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Mike Florio: Cowboys Got To Figure Out Dak Prescott Situation

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 13, 2024 2:50 pm

Mike Florio: Cowboys Got To Figure Out Dak Prescott Situation

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 13, 2024 2:50 pm

3/13/24 - Hour 1

Rich breaks down the huge salary cap decisions facing the Los Angeles Chargers, and the Dallas Cowboys’ impending decisions on Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and other players.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and Rich discuss Aaron Rodgers possibly running on Robert Kennedy Jr’s ticket as his Vice President, Kirk Cousins leaving the Minnesota Vikings for the Atlanta Falcons, possible landing spots if the Chicago Bears trade Justin Fields, and the Dallas Cowboys’ “huge mess” in their handling of Dak Prescott’s contract.

Jets fan Rich reacts to Aaron Rodgers entertaining thoughts of joining Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential ticket as his VP.

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What does this mean for Justin Jefferson? Any sense that the bag is coming no matter what? I mean from a PR perspective, it's sort of asking you. You know what I mean?

I mean if they lose cousins and then and then Jefferson is able to shoot his way out of town, that's not great for for where they are. Today's guests, Host of Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio. Two-time Super Bowl Champion and Greenlight Podcast Host, Chris Long. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show Live in Los Angeles, California. Next three hours, Just Us Chickens right here on the Roku channel as Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliates smart enough to have us. Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast listeners. We say hello to you.

Whenever you're listening, it's your right to do so. Download us, listen to us whenever you want at your convenience but please do actually listen to us. We appreciate that. Our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show for anything that you miss. We re-air on the Roku channel all day long on channel 210. There's our Rich Eisen Show collection page which is a fancy way of saying it's a video on demand service.

There's really no way to avoid us and we hope you're not. 844-204-rich is the number to dial over the next three hours. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk will be joining us in about 20 minutes time to make heads or tails about everything that's going on in the NFL free agency that I guess technically begins officially at 4 Eastern today.

We'll describe what I mean by all that. Chris Long, our weekly in season Monday guest. He is back from family vacations. He also moved his green light pod to South by Southwest for the week. He's back from Austin, Texas. He's gonna be joining us in the third hour. I miss talking to him, not gonna lie. Although I did speak with him this morning and yesterday actually but bottom line is I miss talking with him in front of you. He's zooming in to tell us what he thinks about everything that's going on in free agency and the National Football League. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman.

How are you? Hey, people really let Jared Kennedy go to the Ravens. That's kind of messed up. They what? People really let that happen. What do you mean people let that happen?

Anyone could have had him but now he's on the perfect team. I know that. I know that. Come on. That's what we that was our our live reaction yesterday is like he is perhaps like if God made a raven yeah to run the football he's that like that's essentially an on-brand but they also lost a player yesterday Baltimore for another on-brand acquisition Patrick Queen to the Steelers. That was a fascinating sort of happening within the span of 20 minutes of each other on Tuesday. Yeah good to see you over there Mike D. Mike D. Good morning Rich.

Good morning. Is that a new Super Bowl match? Yeah I've worn this before. No you haven't?

Yeah. Once. What is it? I've actually worn it once. Is that the most recent one?

Super Bowl. Yeah. I changed it up. Where'd you get it?

I purchased it. Whoa. No chance. Oh my God.

You've definitely lifted that from the set. No no no no no no no no. He's not on the NFL Network anymore. We didn't give him away.

It wasn't a Fox Super Bowl. I'm kind of thinking he actually did. Wow. Did you? Here it comes. I've purchased that. That's breaking news.

You're right. Breaking wallets. That was the sound of a Velcro wallet ripping open of three weeks ago and here I thought that was the sound of the Chargers trying to make sure Jim Harbaugh gets what he wants. Good to see you over there TJ Jefferson how are you sir? I'm great what's up fellas and I just want to announce that I've been nominated to head up the United States Department of Fantasy Football and I'm thinking about accepting. Okay. But I'll still be here. You're welcoming the overture?

Yes I'll still be here every day though. Don't worry about that. We'll discuss that. Welcome to overture. Welcoming the overture is definitely something we're gonna be talking about later on. My basketball team named it. Let's let's just start the show with the latest on what Dallas is up to shall we?

Do you have that Mike Hoskins our co-ordinator producer of the Rich Eyes there it is. It's still just a long snapper. One thing I loved about our show is we didn't unnecessarily talk Dallas and here we are starting to show off. I mean they haven't done anything.

