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Marshall Faulk: Splitting Time Devalues Running Back Position

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 1, 2024 3:44 pm

Marshall Faulk: Splitting Time Devalues Running Back Position

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 1, 2024 3:44 pm

3/1/24 - Hour 3

Rich zooms in from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and tells guest host Suzy Shuster his impression of Caleb Williams after meeting the USC quarterback in-person for the first time, weighs in on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams, Zach Wilson, Victor Wembanyama in ‘What’s More Likely,’ and reveals that someone in Indianapolis actually mistook him for Oscar-nominated ‘Barbie’ star Ryan Gosling.

Pro Football Hall of Gamer Marshall Faulk and Suzy discuss how Ohio State WR NFL Draft prospect Marvin Harrison Jr. compares to his Hall of Fame father, what advice he has for young running backs entering the league, if signing Derrick Henry would be a good idea for the Dallas Cowboys, and more. 

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See terms at slash credit card. Coming up, 40-yard dash maven Rich Eisen. Pro football Hall of Famer Marshall Fogg. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Suzy Schuster.

Hey, everybody. Hour number three underway on The Rich Eisen Show. Suzy Schuster in for Rich one more day before he comes back from Indy, unless, you know, he misses his flight.

Could happen, right? In case he just doesn't show up. Brent Musburger was in the first hour from Hawaii. He was looking live, I think, at the ocean.

Some dolphins, perhaps a steaming cup of coffee. And it was great to have that chat with him. So if you missed that, go back and watch that, please, on YouTube, on Roku as it re-airs. 844-204-rich. Some of you guys are on hold. We appreciate you holding.

We will get to your calls. Chris, how are you? Suzy, how are you? I'm well, thank you. Suzy, how you doing?

Hi, Mike. You said it in a nicer way. So I react to that. That's what we do. We've known each other a long time.

Come on, we're going on 25 years. I love it. I know. I love it. T.J., hi. What up, though? Hey, how are you? Are you on your first, second or third room? I'm not good with numbers, you know that? You just flow.

You just flow like the champagne goes into your glass. Yeah, a little something to go with it. Rich will join us shortly from Indianapolis. Looking forward to catching up with him and hearing about the rumors in the hallway. And wondering if he's keeping a safe distance from J.J. and McCarty. Yeah, who else has he awkwardly hugged today?

There's no doubt Blake Corum, he walks through. He's, there's a lot, Rich is a hugger. He's going to, he's going to want to give him the old embrace, you know. You think that J.J.'s people are going to put a, have a PFA put against Rich?

Like a seasoned assist? Yeah, you know, like a stay, you're going to stay 20 feet away from him after all. A restraining order?

Yeah, a restraining order. I mean, you guys are crazy. But it was funny yesterday. He's like, the first time I met my quarterback in person. And he was emotional about it. That just made too much sense.

He's just so good. That really does. But J.J. didn't know, I mean, he probably knew who Albert was, but didn't know that he was an Iowa State guy. Pretty funny. I think that next year, when they have a rebuild year, I mean, does anybody really think they're going to come back? And, you know, we don't know what to expect from Michigan, correct? And I said to Rich, what are you going to do when they're not the Michigan of this year?

He said, I'm going to sit back and think about that trophy. Hey, how are you, Rich? We're talking about you.

Like, like you're not even in the room, like you're not even on the Zoom. We can't hear Rich. There he is. Can we hear you, Hunter? We can't hear him yet.

No, but he's rocking a different look than yesterday, though. We're going to work on the audio. Solids. Yeah, do you like this? You see, you like the solids.

You've got a real problem with the chalk stripe. Well, I just think the pinstripes are just kind of goodfellas-y, untouchables. They're just from a different era.

Like, he's from a different era. 2024. I mean, solids. Plenty of strengths. OK. This is now turning into a into a fashion show.

Yeah, I was just going to say, what do you guys got? Usually you are dressing him. So I don't dress him.

I'm kind of... That's not what we heard. He's a big boy. He's got his own closet. I'm making suggestions your way. I might make suggestions, but I don't dress him.

Christopher Hilfinger over here. Rich, he follows. Will you make a suggestion? Rich, can you tell the guys that I don't dress you, please? How dare you guys?

How dare you? I'm giving you a compliment. You look good. No, no, no, no, no, no. But you do need to straighten your tie. Straighten your tie a little bit. There you go.

Thank you. There's a difference between dressing me and suggesting what I should wear. OK?

True. All right, everybody. So just back off.

I'm my own man, but I appreciate the... Well, actually, I don't appreciate the implication, quite frankly. May I ask you a question? There you go.

I was going to say, we've got to tweak the glasses, too. Hi. How are you? How was your breakfast? Who did you have breakfast with today? Yeah, yeah. You need to know. Well, I'll tell you who I met at breakfast. Come on. His name is Caleb Williams. Oh.

And I can confirm, shaking his hand, his hand size is definitely big-time quarterback worthy. OK. He was also halfway through what appeared to be a sort of an egg white with avocado on English muffin situation. Hardcore Southern California breakfast, right?

