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Jason Concepcion: Knicks Have A Real Point Guard

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 23, 2024 4:22 pm

Jason Concepcion: Knicks Have A Real Point Guard

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 23, 2024 4:22 pm

2/23/24 - Hour 2

‘Six Trophies’ podcast co-host Jason Concepcion and Rich discuss what Jalen Brunson has brought to the Knicks since his arrival from the Dallas Mavericks, if LeBron James is more likely than not to stay with the Lakers beyond this season, ways to add more defense to the NBA All-Star Game, and compare the finales of classic TV series including The Sopranos, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Succession, East Bound & Down and others.

Rich and the guys react to the head-scratching controversy surrounding the new see-through uniform pants that has many players up in arms this Spring Training.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. You're not going to like it, but the call on the ice was correct.

No ball. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We got the Jordan rules, I'm calling out from now on as long as I'm here in the Patrick Mahone room.

Elbows, feeling them, we touched them, we're in the head mentally, physically, emotionally. This is part of the reason why he's the coach right now. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Coming up, co-host of Six Trophies Podcast, Jason Concepcion, Academy Award nominated actor Jeffrey Wright. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

That's right, it's a Friday edition of the Rich Eisen Show, 844204 Rich. Number to dial if you want to have a chat with any of us. And when I say any of us, I mean just me.

I'm not including you. No, honestly, if you want to talk to Del Tufo, call right now. Yeah, call him. You know, I'm here. It's a Friday. I'm my own personal caller. No, no, seriously, I do like it when people call in like, hey, I want to say hi to the guys and whatever. It means we're... We're connecting. I was going to use aspiration. Oh, okay.

But that's okay. We connect. Hour number one, we just talked with Tom Pelissero, my colleague from the NFL Network, NFL media group, setting the stage for the combine next week. I will be in Indianapolis for that. Susie will be here in the chair. I'll be chiming in every now and then from Indy because, you know, that's how we roll.

844 is 204H, number to dial, as I mentioned. Hour number two kicking off right now with the co-host of the Six Trophies podcast, very popular program. Shea Serrano is going to be on Monday's show, I believe. Nice.

We're just running through all this for fair and balanced. Joining us here, however, in studio is Jason Concepcion right here on The Rich Eisen Show for the first time. Good to see you, sir. How are you?

I'm doing well. Thank you for shouting out the suit. Listen, I went in the back. What's the shirt, though? The shirt is a camp shirt. I guess a Hawaiian style of print.

Okay. Camp shirt, kind of a fun. You mean campy, though? Like a camp, like a shirt that back in the day, like during the Eisenhower era. Oh, I see what you're saying.

A man might wear while outside barbecuing. I see what you're saying. Yeah.

When you said camp shirt, I thought you meant like something with my name stitched in the back so we know what bunk the laundry should return it to. Yes. I think the title is a reference to that sort of thing.

But yeah, like a classic kind of. But I like this. I appreciate you coming here and congrats on your success.

I appreciate it. I'm fascinated about this because so many folks will reach out and say, how do you get started in the business? You just started tweeting, essentially? Is that what you basically did? Yes.

Yes, exactly. I mean, I was working as a cater waiter for multiple cater waiter outfits in New York City. I was a delivery guy for my friend's wife's leather company. I went to school for music and that went as well as you would expect.

It turns out you don't need a degree in music to be successful in music if you're good at it. So I was kind of figuring out what I wanted to do. A huge Knicks fan from for all my life. I started a Twitter account to follow my fantasy teams.

Okay. And just started tweeting during games and tweeting during Knicks games. And somehow it took off and it led me to writing.

Was there a tweet in particular that took it off? Yeah. Yeah. Well, let me just first say that I had done a couple of freelance writing assignments for Deadspin.

Okay. For SB Nation, for a few other places before this tweet. But I did a tweet. James Harden had just been acquired by the Rockets. Daryl Morey had signed him and, you know, Daryl is a famous quant, analytical guy. And it was early in the run and James was going crazy. And I think I tweeted, I'm going to paraphrase, but I tweeted something like, Daryl Morey is furiously masturbating with a belt around his neck right now watching this James Harden performance.

And shortly after that, Chris Ryan. Like a Chip Rossetti type scene, is what you're saying? Yeah. From Boardwalk Empire? Yes.

Okay. Wonderful show, underrated show. And Chris Ryan, who would become my editor at Grantland and later The Ringer, reached out shortly after that and was like, hey, do you want to try a freelancing for us? I was like, yeah.

And that kind of set me on my way. Crazy story. I know it can happen to you kids.

You never know when some, you know, auto eroticism might spark your career. Yeah. Okay.

Very good. Look at you, man. It was a shocking development to me and to everyone else. I didn't know that I had a talent for writing until social media kind of told me that, oh, maybe I'm kind of good at this. That's pretty cool, dude.

Yeah. Well, again, congratulations and everything that you're building. One Doris, six trophies with you and Chase Serrano, Jason Concepcion here on The Rich Guys show. It's available wherever you get your podcast released weekly on Wednesdays. And so how did you become a Nick fan? Are you from New York City? I'm from New York. I'm from Queens and Long Island, Bayside.

