Pats okay saying that number three and three we need a quarterback too you do need a quarterback so what are we doing trying to figure it out so there you have it okay the Minnesota Vikings with two picks now in the first round pick 11 pick 23 probably gonna need a little bit more for them to have to get up to number three and is that enough for Elliott Wolf see I like to say that now the general manager for the New England unofficially officially they're doing things different in New England if you're New England yeah you do this deal you do say the ones that I'm seeing proposed this morning were 11 and 23 and then a 2025 first rounder and then maybe another kind of fourth round pick on top of that so for total picks three total number ones to this year to trade down and give Minnesota number three so they can take Drake May that's the kind of the by I would do the deal you would do the day I'll do the deal absolutely do the deal because we're talking about the new direction of the New England Patriots I think that getting a quarterback for them is not what they need to rebuild that roster okay a bad roster it's a bad roster that's what proved like we can mask it and say you know what it was the quarterback I don't think it was all about Mac Jones and Bailey Zappi and those guys I think really we saw a really bad New England roster and now to have if they were able to make this trade and have 11 23 and then a first rounder for the following year think about who their new head coaches it's Rod Mayo yeah linebacker you say okay let's do it this way but then I am a guy who has recency bias and say well I did see the last rookie linebacker head coach in the league stand on business and draft a quarterback at two and then trade trade back up and get three so D'Amico Ryan's and the Texans went out and said you know what we do need the quarterback we got CJ Stroud and then you got Will Anderson both by the way Will Anderson offensive like defensive player of the year rookie of the year CJ Stroud offensive rookie of the year all right D'Amico Ryan's second in coach of the year vote like they nailed it hit a home run so I'm trying to figure out as I look at both sides of it that New England's in okay because I feel like Minnesota is trying to get up this week the Vikings sold me and this is why I can't I have to stop believing sometimes what people are saying in the press conferences because then you start to believe you drink the Kool-Aid I gotta stop drinking a Kool-Aid because just as much as I they told me that Sam Darnold is a guy who they targeted and he's their guy and has his best football in front of him when you make a trade like this with Houston and now gain opportunity to make another trade to get up higher Sam Darnold went from a starter to a bridge in five minutes like he still could be a starter this year but you're also positioning yourself that you may get a quarterback if you trade up or you can sit back does Bo Nix fall to number 23 or is he at 11 I should say you get him at 11 you can get him at 11 will we fall to 23 well my connects fall to 20 is there a quarterback that you like and fall in love with that may be at 11 like that's the that's the game we're still a month away from a month and a half away from the NFL draft we got a long way to go speculation like I told you I hate it but that's just what's going to happen because that's all we're going to hear but the Minnesota Vikings are positioning them themselves right now to make a play for the quarterback position after losing Kirk Cousins Kirk Cousins I like I don't know what people think about him but you know I kind of saw the comments of Cam Newton and I get it Cam Newton has a type of way about what Kirk Cousins has earned in the National Football League he got that kind of money and he ain't won what but one playoff game and this is okay but Kirk Cousins has leveraged the system the way that a lot of players wish they could have Kirk Cousins is the only player to bet on himself Kirk Cousins you tell me when Kirk Cousins had a deal with dead money no he ain't never took no dead cat money if you're gonna sign me you're gonna sign me to this deal and a lot of teams could have just said no we're not doing that but there's a belief and a trust in Kirk Cousins that that's how the Atlanta Falcons said you know what we trust this even if he's coming off of injury we know the player that we're getting and I don't know if he's gonna get you playoff wins and this but what we believe is we're a better team having Kirk Cousins and we're much better and we can think that we surround him with the pieces that he's already got some young guys who need to grow he is gonna bring the most out of our young players that's what they're going Minnesota obviously had a number in mind and that number was something that Kirk Cousins looked and said no I'm cool I'm good I'm gonna run on over here to Atlanta and no sir yeah what it said yesterday's price is not today's price okay and so now