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After Hours with Amy Lawrence Hour 3

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February 21, 2024 6:04 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 21, 2024 6:04 am

HOUR 3: What is the toughest job in the entirety of sports? Is Doc Rivers having regrets? Ask Amy Anything.


A peanut butter M&M's production. In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring, but the runners-up get nothing, one retired cop returns. That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

Oh, sorry. One retired quarterback returns to claim what's his. Um, that's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter, but you're on a roll.

The Ring of Comfort, coming soon to a Super Bowl new you. Hey Mel, Bri here. Gotta work from home today because the whole family caught a nasty... Hey, Mikey!

If you're gonna puke, find the popcorn bowl! But my availability is 110%. Coincidentally, so is my fever.

Kidding. Mel, I'm so cold but hot. Uh, but I'm gonna get you that budget just as soon as I... Mikey!

Popcorn bowl! Press one to use Instacart and get your family sick day essentials delivered in as fast as 30 minutes. Press two to keep working. Do not press two.

Just use Instacart, Brian. Helping you get to the back end of the work week. Welcome to the Hump Show on After Hours. Hope that this cute little ditty helps you feel better about Hump Day. You're heading into it.

We're actually in the midst of hours. Wednesday becomes so much easier when you start with our show and all of our goofiness. We're gonna get you over the hump. Getting you to the good half of your week.

It's the Hump Show on After Hours. Thinking about the number of coaches who've been fired just recently in the last couple of months and really if you expand that out for a full year in pro sports well and college sports too where they don't make headlines as much nationally but it's happening there as well. I mean think about the Ohio State basketball coach who was fired right before the Purdue game and then his interim goes out and leaves the upset of the top ranked well not top ranked sorry of the highly ranked Purdue Boilermakers. It is not an easy job to be a coach in pro sports or in college sports. There's very little job security and it's all about what have you done for me lately. Now one of the positives is that you can make a lot of money and that money can be guaranteed or there can be a buyout when you're fired so if you have a good agent and he negotiates you a long-term deal but you end up getting fired after I don't know a year or two of that deal well you could end up living high on the hog for a while without having a job. Now that doesn't necessarily satisfy everyone for instance if I was let go laid off from this job I do have a fully guaranteed contract so I would get paid through the end of this year but it wouldn't make me feel good to collect a paycheck for not doing anything. I could certainly pay my bills and that would be helpful but I like my job this is my passion it's my calling being out of radio for the rest of the year would stink so I really don't want that and I know there are a lot of coaches what they really want to do is coach. In the NFL specifically it's long hours we know a lot of them end up with health issues whether heart or some other type stress related issues because they rarely sleep and in some cases they don't see their families for months at a time you know that the dealing with the media and the pressure that comes with it answering to a high profile owner or one who's impatient but also a guy who is thinking about his bottom line and maybe doesn't know football you've got your own staff you have to deal with not to mentor a roster of players some of whom might even well a lot of whom especially if we're talking NBA make more money than you do I mean it's I say in the NBA it's actually more of a game manager which is funny because in football that's somehow a negative connotation but in the NBA you're managing everything you're managing playing time you're managing skills you're managing the media you're managing egos it's a circus sometimes and there are very few NBA head coaches that I would say have the complete and total backing of the front offices I think a great example is Miami where Pat Riley and Eric Spolstra are in lockstep I go back to the days and this is early in Eric Spolstra's tenure I go back to the days when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh had formed the triumvirate there in Miami and LeBron they you know they had a little trouble finding their rhythm initially and figuring it out but it in that stretch where it took a while LeBron was unhappy with Eric Spolstra was unhappy with the system maybe wanted more autonomy who knows what the issue was but he actually petitioned to get Eric Spolstra fired and as the story goes Pat Riley said no he's my coach he's in charge and backed him fully I love that but that's not the case for I would say the majority of coaches out there they do not have the 100% backing of their bosses right now Jerry Jones is backing Mike McCarthy much to the chagrin of many fans but the difference is the locker room loves Mike McCarthy I mean they've they have pointed to a lot of their success in the last few years because of Mike including their quarterback who has got a great relationship with him but very often it becomes owner and front office against coach and that is a precarious position to be in because as the coach you are not going to win that battle