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It's All Laid Out For Kirk Cousins

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 14, 2024 4:15 pm

It's All Laid Out For Kirk Cousins

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 14, 2024 4:15 pm

3/14/24 - Hour 1

Guest host Suzy Shuster and the guys discuss the expectations for Kirk Cousin and the Atlanta Falcons next season, the Dallas Cowboys lack of activity on the NFL free agency front so far, and debate if the Chicago Bears should hang onto Justin Fields even if they draft USC QB Caleb Williams.

Pro Football Hall of Famer/NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin tells Suzy why he actually prefers to fly commercial over private jets, discusses the Chicago Bears’ Caleb Williams vs Justin Fields decision, why the Titans did not overpay for WR Calvin Ridley, and if Kirk Cousins signing will pay off for the Atlanta Falcons. 

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See terms at slash credit card. This is the Rich Eisen Show. And we thank you for sharing that with us. With guest host, Susie Schuster. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What do you think that means to the locker room that they bring Saquon in there? Saquon got an opportunity to not just choose where he wants to go but to stick it to his team.

And if these teams don't like it, then pay guys. Today's guest, pro football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, director of Apple TV's Dynasty Rise of the New England Patriots, Matthew Hamichak, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Susie Schuster. Well hello everybody. Back in the chair, happy to be with you.

Susie Schuster with you and thrilled to be such. Hello TJ, good morning to you. Good afternoon, whoever you are. Sup Sus, how you doing? Hi there, I'm great. I'm happy to be here. Mikey D, how are you?

Good morning Sus, how you doing? Christopher, I watched three and a half hours of the Patriots Dynasty yesterday. You got caught up? Koop and I sat on the sofa and we sat there and we watched three and a half hours in advance of Matthew Hamichak joining us today. And let me tell you something. Wrapped. Wrapped in, all in.

Last two episodes, I think drop at like midnight Eastern tonight. Wow. Yeah. And we will be all in for them. I can't wait to have him on.

And guys, if you've heard about Taco Tuesday, it is hypothetical Thursday. I've got lots of questions for him. I've got questions that are just on my mind and Christopher looked at me like I was crazy for the first couple questions, but I don't care.

Can't get fired, so I might as well ask these questions. Anyway, thrilled to be with you guys. 844-204. Rich is the number. Please call in. You know I love that. Watch us on the Roku channel and as you know, it'll re-air over and over again so you can hear me absolutely ask inane and crazy questions for hours on end or wherever you find your Rich Eisen show. We are thrilled to be with you here today. What do we want people to call in about today? We want the questions about your team during free agency. You like what they're doing.

You don't like what you're doing. I'd like to hear from any Pats fans or non-Pats fans to watch this documentary just to see. Yeah, because I know I feel a certain way about it and you and I'm sure, Susie, you probably feel the same way as Patriots fans. You're looking at it a little bit differently. Wishing it had gone left when it went right, I think.

And I'm like, OK, I'd like the direction they went, but I know you don't love it. So, well, I mean, I was talking to my brother on the way in, as you can imagine, he's got lots of thoughts. He's got a lot of thoughts on this, a lot of thoughts. And he's like, this is a Bill Belichick hatchet job.

And I think that's what a lot of people think is that how how is Bill now? The how is he now? The the ball guy, Lord, what's his name? Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. How is he? How is he the source of all evil in this?

We will ask some questions of this, and I'm fascinated to ask. God, did you spend years going through footage? How is there video of Bill opening his door at four a.m. over and over again?

How are they everywhere? How is the video of Aaron Rodgers messing around on the field when Tom Brady got Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Hernandez, so he was talking about him. But Aaron Hernandez messing around on the field, Chris, when we hear the story that Brady got mad at him and kicked him off the field. Yeah, Brady's video of it, M.F.

and M. like get off the field. He was tossing the ball around, screwing around, wearing flip flops or whatever, and then they cut to a shot of Brady yelling. It's unbelievable.

Hernandez is sitting there just tossing the ball up to himself. The footage they got from this dating all the way back to the first episode, Brady's roommate when he was a rookie, had all this camcorder footage of them living in their bachelor pad, which I think was Tyler's old condo or something. He bought it from Tyler and fully furnished, like drunk Brady playing pool at midnight, you know, on off days. It's really amazing.

If you haven't watched it yet, it's on Apple TV. It's unbelievable. Whether you're a Patriots fan or not, it is. Good thing we have Matthew hammer check on today so we could ask him all sorts of questions like, Where did you get that?

And also, can you shoot a documentary if one of your subject matters is a producing partner on it? I think the whole thing is fascinating. It's hypothetical Thursday. Like I said, I have a lot of hypothetical questions for Michael Irvin, who will join us sometime in this first hour.

And when I say sometime, he just got out there at Fox. He's gonna make his way down the 4 0 5. And as as we would say in the Californians episode, he's gonna come out and go and Pico and make a left on national on a right on the 10 west to, you know, the 4 0 5 South.

Let's ask Del Tufo. Mike, what's the quickest way for herb to get here? Oh, God, you take that route right? Straight down the 4 0 5 South. Boom. Right here.

Yeah, that's 1 10. And what will get here first? The sidecar donuts or Michael Irvin? Right.

I'd prefer that if you order donuts, I ordered donuts. I had no time to get here. Like ASAP Rocky. Yeah, but you're always good for something as soon as ASAP Rocky, a neighbor of Travis and Taylor. I looked up some stuff this morning as I looked up in name things we don't need to talk about on road food today.