Protein. I pointed out, yeah, I pointed at the potatoes and called it a red flag. He got the joke, so he's got a sense of humor.

I can confirm that. Did you then go in with your index finger and thumb and snag one? No.

Rich doesn't even ask. No, Suze. You know, I'm not... I didn't do that. You're not a what?

No, no, no. Because you do that to everyone. Just because I did it to one of you over tater tots the other day doesn't mean I do it to the number one overall pick in the draft, Chris, after having just met him. I've known you for a long time.

I just literally met him. Maybe too long at this point. Yeah. So there's that. It's mimosa Friday, Rich. You're very loose.

He's got like Russell Wilson type mints. These things were huge. They were monster big. OK, good. I got that for you. He said he's as tall as Aaron Rodgers.

Did you get that feeling? I can confirm that. Confirm that. When he stood up to shake hands, which I thought was very nice of him, I was looking up.

I was looking up, so I can confirm that. I have no problem with him not taking the medical exams. I know that that is the story of the day here. The only drawback for him on this is, you speak to anyone around here, is that let's just say he'll hit free agency one year or he'll somehow some way want out and there's a trade, is that these other teams won't have the baseline medical information. Like, the medical information that everybody gets here and is shared with all 32 teams is something that the teams keep and then will use as some sort of a baseline when they go through a medical exam if they want to acquire him later in life. Like, literally, that's the only drawback on this thing. So, I know what people are saying today about red flag this, he's trying to do it differently.

I think it's just the 21st century way of people who are already used to the spotlight and have got some cash and scratch in the bank and the eye in the sky has an unbesmerchable amount of tape on them. That's the way this is going to go. I mean, Marvin Harrison, there's word that he's not here now. Like, he just left.

Like, Deon Bye-Bye? Like, he met with teams and he did the medical. And, you know, the idea that he's not here today because he wasn't at his podium for his press conference. That just may have been a miscommunication where the combine didn't hear or whatever.

I don't know. He might have just left town. But the indication that he is no longer here is because he worked out. He did the weight and reps with the defensive line group, which is like, you know, receivers don't do that unless they're not planning to work out with their group and just getting out of dodge. So, again, the eye in the sky for him doesn't lie. And it's like, if you want to pass on him, you know, I think about my favorite one that I saw, favorite tweet that I saw is that it's a red flag and he should drop all the way through the first eight teams was by some Bears fan that they know they picked ninth.

You know what I mean? Like, I think he's, yeah, what a major red flag he should, first eight teams should pass on him. I mean, does anybody care? Um, I, some teams may, I know fans do, um, obviously I, as you know, the guy who's going to be sitting in that booth for an insane amount of hours tomorrow when the receivers work out, it would be great to even just see him here, just chit chat. But in terms of his, I, I still think he's going to be the first receiver off the board could be as soon as, as a Brockman's and yours Patriots choose three, maybe if they don't take a quarterback, um, he's going to be the first one off the board. That is for sure.

He'll be the first non quarterback, uh, off the board period end of story. So why does he need to go through all this? And, um, he's got the hammer. So there's that, you know, what else are you hearing? Um, Oh, here's a good story from last night. Yes. Here we go.

You're going to love this Elmo's. So we're at dinner, we're at dinner, we're at dinner last night, we're at dinner last night. Okay. And we have a group of guys, um, and, um, uh, an elderly gentleman at another table, you know, I can tell when somebody recognizes me, okay. You know, after all these years, Sue is, you've, you've seen the look too in these restaurants and what have you. And so the guy comes up to the table as he's leaving and said something to one of the guys at our table that I, I thought I overheard and I had to ask him, is that literally what that guy asked before he nodded his head and left. And the question was, is that rich Eisen or Ryan Gosling on, get out of here. There are six witnesses to this, six witnesses. The guy was wondering, is it me or Ryan Gosling? And I, Sue's last night when you FaceTime me, when you got home with the kids, I told this to Xander to tell him not to tell you, cause I was going to bring this up on the show. Uh, but I had to see his reaction to, it's quite similar to the one that it's quite similar to the one that you're acting right now. So I understand. I understand why somebody could be confused on all of that, but God bless it. That was one of the best moments of the combine.

I don't think it's going to be topped. Let me ask you this. How many empty bottles of wine were on their table? His table. I didn't look, you know what I didn't look, I just took, I just took that moment and ran with it. Hey Rich, did he leave any TJ plus sitting at the table after? There you go. How dare you, how dare you, I don't know, maybe it was confusing, maybe he's not confused.

Maybe he, he, he, there is something to it. Um, you know, one of, one of the guys at the table, uh, did, um, uh, greet me this morning with a, uh, good morning, Ryan, uh, text with a, um, uh, a meme from, uh, from Barbie. So I got that going for me.

I love Indianapolis. Now I can confirm in the past when you had more up here that people used to think you look like Dan Aykroyd and accurate. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

That was back in the day. I had a real Dan Aykroyd look and flow. You really did. Yeah, you did. They don't, he doesn't look like Ryan Gosling.