it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio unless of course you win on the field the court the ice well then yes you have some job security but it is fleeting what is the toughest job in sports is it coach manager is it quarterback kicker goalie I mean as much as we're talking about the speed of the pucks flying at a goalie's chest how about a goalie in soccer who has to cover a lot more territory I saw this great response on Facebook let me see if I can go back and find it again I think and I want to give credit to the guy who posted it but I think it was any goalie who has to face Cristiano Ronaldo bearing down on him or how about Messi Messi to be sure Sasha on Facebook says QB one of the Dallas Cowboys Brandon says the odds makers in Vegas now that's interesting because I think the house always wins eventually the house always wins but I would agree it's a pressure-packed job did you all see I'm gonna have to go back and find it because I read the story but I'm not exactly sure where I read it there was a record amount of money bet in the last year let me see if I can find it and give you the numbers because I don't want to spitball this I was actually thinking a handicapper who makes his money off handicapping well then you get incensed gamblers who blame you even though you're still the one who has to make your own choices they'll blame you for what they believe is wrong information or you're supposed to be the expert you're supposed to be the analyst how come you steered me in the wrong direction so yes with with more and more people gambling with more and more money being wagered well then you're talking about handicappers and odds makers who definitely are feeling the pressure and feeling the heat all right here it is according to forbes americans gambled a record are you ready for this 66 and a half billion that's the b word do we have 66 and a half billion dollars in this country americans gambled a record 66 and a half billion dollars last year this is from us casinos who reported a third straight year of record growth in vegas alone are you ready for this in las vegas alone 8.83 billion dollars wagered omg now this is taking it even further down the rabbit hole but as americans gamble more and more on sports the revenue for the sports betting industry is skyrocketing what did i just say the house always wins you can win for a while but the house generally comes out on top so last year even as more and more americans placed bets to the tune of 66 and a half billion dollars a record number of of bets and a record number a record amount of money spent the gaming industry posted a record 10.92 billion dollars in revenue okay so that's how much money they made on the wagers we collectively as americans bet 66 and a half billion the gaming association reports 10.92 billion nearly 11 billion in revenue that means generally as americans we do not win the majority of the time my goodness it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio it is the hump show we're a half hour away from ask amy anything it's ryan's first time he says he has his questions he's ready to go he's fully prepared he seems confident let's figure out what he's going to do seems confident let's figure out if overconfidence is his downfall this could be the toughest job in sports hey it's not my job it's everyone asking the question that's true but you have to pick them and pose them and do it with some flair and some tude i'm going to be ready we'll be judging you uh let's see on twitter a law radio or on our facebook page you can send your last second questions or your last half hour worth of questions uh from paul in birmingham the toughest job in sports the iditarod racer talk about the temps and the wind chills oh yeah and the so the mileage alone is challenging in the harsh temps and and the alaska climate and then you consider the fact that you're also trying to take care of a team of dogs that can be subject to the elements as well they have to eat they have to stay healthy it's your responsibility to take care of them also we know this firsthand from matt the musher who is our friend in alaska he he lost 20 something pounds he didn't eat he barely slept i mean you're doing all of this in the elements but you're also doing it without really being in full possession of your senses you just answered two of the questions people have asked online really yep oh okay well that was an accident they weren't on the list but oh gosh they wanted a matte update oh a matte object and then i can offer a matte up john called and he was like hey you have a dog in the race all right well we can certainly offer a matte update because i do keep in touch with him the toughest job in sports is what so again on twitter on facebook send your questions for ask amy you still have a little bit of time i hope ryan is leaving room for any straggling questions that may come in and pique his interest i'm looking there's okay good eh meh uh wait you're how old well you're in your early 20s correct yes okay so is mess still a thing like meh yeah like man right it is okay it's still a thing uh one of these days i'll have to ask ryan to give us his explanation of bro bra and bra because i've asked multiple producers and sometimes it comes with comical results there's there's different meanings of each word yes exactly bro could be like yo bro like hi be like what's up bro or it's like or bro means move out of the way in an angry way so there's a friendly angry huh and then question mark way like bro wow interesting okay so that's uh makes it even more complicated