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NFL Free Agent Power Rankings

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 6, 2024 3:17 pm

NFL Free Agent Power Rankings

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 6, 2024 3:17 pm

3/6/24 - Hour 1

Rich breaks out his Power Rankings where he rates the top 10 NFL free agents and players who are available via trade and examines the wide-ranging impact retiring Eagles C Jason Kelce had on players and fans throughout his Hall of Fame career.

Celtics fan Chris Brockman reacts to Boston blowing a late 22-point lead in their loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers to end their 11-game winning streak and react to New Orleans Pelicans PF Zion Williamson saying he’ll only take part in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest if he’s voted into the All-Star game too.

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Alexa, play the Rich Eisen Show.

Here's a station you might like. This is the Rich Eisen Show. This is one of the most shocking turns of a career in the 20 plus years that I have been covering this league. From the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Is Russell Wilson going to turn into a journeyman? Today's guests, co-host of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, Michael Wilbon, NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks, 12-year NBA veteran Rex Chapman, and now it's Rich Eisen. All right everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show live on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey for those streaming us for their ear gates. We're just streaming for your eyes and ears. That's how we do it every single day and we say hello to our podcast listeners who are listening whenever they don well please because it's their right.

Basically, hello. We're on for the next three hours. We're excited to be here in Los Angeles, California with a great guest list, Michael Wilbon.

A Pardon the Interruptions, our first guest joining us at the top of hour number two. We've been cultivating this caper with Michael for quite some time. Can't wait to chat with him about the, he says, one of the biggest sports decisions he can remember in Chicago. What to do about Justin Fields in the first overall pick? I believe this already decided. It's going to be Caleb Williams. Can't wait to chat with him about all of that and then of course everything else going on in the sports world. Bucky Brooks will join us in the middle of hour number two, the co-host of the Move the Sticks pod with Daniel Jeremiah. Bucky will give us his two cents on the evaluation portion of the combine from this past week and the upcoming decisions in the draft and free agency that's right around the corner one year from today. Happy new league year everybody.

Free agency will begin in the NFL and I'm going to hit you with some conversations and thoughts on the free agent market in a matter of moments. Hour number three, our boy, our friend, Rex Chapman who has got a new book called It's Hard for Me to Live with Me. It is out where all books are sold. He is on quite the media tour. We try to get him in here in LA but you know what, he just, he's traveling the country right now. He's everywhere. I believe, I do believe though he's home in Phoenix.

Oh nice. So because he said I'll see you at noon and I'm like wait a minute, I'm trying to do the math in my head. That's mountain time which as of right now Phoenix is on. Not to go full like turning the clocks back and spring and fall. They don't ever change right? There is one time.

That's it and everybody else adjusts to them. Rex Chapman will be joining us on this show and obviously we'll talk about what's going on in the association with him and everything else and you at 844-204. Rich, number to dial. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman. What's going on brother? Rich, not much man.

I'm great. Is that your way of just talking about last night's Celtics Cavaliers game? That's it. That's it. It's behind me. I've moved on. We're on to Denver.

Okay, is that right? Yeah, on to Denver. When is that game? Thursday? Tomorrow. All right, all right.

Let's go. Can't wait to see who's load managing instead. We're thinking it's definitely not playing. My goodness. I don't know. What's over there Jay Felley?

What do you got? Your own little Vince Scully drop for yourself. Okay, very good. Always great to hear Vinny's voice. Good to see you sir. Good to see you. For DJ Mikey D. Good to see you.

TJ Jefferson. What's going on? I gotta be honest, it's good to be seen. Fantastic. Good to see you guys too.

Phone lines are already lit. This is great. Still to come on this program, I totally 100% endorse Zion Williamson saying I'm not going to be in the dunk contest unless I'm an all-star. I love it and I will get a full conversation on that. We're already stuffing the ballot box. That's coming up later on this hour. But first up, as you know, I've always got a football on the brain. One week from today, the new league year will begin. Free agency will begin. We now know with the franchise tags being slapped or applied yesterday on players and they're slapped when the player doesn't want it, applied when the player doesn't mind it. That's the way it goes in the NFL media business. We now know who's going to be free and who's not.

We also know who's going to be available potentially for trade, even if they've A, been franchise tag or B, still technically the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears, for instance. Technically. Which leads us to start this show. And that's not just the royal we, it's because it's all of us.

Because for some reason, you guys can't help but rail bird. Anytime I do a power rank, it is not true. It is not true.

It is totally true. No, you can't just sit there and listen to me. Oh, do you understand? You got to chirp and chirp and chirp, which by the way, you understand how video works.