He does not. And I love you. We have a wonderful life together, but I don't see it outrageous. All right. What's more likely, what's more likely, you look like Ryan Gosling or we're going to roll. What's more likely.

I think it's the latter likely never say never, but never, man. Oh man. I don't know. I mean, I don't even know where to go from there. Rich right now. Unbelievable. Okay, let's just get right to it.

Happy Friday, everybody. Omar Khan's doing a lot of talking. Steelers GM. Who's more likely to be the Steelers week one quarterback? Kenny Pickett, Kyle Rudolph, Mason Rudolph, or a mystery quarterback. It won't be Kyle Rudolph. No, I don't think it's going to be a mystery quarterback, man.

I'm not hearing anything here other than the fact that it's going to be one of those two. And I would go with Kenny Pickett right now because he's the only one on their roster right now. He's the only one that's signed right now. So Mason Rudolph may have a market. They may have a quarterback competition between the two of these guys. And I know this does not excite the Steelers, but I am not hearing at all Russell Wilson or Kirk cousins, or they're going to draft one.

I don't, I don't hear that at all. And I know you're shaking your head, Chris shocks. But I think that's, I would go Kenny Pickett right now, if I had a guess. Oh, Stewart's fans. So that's rough.

All right. How about this non, the first non quarterback wide receiver, offensive lineman to be drafted higher Brock Bowers, who you'll see later today, or the defender you saw last night run a blazing 40 Dallas Turner. I would go with Dallas Turner, but maybe I'm going to reserve this. I'm going to keep a pin in that. Let's see what Bowers looks like tonight.

You know, let's see. I don't know how much he's doing, but I, the thing that I'm hearing about this is Kyle Pitts scares the hell out of everybody, you know? And I think that's unfortunate for Brock because he's not Kyle Pitts, but a guy with freakish ability and huge size and a lot of great tape from the SCC being drafted high in a draft hasn't worked out for the Atlanta Falcons. And I think that's scaring a lot of people off of Brock Bowers and Dallas Turner does appear to be the best edge rusher in a draft that doesn't have a lot of them.

So that I think that'll wind up pushing them above Brock Bowers when it's all said and done on that Thursday night in Detroit. I mean, what a show Dallas put on though, a 40 inch vertical, four forwards, 40, very impressive. Yeah, with the stat that we heard last night is that 40 inch vertical was the highest, the biggest jump at the vert in the last 20 years of the combine by an Alabama linebacker. And he supplanted the 39 inch vertical lead mark of your current head coach of the Houston Texans, D'Amico Ryans in 2006. So we were searching for him somewhere in the stadium to get a shot at him when we were reading off that stat last night, but we couldn't see him, but there you go. I'll go Dallas Turner on that. All right, Rich, Caleb Williams spoke today. I thought it was really impressive.

He came off really well. You met him, you like what you saw, more likely to make the playoffs in 2024, Caleb Williams or Justin Fields? Well, I mean, don't you have to let me know where Justin Fields is going?

Give me at least an idea of where he's going. Falcons are big betting favorites right now. Then I'll go Justin Fields, just in the fact that it's so tough for a rookie quarterback to do what CJ Stroud did this year. Although that said, I mean, you take that number nine overall pick and you turn it into the new non-airplane pilot, Roma Dunze, and add that to DJ Moore in the run game and the defense that Eberflus is going to be calling plays for, then maybe I'll wind up being wrong. But for the moment, I'll just go with somebody who wind up in a new spot and might actually take the team to the playoffs.

I just need to know where he goes. If it's Atlanta, yeah. If it's New England, then I would take Caleb Williams. You know? I think that's fair. TJ, here you go.

Thank you. Big name free agent to end up signing with the Cowboys, Derek Henry or Mike Evans? Oh, I think it's Derek Henry. I think by the end of the day, the Bucks will just figure out how to bring Evans back and hook him up with Baker. I'll go Derek Henry. I just think Evans is going to be just too rich for the Cowboys' blood when they've got so many other guys to pay. Derek Henry might come on some sort of a market value contract and you know what the market value is for running backs these days.

So I'd go Derek Henry there. Which one would you want, TJ? Oh, well, you know me, I'm greedy.

I want both. But... Well, you know what? You know, that's not the answer allowable here. Derek Henry, I guess, you know, you've kind of sold me on the fact that, you know, that 30-year-old Mark isn't the end and he played pretty well last year and the Cowboys definitely need a bell cow. So why not? Let's give him a shot. Plus you can merely hand him the football. Mike Evans, you must throw the football too.

We don't need that throwing 60 passes again in a game. No, you don't want to do that. So here we go. All right. Two more for you, Rich, and I'll send you off to your indie day.

Thank you, sir. As an away AFC East quarterback, you have faith in to resurrect their careers. Zach Wilson or Mac Jones. Are you going Zach or Mac? Get out of here, man.

Get out of here. Now, Rich is really thinking both of them for this answer. One of them needs to go to the 49ers. I'll go Zach.