uh glad i brought it up that might be something for our last show of the work week eight five five two one two four two two seven let's go with phil who's in california phil welcome to the show hey how you doing this is my first time calling awesome uh couple things uh that 66 plus a billion that's just legal gambling for one thing um second thing the hardest to this job is the job we have to pay to do that's being a fan well do you okay it doesn't cost you a lot if you don't go to a stadium or an arena in terms of your pocketbook but yes it will cost you heart palpitations it will cost you maybe years off your life it might cost you some of your hair if you're a dude yeah agreed oh man just depression i have friends throw his radio when he was 10 years old and then when he was 30 he went outside and cried so oh yeah it definitely does create much angst if you have found a team that is not a consistent winner that's for sure but but once they win it's phenomenal it's all worth it right isn't it all worth it yep i went to my first 49er game in 1968 wow and was a fan forever rooting for the raiders when they won but when the 49ers won it was so sweet and i was actually lucky enough to go to two of the holes one was at samford since i'm out here and i had season tickets for over 20 years wow and uh we also went to miami to see him beat sinceria for the second time with uh joe waukesha 34 second pass to job taylor boomers eyes and remembers it well uh okay so sure he does how have you recovered from this most recent super bowl loss still haven't it's just a lingering is a lingering ache yeah but they're hopefully this year they've improved a notch each time purdy has done phenomenal uh first year getting to the championship game even though it got injured the second year and not even a second year full starter but second year getting to the super bowl and being right there two bubbles killed us a couple other decisions killed us but uh it's uh hopefully next year well so here's one major step forward that i think it's worth highlighting for the niners they got through the entire season with one quarterback that's huge that was huge yeah yes most definitely it's a turnover mistakes mental errors you know you know they have the jitters and you gotta give it to casey and dr cole's there and he is phenomenal he definitely is uh if you haven't seen the mic'd up edition of the super bowl i encourage you to watch it it gives you such an incredible insider's view of what was happening on the niner's sideline even as that game is unfolding at field level my gosh well maybe later okay maybe it's too soon all right sir good to talk to you thanks so much for your phone call thank you much have a great night you too i would agree that being a fan is hard on the ticker but if we were narrowing it down being a jets fan a lot harder on the ticker uh being let's see a may believes fan right now hard on the ticker although you do have austin matthews and he's terrific it's just the the playoff success has not come with yet what else who else could you say that's a great what else who else could you say a's a's for sure oh man could you even call yourself an a's fan at this point but what about for the longest time a lions fan and now it's incredible i mean now people want to be lions fans for those who are diehards you think what are you kidding me get off my bandwagon it's like get off my lawn get off my lion's bandwagon you were not here when they were consistently terrible and breaking our hearts uh that's i think that's a rite of passage actually now you get to enjoy it i hate when people do that right when when they gatekeep yeah well okay but i also think it's cheap just as someone who grew up in new england and covered the red sox and rooted for them when i was growing up as a kid in new hampshire when they finally won the world series at 04 do you know the bandwagon collapsed with the number of people who were jumping on it i mean it was it was gross it was like all of a sudden the red sox were everyone's favorite team and that includes girls in kentucky who who knew nothing about the game and had never seen anything to do with the red sox or fanway park any fan is better than no fan so what about an uninformed fan if they if they show support and they have the enthusiasm of a fan okay it's okay so you can be you can be completely ignorant about what's actually happening or who's out there on the field or how the game goes but as long as you're enthusiastic yes as long as you show energy do the cheers as long as you don't run the prices up that's where i get a little okay ignorance is bliss though so that's not the toughest job in sports what is the toughest job in sports maybe a perennial gambler who is rising and falling with what are infinitely more volatile sports like for instance how many people could have seen the ucon blow out at the hands of craton in omaha just a few hours ago or how many people could have seen i'm trying to think of what uh well the miami dolphins late season injuries right and how their offense went all year and then boom they drop off the edge of a cliff not literally i love not literally i love it when people say literally and it's the opposite of literally it is really difficult to project this is why i do not predict because predictions are just guesses and in the nfl when you make predictions the nfl laughs in your face what is the toughest job in sports i guess maybe it could be a handicapper but i'm thinking more inside the sports industry so on twitter after hours cbs here it came from javier