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3.6.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

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March 6, 2024 9:23 pm

3.6.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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March 6, 2024 9:23 pm

Would Bill Belichick be good on TV? l Russell Wilson free to talk with teams ahead of free agency l Zion Williamson wants to partake in the dunk contest


Hey, Rob Bradford here. I have set out on a mission with my good friends at FanDuel to prove what I have known for some time. Baseball isn't boring. Now I have a daily podcast to prove it with some of the most notable people in the baseball world screaming, baseball isn't boring for the mountaintops, or at least agreeing to come on our show. Players, managers, GMs, and yes, even the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred. It has been a constant wave of baseball to both powerful voices. So join the revolution, subscribe, and soak in.

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You just talk to the computer and hope that the computer, well, doesn't boss you around back. That wouldn't be ideal. We've already had a fun first hour of the show. Thank you so much to Chris Lowe for joining us. Chris Lowe came through from ESPN, a senior writer, and he had a pretty detailed article that was released earlier today. On Nick Saban stepping down and Kalen DeBoer taking over. And it's pretty much like what we already knew about Nick Saban. He's like, man, these young guys, they're just asking me about money and playing time. And if they don't think they're going to get it, they're going to leave. So Nick Saban is like, man, I'm 72 years old. I don't got time to deal with this.

20 year olds coming up to me asking me how much money I'm going to give them. Like, man, get out of my face. Not in those exact words. That's just me paraphrasing, of course. Go ahead and check out the article from Chris Lowe. And if you missed the conversation, guess what?

Yes. Hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. It is Wednesday. Every single Wednesday night, I deliver to you a new top six list.

And that's exactly what we're going to do tonight as well. We're going to take a look at some of the worst contracts that the sports world has ever seen. Yeah. Why? Because I'm going to tell you about a bad contract in a minute. His name is Russell Wilson.

But even last break, I didn't get a chance to get into this. Get this out the way. Nick Saban. And thank you, Chris, for validating this and telling us kind of confirming it, I should say. We're going to see a lot more Nick Saban on TV. And Chris says that there's going to be some great insight because, well, he's recruited some of these talents.

He's coached against some of these talents, and he's probably going to have the best perspective as anyone because he just stepped away from the game at a ridiculously high level. And so now we get to see Belichick or excuse me, we get to see Saban on TV. But joining him is the man that I just said, potentially Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick has been sitting around taking meetings. Bill Belichick has been sitting down with Fox and CBS. Even Peyton Manning wants a piece of Bill Belichick on TV.

Now, not the greatest of scenarios, right? I mean, if you're a television executive, do you want to hire Bill Belichick to show up and potentially leave next year? Sean Payton was on Fox and he's there for a little while now. Boom. Now he's back to cursing out Russell Wilson, or at least he cursed him out for a year.

Moves on with his life. And we all know Bill Belichick at some times or at times he can be a little, let's just say, grumpy. Bill Belichick can be pretty miserable. I mean, let's just go back a little bit. Let's go back a few years. Bill Belichick's doing his favorite thing, talking to the media in 2017. He was asked about a documentary.

And let's just listen to how angry he is. Coach, we don't have you on camera since the last game. Based on everything that's transpired since then, is the goal now for you to retire with Tom Grady still serving as your starting quarterback? Yeah, goal right now is to beat Denver. Forget about that one.

Last night I saw an unbelievable trailer for a documentary. I'm just wondering, who do you think over the years has been better at putting the media in its place, you or Bill Parcell? Denver's a target this week.

I know you've got all this stuff on your mind, but right now it's focused on Denver. Sorry we can't connect on that. You're good at it, though. You're the best. Oh, well, Hickey, that was a little bit of humor at the end there, right? The most he's shown so far towards a member of the media. He's like, oh, yeah, great, yeah. He's like, oh, you asked me about who's putting the media in place.

But when he wants to be engaging, he can be. Like when he talks about long snappers and censors and the history of football, Bill Belichick is effusive. And this man, Bill Belichick, actually won an Emmy.

