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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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March 12, 2024 9:47 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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March 12, 2024 9:47 pm

Who will have a bigger impact: Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins? l Jonas Shaffer, Baltimore Banner l Jaylon Johnson says Justin Fields would be welcomed back to Bears

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That's BetterHelp H-E-L-P dot com slash grow. It's that time of year. Cash the Ticket. Jim Costa with Mike Valenney. We shift the focus from football to college hoops. Playing that system that's not a system but sure plays like a system leading up to the tournament. We're looking for that value with the daily dimes. We look for the gross lines. Getting us ready for the tournament where we're going to break down all the matchups and have an eye on some future plays too. This time of year baby. Search Cash the Ticket on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. 3M Eastern.

3 Pacific. We've had a busy show so far. More players in the NFL are coming to agreements on contracts. Jordan Poirier is moving from the Buffalo Bills. He's now signing a one year contract with the Dolphins. Daniel Hunter. No longer a member of the Minnesota Vikings. He is going to Texas to play for the Texans.

And then we all know about some of the other moves that have taken place over the past 24 to 48 hours. Early this morning late last night we found out that Sam Donald is going to be leading the way for the Minnesota Vikings. Terrible. Awful. Jameis Winston is now going to be a backup for Deshaun Watson out in Cleveland.

And then also this afternoon is a lot of alsos. Derrick Henry. He's the new starting running back for the Baltimore Ravens.

A matter of fact in about 20 minutes from now we're going to have a conversation with Jonas Schaefer. He's coming through to join us from the Baltimore banner. We'll get his perspective on what Derrick Henry can and will and will hopefully mean for the Baltimore Ravens.

If you've missed a minute of the show you can always hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. We've already had on an amazing guest a former pro bowler all pro fullback Lorenzo Neal joined us earlier on in the show. This man played 16 years in the NFL helping to protect dudes like Corey Dillon and Warwick Dunn and then Ladanian Tomlinson.

Not shabby company. It's like everybody that he helped block for ended up rushing for 1,000 yards and so Lorenzo Neal came through and gave us some excellent excellent perspective on the current running backs all the movement that we've had. Austin Eckler to the commanders Aaron Jones signing you know with the Minnesota Vikings Josh Jacobs replacing Jones and going to the Packers just so much.

Saquon to the Giants obviously. But we know the quarterbacks is where it's at. And one of the other questions that I asked Lorenzo Neal when he joined us is about the two big time quarterbacks that have moved.

That's Russell Wilson. On Sunday night we learned that he is going to be joining the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers don't have to pay him but a mill and change. Denver Broncos are picking up like the other 39 mil. And then we have Kirk Cousins who came to an agreement with the Atlanta Falcons four years one hundred and eighty million dollars. This is the same Kirk Cousins who blew out his Achilles to end last season. He was one of the NFL's best quarterbacks is 36 years old going to be 36. This is tough going. These these quarterbacks you could say are our season.

They're veterans. I mean in the case of Russell Wilson we're talking Super Bowl appearances. Only one Super Bowl.

I think we know why the other one didn't take place. Blame him or Pete Carroll take your pick. Anyway Russell Wilson went on his little tour last week stopped by the New York Giants went out to Pittsburgh and stayed. I thought Russell Wilson showing up to the New York Giants facility to sit down with them was nothing more than a little bit of leverage just to show face and say yeah you're not the only game in town. But ultimately he stayed at the game. He stayed in Pittsburgh.

And this is where he's going to apply his trade next season for one year at minimum. Jordan Schultz on Fox Sports. He said that Russell Wilson Mike Tomlin they got together had their meeting and I guess as of right now they have best football buddies. He was in the room with Mike Tomlin for a couple hours and they hit it off in a way that was described to me as perfection. When you put Russell Wilson in a room as you know he excels. Mike Tomlin is the same type of guy. They related in a human on a human level much way beyond football. And as a result of that that created this level of like comfort that they felt like we can take this to a to a really successful place. And when you're the Pittsburgh Steelers you have not had good quarterback play since Ben Roethlisberger. So it was a really low risk move by Pittsburgh to bring in a guy like Russ and they felt like him and Tomlin that they could really vibe. Again they spent a couple hours together and I was told it was a perfect a perfect relationship almost made in heaven. Wow. Hickey I didn't know I didn't know Russell Wilson could relate to anybody on a human level besides his wife. How about that.