And then Bethpage. Where's the exit? You don't have one? It comes back when I'm there and I'm talking to my brother. When my brother picks me up at the airport, it comes right out. My girlfriend, the first time we went to Long Island together, was like, who are you? I think I said, you busting my balls here?

And then she was like, wait a second. Did you say that, Cecile? Whoa. Where did that come from? Whoa. Holy show. So you're like Tyrese Halliburton.

You've got two voices. Yes. That's correct. Very good. So the Knicks right now. Fantastic.

Right. I mean, and I was saying this a few weeks ago, I'm not the only one clearly, but Jalen Brunson is an absolute revelation that he went from being the why in the world are they overpaying for this guy to the savior. And I know that phrase gets used so often in New York City, every jet quarterback is the new savior. Everybody's a savior in New York City. This dude really is playing the role though.

I mean, what he is turning himself into, because that's what he's done here, is I don't know. The Knicks are lucky. They are flat out lucky to have him. Lucky is a great way to say it. You know, I think you know this as a guy who's watched the Knicks these many decades.

They've always been on the star hunt and it's kind of been their downfall. It's like, where's that final piece? Where's that Messiah who's going to take us there? Brie well, whoever it's going to be, you know, Melo, Larry Johnson, Amari, you know, whoever it's going to be. And it's wonderful that it's this guy who grew up around the team, whose dad was a bench guy for the team, whose current coach was an assistant under Van Gundy and saw him. You know, it's it's an incredible story. And I mean, he's the best player since Ewing.

He's no doubt you're not wrong. He's we have wanted, as Knicks fans have have wished for a real point guard, haven't really had one. You know, Mark Jackson, I guess a little bit. And we had, you know, Doc Rivers and different guys who were kind of at the end of their journey.

Yes. Charlie Ward. Charlie Ward was more famous for playing a different sport. And then to have this guy come in with the ties that he has to the team, succeeding in the way he has.

And maybe to your point, maybe something about the unheralded nature of his arrival, that the the Messiah tag not immediately being put on his shoulders allowed him to grow into the role. And it's just been it's been a dream to watch. Yeah, I was saying the other day we were all saying here when I believe we showed the clip from Rich Kleiman and on the boardroom, basically telling Durant, you know, admit, yeah, that I was right about, you know, the Knicks being a viable option, essentially, I'm totally paraphrasing him. But he's basically saying the brand is is is the Knicks brand is a real deal. And Durant basically saying, you know, sure, the brand has always been the brand, but playing for them wasn't cool.

They weren't cool to play for. Now they're popping. Yeah. And and it's Brunson. Period.

End of story. And I know Randall is also another guy to root for who showed up on the team and is now performing excellently. But it is Brunson because it's his team to like any star that might want to come to New York.

Absolutely. It's Jalen Brunson's team. It's his franchise.

It's his building, man. Like he it's the fact of it. He changed the trajectory of what this team could be.

I mean, Julius, before he had gotten injured, it kind of retooled his game, essentially accepting that, OK, Brunson's the guy and do the other stuff. And I'm glad you mentioned that Katie interview, because a couple of weeks ago, Clutch notably kind of squashed their feud with with the New York Knicks. And you know, nothing succeeds like success. What this is showing is, you know, the Knicks can't be really ignored in the space anymore.

You know, teams, players who might be with Clutch that are looking to for a team might ask themselves previous to the feud being squashed, like, wait, wait, why are we not looking at the Knicks? They're doing well. Right.

Look at that. And it's been it's just been magnificent. It's been great.

It's it's it's exceeded my dreams. Hopefully they can get healthy. But this team is fantastic and you're absolutely right. It's all about Brunson. It is. And that may be the case, though, when the playoffs hit. Yeah.

Right. I mean, because we're still talking about Brockman's Celtics. We're still talking about Giannis and the rest of what the Bucks are look going to, we assume, improve with Lillard when it when push comes to shove. The Cavs have been I know I'm sure Cleveland fans are like, listen, New York guys just chill out because they're second overall now.

We're assuming, you know, and beads not going to be a factor. So there it is essentially going to be can Brunson can can a guard in a way put the team on the back and go on an all timer? Well, we'll see. We got to get O.G. back because he was so catalytic in the four or five games before he had to go out with it. Elbow injury, just the way he immediately slotted into what the team is trying to do, the identity they had tried to instill under Thibodeau, which is this gritty defensive team. We're going to kill you on the boards and get second chance points.

And he is really facilitated a lot of that allowed them to get out in the open floor, hope they can get him back. And you know, the East is a knife fight right now for everybody under the Celtics. The Celtics are just a class above everybody.

But Cleveland, I think, really took the loss to New York to heart in the postseason last year. They've decided to crash the boards themselves. They're killing guys from three.