One of these needs to be the backup to Brock Burdie. I'm going to go Zach. I'm just going to go Zach, because Zach looked better than Mac. He did.

And that's saying a lot. That's more likely. I'll go Zach over Mac.

Yeah, I was talking to somebody who's high up in the evaluation business in the NFL the other day here at the combine, the concept, the question about Mac came up, do you think he's got a resurrection in him? They just shook their head. No. Wow.

Say a word. Oh, that's so sad. So rough. I know. He needs a hug.

He does. Big time. Last one.

Rich. Did you see any when be highlights last night? I saw him essentially call game with a three point shot and then a block of Chet Holmgren and going from end to end.

I saw that. So what's your question? He put up a stat line that's never been done at NBA history before last night. That's how impressive this kid is locked up rookie of the year, more likely in the next three years, when the MVP or Spurs go to the finals, all those Spurs go to the finals. Oh, I'll do that.

Yeah, I'll do that. Why? You take, you take, uh, you take one B MVP over that individual over the team. I think he's going to win MVP soon. I think he, I think we're seeing it. I think I'm glad that I'm zagging while you're zigging. I'll zag. I'll take the other.

I'll be covered here on what's more likely. Look at us. Fantastic. All right, brother.

Enjoy. Yeah. Fantastic. I'll take next year by the way. I'm willing to go in the record. Wow.

I got nothing to lose here. Defensive player of the year next year for sure. How was Brent, Suze? How was what, babe? Brent. Brent.

Oh, Brent. He was a master. He was live, live from Aloha from Hawaii. He was fantastic. Was he really?

Yeah. He was like with a steaming cup of coffee overlooking the ocean. Before we go, I want to give you a present ahead of time. I want you to feel good about yourself. So take a look at what we've made for you.

I believe Smidge published it. Yes. Yeah. Wow. This is confusing to people.

Which one is who? Rich, I've never seen you wear that red suit before. Where'd that come from? I can feel it.

That's a great shirt. I've never seen you in that suit. It's a suit. He's wearing a red suit, people. You have no idea.

It's not a full suit. Hey, Rich, you know, I love you. I mean, you've been together for a very long, long, long time.

Yes, you made him chase you for five years before, you know, you let him catch you. That's because I thought he was Ryan Gosling. She was playing hard to get. Honey, I love you. But then again, what's his wife's name? Eva Mendez.

Yeah, I know Eva Mendez. Hey, take care. Last night, again, I get to dinner, I immediately start having a nice glass of red wine or two. And I honestly, I thought he said that as soon as the guy left, I'm like, did he really ask if it was me or Ryan Gosling?

The dude goes like, yeah, that's amazing. Never say never, but never. Thank you very much. Great job. There it is. Yeah, there it is.

Marshall is on next, Rich. So we will ask my other husband what he thinks about this comparison. Say hi to 28. Will do indeed. Have a great day. See you, brother. Be well. All right. Let's go to break when we come back. Marshall Falk.

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You told them about how you are the Bill Walsh of audio executives. Exactly. You can't screw these up.

Your favorite catchphrase from the original Predator. Go ahead. Here's one. Please.

We can kill it. All right. That's number one. Here's number two. Okay.

Get to the chopper. Can't hear them at all. Okay. You can't hear them.

You cannot hear them. Yes. Okay. So what I'm going to do.

I'm going to. I'm doing this blindfolded. Wait a minute. The sound. Wait a minute. Bill Walsh cannot have the volume up.

The Bill Walsh of sound engineers not have the volume up for the second. This is not going well. Can you go?

Oh, there's a method to his madness. Do you want to try one more time now? Okay. Go ahead.

Go ahead. Okay. We can kill it. We can kill it.

We can kill it. Okay. Here's the next one. Get to the chopper.

Get to the chopper. And here's the other one. One ugly mother. Okay.

There's that one. Okay. Start bench cut.

All right. Get to the chopper. It's cut because it's only an incidental line. And the only reason we remember it is because he's Austrian. If anybody else said get to the choppers, it wouldn't have been a line. It wouldn't have been a line.

It's only because he's Austrian cut, cut. It's superfluous. We're going to bench your one ugly hand effort. So what you're going to do is you're going to start, if it bleeds, we can kill it.

Because it's a succinct line and it's done in a very naturalistic way. It bleeds. We can kill it. Very well done. Now, for everybody else who comes in here on the Rich Eisen Show, we're going to show them this start bench cut because you have raised the bar, right here.

We're going to edit out Del Tufo. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger's got the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Marshall Falk joins us now, my other husband, Marshall, good to have you on with us and thank you for always taking the call. I want to show you a photograph Rich just told us the story last night in Indy. He overheard a table saying, is that Rich Eisen or Ryan Gosling?

I said to him, how many bottles of empty wine were on the table? Marshall, what's your thought on that? Wow. Oh, I love me some Rich, man. I love me some Rich. That is like, that is such a Rich, Rich Eisen-ism for him to come up and create something like that.