Yeah he comes across to me as a as a phony. Hey how about this more movement. C.J. Gardner Johnson last played for the alliance and started with the Eagles. He's going back to the Eagles a three year contract up to or worth up to 33 million dollars. So I know the Eagles been looking for a little bit of help when it comes down to the defensive backs.

Well C.J. Gardner Johnson is going to be back no longer a member of the Lions. But back to this Russell Wilson man. He's going to be joining a Steelers team that just traded away Deontay Johnson. The defense is rather strong. Najee Harris is still there. Pickens is still there. George Pickens will be complaining about the ball pretty much in no time. But this is a Steelers team that to this day Deontay Wilder to this day they still haven't had a losing season under Mike Tomlin.

And I know we joked about it last week Hickey and said man wouldn't that be some you know what. If for all the years that Mike Tomlin has had this job and has always been at least on the positive side or not below 500 that they bring on Russell Wilson and that they hit the toilet. Well someone who doesn't believe that is Lorenzo Neal. I told you we spoke to Lorenzo earlier on in the show and he says Russell Wilson he's going to have a bigger impact than Kirk Cousins.

Listen to this. Team that's ready to win now and I think they go deep into the playoffs and I think right now the what Russell Wilson wants to accomplish in the way he played in Denver that bounce back year last year and still didn't have necessarily all the weapons didn't have a great offensive line didn't have necessarily the greatest receivers. I think Russell Wilson when you think about where he's going to a Stiller team that plays great defense he's going to a team that he's not going to have to carry it he's not going to necessarily have to go and carry this team.

I think this team in some essence kind of remind you of that legion of boom. I'm not saying they're better but you think about the Steelers and think about Seattle and their heyday they were dependent on that defense. The Steelers is that type of team that can play great defense and now you have a quarterback that is a game changer and a quarterback that can get the ball and distribute it to the right guys and also can it can escape and make plays with his legs. I think the Steelers I think that Russell Wilson is going to have the biggest impact out of those guys.

Okay reasonable I mean the defense is the defense for the Steelers is pretty damn good. You know earlier we talked in the show about Patrick Queen joining the squad joining the linebackers also at the same time making the the Ravens defense weaker. Cameron Hayward is still there I feel like he's getting older but he's still there.