It takes a nice chunk out of the pile. You call it gratuitous I call it news. Like I said you being a man who loves punters and saying they're people too the fact that you don't see long snappers. Long snappers are fantasy well long snappers are free agency tracker worthy too. Put some respect on his name.

I will put some respect on it. Listen today I think we will hear more about who's not on a team than who's signing with the team. Today at 4 Eastern time folks must be cap compliant. That's got to happen by 4 Eastern today. You've got to be under the cap. You've got to be ready to roll into the season with your with your roster.

Ready to roll. Cap wise and what that means is I don't know how many people are gonna sign free agents today when they know by the end of the day there's gonna be a whole host of people out there who are now free agents because they've been cut and teams are gonna be trying to make trades for these players today and I don't think they're gonna make trades for these players today because they are expensive and everybody knows who's over a salary cap barrel and who is not and I think a lot of these players are gonna get released today and then suddenly they're up for you to take. Dallas will take them over. And maybe that's what Dallas is waiting for. I don't know like they're gonna go they're gonna really go into Filene's basement by the end of today.

Work smarter not harder. I get you because you can sign these guys tomorrow later tonight because a lot of guys are gonna be released and a lot of those cuts maybe from just up the road here in Southern California when you look at the largest cap hits of non quarterbacks the largest cap hit of the top five non quarterbacks they are all all of them players in SoFi Stadium. Four Chargers and Aaron Donald. Aaron Donald is not going anywhere as we know.

No. And there you see it Khalil Mack has the largest cap hit of any non quarterback in the NFL at present at 38 and a half million and just 1.9 million behind him is his fellow line mate Joey Bosa and then after that at 34 and change is Keenan Allen and at 32 and change is Mike Williams. That's a lot. Interestingly enough the Rams have the fourth highest cap hit of a quarterback. 49 and a half million dollars. Look who's got the highest cap hit of any human being in the National Football League this year.

It's Deshaun Watson. 63.9 million bucks and there is Dak at 59.4 still sitting there. Everybody waiting to hear. Everybody waiting to hear news out of Frisco that the Cowboys have extended Dak Prescott and they have now room to spare to sign other players on their team or whoever else might be left to go get in the the bargain basement right now a free agency. Waiting to hear on all that. Interestingly enough Matthew Stafford's four on that list so the Rams have the fourth highest on the quarterback list and non quarterback list and then fifth is your boy Daniel Jones.