on twitter any goalkeeper facing christiano ronaldo that is true so whether it's our show twitter or my twitter our facebook page you can continue answering this question i love that we've had so much participation but also send your questions for ask amy anything that comes up in that comes up in not even 20 minutes we're there peeps we're almost there it's the hump show it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast that's owner owners when they call it i said i think you i don't understand why you're doing this you know um and they said you know one of the things they said was well it doesn't matter we've done it now and um we we want you and so that was a tough one i didn't that was that's where you had the hesitation this is after hours with amy lawrence amy lawrence doc rivers he is the muse for this question of mine on after hours here on cbs sports radio the toughest job in sports it might be nba head coach you are you are very often the fall guy you at times i would say a lot of the times make far less money than the superstars on your roster you have to deal with managing egos forget the role of social media as the head coach how often do they have to actually listen to you even when you're a championship coach and it's easy come easy go even when you are highly decorated to have a long track record you get blamed you don't get any credit but you definitely get blamed when things go horribly wrong and then if you're doc rivers you are brought in now i don't know if he realized it or could see it he's brought in as a consultant by the milwaukee bucks front office to work with adrian griffin who was a first-year head coach and learning the ropes and then when they fire griffin he asked them why he's looking for some type of an explanation and they say well it doesn't matter it's already done according to doc and so that's why he had some hesitation is that why even after the initial reports that the bucks were closing in on a deal with doc that it didn't get done for a few days and now he steps into what wasn't a mess but has become a mess because of the upheaval the team is below 500 way below 500 since he took over the defense hasn't gotten a whole lot better dame is having one of the worst seasons of his career and the bucks are falling off the pace in the eastern conference after winning 30 games with griffin now you're going the wrong way under doc rivers and there's all kinds of talk about making another change i mean doc's reputation precedes him and he's been fired so many times now let go in so many places and then rehired that in of itself can make your head spin not to mention the job he's being asked to do which is get the bucks championship ready hmm not on the players but it's on the coach what is the toughest job in sport by the way that doc rivers soundbite from serious xm nba radio it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio coach is definitely up there it is hard on the ticker although some of you believe it's not as hard as being a fan like dave who says being a cleveland sports fan oh yeah now i don't know if i'd call it a job i would call it a choice i would call it a decision i would call it a disease in some cases i'm just teasing you all know my mom's whole side of the family is from northeast ohio so come by honestly eight five five two one two four two two seven mike is listening in pebble beach mike welcome to the show uh hello amy how are you i'm good thank you uh love your show i appreciate that so uh real quick i've got uh the answer to the toughest job but i've got the flip side answer to your bill buckner okay bucky dent oh one really massive home run yes aaron boon as well actually if you're wondering about aaron's career that's right that's right uh also comment on your movies uh two favorite sports movies of mine growing up uh the movie lemons with steve mcqueen okay i don't think i ever saw it but i certainly know who steve mcqueen yeah great movie racing movie about the racetrack lemons i think it was 1969 and the other movie was walter mathow and tatum o'neill bad news bears now see that one i saw when i was a kid i remember my mom letting us watch that that was funny that was a good movie it was okay so for the toughest job how about golf caddy or charles barkley well at least you get tipped really well yes you do he's a good tipper actually i like that answer i the thing is charles is not going to listen so maybe your job isn't all that tough uh you can give him distances you can give him pin placements you can make recommendations on clubs but ultimately he's going to not only do what he wants but he's going to take the credit when it goes well oh you're totally right he uh oftentimes when in doubt he picks up a phone in his pocket and he calls tiger woods well that's nice considering tiger can't see a darn thing from where he is but okay nice to have tiger on speed dial for situations like that exactly all right mike good to talk to you thanks so much for your phone call good to talk to you have a good show thank you let's talk to tommy who's in toronto before we take our break tommy what's the toughest job in sports hey amy it's not even close first of all um i want to tell you something you and my wife share the same initials and the same the same last name and we drive her to work she works at the airport up here in toronto okay listen to your show on the way there on the way back um the hardest job in sports is being a buffalo bills kicker and i know david stole my thunder earlier and you touched on it earlier but i would hate to follow