We can go back and review by the way, by the way, I totally appreciate it. It's kind of like the house of commons, you know, when they start speaking and they heckle each other. I don't know what that means. Just watch the British parliament once, just once. Oh, yes. Okay. That's what it's like. I told you, the only reason I held you for the first couple of times is because you always heckled me when I was doing mine.

And I've shut up most of the time. Guess what? Feel free to chime in because I'm starting the show with my power rankings. It's not top 10 free agents.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Top 10 power rankings players available to be acquired. Notice the turning of the phrases to be here rankings. Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed. I've got a power rankings right here and I'm not going to lie. I took my son straight off the list. I don't think Baker Mayfield's going anywhere. I was like, it's Cooper.

Name them all. Kyle Hamilton. Kyle Hamilton is not available.

You know, Jalen hurts. He's not available son. Okay.

Marriage. I don't think there's not on this Baker's not on this list. I don't think he's going anywhere.

Okay. These are people who I think are going somewhere potentially number 10 on the list. Matthew Judon went on good morning football, which is still for the moment based in New York city. He went on good morning football today. And he said the following, I want Calvin Ridley in new England flat out. And guess what?

Yes. Calvin Ridley is number 10 on this list. Number zero on his chest. Number 10 on my list. Uh, I, I, I dig him. Let's just darken that shade of blue a little bit, you know, add a little red in there.

I don't know what the flying Elvis on the helmet. I'd have to figure out who in the world is going to be my quarterback, but he's 29 years old. So you're, you're, you're getting a guy who is beginning to get a little longer in the tooth. Had a good year last year.

He sure did. You need a wide receiver. I'd knock on his door. Now that Mike Evans is gone. Number nine on this list is another 29 year old. Who's not allowed to be franchise tag because his $20 million one year deal with Minnesota forbid it. And he's going to be available. And even though it was a one year deal betting on himself, uh, how much pressure did Daniel Hunter face?

Zero 16 and a half sacks, 16 and a half sacks is available for you to sign. Yeah. And for our radio audience, and we'll just say this it's Jack Daniel Hunter is number nine on my power rankings list. This is why this ranking, my power rankings is mine. There are many others like power rankings, but this one is mine. I guarantee you he's not on anybody else's list.

But I'm telling you, it's not available pipe down. There is no other list that will have this guy because nobody I think values him the way that he should be valued because he plays a position that is always devalued and he's hit the magical 30. I think you add this guy to your team. If you are say Buffalo, or you are the chargers or you're the Dallas Cowboys, or you're the Baltimore Ravens, you not only send a jolt into your fan base and no doubt, I'd imagine your season ticket role. If it needs to be expanded, if there are tickets available and he puts you right in the mix for the Superbowl, Derek Henry is number eight on my list. The diminisher dude, this guy hasn't diminished. This guy can maybe you want to take some of the load off of him.

That's fine. Rico Tattle can get some yards, right? Josh Kelly can get you some yards, right? Seattle, put him in Seattle, right?

Let's go, everybody. I think he is somebody that will just take you and kick it up a notch and maybe put you in the Superbowl. That's my idea of all in a Dallas. That's number eight.

Number seven on the list. Justin Fields is going to be available and I just don't know who's going to want to pick up a fifth year option on him right off the bat, welcome him to a new team and then make a 20 some odd million dollar bet on the guy. I understand that, but he just doesn't have in my eyes the same upside as Caleb Williams and you restart the clock in Chicago. I think it's a no brainer that they go and draft Caleb Williams in the same way that it was a no brainer to keep him over Bryce Young last year.

I'd go get him. I think New England should go get him. I think New England should flip maybe like a second day or a third day pick and go get him and then draft Marvin Harrison and maybe sign Calvin Ridley and go to work or maybe go ahead and sign number six on my list of power rankings.

Top 10 players available to be acquired. Tyrant Smith is 33 years old. Guess what he did last year for the first time since 2018. He had his highest total of snaps and this guy's supposed to be difficult to stay healthy.

942 snaps of the football. Tyrant Smith. He's another hall of famer by the way. And honestly the idea of like we're going all in but we'll let our our hall of fame potential left tackle go. I don't know what the hell's happening in Dallas. Maybe Dak re-signs and they extend them and they keep Tyrant Smith.

Maybe Jerry's playing this off. Dude I don't know what's going on there but Tyrant Smith you need a left tackle. How about this guy?

Settle down just a little bit. All right thank you. Now we're getting to our top five and again I understand running backs you can go draft them. Isaiah Pacheco came out of Rutgers and he's the first running back to start his career with two Super Bowl rings back to back.

I get it. Saquon Barkley's available. Awesome in the community. Awesome on the field. I understand he's not so awesome staying healthy but get out of here. Every single team I just mentioned for Derek Henry rinse and repeat for this guy. Saquon's available.