Hey my boy. Which is part of the reason why Saquon's wearing an Eagles jersey today which by the way I keep hearing that Saquon wanted too much and by Saquon going that allowed the Giants to do what they did with Bryant Burns and what they did with two offensive linemen and what they did with you know Devin Singletary but the reason why they needed Saquon sacrificed on the cap alter to get those guys is because they're paying Daniel Jones all that money so the fact that they had to send Saquon south starts with the decision they made on the quarterback and I just keep needing to remind everybody some of the realities of what's going on there and that he didn't heel turn on you folks but get ready the Los Angeles Chargers are going to be remade today. I can't imagine how many of these guys are just gonna lower their cap numbers to stay and kick the can down the road I don't know if if that's what Jim wants to do hey I'm here in the National Football League guess what we're gonna do we're gonna just keep a bunch of guys who are one now tick older and we're part of a team that underperformed so disappointingly and occasionally are not available because they're unavailable their best ability is their ability to play availability right that he's gonna let's let's keep that band together I don't think so I think we're about to see it a different Chargers team right now everybody and I think that's starts today if I had a guess if I had a guess Keenan Allen stays and quill Mac I think I not at 38 million bucks he was awesome last year he was awesome last year he was also awesome in one game for seven of the sacks that he had right I I don't know I think Mike Williams would be gone and Joey Bosa would be gone if I had to just guess you want to keep Mac but that that's a high number high number that's a very high number and then you know there's what's going on with them your Dallas Cowboys put up that screening in one more time with Dax number sitting there I again having heard at the combine they are ready to go into the season with Dak at fifty nine point four million bucks and their concept of going all-in was just to stick with the team and here we are now four hours away from the new league year beginning and it's proven correct I still can't believe it dude I still cannot believe it that this is the way that Dallas Cowboys have chosen to react to their most disappointing most recent disappointing departure from the playoffs that one kind of surprises me I'm not gonna lie to you even though I was given a way heads up about it you prepared me a week before him and and Dak is sitting at home right now I bet you sitting there saying let's redo the deal let's figure this thing out and are the Cowboys saying to him no is that what is happening right now I keep returning to Jimmy Johnson appearing on a local radio show after the Cowboys got bounced and he revealed in a conversation that he and Jerry are now cool right now that Jerry called him after the loss to Green Bay because he has tough decisions to make on McCarthy and Dan Quinn and he also mentioned Dak Jimmy mentioned Dak right after the game Jerry's thinking about Dak and I as you know I'm not one of those people saying Dak is the problem was he supposed to I guess in that game just put the team on his back and win it I guess that's what everybody's expecting a quarterback to do in the playoffs but the defense didn't stop anybody on that day and so we're going to tell Dak you're gonna play this thing out think about it if this stays between now and for Eastern time they can still redo the deal by the way they could still redo it but the horse is out of the barn in terms of getting any free agents Derek Henry's a raven and Saquon's and Eagle and those are the two guys I've been pounding the table for you know DeAndre Hopkins is still sitting out there a ton a ton of veteran free agent receivers are out there who can help this team a ton there are some running backs that are out there who can help this team and so I'm just saying if Jerry Jones sticks with this and Dak goes into training camp with no more years added on to his contract do we understand what this is gonna be like in the fall honestly in terms like we're talking about it now in March media scrutiny yeah but but that is part and parcel of being a Dallas Cowboy quarterback or a Dallas Cowboy I totally understand that but do we understand like how that magnifies every game and I believe that's Jerry's intent that's Jerry's intent but you know honestly if pressure makes diamonds this is you know what adamantium the pressure makes this like what's more valuable vibranium vibranium yeah it's gonna be every single one and then comes the the playoffs unless Dak is just like you know what I see Kirk Cousins making gajillions of dollars and going on a different team I'll just be that guy but do we are are we aware of how this is gonna magnify everything McCarthy doesn't have another year like this is this is what I heard at the combine this is exactly what's playing out right now but I don't think everybody's thought about how it would actually be put into effect what if Micah doesn't get the attention paid fool what if he what if CD lamb doesn't like what if Jerry is just intending to not do any of that what does it mean it means that like you said we're gonna be talking about Dallas the whole season which we're gonna do anyway and that's the point to Jerry knows these things yeah he knows how to Pinocchio the but the question is is it does it does it lead to wins though does it lead to having a better result what I think leads to having a better result is having new toys and having more dependable coal for the engine that's what I think having Derek Henry carry the ball 20 times so that doesn't have to throw it right you know or or just it gives them a better sense of how things work when rubber meets the road just as a for instance you're making sense I think I am but we'll see what they do in the draft and we'll see what they do do they redo Dax deal do they sign CD do they give the you know contractual roadway to these guys what do they do which you literally just reminded me of like a 1980s drama that you know we're previewing next week's episode will they pay that because we all have tunnel vision right now but are we aware that this that's how this plan would look in in the fall and the answer is sure so scrutiny on the Dallas Cowboys tell me tell me another dog bites man story right right but the bottom line is though does that actually result in the Cowboys getting to the NFC Championship game