tyler bass whoever the next kicker is is it's not going to be easy um so that is by far the toughest job in sports and we didn't just out of curiosity because i guess i missed this did he get cut did he get biffed oh i don't know i i think he's still on the team that's what i thought okay yeah no i'm just saying whoever's you know the pipeline coming forward um but the other thing you commented on earlier was about coaching and i don't like sports because you they're recycling all these coaches and when you've talked about the miami heat that is by far the best model they stuck with this coach he's a good coach yes whether you win or you have a bad season you stick with them and you move forward with the team you can't be a good coach one year i'm in toronto we fired two coaches who won coaches of the year dwayne casey yeah right the next year we're going to championship well he might have had something to do with that yes he definitely did and then nick nurse nick nurse right it's it's either you're a good coach or a bad coach but again it's it's it's hard to see like you know uh we got sean mcdermott in buffalo i'm a huge buffalo bills fan and i i sort of want to see him go because i think he's reached his maximum oh i i really do you got the best i think josh allen's the best quarterback in the league um it's a bias but sure he's the best quarterback in the league and he deserves a better coach than sean mcdermott wow yeah so the coach has nothing to do with the success of josh allen to this point i i just think he's holding him back he's too defensive let him loose right like he's you're too worried about him getting hurt uh yeah i mean i i understand what you're saying and i do know they made the o coordinator change and they allowed josh to do to do a little more running to be a little more mobile and that works well and he is built like kim newton people don't realize that but i still don't think the bill's formula for success is josh allen leading them and running i think that's a bad idea you might be right right all i'm saying is he has a rocket arm he does he can toss the ball everywhere he wants to but if if there's a if there's a lane for him to run let him run well i would agree with that i mean he's he's the one who's out there and can see it all right tommy good to talk to you thank you i appreciate that tell your wife hello for me thank you all right take care eight five five two one two four two one two four two two seven but straight ahead ask amy anything it is the first time for producer ryan who has been furiously going over your questions on both twitter and facebook oh one more that i just got from justin uh the toughest job in sports is playing quarterback for the dallas cowboys that might actually be true kicker for the bills and quarterback for the cowboys all right uh you can send a last few questions i don't know if you'll see them but on twitter after our cbs or on our facebook page and then what is the toughest job in sports that's our question for you hey mel bry here kind of work from home today because the whole family caught a nasty hey mikey if you're gonna puke find the popcorn bowl but my availability is 110 percent coincidentally so is my fever kidding mel i'm so cold but hot uh but i'm gonna get you that budget just as soon as mikey popcorn bowl press one to use instacart and get your family sick day essentials delivered in as fast as 30 minutes press two to keep working do not press two just use instacart brian a peanut butter m&ms production in a world where super bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring but the runners-up get nothing one retired cop return that's one retired quarterback read the script oh sorry one retired quarterback returns to claim what's his um that's claim a ring with diamonds made from m&ms peanut butter but you're on a roll the ring of comfort coming soon to a super bowl new you oh should we start this show yeah i'm down just buying a car and carvana first oh for real yeah it's super convenient i already got pre-qualified in two minutes all i had to do is answer a few questions oh that's helpful and now just customizing my down in monthly payments oh that's a very fair deal yep boom just bought a car and you get to take me to the carvana vending machine in a couple days to pick it up i'm kind of busy visit to finance your next car financing subject to credit approval you are listening to the after hours podcast this is after hours with amy lawrence time to ask amy anything sort of well it is that time of the week again but it's going to sound a little different and maybe it's going to feel a little different too because i have no idea how ryan is going to pose these questions but he has looked through all of your responses on both twitter and facebook and he says he is armed and dangerous and ready to go and this may be the toughest job in sports right here on the hump show ask amy anything ryan stepping in for producer j now here's the deal ryan a lot of times i don't even bother doing it when when j is on vacation uh he gets very jealous by the way but uh the other reason is because some guys just can't handle the pressure so we'll see i'm asking questions yeah watch is coming up with the questions i told you the last time manny filled in his entire he he hand wrote them he had an entire eight and a half by eleven slip of paper covered with questions he was very nervous if i blame anyone it's the listeners oh okay that's nice so it's not good start it's a good start right there it's the listeners if they're bad questions all right uh