That is perfect. For those of you that think you know Rich. You don't believe that, do you? Yeah. Yeah. Oh no. Oh, please. Please. Not even.

Just straight up. Not even close. Made up.

You were saying Marshall? Maybe they both had hats on. Hats?

They both had hats on? What was it? They were at Steak and Shake? What were they?

Steak and Shake. The hell? I mean, I love my husband. Terrific guy. I don't see it. He's not in your speech list. That's such a Rich. That is, I love the dude, but that's a reach right there. Who's your celebrity comparison?

Who have people thought you were from time to time? I get Omar Epps. Yeah. I saw that. Yeah. All right. I like it. I see that.

Yeah. What do you remember from your experience at the Combine, Marshall? Susie, this is awesome. I'm in Indianapolis. It's cold. There's a storm. I've never been this cold.

There's ice everywhere. I go to St. Elmo's to meet my agent for dinner. I come back.

I lose my ID. I almost can't get back into the hotel. And I remember leaving there saying, oh my God, I'm never coming back here again. That was cold state Marshall Falk. I'm like, wow, that's awesome.

That's pretty awesome. It was so cold that year. It was one of the worst, 1994. It was the blizzard of all blizzards. And when I lived there, they used to always reference the storm in 94. Oh, this wasn't like the storm in 94. So that was classic.

That was probably the thing that I remember the most, that happening. And I was more on the Marvin Harrison Jr. kind of thing. I was like, I'm not working out. You've seen me play. If you want to talk, if you were not in the top five, I didn't meet with teams that weren't picking in the top five. I just didn't waste my time with it. I focused on the teams that were in the top five, what their needs were, I learned about the city. I kind of learned about their teams, saw how it fit in with those teams and had some good interviews, had some good interviews. So before we get to Marvin Harrison, now I'm curious, were you disappointed when you heard Indianapolis?

I wasn't. And I'm saying this nicely because I was kind of let down. I was kind of happy and let down because I didn't go to Cincinnati because you wanted to be the first overall, but all the first picks that went to Cincinnati didn't pan out well. I was like, is this a blessing in disguise? So it was like, it was, it was mixed emotions. It was mixed emotions. Panned out.

Okay. I think it worked out for you pretty well. What's your reaction to Marvin Harrison Jr. with him? Now it seems like there might be some misunderstanding, but he worked out with a bunch of the defensive guys. He's kind of, he's kind of playing it his way. Caleb Williams playing it his way. What's your reaction to that?

It's the new age guys. They understand where they're at and, and here's, here's what I know. His father played with one quarterback. The majority of his career, he had a couple of years before Peyton got there and Marvin understands how important it is for a receiver to have a good quarterback.

He wants his son in the best situation possible for a son to flourish. If you end up at a place that doesn't have a guy at quarterback that can facilitate and get you the ball, I don't care how good you are. There'll always be questions and your career as a receiver can be extremely hard.

I believe that his father has a hand in this and a sense of advising him. Like you, he, the reality is this is he's done enough on the football field. He's played in high impact games. He's shown that he can play. I really don't understand what the combine would be for in his case, as I was, except to work against you.

I can't see where the combine could help him. You had two years together in, in Indy with Marvin Harrison. What comparisons do you see with the father, son, and are you talking to him at all about this right now? We talked last year because I wasn't sure of what he was going to do last year. And we just, Marvin and I, we talked and he was just like, he's a different guy. He's a different guy. More to the sense of Marvin was a guy who got open, caught balls in open space. His son is more of a, he catches contested balls. Like he challenges guys and he's a, he's a bigger kind of, he's a bigger receiver, a bigger target where Marvin, Marvin played more of a smaller, fast guy game where he got open, operated in space to where junior does it a little different, but he has the ability to run routes and get open as well. Marshall, I hate Marshall Faulk joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show, Susie Schuster in for Rich. I hate the constant denigration of the running back position and, and I shake my head. I understand, I love it when you talk about how you played the game and how you didn't get hit because you ran so fast because you hated getting hit because it hurt, but the constant denigration of the running back position. What are your thoughts as you hear so many people, Derek Henry, all these great names being bandied about and, and wondering where they're going to land?

Yeah. Um, I feel bad for those guys in a sense, but, uh, but also Susie and I've said this multiple times, they're complicit. Um, when you look at all of these guys, that's about to not get the franchise said, it's because they haven't proven their worth in a sense. They come out, they split time with guys, they allow their backup to play and therefore your value is diminished. That's that's, that's literally, that's it.

If you realize that there's a guy behind the guy who's asking for 15 to 20 million, there's a guy behind at eight or seven or six that you can pay, you pay the guy behind and maybe you pay two guys, let's say you pay two guys, seven each, and now you're at 14 compared to putting money, putting that type of money into one guy. They've done it. They've caused this to happen. They split time. They come out of games. None of them are playing whole games and, and, and listen, it's coming from college that way because multiple guys are playing.