and Jerry will look back and go while you were all howling at me from the stands I was waving my game plan in my leather satchel at you that's a Hoosiers reference and those are my guys on the floor that's it will we be next January if this does play out saying you're right man but at present right now you got your long snapper back so that's great we need him to call it we shrink we shouldn't get the long ever Trent C needs to call the zoom in with hey man where are you that guy can spin it where you at brother like I said when it comes down Chris when it's cold and we got the best kicker in football that's right that long snapper you're gonna need yeah yeah well you got a hit Cooper rush right in the hands so who it is I don't know who is it it could be Trey Lance next year all right we'll take a break Mike Florio pro football talk will join us I don't know is he is he running for anything is he on the short list he's on the short list of our guest list coming up next looking for an assist with your credit card but can't get a hold of anyone luckily with 24-7 u.s. based live customer service from discover everyone has the option to talk to a real person anytime day or night yep you heard that right you can talk to a real human and customer service anytime sounds like a real game changer if you ask us make the right call and get the service you deserve with discover limitations apply see terms at slash credit card welcome to talk about the ultimate small rewatch podcast title transference aired October 27 2004 director James Marshall writers Todd Slatkin Darren swimmer I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general when you say things are good and I check them out they are jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen ah yes we're back on our Roku channel feed radio audience will return in a moment so just real quick I am after today's show planning a city council run no no no no no no no I welcome the overture from my fellow poker buddies were flying to Hawaii and hanging out for a couple days Murph cone he is not he is not this trip however courtesy of you know tomorrow's guest host who is just all kinds of awesome to say go and Sue's like go and I'm like okay and I'm committing to a bit okay I don't think she's watching now so but I got you know the coffee cups that rich I don't bring home I leave them here so and this will be the third so you guys are the last time Susie was here she cleaned out about mugs all right yeah she was not happy okay she's like why don't think this will be for tomorrow that'll be a bit see I leave I commit to bits even when I'm not here I like that so I'll be back Monday Kirk Morrison here Friday I don't think he cares about how many uh well it won't be you won't they won't be here on Friday when you reveal there's a bit that like this I have a feeling she's gonna leave him here now well she might not like say she might not be listening right now though so now she's not I don't believe yeah so she don't know so there you go you're welcome PJ though I'll know by the window talking about by the window to phone about make sure you make sure you'd send us a window shot yeah we can then sleuth if it's done yeah yeah done to see if I don't you've all work positively absurd there's nothing more absurd back on the Rich Eisen show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click Granger calm or just stop by and our friend the man the creator of pro football talk and PFT live on peacock every single day good to see you again Mike Florio how are you sir good good and I need to tell you this is gonna be my last appearance I'm gonna run for vice presidents on the free pizza for everyone your pandering how to say hello your pandering had us at hello no pineapple all in on that we're all in and we welcome that overture so to use the phrase apparently that pays right now I mean how many posts do we think we're gonna get out of that one Mike what do you think I already got one I think I already saw one from you what do you think yeah well it's up to two because sauce gardener had a post on X that I needed to address because now he's not hearing back from Aaron Rodgers it might have something to do with the cell service at his home in California nice can be a little spotty when people are trying to track him down but people give me a hard time oh here you go more Aaron Rodgers stuff what are we supposed to do the guy might run for vice president of the United States and we ignore it because we're all fatigued we've all reached our lifetime limit of Aaron Rodgers content guess what folks this might just be the beginning I have long believed this heel turn that he's taken the past few years is a precursor to getting involved in electoral politics and here we are before he's even finished his playing career so get used to it people well I mean it's also not just any publication reporting it it's the New York Times you know in a story about a candidate who appears to be making one of the more viable or I guess one would say more of substantive in terms of affecting an outcome potentially independent runs for president like this is this is not just fly-by-night right here Mike you know yeah it's not like RFK jr. is gonna win this is and I don't want to go as far back to Ross Perot this is Ralph Nader Green Party get enough of the vote to screw it up for one of the other candidates because you know one of my first thoughts was does Woody Johnson the owner of the Jets who is a very firm supporter of one of the two candidates does he like this does he not like it does it help his guy does it hurt his guy I mean that's the great unknown here but RFK jr. isn't gonna win barring something completely and totally unexpected but he's in a position to screw things up for somebody who otherwise would win without his presence in the race and I really like that what does I really don't know what Aaron Rodgers presence on the ticket does for it other than give it free publicity until Aaron Rodgers says no I'm gonna stick with my day job and that may have been all that this is about rich nothing more than getting us and others to be talking about writing about the RFK jr. campaign which otherwise isn't moving the needle merely talking about Aaron Rodgers possibly being the vice president on that ticket gets people talking about something that otherwise wouldn't talk about Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen show let's talk about free agency I to use I guess an old school journalism phrase to paraphrase it follow the Zillow right I mean is that is that how we