Go get him. Number four on the list. This guy would be great for Dallas if they could afford him. You want to get somebody who can stop the run on the way to sacking somebody in the middle of your defense? Christian Wilkins. Dolphins didn't franchise tag him. He's sitting there 28 years old. Career high nine sacks. Career high not 61 pressures. Team captain.

Go figure that. They made him a captain. Christian Wilkins is available.

Number three. This guy's franchise tagged but apparently available. Anyway Lagerius Snead is number three on this list.

You take the field the field and you cut it in half. This guy what he uh he's he's stiff armed uh Tyree killed to Cancun. He said he said his butt to uh on vacation. Yeah yeah he did. Oh yeah and he's young and he's good and he's hungry and I guess the Chiefs can't pay everybody top dollar because wait to hear who's number one on my list but Lagerius Snead he's available. Is he the other guy that Matthew Judon was talking about today? Is that the other guy? I know Judon was talking about Josh Jacobs.

Josh Jacobs. But rumor out there that the Patriots have inquired about what it might take to get Lagerius via trade. That's old school way to build the Patriots. Take half the field and remove it from Stephon Gilmore all the way back to Tylaw. Yes sir.

So keep an eye on that. Number two. I know he's gonna be 30 what six and he's his achilles is is now uh a baby you know.

Infant. So Kirk Cousins is number two. Man everybody is putting him in Sharpie to Atlanta right now. So is he available for anybody else to come blow it up?

Kirk Cousins is number two on my list of top 10 players available to be acquired and number one is Chris Jones. He is the best in the business man. He is defensive player of the year type quality but he never really gets that sort of run. He's everywhere. He saved the day against the Bills when the Bills were seemingly set to beat the Chiefs in the playoffs and he shoved Dion Dawkins right into Josh Allen and blew up a touchdown and then on third down in overtime when it looked like the 49ers might score touchdown to start over time he just basically sat in the lap of Brock Purdy and blew up that play as well. He is dynamic and let's not forget as we're right around the combine he is the only player to start his career with a sack before even suiting up. Go ahead and Google his 40-yard dash. Oh wow come on bro.

Chris Jones had me at hello. You just said that. That's how you end a power rankings of top 10 players available to be acquired. Just want to leave everybody with a lasting memory. I'm going to Google it now. Oh gosh. Be careful. Be careful Jay.

Grandfather clock comes to mind. No no no. See we just let you do the subtlety and just leave it alone. You and Del Tufa with the hammer over the Lord. Stop it.

Now you're making it worse. You guys. You did say we're in for it.

No I don't know. Do you think Baker's in play? I just didn't put him in there.

Doesn't feel like it. I mean I think the Mike Evans re-signing was an indication that Baker, hey look let's get him done first. Let's run this back. Let's keep Mike happy and show Baker we mean business. Yeah let's run this back. Yeah.

Otherwise I'd put him in this list for sure so. Well he didn't mention at dinner last night that he was thinking about. I didn't see Baker at dinner last night. No no. It was fish night in the Eisen household and that went over with the kids.

Quite poorly. Yeah they didn't like fish. What kind of fish was it? It was does it matter?

Yeah it matters a lot. Okay. Was it? See I love that stuff. Do you do you do you not know who Suzy is?

Do you not know who my wife is? Oh that's true. Good lord. It was cod wasn't it? Yeah. Yeah.

There's some of that stuff. It was good. I liked it.

Listen I don't know how he got on that. That was my dinner. I didn't have dinner with Baker. Well you usually have family dinner with Baker.

Well you usually have family dinners. I was wondering if Baker showed up last night. What do you think? Did I miss anybody? It doesn't feel like it. You hit the major ones.

Doesn't feel like it. Yeah those are kind of the big names that are out there. You know I mean. I might have had fields a little higher.

Really? Over who? You didn't know Josh Jacobs on there. Byron Smith? I put two running backs on here. I put Derrick Henry over him.

I'm sorry man. Derrick Henry. Just add Derrick Henry to any team. How do you and again I know James Cook performed well and they got a nice you know Latavious Murray slash Lombardi Lenny towards the end of the year conglomerate. Put Derrick Henry in Buffalo. Seriously. And then let James Cook be the other guy. Like so you you Derrick doesn't have to carry it 20 times.

Carry 10. DeAndre Swift is a free agent. That's true too but I'm not putting them over Derrick Henry. I'm just not. Okay. I'm biased. That dude is does not look like the 30 year diminished player.

30 year old. Anyway let's take a break. When we come back I still have Jason Kelce on the brain. I learned two new things about what this guy's all about behind the scenes and it shouldn't surprise you. And he and his brother had quite the conversation on their pod that I want to bring to everybody because it's a great pod and they're awesome people. That's the way I roll into break here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show with Michael Wilbon still to come.