But hey, like, Oh, yeah, I mean, just getting to know your neighborhood by who lives there anyway. So we've got Michael Irvin coming in, and I have some hypothetical questions for him about Dak and money. And should he resign? And then Steve Kerr in the third hour, he will zoom in for us. He got in from Dallas about 1 30 in the morning.

We said, Don't do the first two hours sleep in. He needed his rest. So we'll ask him about Steph Curry because Steph didn't go with them.

Obviously, the Dallas that was a that was, shall we say, a forgettable game and dream on out as well. So we'll ask him some questions about what's happening with the Warriors and I don't know the state of the world. Steve Curry. You can ask him just about anything. Can you imagine if I ask him? Do you think again?

It's hypothetical Thursday. Steve, what are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers brush off of an ayahuasca trip announcing as VP? What do you think? Why did I know? That's what you were gonna say as soon as you started. That's it. Which has never been so happy to be sleeping through the first segment of his show.

Some really interesting thoughts about it. Yeah, as rich as rich eyes would say, I would proffer to say he does. Yeah, I would proffer to say rich is glad he's not in the air that I would say I prefer to say that he's glad he's not here. That said, Kirk Morrison will be. I want to do three hours about Aaron Rodgers. He's not here. He's sleeping. He's uh, he's he's earlier than we are right now. So he's not, we can just go off the rails.

People. We can do whatever we want because he's not there. Speaking of some guy who does not go off the rails, one of the more measured guys in the National Football League, Kirk Cousins, spoke yesterday with the Falcons announcing his signing. Let's take a listen to that.

You know, I think in in Minnesota it was trending over the last couple off seasons to be in somewhat year to year. And as we talked with Atlanta, it felt like this was a place where, you know, if I play at the level I expect to play that I can retire a falcon. And that was something that really excited me. And that's certainly the goal. And you got to earn the right to do that. But that's that was exciting to feel like I could get that opportunity here.

So since it's hypothetical Thursday, this is what I wanted to ask you guys. And it occurred to me, I get why he went, uh, to Atlanta. His wife, I believe, is from Georgia, too, right? And they were looking at real estate ahead of time. And 45 million a year through 2020 70 35 is going to be 36.

Right, Chris, when they? Yeah, he's his birthday is third week of August, so he'll be 36 when the season kicks off in September. Okay. And I know that he's excited to be with Raheem Morris. I get that. He's got Bijan Robinson. He's got a lot of he's got tools.

I get it. They don't know Mooney and free agency cow pits, right? And he mentioned that he was excited because he thought it was a year by year with Minnesota. Would you would you sign him with this?

Would this be somebody that you would want peace? It seems to me and we'll hear from him in a moment about this. But it seems to me here's a guy that's getting paid a lot of money coming off of Achilles. And he said, I'm not even sure what I'm gonna get until I get out there playing because he's cleared for everything except for Achilles.

Let's take a listen to him talking about his thoughts on. Can he win post one game in the playoffs? Is it bug you that you that you haven't had that playoff success? Is that kind of hanging over your head that, like, my career won't be complete until, uh, you know, have a deep run in the postseason? I certainly think that, you know, quarterbacks will always be evaluated based on not just September to December, but January and February. And that's where you want to get to because of September to December. And then once you get there, you want to have meaningful winds and play meaningful games in January and February. And that's where I want to go.

And I believe we can go. By the way, kudos to him for matching the background. I mean, the gray and the Crimson. He he picked out his clothes very selectively. I thought to go with with his team. And also, doesn't he look like he should be either selling you something or he's a college coach? He just right.

I mean, there's just something about him that it's just so measured and so delivered. But I don't know, Chris, what do you think? Is this something? Because I think you and rich were saying yesterday as I was weaving in and out of traffic. Um, I thought I heard you guys loving this side.

Don't meet that face. But I'm not sure that I think this is like the greatest signing in the world. It's a lot of money for a guy coming off an Achilles.

Sure, sure. I've heard both sides, people who think it's great. And now the Falcons are suddenly contenders in the NFC. And I've heard, you know, a lot of questions about it. 30 soon to be 36 year old guy coming off of an Achilles injury. But I've been super critical of Kirk in the past. Uh, primetime Kirk is, you know, he's probably wish he had better days in some of these big games.

The playoff game two years ago against the Giants wasn't great either. But if you look at his numbers and you look at his production and what he does well, guy has been a really successful and in the top third of the league quarterback wise for a while now, he's at, I think, seven or 84,000 yard seasons. You're gonna get 30 plus touchdowns. You're gonna get around 10 picks, uh, and you're gonna win some games. Now you're gonna win the big games.

I don't know. But if you're Atlanta, you really had no choice. You know, Arthur Blank is in his eighties. How many more years can he watch Marcus Mariota's and the Desmond Ritter's and the Taylor Heinecky's go out there and win seven or eight games like he wants to take a big swing. Uh, and while he has all this talent on offense and a young coach didn't go with Bill Belichick, went with Rahim and I think this is a great move.

They really had no other choice. It's essentially a two year deal if you look at the guaranteed money. Um, so let's see where it is after two years. Kirk wants to retire a falcon.

It's set up to do so. Well, win some games, go 11 and six next year, go 12 and five in 2025 win a playoff game, maybe get to the NFC championship and then you're gonna retire a falcon. And I think that's uh, it's all laid out for him. It's just, is he healthy and can he keep the productivity up that he's been accustomed to doing the last few seasons and Rahim, who he knows from his commander days or Washington days is a better way to put it. You know, you mentioned an aging owner.