TJ Watt every year is in the conversation for defensive player of the year you could argue that he should have just won the award won the award over Miles Garrett. Alex Highsmith is someone who continues to deliver I still can't believe they got this dude out of Charlotte. If I continue moving on and the defensive backs you got Minka Fitzpatrick, Joey Porter Jr. still young room to grow I'm surprised Joey Porter Jr. can go outside and buy a drink. Like yeah if you want to think about the defense of the Steelers it's going to carry them but am I expecting Russell Wilson to just have flashbacks like this is the Legion of Boom. 25 touchdowns I think will do the trick and I think it'll put the Steelers back into contention in the AFC North. I think it'll get them back into the playoffs so people might actually just look at him and and take him serious and he will have an impact because they can't get any worse than what they did last year because Kenny Pickett is pedestrian at best and at worst. But then if I have to take a look at the Atlanta Falcons. Rahim Morris their new head coach he basically said he admitted if this team had a better quarterback last year then I probably wouldn't be here. Arthur Smith would have still had the job and this Atlanta Falcons team would have been in the postseason but every year under Arthur Smith there's seven and ten, seven and ten, and seven and ten and now by the way Arthur Smith is the new offensive coordinator for the Steelers. The Falcons they seemingly have everything that they would need to go to the postseason and Kirk Cousins despite his age despite his own injury if he is healthy and I could say that about anybody he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the game is he running around is he scrambling like Russell Wilson no but I think that's to his benefit he's gonna have a Kyle Pitts down the field or up the middle depending on where they put this basketball player they're gonna have Drake London they do need to get another wide receiver they have two running backs Bijan Robinson Tyler Algier Kirk Cousins gonna have a bigger impact than Russell Wilson at this stage it's almost like plug-and-play I really think it's like plug-and-play for both of these individuals but here's the deal Kirk Cousins he has a long-term contract Russell Wilson is he's only scheduled or he's only signed or will be signed to be with the Steelers for one year Kirk Cousins can fail this year and unless there's some catastrophic injury he'll be back the year after that if Russell Wilson stinks well let's just put the nail in the coffin for his career and so who has more to prove or without a shadow of a doubt it's Russell Wilson who's gonna have a larger impact that's that's a tight race now I'm leaning towards saying Kirk Cousins because I think all things considered especially in the division that they play in Kirk Cousins should be able to have a little bit more of a field day in the NFC South than Russell Wilson is gonna have in the AFC North we know how competitive we know how competitive it is Steelers Ravens Browns Bengals sounds like a dog fight no no reference to the Browns the NFC South it sounds like a pillow fight plenty of disrespect to the Panthers sorry I know you just added Deontay Johnson congratulations the Saints don't scare me the Buccaneers that's your best competition I think Kirk Cousins will have a larger impact because the Steelers in a wait and see and they hope Russell Wilson can contribute and I think he will but I think Kirk Cousins is going to have more of an impact be more of a difference maker and in most part because of the division Steelers may not even make the postseason even if Russell Wilson has a good year Hickey what say you man in terms of those two I'm with you on Kirk Cousins I think he's gotten the bigger impact I think right now he's the better quarterback and is in a better situation like the weapons around Kirk with a better offensive line you got the three-headed monster Bijan Robinson Kyle Pitts Drake London I think he's set up just for a position of more success versus now we just saw you know what an hour ago if that Dante Johnson now traded by the Steelers so now it's George Pickens and who I don't really know who else he's gonna throw the ball to they have a good run game but still questions tougher division tougher conference yeah I'm gonna disagree with Lorenzo I think in terms of these two who's got the bigger impact and more success I'm gonna go with Kirk and Atlanta yeah look and maybe that's what everybody wants with the Steelers maybe they want to limit the amount of passes that Russell Wilson is going to throw I just know that Kirk Cousins he's gonna have more of a green light he's gonna have full reign to do what he wants to do and Falcons fans are gonna see something that they haven't seen since Matt Ryan left that's actually a quarterback delivering the ball down the field to the wide receivers and doing it accurately is Kirk Cousins gonna go ahead and win you the big one I don't think so but that's one thing that you won't have to worry about is actually moving the chains and I know Falcons fans they want a quarterback who can run they want a new h quarterback it's not what they have they may have to wait another three or four years for that or maybe sooner but Kirk Cousins for right now I think he's definitely gonna have the bigger impact this is the JR sport re-show with you on CBS Sports Radio I need to let you know well I don't know why Denver doesn't add this dude as their quarterback the player of the week sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union who proudly serves the armed forces DoD veterans and their families their members are the mission you can learn more at Nikola Jokic this man he bounced back helping Denver bounce back from a 21-point second half deficit to beat the Raptors 125 to 119 Jokic 35 points 17 rebounds 12 assists that triple double is 21st of the season I heard he's about seven feet tall and he could throw a hell of a pass maybe the Broncos need to invest in him and do something else with the the 12th overall pick it's the JR sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio we're going to take a break on the other side it's time to have a conversation with Jonas Schaefer we're going to talk all things Ravens all things AFC North and Jonas is joining us from the Baltimore banner it's the JR sport re-show