now can track in advance you you nailed Kirk Cousins to Atlanta through that sort of thought process walk me through your reporting on that well like and you know it's funny because and I appreciate you matching it rich if Kirk Cousins had stayed in Minnesota yes what we had reported last week would be no less accurate because we didn't report he was going to Atlanta we reported that through and you get all sorts of information when you operate a media outlet and the question is which frogs that you kiss turn into princes and which stones that you overturn have something under them that isn't a snake that's gonna bite you in the ass when you get that information you vet it you run it by people who know so we get information gratuitously and we vet the stuff that seems credible Kirk Cousins and his wife as of last week we're looking for schools for their children and a home for the family in the Atlanta area that's all we reported if he had stayed in Minnesota it still would have been true the fact that he's going to the Falcons naturally validates the report because yeah they had reason to be looking at those homes and or schools so that's what we had and I don't turn anything away just because it's coming from someone I don't know if I can take that thing that you activate your instinct your gut the way this is being sent to me the way this is being couched the way this is being explained it's at least worth my time to rub the lamp a little bit to see if there's something there if you can confirm through credible channels that there's something there that's when you have something and you know we got lucky we got lucky and and again if it's I'm in Minnesota everybody be dragging me this week saying we made it up last week because he didn't sign with the Falcons so I got lucky that he signed with the Falcons well and and it does appear that's the most significant free agent signing right now and I'm not including teams re-signing players like say Chris Jones of the Chiefs that's pretty damn significant so would you put Cousins going to Atlanta the most significant free agent signing of the first two days of the negotiating window Mike I think that's that's it number one because a lot of people didn't expect it and I don't think the Vikings whether they cared or didn't care they didn't do an effective job of getting their fan base ready for what was coming because I think a lot of people expected they would find a way to keep Kirk Cousins around but they had a number in mind they weren't gonna go above it there were mixed signals coming from the organization Kevin O'Connell the head coach said on PFT live from the scouting combine 15 days ago 100% unequivocally he wants Kirk Cousins back well somebody overruled him because they didn't do what they had to do to keep Kirk Cousins so that's number one I'd say number two is either and look from a fantasy football standpoint Saquon Barkley going from the Johnson the Eagles that's got a lot of sizzle you throw in the Tiki Barber thing that might have been overblown by Saquon Barkley but regardless that becomes an intriguing signing Christian Wilkins going from Miami to the Raiders is a big deal because he's a disruptive force he's a guy who can F the play up as Chris Sims likes to say from the inside making it easier from Ax Crosby to create havoc on the outside the Dolphins didn't even tag him they could have tagged and traded him they didn't do it they didn't have the cap space to do it that's a big deal Brian Burns getting tagged and traded by the Panthers a big deal but yeah Kirk Cousins was the one for the guys who changed teams Kirk Cousins six years after he went to Minnesota free agent again unrestricted unfettered goes to Atlanta and now we see how healthy is we see how effective he is and we see what the Vikings do with their door number two door number three door number four door number whatever right and Sam Donald was the one that walked in I guess the first door with the Vikings and the fact that Cousins went to Atlanta Baker stayed put Russ wound up with Pittsburgh and then you see other teams like the Raiders go in the Gardner Minshew direction the commander is clearly setting up to take what looks like Jayden Daniels second overall by signing Mariota the Patriots getting Jacoby preset for assuming a third overall drafted quarterback like Drake May leaves just to wonder where does Justin Fields wind up like what's going on with the Bears and their decision there and the timing on it Mike well you know rich when the Patriots got only a sixth round pick for Mac Jones who was drafted four spots after Justin Fields was a pro bowler his rookie year had a regression in 2022 due in large part to the fact that Bill Belichick thought it would be prudent to make a career defensive coach in charge of the offense if that's all you get and he lands at number two at best on the Jacksonville depth chart what are the Bears gonna get for Justin Fields these teams want to go young all the way down to rookie the ones that need quarterbacks and the fact that there were other free agent options available where you don't have to give up any value by way of draft pick compensation to get the guy that has complicated as well and rich I've been trying to play this out in my mind like where does this go from here is there a deal that's done in the short term do they hold him until after the draft the 18-hour window between the end of round one and the start of round two will there be a team that wanted a quarterback in round one that gets shut out from the guy they want and so okay we'll do a deal with the Bears for Justin Fields and if it doesn't happen then do you run it all the way through the trade deadline and wait for someone to lose a starting quarterback is there a way that Justin Fields Caleb Williams Bears can coexist folks in Chicago think that can't happen I was just on the score before joining you they say they got political signs in the yard yard signs Justin Fields is our quarterback in Chicago hmm that's how big of a deal it is and I'd like to say to those folks if you really believe that then the fact that no one's offering anything of value for a guy who's clearly available should tell you maybe you should revisit your position but regardless it's a big mess for the Bears they need to figure out when to declare victory and retreat on this one so if they're putting yard signs out for Justin Fields in Chicago does that mean Tyson Bajant is the vice president welcome and thank you thank you just trying to be current but in all seriousness though what you said