We don't see guys that's like, we used to call them bell cows. You can count on him, you give him the ball, you know, he can touch the ball and it's not just carries, touch the ball 30 to 40 times a game, touch the ball. If you look at the amount of touches that guys are getting now, I mean, if a guy touching the ball 30 times, we're raving about him and that's Kristin McCaffrey. He's one of the few guys that's touching the ball that amount of time.

Nick Chih was a guy who touched the ball that amount of times. A lot of guys, they just split in time and when you split time, you devalue the position and you devalue your value. So your advice to them is what? Play more. Play more.

Show your worth. Let them see that you on the field, the offense is better than you off the field. You know, this week, Amy Trask and I spoke with Lewis Riddick about this on what the football and Amy said, try playing football without running the ball and was saying that it's time for the running backs to take a lot more ownership of the game. And I think that's kind of exactly what you're saying.

Yeah. I'm just, I'm daring them. I'm asking them, play more. Come learn how to play more. Learn how to beat a reliable guy. Get pissed off when they put another guy in and it's something that you can do. Like I understand the team mentality, but like, hey coach, I can run this route. Hey coach, I can take this play fake.

Hey coach, I can block this guy because whether you can run the ball inside and outside, that doesn't matter anymore. It's the other stuff. But it's about playing more without getting hurt. I mean, it's just so hard.

I mean, not everybody is you. Susie, listen, if we're worried about getting hurt, here's the reality, okay? You're going to make a lot of money in a short career or you're going to make a little money in a long career. You make the decision. Who do you like out there of these young kids that we're going to see this weekend in Indy? Susie, I haven't, I'll be honest, I haven't really started to do my homework. I usually wait till after, well, I used to have to do it before the combine.

I used to dive into it. But now after the combine is when I start to really sink my teeth into these young running bags coming out, taking phone calls, analyzing, seeing what they do, using our all pro scout system of what these guys are able to do and implementing and putting a stamp on which one of these guys are going to be, because we know who the top guys are. We're going to have those guys. But it's those guys that you're going to see in the third and fourth round that's going to end up breaking through and you're like, wow, who's Isaiah Pacheco? Those are the guys that I like to discover and say, this guy has the potential to really mean something, a Singletary, mean something to a team and really be a reason why a team wins. Who do you think needs a great guy more than any other team out there?

Well, let's see. What young quarterback, obviously you look, whoever the guy is going to be in Chicago, it's going to help for him to have it. You see what the addition of the young back down in Atlanta has done. Obviously the quarterback position hasn't held up there.

Man, let's see. There's a couple of guys in Texas that's doing it, but I think they still need a guy, like a guy guy. I think Dak needs a guy. I think they found out as much as Pollard was a guy who was able to spare Zeke, being a guy who you can count on week in and week out, understanding what's expected of you to get the tough yards. It's easy to get the yards when they're just handing you the ball, but it's the tough yards that I look at. I think about Dallas and where they're at. They need a guy. They miss Zeke.

Let's just be honest. Zeke in that offense, although he wasn't healthy the last couple of years, you saw what he meant to Pollard, allowing Pollard to come in and be the fresh guy. You like Derrick Henry in Dallas? Not at the money that he's probably going to want. That's a deal for Derrick. Derrick has to take a deal there because there has to be another guy. I'm not saying this is a knock on Derrick. I've seen him play third down and catch the ball, but they just don't look at him as a third down guy. That means you're a first, second down guy. Any time in his league you get down 10 points, you can't put that guy in the game. He's taken out of the game, so he becomes more of a liability.

Now, if Dallas is going to play from ahead and they're going to front run, he's a great guy to have, a great guy to have. You look like a coach. You look like you're sitting in front of a postgame conference like you're about to tell me about what happened in the second quarter. I hope I'm telling you what happened in the second quarter after a win. I hope so, Marshall.

We're leading, we're leading, or it's after the game and it's after a win. That's the look I'm going for today. I love it. You're playing it perfectly. Thanks, Marshall.

Appreciate the time. Thanks for having me on, Suze. Absolutely. That was Marshall Faulk here on The Rich Eyes and Show.

He's always the best, and he always has the best insight. I think what he said is right. You want the money and the longevity? Play. Play. Play. Get out there. Say, I want the ball. Give me the damn ball. Make them make a decision.

Make it hard on them to not get rid of you. You know, it's so true, and I really meant it. I wasn't just making like, oh, you know, I wasn't just like patting them on the back and everybody's like you, but you've got to want to have it, you know, you've got to want to have that rock in your hand, whether it's taking those short passes, running the ball, and like, again, one of the coolest things is listening to Marshall talk about seeing the field, that kind of matrix wave. He looked at the field, and when I said to him, why did you never get hit? He's like, because it hurts.

I'm like, well, that's a good way to put it. Anyway, he's incredible, and I can't wait to see the running backs over the weekend. Obviously, Rich can't wait for Blake Coram, see how he does out there. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

I'm Mike Marshall. I'm waiting until after the combine before I really dive into these guys. Yeah, but who do you want?