CBS Sports Radio what's the first thing you do if you'd had more time in the day take a nap read a book talk with a friend when you know what's important to you it's easier to fit it into your schedule therapy can help you figure that out BetterHelp offers affordable online therapy that comes to you start the process in minutes and switch therapists anytime learn to make time for what makes you happy with BetterHelp visit slash grow today to get 10% off your first month that's BetterHelp slash grow this is Tony Kornheiser show I'm Tony we expected someone else so what exactly is the show about hmm I don't know it's a sports show nominally football is over but we're finally at a point where things matter in college basketball and baseball season is on deck greatest three words in the english language pitches and catches we have some of the best voices come on and explain what matters and what makes an upset like Ryan does nine over eight no that's not an upset no yeah it is Bob and if you're lucky I might just tell you about my search for discounted sleep pants or my worries about what my dog just ate listen on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio we talked about this news to open up the show Derek Henry the newest member of the baltimore ravens joining the organization as they're starting running back deals get signed officially tomorrow the baltimore ravens trying to get over that hump typically the kansas city chiefs and go to that super bowl there's nothing else for them to do to talk about the ravens the addition of Derek Henry and more right now we're being joined by Jonas Schaefer from the baltimore band and Jonas thank you for taking the time to hop on thank you appreciate that no doubt about it we know that Derek Henry future hall of fame running back don't matter how much gas he has on the wall right now we're going to be talking about future hall of fame running back no matter how much gas he has left in the tank unless he is completely done uh he's he's an he's an added bonus to this team what are your thoughts on the addition of Derek Henry yeah i mean if they get the 2023 version of Derek Henry it's a extremely exciting prospect this is you know a nightmare fuel background with a nightmare fuel backfield excuse me with lamar and Derek Henry it's it's really just put putting defenses in a bind because if you load the box then lamar will have one-on-ones downfield with you know rishabh bateman mark andrews a flowers if you if you don't load the box and we're talking about a you know six or seven defenders having to cover lamar jackson and Derek Henry and maybe heat michel is there in the backfield with them so it's it's a really really tantalizing prospect for what the ravens could be i think lamar has played with running backs like Derek Henry before you know guts edwards at his peak uh you know has been the kind of smash mouth run you over running back that i think a lot of teams need and would like to have but i don't think Derek Henry has ever played with a quarterback like lamar before i think that's what's most exciting about this is you know how does having someone with lamar's gravitational pull open up you know avenues for trajectory that he's never had how does it open you know unlock levels and layers of his game that he's never unlocked before and you know you hope that Derek Henry is healthy for all 16-17 games next year because you know with a potentially reduced workload you know with eyes on keeping him fresh to the playoffs it could be a really really thrilling season with incredible productivity are definitely beneficial for everybody involved jonas shaffer is here with us from the baltimore banner you talked about the weapons at lamar jackson's disposal you know mark andrews coming off of his injury time off i should do him well zay flowers an additional uh a year in the league what can we expect we know things in the end all that well for lamar jackson at the end of the year in the afc championship game when it's time to air the ball out who is his most reliable option not named mark andrews in the middle i think it's probably zay flowers uh you know he was he got open a lot as a rookie he was i think like the guy in terms of just how often lamar looked for him on that first read um you know i think rishabh bateman on another team with another quarterback maybe another play caller probably fares better than the you know few hundred yards that he did now i did a film study a couple weeks ago a month ago or so and he got open a lot he just either did not get the ball thrown to him or when he didn't get the ball thrown to him it was not all that accurate uh just to kind of win those seasons so you're talking about i don't know if the ravens are heading back toward maybe more 12 personnel where you want to get mark andrews and israel likely and bateman and flowers all in the field together but derek henry or maybe you you know kind of do what you did last year and use a lot more 11 personnel so you do have those those lighter boxes to run into but the ravens have versatility they have you know optionality and i think that's probably what's most exciting for todd monkin is that from week to week try to drive this offense could do you know just about whatever he needed to to be in a position to succeed well jonas we we know about the offense and you take a look at the defense they've invested money into acquiring roquan smith they just gave a matter beacon extension and now we see that queen is going to the enemy he's going to be playing for the steelers what does this mean for this defense for the ravens which has typically been in the top five the past several years yeah it's a substantial loss you know if jedepian clowney and uh kyle van nooy don't come back to you as we're talking about potentially losing you know as much as like 50 55 or is she like you know 40 45 percent of last year's defensive snaps because you know stone is gone you know ronald derby is gone um there are a lot of you know bit players who they've really relied upon who who are gone uh obviously you know you you hope that someone like marcus williams can finally stay healthy and that marlon humphrey can get back to his all pro form because if if those guys do you're talking about like another two potential pro bowl or all pro level performers on this defense and you know we know that the spine of this group should be really really