I mean, you would almost say it's the same idea with Dallas. You'd almost say that you've got an older owner who wants to win now. And good thing we have Michael Irvin coming in because the question is, is Dak the right guy? Is Dak the right guy?

Is he going to win now? Because it just seems to me, why aren't they making bigger moves? Why are we talking about one linebacker?

Why? I want to know from Michael if he's at all frustrated with Dallas's lack of moves. TJ, are you frustrated? Yeah, not really. I mean, traditionally, and we've said this before, they don't really make a dent in free agency that often.

So it's nothing that as a fan, you should surprise you because this has never really been the Cowboys way to go out and make big free agent signings. So I honestly don't know what's going on. I'm not going to sit here and speculate. You know, I'm not in that room.

I don't I don't know. I'm just going to sit back and watching. There's always you just got to trust the process. I kind of feel, though, Jerry and Arthur Blank are in a far different situation. I mean, no matter what matter what you want to say about Jerry matter how long it's been, he still has three of those championships sitting in the trophy case. That's three more than probably 90 percent of the men who've ever owned a professional football team. A lot of people don't want to give him credit for that.

You know, maybe it's because the success happened so early on and it's been so long. But, you know, it is that is just a fact of the matter is he wants more. But he does have three.

So I know. But the but there are three that are older. And I just feel like when you come when it comes to a lot of these billionaire owners, it's like the Gordon Gekko, like more is more is more. So, Susie, Chris and Mike, I'm also not sure that winning a Super Bowl is maybe the main focus of what's going on there. You know, you have the most valuable franchise in sports, right?

Without having won a championship in 30 years, all the success he has in his other businesses seems like the money's rolling in. Maybe the football team isn't the primary focus. I don't know. You just as a fan, you're you're reaching your grasp and you're trying to figure out what the deal is. And that's where I'm at right now. Everything else is so successful. This is just another cog in the wheel.

So I don't know. I feel like Matthew him and check is a good person to ask the director of the dynasty, only because if you take your approach to that, that's the antithesis of what it looked like with the Patriots. They'd won a couple and then they had a couple of years of not getting there. And then all they could think about was getting back. Don't you think, Chris? I mean, I don't think that the Cowboys aren't trying.

I think they have to be. It's a really interesting strategy when, you know, we've been talking about it all week, the all in quote by Jerry. And then you look at the first now three days of free agency and they've signed two guys. You know, they re-signed the long the long snapper and they brought in Eric Kendrick. So it's just kind of a what a that's getting bigger.

But that's that's kind of Suzy's question, TJ. Like, are you frustrated? Are you frustrated to see two names in that in that list? Whereas where's the running back? Where's maybe not the wide receiver, but where's a lineman? Where's an edge edge player?

That's right. Where are those guys? I think that the frustration is not there for me specifically, because we've talked about this over and over. Rich came in, said he heard some stuff, said you weren't going to be happy with what I'm hearing. And then it turned out what he heard was that they didn't intend on making these big splashes.

So it's kind of like, you know, the ending of the movie. Are you going to be mad as you sit there and watch it as it unfolds? Like I was already told we weren't going to do anything. And as a fan, yeah, you want to get upset. But what can we do? You know, there's there's nothing that we can do. You got to sit back here and watch and wait. And, you know, a lot of people are going to get upset.

That's not going to help you in your daily day. No, but you know, but but as a fan, like it does not about daily day. It's about like it's it's about fandom. It's about thinking like, but maybe the Cowboys way isn't working. And if your owner owns one of the most prolific and legendary and valuable franchises in sports, don't you want like don't you wake up in the morning and think, how am I going to get that trophy?

How am I going to get that trophy? Because we know that Jerry Jones loves to win. And so it seems to me that maybe that's not the Cowboys way. Do you change the way?

Do you start to get a little bit more aggressive? And maybe that's what this is, though. Maybe this is a different way, because what has been going on for the last decade or so hasn't really been working with one or two playoff wins in the last, you know, a few years. No championship game appearances.

So when Jerry says all in, he's all in with what he has now. I mean, they have won three straight years at 12 wins. They just, you know, the playoffs come.

It doesn't it hasn't correlated into a lot of playoff wins. And what will happen with Dak Prescott ahead? So let's let Dak play it out, let him play it out and let him earn his next deal.

It doesn't make sense to us and all the cap people. You got Mike McCarthy kind of lame duck in it next year. Could have had Bill. They I mean, they had Bill. Bill's still going to be there. They're still going to be there.

Well, sunburned from Nantucket. Now you have to wonder, though, is Bill's way like are we at that point now where that style of coaching, we've watched his documentary. Now you've got to wonder, OK, is that really the way? Because, yeah, we're in a new generation. Yeah, like Chris, we said this a few weeks ago. It's like either have to adapt or you're going to get run over by this new world.

Like, yeah, you can try to stop tick tock. But the fact is, the kids are so invested, the younger people, the youth. They're not going to allow something like that to happen. Times are changing. So does that mean you have to change the coaching styles is Bill's way. We talk about guys needing a hug and he wouldn't give Brady a hug, even though Tom was so good, he didn't need it. But he would have loved to have one. Nowadays, these guys need a little reassurance.

And is that the way anymore? Yeah, I was going to say he sure didn't give Mac Jones a hug. Let's take a break. When we come back, we'll keep talking about this. Nick Saban still continuing to talk about the NIL as well. And we'll have Michael Irvin ahead.