Named one of the best personal finance podcasts The Stagging Benjamin Show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun. I got an email today from the HR department. I find it really interesting. I'm an employee of one at this company so but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise.

I just opened the attachment I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there too. Oh absolutely. Yeah I can't wait. I'm excited. Find out more by searching The Stacking Benjamins podcast wherever you listen. Welcome to Talkville. The Ultimate Smallville Rewatch Podcast. Title Transference aired October 27, 2004.

Director James Marshall, writers Todd Slatkin, Darren Swimmer. I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general. When you say things are good and I check them out they are. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.

Hey we're back. You googled it during the break didn't you? Yeah I did. I get the joke now it's pretty funny.

But I snuck it in there you know and then wait a minute. So stupid. This guy over there is a child. This guy's a total child. There's a total child and because this show is seen around the clock on the Roku channel children might be watching and I try to be subtle but you sir cannot avoid it and now you're giggling and now it's tough to get you to stop.

That guy right there. Is it my fault or is it your fault? No I'm saying words meaning them one way and you can't get out of the that's what she said type thing. Look that double entendre. That phrasing brought a lot of joy to my life Rich so of course I can't get out of it. Well congratulations.

You still can't get over that by the way. I was gonna say I feel like we're just on the tip of the iceberg with this situation. Tip Ryman. It's so funny like they get in my ear during the Combine team and Mark Tidaland great producer one of the best in the business. He gets in my ear and he'll say you know like Stacey's got something or or Schrager go throw to this or that.

So as soon as I hear that I immediately do it because they're probably talking about something that just happened on the screen and um and if I wait too long it's no longer relevant. So Schrager had something about Tip Ryman okay. He loves that guy. And then and then you know T-man gets in my ear again like he goes Peter's got more. I'm like okay sure Peter and it was about same guy Tip Ryman again and so we just started making fun like even at the end of it goes like I'm full of Tip Ryman facts so about five minutes later I'm like to DJ I'm like you know what I miss and he goes what I'm like Peter Schrager having something on Tip Ryman.

And then I look at my text and he chimes in back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call or just stop by. Hey Christopher. Hey. You know you're you're sometimes um keenly aware of things.

Usually. Yeah you are yeah and sometimes you'll say things into the microphone that sometimes I'm like really and other times I'm like really and then you're proven somewhat out and it's uh it's it's jarring. Are you okay giving me a compliment like this? Are you all right? Uh yeah okay I'm good I'm very confident. There's a turn coming here I can feel it.

No there's not. Oh really? No uh the Kelseys did their first pond since Jason retired and um Travis was there. Yeah. Because normally they're zooming in from their different parts of the United States of America um so they're actually in the same room because Travis had uh was there at the retirement announcement and then they went to Cleveland they were they were courtside of the Cavs Celtics game last night.

Slamming beers last night. So maybe they're the cooler for your Celtics. Let's keep them away. You gotta get the Kelseys away from the Celtics. The Killer K's on on the on the Killer C's right? Bye bye.

Okay get them out of here. So um so I don't know when they recorded the pod but they're together and you were saying that maybe Jason would stick around until Travis was done so they could go into the hall together right? Absolutely.

And Travis perfect sense. Travis and had a moment where he he was talking about you know Jason's contributions to the sport but not just the sport to him as a brother playing the same sport and and his comfort level of having Jason in the sport and now he's going to be playing the sport where his brother's no longer active I would imagine for the first time right? Yeah for sure. Right like this would be the first time. High school college together. Pop Warner I'm sure all of it.

Backyard right? Yeah no doubt. So that led to this exchange between the two. We did not talk about much of your retirement and I I wanted to make sure that you didn't feel any pressure from me to keep going knowing I I wanted you to keep going I wanted you to keep playing this game.

Why didn't you tell me this I would have changed my mind. No no no you've always been a step ahead of me in um I'm older in this game. Yeah but it's in this game alone you've always been a step ahead of me and it's always been like I've had that flotation device right there to have you out of it man it feels uh it feels empty and it definitely um it feels like it's complete you know it was a success.

I hear you. It was a funny journey to watch and like I said yesterday man I just appreciate you showing me the way and uh bringing us all along the journey with you big guy. We showed each other the way you've been playing for a long time on your own and I look forward to being able to appreciate and watch your games more and take in the bigger picture of football and everything that it has to offer.

Well it was just uh it was cool being uh being the tag team. Did you think Kelsey was gonna retire? Jason uh Travis right there? No I didn't think so. I thought what Jason said at one point like you should have told me I think it was tongue in cheek.