one question stuck out to me it was on twitter it was what is the most difficult part of being part of the media and you can't say the hours i can't say the hours can't say can i say low pay because that's a major part of it you know what you sit in that chair you're just getting started right now people come up with these crazy ideas about how i must have a personal assistant why don't i have a driver why don't this why don't i fly first class la la la yeah i work in radio i work in radio we we do not make a lot of money so i would say for the majority of my career low pay has been a major issue along with the fact and this is just me personally but i have moved all over the country i've been away from my mom and and sometimes within driving distance but never more than eight hours never never inside of eight hours drive and now i have to fly i've moved all over the country for this job this career that i love and you know it created a lot of sacrifices in my personal life now it's an amazing job and i wouldn't trade it but for years i chased it without a whole lot to show for it so it was a slow burn and it was one that required moving all over the country starting over many times having to leave behind family and friends so the personal sacrifices those were those were a lot i mean i think that's one reason why i didn't get married until so much later in life so yeah i would say low pay and the personal sacrifice that it required to move all over and chase the job well i feel with that one all right but kathy on facebook how is bob adjusting to life on the east coast yeah he actually likes it i it's been a lot of adjustment for both of us because i lived alone for more than 20 years and now he's there all the time because he works from home uh he obviously left texas where it does not get cold it doesn't snow the way that it has here but he found himself some snow boots he's got some some fat gloves and a coat he actually wears a hat outside every now and then though he's still in search of his own hat he's been wearing one of mine which is kind of funny one of my broncos hats uh knit hats and i take the dogs out when it's the coldest temp so like in the mornings right now in my neighborhood the wind chills are in the low the low like uh really i mean they're like 10 11 so low teens 10 11 it's frigid out so he does not walk the dogs in the morning i take them out last thing at night um so i think that he's adjusting pretty well but he's also moved away from his family they're all in texas so he's going back for a visit on thursday and i know he's looking forward really to seeing his mom and some other family now to the real thought-provoking questions oh okay jonathan are they about food well that's that's later oh gotcha jonathan on twitter is a zebra a white horse with black stripes or a black horse with white stripes it's not a horse it's a zebra okay i'm sorry it is a white horse with black stripes black markings they're not really stripes they're kind of zany i think it's a white animal with black markings i think it's the other way do you because good thing it's not ask ryan anything huh okay i'm just teasing okay so you think it's the other way now i'm gonna have to google a picture of a zebra just to be sure i know what i'm talking about it's like one of those optical illusions where you can definitely go left or right yes no it's awesome i love the question the easy answer is the zebra so it's both right but that's not one of the options yeah no i'm going white with black markings it's black with white but we're gonna move on oh okay oh my gosh another kathy on facebook asks what is your favorite thing to do in spring other than watch sports oh it's not my favorite see people get that wrong i do like sports i love radio i just happen to be a radio host who talks about sports i'm good at sports i know sports but if i lost the sports and kept the radio i would be okay if i did a radio show about something else i would still be okay so again i do not watch sports on my free time when i am not working i do not watch sports when i go on dates previously to getting married i didn't i didn't want to talk sports are you kidding me anyway sorry i'm a little bit of side hustle there uh what do i do my favorite thing to do in spring is to to get outside to go hiking to see the flowers to take photos of the green grass and the green trees so yeah i just i love to breathe in the spring air i love to be outside and not have to wear a heavy coat and a hat and gloves and all that jazz i love to take road trips in the spring so just to be out right that's my favorite thing in spring is to be out i hate the spring what my allergies are oh okay you know what last year was my first time ever dealing with allergies believe it or not it's a problem for some people as they get older or just old in my case and so yeah i have allergies now for the first time ever in 2023 they really affected my vocal cords and i didn't know what was happening until about september when i went and had this allergy test where they prick you with all those different like allergens oh it's the itchiest thing ever uh and found out that i'd become severely allergic to a couple of different things like ragweed i don't know where you'd find that yeah that's good to know yeah it is you mentioned being at home earlier in the show john from facebook asked for what would your comfort food be on a diner alongside of the road and he asks for any specific diners in new hampshire oh gosh i haven't been there in a really long time i'd have to look up and see even