So good thing we have a cowboy. Good thing I booked my own show. This is much more ahead on The Rich Eisen Show.

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Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast wherever you listen. What was it like picking this trophy up for the first time? It was the greatest thing. And it really was rich. It really was the circumstances.

Oh, my God, man. First of all, you got to go back and think about like we were one in fifteen. We were three and thirteen, one in fifteen. When you're three and thirteen and one in fifteen Cleveland Browns.

I know you don't think there's any chance that you will ever lay a hold of something like this. So to go from those days to coming in ninety two and winning that Super Bowl and actually somebody handing you that trophy, the most incredible thing, most incredible feeling in the world. Did you ever step in when you heard that Jimmy and Jerry were not doing well?

Or you just your station wasn't that life at that point in time? I didn't think anything would happen, Rich. I really didn't.

I was like, are you joking? You know how hard it is to win Super Bowls and you have a formula that's working. And Jerry Jones, I'm telling you, that's the one thing I'll never forget. Jerry Jones telling me that when I was negotiating with him and I was saying, you know, I'll go to Cincinnati. It was just I'm just talking, trying to get my money's up. I said, I'll go to Cincinnati.

You get Carl Pickens over here and let's see what happened. And Jerry said to me, Jerry said, Michael, you know, when I see you, I see Michael Irvin in the Dallas Cowboys. He said, I kind of see it like Magic Johnson in the Lakers. He said, what is magic without the Lakers and what are the Lakers without the magic? He said, you guys, they belong together just like you and the Cowboys. He said, Michael, the best way I can tell you, if a bomb hit Valley Ridge today, that's where we practice and blew everything up, everybody, everything. When the smoke clears, maybe me and you, we're going to still be here.

So we might as well work this deal out right now. That's when he said, I promise you, this dude is a fool. This dude is a fool. He had me laughing as he was telling me no about my money.

That's why you're in the Hall of Fame together. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, Susie Schuster in for Rich Eisen, thrilled to be here with you guys. I'm sitting at The Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger's got the right product for you.

Call click, Grainger dot com or just stop by eight four four two or four, which is the number it's hypothetical Thursday. I have a lot of really randos on my head right now, and I want to throw them out here just to annoy Chris Brock this morning. We got OK. The Bears have clearly outplayed their hand with Justin Fields, correct? Seems like it. OK, it seems like they thought somebody would want him. Very talented, very talented young quarterback hasn't panned out the way they want it to be. Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, they're going to get somebody. Oh, by the way, Drake Mays, good.

Does anybody pay attention? So the question is this. If there are there were up to 65, I think, quarterbacks that got hurt or that played last year at 65 guys lined up. Why wouldn't you just maybe keep him?

If he's getting one point five, they're not picking up the fifth year, we know this. What about just holding on to him in case your quarterback you're taking some reason isn't ready or gets hurt? Or has an Aaron Rodgers and suddenly he's out for the year.

Who's who's there that's better? And if you want to set yourself up to win, why not keep him? Just in case. How is keeping him setting yourself up to win? What if their drafted quarterback isn't ready or gets hurt? Wouldn't you want to have the very best quarterback out there that's available? Oh, what if it's a guy in your team? Who else are they going to get that's going to back up? That would be better than him. You don't want to think worst case scenario.

I always think worst case scenario. Yeah, I know. But you're not an NFL general manager. I know that.

Which is too bad. That'd be interesting. That'd be a good show, by the way. Pitch a show.

Oh, what is it? You inherit the team and you have to take over as GM, knowing nothing about football, kind of like a reverse Ted Lasso. Do we see this as as a scripted show or an unscripted show? Scripted Roku, if you're watching, we're back.

We're not going to give you a real team. So scripted. This is essentially the premise of Major League. Well, they were trying to lose and they were trying to lose because it was a divorce thing.

Ownership was trying to run the team who didn't know. I think you just you don't even want it in the building. You don't even want you're worried about poisoning the well, right? You're you've already made a decision that you're going to take a guy number one who's kind of been the guy anointed this for the last two years. And you like him. You think he's generational.

You think you could be in my home's 2.0 or whatever, whatever. Let's just be all in in that direction. So you don't even want to think about him getting injured, not being up to speed. And plus, if he's not up to speed, don't you want him to learn from a veteran, not from a guy that's gotten you who you're going to get the number one pick the last two years? Who's the veteran going to be that they're going to get? Anybody not named Justin Field. Time's a waste, and I just feel like there's all there's guys out there.

You can bring Andy Dalton back for for all the matter. You know what I mean? You got to.

It's just not a tenable situation. I know, but it's fun to talk about. It's fun to talk about. But if you're Justin Fields, you're kind of wondering, hey, where am I going to be playing next year? Well, don't forget, the last time I was sitting in the chair, I actually talked about the psychological effects of this on Justin Fields. And I was told by three or four people like, why do you flip it?

Because it's Thursday. No, I still feel very strongly that what they're doing with him is the wrong approach for him as a person like as a mom. I just think to myself that this is my child. And I understand he's paid handsomely. I understand that he chose to be a football player. And this is a man's world. I don't want to hear from all the guys like you don't get it because you're you're a woman. You don't get it.

I get it. Believe me, it just felt like the Bears thought that they were going to get a lot more interest in Justin Fields than they've gotten. They were I'm sure they just assumed, hey, we'll just deal him for a late first, early second round pick before free agency starts. And then we can be all in on Caleb Williams or, you know, maybe Jayden Daniels wows us and we take him and kind of shock everybody.