Yeah it felt like he was kidding but but and whatever Ed and Donna laid down in their household that these two guys are so in touch with their emotions and comfortable sharing it should be bottled up and you know taught and shown if necessary to any parents you know and obviously I relate. I've probably done more crying on this set than you know anybody. I have no problem showing my emotions on the air.

None. Full vermeil whenever I can. I don't mind it. I get choked up. I think it is a sign of strength and um emotional normalcy if that's such a thing to share it and you know when when Jason was talking about his wife meeting his wife for the first time and that's must what love must have felt and things of that nature um I I loved it. I I just thought and I I know he won he had a 45-minute farewell tour and it it was um longer than most but length doesn't it just doesn't I don't care how long it went because it was so raw and so emotional and so just relatable and then you learn more about Jason Kelsey. Not just about some of the stories that he was sharing but I want to bring this to the fore here because I didn't know about this. I did not know his you know the Eagles trainer on the training staff Joe Opello had cancer and Opello told the story on his Instagram feed and I want to read it to you with some photographs by the way look at look at look at Jason when they first met top left right there that's like right I forgot that he had super long hair looks like Mick Foley in the early days yeah good one yeah man so he was talking about how you know in Jason's second year he tours me that Joe went to the head trainer and told him I needed to do his rehab because he needed to be treated like an athlete not a conventional offensive lineman and what would occur over the next 12 plus years would impact my life in a way I never imagined and he talked about the on the field accomplishments off the field accomplishments and the things that they did together you know from being his wing bowl corner man an hour-long rehab sessions followed by nights out on the town and things of that nature he mentioned how and what would be Kelsey's final season in Philadelphia he was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo radiation and chemo and Kelsey offered his shore house if he needed to get away and offered to pay for meal services to help out Opello's wife and the family and he called me randomly when I had been home too sick to come in because of chemo just to check in on me and chat about random things that's who he is as a person this one got me I taped this guy's ankles and thumbs every day for 13 seasons and when he played his last game in Tampa that was the the wild card playoff game that they lost again I couldn't be there due to cancer and when he told me he would be retiring and I expressed my regret of not being the last person to ever tape him he offered to have me tape him for his retirement press conference and that's who he is and I hope these stories can add to an already unbelievable legacy guys again I'm I'm going full for meal here and I don't even know this gentleman yeah why don't you take me for my final press conference so you are the last person to take me and just in case you're wondering if if you're all well Jason knows the guy and because again we live in a cynical world cynical cynical world where this sort of stuff for me cuts through stinking is anybody out there is like you know oh he knows him and whatever and I would do the same thing for someone I know how about for someone you don't know this hopped in my Twitter feed from WIP radio this caller who called in apparently apparently radio stations have been inundated with fans telling stories similar to this about Jason Kelsey it's a caller named Randy who told this story now with Jason I'm a veteran a combat veteran and I've seen a lot and done a lot and I was going through some stuff I got I got hit with COVID and I never had any PTSD nothing like that I'd always been able to handle I'd always been able to handle that just like kind of compartmentalize it and never really worried about it well I got COVID in November 22 and it triggered something in my head and I ended up being out of work 10 weeks staring at the wall reliving kill shots it was just horrible horrible worst lowest time of my life and I evidently I posted something on Jason's Facebook page and uh called me up reached out he was texting me up and like brother you okay he's my talk too wow wow that is a well I mean he's been my favorite player um since the second year in the league I've had his jersey um just this one it's great for him but man I don't even I mean that hit me like a ton of bricks I had to sit down where I was and start thinking about what more I can do I'm serious you know he's got three kids they're much smaller than mine you know and a wife who he loves and I love mine and I thought to myself he still has time to you know see somebody on a post on his page and like seek out how do I reach out to the guy yeah and he's getting he's in the middle I imagine maybe a playing season or whatever middle of being a dad and a husband or I'm so I admire this guy so much so much just wanted to pause and give that part of this and I don't know because uh you know just to completely share I don't know if because I'm just overly emotional these days about how life is moving on and you know and there's so much uncertainty in our world mort just passed away and you know the things that you hear like I understand he was clearly sick with cancer for a while but everybody's telling me that um you know he either didn't let on about it or he sounded great recently it it took people aback it was sudden for somebody who's been sick for a while but that neither here nor there it's just just something neither here nor there it's just just the fleeting nature of our world in our life and not to get too deep here but that's this is catching me in a way uh a retirement hasn't for a lot of players in the league you know so just wanted to pause and just tell some of these stories because again I'm being told there's just an outpouring one story like this after the other after the other about jason kilson so certainly one of a kind it's uh their pod is super fun if you don't listen to it it's just two brothers who share a deep love of each other and the game of football and