about how teams want to go young at quarterback I I kind of find this fascinating to me because last year let me get this number right I got this from Jack Andrade NFL Network researcher yesterday I should have written it down rather than trying to find it in my phone live here it is there were last year 67 different starting quarterbacks and that was four behind the 71 the year before the number of times that you're going to need a quarterback to keep your season alive to keep your season going to make sure it doesn't go south like say the Jets last year and we could make more examples of that I don't get it why wouldn't some team just decide to flip something for Justin Fields and get him and see how that works out while you get another young quarterback in right like I don't understand it because you could potentially strike gold with this kid with a chip on his shoulder and let's just say you get him as a backup our you know our colleague Albert Breer came on here yesterday I said give me a team that would take Justin Fields and he spat the Eagles back at me and that blew me away because yeah like say Hertz goes down you stick Justin Fields in there you can still go on a Super Bowl run potentially like I don't understand why sometimes general managers want to play it cheap when that will absolutely come back to bite him in October or November Mike I don't get it right here I think here's the problem sure matter and any time a quarterback gets a contract that has a no trade clause in it I will inevitably say a no trade clause doesn't matter for a starting quarterback because if that guy doesn't want to be on a given team that team is never gonna touch him because he's the heart and soul of the team he's the face of the franchise he's the guy who sets the agenda for everyone else he comes early he stays late he works on Tuesday except for one guy who doesn't work on Tuesday but he's there all the time he's your guy you can't have him on your team if he doesn't want to be there so if you're gonna trade Justin Fields to be a backup somewhere else and he doesn't want that that becomes a problem I don't want to go play for you as the backup I want to be a starter somewhere which could maybe get him on board with this idea of letting it play out give him the stats about 67 starting quarterbacks last year eventually someone's gonna get injured and you get to go play there so let's be let's be patient let's wait for the right moment we get what we want by way of trade value you get what you want by way of a clear path to the field and that's our best opportunity at this point I think that you know it's gonna be in stages stage one can we line up a trade before the start of free agency nope do we line something up after the first couple of days of the musical chairs happening we'll see if that doesn't happen can we make it happen after round one of the draft we'll find out and then the the ultimate end game would be let's see what happens when the season starts and rich what they could do and fields would have to agree to this they could just say you're on the team but you're not on the team you're on the Deshaun Watson plan you stay home you work out at the facility when no one's here it's not going to be a distraction for the Chicago Bears but we're in this holding pattern while we wait for an opportunity to trade you and you get paid every step of the way exactly like the Texans did with Watson different circumstances course different situation but the same idea if fields is willing to do it they could try to pull that off all right Mike Florio before I send you on to your Wednesday new league year is happening in less than four hours from when you and I are talking right now and Dak Prescott is still on the cap for the Cowboys for just shy of 60 million bucks second largest cap hit in the NFL this year and as we are talking right now right up on the screen is the current hall for the Dallas Cowboys in the free agent negotiating all in baby all right and so what what in the world is happening in Dallas best you can tell Mike hey look they've got to get this situation figured out with Dak Prescott now the easy thing to do is activate their prerogative to restructure drop the salary down I think the new cap number would be 40 million instead of fifty nine point four the problem is that money gets kicked into next year they're looking at 95 million or thereabouts over the next two years in cap charges for Dak Prescott and he's only under contract for this year if he leaves after this season they have a huge cap charge they're going to take on the back end of him not even being around the Vikings are taking 28th this year for cousins the Bucks took 35 last year for Tom Brady the Cowboys would take a massive cap charge next year they've got to get this cap number down and then they have to turn their attention to CD lamb who's ready for his new contract Michael Parsons I don't think Michael Parsons should set foot on a football field until he gets his second contract then what are they gonna do to make the team better around those guys they're in a huge huge mess and it's all because they dragged their feet for too long when Dak Prescott originally was eligible for a new contract and rich this is the one truth that every team needs to pay attention to it's playing out now with the Vikings and Justin Jefferson it'll happen in the future with other players and other teams the longer you wait to pay a guy who has earned his contract the more it's going to cost it never gets cheaper unless the player has a serious injury or just completely loses his ability to perform it's always going to get more expensive it's better to do it early so but why if you know that the contracts that contract needs to be renegotiated do you not do it over the last few weeks so you do create the space to add players to go all-in this year right like why why when you know this is a situation you have to address do they not are they addressing it behind the scenes and there's just a head pounding experience going on Mike what what what's going on they tried to address it last year because they knew what was coming when they refused to give him a new contract after his third season remember he was a fourth round pick out of Mississippi State he became the starter right away he had three solid seasons they paid him two three million dollars in his fourth year they didn't give him a contract then then they did the franchise tag for a year didn't give him a contract then then when they were up against franchise tag number two plus the reality would