And it just didn't ever happened. And then free agency hits. And Russ goes here and Gardner Minshew goes here.

And all these spots are kind of filling up the musical chairs. And now they're left with, oh, man, Mac Jones was was a what? He a sixth round pick for him. Sheesh. Are we even going to get a fourth for Fields now?

And so then they've got to be kicking themselves. Whereas I think Ryan Polls has done a pretty good job as the Bears GM the last couple of years. And now it's who?

How do we get rid of this guy? So everyone has a short memory in the National Football League and in sports period. Does his handling of this affect his future?

Does that erase the years before this? Because it just seems to me like this has been played poorly. And if you observe the Bears front office, the Bears front office, it still it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if Caleb Williams ends up being amazing and the Bears are kind of set up to maybe kind of do what the Texans did this year and make the playoffs and maybe win a playoff game. And if that happens, no one's going to remember what they got for Justin Fields, whether it's a third or fourth or fifth round pick. No one's going to really care or remember. So as long as they get it right and Caleb Williams hits and is successful and has a really great rookie season, T.J., I think none of it's going to matter.

And they're handling Justin Fields, in my opinion. Could be very well, but good thing Michael Irvin just walked in. By the way, definitely beat what time I thought.

I thought traffic 405. It could be any time between now and I don't know, eleven fifty five. But Michael Irvin is here. Let's go to break.

When we come back, the playmaker will join us and we'll have him answer all the questions we have about the world and world peace, et cetera, and then the Bears. Welcome to Talkville, the ultimate small rewatch podcast. Title Transference aired October 27, 2004.

Director James Marshall, writers Todd Slapkin, Darren Swimmer. I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out, they are. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.

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Mike Del Tufo over there when Justin Hartley of This Is Us was here on Friday. He planks weights on his back. OK, there he is putting plank after plan as a 45 pound. He waves on more weight. See, come on, let's get some more. All right.

Del Tufo sees this and goes, I could I could do that. Is what you said. Oh, I said, you know, he said he said he would do 145.

Now we took that. When you say when he can do 145, how much weight do you think that means? Just on 145, right? No, no, no. One plate.

That means 45 pounds. How long do you say you can do a minute? Come on. All right, here we go.

Mike Del Tufo is going to be fine now. Got the right spot in your mind, buddy. Come on. Look at all we see is the finish line. All we coach him up.

And coach my feet. Victory is simple, baby. Oh, right. Oh, I was worried about the body, baby. Our minds control in our body. Preach, Michael. Preach in our mind. We got this, baby. We got this. We're going to show the world. That's what you're about. What do we got?

Show the world, baby. Don't worry about it. Just 24 seconds. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. You got two blocks out.

All right. You got two blocks gone. Halfway home. You got two blocks gone. Halfway home.

You got two more to go. All she does see that finish line. Look at the glory. Look at your chest touching the tape.

Get your chest on that tape. Look at you, baby. 20 seconds to go. Look, come here in 20 seconds, baby. You finish this, man.

We can do this. He's going for it. He's going for it. He's going for it. He's going for mine. He's going for mine. I'm kidding.

10 pounds. Be the man. Be the man. Get up there, buddy. Where you going, baby? Thank you, buddy. Thank you, buddy. I do that every day, people, at the gym.

I can't tell. I do what I do. Back here with Michael Ervin here on The Rich Eyes Show. And you guys, I try to bring you great guests.

So what did I do? I called Michael yesterday and I put him on the spot. And I said, Michael, can you come in and sit with me tomorrow? And I thought maybe he'd zoom in. He's like, yeah, I'll be there by 930.

I'm like, what? OK. Then I said, will he really be in there by 930? I'm like, let me make sure I get really good donuts coming in. And you walked in the door early. You paid out. Got in here.

Got in here. I run a tight schedule like that now. I get from that Fox lot. Sometimes I'm off the air at 9. I'm on a 10 a.m. flight. Of course, I don't fly private. I only fly commercial. I'm scared of the little planes. Man of the people. Especially P.K.

Post-Covid. I don't mess with him. So now, I got everything set up at the airport. We're great friends. They understand I'm always be running right up to the dough. Knock the door. I'm going to always run right up to the dough.

It's the dough. Don't close that door. Wait. OK. Come on. Michael again.

Michael. Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate y'all. And I get on on the plane.

You know what I mean? It's all tight. I'm running a tight schedule.

Real tight schedule. Seat one. Seat one. Seat one. Seat one.

Right. Seat one. Because my knees are bad. And two.

Anything back from two. I just can't sit bulkhead. And people get on me so funny.

Because they like, why won't you? Why you afraid to fly private? But you fly all the time. I'm afraid to fly period.

But I'd rather fly commercial. Because I think they got more than one engine on them planes. And really, I saw it one time. It was a plane. Remember, it caught on fire. One of the engines caught on fire. They turned that plane around and got it back to the airport. I said, I'd never fly on anything but them things right there. Them commercial planes.

Where one plane, one engine goes out. I got another one. But let me tell you something.

Absolutely. When I'm on them planes, and when I first sit down. Everybody, look at you. And they get their phones out, right? And they're like, act like they're texting and taking pictures to send everybody. And then, of course, I get on them.

And then when you turn it, we hit a turbulence. And I grabbed them so strongly. Because I get so scared. And they'd be like, ooh, wait a minute.