I'm not joking. Bill Belichick won an Emmy for his commentary on the NFL network when they started to break down some of the greatest players of all time. Like Bill Belichick absolutely loved Ed Reed. Listen to this and listen to how he changes.

He actually sounds like a decent human being. You were going to here and he knew it. It wasn't a route combination, it was a go. Yeah, it was a go route. He was going backside to Wayne on the go. So he had it all set up. I'm sure he was dreaming about it that night. He starts, he opens to the middle of the field. As soon as he takes two steps into the field, he turns in, wheels, turns his back on the quarterback and beats Wayne to the ball.

Best play I've ever seen a free safety make. Hickey, was that the same person? Hard to believe, right?

Very hard to believe. So does he hate the media? Does he hate his job? Why did he have to be so miserable? Did he have to do that to protect himself and protect the team? I guess it worked, right? Until it didn't? He was, I feel like he did not want any bulletin board material.

So whatever that took to not give anything out, that's like his goal every day. He's a caricature. I know South Park makes fun of Jerry Jones. Did South Park ever make fun of Bill Belichick? Good question. Not that I've seen.

I'm going to look that up. They had to. At some point, they had to have made fun of Bill Belichick. And as he is going to venture into television, we know that the different pregame and I don't want to say postgame shows, there's different vibes and styles. I think the NBA NBA on TNT is probably the best a studio show in sports flattened period. And it's just it's because of the chemistry that you can't recreate.

We know Charles Barkley is the centerpiece of it. And it's been an amazing show for 20 years. Enjoy it while you can.

Because nothing lasts forever. There's going to be a lot of people crying like me when the show is done or whenever Charles decides to leave. Because I don't care who you stick there, if it's Draymond Green or whoever, it ain't going to be the same. Now, having said that, there's differences when you turn on a CBS broadcast on the NFL. There's differences when you think about Fox. I mean, they got Rob Gronkowski being a goofball.

You got Michael Strahan, you know, having fun. Jimmy Johnson is, you know, screaming about, you know, pre and halftime speeches and CBS a little bit more buttoned up. NBC a little bit more straightforward. I don't know about Bill Belichick joining ESPN.

I just don't don't see that as a fit. I guess Belichick would be an NBC CBS. I could not see Bill Belichick at Fox. And then maybe if he did join ESPN, it'd be via Peyton Manning's Omaha Productions.

I don't know. Maybe Bill Belichick can break down film. Maybe he feels that he'd be giving away too much. I can't imagine him anywhere besides CBS and then also doing something, creating a show, a program in his own comfort zone with Peyton Manning. Hickey, if you saw Bill Belichick contributing to NFL coverage next year, what network or what medium would it be? I feel like ESPN would be perfect, like ESPN, even like the Sunday Countdown, where you have Randy Moss, where you have Rex Ryan, like you have the characters on the set already that could get the most out of Bill.

Like he's someone I think that could play well off of others, not like exactly created himself. So like he could throw jabs at Rex, I'm sure, for his jet stays and everything else. You know, him and Randy, there's already some viral clips about the Halloween party we played on this show before.

Like they have a good relationship. Put him on ESPN Sunday Countdown. Randy Moss, Rex Ryan, sign me up. I'm watching. Now, I just watch the games and I'm familiar. You know, I watch I watch the games. But is that is that a big enough show? Is that a big enough show?

Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't the pregame on CBS and Fox aren't those bigger deals than the pregame on ESPN? Because, quite frankly, ESPN has, what, Monday night? And it seems like yes, not ESPN, it seems like CBS and Fox, those shows have a little bit more legs, longer profiles.

The talent has been there for longer now. Oh, a million percent. I mean, that to be honest, that show is not even on the radar for me because that's those ESPN doesn't have games. So it's like you watch you put the pregame show on just to kind of have the background to lead into whatever game is on CBS and Fox at one o'clock Eastern.