It's going to be interesting. And it's just health. We got to get healthy. Tom Thibodeau loves to play guys. Lots of minutes. Can this can this team sustain those minutes? Isaiah Hartenstein has a sore Achilles has been limited in minutes. We know that Thibodeau wants to play him 40 C. Jason Concepcion here on The Rich Eisen Show. Your tea leaf reading of how LeBron James is Laker tenure will either end or extend.

Oh, what's your what's your tea leaf reading right now? I think he retires as a Laker. I think that, you know, when? Two years.

OK. He's been playing for a couple of years. He still clearly has a lot left. I think the team is playing better with D'Angelo Russell shooting the lights out of the ball. Of course, didn't play last night, but but they also couldn't defend last night.

Couldn't defend at all. But I think, you know, he has I think it's a it's a legacy play in a different way for him. And I think very clearly with some of the stories that have come out recently with, you know, that the Warriors called the Lakers about LeBron tire kicked.

They kicked the tires around to an extensive degree. And I think that that story and the way it was framed was spotlighted the fact that LeBron said no, LeBron. You know, the Lakers let LeBron talk to the Warriors and he said, no, he wants to stay like I think he wants to stay there. I think he's always going to be agitating for a better team.

But I my guess is he retires there. And I do love backstories in the NBA and certainly real time ones. So. So I guess the reporting was from Ramona and and I don't know.

I think it was like a co-reporting. I'm sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Jeez. How could I forget that Draymond just like the light bulb went over his head one night when he's when he's retrieving the basketball that his daughter flipped over the over the hedge. I'm sick of this guy.

You know, we should we should just maybe LeBron wants to come here. He could. So he said he reaches for the phone. He calls Joe Laker. Right. Right. Who reaches for the phone and calls Jeannie Buss. Right.

Who then basically goes, listen, ask LeBron and call Rich Paul, because if you check with him because if he tells you, that's right, I'm interested, then then I'll be interested because I don't want people who don't want to be here. That's right. That's the.

And then Paul says, we're not going anywhere. That's right. That's the way this is apparently happened. That's right.

When you say framed, what do you mean by that, Jason? Well, I just mean that that, you know, stories, you know how it works when stories, when they appear, how they appear together and say, oh, so it looks good that Draymond's all on board and that Laker is listening to a guy who basically, you know, I think I sit for a month. That's another that's that's a positive checkmark for the Warriors. It's a checkmark for Jeannie. Absolutely right. It's a checkmark for everybody.

It's a checkmark for everybody. I think the story obviously happened as it happened. I think it also is helpful to come out now after LeBron had been, you know, hourglassing. The sand was gone from the hourglass. That's the other. It wasn't even it wasn't even that the sand was running and the time had run out. Now I may I may be showing my age here a little bit, Jason.

Are there other emojis where there's more sand in the hourglasses? That's the only choice on the phone is I, you know, just off the top of my head, I believe there is there are more choices, more choices. OK. Well, I don't know, look, you know, what a world we're living in a crazy world. So you think LeBron wants to stay here? Yeah. Give it a shot, you know, for the Lakers to have Palenka try for Trae Young, like take that, shoot that shot here and and run it for next year, which is kind of wild because I mean, this is a team that went pretty far last year, further than anybody thought they could. Yeah. Let's not forget about those.

You know, this is usually a different story. Two great nights in Vegas, you know, but let's not forget that it's a team that's capable. Listen, when LeBron wants to call down the Thunder, he still can. As we saw in the midseason tournament. And by the way, Adam Silver should thank LeBron every night before he goes to sleep for playing the way he did and legitimizing that as we you know, we saw the All-Star game. What's the thing? Everybody was hoping, why can't one person just really try and grab the reins and play hard in the way that guys used to?

And LeBron doing that for the midseason tournament was huge. Yeah. I think that I think that he stays. I think they kick the tires on a number of different stars that they could try to pair with him. And I think they try and run it back.

And if it doesn't happen, you know, I think that as a legacy play, I think it's important for him to stay here. But then listen, if they sneak into the play in, you never know. That's true. You never know. They have that ability to be a great defensive team. They're not doing it now, but they have that ability.

And you certainly would not want to see them there. Well, let's take a break and come back. Just real quick, guys. There are two hourglass emojis. Oh, yeah.

What are they? There's one that's empty on the top and then there's one that's like two thirds full on the top. But it's filtering down. So then LeBron had an emoji choice. He did. And made the choice of where the Sands out. It was a choice. Or he didn't know there was a choice and just hit the first one he saw. Very possible.

It has nothing to do with his basketball future. It could be. Fantastic. Great. I'd like to take a break. I've got a potential fix. What you just said kind of sparked a potential fix for the All-Star game.

OK. Talk a little TV, pop culture, movies, whatever's on your mind. Yeah. Chop it up here on a Friday. Right? That's right. OK. Jason Concepcion is here.

He's got a camp shirt under his suit. We're back on The Rich Eisen Show in a moment. On the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, co-host David Green and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about successes, failures and hard earned lessons. Joined by author Dave Meyer, who wrote a book, I did write a book. It seems like you're coming out with a book every four minutes. You are one to talk. You've released two books this year.