be a forty four percent increase over his second tag the next year or unrestricted free agency that's when they cried uncle and gave him this for your 160 million dollar contract and in year four they knew at the time they were going to be stuck they were hoping to do a new deal before that and now rich it's as simple as this Dak has all the leverage and what would Jerry Jones do what's he done his entire life when he's had leverage in a business situation he has taken full advantage of it and that's what Dak's trying to do and Jerry doesn't know what to do because he is over a barrel and Dak is in a position where he can behave exactly the same way that Jerry Jones would behave squeeze every dollar out of the situation and that's what the Cowboys are faced with they've got no good option here they've got to pay him 60 million a year on a new contract or they have to deal with the fifty nine point four million dollar cap charge this year or they have to do a simple restructuring and face the possibility of him leaving after this season and then they've got 50 million plus in his name under next year's cap and he's on somebody else's team and this is why at present they only have a long snapper resigned that's seriously like that's that's the end result of everything they got to figure out what they're doing with Dak's contract before they can do anything Wow and so let's say they go into the new league year with the cap charge what it is they can still redo it after right like they this there's not a deadline now to get it done over the next few hours correct no there isn't deadline to get it done they're gonna carry fifty nine point four into this new league year and I won't be stunned if between now and four o'clock we find out they've exercised the prerogative to restructure knock that number down to forty but still you're dealing with the forty now fifty plus next year you have another year to do a deal with Dak Prescott and it just kicks the can by way of the urgency to work out a long-term contract but again it's only gonna potentially get more expensive if he has another great year and they're faced with fifty plus million in dead cap money and no Dak Prescott next year or giving him what he wants and working with that cap charge and getting it under control they need that they need to give him what he's looking for and the fact that he had such a big year last year makes it easier for him to expect with a straight face to become the highest paid player in football that's the problem he would had a bad year it would be tougher to pull off he had a great year and it's easier for him to say I want sixty million dollars Mike I appreciate it let us know how we can support your vice presidency Candacy candidacy on the free pizza for everyone ticket we're all in yeah pro football talk calm for all updates on the free pizza for all ticket and the other things that I may be doing also see if you're giving me an opening look I got to make I got to make a pitch for my please my mob novel father of mine set in 1973 and available on Amazon for only $3.99 you can find nothing for $3.99 except for that very good it's cap friendly it's cap friendly charge $3.99 father of mine go get it on Amazon and we greatly appreciate your time here Mike you'd be well we'll chat again very very bad that's the great Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk breaking news involving the Jets when we come back is that what's happening yes Oh big move Zach Wilson got traded you're not saying that's next this is the Rich Eisen show named one of the best personal finance podcasts the stacking Benjamin show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun I got an email today from the Len Penzo comm HR department I find really interesting I'm an employee of one at this company so but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise if I just open the attachment I could see how much my raise was make sure you click on the links that are in there too oh absolutely yeah I can't wait this is I'm excited find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast wherever you listen hi there sorry for the interruption but are you enjoying this show on Google podcasts you should know that the Google podcast app is going away this spring that's right going away gone as in no longer available you can still enjoy this show elsewhere though try out Spotify or Amazon music or maybe tune in is more your style whatever app you switch to be sure to follow so you never miss the next episode and thanks for listening wherever you listen would you be able to give an NFL team a good 15 scripted to start a game Larry could you really do that really you think so not now what do you mean I would need I would need to I would need to study it okay I would need to you know go go down on the field mm-hmm I would need to just talk to the offensive coordinator mm-hmm I would need to take a little course on it mm-hmm then there's no doubt in my mind that I could do it what would you be would you be a passing offense or running offense what would you be what would you be a lot of trickery yeah a lot of trickery I would have I here's what I would be doing yes I would be setting up the defense okay I'm going like this and now I'm coming back for the pass okay so I would do that a couple of times and then the third time I would go like this I think I'd go zoom down and so that place called the the zoom the zoom down play zoom down so like double triple quadruple moves yes setting setting them up setting them up I just setting up everybody that's that's how I would that's how I would plan my offense a lot of decoys a lot of setups a lot of smoke and mirrors yes and then at some point there has to be a play that actually works there'd be many place to work they're being set up all over the place they're not even gonna know what's going on they're gonna be so confused come on sounds good sounds good Larry David by the way I'm available Larry David here on the rich eyes and show one week from tomorrow Larry David returns to the rich eyes and show in studio that's gonna help back here on the program all right you have breaking news yeah here it comes we have a Jets trade what do you have Zach Wilson get traded all right the Jets are receiving yes from the Ravens yes right tackle Morgan Moses right part of a pick swap Morgan Moses in a fourth round pick this year number 134 yes and a swap at the Ravens number 112 and a sixth round pick okay 218 all right and Morgan Moses returns to the New York Jets he was there on the offensive line in 2021 correct