Is there anybody you're interested in over the weekend? Obviously, we talked about Chap Robinson. It's kind of fun to see Chap Robinson goes out. I like watching the quarterbacks. I like seeing the guys throw. I'm interested in some of these receivers, and so hopefully they get out there and perform and then we'll see on Monday, you know, you can really divot the new mock drafts that are coming out, who raised their stock, who hurt themselves a little bit, and I think that's kind of where the real fun begins, kind of after the combine. TJ mock draft season really gets ramped up. I know you don't dabble during the year, during the football season point, you know, what's the point? You're focused on the week to week of your favorite team and what's going on in the NFL.

But now post combine Monday, the six week ramp up before the draft mock draft season goes nuts, and that's kind of what excites me the most. I agree. My kids texting me, asking me like saying that is Matt. Teacher just snapped at him in the hallway because he was drawing during class. I'm like, maybe don't draw during class.

Oh, I used to get it all the time. Maybe pay attention while you're in class. And I was successful. Also, also, I'm working. Mom's working.

Let's leave me alone here. Speaking of text, my mom texted me about 10 minutes ago and says, tell Susie. I said hi. So, oh, hi, mom, Jefferson. I'm so glad you're out there watching. At least you're not texting me saying that your math teacher is barking at you. It's like, oh, God, I'm trying to do a job here. I always, uh, we'll talk about this when we come back. I always look at you and I see, obviously we see Hasselbeck, but I forgot about the Matthew Reese thing. So we'll talk a little bit more about who your celebrity, uh, celebrity doppelganger job when we come back here to wrap up this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

Hi there. Sorry for the interruption, but are you enjoying the show on Google podcasts? You should know that the Google podcast app is going away this spring.

That's right, going away gone as in no longer available. You can still enjoy the show elsewhere though. Try out Spotify or Amazon music, or maybe tune in is more your style, whatever app you switched to. Be sure to follow. So you never miss the next episode and thanks for listening.

However, you listen. I do it, Rich, it will bring you back like no other, but where am I now though when you say bring me back, I'm happy with my head right now. I'm happy with life. My hats have been cutting down. They were up to five days a week. Now I'm at two days a week now because I'm feeling good about prime right now. I look at myself on social media is taking at least nine years off of my life. Nine years.

Yes. I'm looking like a young prime right now. You know, I looked at a picture of me and my profile the other day. I didn't know if it was one of my sons or me.

That's the way I am right now, Rich. You know, you know, Suze, you know, my wife, she's like seeing you on the air and she goes, huh? She's like, what?

I'm like, yeah, that's damn. You know what she's really saying? She's really saying it's almost like a guy. See, we can't do this. You know, if your girl starts to pick up a little weight, you really can't say it. You just, you know, like, Hey, you want to work out day, baby?

Not, not true, but we should work. You can't say it. So she's like, is that Dion? Yeah. And she's just waiting for you to jump in there. It's like double dutch.

And you just sitting there and she, and she has the ropes and she's just doing the ropes and she just keeps looking on you like, come on, baby, jump in there, come on. Rich. You can do this, man. No, I can.

But I mean, you got a lot to work with on the outsides. This is your expert opinion. Having. Okay. So you have a lot of, uh, donor hair.

They call it donor hair. Should I do it? Do it. Rich.

Rich. Do it. Do it. Rich. Do it. You should do it.

All right. Closing up this edition of the rich Eisen show, Susie Schuster in for rich Eisen, who is in Indianapolis, of course, we just listened to Deon Sanders tell my husband he needed hair plugs. That was great. Do you think he should have done it? I mean, back in the day, maybe six years ago now.

So a rich is so worried about, well, what are people going to say while I'm waiting for it to grow in? That was six years ago. He'd have a full flowing head of hair now.

He'd look like Fabio, Mike, like, what are we doing? Should he have done it? Should he have done it? Yes or no? Yes or no? I think he should have done it 10 years ago when it was still reparable.

Maybe 15. Okay. But not, not when he came home after that and he said, what do you think? Maybe it's time. And you know, I just said to him, I'm like, who are you kidding? I mean, I mean, you're not Ryan Gosling, right? I just thought to myself, you know, some poor guy in indie thought, I think he looks very dignified and handsome as long as he keeps the goatee. He's got that.

He needs the balance. Don't you think? Yep. Yep. Yep. Totally.

That's what the goatees, if you don't have hair, the goatees work. Totally agree. Yep. Yeah.

I mean, I don't see the Ryan Gosling and they say that. They don't even have the same eye color. No. Like maybe if he had blue eyes. Maybe. There's not even a comparison here.

It's not even close. Rich could be Ryan's dad. How about the fact that Marshall thinks he made the whole, made it fellas story. That's amazing. That's the, that's, that's the part we're not talking about.

That's true. Marshall thinks that he made it up. Actually. I want to put that out as a poll. Did Rich make up the Ryan Gosling story?

I mean, that's kind of ridiculous. Aaron in Milwaukee. We need a question before, uh, before we go. Hi Aaron. How are you?