and they're happy to share it right and they're super open about everything and they're vulnerable and it's not something we've ever really seen before in this type of media kind of landscape yeah you know everyone's curious what he's gonna do next it's I was saying this morning to trav talked about being tag teams they should be wrestlers like wouldn't that be so fun right to just keep that competitive juice going but a tag team I imagine the media will come I could certainly see travis being following the rocks footsteps and getting into movies and I mean it looks like shows it's it does look like jason's not gonna wear sleeves anymore so that kind of makes sense I did like the sleeveless with the Rolex that was that was a flex McAfee broke that barrier down now slaves are no longer required you know but it's yeah just getting to see him when he was here last summer and just like the five minutes we saw him at the super bowl at the party he was like oh yeah he was like offended that I tried to say oh we're from rich's show we met you over the summer he was like yeah of course I remember you guys like have a beer right oh yeah of course you're the man obviously you know it's just and you guys know how I feel about the eagles I hate them and yet when jason came in here and you meet the guy and we chopped it up it's like man crap I have to like you I have to like I got no choice he's just that type of dude man right and he's been in that community for 13 years right and so life is from Philadelphia no and she won't wear anybody else's gear anyone else's colors I know and so but but that's why if you're sitting there wondering really jason kelsey the center of the eagles really he's up there with mike schmidt and dr j and you know name anybody else who's an all-time great philadelphia sports star and obviously rocky obviously I'm I'm naming you know 80s people but right I'm sure there are many others philadelphia fans can chime in but when you hear the story of that veteran who called in and the others who were were there and then you know the philadelphia eagles trainer part of his training staff and you hear this and you just wonder how many more there must be underneath the surface like hell yeah yeah you know rich I think about that a lot because it seems like we're always in the media you concerned with the negative and I just know for a fact like I always try to seek out the positive you know how many stories that there are like this out there but they just don't ever make them here because you know people don't want to see the positive but right we could we could be talking about the eagles are screwed that kelsey's gone yeah what happens to that what happens to the brotherly shove play how are they going to fill the void you know but like that story man that just that made me feel man that touches you it really does not hear that negative stuff no we try we try to steer away from that which I love and you know this is kind of like off that topic a little bit you talked about like getting teary-eyed as you were talking I just happened to pull up instagram and somebody had a post that said so many bowls of cereal and pop tarts consume while watching these guys and it was a picture of mort oh god i saw that john clayton and stewart i saw that just right and i'm looking at this right now i saw that wow man no i saw that i saw that and it's been different there are different um pieces of copy over the same the same meme and and and with the same meaning well which is which is that's my childhood yeah and at the time i had no idea i was part of you know an organization that was making children's you know adults future childhood memories yeah and that blows me away too and that's but that's part of what i'm saying i'm seeing those and it makes me more aware of the fleeting nature of of how we live and how we need to find the time to pay it forward which suzy talks to me about all the time yeah all the time all right let's take a break here uh when we come back um zion williamson had some very fascinating comments that people are talking about about the slam dunk contest that sets up shop with mike wilbon when he joins us in the uh top of hour number two that's how we're rolling to break right here in the richardson show hi there sorry for the interruption but are you enjoying this show on google podcasts you should know that the google podcast app is going away this spring that's right going away gone as in no longer available you can still enjoy this show elsewhere though try out spotify or amazon music or maybe tune in is more your style whatever app you switch to be sure to follow so you never miss the next episode and thanks for listening wherever you listen back here on our program 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the show we'll get to your phone calls in a matter of moments so much else to talk about mike wilbon is going to be joining us in our number two bucky brooks cancelled so um we'll figure out what to do in hour number two so there's that going on all right uh rex chapman in hour number three on this program as well yeah i'm uh i'm i'm glad i kind of poured my heart out a little bit right there didn't expect to do that today on the way to work no i just told chris when we were break i'm like that was a great segment oh good something just kind of boring out of chopping it up seeing those two guys yeah inspired with sharing it was very good i appreciate that so to be fair and balanced let me uh let me get angry you can wind me up i'll get angry about something no no no no we'll talk about that in a second too good to get mad about anything right now no i know i know what we'll talk about in the segment bucky brooks would have been on that's coming up okay great because something's going on in your life that uh we haven't brought up on this program it's true wait what we haven't brought up you mentioned it to me a couple weeks ago and i'm like we'll talk about it after the combine chris you're going for comeback player of the year nope i didn't mention it to you i was gonna not mention it to anyone and someone else brought it to your attention i don't think we're talking about the same thing i think we are what is it i don't know what number number two huh no two no for that man no no no no no no no but it does involve his child also come back where the air i'm like felly i don't