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Back on the Rich Eyes and show here on the Roku Channel radio audience will return. I was just chatting with Jason Concepcion. You asked me how I became a Nick fan.

I'm from Staten Island. So I was a Nick fan when Rory Sparrow was a back court mate with Michael Ray Richardson. Oh my gosh. Sugar Ray. And the like Sly Williams and the rest of the and the Twin Towers. May they rest in peace. Bill Cartwright.

And why am I blanking? Webster. What was his name? Gosh.

Because they were just they were these two huge centers. Bill Cartwright. And you want to look that up, Chris? I'm trying. However, Nick's Twin Towers, I'm getting a lot of brown. Was that the Hubie Brown era? Oh, sure. Yeah. Hubie Brown was the coach. Bill Cartwright. Oh, gosh. Yeah. Bill Cartwright.

And now I got to do this. Marvin Webster. Marvin Webster. I remember seeing him, Marvin Webster in a diner out in, you know, in like Westchester once. And we were so excited.

So excited. So that was my Knicks teams growing up. And then Hubie Brown took the Knicks into the playoffs.

Bernard King. Yeah. And in Detroit, in the old Joe Louis Arena against Kelly Tripuca and Isaiah Thomas. And I hated the Pistons. Hated them.

Yeah. Hated them, hated them. And then went to University of Michigan. That's when the bad boys started crushing. And I mean, I hated watching the Pistons get good.

Hated Bill Lambier and Mahorn and Chuck Daly. They played in the huge stadium, like they're in the football stadium with a little. They played in the Silverdome a couple of times, I think, with the curtain, with the blue curtain. Yeah, and their white uniforms always looked dingy to me.

I can always remember. It was the lighting. It was the lighting. Is that game, is that still the, like, most fans to see a NBA game? Maybe so.

Maybe so. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Jason Concepcion still hanging with us here on the Rich Eisen Show in studio. Jeffrey Wright, the Academy Award nominated actor, is going to be showing up here in hour number three.

That's how we're rolling here on a Friday. So a light bulb went over my head. I don't know if you could see it, but you were saying that the NBA in general is like, isn't there somebody who we can put on the floor who will treat things seriously for the NBA All-Star game? And I thought of the person. Who's that?

Draymond Green. Oh, yeah. I mean. Send him out there.

Like the member of Terry Tate, the office linebacker. Yeah. Yeah. And just that's what that's what he need. That's his role is just to go out there, start banging on like, I don't want to see him in an alt cast. Yeah.

I want to see him suited up, whether he deserves it or not. He's the one who goes out there and treats it seriously. So my my co-host, four time New York Times bestselling author, Shea Serrano, six trophies, new episodes, Wednesday, get it wherever you get your podcast, had a similar idea, a designated defender like a Pat Bev or a Draymond Green type. Just have them out there and irritant and irritant hate on people.

You know, nothing, nothing dirty, but, you know, push the envelope a little, get in a guy's ribs with the with the elbow a little bit, block some shots, dive at the ball, you know, just make people uncomfortable, get them, get them, get them upset. Yeah. Get them out of their comfort zone. Right.

And then they would turn on and then suddenly they would they would start getting riled up and now suddenly we're posting people up and we're we're banging. I think it's a great idea. How about this? Maybe something like automatic all star slot for the defensive player of the year. OK. Of the previous year.

The previous year. OK. No matter what you're in. That could be pretty fun. We're the top of like the top three defensive player of the year players. What if one of them's Kawhi? Right.

You know, that's not here. You know, you could have had Rudy Gobert and and women Yana and Vic in there. Exactly.

Which is perfect. If Gobert's there, put in Draymond. Any anybody who Draymond has stomped on or hit or choked out, if they're on the all star game, Draymond makes it. It's a bonus bonus, a little bit on here, a spitball in the league, really. The association would kind of dig this. But I mean, you get some people out there who ever and here's the thing, who ever performs the greatest.

Irritancy is that the word I didn't see. OK. Yeah. That's the Bill Lambier Award.

Wow. It's named after Lambier. So they renamed the all star MVP.

Kobe Bryant Award right now. We have the Bill Lambier. Yes. Whoever is the biggest a hole to mix things up and make it feel real. Let me say, what do you think? I'm taking you are all over this consulting is what we do is what we're you're now an unofficial member of Rich Eisen's consulting honor. It's an honor to be here. Let me ask you this.

Yes. Jason, as a person who watched Lambier close. Oh, God.

Little before my time. I'm starting, by the way, with Land of the Lost, a kids show where he played a sleestack. He was a sleestack on Land of the Lost? Yes, he was. Chuck A Will.

Chuck A Will. Yes, he was. Bill Lambier was a sleestack on Land of the Lost. I had no idea when I was a kid watching Sid and Marty Croft's Finest about going back in time.

Marshall, Will and Holly. I had no idea that I was watching Bill Lambier at the time. Don't mean to interrupt. Continue your thought. I'll just say that. That's how long I'm a Bill Lambier watcher and hater. I might add.