Hey Susie. Um, so I, uh, had a little thought connection yesterday, um, after the mad dog Russo interview where towards the end, which he kind of had like a one off comment about, um, thinking that it's crazy if you don't believe in any conspiracy theory regarding JFK. And so I'm just going to connect this to sports eventually. So just hang with me. Oh gosh. You got two minutes.

Okay. Um, so it kind of made me think about confirmation bias where like I'm very scientific and like logical reasoning and deducting. Um, and there's a documentary that was made like 20 years ago, um, where they like replicated the, like the exact shot and everything using the same rifle, same ammo, everything. So it's like, kind of like proves that it was like one shooter for me, um, relating it to sports is like that confirmation bias. Like I think in sports is none, none or never been more clear than with the flake gate where like everyone's like, Oh, well the NFL won the court case. Like obviously the Patriots were deflating footballs and it's like, well no in the court case, like originally judge Berman ruled in favor of Brady and the Patriots because they proved through the ideal gas law that like there was no deflation of footballs and like the league appealed so that they could just use like article 46 to the CBA so that they could just hand down whatever punishment they wanted regardless of, and originally in the first ruling they had proven that there was no deflation that had happened.

Article 46 still allow them to hand out the punishment they wanted. And that's the same element that Deshaun Watson had to deal with recently. So I just kind of wanted to touch on that and just kind of throw that out there. I really appreciate the call.

Thank you. I mean there was no deflecting. There wasn't, it was, it was science and the league didn't understand it. It was all very, very stupid. So dumb. We put that to bed, right? Yeah. There was no deflecting. So dumb. Mort deleted the tweet and Peter King had to apologize.

We're still waiting on Bob Kravitz from Indy. Yeah. But you know, Peter King, for those of you who missed it, was on yesterday.

You can go to YouTube and check that out. But he, he saw, he talks about this as being possibly the greatest regret of his career that he, that he got that wrong and how he really felt awful that people couldn't trust him. They couldn't trust Peter King. There's no one that works harder at telling the truth and finding sources than Peter King.

But he talked about that as being like the low of his career. And by the way, the reason why we got past it with Peter King is personal accountability, right? He said, I was wrong. He made a mistake.

I can't remember another time Peter King made a mistake, but you know, he's, he's a human being and there was no deflecting. So that's put to bed now. What are you doing this weekend, Chris?

Besides your kid being sick and you chasing him around? Well, yeah, he's sick. He's not doing well, but we do have a T-ball kickoff tonight.

Oh, no, that's right. And his first practice tomorrow, which would be a bummer if he'd have to miss it. So we're going to force feed him some fluids so he can get out there.

You're going to pump him a little bit of a, what team is he on? I'm not sure. Huh?

I think I, wait, what's that? Oh, he's on the Yankees. I don't know if that's true.

I don't know if that's true. I got to wait to see what happens when he shows up tonight. Is he going to be 23? I have no idea. Is he going to be Donnie? Donnie M? What's going to happen?

Nope. We might just quit and force, like Marshall, Marshall didn't want to go to Cincinnati and got his way onto a better situation. So, so what cage could do, hold out, he could, he could waive the interview, no medical fever. So he's taken some, uh, yeah, we know what's going on. Yeah. He's taken some stuff.

He can pop with some medical testing. Yeah. I love this. TJ, I'm going to the Clippers tonight. Oh, nice. I am. I'm excited. I've got my women in sports dinner tonight at the Clippers game. I'm excited. Nice.

I mean, it's the Wizards, but I'm excited to see your guys in action. I'll report back. Please do. Take some snaps for you.

Send them to you for some Rich Eisen show, Rich Eisen show social, because I don't really have social. Cool. I'm going this weekend. I'm making a trip to Arizona tomorrow. My nephew Jackson plays rugby for the Arizona Wildcats. So a couple of us are going to fly down there tomorrow, check them out.

Shout out to the Arizona rugby team and check that out. And then Sunday, Chris, I'm going to watch a guy who we grew up watching wrestle Sting, the legend, the icon wrestle his last match on AW's revolution pay-per-view. So shout out to the stinger, you know, 39 years.

This guy was doing it, putting his body on the line for all of us fans. So congratulations to him. It'll be awesome. It'll be pretty cool. We're going to watch that new F1 show. Maybe it's not new.

Maybe it's old and it's coming back, but I just don't know about it with Coop. We're going to watch the F1 show. We're going to watch some tennis. Oh, jobs to survive. Yeah.

One on Netflix. Yeah. Coop's got a tennis match on Sunday.

May or may not be rained out. You can bring cage if he's not sick. Done. You know? All right. Well, for all of you guys who took in the Rich Eisen show while I was here, many thanks to you all. And I'll see you next time. I'm in the chair.

Great weekend, everybody. Movies, TV shows, books, podcasts and more. It's what women binge with Melissa Joan Hart and her friend Amanda Lee. We have Lauren Bosworth with the hills. So what is like your number one question from fans? The primary question I still get asked was what is it real in 2024 to me is a surprising question to get because I feel like everybody has been through the reality TV gauntlet at this point. Women Binge, wherever you listen.
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