Minnesota is now in this position to where you look at their division now Detroit best team in the division right now NFC NFC North will we say Detroit or is it Green Bay I mean I think Green Bay is coming on the youngest team in the league last year made the playoffs and upset is it really enough but they upset I guess they upset the Dallas Cowboys in the wild-card round they went on the road they won the road the road playoff win I mean I predicted they were gonna win that game but oh man I'll try to do some fan you are yeah keeps it real keeps it real but then you know where does Minnesota fit in this think they're situation they for their fourth ahead and look quiet is kept I know everyone's trying to figure out what's what they're gonna do Ryan polls general manager for the Chicago Bears Matt Eberflus everybody's kind of already putting Caleb Williams on the Chicago Bears I've already done it yeah I said sitting down with a young man at the combine I said my first time meeting Caleb and I talked with him and you know the first thing I want we you know I had to ask him was about you know why are you not doing a medical why we're not doing this he was like because honest to be to be honest there's only three teams that need to do a medical right you know because he's at the he's the best player in his draft well if Caleb Williams was eligible for the draft last year he would have been the number one overall pick I would have taken Caleb Williams over Bryce young over CJ Stroud so why would it change now why would it change now and I get it there's this world where everyone is so all-in on Justin Fields and I I just don't see it I don't I'm not saying he's a bad person at all but what I've seen in his football career so far there's too much telling me no rather than what Caleb Williams is presenting me yes Caleb Williams is what he's the mystery box and we all love the mystery box right what's in the box what's in the box let me see the bar come on because you can't you don't want what happened in Carolina last year to happen to you in Chicago where's Carolina was all in on Bryce young and get CJ Stroud had a much better season and now it's like what is that about so Caleb Williams I can't allow him to go somewhere else and be the generational quarterback a lot of people saw from him last year after winning a Heisman Trophy he won a Heisman Trophy two years ago and yet this year did we expect him to be the same Caleb Williams no because every team is gonna you know do different things right they're out to get Caleb Williams and Caleb Williams like teams are dropping eight guys in coverage like eight guys you tell me how many quarterbacks gotta go against eight men in coverage and yet his ability still found ways to put his team on his back I'm saying I'm all-in with him I think the division has now changed they made some great moves and I honestly say this we can't sleep on the Chicago Bears if they draft him this could be what we think we saw last year with the Houston Texans I can see the Bears doing the same thing and taking off in this division really believe that man it's a player can come in there said I know I was just looking at their roster and it's quiet as kept I'm like man they lost Cody White here Eddie Jackson Justin Jones Darnell Moody got traded over there to Atlanta and they lost I don't know if it's gonna consider a loss but Nathan Peterman Peter man but let me tell you what they've added on a team that won seven games last year and I wouldn't say they won seven because of their quarterback they won seven because I think there's some really good coaching going on defense is balling but do you add DeAndre Swift Kevin Byard Ryan Bates you mentioned Gerald Everett earlier safety Jonathan Owens from Green Bay you bring in Coleman Sheldon who was a starting center for the Rams last year and now you bring in Keenan Allen at wide receiver to go with DJ Moore so now you got Cole commit Gerald Everett you got some nice running backs now with DeAndre sweat leaving I mean DeAndre Swift leading away Oh Montez sweat plays defense to remember that deal they got last year I met don't sleep on the Chicago Bears and this I'm in this division I mean and bringing Jonathan Owens also brings the greatest gymnast of all time right his wife Simone Biles so she'll be there yeah as well so you take that consideration and she doesn't have to have a connecting flight no I don't have to take her to connect you flat I can fly right into O'Hare right into Midway she's all good dish go man I remember three of the rich eyes and show coming up next hey everybody this is Dan Bespress host of fantasy NBA today a daily fantasy basketball podcast we cover every box score from every game every day plus bonus shows on by low opportunities players to stash schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces catch the fantasy NBA today podcast part of the Believe Network on YouTube or wherever you listen
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