I had a lot of trouble following the plot of Land of the Lost. Anyway. So, Lambier, a lot of people compare him to Draymond. Is that a fair comparison? Absolutely not. Yeah.

That's what I think. I think Lambier was orders of magnitude worse than anything Draymond ever did. Please. Absolutely. Honestly, Draymond Green is like, what, Joe Dumars compared to Lambier.

Draymond has like Lady Bing trophies. Yeah. That's. Don't you remember Lambier mugged Larry Bird?

Yes, I do. Like truly? By the way, common foul. Arrested?

Common foul in the late 80s. For mugging? Yeah.

You pull that in Times Square, you are in trouble. So correct. Yeah, yeah. I think we just fixed the All-Star game. I think. Let's come up with it. So what would be the start?

Do you know the five? Pat Bev is a great one. Because Pat Bev doesn't care. Mandatory. Right. And then he would piss off the officials too, right? Absolutely. He can grab a camera. Yeah.

And start showing to people. You know, there's not enough defense. Like, I'm here for this reason, okay? Who else? Who else? Go Bear.

Go Bear for sure. Marcus Smart went healthy. Marcus Smart. Dylan Brooks? Dylan Brooks? Yeah. Come on.

This is awesome. This team. Dylan Brooks? Yes.

Well, I think we've put our finger on something. Which is, you know, because I think if you're just going to say defender, OG Ananobi is one of those guys. Sure. But you need also the mouth. He's too nice.

He's too quiet. Yes. Right. And these guys like saying, I am actually, yes, I am an All-Star. I make 60 million per game. That's right. But I am, this guy is pissing me off. I'll show him. Do you understand how to do a wrestling promo as well as play defense? That's what we need.

On the way to the hoop. That's right. That's the guy we need. Let me tell you something, brother. I think Grant Williams is kind of low key on this list.

Okay. He's low key. Yeah, he's low key on this.

He talks in a way that I don't think he should. I'm literally just looking up the technical foul leaders this year. Nice. Don't look up technical fouls. Look up flagrant fouls, sir.

You've got to go next level. Flagrant twos. If you've got a flagrant two, you're in the mix. Well then you got to put Isaiah Stewart in there.

You got to put Isaiah Stewart in there because he beat you up before a game. Allegedly. Allegedly. Oh, not allegedly.

He got arrested. Oh look, man. I'm just saying.

I didn't see it, so. You're welcome, Adam Silver. Man.

You're welcome. We got to start making some money with this, man. You guys are gonna see the Deception here on The Rich Eyes and Show. What TV shows are you watching? Oh, God, we were just talking about Mr. And Mrs. Smith on Amazon. I'm enjoying that. Which you can see here on Roku.

That's right. I'm part way through that one. I'm watching, on the reality tip, I'm watching Love is Blind with my girlfriend and Vanderpump Rules, which as a LA resident is kind of like a local show. And I'm on a Mad Men rewatch right now. Oh, okay.

Yeah. Yeah, the rewatches are good. I did a whole Sopranos rewatch over the summer. All the way through. All the way through.

Oh, man. And the last season for me was the most disturbing watch because I knew what was coming. You know what I'm saying? And so we're watching it through for the first time, you know, there was a little bit of pins and needles.

It was more difficult knowing what's coming because I just wanted him to just stop his behavior because he was causing his misery. Are we talking about John? Are we talking about Tony Soprano? Yeah. Let me ask you, the finale now that we're years past it, how do you feel about it? I love it. Yeah.

I kind of dig it. Yeah. At the time, though, I was pissed for two reasons. One, I wanted resolution.

Two, we were hosting it in our house with a whole bunch of people. And when it went black, the whole room turned to me, including my wife, like, did you not pay the bill? Like, what happened? Did you forget to pay the bill here? And I'm like, hey, everybody, I don't know what's going on.

The TV's dark for an absurd number of times. Like, it was that long where people were turning, looking at each other and then turned to me like it was my fault. What about you? Do you like it now or no?

I think it's brilliant now. And I had the same reaction at the time. I was living in a studio apartment, like former motel, and it was very possible that I didn't pay the bill. Like, when it went off, I was like, oh, I legitimately didn't. The bed wasn't coin operated, was it, Jason? It was that kind of spot. It was the kind of place that, you know, when it had the motel signs out front, would have said, like, we have color tickets. But now I think, holy cow, it's the fact that we're still talking about it, the way it makes you think about all the things that might happen to Tony, forget what happened to him in that moment. That guy's waiting.

He's going to be there, whether it's then in that diner, after a month later, that guy's going to be there at some point. The way it made me think about that, I just think it's it's brilliant. Well, it's just so difficult to end a long running show really is coming up with something that is not only satisfying in terms of plot conclusion, but also just watchability where it still has the same sensibility of the lion's share of the hit years. So I mean, I bring up Lost. Lost had one of the best first seasons ever, ever where it was groundbreaking, mind blowing. And then I just don't know what the hell happened after that. I mean, what would you say is one of the more satisfying final seasons of a show?