I said, oh, you ain't so happy to sit next to me now. Because I really get scared. And man, I don't know why I can't do it. I just get scared.

I've been working on it. You know, like all the things, my anxieties. Pressure points. Pressure points. Yep. Ooh-sah.

You know, stuff like that. It helps sometimes. But yeah, I'm scared to fly.

Even though I fly almost every day. So, hold on. There's so much to unpack here. This is my favorite conversation we've had in a long time on the show. Okay, so Michael Irvin here on the Rich Eisen Show. By the way, 844-204 Rich is the number.

He's willing to take your questions, people. So start calling in. Call right now.

We're going on a free agency right now. We're in this crazy period. Wait, we're not going past the plane thing. Hold on. So, what's the craziest thing somebody next to you has done on a plane? Do people, like you said, people take surreptitious photographs. Right. Okay, now, it's only been about a couple years that I really stopped flying private.

And the last time, I think it might have been one of the fights in Vegas. You know, all my friends have planes. All of them. Michael, let me see your airplane. And right, they'll send me a plane. Like I have some business in Abilene.

I was in Dallas. And they'll send a plane. This is G6. Beautiful plane. Beautiful plane. Big ol' big ol' plane.

That's kind of a beautiful plane. I walk up to it and I'm about to get on the door. I sweat heavy. I turn around. I go right back at the regular airport and go get me a Southwest Airline ticket.

No way. You can fly the plane, but I pick me up at a Southwest Airline. I get scared. Everybody else be trying to get them shots walking up. I'm not that man. I don't care about those selfie shots walking up to a private plane. Get me somewhere safe and on the ground. So, you know, I don't know, man.

It's just crazy how it is. Now, my guy John Saka. We were coming, John Saka, we were coming out of Las Vegas. And I had to go see this fight. And I had to make it back here. So I had to get, fly private. Because I had to work Sunday and it was a Saturday night flight. And I said, okay, I'm going to try it.

I'm going to try it. I get on this plane and we're taking off. And coming out of Vegas, there's some turbulence, you know. Oh, my God. Oh, and I'm.

And they're just making a joke about it. I literally wanted to rip his damn head off. This is not the time to be joking. I was scared for real.

And that was it. I'll never get on it again. Because your friends know that you're scared. And they think it's a damn joke.

And they get you up there and that plane starts playing. I don't think he's going to die. I really think I'm about to die.

And they joking like it's a joke. I'm like, dude, why you really test our friendship? I'm about to whoop his butt up in that plane. You know what I mean? I was scared, man.

So I don't know. I can't do it. I can't do it. I can't even do it for that little selfie shot. Y'all are just doing it for the selfie shot.

No, I would do it because it's nice. And I hate airports. In the plane?

Ah, man. I need a big plane. A big plane. You need like a Jerry Jones plane.

Jerry, Jerry. I've taken Jerry a plane a couple of times, you know. But I kind of had some help. They gave me something to take to kind of knock me out and then wake me up when I get there.

Like when Miami played Clemson in the championship game and I had to be back here Sunday morning and I took Jerry's flight, watched my son play in Clemson and whew. Yeah, and I made it back. But I took something. I was gone. Now, wake me up when I got there. I said, hey, that was a great flight.

That's how the A-team used to get BA up on the flight. As long as I'm out, I'm OK. But I can't take it because I don't do roller coasters and all that old bumping and jobs.

I don't know. I hate roller coasters. I worked so hard. Now, man, I worked too hard to finally get a little bit of money to get up in one of them planes and don't come down the right way. If you know what I mean. Ask Rich how many times I have texted him.

I don't think it's going to make it. I think we got too much turbulence, too much turbulence, too much turbulence. And he's like, you're fine. This happens, by the way, all the time. Window into our marriage, like too much turbulence.

He's like, you're going to be fine. See, that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. I think it's scary to you. You saw on a private plane already.

I think any plane. Yeah. I can handle the big ones hitting the turbulence. I get scared. I get scared. But I can't do that little thing anymore. Can you imagine you're like a Cowboys fan or you're like an NFL fan?

Michael Irvin sits down next to you. And I put this death grip on. Oh, my God.

It's a whole different look. The phone goes down the other day, taking no more pictures. No more selfies.

No more selfies. It's literally the safest way to travel. It's the safest way. Not even close.

I have to tell myself that. Not even close. Michael, hands down the safest way to travel. Calm down.

Calm down. It's by far the safest. By far. But still. But still, you way up there and ain't controlling nothing.

That's right. I'm a control freak. I want to go in the front and fly it myself.

Right. I don't want to do that. But I just want to. I just want to.

I don't know. I just want to. Yeah, that's a long drop. That's just a long drop.

That's scary. It's a long drop. Shoes on or shoes off on a plane? I go shoes on. Shoes on. Because, you know. There you go. You're going to get up and go to the bathroom.

And you guys know, because I know. I miss a lot in that bathroom. It's small areas. Confined. You miss a lot in that bathroom. You have to keep your shoes on.

Because, you know. Well, that's very Britney Spears to go into a bathroom. A public bathroom with no shoes on.

That's what we call Britney Spears. And in the bathroom, you in a little area, man. And you trying to hit a little area.

And the plane moving. And then you know somebody coming in after you, right? So you looking down at how much you miss.

Like we miss quite a bit there. So I start grabbing some of the papers, throwing them down, trying to help get clean. Before the next person come in and say, man, Michael peed all over the floor. So I try to clean it up.