I'm with you. I never watch ESPN. I definitely would start watching ESPN if they put Bill Belichick there, if they want to add Jason Kelce to the mix as well, you know, put some some new blood into the mix. ESPN wants to kind of get to the level and maybe even surpass CBS and Fox.

Two names you got to call and refuse and or basically refuse to say no if they want to turn you down. Yeah. And like you said, I just think it's going to be difficult for anybody or for them to ever, ever elevate. Because we know when it comes to Sunday, when people are at home and maybe they went to church, maybe they ran some errands, maybe they're waking up from a terrible night before. By the time, you know, the afternoon or morning rolls around, it's boom. Here's the NFL. And then a part of that is the pregame.

And you don't have to switch around and hop. So I I'll be real interested to see where Bill Belichick ends up. But we all know that this is not the end of the line for Belichick when it comes to coaching.

I wouldn't be surprised if, you know, I don't know somebody in my apologies for putting it out there. If Nick Sirianni gets the boot, you want to tell me that that's not a place where Bill Belichick might feel comfortable in taking over? We've seen wilder things happen. If Mike McCarthy doesn't work out with the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, as wild and crazy as he is. Jerry Jones has made comments about how, yeah, about Belichick and I, we could work things out. I think Jerry Jones has bigger issues with that paternity suit, but I don't know. Like, wilder things have happened in the world. And if Bill Belichick goes to television, whether it be a one year situation with Peyton and ESPN, whether he pops up on Fox or CBS, the man I still believe as soon as next year is going to end up back on the sidelines.

It's a hard knock life. Things change rather quickly. We saw how many openings we had of this past offseason when it came down to head coachings. Look, these jobs were open. Some of them were filled before we even finished with the Super Bowl.

You want to tell me that there won't be another six, seven, eight job openings next year? That Bill Belichick won't be able to say, hey, well, this this is this is it. This is the place where I could kind of lay my stake in the ground and try to pick up some more victories and win another Super Bowl? I think Belichick on TV is a part time thing, short term thing, as opposed to Nick Saban. I think we'll see Nick Saban on television until he's like, hey, I ain't doing this TV stuff no more.

Sit at home in my rocking chair, maybe boss around Kalen DeBoer from a distance. We'll find out sooner than later. 855-212-4CBS.

It's 855-212-4CBS. We're going to take a break. We come back. We're going to talk about a guy. I hope I hope he's never on television. I hope. Oh, this man is he's thinking about his next NFL team. If he's on TV, I ain't never tuning in. His name is Russell Wilson.

He's now allowed to look for his next team. We will discuss this. We're going to talk about Zion Williamson.

Top six list is so much to do. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Rob Bradford here. I have set out on a mission with my good friends at FanDuel to prove what I have known for some time. Baseball isn't boring. Now I have a daily podcast to prove it with some of the most notable people in the baseball world. Screaming baseball isn't boring for the mountaintops or at least agreeing to come on our show.

Players, managers, GMs and yes, even the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred. It has been a constant wave of baseball's both powerful voices. So join the revolution. Subscribe and soak in.

Baseball isn't boring. Listen on your Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. You'll be glad you did. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio. And I want you to think O'Reilly Auto Parts for all of your car care needs. Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. 855-212-4CBS is the number.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Tonight we've been able to talk about some of the coaches that are are moving on. Excellent article by Chris Lowe regarding Nick Saban. We talked about Bill Belichick. There was a full report today saying that he has been in discussions with CBS and Fox and even Peyton Manning's Omaha Productions.

I guess to find something to do to occupy his time, you know, over the next year. And so, yeah, if we see Bill Belichick on television, no shock, no surprise. But then we also know that there's a particular NFL quarterback, at least one of them, who we're expecting to see in a new place sooner than later. That is Russell Wilson. The writing was on the wall throughout the course of the year when Russell Wilson was benched. Then we got the story about how Russell Wilson was asked to kind of renegotiate his contract. If he didn't, he'd get benched. Russell Wilson says, hey, league says that's not allowed. The team says, yeah, we tried to negotiate his contract, renegotiate.