Where they got it right, Chris curses Game of Thrones now after after loving it for as long as he did. Ready, Jason? I wish I never watched it. No. Come on. Complete waste of time.

No. The final season of Game of Thrones. So bad. So upset him.

Here's the deal. So as great as the first seasons were, that's how equally bad the last season was. He won't even give House of Dragons a try because House of Dragons is great. I enjoy it, too, by the way.

I am the official podcast co-host of House of Dragon on HBO podcast. And so take this with a grain of salt. But it's great. You know, here's the thing about Game of Thrones the final season. First of all, I think up until Night of the Seven Kingdoms, brilliant episode made me weep even up to the Winterfell episode.

Great season. I think for me, the fact that people cared that much is part of the magic of television. I enjoyed the ride. I understand people were disappointed by it. I loved the ride. Of course, it was a tremendous thing for me personally.

He's also the type of guy and they sing here all the time. I don't want to go there about would you rather be blown out or would you rather just lose a close one. It just seemed like they got sloppy and they just kind of rushed it and it was unnecessary. They could have taken as much time as they wanted. HBO would have given them all the runway they needed and they're like, no, no, no, we're good. We're going to do it in six, seven episodes, whatever.

Why? They also didn't have the source material. By the way, they didn't have the source material to work off of. George. We're still waiting. We're waiting on pages. We've been waiting 14 years now.

Number of times that I see him write about the jets instead of like finishing this damn saga. I say we're going to get the next book. I believe that. I'll say that.

And what happens first? The Knicks win a championship and we get this final book. Man, I'll tell you what, the championship thing, I would have had a different answer before this season. Look out. Well, you know, speaking of sticking the landing, Mad Men, I think one of the most perfect buttoned up. I thought the final episode of that was amazing. Amazing.

And how and how they tied it into one of the more famous TV commercial campaigns of all time and how he would come up with it. I did enjoy that. You know, it's another one as well. I don't know if you watched Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Did you ever watch that? I didn't.

I didn't get it. Listen, it is a spectacular television show. And the final it's the act, the acting, the writing is spectacular.

And you know, straight up, I, I will watch Rachel Brosnahan read, read a phone book. But the last season is perfect. It's truly one of the greatest final seasons I've ever seen. It's satisfying. It gives you a storyline. It brings. Yeah.

Seasons together. It's moving. It's hilarious. The final scene is perfect. It's great. Seinfeld.

Seinfeld. Um, you know, the, it made me laugh. I know it made you laugh. You know, the final, the final episode, the two parter. Yeah, absolutely. It was funny.

Uh huh. It was like goofy, kind of like the whole show was. I couldn't skip every thing about season nine of Seinfeld. I just don't even, uh, I, I, I have zero complaints about Seinfeld zero, and I will never have a single complaint about Seinfeld. I'm trying to get my oldest son to start watching it cause he loves comedies. He loves 30 Rocky watch the binge, watch all of modern family. He loves only murders in the building and I'm like, you would love Seinfeld. And then I'm like thinking to myself, how would he understand a payphone episode? You know what I mean? Like, wait a minute, they miscommunicated because they couldn't get in contact with each other.

Like what's up with that as I'm Snapchatting away, you know, like there, there are some interesting moments like that. What'd you think of the succession finale? I loved it. Me too. Uh, just a show that I was, that really grabbed me. I'm proud to say I was there from season one.

Me too. And even through the shakiness up to, you know, when it really took off in the middle of that season, I just, one of the most high quality seasons. Like a rocket ship, by the way, I remember the first couple episodes of succession, my wife and I were watching it and we're like, why do we care about any of these people? They're awful, terrible human beings. There's nothing that wants me to be sticking around, uh, at all.

Cause there's such horrible people. And I forget what episode it was, but it was so fantastic and it, it kept on going straight up like a rocket ship is the only analogy. And I've never seen a show that's supposedly a drama that's made me laugh out loud more than succession. I think for me it was getting used to the visual language because it is a dark comedy.

You are, you are watching these people at their worst. It makes, it's one of those few shows about wealth that makes wealth look like a terrible time. Uh, and once I figured out, Oh, this isn't a drama, they're shooting it this way for a reason. And, and then the performances really started to get to me. And for me, I think it was that episode where, um, where Tom and Greg go to that weird restaurant and they eat the birds with the, with the napkins over their heads so that you could, I forget what, if the turn of phrase, like soak in their misery of these small birds or something like that. And I was just like, wow, this show is crushing it. How about this for it, uh, stuck in the landing.

He's bounded down. I didn't see the final season of that. I admit you're already laughing over there because the whole idea of that show is so absurd and the performances, uh, you know, Danny McBride and everyone involved, the character of Tom Wamskans from succession is if you had to have like a Mount Rushmore of characters who makes you stop whatever you're doing, because every appearance they have is the phrase I like to use is like cotton candy. They steal the scene. They're funny. They're brilliant. The, uh, I would put him on there, um, to use your madman phrase, Roger Sterling, anytime his character shows up, uh, um, John Slattery plays him, uh, I guess Al Swearengen from Deadwood, anytime he would show up on the screen, that's a good foursome right there. You know, that's a good foursome right there where just anytime they show up, it's a showstopper.