But you miss a lot on the planes. I mean, you're going to have to stay through like a segment or two. Because we haven't even talked about football yet.

We've had you on for 20 minutes. Yeah, I know. That's a conversation about us ladies. But this is so much more fun than Justin Fields.

I'm sorry, it is. But that's a good conversation, that Justin Fields conversation. Because the question is, and we'll get into it. Is are we moving him and looking for a spot as a starter? Or are we seeing he's not going to be a starter? See, we're just accessing this as a starter.

And that may not necessarily be the case. I mean, 844204 Rich is the number to call. Michael Ervin, the playmaker here with me.

Suzy Schuster in for Rich Eisen. What are they doing there? Because I started the show earlier. I said it's hypothetical Thursday.

Because I got a lot of hypotheticals in my mind. What are they doing? I mean, so we already know that they kind of missed the boat on getting somebody big for him. But is there any, like, let me just ask you that. What are they doing, Michael? You know what? And since he's been there, there's been a lot of what are they doing?

I mean, on the football field, as they bring him along. As they're bringing him along, it's what are they doing? I think Chicago is messed up by even sitting on this trying to play the long game. We don't know what we're doing.

We're thinking. Because you say those things, we don't know what direction that we're going. So everybody that thinks about they want the number one pick. Hey, let's start making those calls and see if we can pry that pick away. You knew what you were doing from day one.

You knew you were going to draft a quarterback. You should have gone into this saying that with that mindset. Say, you know, yeah, we're looking at those opportunities instead of dragging this out.

Because now you drag it out, you dragging it out. And I think he's in a situation now where you got to ask the question, is he going to be a starter where he goes next or is he going to take a backup role? Because the opportunities are dwindling. Atlanta was a great spot for him, but that's gone now. I know Pittsburgh was a great spot for him, but they got Russ Wilson now. And they got Russ at the same number they would have had him at, at about 1.2 million or 1.3 million.

He makes 1.6. So it was, you know, and now where did you end up going? People are throwing out, I threw out the Raiders. I thought that's an opportunity there, but also Denver. Because here's what I say, remember, Sean Payton liked Drew Brees, but he also had Taysom Hill.

So I know Sean Payton likes J.J. McCarthy, but can you also go and get him and use Justin Fields as the Taysom Hill of this team and give him an opportunity to make some plays? I think he's going to have to start not just thinking about where can I go to start, but where can I go to compete for a job and maybe even have to back up on the job? What's this doing to him mentally?

And this is the whole thing. You are only asking that question because of some of the things he has said. And I believe he's out here because of some of the things he has said. He said, you know, I'm thinking too much on the football field. I just want to play your quarterback. That's the thinking position.

I think you hurt yourself by saying that publicly. He said once he scrubbed himself, all his social media, Chicago Bears stuff, he said, well, I'm just tired of dealing with the pressure of, you know, how am I being traded, draft and all that stuff, dealing with pressure. That's what playing the position is, pressure. So I think just saying some of those things doesn't serve him well because you're in – that's the position.

Quarterback, it's a pressure situation where you have to think and make crucial decisions at the most crucial moments. Somebody should help him to say the right thing when he's talking publicly about his struggles. Do you see any scenario in which he stays? It would be the biggest boo-boo screw-up by Chicago to keep him if you go draft Caleb Williams and you keep Justin Fields in the same meeting room, the same quarterback room. There's no way you can develop this man and develop this young kid to where he should be, have his mind focused on him bringing – putting out his best with Justin Fields in the same room. You just can't do it.

You just can't do it. And it would give so much credence to everything his dad said prior to the process if Chicago comes up and do that, remember? He was worried about his son going to a horrible organization that didn't know what they were doing and that's exactly what Chicago would be doing. Michael, we were talking about this in the break about the dynasty on Apple, the Patriots dynasty.

Right. And we really got to see at one point what it was like in the locker room with Garoppolo and Brady and the tension between the two. So you were just saying that with Fields and whoever comes up, you've got a quarterback. I mean, I was saying as we started the show, 65 different guys played quarterback position and we saw what happened with Aaron Rodgers where you go out there for five seconds. In a related story, I'll talk to you about Kirk Cousins next. But, you know, that's the one question I thought was like, well, you know what?

And you may have answered it right there. But, God, there's so many guys getting hurt. And if you thought that Fields was a good idea, should you keep him?

But it seems like after watching this doc, it's just too toxic in the locker room. And you remember now, remember, they were chanting, Fields, Fields, we want Fields at the end of the season last year, we want Fields, we want Fields. The receiver, Moore, he said, no, I'm going to play with my quarterback now, play with Justin Fields. Now you bring in, you just put him in a bad situation. The fan base still seeing Fields right there. D.J. Moore still seeing Fields right there. And now we got to turn all our attention to Caleb Williams. Yeah, that would be a bad move.

That just would be a bad move. What do you think about the Calvin Ridley signing? I thought it was phenomenal. I know a lot of people are blown away with that. But I'm going to tell you this. That's a lot of money, Irv. A lot of money. I'm going to tell you something, this dude got a lot of talent. A lot of talent. It hadn't all transmuted to the football field. But when you watch this dude practice, remember now Tennessee got a coach that knows him very well, that brought him over there. You watch him practice, you watch his skill set, you say, oh my God, this is the next great thing in the NFL. Doug Peterson thought it was going to be the next great thing for Jacksonville. I guarantee you they didn't want to lose him. That's how the number got up to where it is because they didn't want to lose him. He has that raw talent and he has such a work ethic.