It had nothing to do with him getting benched. And now we also know that he's he's gone. Well, not officially yet, but Russell Wilson is going to get the boot. And this team, the Denver Broncos, who decided to trade first rounders and players and quarterbacks and then give this guy 252 million dollars. They're now saying, hey, man, just just get out.

Like, yes, sure. Free agency doesn't start until March 13th. And yes, we're going to pay the most money to a guy that's not going to play for us in NFL history.

About 83, 85 million dollars. It's telling him, hey, man, get ahead on things and go find a team. Just get the hell up on out of here. You know, this is I don't want to call it funny. It's from like last week, Sean Payton at the combine in Indianapolis. He spoke to the media and he talked about when a decision on Russell could be made.

This was last week. And yeah, we know by the end of the week, he was basically been told, hey, we don't want you no more. The Tuesday, Wednesday will be in meetings with ownership. And so I expect I expect that we're going to know fairly quickly. I said it's a Super Bowl, but I think more specifically, I think somewhere in the neighborhood next week where we're going to there's a couple factors here. You know, obviously the cap projections came out.

We're further down the road with the draft class, obviously the pro free agents. So I would I would anticipate it being within the next two weeks. It wasn't two weeks. It was Monday. And that was his comments from last week. And then he continued on. And that was just supposed to be about whether or not they were going to keep Russell Wilson and what they were going to do at the quarterback position.

And they said, hey, we don't want you on Monday. Well, last week, Sean Payton continued on. I mean, if the writing wasn't already on the wall, Sean Payton is just like, yeah, the next quarterback, we got to get it right. We better. So the question was finding the right solution to quarterback in in this league, which is obviously very competitive in our division. And I think it's I think it's vital. I saw this like humorous meme the other day where there's a Bronco fan with a shirt on and there was like eight quarterbacks names across through it, you know, and he's drinking the quarterback Kool-Aid.

And, you know, our job is to make sure that this next one doesn't have a line through it. Sean Payton loves throwing shots. He showed up throwing shots at Russell Wilson talking about the guys are going to have his own space and needs to be a quarterback and not kiss babies and run for office like ouch. The man is destroying the guy who preceded him as head coach of the Denver Broncos. He's throwing Nathaniel Hackett under the damn bus, calling it the worst coaching job that he's ever seen and witnessed in the NFL. Ouch, man. And then he said, when I made those comments, I forgot I was a coach now and not an analyst.

Yeah, sure. So it's a hard knock life because we've learned that the Denver Broncos, even ahead of free agency, the start of free agency next week, March 13th, that they've already told Russell, hey, man, start looking at teams, that he is free to come here to Atlanta and sit down with Terry Fontenot and Arthur Blank and just say, yeah, we want to bring you on. Russell Wilson is free to go to the Steelers and say, hey, Mike Tomlin, let's let's get this together. I'm looking for my next Super Bowl. You're looking for your next Super Bowl. Is Russell going to end up with I guess you could consider this to be his home team? The Washington commanders. The commanders have a stronghold down in Richmond, Virginia, where Russell Wilson is from, and just maybe, maybe, maybe it's a dream come true for him to play there.

I don't know if they're the most prepared of teams, but Russell Wilson is going to have his pick of the litter. I just don't know. Just don't know where it's going to be. We've heard so much about Justin Fields and being 25 years old, he turned 25 yesterday. Teams not being that enthusiastic about bringing him on, that you have this young dude that is unproven, hasn't maxed out or reached his potential. Maybe this is all he's going to be. Maybe Justin Fields doesn't get better than this.

And then you got to pay him potentially. We know what we got in Russell Wilson. I mean, Ryan Harris, former Denver Bronco analyst on CBS Sports HQ joined us yesterday. And he pretty much said, look, Russell is not done. Think about the talent that surrounded him on the Broncos. Anybody.

Most people would go out there and suck. And I agree with him. I think Russell Wilson has juice. I think an ideal place would be here in Atlanta for him.