You know, you're going to get a line that's going to kill you. And then succession just reached the Pantheon of, of a pop culture, uh, iconic show because it filters in your mind when other things happen in life. Just yesterday, we were in our text exchange explaining, uh, Sean Mitchell, who is at home right now, uh, our digital coordinating producer who tracks everything on the show. He texted us that there's a moon landing first time in decades coming up. And we start texting. He's like, I hope Roman Roy isn't in charge of it, you know? And then we start texting around and think Hoskins put on our, our text exchange or that, that scene where he's watching on this lab, on his computer screen, you know, all the emails coming through, you know, that's how succession is taken over, you know? And for me, you know, that show, Tom in particular, uh, you know, in the, in this, in the media, the corporate space of media, there's always a person like Wham's Gans where you're like you're going to survive.

Whatever happens, the nuclear bomb hits this industry hits this industry, you're going to be here. I just said it. Yeah.

No, no doubt. Yeah. That, that instinct to be near the thing that will keep you safe and allow you to succeed. Uh, and that just resonates with me. What an incredible character. Oh man.

Hey, this has been a fun maiden voyage. Uh, let's, do you live out here or you don't? I do. Okay. I do. Anytime. Okay. Boom. Did he go high register there? When you know, no, no. That was my other voice.

No, the higher register is, is, uh, you know, when somebody says something, they don't really mean they go high register or they need a single time to check out. Forleo Canaries, six trophies with Jason Concepcion and Chay Serrano, Chay's on Monday show. Great fun chat with you.

Jason Concepcion available. Wherever you get your podcasts, new episodes release weekly on Wednesdays. Greatly appreciated, sir. Thank you. You got it. We're back with, uh, a story out of Major League baseball that you have to see to believe, and I mean, every word of what I just said.

Hi there. Sorry for the interruption, but are you enjoying this show on Google Podcasts? Podcasts, you should know that the Google podcast app is going away this spring That's right going away gone as in no longer available You can still enjoy this show elsewhere though Try out Spotify or Amazon music or maybe tune in is more your style whatever app you switch to be sure to follow so you never miss the next episode and Thanks for listening wherever you listen Do you think Tony Soprano lived or died?

Where do you stay? I think I think he I think he died But David I think might have David Chase might have said he didn't I mean, that's just my opinion and interpretation I have no inside that he got whacked in that diner. You believe that yeah, but that's just that's just my opinion I think David's I forget what he recently he might have said something that he doesn't die or he's not sure but Yeah, I I mean the ending has been very talked about you know often then and controversial But I always thought it was a appropriate way to end that show. I think anything very anything really concrete Would have been out of character for the show because David Chase didn't like to wrap things up in tidy little knots and bows and stuff, you know, everything had a very Had a very open-ended and Ambiguous kind of quality which which I think is more interesting in the way It was airtime Sunday night when it really aired and we went into a private room to watch it None of us had seen it.

Nobody had seen it. No, we all watched it together for the first time Did you not know how was gonna end it all? I had an inkling cuz I remember David mentioning something about everything going to black like a year before But I didn't really know what he meant. Uh-huh you're right, so we're watching it and You know, it's getting close to an hour so, you know that it's ending and then the song came on and I'm looking at the guys and it was You know, it was very kind of it was very emotional cuz I'm like This is the end of a lot of things cuz this is the you know, this is the end of you know Ten years. It was really a ten-year span that we collaborated and spent all this time together and you know that it went beyond just the show and became about the Our relationship as actors and his friends.

Sure. So it was a really big moment and then it went to black and we were all Some of us were more shocked than others, but we were all kind of you know, I Love Michael and Periole back on the rich eyes and show game time tickets. Get your mobile phone get your Tablet any mobile device and put the game time tickets app on it and start buying tickets create an account We're gonna give you a promo code in a second I can get $20 off your first purchase and when you pop up the game time app you'll see how easy it is to use you can buy tickets in two taps and If you want to take a little bit more time and say let's take a view from the seat Look, you can get the entire view from the seats you know how far you might be from the stage or the ice the court or There's an obstructed view. You don't want to buy that ticket.

And then before you buy your ticket, they give you all in pricing So there's no sticker shock You see the entire cost of your transaction upfront before you hit buy the guesswork's totally removed When you buy tickets with game time, so download the app create your game time account use my code rich $20 off your first purchase terms apply again create an account redeem my code our ICH $20 off download game time today last-minute tickets low it lowest price. It is guaranteed So great chat with Jason Concepcion. I am fired up to have Jeffrey Wright Back on this program in studio his film American fiction is fantastic And Sterling K Brown is fantastic in it. They are both nominated for Acting awards the screenplay best-adapted screenplay court Jefferson was nominated for that He's a director of this film.