good with matta pk with roquan with kyle hamilton you know probably leveling up even further in year three but they're going to need some pass press production where we don't know exactly where that's coming from for sure uh we don't know how reliable that corner back depth is besides marlo humphrey and brandon stevens and we also don't know you know just how good a job that gore is going to do and replacing mike mcdonald you know mike mcdonald probably one of the best defense coordinators in the nfl over these past two years and jack or the guy who has never called plays before at any level so there is going to be that learning curve uh they're probably going to be some bumps and bruises along the way so it's natural to expect regression uh from from this group you know once once you're one of the nfl's best defenses in recent memory i think probably the only way to go is down but there's still a lot of ways that this defense wasn't totally optimized last year that maybe with better luck uh you know some some natural positive regression they can do things a little bit differently and perhaps more effectively jonah shaffer is here with us from the baltimore banners the jr sport reshow on cbs sports radio we know that they're not going to have the benefit of selecting high in the draft that's what happens when you're a good team where do you think that they're going to target when they they come to the end of that first round in that 30 spot you know it's cliche uh to whenever you mention the ravens in the draft just say best player available but i i'm going to go with best player available and i think that that works in their favor because you hear all these draft experts talk about what are the strengths of this particular draft class and it's the wide receiver position and it's the offensive line uh group and the ravens you know are probably going to lose two there there's two starting guards from from what was a very good offensive line last year and they might lose uh if they don't lose them in free agency at salary cap casualties you know they're they're they're two starting tackles over the next year you know morgan moses is a pending free agent bernie stanley hasn't lived up to that big contract so i think it would make sense for them to find a guy who could be a guard in year one and potentially move out to tackle in year two you know someone like tyler guyton uh you know i don't think troy fahutanu from washington would be available for them at 6 30 but if he did that's the kind of guy that i think i think he won the pick in and then wide receiver you know i think they need to look to replenishing the depth there say flowers is the only guy who they have under contract beyond this year because i would imagine they probably don't exercise that fifth year option or sharp apron so you know whether it's a lad mcconkey and add an i mitchell keon coleman there should be you know at least one or two really good receiver prospects at that number 30 spot and even if they trade out of the first round they should still probably find some guys they really like you know potentially as an extra receiver um in the early second round so i think they're well set up to make a quality addition ideally to that offense but honestly nothing would surprise me i didn't expect them to pick holla hamilton when they did and that's looked like one of the best picks of the draft in recent memory well jonas you you talk about the talent up and down this roster we know derek henry is the latest edition patrick queen is gone what is the overall vibe or attitude that you've kind of garnered from from ravens fans about what things have been so far this week yeah i think the the biggest uh i guess irony of of the derek henry signing is it has inevitably brought back this you know kind of line of acidic thinking that will now finally we'll have a running back you can't ignore in the playoffs because everyone is still shaken up everyone is still scarred by that ravens loss to the chief so you know that was obviously kansas city turned that run defense around just in time for the playoffs but over the year over the course of this this past season it was not a good run defense of kansas city and the ravens after some initial you know stumbles and only occasional breakthroughs basically gave up on the on the ground game i think they had you know 11 carries total six for for running backs you know gus edwards basically ignored in that second half so with this arrival derek henry and you know rounding out what should be a very fun to watch offense i think there's probably some anticipation for we have we have this offense that like i said earlier can do whatever it wants against whoever it faces and maybe now we have this you know alien who's uh you know more than enough to to help lamar finally take down bachelor homes in the asc um obviously the chiefs are reloading themselves and you know bring them back chris jones and probably get a nice haul for legerius sneeze but the ravens still have to slay that that beast in the afc west and they're going to need as much help as they can because it has just been such an impossibility for not just the ravens but pretty much every other team in the afc well that was going to be my my next and last question for you jonas when you take a look at just the afc north forget about the kansas city chiefs what are you expecting we know that there's there's still plenty of movement to take place plus the draft but things have gotten even more competitive you got russell wilson in the mix you expect uh you know dashawn watson to be healthy you expect the bangles to be how what do you what do you think or how do the ravens fit in this mix are they still a number one yes to me they are just because of the uncertainty in cincinnati with uh you know their defensive line with their with their wire with their wide receiver group and t higgins and you know cleveland we don't know exactly who's going to be quarterback for the browns and i think that's a it's a pretty important consideration so it's it's funny to me that with as much attention as will be paid to the quarterback position you know in that division this off season and the regular season with with russell wilson coming in and joe burrow getting back healthy and whatever the hell is happening with the sean watson to sean watson happening i think this division will probably define by the defenses