Throw the rock around. And I've said this quite a few times. I think Atlanta is the best quarterback spot for anybody. I just hope for wherever Russell Wilson ends up and I have zero to little confidence or little to zero, little to zero, zero to any confidence that this is going to be a case. I hope he stops with the nonsense. Hope he's a little honest. I hope Russell Wilson at this stage of his career, 35 moving into 36.

I hope he's honest that, yeah, the last couple of seasons have been have been failures and I'm eager to turn my career around and end it on a high note. I'm not done yet. Like I need that. I don't need cue card. Russell Wilson. I don't need State of the Union address. Russell Wilson. I don't need this guy. Hey, I'm coming in and I just want to win and get the guys and we're going to go to Chuck E. Cheese and have pizza. And and then, yeah, it's like, no, man, say something. Do something that a publicist didn't write.

Give me something besides this crap. I mean, I remember when he got to Denver and of course, they just gave you 250 million dollars. You know, I'd be thrilled to I mean, the guy got there in this press conference.

Sounds like every tweet and press conference that he's ever shared ever in life. This is what Russell Wilson said when he got to Denver. I'm excited about wearing the blue and orange. I'm proud to be a Bronco. It's an honor.

It's a gift. I'm super excited about it. I'm super excited about winning. I came here for one reason.

Came here for one reason. And that's to win. That's what I believe in. So every day what you're going to get from me is that mentality. You're going to get that juice. You're going to get that energy and get that focus. And we're going to do it together. All the guys back there are going to do it together.

That's what it takes. But we're here for one thing. It's to win.

It's to win at the highest level often. And I'm excited about it. I'm excited about the journey and Broncos country. Let's ride. Oh, no.

Hickey, why, man? No. Of course. Come on. You got to put that in there.

The signature. Oh, man. The Broncos were 11 and 19 while he was there. They never made the playoffs.

The man had to go through three coaches, including an interim after they fired Nathaniel Hackett. This was just. Yeah, it wasn't all his fault. But we don't need to hear that crap no more. Like, I feel that we can take what we just played. And Hickey, let's I'm going to I'm going to try to remember to do this wherever Russell Wilson ends up. Let's let's let's put this where we just played.

Let's put it in the bank and compare it to whatever the hell he else he says next time. Is he just going to switch out the colors? Hey, it's a privilege to play for the black and red. It's a it's a privilege to play for the black and yellow. Like you can put any team's colors in there and just go, oh, yeah. Russell Wilson is now a patriot. He's been dreaming of playing for the red, white and blue.

It's like just just stop. How many publicists do you think helped write this crap for him? Oh, I would say he seems like a hands on guy. I'm going to say one and him two brains writing this one script. It's possible.

You know what? I wish Russell Wilson nothing but the best. Wherever he goes, wherever he plays, is it going to be the Raiders? Is he going to be in Washington?

Will he be here in Atlanta? We can go on and on at this stage of your career. You know, everything ain't all bubblegum and roses. You know, things did not end on a high note in Seattle. I think there are a lot of fans in Seattle that were just like, oh, thank goodness. Russell is gone.

Oh, my God. We got Gino. We had a better year with Gino Smith than the Broncos had with this guy.

And now they saddle with him. Russell Wilson got kicked in the back once out the door in Seattle, although he wouldn't tell you that that was the case. And he got the boot here in Denver.

We don't need the song, the dance or the explanation. At this point, he should have a chip on his shoulder. Pete Cowell was sick of me. In Denver, I was sick of them and they were sick of me and I was sick of Peyton. Just say, man, it's time to turn things around.

Wherever I end up, I'm going to compete. It's time to win a championship. I'm not done. That's it. No daisies, lollipops and none of these Hulk Hogan.

Each a vitamins and say your prayers. Shut up, Russell. Just go play football, man. Man, the Broncos are so sick of him.

They're like, forget free agency. Just go. Go talk to somebody now.