if i can remember the names of some of them my favorite diner food is omelets though i gotta tell you omelets at a diner are delicious and you can put anything in them that or the homemade pies that they have in the glass cases right when you walk in the front door delicious sweet potato fries another one that i really like at diners so those would be some of my favorite things after i run a half marathon i generally go to a diner near where i live and have a huge omelet sweet potato pie or sweet potato fries excuse me and a piece of coconut cream pie that's my reward for running a half marathon another food question i love food questions is it really food it's more of a snack okay s'mores yes what is your opinion on them and for some reason we were asked how do you make them well you know you can make them in the microwave yeah but i tried it and the marshmallow exploded yeah and i had to clean it up heavens yeah that's a problem definitely cover it up with something uh it's not as good in the microwave but it's it'll suffice when you can't go out and fire up a fire pit so for me it's a fire pit i didn't have a honeymoon yet but we went away for a couple of days post wedding to a lake and there was a fire pit and my new hubs promised me we would have s'mores and s'mores we did in fact there's a photo that i put on twitter uh that showed us with our our of marshmallows roasting over the fire by the way as a new member of after hours in the crew you'll have to do chubby bunny with us oh my god are we talking normal size marshmallows yes jumbo ones we're talking normal size okay normal size marshmallows come on because you go jumbo that's when you're pushing it that's that that's a health issue it's a danger i thought of a question is that cheating no it's okay okay you love star wars i found out recently love what color lightsaber would you choose well orange is my favorite color the problem is orange is generally associated with the dark side not the light side so you're on the dark side no i'm on the light side but i love orange so if i can't have orange because it sends the wrong message i'd go purple like mace windu uh-huh the fact that samuel jackson wanted that specifically yes and that's the only reason he took it that's dug it one of the best things dug it another question about passion okay jeff he asked what defining moment gave you your passion for sports oh that's a good question i was a teenager and i was falling in love with with the nba really cutting my teeth on the nba and it was larry bird and it was the celtics and they're starting five that was robert parish and kevin mccale and danny ainge and dennis johnson and we could not watch them on tv where i lived out in the boonies in conquer new hampshire because we didn't have cable when i was growing up and so i had to listen on the radio and i fell in love with the idea of telling a story describing the action on the radio in a way that people didn't feel like they were missing anything simply because they couldn't see it with their own eyes and a radio junkie was born and final question as i hear countless number of music songs in the bed crazy bed i know one person specific martin on facebook he asked has he ever been to a real real all caps grateful dead show when jerry was alive or bruce springsteen's show no neither won my type of music i'm not really that's not me grateful dead is kind of before my time anyway bruce springsteen's still very relevant i will say probably my oldest type of artist that i've ever seen in concert billy joel in the in the garden in madison square garden twice and it was worth every penny yeah i went to see him recently for new year's eve first time ever played ubs amazing that's amazing very cool all right so we hope that ryan passed the test and even though it can be the toughest job in sports that asking amy your questions uh at least as he gets his feet wet dips his toe in the water there uh that it passed the test now i always go back and answer more of your questions that i can do without writing a novel on either twitter or facebook so i will respond with some of my quick answers if you go back and check social over the course of the day on wednesday what is the toughened job toughest job in sports if not mine it's after hours on cbs sports radio a peanut butter m&ms production in a world where super bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring but the runners-up get nothing one retired cop return that's one retired quarterback read the script oh sorry one retired quarterback returns to claim what's his um that's claim a ring with diamonds made from m&ms peanut butter but you're on a roll the ring of comfort coming soon to a super bowl new you okay picture this it's friday afternoon when a thought hits you i can spend another weekend doing the same old whatever or i can hop into my all-new hunday santa fe and hit the road with available h-track all-wheel drive and three-row seating my whole family can head deep into the wild conquer the weekend in the all-new hunday santa fe visit hunday or call 562-314-4603 for more details hunday there's joy in every journey 2024 santa fe available early 2024 when something happens to your car you might say no my car but what you really need to say is something that can actually help like a good neighbor state farm is there and just like that state farm is there to help you file your claim right on the state farm mobile app so just remember like a good neighbor state farm is there state farm bloomington illinois
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