because the ravens the browns were two of the nfl's best defenses in recent memory last year and it's within the realm of possibility that like pittsburgh could be better than both of them next year because you bring in patrick queen you get back and make up it's patrick you have you know some of those young pieces in the secondary mature uh mike tomlin always has guys you know playing above their level and maybe now he has a you know a good group of game breakers that could really elevate pittsburgh back to the upper tier defensively so it's going to be really really tough to score in that division going to be a lot of low scoring games a lot of headaches for quarterback quarterbacks like lamar burrow russ if you'd be an actual starter there but you know that that they assume a senior football baby well jonas at your advice am i in the clear to get a jamis winston brown jersey is it going to get some action it was a little disappointing to to see that uh the ravens might not get the chance to go against joe flaco i know that was a you know it's that that brown texans game a lot of raven fans were fighting their nails the possibility of joe flaco of of all possibilities being the one to end their season in the divisional round obviously that didn't happen the texans won and the ravens beat the brace off the texans but uh it would have been very very cool to see joe you know come back to cleveland and potentially come back to baltimore as a starter but i have no clue what's going to happen with uh with that cleveland corbeck room it's uh it's definitely an interesting one that that's the word that i'll use yeah interesting to say the least well jonas i appreciate you for taking the time and sharing your perspective on everything baltimore ravens where can people keep up with you and your work thanks there uh yeah just follow me on twitter at jonas underscore shafer fha ffr and uh the baltimore banner dot com well thank you so much jonas we'll be catching up with you down the line okay sounds good but take care thank you so much that jonas shafer of the baltimore banner i love it everybody got jokes for the uh the browns how could you not i said it was going to be comedy you throw jamis winston into the mix with deshawn watson it's it's like the jokes right themselves afc north is going to be tough though i i'm still going to be wary of the ravens and the bills until they actually win something sorry i'm unless the kansas city chiefs fall off the map until there's a massive injury until we're in an afc championship game where kelsey is like abducted by aliens i i am going to pick the chiefs until somebody beats them and as of right now that has not been the buffalo bills that has not been the baltimore ravens let me know when you do it in the postseason because year after year after year 10 11 12 wins that just doesn't do it it doesn't cut it i'm excited to see derek henry in a raven's uniform i'm excited to see him bowling over people i'm excited to see the long touchdown runs but i want to see them when they matter the most in the postseason 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 cbs derek henry was going to end up somewhere where he could win a championship we're going to take a break when we come back on the other side we're going to talk about one guy that apparently nobody wants him i'll explain and tell you who it is you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio man if dan quinn should only be so lucky dan quinn wants to carry joe gibbs bags and good luck in the draft okay it is the jr sport brief show here with you on cbs sports radio thank you to jonas shafer came through on the other side of the break and we talked about the baltimore ravens because jonas was here on behalf of the baltimore banner and there's so much movement i would say derek henry is the i guess between he and saquon those are the biggest uh running back names who've moved and well quite frankly we can talk about the running backs who have moved around been a crap ton of them okay austin eckler speaking of washington and saquon joe mixon being traded now to uh to texas aaron jones is now a member of the vikings and josh jacobs is now a member of the packers running backs are moving all over the place and we all know about the quarterbacks sure we just talked about russell wilson and then also kurt cousins to open up this hour hickey if you are justin fields what is going through your head right now uh i'm probably getting ready to learn french jr oh no head up to the canadian football league oh man yeah yeah that's that's foul i thought you were just jettisoning him out of the the well you are jettisoning him out the country i thought you were just sending him overseas but at least you want to keep him close to the cfl right yeah yeah you know was it toronto right i mean that's right across the border that's that's pretty close yeah well you can send them to montreal toronto yeah any other cities i i don't want to say i feel bad for the dude but like he's not wanted right now nobody wants justin fields you think about all the spots that have been taken up by now like even the lesser quarterback slots where where could he possibly go to start there's no place am i missing something ain't no place for him to start i mean is he better than sam darnold like we talk about minnesota why i feel at that point minnesota would well you you did mention uh justin jefferson right i mean well we talked about that earlier let a matter of fact let's hear that again this is from the herd didn't he call wait he called fields elite didn't he say that you know we have to build on um you know for after kirk or whatever um the case may be but uh having justin fields brings a little bit more uh pressure uh to other teams by having you know a dominant quarterback uh like he is okay a dynamic i guess with his feet i get it hickey he's talking about his feet not his arm just his feet which is true he's dynamic he can say that right now but what's he going to say when when justin fields misses him on a throw or justin fields decides to take off instead of throwing him the ball how dynamic is he going to be then or is he just going to call a guy stupid that or it could be here in a different tune that's for sure yeah look justin jefferson is going to stick around i believe because he's going to get 30 million dollars a year and so i don't think we got to sweat too much about