have enough donor hair oh really you do know you do know that there have been multiple reach outs to this show for for that to happen you have enough belly and i do not okay we'll talk about that we won't be talking back here on the rich eyes and show game time tickets sues used it the other day to take coop to the downtown hoops dojo yeah and they really enjoyed the experience she used the code did she use the code and everything it's great man so the promo code well she used the one from uh what the football oh yeah she said she had her own she used her own damn promo code um but anyway you use mine um and you know obviously any ones that we give out on our podcast as well through game time tickets where i got a great relationship uh and you get twenty dollars off your first purchase it is so cool and so easy to use in just a couple of taps you're buying tickets and you see the views from the seat and you get the all-in prices and you can really make a smart decision before you buy your tickets and so you get the tickets you want you have a great time once you get to the game or the theater event or the comic event or the concert you can just take the guesswork right out of buying tickets with game time again create the account uh after downloading the game time app and use my code rich you get twenty dollars off your first purchase terms apply again create the account redeem the code r i c h twenty dollars off download game time today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed boom thank you so um chris brockman has a real hot take involving his boston celtics that he's been waiting to uncork on this program and he's not comfortable uncorking it part of the reason why he's not comfortable uncorking it is because things like say last night might happen right while they're in cleveland and they're up 22 with nine minutes to go over a depleted cleveland cavaliers team yeah and dwain wade showed up right dwain wade showed up wade was there for sure dean the guy's name is dean wade i think no don't say it like that because you know his name now yeah he kind of looked like chandler parsons with a beard or that i actually looked like superman to me it was not not a great time i was trying to play magnetiles with cage and i'm like got the game on kind of in the back and we're up by 20 like eight minutes to go and then it's just like 13 11 why are we only up by six what is going on right now so how were you as a dad um playing magnetiles with cage while a 22-point lead was slipping away albeit a regular season game yeah but you're ready you really want to i think uncork your tag yeah i it's it's it's spicy i will say i came up with this take over the weekend when i was battling a stomach flu for a 24-hour bug and so oh by the way i know about i know about those yeah good thing you didn't have them on the air and i was glad it happened over the weekend good uh so it could have been like you know food depletion bone broth ginger ale thing going on but i i do i do like sixty eight percent believe it it's very spicy i i um i gave a little preview to tj the other morning and i i previewed it for cooper yesterday on the phone when we talked even he as a 13-year-old what do you say after we got off the phone was he like that was real dumb or like i'm into it he went back to his phone to look at youtube videos something i can look forward to in about nine years uh i'm i'm not ready for it yeah i'm not ready i'm not ready to unreach no but he did he did he even he did think it was really your take is really spicy but it's now back into it's back now in the in the uh the freezer for the moment kind of been shelved for a minute time there's still time for i cannot like we keep building this because you will unveil this well i think we finally find the time uncorking his absolutely red hot fire boston celtics take slash prediction we're going coming out with the flamethrowers absolutely okay once upon a time in hollywood just gonna take them straight out right across the pool rattle off another like 10 11 gamer before the playoffs correct so no no no so don't don't give any more away i'm not but that happened last night yep right a lot of standing around it was very frustrating the knicks aren't winning the nba championship anymore after last night probably not the lakers are still winning the nba championship after two nights ago well the two big content you know favorites denver and boston both had really sloppy losses last night yeah at huh at home yeah yeah these things happen it happens could you imagine if the nba was the nfl it would just be lit up oh man lit up for a week if it took if each game in the nba was as big as every game in the nfl because it took one week to play them and there were fewer of them denver and boston would be out right now oh yeah for sure but you got listen i will say this about the cabs they have got to feel a little bit destined right now they've got to feel like you know nobody's playing if you will they're big they're big stars some of their big stars not playing they come back from 22 down against the celtics not like you were full strength either i understand that no we were full strength did play yeah i'm sorry i missed that had a big n1 weight okay great so we were full strength from 22 down yeah max struce threw in a 60 footer while i was at the combine to beat the mavs and kyrie which probably just you know delighted most of the cavaliers fans to send kyrie home on a 60-footer luka had like a 38-point triple double right right yeah and so and so with spider mitchell out yep they gotta feel a little bit like this is our year you know i think they're tough they are i oh well other than they're probably the third best team in the east at full strength are they better than the nicks i mean it's sure right statistically they are but i mean yeah i would pick them in a playoff series look at the magic man that's that's something you didn't really see coming another 10 games over so milwaukee's the one i think that scares me as a oh really because i thought you know doc's not going to do anything well i thought doc is going to come in and blow whatever three games they're going to have i thought i thought doc coming in just made things oh my gosh they lost now certainly you blow a 22-point uh fourth quarter lead you start to see things a little differently even though it's