and that Jets Avenue right tackle and that leaves them more flexibility tenth overall pick should use on another offensive lineman get Elijah Vera Tucker back and off we go and we start protecting for Aaron Rodgers unless he's the vice president of the United States unless also he's running for vice president of the United States on the independent ticket of Robert F Kennedy jr. I'm not joking listen I will say this we are all for athletes doing more than just playing we're not a shut up and dribble show we're not a stick to sports show we talk all the time to athletes who are trying to affect change at the government level trying to get new legislation trying to be socially active we're all for that and I'm all for that and I never sit here and say well just because you're out there doing so much actively that you're not paying attention to being an athlete we're not those types of people on the show so there's that as the setup of me also wanting Aaron Rodgers to succeed as the Jets quarterback so badly as you know but when I read this in the New York Times that RFK jr. was trying to get on all 50 states in the ballot to throw his hat in the presidential ring and affect the race there's no question about it you know and then who knows catches fire and thinks he can be the next president of the United States that he reached out to Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura Jesse the old the the body now then he became the mind right when he was the governor of Minnesota and and both according to the New York Times welcomed the overture which by the way there's another great name for maybe a house band hey guys you know come on can you guys come to the bar me and Mike me and the guys we're gonna welcome the overture is gonna be playing at 8 o'clock I've already named my fantasy basketball team that welcome the overture you didn't change it welcome the overture attaboy TJ yeah my back's feeling better so I don't need the bar WWTO welcome the overture when I when I read that I thought to myself you know how soon till Aaron Rodgers comes out and says I'm I'm the quarterback of the New York Jets like I'm honored I'm appreciative we all know he's tight with RFK jr. and really ascribes to the the policies that he forwards so but he's the quarterback of the New York Jets and I thought to myself the longer this goes the more credence it has that he's actually welcomed the overture and is actually thinking about it cuz this isn't like some you know fly-by-night organization this New York Times reporting this and all I'm saying is like Aaron if you're thinking of being a vice president the United States can you let the Jets know before the new league year hits so we can actually do what we should done last year which is get Joe Flacco to play quarterback while you're not there can we do that like if he's actually thinking that like do the Jets a favor and tell him before it's too late that's what I thought because as long as this keeps going in my mind damn straight it's a distraction I mean already sauce gardener tweeted out something along the lines like he's if he's being the vice president is that why he's not answering my texts which leads everybody to think is he really not answering sauce gardeners text messages right now like I don't need this stuff and nobody needs it no it's taking that for real I don't know who the hell knows anymore because you got to take it seriously until we don't have to and you can't sit there and go well you never was blown out of proportion the New York Times said he's welcome the overture and plus you know what he's got to do is is is listen to the guy who stepped up on January 8th and said football stuff only if you want to win in the in this building that we're doing individually or collectively that has nothing to do with real winning needs to be obsessed everything that we do has to have a purpose to when you step in the building there's intentionality with everything that you do and it's not a half the time thing it's not a sometimes thing it's not a most of the time thing it's an every time thing if you want to be a winning organization then to put yourself in position to win championships and be competitive everything that you do matters and the bull that has nothing to do with winning needs to get out of the building and if he's gonna be out of the building because he wants to do this then he let us know let the Jets know let's go honestly I'm not sitting here saying he can't advocate for RFK jr. and use his his platforms to do so and still be a great quarterback of the New York Jets I'm sure he can compartmentalize and silo it like that just like everybody else who does things off the field for their political beliefs or social justice honestly but if he doesn't want to if he wants to do this like newly gear starting now is the time to say I'm not doing it because the longer it goes it's welcome the overture has been out for coming up 24 hours and it'll be more and more difficult for Aaron to go somewhere and here's another spot he can come here any time he knows that he's been a longtime friend of the show although hasn't been on for a while happy to hear the words I still want to be the quarterback of the New York Jets oh my god so but the longer it goes he it'll be difficult for him to show up on another media outlet and say oh they blew it out of proportion the New York Times reports he has welcomed the overture so if he wants to be RFK's VP let's uh Mona Lisa Vito tick-tock my clock's ticking because let's find out maybe Justin Fields goes to the Jets let's go let's go use draft capital get Justin Fields we'll get him in here bring him to the Jets let's go and you go and and be the VP that you want to be maybe this is something he's always dreamed of having and if that's the case go follow it but don't let the Jets hang out there maybe he's told them that off-camera too I don't know but right now I'm a jet fan going really is Aaron Rodgers maybe not gonna be there this fall again our number two of the Rich Eisen show coming up I've got my power rankings of the best free agent signings coming up movies TV shows books podcasts and more it's what women binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend Amanda Lee we have Lauren Bosworth with the hills so what is like your number one question from fans the primary question I still get asked was what is it real in 2024 to me is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality TV gauntlet at this point what women binge wherever you listen
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