whether or not he's going to go elsewhere or whether he's going to demand a trade it's tough like i don't teams don't want to pay anybody to think that you're going to acquire justin jefferson in a trade give something up and now you got to pay him 30 million plus dollars a year what's he going to make more than tyreek two three thirty two thirty three mil i i don't see that so he's just going to have to quote unquote suffer with sam darnold as his quarterback and justin fields it's almost like a a pipe dream i don't know hickey says he needs to learn french i hope he has mac jones number because we know mac jones this guy went from a starter and now he's going to be backing up trevor lawrence down in jacksonville and for justin fields you think about the teams that either a just got their hands on a new quarterback like the steelers or the falcons and then you look at some of the other teams that are likely to address the quarterback position in the draft a la the commanders the patriots even a lesser team the raiders got gardner menshew why am i giving gardner menshew money and i could add justin fields nobody thinks he is worth it this man is going to get exchanged for a bag of potato chips he's going to get traded for one of those deep dish uh spaghetti pies of pizza this sucks for justin fields because the reality i think is probably setting in and if it hasn't already man you ain't gonna have no starting job unless somebody gets hurt and if somebody wanted you please believe you'd have been gotten by now eight five five two one two four cbs it's eight five five two one two four c b s it's real sad out here matter of fact jalen johnson i guess the bears wanted him they extended this contract four years 76 million dollars jalen johnson had his uh his press conference and he talked about how the bears they are such a mature group such a mature team that if he does have to return to the squad everybody would just get along i thought it wouldn't be mature of us as a locker room not to rally together in in in spite of having justin leave um i know what it would do to keep him here i know how we will feel um with him here but i mean i feel like just at the end of the day we'll all have our opinions our emotions um but as far as the locker room standing together i think we have the right guys in the locker room to keep everything together to keep us together and i mean at the end of the day we're all here to win to win ball games so i don't think it's about necessarily our feelings or oh well you did this you know i mean we all here to win games so whoever that holds brings in whoever the staff brings in to help us win games that's what we gonna rock with uh it ain't it ain't gonna be fields and fields is unlikely to be on that team i mean what a nasty atmosphere that would be think about this this is the same justin field to a couple of weeks ago decided to unfollow the chicago bears in the nfl on social media because he did not want to hear anything about free agency he was just going on vacation he didn't want to hear a damn thing about caleb williams and so now we're supposed to think or believe that he's going to be okay in the same room but for be it i don't think so not at all eight five five two one two four cbs nick is here from florida what's on your mind nick hey what's up man i love your show man i listen to you all the time i drive around i do deliveries at night and stuff but man i really love your show thanks go ahead quickly justin field got ripped off man like seriously he's taking all the blame for a terrible coaching staff general managers all the people that put the offensive line in front of him he's taking the blame for all of it justin fields could be a great quarterback he's he's getting the blame for everything and he shouldn't be that's my opinion okay well thank you nick for the kind words and thank you for calling from florida i'm i'm not so sure like i think you got to evaluate people in a vacuum has he had the best of weapons no they added dj more a little late in the game you has he had the best of lines no is this his second general manager yes the gm now ryan poles did not select him in the draft or you know trade up to get him with that deal with the giants that was ryan pace and so did he get a raw deal i don't think so like everybody's going to end up in an ideal situation the reason why you get selected high as a quarterback is because the team sucked they wouldn't bring on a quarterback if they didn't stink i mean that's why we had to deal with these rumors from caleb williams and he had to answer questions about oh yeah by the way if the bears select me i'm gonna show up to work what else is he supposed to say you don't get number one or two or three unless you stink but here's the deal that's justin fields as an individual shown enough that he's the guy i think the answer is no i mean i can give anybody tools and i can say hey this is how you use the tools that doesn't mean that you're going to get the best use out of them everybody's different keep that in mind nice analogy i may use it again on the other side of the break it's the jr sport reshow here on cbs sports radio eight five five two one two four cbs it's eight five five two one two four cbs on the other side damn it we gonna talk more running backs more nfl and then politics what's nick saben doing in dc what's the first thing you do if you'd had more time in the day take a nap read a book talk with a friend when you know what's important to you it's easier to fit it into your schedule therapy can help you figure that out better help offers affordable online therapy that comes to you start the process in minutes and switch therapists anytime learn to make time for what makes you happy with better help visit slash grow today to get 10 off your first month that's better help h-e-l-p dot com slash grow i'm tony kornheiser this is my show my friends come on and you know them we talk about the sports you care about basketball now golf and the metronome of your life baseball whether it's opening day the big tournament or one of the majors we have the best to preview it and break down just what happened and let's not forget the important stuff the amount of daylight where i live the importance of speedies and the rankings of beach style pizza listen on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts
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