It's like that kid that keeps coming up to you. Can I get a piece of candy? Can I get a piece of candy? And I know I can. I just shut up. Go away. Give me a break.

Good luck to him wherever he goes. Eight, five, five, two, one, two, four. CBS is eight, five, five, two, one, two, four. CBS can show up and make two million dollars, man.

Denver Broncos, one of the worst contracts ever given to a human being in professional sports. They're like, hey, here's some money. You didn't do anything and we don't need to pay you, but we traded the world for you. So here's some cash. Terrible.

It's the J.R. sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, speaking of another terrible contract, there's a fat basketball player in the NBA who said that he will participate in the slam dunk contest. And you don't have to feed him for him to show up. He does have a condition.

Well, not a fat person. So anyway, I will tell you who it is and what he's about on the other side of the break. And then the top six list at the top of the hour in about 30 minutes about some of the worst contracts the sports world has ever seen. You are listening to the J.R. sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the J.R. sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio.

855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS at the top of the hour because we have so many of these bad contracts that, I mean, have been thrown around. Russell Wilson definitely a bad contract. You know, NFL free agency starts next week, March 13.

I'm going to give you a new top six list. We're going to take a look at some of the worst contracts that have ever been given out in the world of sports. Russell Wilson, 252 million dollars. The Denver Broncos having to eat about 80 plus million dollars of this money.

Just absolutely ridiculous. I get it. They're owned and ran by the Wal-Mart people. Yeah, the Walton family. So maybe they don't care too much. They could shuffle a couple of millimeter not play.

Sounds like a good deal. But I do want to address this, too. And it's not the same sport.

It's not the NFL. This kind of popped up yesterday and I had to go, are you are you serious? Like, what? What prompted?

What the hell prompted this? Zion Williamson, who is always criticized for being overweight, not in shape. I don't need to remind you that a certain ESPN host wanted to talk about a belly bouncing around. You could even say that Zion Williamson has been fat shame.

You know, every now and then I have to remind myself. Zion is only 23 years old. He is only 23. I know he looked like a grandfather in high school, but the guy is only 23 years old. If he had the same build and shape in high school, I think he'd be killing the NBA right now.

But he's not because allegedly, if you haven't heard, he likes to eat the whole buffet, not just part of it, but the whole thing. Anyway, God bless Zion because he's actually been a little bit more active this year. The Pelicans have won 37 games. This man has been able to participate in 51 of their games.

They played 61 total. He's only missed 10 games. Now, is he competing at the level that I thought he would?

Not so much. Zion only only contributing 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists a game. I would think for a guy who is, what, 6'6", 300 pounds, 290, I would think that he'd be moving people out the way to get rebounds, but he's not. Maybe he's too tired to jump.

I have no idea. But we know Zion is a freak. It'd just be nice if he kind of slimmed down just a little bit. He's in the worst possible city to lose weight.

Maybe if Zion got sent to, I don't know, Oklahoma City, maybe he'd be skinny by now. I don't know what they eat out there. What, they eat bison? I have no idea. Cow? Steak? They don't got no beignets out there.

All them sugar and fat, all I don't know. Anyway, we know Zion is big. And to be honest, I know the Pelicans right now, they're 5th in the West. They're actually above the Phoenix Suns. Let's see what the Suns do, who can stay healthy, who can actually play.

I'm not excited about the Pelicans. Because who's going to be the guy? Is Trey Murphy going to be taking over games at the end? Are you going to rely on a consistent basis for Brandon Ingram to do it? Is C.J.

McCollum? I think if the Pelicans are ever going to be competitive, that Zion has to be, hey, it's the end of the game, I got the ball, I'm a bowling ball, I can go to the rim, get the basket and get an and-one, give me the ball. I just don't know if he's going to have enough gas at the end of games to consistently say, give me the rock. Until that's the case, I think the Pelicans are going to play the game of, hey, who's hot at the end and let's try to get them the ball.