only been 12 hours i'm just saying they're playing a little bit better on defense they've won what six seven in a row milwaukee they had a big game tonight six in a row golden state tonight against milwaukee big one that'll be fun look them beating the clippers without yanis was yes unbelievable yes well by the way um we have jamal mosley the head coach of the fourth place orlando magic uh on tomorrow nice can't wait to ask him what it's like to coach the vogner boys do they have a pond together they don't they don't i don't know what would uh well what would their name be for that i don't know a couple of michigan wall or something i don't i don't they don't know the german i was trying to do a i don't know the front the mowen frans show um one other thing to talk about here is talk about jj mccarthy the entire pod oh my goodness that's all they would do i'm gonna ignore that i'm just saying i resemble that remark they're michigan men okay so well we're definitely not talking about the current michigan basketball team that's for sure yeah hey hey i have no problem with zion williamson saying i'll be i'll i'll be in the slam dunk contest but with uh with but with strings attached zion williamson of the new orleans pelicans had this to say about the slam dunk contest do you see yourself taking part in the dunk contest in the future i gotta do my part and make the all-star game if i'm in all-star game i'll do the dunk contest but if i'm not not doing it was that coach darko the question this is outrageous outrageous this is completely bs this is shame that was him but apparently people are saying that about his comment that if if he's not in the all-star game he's not participating in it well we just got to make sure he makes the all-star game what's the what what is the issue people have some people are not i mean some guys coming from the g league and winning it so why not just take part in it because there's no iron well there is an iron zion and williamson yeah there's a couple like take one for the team man the nba needs you out there dunking zion williamson in the dunk contest i'm watching are you watching oh yeah okay so that's the end of the game but he wants to he could still go he could still participate guess what guess who's going to be in the all-star game next year zion yeah so why would the illegal make sure it happens absolutely get out of here we're going to stuff the ballot box rich you know that's part of it too is you've got to first of all you got to play well enough you got to be healthy enough okay and then and then there's a there's a whole you know formula about voting you can't just put your thumb on the scale uh you sure then there's suddenly 500,000 ballots show up fake electors there's a lot of people we're gonna have a fake collector scam get jack smith on it you just made the list i mean look if the league wants something to happen it happens yeah thanks for doing to the next why is the nba just filled with conspiracy conspiracy theory tin foil hat nonsense i guess all sports are and nfl is entering that realm now too well we got scripts i think it's great apparently because i was looking this up the old phrase uh it was ascribed to saint louis cardinal gary templeton i ain't if i ain't starting i ain't departing apparently he never said that oh really yeah i was looking that up today because i'm like that's what it sounds like if i ain't starting i ain't departing if i'm not an all-star i'm not dunking right i don't mind it but it's attached to gary that quote by the way like great if the if the emmy if the if the sports emmys reaches out to me we'd love for you to present i'd be like i i got am i winning no am i nominated oh oh am i in the game come on my winning my winning eventually you got no i mean if i'm nominated like what am i gonna just fly to new york just to read out you know five awards that's tech by the way and if i ever present they should have me host the whole damn thing we would be done in 50 minutes and there'd be open bars all over the place by the way oh the open bars oh god yeah finger let's see if we're nominated you deserve an emmy for cutting a three hour showdown 50 minutes out of here honestly and some people who are all excited i'll be like come on chop chop let's go music music music i'll be like mona lisa vito stamping my foot you could have the sandman from the apollo just hook him and pull him off stage that's you you know gotta be nominated first that's true so i understand zion and i are like that yeah yes michael wilbon coming up definitely need zion of the duck rich that kind of seems a lot like you know when shack said he would never touch the conference championships would always wait to win the finals maybe that's how zion feels like he doesn't want to go there you know is it shack's birthday today really is that true i'm outstanding i was born 3 6 7 how old is he 52 253 i think it's 53 by the way we didn't discuss this 52 charles joining instagram and him telling him that he's always got a when he when he when he posting you know when he posts he's always got a uh he's always got a hashtag only fans it's one of the funniest things ever so chuck didn't know what that is what about is it only for fans that segment should be the only thing on their submission and then they popped up they made a fake dm from chuck the crispy cream that i missed oh that's brutal hold on charles looks great how much weight has he lost he's less significant amount i would say probably got to be over 50. yeah yeah right for sure so charles on instagram yes let's see yeah like he has he joined it 36,000 like his first of course two days everybody wants to be charles w barkley is that right yeah what because somebody was already squatting on charles barkley probably shouldn't say that out loud too charles w oh my god all right michael wilbon coming up in hour number two of this program rex chatman hour three don't go anywhere 844-204-rich is the number to don so hey everybody this is dan bespres host of fantasy nba today a daily fantasy basketball podcast we cover every box score from every game every day plus bonus shows on bilo opportunities players to stash schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces catch the fantasy nba today podcast part of the believe network on youtube or wherever you listen
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