It is fantastic TJ you saw it as well, correct you you give it you give it the two thumbs up as well I think around the world and back again. And so Jeffrey Wright loves himself some he fights for old DC Washington football I wonder if he wants the commander's name changed. So we'll chat with him. He's also a fan of the Brooklyn Nets And I'm wondering um, what do you thinks of the direction of that franchise?

So Jeffrey Wright's in studio. Listen We're baseball people here We're baseball people before I joined NFL Network kiddos And and started doing this radio show for coming up ten years now. I Was the very first voice you heard when ESPN radio started broadcasting? MLB games. I was the first in studio host of Major League Baseball on ESPN radio. I Call baseball games. I was a baseball guy for for ESPN Covered World Series. Thank you, Mike.

I appreciate it I'm just laying out my bona fides for all those kids out there who might be snapchat in this right now. All right so It just seems to me that baseball frequently the stories are all about when It gets the biggest attention when say there's an unwritten rule that's broken and people get all up in arms about it, right or There's rule changes Like last year and it improved the game the pitch clock I was way against it until I saw him and now I'm for it right and and the bigger bases and as you know Getting rid of the shift. It's just been it's just a delight and and But there's just really no no Conversation about well, who do you think's gonna win, right? When training camp opens in the NFL we're talking about who's got a chance to win Maybe it's easy because a lot of folks teams They know they got no chance to win or anything like that, but it's still an incredible game. It's a mental game It's an exciting game when the playoffs hit You know, it's funny in May or June whenever somebody reaches base against the Yankees I'm like, oh, okay if that happens in October my game over. Yep It's an irrational way of viewing things, right?

It's fun. But sometimes just baseball can't get out of its own way and Maybe the the conversation as to who wins and who might not win this year has been totally removed because we're all assuming it's gonna be the Dodgers But that's my long-winded setup my long made my Luis T on windup now, here's the pitch Story of Major League Baseball right now is about wait for it the uniforms. There are new uniforms this year now and all 30 Clubs are now wearing new designed uniforms really with the Some of them are changing color schemes and logos and jerseys and whatever since Nike took over. They have the city connects Yeah, and all that color schemes. Yeah Yankees don't do that They still just wear their way grays and their pinstripes at home and that's it They'll just put a star insurance patch on the side, right? but it's a different design in terms of what the fabric looks like So, I don't know who the Costanza was here to say let's go cotton uniforms because it breathes but somebody did and they changed it and And you might think that the design is imperceptible to change but I've never said these words before Take a look at Oh Tony's pants and it looks like there's a You know a different color at the top and the bottom No It's because you could see through the pants and you could see where they're tucking the jersey in look at Yamamoto. You could see the jersey tuck Did nobody notice that you could see through? Looks like they're wearing yeah Underwear you could like extra underwear tucked in but no, it's the jersey. Did nobody notice it? You could see the jersey tucked in and then there's a couple of guys who are I Don't know if there's any Mariners doing it, couplers in Seattle And it leaves very little to the imagination Let me just put it this way it's funny it's been a long time since we talked about the big unit I don't know my balls are hot. That's the point of this Perfect temperature those pictures we showed were a little bit more tame than some of the The ones on Twitter you got real familiar with some of these it's like it's a family planning channel Two balls no strikes Stop it. All right now see see I'm trying to suddenly go down this road We're dancing around You're just trying to take the hammer and hit it on hold on a second This ball is attempting to rectify the situation There's enough time Apparently the players can't wait for closing day on these uniforms, right?

Don't really have a rain game. Oh, wow. I mean, it's the top story on the stack.

It's a top story, right? Yes, because the Players Association is involved and baseball's like our member clubs will be ready So the players don't like the jerseys nor the pants, by the way, it gives new meaning to member clubs Here comes the judge Thanks for watching the rest of this show, please Unbelievable You think roku joe's like do they have a dump button they have a dump button Do these you I think these forms have a dump button What is going on did nobody notice look at that shot Look at the scene that anybody you can see the jersey is tucked into these pants. All you can see Oh, you could see the tag in the jersey look at that Lighter field they're called the performance jerseys. Oh, so it gives you more ability to perform But guys according to care law Korean the Caroline means who's married to owes picture. John means Wives are fine with it. Okay So take that as you will chicks dig the long pants, I think the signal for it's a new commercial I think the single players are Nobody noticed like Oh Tony's Jersey is tucked into his pants and you could see like it like You could see the Jersey end right around his His thighs his Oh Tony's dude I So that's the way we're Covering the top story Look, this is what the people want. You've got to give it to them. I don't know This is what the you know, the news is we just follow the news following the news That's all we're doing top story guys.

We're just trying to touch them all I don't wrap up our two. We're gonna class the place up with Jeffrey Wright The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hyatt And here's Lil Yachty with Tierra whack. I've never been to a fashion show. I never did any pairs fast We meet in New York fast week and I'll tell you why because I would always go to events and people would say to me Oh man Yachty, man, I love your music bro. I should be like, what's wrong? I didn't even at the time I didn't love my music. I feel like I'm in a room with all these artists and they all respect each other No, it's like no one respects me rolling stone music now wherever you listen
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