And I don't think that's sustainable. We'll see what happens. But before we even get there, after last night, Pelicans beat the Raptors, won 39-98, Zion was in a good mood, and then Zion was asked about the slam dunk contest. Zion was asked about a contest that for the past two years was won by a guy who doesn't even play in the NBA.

They basically said, hey, it's the All-Star weekend, let's go get McClung up here and let's just throw him to the wolves and, yeah, do some dunks and then get the hell out of town. That's what the slam dunk contest has come down to. And so Zion was asked if he would ever participate, and he said yes, but it was under one condition.

Listen. Do you see yourself taking part in the dunk contest in the future? I got to do my part and make the All-Star game.

If I'm in the All-Star game, I'll do the dunk contest. But if I'm not, I'm not doing it. Wow. Picky, he's going to renege on that, right? He's lying. He's not going to do it.

He was smiling. It's easy to say now a year away from it. I would be surprised.

For multiple reasons. There's no reason to think that Zion Williamson won't get voted an All-Star into the future unless his body completely goes to the craps. He's going to be back in an All-Star game. And I don't know if he would. He is. He's going to.

I don't know. He's going to do it right. He can't. He can't look like a sucker. Maybe he's out there with Jalen Brown and his Michael Jackson glove again, right?

Well, the reason why I say, you know, for multiple reasons, I don't believe it. Would the Pelicans even allow him? Can they stop him? I mean, they put him in bubble wrap almost his entire career.

Hey, listen, man, you're so fat and you don't need 300 pounds coming down on your feet, you know, for five dunks like save it. Right? Can you see them saying that? Not in those words, but they'd be thinking it, right?

Have to be. I don't. I mean, isn't this what the NBA wants? The NBA would want a Zion in a slam dunk contest. They I don't know if they want to bring Jalen Brown back, but it's pretty sad. And we're going to look back on this and kind of just roll our eyes.

It's easy to be in the moment. Oh, a slam dunk contest sucks. It's sucked for a few years now.

Who cares? But the past couple of years with Mac McClung is going to look like a spot and not a good one. It's going to look like a blight.

It's going to look like that. That white shirt that you wore to the barbecue. And you're on your way out the house and you got this crispy white shirt or you're like, oh, yeah, I'm gonna look nice at the barbecue. And then you're like, even before you get in the car, you brush up on something like just and then you're late. So you can't change your shirt.

It's just it's sad. Mac McClung is like a dirty spot on your white shirt. You think about some of the slam dunk contests. You got Jason Richardson and Zach Lavine and Gordon going at it. Obviously, Dominique and Jordan and Vince Carter and then Mac McClung.

People are going to go, who? Who was that Mac McClung from the he played for the Pacers, right? He was on the magic. Oh, gee, gee, what? He didn't even play in the NBA.

It's going to be more prominent. Look, good, good luck to Zion. It's actually nice that we had a player who said, hey, I'll be in a slam dunk contest.

This is also a guy who had a. An adult film star cursing him out on social media, so let's see if we can believe him. Good luck. Eight, five, five, two, one, two, four CBS. Hopefully his contract works out.

Stay away from the food. Eight, five, five, two, one, two, four. CBS. We got Daniel here from Charlotte. You're on the JR sport. We show what's going on. They are what's going on, man. Hey, what's this?

What's that in the back system process and what's that? I had to run to the grocery store, man, from last night's last minute supplies. You're you're at the cash register. Yeah, man. All right. Hold on a second.

Finish that and maybe I clip you back over. Hey, Hickey, I thought he was like building the thing in the world. I heard system processing. I was like, whoa, that sounds dangerous. Daniel's got the keys to the button, I guess.

Don't press it, please. I wonder what he's getting. Kevin's here from Baltimore.

Your CBS Sports Radio. What's good here? How are you? I'm excellent.

What's on your mind? Well, the barbecue comment was funny because it's always like, don't ever roll up to it. Don't call it a barbecue and have hamburgers and hot dogs, right? Well, you're distinguishing between a barbecue and a cookout, huh? Correct. Well, thank you.