Coaches fall in love with him. But in 2020 he had 1,300 yards. So he has it. He just hasn't consistently dealt with it and put it up. He had 1,016 last year. But boy, his physical skill set, yeah.

Yeah. He can do all of that. Now the interesting part is, you know, they let A.J. Brown go from Tennessee and that's basically what he got.

Four years, 100 million, 25 million. And Ridley's now three years older than A.J. Brown. Right.

And Ridley's older. Yeah. Because, yeah.

Well, because he has some situations. Yeah, yeah, yeah. By the way, what time do you have to go? I don't know what time I'm out here.

Can you stay till like 10, 15, 10, 20? Yeah, I got to go another route. I just have to, I got to wait these things out. Okay, let's go next. Let's go Kirk Cousins next. Yeah, let's go Kirk Cousins next. Is he worth this money?

Would you have done that signing if you were the GM? Let me tell you how I explained this on dispute, which I just did. My favorite candy growing up was now and later. Now and later. You know, you have some now, they're so good. And you have some later, they're still good. That's exactly what I think this is that Minnesota did.

This was great, like my favorite candy. B. John Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts. That was a talented group of guys that's ready to explode right now. And Kirk Cousins gives me that right now.

I can explode with this team. I say with Kirk Cousins right now you win the NFC South. You beat Tampa, you played Tampa tough last year. You played and you split with them last year and you didn't have Kirk Cousins. And they did have Baker Mayfield. They got him back and you got Kirk Cousins now. I say you win the NFC South right now. Because Kirk makes you that good right now.

And the deal you signed, I can go and find me. I'm going to give him a young quarterback right now too. I'm going to put him behind Kirk.

Because I need him to transition in three years and take that role. And now I get both sides of that young trio of talent. I'll get the best out of them now with Kirk Cousins. And I'm training the guy that's going to take over for Kirk Cousins. And I'll get the best out of them later.

Just like my candy. Now and later. That's why I like what Minnesota did. They're good right now. And when they find a great young quarterback, in three years he'll be just coming into his game. He'll put them, divide him on in with them young guys.

And they'll be good later. It was a brilliant play. Brilliant play by Minnesota. Go all in right now.

It was brilliant. And you're not worried at all about his achilles. Because I look at a 36 year old player and he says, I've cleared everything but my achilles and I won't know until I get out there. Right.

But I was worried about it. But they're coming up with so many techniques now. We saw Ian Rogers out there man practicing before the season even ended when he hurt his foot.

Hurt his foot during the season. So during the season. So I'm not worried about that. You know people talk Justin Fields going here.

I would have been worried about that. Because Justin Fields who can run around guys run around. Great. I need a disperser of this ball. I need somebody to decipher the defense and get it in the hands of my young talent. I don't want just one young talent holding on to the ball running around. That's why I thought Kirk Couser was great. Because he's going to lift up the other guys. It's not about him.

He's going to disperse that ball. Yeah. Kyle Pitts, Drake London. Those guys got to be super happy. Bad boys. Yeah.

Bad boys. And think this. Think this.

Think this. You get a Justin Fields coming out of Chicago who's battered beaten and bruised by the way they treated him. He needs to see wide open before he throws. Because he's you know he throws interceptions.

He throws anything he's already said. I'm thinking too much. I'm thinking too much. I'm thinking too much. So Kirk Couser who's had Justin Jefferson.

I've seen Kirk Couser throw the ball. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't.

Don't. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh nice one. Drake London is an area code receiver. That means I just need somebody to throw it up in the area code. I'm going to make the play.

Right. Justin Jefferson is a I want to see you open kind of quarterback. That matchup ain't great for me. I like the Kirk Couser matchup. I see him throw balls to Justin Jefferson so he shouldn't be throwing. I want him to throw those same balls to Drake London.

See I don't think Justin Fields would do that. Let's take a break. When we come back we'll get your thoughts on the Cowboys. I'm sure that you have a lot of them shall we say. I might have some thought there too. You know I'm just back talking now.

I just love being back talking. Michael Ervin ahead on the Rich Eisen show. Yeah I feel like I'm more curious about your I'm going to compare your fear of flying with your concerns with the Cowboys. Like are you more panicked about flying or the Cowboys right now? That's interesting. I've got a lot of ideas. It's Thursday. It's hypothetical Thursday. You know what I mean? Interesting question.

Interesting question. Well I like to come in here and change it up when Rich isn't here. I think he's always surprised when the show is still on the air after I've come here.

I think sometimes he's like. Because I tend to fly a plane with one engine and is that a good way to put it? Right.

Mikey what do you think? Right. Just a plane I'm afraid to get on. Just a plane. Because I go why did I tell Suzy I'd come in? Wait a minute. She just said she wants to fly a plane with one engine. Yes I did.

Just that plane. I know right? But then again I feel like I don't work for the National Football League so I can ask questions that maybe would my husband be like why did you ask that? But it also you got a unique perspective too though. Because when man talks about fear there are different levels of fear and then you want to do a comparative analysis to that level of fear. Like okay how afraid of you over here of this? Like what the Cowboys did now I'm okay with. Right now I'm okay with. Now we're getting the season to be a different thing. But see that's what I have to say. It's one thing to be okay with it in March. It's another thing to be okay with it in September. Alright we're going to take a break right here on the Roku channel.

Much more ahead with Michael Irvin the playmaker right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Don't go anywhere. Don't go anywhere. Listen.
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