What else you got? I gotta be honest, as a Ravens fan getting to learn from Ozzie Newsome and how he's been genius in the NFL. If I were to Washington Redskins, commanders, sorry, if I was the commanders, I wouldn't go with Russell Wilson. I think he's got baggage.

He's been a good player. But I'm going with a fresh drafted quarterback because at least then you ain't going to get booed out of the stadium. You know what I mean?

If it doesn't go well up front, right? Like that dude, he ain't going to change nothing there. And to get rid of Dan Snyder and start fresh, I would go the same way with the quarterback and probably want to try to really get Jayden Daniels if I could. Yeah, no, listen, they're going to have the pick of the litter after Caleb Williams. I mean, they're pretty much going to have next up. And, you know, I mentioned I mentioned Washington.

And basically it's because it's just home. I have no idea where he's going to go. I think Atlanta would be a great option for him. Maybe he ends up in Las Vegas with the Raiders. Antonio Pierce has talked about having somebody on the squad that that can be a winner. And even though that we've seen a drop off, you know, I don't think he's completely shut out. I don't think he's completely crap. I still believe that that Russell Wilson is a starting quarterback in the NFL. And how maybe he can help turn turn the Raiders around, at least provide some stability. So, yeah, do I think he's going to the commanders? No, but there certainly might be an affinity for it, you know.

Super good thought, my man. And you're probably right. I mean, a team like Las Vegas could certainly be a good landing spot for Russell. He can bring that flair to him for a little while, get them going. And who doesn't want to play for Antonio Pierce? I mean, I will run through a wall for that dude. Yeah, well, maybe Antonio Pierce looks at him and goes, I don't want this corny ass quarterback being the leader, but hey, he might be the best option.

So we'll see. They might go with J.J. McCarthy, too, though. You never know him. He'd be good for the Raiders. J.J. McCarthy is certainly picking up a lot of steam right now. And thank you, Kevin, for calling from Baltimore. That's actually one of the points that Ryan Harris brought up when we spoke yesterday. He said, yeah, he can he can throw the rock around.

He played for Michigan, handed the ball over here or there. But no, this man can throw the rock. Hey, Daniel, are you done at the checkout line? What did you buy? Yes.

The implosion sequence to college football meltdown has been entered. Now, I got it. I got a toddler at home. He runs through fruit like crazy. So we had to stock up. I understand. Yeah. Fruit.

That's good that they eat fruit. Good. Yeah. So you come by with that state group of five. My wife went to North Carolina, obviously power five. So I caught the back end, you know, tips, comment like what are the folks maybe going to miss out on or what are we losing if this giant merger into two massive conferences happened?

Who would look at it? Wait, wait. Who's conversation me? You were talking to someone about what I have done about the massive alignment happens, like what those what those folks in the ACC who joined the massive big 10 or SEC? Daniel, I didn't I didn't have that conversation today. You talk about today.

Yeah. Not today, Daniel. Hold on a second. I'll put you on hold. OK, I got to hit commercial.

Don't go nowhere. I. OK, cool. Thank you. What is he talking about? I believe it was Chip Kelly's comments. I think he said is a chip he's referencing that I talked about Chip Kelly. I didn't even mention this. No, you did not.

You did not mention Chip. Was he listening to Zach? He confused me with Zach. Maybe. I don't know. Voices. No, not similar.

Zach and I sound the same. I don't know. In a different universe. Hey, Daniel, we're going to figure it out in the break. It's the JR sport we show you on CBS Sports Radio. Speaking of break, we come back. I'm going to break you off with a new top six list and talk about some of the top six worst contracts the sports world has ever seen. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Don't move. Hey, everybody, I'm Mark Shinowski, along with one of the NBA's most popular analysts, Stacey King. We're inviting you to join us on the Give Me the Hot Sauce podcast. So join us every week here in the hot sauce studios where we'll be talking about basketball, football, MMA, entertainment and unique viewpoints from a group of sports experts having a few brews. That's right. Listen up on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast.
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